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RKF Membership Kit


									                            THE GANG PROFESSIONALS CONFERENCE


    MAIN MENU                                                                            G-PRO BOOK CLUB


Gang Investigators

Law Enforcement


Juvenile Justice

Prosecutors                                                                              KEYNOTE S PEAKER
                                                                                               (T entative)
Command S taff                                                                            CHRIS BLAT CHFORD

S chool Resource Officers

Military Personnel



                                                       G.PRO 2010
                                       P.O. Bo x 608628  Orlando, Florida 32860
                                  Office: (321) 323-4637 ♦ Fax: (407) 644-GPRO (4776)
                                               July 2010
                  Welcome to Orlando!

                  This coming November, Orlando plans to roll out the "orange" carpet for G.PRO
                  2010: The Gang Professionals Conference & Intelligence Exchange.

                  G-PRO is in full gear preparing all the details for one of the world’s most
                  comprehensive and information-packed anti- gang conferences.

G.PRO has chosen Orlando for this important conference. The "Tourist Capital of the World" is
renowned for its cultural facilities, world-class educational institutions, Orlando Magic, and, of course,
the theme parks. G.PRO encourages you to bring the family and take advantage, before and after the
conference, to spend some quality time with those who mean the most to you - Your Family!

Come for the Training!      Come for the Networking!         Come for the Camarade rie!

G.PRO has the highest level of Professional Gang Instructors available today. The G.PRO Cadre is
recruited from the elite gang investigators community and with our international network; we are able
to globally serve the anti- gang profession. G.PRO’s objective is to set the global standard in anti- gang

G.PRO Conference Mission: To provide the most comprehensive, aggressive and professional gang
conference in the world.

G.PRO Values: Leadership / Teamwork / Integrity / Knowledge / Honor

G-PRO Objective : "Preparing Gang Professionals for Tomorrow; Today

This conference is for Criminal Justice Only. Who should attend?
  Law Enforcement         Probation & Parole       Prosecutors          Military
  Corrections             Judges                   Juvenile Justice     School Resource Officers

Gang Professionals are Anti-Gang Warriors who have dedicated their careers to eliminating Gang
Violence. These Gang Professionals fight a Global War – A Global War on Gangs!

For    additional information,  please           contact   the     G.PRO      Training     Division    at

                                                                            Rusty Keeble
                                                                            Founder, President & CEO
Attendee Logistics

Full registration to the inaugural Gang Professionals Conference (G.PRO 2010) is limited to members
of criminal justice - intelligence, enforcement, corrections, juvenile justice, prosecution, and military
personnel only. This conference is not open to Defense Attorneys. Admittance is by G.PRO
Conference badge only; the conference and/or activities are not open to non-criminal justice personnel
or the general public. U.S. and International Registrants will be issued their Conference Identification
badge upon the registration checking in process.


G.PRO will accept faxed- in Conference Registration Forms at the below fax number. However, unless
paying by credit card, via faxed in registration, this does not confirm your registration – it places you
in a “reserved” status. Once payment has been received and processed you will receive, via e- mail,
registration confirmation and then placed in a “confirmed” status. If payment has not been received
and/or you have not received e-mail confirmation by October 1, 2010 – please contact G.PRO at the
below office number for further instructions.

Office: (321) 323-4637 – Questions and Status Updates
Fax: (407) 644-GPRO – Faxed Conference Registration Forms

Note: To be properly processed, all faxed in registration forms must be filled out in its entirety to
include contact phone number and agency e- mail address. Please print clearly.


G.PRO accepts mailed in Conference Registration Forms. Please mail the Conference Registration
Form to the below address along with payment, purchase order or complete credit card information and
be sure to include the 3-digit or 4-digit security code and sign the authorization line. When sending a
purchase order, please enclose an addressed return envelope. A confirmation will be sent to each
registrant, via e- mail.

                                The Gang Professionals Company, LLC
                                   Attn: G.PRO 2010 Registration
                                          P.O. Box 608628
                                       Orlando, Florida 32860


Due to limited space, Walk-In Registrations will be accepted but cannot be guaranteed. All Walk-In
Registrants must pay the registration fee, in full, upon arrival. It is recommended to, at minimum,
reserve a seat through the Faxed-In Registration protocol. ** Walk-In Registrations will NOT receive
the conference materials. **

The Florida Hotel and Conference Center is offering a special G.PRO 2010 rate of $104.00 + taxes;
M&IE is $56.00 in Orlando.


                        Early Registration              Registration
                     (Before Octobe r 8, 2010)     (After October 8, 2010)
 Registration Fee            $200.00*                     $275.00*
* Includes 1-Year membership to the Rusty Keeble Foundation’s GANGFREE Project


      "Group/Unit/MAGTF" Discount: (1) Free Registration for every (3) paid registrations
      Gang Association Membe r Discount: Take $25 off your registration fee if you’re an active
       member of a gang investigators association. A copy of your association ID must be sent with
       your registration form to receive the $25 discount.

NOTE: The first 100 paid registrations will receive a limited edition "Inaugural Attendee Package"

      A special Conference ID Badge,
      Commemorative Coin: (The G.PRO 2010 Commemorative "Inaugural Conference" Coin will
       not be available for purchase)
      GANGFREE Wristband,
      G.PRO Conference T-Shirt,
      Special Conference Certificate,
      $50 G-PRO Gift Certificate towards the G.PRO 2011 Conference in Orlando, Florida.
      and additional items.


All cancellations must be made in writing and mailed to the below address or e- mailed to
( NO telephone cancellations will be accepted. A service charge
will apply.

For all cancellations postmarked or e- mailed dated on or before October 8, 2010, registration fees
will be refunded less a $50.00 service charge; cancellations postmarked or e- mailed dated between
October 9, 2010 – November 1, 2010 will be assessed a $75.00 service charge. With appropriate
written justification, a 50% refund will be issued for cancellations received at G-PRO Headquarters on
or after November 1, 2010. It will take a minimum of six weeks to receive a refund. No refunds will
be given for no-shows.
Registration may be transferred to another person in your organization by written request to The Gang
Professionals Company, LLC prior to November 1, 2010. After this date, all changes must be made
on-site. Additional charges may apply.

                               The Gang Professionals Company, LLC
                       Attn: G.PRO 2010 Registration Cancellation/Transfer
                                         P.O. Box 608628
                                      Orlando, Florida 32860


Conference pre-registration will begin on Sunday, November 14, 2010, from 4:00pm to 6:00pm and
registration will begin Monday, November 15, 2010 from 6:30am to 7:30am. Attendees should register
as soon as possible to ensure G.PRO Staff has your accurate information and to obtain registration and
conference materials. The Opening Ceremonies will promptly start at 8:00am and conference
registration will be closed. Please check- in as soon as possible so you can receive your conference
credentials and be cleared to enter the opening ceremonies.


Business attire or Uniform is requested on Monday, November 15, 2010 for the Opening Ceremonies.
Business casual attire (no shorts, sleeveless or tasteless shirts or sandals) is requested during the daily
training sessions; Casual attire is suggested for Nightly Networking and Special Events.

Note: This is a professional Criminal Justice conference where a number of media may be in
attendance for the Opening Ceremonies as well as VIP’s representing Corrections, Law Enforcement
and Elected Officials.


Admittance to G.PRO 2010 is strictly limited to qualified law enforcement, corrections, juvenile
justice, prosecutors, military, invited foreign officials & other appropriate personnel, which are pre-
approved by The Gang Professionals Company, LLC. Positive ID must be presented on-site for
admittance. The Credentials Committee will have final authority over admittance. We reserve the right
to refuse admittance to anyone who does not have proper credentials. This is a private conference not
open to the public. Cameras and other recording devices, other than the G.PRO Digital Media Team,
are strictly prohibited in training sessions, special events and networking mixers.


A Conference Command Center will be established and will be monitored by G.PRO personnel for the
duration of the conference. The Florida Hotel and Conference Center’s Business Center is located on
site for attendee business services.

G.PRO 2010 will take place at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center at 1500 Sand Lake Road,
Orlando, FL 32809 with a special room rate of $104.00 for single, double, triple and quadruple
occupancy plus taxes. Attendees need to make their own reservations by contacting the hotel directly.
You may do so by calling the Reservations Department at 800-588-4656. Guests should identify
themselves as attendees of G.PRO 2010. See the “Hotel Information” section of this packet for
additional information.


The Florida Hotel & Conference Center is approximately 8.5 miles from the Orlando International
Airport (MCO). The Florida Hotel & Conference Center does not offer complimentary shuttle service
to and from the airport and a private taxi costs about $30.00. This can be accessed at the designated
ground transportation area in the airport. Parking is free and Valet parking is available at the hotel at a
minimal daily rate.


Located midway between Orlando International Airport and Wa lt Disney World, The Florida Hotel
and Conference Center is in the center of all the excitement. The hotel is connected to The Florida
Mall, Central Florida's largest indoor shopping experience.

Take the North airport exit and follow signs to the Beachline* Expressway (State Road 528) west, go
through the first tollbooth, then take the second exit onto State Road 482 (McCoy Road). At this point
this road is called McCoy Road, but the name changes to Sand Lake Road once you cross Orange
Avenue. Stay on this road approximately 5 miles. At the third traffic light (Golden Sky Lane), turn left
into The Florida Mall. Then follow signs to the hotel.

From I-4, take exit #74 (Sand Lake Road). At the bottom of the ramp, turn right and continue on Sand
Lake Road approximately 5 miles to Orange Blossom Trail (US 441-17-92). Turn right (south, go to
the second light (Sun Life Path) and turn left into the Florida Mall. Continue straight, then follow signs
to the hotel.

FROM INTERSTATE 4 EAST - (from Daytona Beach and downtown Orlando)
From I-4, take exit #80, Orange Blossom Trail (US 441-17-92). The exit ramp will merge with south
bound traffic on Orange Blossom Trail. Continue south for approxima tely 5 miles. Go through the
intersection at Sand Lake Road (SR 482), continue to the second light (Sun Life Path) and turn left into
the Florida Mall. Continue straight, then follow signs to the hotel.

From the Florida Turnpike, take exit #254, Orange Blossom Trail (US 441-17-92). Follow signs for
"North-East 441." Continue straight on Orange Blossom Trail to the third light (Sun Life Path) and
turn right into the Florida Mall. Continue straight, and then follow signs to the hotel.
Please Note: When traveling in Central Florida, the Beachline Expressway was formally known as
the 'Beeline Expressway.' Some signs may not be changed yet. So please be aware that these
two names are actually the same highway!

     Florida Hotel and Conference Center
             1500 Sand Lake Road
              Orlando, FL 32809
             Phone: 407.351.1000
              Fax: 407.363.0106
Tentative Courses
The Gang Professionals Company holds the right to change courses without notice.

      Los Zetas
      Paisas
      Barrio Aztecas
      Juggalos
      OMGs
      Hate Groups and Hate Symbols
      Latin Kings: A brief on Florida’s “Operation 360 Shatter”
      International/Transnational Gang Briefing
      Deciphering Gang Codes and Communications
      Gangs in Schools
      Gang Prosecutions: RICO
      Prison Gangs
      Gangs in the Military
      Gangs and the Media
      Gangs and the Internet
      Correctional Intelligence
      Managing a Corrections Gang Unit (CAGE)
      Gangs 101
      Gang Professionals: Past, Present and Future
      G.PRO Concept: Preparing Tomorrow’s Gang Professionals Today
      G.PRO Leadership Program
      G.PRO Fitness and Wellness Program
      GANGFREE Project Overview: Building a GANGFREE World – One Community at a Time!
      Keynote Chris Blatchford: Author of the Best Seller The Black Hand (see VIP/Keynote)
      Correctional Peace Warrior: What makes a…. (Special Presentation)

This list in not all inclusive and additional classes may be added to the programming.
These courses will provide attendees with a wealth of information regarding multi-disciplinary
approaches to gang enforcement, intelligence and prosecution strategies.
Tentative Schedule
Tentative Schedule – The courses, briefings, advisory councils and intelligence meetings will be
updated as they are confirmed and sent out over the G.PRO Link website and e-INTELL network.

                              Sunday –November 14, 2010
   4:00pm - 6:00pm                    Attendee Pre-Registration

                             Monday – November 15, 2010
   6:30am – 7:30am                    Attendee Registration
   8:00am – 9:30am                    Opening Ceremonies
                                      (Uniform or Business Attire)

   9:30am – 11:00am                   Keynote Speaker: Chris Blatchford (Tentative)
                                      (The Black Hand)

   11:00am – 12:00pm                  Training Session
   12:00pm – 1:15pm                   Lunch (On Your Own)

   1:30pm – 3:30pm                    G.PRO Intelligence Exchange
                                      (Criminal Justice ONLY)

   3:30am – 5:00pm                    Training Session

   7:00pm – 8:00pm                    Evening Training Session (non-mandatory)

   7:00pm – Midnight                  G.PRO Networking Events        (G-PRO Theatre, Mixer)

                             Tuesday – November 16, 2010
   8:00am – 12:00pm                   Training Sessions
   12:00pm – 1:00pm                   Lunch
                                      (On Your Own)

   1:00pm – 5:00pm                    Training Sessions

   7:00pm – 8:00pm                    Evening Training Session (non-mandatory)
   7:00pm – Midnight                  G.PRO Networking Events        (G-PRO Theatre, Mixer)

                            Wednesday – November 17, 2010
   8:00am – 10:00am                   Training Session(s)
   10:00am – 12:00pm                  Training Session(s)
   12:00pm – 1:00pm                   Lunch (On Your Own)

   1:00pm – 3:00pm                    Training Session(s)

   3:00pm                             Closing Ceremonies
VIP’s and Keynote Speaker
The Gang Professionals Company invites political leaders, community leaders, elected officials, and
many of the leading Subject Matter Experts in the field of Gang Intelligence, Suppression, Intervention
and Prevention to speak and work side-by-side with us to develop strategies and policies to combat the
threat of gang proliferation around the Country and abroad.

The VIP’s and Keynote Speaker(s) are still being confirmed.


All VIPs are still being confirmed.

Tentative Keynote Speaker

   Chris Blatchford
                        Chris is an investigative reporter with Fox News in Los Angeles. He is widely
                        known for his work exposing the destruction and sorrow left behind by street
                        gangs, prison gangs and organized crime.

                        His exposes on 18th Street, the Mexican Mafia, Aryan Brotherhood, Nazi
                        Lowriders, Mexican and Colombian drug cartels, Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs,
                        Russian and Asian organized crime – just to mention a few – are being used
                        nationwide as education and training tools by schools, correctional institutions,
                        law enforcement and community groups.

During the 20- years in Los Angeles, Blatchford has receive 9 Emmy awards, 48
Emmy nominations, 10 golden Mikes, 2 Edward R. Murrow Awards, 7 Regional
Associated Press awards, 8 Los Angles Press Club awards and numerous other
honors. Additionally, he won a Peabody for his investigation into Italian Mafia
infiltration of MCA/Universal's music and home video divisions.

Chris is also the author of "The Black Hand" and the Los Angeles Times bestseller
Three Dog Nightmare.
G.PRO Intelligence Exchange

G.PRO’s Gang Intelligence Exchange is scheduled for Monday, November 15, 2010 from 1:00 p.m. to
3:00 p.m (tentative time). For security purposes, the specific room location will be relayed to
registrants at a later date – contact G.PRO for further information.

G.PRO’s #1 mission is to bring together Gang Professional’s and others from around the world from
within every discipline of Criminal Justice to serve as the global network to share gang and extremist
information pertaining to officer safety, training, resources, gang-related news, and current gang
reduction strategies and policies.

Here, you'll be able to network with other criminal justice professionals from around the United States
and abroad regarding gang activity and trends as well as discuss how others are reducing gang violence
through comprehensive enforcement, intelligence, and prosecutorial strategies and policies.

These strategies are being utilized to disrupt and dismantle gangs by way of intelligence-driven
investigations, multi-agency task forces (MAGTFs) and RICO as well as prevention and intervention
initiatives and partnerships.

Although not required, it is requested that all attendees give a short overview of your current gang
activity. If you have a power-point presentation, please let us know upon your arrival. Power-Point
capabilities will be available.

This will be a secured meeting and agency identification is required to get clearance to enter the
meeting. G.PRO Security will be on hand to monitor those entering and exiting the meeting. If you
do not have the appropriate credentials, you will not be permitted to enter the secured intelligence
Hotel Accommodations



Rate: $104.00 – single, double, triple or quad occupancy ● Plus applicable taxes

Note: This special rate will be offered to attendees arriving and/or departing up to three days prior
to/after the conference.


Attendees need to make their own reservations by contacting the hotel directly. You may do so by
calling the Reservations Department at 800-588-4656. Guests should identify themselves as attendees
of G.PRO 2010.

All reservations must be guaranteed with a credit card or first night's deposit in order to be confirmed.

A no-show reservation will be charged 1 st night's room and tax.

There are a limited number of rooms available, so please make your reservation early so that you will
be eligible for the low conference rate.


Individual reservations may be cancelled without penalty outside of 72 hours prior to arrival. If
cancelled within 72 hours of arrival the Hotel will charge for the 1 st night's room and tax.


The reservation cut-off date for the G-PRO 2010 special rate is no later than 5pm on Friday, October
15, 2010 for guest room accommodations. All reservations must be guaranteed with a major credit

After that date, rooms will no longer be available at the special conference ra te. In order not to be
charged tax, employees of tax-exempt agencies must supply proof of tax exemption

The hotel’s check- in time is 4:00pm. Checkout time is 11:00am. Any requests for late checkout must
be made with the Front Desk on the night prior to checkout and, if granted, is subject to a late checkout


Conference Location & Lodging
Hotel Name                                           Florida Hotel and Conference Center
Hotel Address                                   1500 Sand Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32809
Hotel Direct Phone Number                                                  407-859-1500
Hotel Reservations Number                                                1-800-588-4656
Hotel Room Rate (per night plus taxes)                                 $104.00 plus taxes

Time Zone                                                           Eastern Standard Time
Type of Location                                                                    Resort
Local Landmark                                                                Florida Mall
Closest Major City                                                                Orlando

Orlando International Airport                                Suggested Airport to Fly Into
Airport Code                                                                        MCO
Distance and Direction from Airport                                      8.5 Miles, West
Transportation Costs (One-Way)

Shuttle                                                             Approximately $28.00
Taxi                                                                Approximately $30.00

Accepted Currency                                                                   USD
Cancel Time                                                                     72 Hours
Check-In Time                                                                    4:00pm
Check-Out Time                                                                  11:00am
Room Service                                                          Limited Availability

Services and Ame nities

At The Florida Hotel and Conference Center, we are continuously striving to provide great guest
service and amenities. Our state of the art fitness center offers a great work-out, while our tropically
heated pool offers fantastic relaxation. Starbucks, located just steps from The Florida Mall offers fresh
selections of pastries and coffee in the main lobby daily. Cricket's Grille is open daily with a deluxe
breakfast buffet, lunch with our Chef's selected menu, and dinner offering dining selections ranging
from fresh salads to grilled steaks and seafood. Kick back and watch your favorite team on our flat
panel TV's while enjoying a cold drink in Cricket's Grille Bar.

      Room Service Available 6:00 AM to 1:00 AM                     Starbucks in Lobby
      Daily and Weekend Newspaper Service                           Cricket's Restaurant and Grille
      Day Spa                                                       Full Service Bar in Lobby
      Modern Fitness Center                                         Heated Pool and Whirlpool
      ATM in Lobby                                                  In-Room Refrigerator
      Car Rental Desk in Lobby                                      In-Room Electronic Safe
      Valet Service Available 24 Hours a Day                        Dry Cleaning Service
      Multi- Lingual Staff


Spacious, Modern Rooms

Step into our brightly furnished Orlando hotel accommodations and you are welcomed with warm
cherry wood furnishings and duvet bed covers. The Florida Hotel and Conference Center's spacious
guest rooms have all of the necessary guest amenities in the bathroom. All guest rooms have high
speed internet access as well as, a working desk with a task lamp, flat-screen televisions with in-room
movies (TVs not equipped to handle outside electronics), Web TV, iron and board, coffee makers and
hair dryers. Guest rooms are available with two full beds or a single king size bed.

          32" Flat Panel, Wall- Mounted TV
          In Room Refrigerator
          Electronic, In-Room Safe
          Wireless Internet
          In-Room Movies and Web TV
          Room Service 6:00 AM - 1:00 AM
          Coffee Machine
          Iron and Board


                The GANGFREE Project is the first global gang awareness initiative that represents
                the Anti-Gang Profession with the intentions of educating millions of both young and
                old during GANGFREE Month in November of each year.

                In support of GANGFREE Month, the Rusty Keeble Foundation and The Gang
                Professionals Company will sign official proclamations, during the G-PRO 2010
                Opening Ceremonies, declaring November as GANGFREE Month and encourage
                local, state; national and international governments to do the same in a united
                “global” stand against gangs and gang violence.

During the month of November, proudly wear your GANGFREE Wristband and other merchandise to
promote the mission of being GANGFREE.

Gang Professionals Appreciation Week (G.PRO Week)

During G.PRO 2010, we will kick off the very first “Gang Professionals Appreciation Week.” This
week is to be devoted to those professionals, around the world, dedicated to combating gang violence
and ridding the world of its negative impact on society.

G.PRO Update

We have already scheduled G.PRO 2011 for November 7-9, 2011 in Orlando,
Florida and will be accepting early registrations immediately following G.PRO
2010 on November 18, 2010.

Our goal is to give agencies plenty of time to budget for 2011, which is already
shaping up to be an amazing conference and event.

In addition to an extensive line up of conference topics, we are scheduling many
inaugural events that will permanently be part of the annual G.PRO Conference.
Below are just a few of the events and initiatives that will part of the G.PRO

The Gang Professionals Network (G.PRO Link)

                                                                       The     response       to      the
                                                                       announcement of The Gang
                                                                       Professionals Network (G.PRO
                                                                       Link) has been tremendous.
                                                                       G.PRO Link has two layers, (1)
the online “members profile” network and (2) the e-INTELL network. Combined there are more than
2000 members from a dozen countries around the world and growing every day. The G.PRO Link
website is the networking arm and has more than 1,000 photos, 150 videos, 75 individual groups,
forums, chat capabilities, and numerous other resources, and links ranging from the G.PRO Leadership
Center, G.PRO Book Club, G.PRO Movie Club, G.PRO Fitness Center, the G.PRO Grill and much
more. The G.PRO Link e-INTELL ListServe is the information sharing arm and delivers information
to law enforcement only personnel regarding current trends and activities, potential criminal activities,
training and officer safety announcements and so much more. The Gang Professionals Network has
rapidly become one of the most effective and trusted gang and extremists’ information-sharing
networks in the world.

G.PRO Link:

The Gang Professionals Website

The Official Gang Professionals Website is currently in development. Phase One will be live soon and
when completed will be one of the most comprehensive websites dedicated solely to those gang
professionals committed to ending gang violence. This is “The Gang Professionals Website.”

The Gang Professionals Website:
Gangfighte r Apparel

                                    Quality Gangfighter Apparel: Our Gangfighter clothing line is the
                                    only one of its kind. We provide only high quality clothing with
                                    original graphics that Gangfighters can be proud to wear. All
                                    products are designed and printed in the USA and make great
                                    Gangfighter gifts.

Gangfighter Apparel was founded by a Gangfighter for Gangfighters. All the designs are hand drawn,
and unique. You'll find no clip art here. You'll only find the images that relay the fearless,
but frightening side of our job. One look should invoke the feeling you feel on the way to a gang
shooting or prison gang riot and the satisfaction you feel once the gang member is in prison or solitary

GANGFREE Ame rica: Be One in a GANGFREE Million Campaign

                                      The Rusty Keeble Foundation (RKF) was established in 2009
                                      as a response to the lack of global attention being given to the
                                      ever-increasing proliferation of gangs, gang crime and gang
                                      violence around the world and the need to develop and establish
                                      a consistent “global” vision and voice to combat, reduce and
                                      ultimately eliminate gang violence from within our

In the 2009 National Gang Threat Assessment, there were an estimated 1,000,000 reported gang
members representing approximately 20,000 gangs within the United States.

During the G-PRO 2010 Conference, we will show the “power of orange” by announcing the Rusty
Keeble Foundation’s “GANGFREE America: Be One in a GANGFREE Million Campaign” as we set
out to register 1,000,000 GANGFREE Americans who will sign the declaration and donate $1, $5, or
$10 to the campaign in a national unified stand against gang violence.

All funds raised will go towards the GANGFREE America Campaign to raise national awareness and
fund projects such as the GANGFREE Schools and the GANGFREE Parks and Playgrounds

If you would like to assist with the campaign, please contact
and become an active member of the only national anti- gang awareness project.

The Gang Professionals Company, LLC
G.PRO 2010
Post Office Box 608628
Orlando, Florida 32860

                                      GA NGFREE

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