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                                  CONTRACT # ________

                           Intermediate Professional Education – Traineeship Program
       Moscow                                                                 “____” ____________, 2010

      Federal State Institution of Higher Professional Education “Moscow State Academy of Choreography”,
hereinafter referred to as the “ACADEMY”, represented by Marina Konstantinovna Leonova, the Rector, acting on
the basis of the ACADEMY Regulations, being the Party of the First Part, and
                   (full name of the student, country of residence, address in Russian and in English).
hereinafter referred to as the “STUDENT”, represented by his/her parents (father, mother) or other legal guardians,
                                           (full name in Russian and English )
being the Party of the Second Part, herewith make a Contract for the following:

                                                 1. CONTRACT SUBJECT
        The subject of this Contract is rendering fee-based educational services to the STUDENT in connection with
   his/her studies of Choreographic Arts toward the title of “Ballet Performer”.
                                  2. RIGHTS AND LIABILITIES OF THE ACADEMY
   2.1.    The ACADEMY herewith undertakes to the following:
   2.1.1. To enter into this Contract with the parents (legal guardians) of the STUDENT, who has successfully
            completed the entrance examinations held for him/her by the ACADEMY.
   2.1.2. To issue an Invitation and render assistance to the STUDENT in obtaining, in accordance with the
            procedure prescribed by the laws of the Russian Federation, a multiple-entry visa for studies in the
            Russian Federation, trips home and to other countries, and for travel within the territory of the Russian
   2.1.3. To facilitate alien registration of the STUDENT upon arrival for studies at the ACADEMY, with the
            Government authorities (subject to availability of a Russian visa, issued at the request of the ACADEMY,
            a national passport, a migration card, issued at the Russian border checkpoint, the Contract duly signed
            by both Parties, transfer of the tuition fees to the ACADEMY’s account in accordance with the Contract
            terms and duly approved enrollment).
   2.1.4. To issue the STUDENT an ID document in his/her name (Student Card), to serve as a pass to the
            ACADEMY building.
   2.1.5. To enroll the STUDENT in the ACADEMY and to teach him/her in Russian, as a full time student at the
            level identical to that of Russian students, as per the State standards (Curriculum and programs) in effect
            at the ACADEMY at the time of his/her studies.
   2.1.6. To provide the STUDENT with class training in Russian, together with other foreign STUDENTS. To
            facilitate Russian proficiency testing on the premises of the ACADEMY for obtainment of the State
            Certificate confirming proficiency of foreign nationals in Russian as a second language.
   2.1.7. To grant the STUDENT access to the training classes, equipment, library, study room, teaching
           aids and materials as well as sports and leisure facilities of the ACADEMY to the extent equal to that of
           Russian students in line with their studies routine.
   2.1.8. To offer the STUDENT accommodation at the ACADEMY’s dormitory, for the period of his/her studies,
            under conditions equal to the ones offered to others residing at the dormitory.
                         Note: Upgrades to the accommodation arrangements are subject to additional payments, and
                         shall take place upon availability and with the approval of the ACADEMY administration.
   2.1.9. To provide the STUDENT with four meals daily, at the ACADEMY cafeteria, through the period of
            his/her studies, under conditions equal to those offered to other students residing at the dormitory.
   2.1.10. To provide the STUDENT with urgent (emergency) medical aid at the walk-in medical clinic of the
            ACADEMY within the framework of its term of reference, as per its legal status as established by
            the laws of the Russian Federation.

           ACADEMY                                                       Parents (legal guardians)
          _________________                                              of the STUDENT________________
2.1.11 As required, to facilitate obtainment of a medical insurance policy for the STUDENT, to be purchased at
       his/her expense and for his/her benefit.
   Note: Availability of the said insurance policy is a mandatory condition for enrollment in the ACADEMY
2.1.12 To grant the STUDENT, at his/her personal request and subject to submission of an appropriate
       confirmation, a leave of absence on account of a disease or family circumstances.
2.1.13 To inform the parents or legal guardians and sponsors of the STUDENT about his/her progress,
       attendance and conduct at the ACADEMY while respecting the individual rights.
2.1.14 To issue the STUDENT a Certificate attesting to the traineeship program upon its completion.

2.2.      The ACADEMY shall not be committed to the following:
2.2.1.    Scholarships and material support to any STUDENT whose education / training is fee-based.
2.2.2.    Life insurance for the STUDENT and insurance for his/her personal property as well as medical
          insurance at the expense of the ACADEMY.
2.2.3.    Pick-up and send-off arrangements for the STUDENT, members of his/her family, his/her legal guardians
          and accompanying persons.
2.2.4.    Invitations supporting visa applications for members of the STUDENT’s family, his/her legal guardians
          and accompanying persons.
2.2.5.    Alien Registration of the STUDENT’s family members, his/her guardians and accompanying persons.
2.2.6.    Reimbursement for loss of or damage to the STUDENT’s personal property, unless through the fault of
          the ACADEMY.
2.2.7.    Provision of the STUDENT with discounts for travel by any means of transportation, including public,
          within the Russian Federation.
2.2.8.    Payments for the STUDENT’s travel to the Russian Federation, back home, to other countries, as well as
          trips within the boundaries of the Russian Federation which are not related to the training.
2.2.9.    Payments for travel to and stay in the Russian Federation of the STUDENT’s family members, his/her
          legal guardians and accompanying persons, as well as provision of accommodation for them.
2.2.10.   Coaching the STUDENT for participation in ballet contests.
2.2.11.   Employment arrangements for the STUDENT upon graduation from the ACADEMY.
2.2.12.   Translation of documents specified in para. b) and c) of Attachment 1 hereto.
2.2.13.   Payments of court and other expenses related to violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation by
          the STUDENT as well as elimination of negative consequences of such violation.
2.2.14.   Sending the body home, should the STUDENT pass away.

2.3.       The ACADEMY shall bear no liability, including financial one, for:
           - The STUDENT’s attendance, training failures, passing examinations and tests, interim and final
               certifications, as well as obtainment of the State Certificate confirming proficiency of foreign
                nationals in Russian as a second language;
           - the STUDENT’s conduct;
           - coaching the STUDENT for ballet contests;
           - emergencies involving plumbing equipment, electrical equipment and other equipment, as well as
              extraordinary consequences thereof;
           - the STUDENT’s diseases, including occupational ones.

2.4.     The ACADEMY reserves the right, to immediately unilaterally abort the training process, expel the
         STUDENT and terminate this Contract without reimbursing the STUDENT for any contractual payments
         made to the ACADEMY or imposition of any sanctions upon the ACADEMY:
          - for violations of the laws of the Russian Federation;
          - for academic failures;
          - for violation of the regulations of daily routine at the ACADEMY, the dormitory rules, as well as
              reporting to the ACADEMY in the state of alcohol or drug intoxication, as well as other immoral
              conducts (see Attachment 4 hereto);
          - for violations and non-fulfillment or untimely fulfillment of the terms of the Contract, executed
              between the STUDENT and the ACADEMY;
          - for untimely payments under the Contract violating the amounts or deadlines specified in the
              Protocol №1 attached hereto;

           ACADEMY                                                       Parents (legal guardians)
          _________________                                              of the STUDENT________________

            -   for late arrival for commencement of classes without proper notification to the ACADEMY
                submitted in writing no less than 1 month ahead of the classes commencement
            -   for exceeding the weight standards (see Attachment 5 hereto).
            -   for non-availability of a medical insurance policy valid in the Russian Federation, including Moscow,
                for the entire period of training at the ACADEMY;
            -   for any health condition, noted as an official finding of the Health Authorities of the Russian
                Federation rendering the STUDENT incapable of continuing his/her training;
            -   Should the STUDENT fail to adhere to Clause 3.1.12 hereof, to contact the Internal Affairs
                authorities of the Russian Federation requesting forceful deportation of the STUDENT from the
                Russian Federation.

                                         3. RIGHTS AND LIABILITIES OF THE STUDENT
3.1.      The STUDENT herewith undertakes to the following:
3.1.1.    To respect and obey the Constitution and the laws of the Russian Federation, to follow regulations
           prescribed for foreign nationals residing in and transiting through the territory of Russia, to meet the
          requirements specified in the Regulations of educational training of foreign nationals in the Russian
          Federation, the ACADEMY’s Daily Routine Regulations and the ACADEMY’s Dormitory Rules.
3.1.2.    To submit the entire set of documents specified in Protocol 1 attached hereto for enrollment in the
          ACADEMY traineeship program prior to commencement of classes..
3.1.3.    To arrive at the ACADEMY to begin the training no later than ______ of _____________, 20_____.
          Note: Should the STUDENT prove unable to report to the ACADEMY in time for commencement of
          classes, including after fall, winter and spring vacations, submit a written notification specifying reasons
          behind the lateness and the expected arrival dates.
3.1.4.    To mail one copy of the duly signed Contract to the ACADEMY and pay the tuition fees in accordance
          with Protocol 1 being an integral part hereof.
3.1.5.    To purchase a medical insurance policy valid in the Russian Federation including Moscow, specifying the
          name and Moscow telephone number of the insurance company that issued the insurance policy, or the
          insurance company representing in Russia a foreign insurance company that issued the insurance policy.
3.1.6.    To have a dictionary for translations from Russian into the native language and back. To complete the
          curriculum and course programs in a timely manner, to attend all classes specified therein for the disciplines
          within the chosen specialty.
3.1.7.    To pass the qualifying exams in a complete and timely manner and to undergo the State certification.

3.1.8.    To make regular visits to the medical clinic of the ACADEMY to undergo health checkups, preventive
          medical treatment and weight control, etc.
3.1.9.    In case of an illness, to check in the medical clinic of the ACADEMY, unless the medical indications
          require admission of the STUDENT to an official (state, municipal) medical facility of the Russian
          Federation or other medical facility specified in his/her insurance policy.
3.1.10.   Should the STUDENT damage the property of the ACADEMY during his/her training and stay at the
          dormitory, reimburse the ACADEMY for the repairs in the amount duly calculated by the ACADEMY.
3.1.11.   Should a trip abroad or to other cities and areas of the Russian Federation be required, the parents or legal
          guardians of the STUDENT are required to submit a written request to the administration of the
          ACADEMY as part of approval of the trip. Without the approval by the ACADEMY administration, trips
          abroad or to other cities and areas of the Russian Federation as well as changes of residence locations shall
          not be allowed.
3.1.12.   To leave the territory of the Russian Federation upon completion of the training in accordance with the visa,
          issued in compliance with the effective legislation of the Russian Federation.
3.1.13.   Should the STUDENT lose or damage his/her national passport and/or the multiple entry visa and/or the
          migration card and/or the detachable section of the Foreign National Arrival Notification, immediately
          notify officers of the ACADEMY International Programs Department.

           ACADEMY                                                        Parents (legal guardians)
          _________________                                               of the STUDENT________________
                                            4. FINANCIAL TERMS
4.1    The financial terms and the schedule of payments are defined in Protocol 1, which is an integral part of the
       Contract and is only valid within its context.
4.2     Should the STUDENT be late for the beginning of classes through his/her fault, the supplement lessons, to
       compensate for the classes he/she misses will be arranged and will be paid for as per an Agreement
       Supplementary hereto.

4.3    The costs associated with visa applications including multiple entry ones issued at the request of the
       ACADEMY as well as any other mandatory fess and payments due in the Russian Federation shall be
       handled by the STUDENT on his/her own accord and at his/her expense.

                                    5 . CONTRACT VALIDITY TERM
5.1    This Contract is made for the period of the STUDENT’s studies and takes effect on the date specified
       on the front page hereof.
5.2.   Subscription of this Contract renders invalid any previous agreements and correspondence between the
5.3.   The Contract validity term is: “___”_______, 20___ through “___”_______ 20__, which includes fall,
       winter, spring and summer vacations and holidays in accordance with the training calendar effective for all
       students of the ACADEMY.
                                         6. BREACH OF CONTRACT
6.1.   In case of breach or improper adherence to the terms of this Contract by one of the Contract Parties, that
       Party shall be liable to reimburse the other Party for losses incurred by such breach.
6.2.   Reimbursement of losses is understood as compensation by one Party to the other one for direct losses.
       Indirect losses and opportunity costs shall not qualify for reimbursements.

                                            7. FORCE MAJEURE
7.1.   The parties shall be exonerated from partial or full execution of their obligations under this Contract in
       case of force majeure circumstances or extraordinary events, occurring after subscription of this Contract
       and conventionally acknowledged as such per the Russian legislation. In case of force majeure events, the
       other Contract Party should be immediately informed of the occurrence of such conditions.
7.2.   As soon as the force majeure circumstances cease to exist, the Contract Party must inform the other Party
       and continue execution of the terms of the Contract.
7.3.   Should the effects of the circumstances mentioned in paragraph 7.1. hereof persist for more than six
       months, each Party Shall be entitled to termination of this Contract, with the termination taking effect
       immediately and with no sanctions applied, including property sanctions.

                               8. CONTRACT TERMINATION CONDITIONS
       The Contract may be terminated at the request of one Party with a written notification to the other Party,
       to be submitted no less than one month ahead of the Contract termination date (with the exception of the
       conditions specified in para 2.4. and 7.3. hereof) in the following cases:
         - When the STUDENT ceases studies, for personal reasons, as confirmed in writing by his/her parents
              (legal guardians);
         - When any one of the Parties violates this Contract and /or the attached Protocol 1;
         - When one of the Parties due to actions of the Government authorities is constrained in fulfilling the
              Contractual obligations.

                           9. RESOLVING DISPUTES BETWEEN THE PARTIES
9.1.   The Parties shall take all due measures to resolve disputes between them through negotiations or, as a last
       resort, through litigation at a Russian court of law, whose resolution shall be binding for both Parties, in
       accordance with the Russian law of rights and law of actions along with the rules and practices of
       interpretation of legal enactments and litigation proceedings.
9.2.   The Russian law shall be applied to any disputes related to this Contract, with the exception of those
       related to termination of this Contract, which shall be based solely on the terms specified herein.

        ACADEMY                                                       Parents (legal guardians)
       _________________                                              of the STUDENT________________
                                             10.     ADDITIONAL TERMS
 10.1.     Any notifications and communications sent by the Parties in connection with this Contract shall be in
           writing and shell be deemed as submitted in due course when delivered to the addressee by registered mail
           with simultaneous transmission by fax or electronic mail if the latter are available.
 10.2.     All amendments and addenda to the Contract shall be in writing and signed by representatives duly
           authorized by the respective Parties.
 10.3.     Should any Party change their address, that Party shall undertake to notify the other Party prior to the new
           address taking effect.
 10.4.     Should the training including concerts and tours be filmed, videotaped of photographed, the ACADEMY
           shall be entitled to using the product without any special approval for training purposes, and for its
           marketing activities. The STUDENT shall not be entitled to filming, videotaping or photographing the
           training including concerts and tours without written permission of the ACADEMY administration.
 10.5.   This Contract is made in two copies of equal legal force, both in the Russian language, valid only when
                 signatures of both Parties appear on each page of the Contract, Protocol and Attachments hereto.
 10.6.     The Russian text shall be used for interpretation of the Contract provisions.
 10.7.     This Contract contains 5 pages.

                                     1. LEGAL ADDRESSES OF THE PARTIES:

 ACADEMY                                                          PARENTS (legal guardians) of the STUDENT

 2nd Frunzenskaya ul., 5                                          __________________________________________
 Moscow, 119146                                                   __________________________________________
 Russia                                                           __________________________________________

 Tel/Fax: 7 (499) 242-86-11                                       Address:___________________________________
 Tel/Fax – International Department: 7 (499) 242-86-36            Tel:____________________Fax:________________
 E-mail:                                       E-mail:_____________________________________

 The STUDENT and his/her parents, legal guardians, or sponsors have had the contents of all paragraphs of this Contract,
 Protocol and Attachments hereto explained to them, and they do not have any unresolved questions about the content, caused
 by the fact that that this document was prepared in Russian.

                                       12. SIGNATURES OF THE PARTIES:

           ACADEMY                                                                 Parents (legal guardians)
                                                                                      of the STUDENT

___________________________________                                       ____________________________________
         LEONOVA M.K.                                                     ____________________________________
         Rector                                                           ____________________________________
                                                                          (Specify ID number, date of issue, issuing
                                                                           authority and validity term)

________ of __________________, 20_____                                   _______ of _____________________, 20_______
                                                     PROTOCOL 1
                                        Cost of training and payment process

ATTACHMENT TO CONTRACT #_________ dated ______ of __________, 20______
                         Rendering fee-based educational services to foreign nationals

                                 (first name, last name, citizenship in Russian and in English )

                               The above Contract Parties herewith agree as follows:

  1.    The cost of services associated with traineeship of the STUDENT at the ACADEMY in the field of “Choreographic
        Arts”, toward the title of “Ballet Performer”, including the cost of dormitory accommodation and 4 meals daily, totals:
        1,100 (one thousand one hundred) Euros per month.
        The traineeship term is: “___”_______, 20___ through “___”_______ 20__.
  2.    The fees payable to the ACADEMY for services provided by the ACADEMY to the STUDENT over the entire period of
        his/her studies total_________________________________________________________________________ Euros.
                                                     (amount in numbers and words).
        Should the traineeship course repetition be required as a result of the STUDENT’s missing classes with no adequate
        reasons, the payment for additional services rendered by the ACADEMY shall be made at the rate valid at the time of the
        corresponding payment.
  3.    The amount specified in paragraph 2 hereof does not include:
            Payments for services rendered in addition to the services specified in the Contract (including upgrades to or
                changes of the accommodation arrangements);
            Payments for services, specified in paragraph 2.2 of the Contract (including medical insurance);
            Payments for rehearsals in preparation for ballet contests;
            Payment for testing of the Russian language proficiency on the premises of the ACADEMY for obtainment of the
                State Certificate confirming proficiency of foreign nationals in Russian as a second language (the testing fee is
                established by the Main Testing Center).
  4.    Parents (legal guardians) of the STUDENT or his/her sponsor herewith undertake to mail one copy of duly signed
        Contract to the ACADEMY, to be delivered prior to (day)______ of ___(month)____________of the current academic
  5.    Parents (legal guardians) of the STUDENT or his/her sponsor herewith undertake to transfer to the Bank account of the
        ACADEMY tuition fees for the first half year totaling ________________________________________________ Euros
                                                                               (amount in numbers and words).
        prior to : “___”_______, 20__, and tuition fees for the second half year totaling
        ________________________________________________ Euros prior to : “___”_______, next year.
                       (amount in numbers and words)
        unless the Parties arrange for the tuition fee payments otherwise. Specification of the Contract number shall be
        mandatory for the fee transfers.
  6.    All expenses associated with transferring the funds to the ACADEMY’s account shall be the payee‟s responsibility; all
        expenses associated with remittance of funds in the bank (treasury) organizations in the Russian Federation shall be the
        ACADEMY’s responsibility.
  7.    Should the amount deposited to the bank account of the ACADEMY be less that that specified in the Contract (less the
        ACADEMY’s expenses associated with remittance of the funds), the STUDENT shall be required, within one week upon
        his/her arrival, to deliver the difference to the Accounting Department of the ACADEMY, in Russian rubles, at the rate
        of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in effect on the day of the said payment.
  8.    Until receipt of the above-mentioned payment of the tuition fee the STUDENT shall neither be granted the rights of a
        student nor admitted to classes at the ACADEMY; with that the ACADEMY shall bear no financial or other liabilities
        toward the STUDENT, his/her parents or sponsors.
  9.    Should the aforementioned payment be delayed, the STUDENT shall not be admitted to classes at the ACADEMY, and
        upon receipt of such delayed payment, no recalculations shall take place.
  10.   Should the ACADEMY service fees fail to be deposited to the bank account within 2 weeks upon beginning of training
        in the first or second semester, the ACADEMY shall be entitled to expelling the STUDENT unless the Parties agree
  11.   The Order regarding enrollment in the ACADEMY shall only be issued upon receipt of the aforementioned payment as
        stated in paragraph 4 of this Protocol.

            ACADEMY                                                             Parents (legal guardians)
           _________________                                                    of the STUDENT________________
   12. Should the STUDENT be granted a leave of absence on account of a disease or family circumstances, the funds yet to be
       used for training purposes shall be kept in the account towards the next payment, unless the Parties agree otherwise.
   13. Should the STUDENT depart from the ACADEMY during the academic year on his/her own accord, on account of
       expulsion in accordance with paragraph 2.4 of the Contract, no recalculation of fees paid per his/her Contract shall take
       place, and the ACADEMY shall have no liability toward him/her, his/her parents, legal guardians or sponsor for a partial
       refund of such funds or other liabilities unless the Parties reach an agreement otherwise.
   14. This Protocol is made in two copies of equal legal force, both in the Russian language; both copies are integral parts of
       the Contract and are valid solely in the context of the said Contract.
   15. The Russian text will be used for interpretation of the Protocol provisions.
   16. This Protocol contains 2 pages.
   17. The ACADEMY’s bank account details are as follows:

   Bank-correspondent of Bank-beneficiary: 1) Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt/Main
                                             (DEUT DE FF), account №100949808010
                                           2) VTB Bank (Austria) AG,
                                              Vienna (DOBA AT WW),
                                              Account №08.00.0617203-023

  Beneficiary:   “Moskovskaya gosudarstvennaya academiya choreografii”
                  2-nd Frunzenskay street #5, Moscow 119146
                 Account № 40503978300160100175
  Contract # __________
 14. Signatures of the Parties:

           ACADEMY                                                                    Parents (legal guardians)
                                                                                         of the STUDENT

___________________________________                                         ____________________________________
       LEONOVA M.K.                                                         Phone: ______________________________
                                                                            Fax: ________________________________
       Rector                                                               E-mail:______________________________

________ of __________________, 20_____                                      _______ of _____________________, 20_______

                                                  ATTACHMENT 1
              to Contract # _____________ dated ______ of _________________, 20______

                                 of documents, required of foreign STUDENTS
                            for enrollment in the ACADEMY traineeship program

1.   Applicant’s personal resume and an Application for the training program in the prescribed format, specifying the
     code and complete name of the field of specialization.
2.   Certificate of general education listing subjects studied, with their respective grades, and an overall grade for academic
3.   Certificate of choreographic education.
4.   A medical certificate confirming absence of contraindications for studies at the ACADEMY in the chosen field
     (see Attachment 2) with the below data:
            - Infectious illnesses suffered to date;
            - Preventive vaccinations to date;
            - Surgeries and injuries to date;
            - Acceptability of drugs and food (allergies);
            - Follow-up monitoring by any medical specialist;
            - Use of contact lenses;
            - Recommendations of family doctor;
            - Results of clinical tests of urine / blood;
            - Results of tests for HIV, Hepatitis B and C, certified by seal and signature of the doctor;
            - Phthisiology status , certified by seal and signature of the doctor;
            - RV test results (syphilis) – for 16 y.o. or older
            - Feces tests for helminth eggs; enterobiasis scraping tests
            - Other details relevant to determine the health status.
5.   Passport or Birth Certificate.
6.   Ten matte finish black and white photo pictures, 3 x 4 cm (1.2” x 1.6”) with last name written on their back sides in pencil.
7.   Other documentation at the applicant’s discretion, confirming his/her training and other knowledge / skills.

         a) Documents specified in paragraph 1 hereof, shall be submitted in the original in the native and Russian languages;
            original copies must bear the applicant’s signature.
            Signatures of the applicant must be verified by officers of the ACADEMY’s International Department.
         b) Documents specified in paragraph 4 hereof, shall be submitted in the original, in the formats prescribes for official
            authorities issuing them. Their original copies must have Russian translations attached, duly notarized, or else
            verified by an officer of a Russian Consular Office in the applicant’s domicile.
         c) Documents specified in paragraphs 2, 3, 5 and 7 hereof shall be submitted in the original language as duly
            notarized copies. Each of those documents must also have a Russian translation attached, duly notarized or
            verified by an officer of a Russian Consular Office in the applicant’s domicile.

We have reviewed and agree to the list of documents required for
submission by foreign students for the traineeship program of the ACADEMY:

                                                            Parents or legal guardians of the STUDENT:

                                                            STUDENT: ______________________________
                                                                 ______ of ________________, 20______.

                                                  ATTACHMENT 2

               to Contract # _____________ dated ______ of _________________, 20______

                              Contraindications for enrollment in the ACADEMY:

 1. Cardiovascular system:
         a) congenital heart disorders;
         b) mitral valve prolapse with regurgitation;
         c) rheumatic diseases of heart muscle and valves;
         d) full-blown vegetative-vascular dystonia with tendency toward hypertonia or hypotonia.
 2. Chronic bronchial or lung diseases:
           a) multiple bronchiectasis;
           b) bronchial asthma (specify if mentioned in personal medical record);
           c) chronic bronchitis;
           d) tuberculous intoxication; healed lung / respiratory system / pleura tuberculosis.
 3. Chronic disease of gastrointestinal tract:
           a) gastric ulcer, duodenum ulcer;
           b) gastroduodenitis.
 4. Diseases of liver and bile passages:
           a) hepatitis;
           b) cholelithiasis;
           c) cholecystitis.
 5. Kidney diseases:
           a) chronic glomerulonephritis;
           b) pyelonephritis.
 6. Mild thyroid-poisoning, enlarged thyroid - IIIrd degree or above.
 7. Diabetes.
 8. All blood disorders.
 9. Hernias (any kind).
 10. Vertebral deformity, chest distortion (IInd degree or above). Lower limb shortening exceeding 2 cm.
    Full-blown longitudinal or transversal platy podia (IIIrd degree).
 11. Organic diseases of the CNS (meningitis, encephalitis).
 12. Epilepsy, schizophrenia, psychopathy.
 13. Reduced hearing, one or both ears:
           a) cochlear neuritis;
           b) hypoacusis.
 14. Pronounced logo neurosis, tongue-tie.
 15. Congenital deformities of maxilla and mandible
 16. Vision sharpness without correction for both eyes less than 0.6.
      a) Pronounced myopia (progressing) 0.1 – 0.2.
 17. Neurodermatitis.

 We have reviewed the contraindications for enrollment in the ACADEMY and agree with the

                                                            Parents or legal guardians of the STUDENT:

                                                            STUDENT: ______________________________
                                                                 ______ of ________________, 20______.

                                                   ATTACHMENT 3

               to Contract # _____________ dated ______ of _________________, 20_____

                          Information on medical services rendered at the ACADEMY

  The ACADEMY has a walk-in medical clinic pursuing disease prevention and rendering urgent (emergency) medical aid to
students through the period of their studies within its Term of Reference.
  The walk-in clinic employs the following medical specialists:
              - Pediatrician
              - Orthopedist – Traumatologist
              - Orolaryngologist
  In addition there are massage and physiotherapeutic rooms, and an isolation ward.
  Should the students feel sick or feel symptoms of any disease or else have skin rashes of any kind, they must notify their
   Housemaster / Housemistress immediately and contact the clinic doctor or nurse as soon as possible.
  The clinic doctor is the only official authorized to excuse students from attending classes, including excuses on account of
monthly periods.
  In cases of diseases requiring long-term follow-up, the patients must stay at the isolation ward, obey all instructions of the
  doctor and nurse, and never refuse the treatment prescribed.
  The clinic doctor is the only official authorized to release students from the isolation ward when he deems them fit to continue
   studies and join the class.
  Students are required to have a medical insurance policy valid in the Russian Federation, providing for treatment of diseases in
   accordance with the price range of the policy.
  The medical insurance policy is necessary when a student’s health condition requires medical services of specialists who
  are not available at the clinic of the ACADEMY (X – ray, tests, etc.) or hospitalization.
  In cases of injuries requiring immediate surgical interventions, authorization in writing issued by the parents of the student is
  Note: As required, the students can turn to the city health care facilities for fee-based consultations:
              - Wound and trauma X-ray radiography;
              - Lab tests and other fee-based services.
  Purchases of medications prescribed for treatment and corresponding payments shall be the responsibility of students.

  We have reviewed and agree to the information on medical services rendered at the ACADEMY.

                                                              Parents or legal guardians of the STUDENT:

                                                              STUDENT: ______________________________
                                                                   ______ of ________________, 20______.

                                                     ATTACHMENT 4

                to Contract # _____________ dated ______ of _________________, 20_____.

                                          The ACADEMY Dormitory Rules

1. Upon arrival at the ACADEMY the STUDENT is required to present all medical certificates and report for a medical
      examination by the ACADEMY’s doctor, who will issue a permit for the STUDENT’s residence at the dormitory of the
2.    The dormitory is located on the 3rd floor of the ACADEMY building.
3.    All STUDENTS enrolled with the ACADEMY are issued ID documents, namely Student cards, which serve as
      students’ identification and passes to the ACADEMY building.
4.    Foreign STUDENTS stay at the dormitory on the terms equal to those of Russian students.
      Moving from one room to another is not allowed without a permit duly issued by the administration.
5.    All STUDENTS must adhere to the daily routine prescribed for the dormitory.
6.    Access to the STUDENTS’ rooms is granted to: executive managers of the ACADEMY, the dormitory manager,
      instructors, medical staff or, as required, to technical staff, to work on the utility systems, or to see to the building
7.    At the dormitory the STUDENTS are grouped by age. Each group has a Housemaster teacher who helps STUDENTS
      out with their issues, should they encounter any.
8.    STUDENTS are served 4 meals daily at the cafeteria of the ACADEMY, for which purpose they use personal meal
9.    Neither unexcused tardy nor late reports for classes shall be tolerated.
10.   Should a STUDENT feel any kind of sickness, he/she is supposed to notify the Housemaster, consult the ACADEMY „s
      doctor and obey all prescriptions.
11.   The ACADEMY doctor is the only official authorized to excuse STUDENTS from attending classes, including excuses
      on account of monthly periods.
12.   STUDENTS are required to keep their rooms clean and tidy.
13.   When leaving the room, lights should be turned off, and the door should be locked.
14.   Empty suitcases, bags and boxes must be stored at the luggage room.
15.   The ACADEMY shall bear no accountability for losses of money or valuables. Keeping large amounts of money in the
      room is not recommended.
16.   Before leaving on vacation, all personal belongings must be transferred from the rooms to the storage room, and the
      rooms must be left clean without any posters, photographs and stickers on the walls.
17.   STUDENTS do their laundry on their own.
18.   There are toilets, showers, sinks, laundry machines and dryers in both girls’ and boys’ wings of the dormitory.
19.   There is a kitchen in the dormitory, and electric tea kettles, irons, refrigerators, TV sets and vacuum cleaners are
20.   The following electric appliances may be used in the rooms: tape recorders, hair dryers and desk lamps.
21.   It is strictly forbidden to use any electric heating appliances in the rooms, such as heaters, tea kettles, hot plates, electric
      blankets, etc; use personal TV sets, or to turn on tape recorders during class hours ( 9:00 am through 4:00 pm ) and after
      lights-out (10: 00 pm); to have open flames (burn candles); to lock rooms from inside; to store perishable foods without
      refrigeration; to bring dishes from the cafeteria to the rooms, to smoke; to abuse alcohol or drugs.
22.   Furniture broken or damaged by a STUDENT shall be repaired at his/her expense.
23.   Foreign STUDENTS borrow Russian language textbooks and other course books in Russian from the library, and sheet
      music from the printed music library for the entire academic year. All books borrowed from the libraries must be
      returned before leaving on vacations.
24.   For security reasons restrictions have been introduced for strolls as follows: 1 st-3rd years – students must be accompanied
      by their Housemaster / Housemistress; 1st-5th years – strolls are limited up to 1 hour; college Ist, IInd and IIIrd years – up
      to 3 hours. Before leaving the perimeter of the ACADEMY STUDENTS are required to register with the guard /
      Housemaster, make a note in the Stroll Logbook, and get a leave permit. They must return to the perimeter in a timely
      manner (1 hour ahead of lights-out) and make a note in the Logbook. Should any unrest occur in the city, the
      STUDENTS must remain on the ACADEMY premises or go out in the city accompanied by a teacher. The unrest
      restrictions will be communicated by Orders of the Rector.
25.   Parents may call STUDENTS at the dormitory on Saturdays and Sundays; the telephone number is 499-242-59-13. No
      conversations should last longer than 10 minutes.
26.   The ACADEMY is serviced by two post offices: ZIP code # 119146 – for letters and small packages and ZIP code #
      119131 – for packages. Valuable packages are delivered to the ACADEMY by delivery services. The international
      Garantpost service charges an additional customs duty on packages valued above 50 US dollars.

27. To get a permit for a STUDENT to visit friends and acquaintances in Moscow (including overnight stays) and to go to
    other Russian cities, a written permission from his/her parents is required (to be faxed to 499-242-8636) with dates,
    names, addresses and telephone numbers of the hosting persons.
28. Should a STUDENT require travel home during the academic year for personal reasons, submission of a request in
    writing addressed to the ACADEMY Rector shall be required (to be faxed by the parents to 499-242-8636) to confirm
    the timeframe of the STUDENT’s leave and absence of financial claims against the ACADEMY, as specified in
    paragraph 14, Protocol 1.
29. To have multiple entry visas issued, the STUDENTS have to submit written notifications of the desired dates no less
    than 14 days ahead, present four 3 x 4 cm photographs and pay the visa fees.
30. Attachment 4 comprises two pages.

We have reviewed and agree to the ACADEMY Dormitory Rules:

                                                     Parents or legal guardians of the STUDENT:

                                                      STUDENT: ______________________________
                                                           ______ of ________________, 20______.

                                             ATTACHMENT 5
                    to Contract # _____________ dated ______ of _________________, 20_____.

                                             Weight Standards for ACADEMY STUDENTS

Height    Weight   Ht.       Wt.       Ht.     Wt.      Ht.      Wt.          Ht.      Wt.      Ht.      Wt.     Ht.      Wt.     Ht.      Wt.         Ht.      Wt.
 130      21,1     135     24,3        140   27         145    30,2           150    33,6       155    37        160    39,5      165    43,8          170    47,2
 131      22,4     136     24.7        141   27.5       146    30,9           151    34,3       156    37,7      161    40        166    44,5          171    47,8
 132      22,8     137     25,3        142   28,1       147    31,5           152    35         157    38,4      162    41,5      167    45,1          172    48,5
 133      23,4     138     25,7        143   28.8       148    32,3           153    35,7       158    38,7      163    42,5      168    45,7          173    49,3
 134      23,9     139     26,3        144   29,5       149    33             154    36,3       159    39        164    43.1      169    46,5          174    49,8

                         Note 1: Acceptable deviation from the weight standard for body height up to 169 cm is +/- 1 kg.
                                 Acceptable deviation from the weight standard for body height above170 cm is +/- 2 kg.

                     Note 2:        Girls whose weight is above 50 kg are not admitted to duet classes,
                                    but are required to attend as observers.
                                    At that the ACADEMY has no financial or other liability whatsoever toward such STUDENTS, their,
                                    parents, legal guardians or sponsors in regard to such non-admission to classes.


 Height   Weight   Ht.        Wt.      Ht.      Wt.     Ht.     Wt.          Ht.      Wt.     Ht.      Wt.     Ht.      Wt.     Ht.      Wt.     Ht.     Wt.
  130     23       135      26         140     29       145    32            150    35        155     38,5     160     41,8     165     45,2     170     49
  131     23,5     136      26,5       141     29,5     146    32,5          151    35,5      156     39       161     42,5     166     46       171     49,7
  132     24       137      27         142     30       147    33            152    36        157     39,8     162     43,2     167     46,7     172     50,5
  133     24,5     138      27,5       143     30,5     148    33,5          153    37        158     40,5     163     43,5     168     47,5     173     51,2
  134     25       139      28         144     31       149    34            154    37,8      159     41       164     44,5     169     48,2     174     52

                                                         Ht.           Wt.          Ht.      Wt.
                                                         175        52,7            180      56,6
                                                         176        53,5            181      57
                                                         177        54,3            182      57,5
                                                         178        55              183      58
                                                         179        55,8            184      59

                         Note 1: Acceptable deviation from the weight standard for body height up to 169 cm is +/- 1 kg.
                                 Acceptable deviation from the weight standard for body height above170 cm is +/- 2 kg.

                                                            Attachment 5 has one page.
                                                    We have reviewed and agree to Attachment 5.

                                                                             Parents or legal guardians of the STUDENT:

                                                                              STUDENT: ______________________________
                                                                                   ______ of ________________, 20______.

                                                                Total of 13 pages.