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                                                   WALL STREET LIST
                                                    D A T A           &     D I R E C T               M A I L
   Houses                                List Contains:
    Total Count:                         This file contains renters nationwide. They are always looking for
       1,504,232                         products and services to meet their lifestyle. Such as insurance,
       Base:                             dining out and home décor. They don’t want to buy an apartment,
        $120/M                           they’d prefer to rent it. This group is looking for your products
                                         and services for their life of convenience. To get in touch with this
                                         highly responsive file please contact Wall Street List today.
Wall Street List’s data offers
a wide range of specialty lists
with thousands of categories
to choose from. We acquire
information from a large num-
ber of sources and blend them
together to ensure we have the
most extensive specialty lists
our clients are looking for! We
have thousands of consumer                                                              Ask a
                                                                                             bout E
specialty lists with thorough                                                                       mail L
demographic, psychographics,                                                                              ists!!
and lifestyle characteristics. We
have one of the largest data-
bases of specialty lists available
in the industry with extremely
                                         Wall Street List Quality Assurance:
large list counts and aggressive
                                         SELECT                  REQUIREMENTS               FORMATS
pricing. Our business specialty
lists, with thousands of catego-         Geo: $10/M              -5000 Min.
ries allows you to target difficult                                                         $60/PL: CD/Disk
                                         Phone: $10/M
to reach business segments                                       -Sample offer
including decision makers, pro-
                                         Rent: $10/M                                        $50/PL: Email, FTP,
fessionals, and executives, just                                 -Cancellation Fee
to name a few. Lastly, all our           SOURCE:                                            P/S Labels: $20/M
lists are run through extensive          *Auto Tracked/
accuracy procedures such as              Internet Generated      -20% Broker Discount       Key: $10/M
National Change of Address
(NCOA) and Coding Accuracy
Support System (CASS) certi-
fied which creates the industry’s
                                         Contact Info:
       most accurate lists.                                                 TOLL FREE: 866-463-6872
                                               Please email us at:          LOCAL: 212-710-4326
                                            FAX: 866-449-7094
  File Updates Monthly
                                                    Visit our website at

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