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									                                                               It’s Time to Renew Your Apache Belle Gold/
                       TYLER JUNIOR COLLEGE                        TJC Alumni Association Membership!
                       APACHE BELLE GOLD                         Thank you for continuing to show your support
                       PO BOX 9020                           for the Apache Belles and Tyler Junior College
                       TYLER, TX 75711                       through membership in the TJC Alumni Association
                                                             and Belle Gold. There is no better way to stay
                     APACHE BELLE GOLD/ALUMNI                connected to your first College and the world-
                                                             famous Apache Belles!

               NAME:                                         Once a Belle always a Belle!!

                                                             Jasilyn Salzman Schaefer
               PHONE:                                        President, Apache Belle Gold
                                                             Apache Belle 1996-1998

Thank you for renewing your memberships in the Apache Belle Gold/ TJC Alumni Association. As a member
you help link the circle of Belles from 1947 on into the future. Membership is very important and you have
shown your support for TJC, the Apache Belles and the Gold not only with your words, but with your actions.
You, as a former Belle, are included in the tradition, legacy, and prestige of the Apache Belles—and you are a
vital part of the history of Tyler Junior College!

COMMENTS/ADDRESS CHANGES/NEWS (For The Link, the official newsletter for Belle Gold members!)

Please Check Type of Membership:                                      Preferred E-mail Address
ANNUAL:         Individual ($25)          Couple ($40)                   _________________________
LIFE:              Individual ($200)      Couple ($300)

   *Optional payment plan $50 a month                                 T-shirt size for lifetime member’s:________

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Card #: _____-_____-_____-_____                       Expires: ____/____/_____
Name on card: _____________________________________

Signature: ______________________________________                             Date: ____/____/_____

   Please designate a portion of my membership dues ($10 Annual/$50 Life) to the:      Belles

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