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					                                          TOWNSHIP OF ESSA
                           ESSA ADMINISTRATION CENTRE – APRIL 14, 2004

PRESENT:              Chairman:                          Terry Dowdall
                      Vice Chairman:                     Sandi Macdonald
                      Members:                           Kim Ogilvie
                                                         Katie Shave
                                                         Cheryl Brinn
                                                         Marcel Parisien
                                                         Jim McNiece
                      Staff:                             Julie Ann Columbus
                                                         Ernie Cormier
                                                         Ken Koopmans
1.   The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m.

     Resolution 2004-1                    Moved by: Sandi Macdonald                     Seconded by: Marcel Parisien
     “BE IT RESOLVED that the minutes of the Parks and Recreation Committee meeting held on March 10, 2004, be accepted as

2.   Deputation
     Brian & Sherry Millerson - Angus Minor Baseball submitted a wish list for 2004. They
     would like lights at Bush Park, as well as an outfield fence. At Lion’s Park they want the
     dugout fencing higher, as well as work done on the out & infields. The Minor Baseball
     League now has 10 teams, this is one more than last year, and they need more diamond
     time. Brian Millerson stated that soccer and baseball have conflicting schedules and the
     Lion’s field is empty on Tuesday nights because soccer is held that evening.

     Terry wanted to know the cost for a new hardball field and where it could be put. Julie
     Ann suggested Angus Minor Baseball use Thornton Arena Ball Park but the Millerson’s said
     they were not interested. Brian said the Lions Park was embarrassing. Katie wanted to
     know what was embarrassing about the Lions Hall and the Millerson’s said the out houses,
     garbage and graffiti. Katie suggested the ball players and parents should clean up after
     the games and this would help keep the park clean.
Parks & Recreation Committee Minutes
April 14, 2004, Page 2

      Brian & Sherry Millerson – Drop in Basketball. The season went very well with
      approximately 20 kids every week, the numbers were lower but this made it easier to
      organize with the age range from 13 to 19 years old. The Millerson’s would like to
      organize a Basketball League for the Fall of 2004. They also wanted to keep half of the
      money they collect in fees in order to buy prizes, they would then forward on all the
      receipts to the Parks & Recreation Department. Julie Ann explained this is not an
      acceptable practice as the Township has strict rules around drop-in programs and the
      collection of money. Sandi suggested letting them do monthly deposits and handing in
      the receipts. Julie Ann will talk to the Treasurer to see if this can be implemented for
      2004/2005 season.

      Austin Skippen, Angus Men’s Slo Pitch – Austin indicated that a request was made by
      Minor Baseball for more diamond time at Community Park. Angus Minor Baseball has
      hydro hooked up at Lion’s Park which was paid for by the Men’s league. The minor league
      now uses Wednesday nights at Community Park and Austin inquired whether they could
      move to another field, like Lion’s Park.

      The Angus Men’s Slo Pitch league is willing to contribute towards $2,500 irrigation system
      that is going to be installed at Community Park. Austin feels that consideration should be
      given to moving the Minor league from Community Park in light of all the Angus Men’s Slo
      Pitch League has done in the past.

3.      Arena Manager Reports

      Essa Recreation Centre – Ken has been doing a great job.

      Thornton Arena – Council if aware that the equipment is getting old. Ernie had a pressure
      test done to ensure everything is working; to date it is fine no brine leak was detected.

4.    Arena Manager Reports

      Resolution 2004-03 (a)                Moved by: Marcel Parisien Seconded by: Sandi Macdonald
      “BE IT RESOLVED that the report of the Manager of the Essa Recreation Centre be received.”

      Resolution 2004-03 (b)                        Moved by: Katie Shave                 Seconded by: Cheryl Brinn
       “BE IT RESOLVED that the report of the Manager of the Thornton Arena be received.”

Parks & Recreation Committee Minutes
April 14, 2004, Page 3

5.    Parks & Recreation Manager

Julie Ann explained the options for the NVCA Building
a)      Pay $5,055 to get an accurate scope of work protocol from an environmental company
        to determine the amount of work necessary to remediate mould.
b)      Bull doze building and keep river front property
c)      Sell the building and property
d)      Do nothing

Sandi asked about demolishing a portion of the building to keep the entrance off County Rd. 90.
Terry explained about future water problems and the cost for testing because it is not on the
Municipal Water system.

Cheryl suggested that it would be better to invest the money to obtain the scope of work
protocol to know what we’re dealing with, she felt this was important in order to make an
informed decision.

The Committee voted: Jim & Cheryl voted for option 1, Katie, Marcel & Terry voted for option 2.

      Resolution 2004-05                             Moved by: Katie Shave                  Seconded by: J. McNeice
       “BE IT RESOLVED that the report from the Parks & Recreation Manger re: Mould remediation be received, AND FURTHER that
      this committee support bull dozing the building and utilizing the property for Township purposes.”

6.    Other Business/Recommendations

a)    Elmgrove Community Hall
      Terry explained that the province has legislated water testing which is very expensive. Jim
      suggested shutting off the water and paying the taxes for a year and see if the Provincial
      Legislation becomes more lenient. Julie Ann explained that we would not have to pay for
      water testing if the water was shut off. However if there is no water we would not be able
      to rent it out and make any revenue but we would still be required to pay the taxes. We
      would also need to keep some hydro/heat on in order to maintain the facility for the year.

      Resolution 2004-06                              Moved by: J. McNeice                 Seconded by: Cheryl Brinn
       “BE IT RESOLVED that this committee recommends keeping the Elmgrove Community Hall but shutting off the water and waiting
      to see if provincial requirements under the Ontario Safe Drinking Act, 2001become less strict.”
Parks & Recreation Committee Minutes
April 14, 2004, Page 4

      Utopia Community Hall
      Jule Ann explained 3 volunteers has put their names in to join a committee to generate funds to
      save the hall. Those individuals were Rick Trebble, Denise Cransten & Debbie ??? The committee
      suggested, due to lack of community support, that the building be turned over to the Dobson Family
      in accordance with the property deed.

      Resolution 2004-07                          Moved by: Katie Shave                Seconded by: Marcel Parisien
      “BE IT RESOLVED that this committee recommends turning the Utopia Community Hall over to the Dobson family as per the
      property deed.”


7.    Adjournment
      Resolution 2004-12             Moved by: Sandi Macdonald       Seconded by: Jim McNiece
      “BE IT RESOLVED that this meeting be adjourned at 8:05 p.m. with the next meeting being set for
      May 12th at 6:00 p.m. at the Essa Recreation Centre.



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