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					                                                                 Adhaero ergo sum

         The Adherent
                AI Technology's Newsletter                                                                           Volume XII April 2006

         (609) 799-9388                                                          

     EG7658 Sticks To ATLAS                                                                                            EG Tidbits
                                                                                                                  Featuring Roberto Hourruitiner
    How do physicists use AIT adhesives to test
    fundamental theories about the universe? The
    answer is simple: They use it to glue stuff in the
    biggest particle detector they are building.

    The world’s most powerful particle accelerator
    under construction, Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
    at European Center for Nuclear Research
    (CERN) is to produce collision energy found in
    less than billionth of a second after Big Bang. In                                                             I must confess: I "love"
    the high energy collisions, physicists will search        *Overall view of the LHC Experiments                 EG7658. Maybe it's the ultra
    for trace of Higg’s Boson, a particle that is                                                                  chic color, or the way that it
    theorized to give rise to mass, using a 60 feet                                                                can be reworked with
    tall, 90 feet wide behemoth of particle detector                                                               smooth, caring touch, but
    aptly named ATLAS (A Toroidal LHC Apparatus).                                                                  truly, I can't stop thinking
                                                                                                                   about this epoxy.
                                                                                                                   EG7658 is filled with
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)
                                                                                                                   aluminum         nitride    to
    at UC Berkeley, a part of the international ATLAS                                                              effortlessly conduct heat
    collaboration, recently chose EG7658 for                                                                       while insulating electricity.
    bonding “Aluminum Tubing Heat Exchangers” in                                                                   The way EG7658 keeps
    the heart of the gigantic detector. "The heat                    Full Detector*                                bonded components cool in
    exchangers are about 7 feet long and will be                                                                   searing heat, and the way it
    attached near the pixel detector to keep the core                                                              flexes and grips substrates
    cool and operational." Explains a LLNL scientist.                                                              with mismatched thermal
                                                                                                                   coefficients is enough to
    The EG7658 is an electrically insulating flexible                                                              make packaging engineers
    epoxy adhesive with high thermal conductivity                                                                  everywhere dream of EG in
                                                                                                                   their waking hours.
    from AI Technology. It is excellent for bonding
                                                                                                                   EG7658 is available in
    high-powered, large area die and components.                                                                   syringes     for     automatic
    When asked to comment on the product's                     Pixel Detector*: EG7658 and the Heat
                                                                                                                   needle dispense applications
                                                                  exchangers go into the heart of
    application in ATLAS, an application specialist                 the detector to keep it cool.                  and also in jars. The epoxy
    from AI Technology replied, "I think the core of                                                               cures for 2 hours at 100
    the world's largest particle detector definitely            *Pictures courtesy of                              degrees celsius, and 30
    qualifies as high-powered, large area                       CERN 2006 ATLAS Experiment                         minutes at 200 degrees.
    component."                                                                                                    Share the love my friends.
                                                                                                                   Make it easy. Make it EG.

The Adventures of Stikhituda Man                                                                  Episode 1
                                                                                                                  The Adherent
                                                                                                                   Editor Yong H. Kim
                                                                                                                   Contributing writier Richard Amigh
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                    It's...THE MAN!
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                                      Volume XII April 2006                                                     Page 2 of 2
The Adherent                             (609) 799-9388         

 Film Epoxy                          Residue Free HTCR Dicing Tapes
 Aces Test!                                                                   Normally people do not get excited over
                                                                              dicing tapes, but normality becomes
                                                                              irrelevant when we are talking about
                                                                              dicing tapes that leave no residues. No
                                                                              residues? Is such thing even possible?
                                                                              According to AIT’s chief scientist, Dr.
                                                                              Kevin Chung, it is impossible for dicing
                                                                              tapes to leave "no residue”, but according
  Production engineers Oscar
                                                                              to our customers, AIT’s High Temperature
  Tanyag (right) and Hope              "Residue free HTCR Dicing Tapes?       Controlled Release (HTCR) tapes leave
  Tindall (left) holds up a            Presto!" Coordinator, Daniel           so little residue, it could be considered
  sample sheet of TC8750               Benamara with HTCR Dicing Tape         residue free for most applications.
 Silver-filled,      B-staged
 epoxy film, TC8750-F6-B5            In the latest review of HTCR dicing tape’s performance, an industry-leading
 was recently submitted to           customer informed an AI Technology application specialist that AIT’s HTCR
 Trace Laboratories in               tape was the only product to meet the minimum residue requirement for their
 Maryland to meet the                Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) and Indium Phosphide (InP) substrate application.
 hy b r i d         a d h e s i ve   The test results also showed that AIT's HTCR tapes caused lowest
 specification of MILSTD-            production yield loss among the tested products.
 883F/Method           5011.4,
 otherwise known as United           The recent influx of positive feedbacks regarding AI Technology’s HTCR
 States Military's evaluation        dicing tapes is no coincidence. HTCR tapes were originally designed to
 and              acceptance         operate without degradation in performance in the temperature range
 procedures for polymeric            between the room temperature and 200 degrees Celsius. HTCR is antistatic,
 adhesives, and the results          elastic tape with optimal peel strength that leaves virtually no residues or
 returned as expected:               contaminants on the attach components. The HTCR tapes come in various
 TC8750-F6-B5 passed the             size rolls up to 350 millimeters wide for larger wafers. AIT has a sample
 test with flying colors. The        package that includes either 10 sheets (12” x 12”) or a roll (12” x 3 meter).
 most notable highlight from
 the test was the film's
 outstanding           thermal
 conductivity of 13.1 W/mK
 far exceeding the required
 minimum value of 1.50
 W/mK. Now the versatile
                                     Tom and Gerry
 epoxy film adds another             After enjoying years of fame, Tom and Gerry
 certification under its name        has found a harmonious lifestyle at AI
 along with NASA Low Out-            Technology. Now, instead of involving
 gassing certification. With         themselves in cat and mouse chases or
 low        glass    transition      cartoonish mischief, they work together to
 temperature and thermal             conduct serious research on hybrid epoxy.
 stress on bonded parts              When asked how he feels about working with
 during thermal cycling,             Gerry, Tom Kowalczyk - AI Technology's
 TC8750 series offers a              resident chemist - answers with his trademark     Tom and Gerry, working hard to
 wide range of applicability.        grin. When asked if he enjoys working with Tom,   find perfection.
                                     Gerry Roach, AIT's QA/QC director nods
The Adherent                         enthusiastically then sneaks off to find some cheese. It is rumored that they
                                     actually use speech when they are working in the lab. Hey, wait a minute, isn't
  (609) 799-9388                 Gerry spelled "Jerry?"