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									                                   United States Department of Agriculture

                                     Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services
                                          Risk Management Agency


TO:           All Reinsured Companies
              National Crop Insurance Services
              American Association of Crop Insurers
              Crop Insurance Research Bureau

FROM:         Heyward Baker         //signed//               9-10-99
              Reinsurance Services Division

SUBJECT:      RMA/Insurance Services/Industry Partnering Effort

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Insurance Services (IS) will not be able to schedule the above
referenced meeting during the week of September 27, 1999, in Cincinnati, Ohio. We also
understand that week was not convenient for several industry representatives. We are now
proposing to schedule this meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio, during the last week of October or the
second week in November, 1999. We are still investigating the availability of meeting space and

If you have any concerns regarding either of the weeks being proposed, please contact your
account executive if a reinsured company, or my secretary at (202) 720-4232. You may also
provide notice by E-mail, my address is: heyward_baker@wdc.fsa.usda.gov

We are looking forward to this opportunity to meet with you and we sincerely hope this change in
schedule has not caused you any significant inconvenience.

                     1400 Independence Ave., SW • Stop 0805 • Washington, DC 20250-0805

                             The Risk Management Agency Administers and Oversees
                      All Programs Authorized Under the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation

                                         An Equal Opportunity Employer

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