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					                          Cameron Clark
                              Cambridge, MA
                            (952) 334-3521

OBJECTIVE     A web and graphic design position

EXPERIENCE   Lead Web and Graphic Designer for USMarkerboard June 07-Present
                - Design web page layouts, ads and promo emails.
                - Construct and optimize web pages for cross browser compatibility
                  using CSS style sheets
                - Search Engine Optimization (SEO): updating tags, html and xml
                - Design flash intros and banners
                - Retrieving and processing data with SQL queries and PHP
                - Comparison Analysis
                - Prioritizing and Sizing projects and managing expectations
                - Pre-release testing
                - Designed and constructed the following sites:

             Clark University - Software Design Team fall 2006
                 - Designed and constructed an online dating site with a group of 10
                   classmates for Clark University
                 - Specified requirements, features and scope of the project
                 - Designed flow charts, mock ups, defined and executed test
                 - Managed team during the implementation phase of the project

             Freelance Web Design, designed and built websites for small businesses
                    - Designed DB / DB administration tools and site layout / styles
                    - Incorporated the Paypal shopping cart
                    - SEO Optimization:
                      • Ranked first in google natural listings for
                       ‘Poplar Forest Ornament’ and ‘Point of Honor Ornament’
                      • Ranked second for ‘Silver Plated Ornaments,’ ‘Rotunda
COMPUTER    Languages
SKILLS         C, Java, MIPS, Visual Basic.Net, OpenGL, HTML, CSS, XML, PHP,
               SQL, JavaScript, Flash ActionScript

                Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Adobe
                Dreamweaver, MS Access, MS Word, MS Excel,
                MS PowerPoint, IBM Rational Software Modeler, Microsoft Visual
      , Cubase LE, Pro Tools LE, Logic Pro

            Operating Systems
               Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux (Red Hat, Centos), OS X

            Other Skills
               SEO Optimization, Keyword Analysis, XML and ActionScript
               interaction, RSS Feeds, AJAX

EDUCATION   Clark University, Worcester, MA
               Bachelor of Science May 2007
               Major: Computer Science

INTERESTS    Web Development and graphic design. Digital music and digital music
             production. Playing and recording music, guitar, bass, banjo, harmonica,

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