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									                                        The Downtown Pulse
                                         News from Downtown Charlottetown Inc.

August 4, 2009
   •     Old Home week in
         the City
   •     Adopt a Corner
         Participants & 2009
   •     New Downtown
         Attraction               The Old Home Week Committee is in preparation for this year’s celebrations.
                                 They are working on a "bringing the country to the City”, which will be
   •     Space Inventory
                                 launched on August 14 (11:30 - 1:30) with The Mayor’s barbeque, Hot Dogs,
   •     Graffiti removal kits   Live Entertainment, Animals and much more. Location TAB
   •     Who’s new in
         Downtown                The Committee invites downtown business to decorate storefronts
         Charlottetown?          for the theme or having staff dress up as part of the celebrations.

                                 THE DECORATING CONTEST;
                                 Windows, store fronts and staff participation will be judged. Winners will
   Board of Directors            receive:
                                    • Dinner for 4 to the Top of the Park,
                 MacKenzie          • The winner will have a race in their name with a cooler for the horse,
                  President             and have their picture in the winners circle.

             Tanya O’Brien       So put your thinking cap/cowboy hats on and get planning on how you’ll get
             Vice President      involved. Bales of hay will be made available to you (delivered) for storefronts
                                 or windows. Let’s make the county folk feel welcome in the City!
          Shaun MacIsaac

                David McInnis
                Past President

             Debra Wellner
                  Director       Downtown Space
                 Terry Allen

                Larry Jones
                                 The DCI office receives several calls a
                   Director      week from people looking for space in
                                 the core. We direct them to our space inventory list which we keep on our
       Myrtle Jenkins Smith      website. We hope the list is current but we rely on you our members to inform
                    Director     us if your space is no longer available or if you have new space to offer. Please
                                 take a look at the list via this link and advise us of any changes or additions.
                   Joe Dow       We’d also like to advertise this list in the future so accuracy is important.
                   Director      Thanks for your help!
                Ron Atkinson
          City Representative
                        The Eckhart in the City SCAVENGER MOUSE HUNT
                                        Have you seen him?

                                          Eckhart at Founders Hall
                                             Photo by; Bill Wiltshire

Eckhart was a curious mouse. . . .

So begins David Weale’s children’s classic, “The True Meaning of Crumb Fest,” the endearing story
of a young mouse – Eckhart, though a tiny creature, he possesses a very great curiosity. He is every
inch an explorer. Since its publication in 1995 The True Meaning of Crumbfest has been made into an
animated television special that is viewed in countries around the world. It is also the inspiration for
the animated TV series call Eckhart. Eckhart is illustrated by Island Artist Dale McNevin and
published by Acorn Press. Now Downtown Charlottetown Inc. wants to use Eckhart, the bronze
mouse to teach visitors, in a fun way, about some of Charlottetown’s built heritage.

Downtown Charlottetown inc. has created, using Mr. Weale’s mouse explorer, “Eckhart in
Charlottetown” a sort of scavenger hunt. It is a permanent interactive fun attraction for families and
children of all ages. Nine of our little bronze mice were installed in their “hiding places” around the

We invite you to search, with the help of a fun list of clues, for nine bronze mice, which can be found
in various locations; beginning at Founders Hall and ending at the Big Clock at City Hall. The clues
are on our nicely designed brochures which will be available at all visitors’ information centres and
hotels in the downtown. Clues will be associated with history bites about each location so you learn
as you go.

The mice are located on both sides of Queen Street, at the Confederation Centre of the Art,
Merchantman Corner (ship building), Simms (looking skyward to Mr. Connolly), The Basilica and
even on top of the upside-down cannon at Cow’s corner. Some are up from the ground; others are
almost at street level. The mice are nicely sculpted, and add a light touch and a bit of humor and
whimsy to the city streets.

Depending on your enthusiasm for the hunt or the ages of the children and the level of dedication to
the task, the hunt can take anywhere from 30 minute to an hour. To many, sharing the thrill of a
morning or afternoon of discovery over ice cream cones makes for a perfect day.

The prize at the end of your hunt is a sense of accomplishment and some gained knowledge about
our beautiful City.

The Scavenger Hunt Brochure is attached . . . print it, share it, use it, its lots of fun!
                    THE DCI ADOPT A CORNER PROJECT 2009
  TD Bank
  Bill Chandler Architects
  Maritime Electric
  Hearts and Flowers
  Magic 93
  Shops of Confederation Court Mall
  Graphic Communications
  Northern Watters Knitwear
  Best of PEI Store
  The Guild
  Anne Store
  Victims Services (Gov)
  Soccer Stop
  Strait Crossing
  The Northumberland
  Atlantic Daycare
  Chamber of Commerce
  Provincial Library
  Red Cross
  Study Abroad Canada
  Tweel Gift Shop
  Calvary Church
  Kirk of St. James
  Cooke Insurance
  Hunters Ale House
  Rodd Charlottetown
  Pilar Shepard Gallery
  Construction Assc
  Campbell Lea Law
  National Bank sponsorship – for James Pasher
  Home Hardware
  HL Sear Insurance
  Scotia MacLeod
  Anne Chocolates
  St. James Gate

                             THIS YEAR’S BIG WINNERS;
The Graffiti Removal Project
DCI continues to clean graffiti from the City. Our staff, The Clean Team, hit the street early in June to begin the process
again. You may have seen them painting your door or fence. If we see it, we’ll clean it, spray it or paint it.

New this year; DCI has created “Graffiti Removal Kits” which we will distribute free of charge to our members. It is our hope
that having this kit on site will encourage property owners to remove graffiti as soon as it appears. If you are interested in
receiving a kit, call our office 368-8636.

                                        Downtown Value Card 2009/10

    It’s never too late to participate in the 2009/2010 Downtown Card Program. This discount value
    card provides your customers, old and new, with an additional savings when they do business with
     you, using an offer you designed for them. You can choose to simply provide an offer on the card
        along with 42 other merchants or you can also sell the card in your store. Cards sell for $5.

    The purpose of this card is to give downtown customers an added reason to shop downtown and to
                                  create for you rewarded customer loyalty.
    There is no cost to participate in this program . . . we do ask you for a $25 gift certificate as a give-
                             away for the TGIF Live it UP Downtown promotion.
                                        Space is limited so apply now.
                        For a list of current participants;

               Please join me in welcoming these new businesses to
                            Downtown Charlottetown.

The Tech Guru
Jason White, Owner
Service, Repair, Networking and Training Microsoft, Novell and A+ Certified
183 Queen Street
(be sure to drop by to say hi to Duncan too)

Colour Blind
Men’s and Women’s Fabulous Fashions
Joe Millar , Owner
Colour Blind
58 Queen St.
Charlottetown, PE C1A 4A6

The Alibi Lounge
Chris and Jennifer Coupland
77 University Avenue, Charlottetown, 902-629-1651
Chris Coupland, Chef extraordinaire and Jenn Coupland, hostess with the mostest, have opened the
doors to The Al!bi Lounge, a fantastically fun and delicious restau-lounge on (soon to be the booming
metropolis of) Charlottetown's own University Avenue. The Al!bi is a spacious and colourful
atmosphere offering an expansive and temptingly delicious (but certainly not limited to) Italian-Asian
inspired menu boasting Chris' talents at making it all 'from scratch' with tons of local goodies. Jenn
has created a fun and exciting drink menu and will 'scratch' vinyl from time to time. Live entertainment
from acoustic solo acts to chilled out beats by the coolest dj's around. House Rhodes available for
those who play.

The Old Triangle
Irish Pub
 Paul Mansour and Jill MacDonald, Owners
89 University Ave
Charlottetown, PE C1A
(902) 892-5200
The Old Triangle Is proud to unveil Triangle Catering Inc. We now offer the quality of food and
service you've come to expect from us delivered to your home, office or pre-arranged venue.
We service our catering clients from our 1500 square foot kitchen on Lady Hammond Road. Triangle
Catering has the expertise to plan your event, whether it be a breakfast banquet, office lunch party,
wedding, corporate barbeque, lobster boil or gourmet dinner at home. Does your event require meals
with specific dietary restraints or ethnic specialties? No problem!
Event Coordinator Melissa Fendley and Chef Philip Smith and their staff combine their collective
experience and organizational skills to orchestrate your event with precision and taste.
Triangle Catering can provide not only excellent food and full liquor service, but entertainment and
appropriate décor for your event as well.
Contact us by phone: 902.454.0875 or 902.492.4900 email

                                      DCI is a proud Sponsor of;
                                 PEI SOUND & LIGHT SHOW –
                       Celebrate the Canadian Dream Voices From the Island
                                      Free Show Nightly 9:30
                                        At Province House
                                        July to September
                                    You won’t want to miss this!

     Check out the Upcoming Events at the Confederation Centre of the Arts;

      If you haven’t seen this year’s Young Company you’re missing out on a
                                  wonderful show!
The Confederation Centre Young Company
Abegweit: The Soul of the Island
The Young Company celebrates Prince Edward Island this summer in a new 45 minute production called Abegweit – The Soul of the
Island. Twelve talented performers will come together to tell the story and unleash the soul of the people, history, firmament, diversity
and future of Prince Edward Island. With music, dance and spoken word, this bilingual show highlights the history and culture of the

Come see the show that will be performed at the 2010 Olympics!

This is the third production in the Young Company series called We Are Canadian! The series showcases a different province, territory
or culture each summer.

                                                     please note that the July 1st performance is at 11 am.
Monday - Saturday at noon from July 1 - August 22

                                                      The Guild Events

            Downtown Charlottetown Inc. – – 902 368 8636

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