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					                                                                   Published online at in the ‘Employee Area’
                                  Physical Plant and Capital Planning Services Information Pipeline • July/August 2009

                                               than ever this past month. Two events in           for this Division is well represented and I
                                               particular come to mind.                           commend those involved in this initiative.
From the                                       The first, the excellent initiative to get the     The other event is was the summer BBQ,
                                               Years of Distinction wall re-assembled.            which was my first here at Western. It was
desk of                                        I am not only thankful for the dedication          a great success thanks to the cooperative
                                               of the long-service men and women that             weather and the helpful staff in Physical
                                               have their names etched into the 25 year           Plant. There is a lot that goes into an event
                                               plaques, I am also thankful for those who          like this and none of it has gone unnoticed.
                                               prepared the wall and organized the event.         I really enjoyed my day and it was evident
                                               The plaques were restored, hung, and               that others did too - even if they were on
I am typically impressed and thankful for      professionally presented. A ribbon cutting         the wrong end of a water balloon.
the contributions of Physical Plant staff,     event was organized and executed. The
but I found myself issuing more kudos                                                             Have a safe and happy summer!
                                               pride that our long-service members have

                                                                                                     A warm, clear day. That’s about all you
                                                                                                     can hope for in a summer bar-b-q.
                                                                                                     But add in the fact that Huron College
                                                                                                     accommodated us on the flats next
                                                                                                     to the Support Services Building
                                                                                                     (which basically put the event in
                                                                                                     our backyard), the amazing gift-
                                                                                                     certificates courtesy of Windermere
                                                                                                     Manor & Cafe, the first PERK draw of
                                                                                                     the year, Andy Merucci’s DJing, the
                                                                                                     fun games organized by the Service
                                                                                                     Centre team and you have a recipe for
                                                                                                     a great time.

                                                                                                          data from APR 2009

                                      Top: The ‘Support Service Building Flats’ at the base of
                                      Huron College’s rolling hill was the site for this year’s
                                      summer bar-b-q.

                                      Middle Left: Paul Martin, dressed for the occasion, tries
                                      his hand at cooking for a crew of 400.
                                                                                                         14                 Days
                                                                                                              due to accidental injury

                                      Middle Right: Jeff Smith got lucky. He was the recipient
                                      of a brunch for four at Windermere Cafe. It was one
                                      of four great gifts donated by Neil Kellock and Joel                data from MAY 2009

                                                                                                         24                 Days
                                      Adams from Windermere Manor & Cafe. [Not pictured]
                                      Paulette Rennals and Roy Langille each won a lunch
                                      for two at Windermere Cafe and Brandon Watson won

                                      one night accommodation at Windermere Manor.

                                      Bottom: Katie Merchant uncorks a fastball as a friendly
                                      water balloon toss turns competitive.
                                                                                                              due to accidental injury
Reporting workplace                                                                                     New Faces
                                                                                                      in New Places
by Tony Hammoud, Health & Safety
According to the Ministry of Labour, the
Occupational Health and Safety Act requires
workers to report any workplace accident/
incident to their supervisor. The supervisor
shall investigate the circumstances which led to
the accident, complete an accident report, and
implement corrective measures to protect workers
from workplace hazards. It is also important that
supervisors encourage workers to report accidents
and any potential hazard and actively participate in
                                                                                            Pierre Brazil
investigating and resolving those.
                                                                                            Aside from maybe having the coolest name
If the immediate supervisor is unavailable, then the worker shall report accidents and
                                                                                            in Physical Plant, Pierre Brazil also joins the
workplace hazards to the lead-hand or to another supervisor who has the authority to act.
                                                                                            Division with a wealth of experience. For
If the accident has produced a critical injury as defined by Ont. Reg. 834, then Campus
                                                                                            the past 19 years, he has travelled around
Community Police Services and Occupational Health and Safety should be contacted.
                                                                                            Southwestern Ontario as a locksmith for a
Physical Plant Department’s Safety Policy S-11 “Accident Investigation Reports” outlines    regional service provider.
the process that must take place after an accident. The policy may be found at the PPD
                                                                                            Please welcome Pierre.
web page.

 Caring for a campus under water
 by Vince Cifani, Communications                onto the floor. Ceiling tiles in Natural
                                                Science room 101 had also collapsed
 Sometimes Mother Nature can make
                                                because of a leak in the mechanical room
 an average day at work seem not so
 average. What began for Physical
 Plant employees as normal rainfall one         Glenn Silver, Supervisor of Caretaker
 particular morning ended in a campus-          Services, recalled that even though the
 wide clean up. In the last week of May,        rain managed to create quite the mess,      Heather Zavitz
 the university grounds saw a constant          Physical Plant employees came together      Electrician
 downpour of rain for five straight days.       to resolve all the issues. “The roof leak   Congratulations to Heather on
 However, the largest downpour arrived on       in Molecular was fixed by the roofer and    the successful completion of her
 the morning of Thursday, May 28th.             carpenters, being able to remove debris     apprenticeship. She has been working
                                                from the drain and the leak in Natural      towards this goal for the past five years,
 Torrential rains caused the flooding
                                                Science was stopped by the plumbers         splitting time between studying at
 of many buildings around campus,
                                                who were successful in unplugging the       Fanshawe College and working in Physical
 including Westminster Hall. Staff blocked
                                                drain in the mechanical room.”              Plant’s electrical shop.
 the entrance with plastic bags before
 plumbers and motor shop staff arrived to       By the late afternoon, employees            Please congratulate Heather.
 unplug all the drains and relieve the flood.   managed to contain all the floods and
                                                leaks around campus. Silver credits the
 In the Dental Sciences Building, the
                                                success of the quick maintenance “due to
 basement experienced significant
                                                the team work of all individuals involved
 flooding, while a leak in the Molecular
                                                and the patience of work control center.”
 Biology Laboratory roof left rain to pour

H. Lorne Hathaway
Memorial mini-putt
Number of participants: 156
Money raised: $422.00                                                                       Jason Farrants
The prizes are as follows:
                                                                                            Congratulations to Jason on the successful
• Alda Reis: Hp Ipaq
                                                                                            completion of his apprenticeship. His
• Deanna Grogan: HP officejet pro 8500
                                                                                            journey to working with PPD full-time took
                                                                                            a little less than five years. He took his
• Mike Dejagger: 50.00 best buy card
                                                                                            in-class at Fanshawe College while getting
• Phil Baldwin: Round of golf for two at Fire
                                                Mike Parker struggles on one of PPD’s       his practical experience in Physical Plant’s
  Rock golf club.
                                                holes, but still smiles knowing he is       plumbing shop.
• John Reed from PPD had low score of 26        playing for a good cause. He and Trevor
• Most honest golfer was Sheila from PPD        Semple (not pictured) from Western Office   Please congratulate Jason.
  Service Centre                                Supplies organized the event.
More means less:                                                                                  Projects on the go
Western expands its Recycling Program                                                             Western Student Services Building

The campus community has spoken and                                                               Originally referred to as the Student
we are listening.                                                                                 Services Addition, Western Student
                                                                                                  Services (WSS) Building is nearing
In an effort to facilitate a stronger recycling                                                   completion and preparing for occupancy.
program, Physical Plant has made some                                                             The structure joins to, and has access
fundamental changes. Recycling on                                                                 from, the south side of the University
campus is now greatly improved.                                                                   Community Centre.
Western’s recycling program now reflects                                                          Within the building, 248 workstations
the local community curb-side pickup                                                              and meeting rooms are awaiting new
contracted by the City of London.                                                                 tenants. These spots will be filled by
In order to keep the directive of a simplified                                                    various student services including
program, there will be no visible change to                                                       the Financial Aid office, Indigenous
the physical infrastructure.                                                                      Services, Student Development
                                                                                                  Services, and the Registrars Office.
Although there will be new signage, the                                                           Western’s Ellis Island, which all staff,
blue bins will still be defined as co-mingled                                                     student and faculty must visit upon their
beverage containers and co-mingled                                                                arriva (and once occupied SLB 190) will
paper.                                              The recycling centres around campus
                                                    look the same, but what goes in them has      now be located in WSS 1120.
Co-mingled beverage containers include              changed. Now more items are accepted in       You can’t help but take note of the
aluminum cans, tin cans, glass bottles and          the blue bin and less will go to waste.
                                                                                                  unique landscaping, such as the flowing
jars, and plastic bottles and tubs with the                                                       asphalt and concrete work that guides
recycle symbol #1,2,4 and 5, milk and juice         will be placed near the blue swing tops for   pedestrians to the main entrance.
cartons, drink boxes, aluminum foil and pie         quick reference.
plates, beverage and liquid containers.                                                           How far is AFAR?
                                                    Recycling containers will be relabeled in
Co-mingled paper includes: newspapers,              all residence buildings, and information      In the building adjacent to the lower
catalogues, magazines, phone books,                 sessions will be hosted for all incoming      tower of the Support Services Building
envelopes, fine and coloured paper.                 students to ensure their awareness of the     the recently relocated occupants are
                                                    program.                                      nesting quite comfortably in their new
Cardboard recycling remains unchanged.                                                            space. AFAR (Advanced Facility for
This latest recycling initiative is effective       This is a large step for the Green Plan and   Avian Research), as it is called, hosts a
immediately!                                        accelerates Western’s recycling program       number of academic departments, all of
                                                    to the upper echelon of waste diversion       which have an interest in ornithology.
New labeling and signage will be placed             within Ontario.
on all blue swing tops and collection bins                                                        Of the roughly $9 million construction
during the summer months, in preparation            This increase in the collection stream,       cost, nearly half was spent on equipment
for the coming academic year.                       plus the collection of e-waste, fluorescent   alone. That’s more than understandable
                                                    tubes, batteries, in-house composting         when you take into account that the
Each new label will be illustrated with an          in campus buildings, food outlets and         facility holds the world’s only hypobaric
icon/symbol circled in green for acceptable         residence operations, establishes Western     wind chamber. There are a number of
items and in red for items not accepted.            as a leader in recycling and waste            wind tunnels around the world, including
Where space allows, information sheets              diversion.                                    Western’s Boundary Layer Wind
                                                                                                  Tunnel, but none of them can simulate
                                                                                                  high altitudes and lower pressure
                                                                                                  In September, the building will be
                                                                                                  enclosed and the installation of the wind
                                                                                                  tunnel will represent the final piece.
                                                                                                  What’s your twenty?
                                                                                                  A new capital project, in its infancy,
                                                                                                  is expected to examine the need for
                                                                                                  improved communication devices,
                                                                                                  specifically the hand-held radios. New
                                                                                                  digital technology is being sought to
                                                                                                  replace the aging analogue system that
                                                                                                  has been supporting the Division for
 Dedicated employees are honoured; How long has Cliff Holcombe been with
 Physical Plant? Let’s put it this way ... he joined on as a carpenter the same year the Leaf’s   Interestingly enough, the new PDAs that
 last won the cup. It only seems fitting that he help introduce the newly redesigned Years of     are soon to be tested in our Division may
 Distinction wall located in the foyer of the Support Services Building. The quarter century      support the new technology. That could
 club plaques which hung at the entrance of the Services Building now feature a new, more         eliminate the need for staff to carry both
 distinguished presentation.                                                                      a pager or radio and a PDA device.
The Watercooler
Samurai sudoku puzzles consist of five overlapping sudoku grids. The standard sudoku rules apply to each 9 x 9 grid. Place
digits from 1 to 9 in each empty cell. Every row, every column, and every 3 x 3 box should contain one of each digit. The puzzles
on Samurai Sudoku have one unique solution which can be found with pure logic, no guessing required. If you need some help, the
solution will be posted in the lunchroom.

                                              PHYSICAL PLANT ONLINE
PPD NEWS; Less hard copies of the            AVANTIS; Help is just a click away. The      SOCIAL MEDIA; Connecting with our
Conduit are being printed each month         site features updates and help guides and    stakeholders requires a new approach
to cut down on our paper consumption.        is found in the “Employee Area” of the       to communications. Physical Plant will
A PDF of each edition is posted in the       PPD website; You are         be rolling out a social media plan in the
“Employee Area” of the PPD website;          encouraged to contact         winter. For the time being, follow our                               with your questions.                         tweets;