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					                                                    Durham Chapter Focus
                                                                                 Summer/Fall 2010

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                                               A New Name and Logo
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Durham Chapter of the
   Canadian Cystic
 Fibrosis Foundation

     c/o Mitch LePage

       6 Somerset St.

                                                         Coming Soon!
         Whitby, ON
          L1P 1P5
      (905) 666-2116

                               On February 1, 2011, the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation will officially become
CCFF Charitable registration
   number: 10684 5100            Cystic Fibrosis Canada. In addition to the new name, Cystic Fibrosis Canada will
                               present a new logo and colour scheme. To learn more about this positive evolution of
  Do you have news               our organization, go to the message “Introducing Cystic Fibrosis Canada” by new
or pictures you’d like
                                                         National President Debra Berlet on
to share? Email them
 to Mitch LePage at                                                 YouTube at:
 the address above.                    
                              Durham Chapter Focus                             Summer/Fall 2010

The Year in Review
As we enter the winter season, we can look back proudly on another productive summer and fall for
our Chapter. Beginning with Great Strides, followed by Strokes for Life, and in many more events
throughout the summer and fall, Chapter members, friends and partners have given generously of
their time to organize and participate in a variety of activities.
Looking ahead, there is much to be excited about. As you see on page one, our organization will
have a new name and logo. This change comes at an important time in our history as we celebrate
our 50th Anniversary and we look to the future for further progress in the fight against cystic fibrosis.
•   the first meeting of the parent support group. These will be informal discussions based on
    themes of common interest to our members.
•   the launch Chapter website in the coming weeks using the template provided by the national
•   recognition of some of our members who have recently been honoured at the national and
    provincial levels.
My sincere thanks to all of you and the best wishes for a             Next General Meeting
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
                                                                            Tuesday, December 14
Sincerely                                                                         7:30 p.m.

                                                                   Durham Catholic District School Board
                                                                                Board Office
                                                                            650 Rossland Rd. W.
                                                                              Oshawa, Ontario
Chapter President                                                   (Corner of Waverly St. and Rossland
Breathing life into the future®                                                    Rd.)

    Transitions Presentation
    At our General Meeting in May, Chapter members were treated to
    an informative and animated presentation from Anna Tsang -
    Nurse Practitioner from the Adult CF Clinic at St. Michael’s. Anna
    discussed the process by which CF individuals are carefully
    transitioned between clinics and the difference in approach
    between treating adults and children. It became quickly apparent
    that transition is probably more challenging for the parents than for
    the teens.
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                        Durham Chapter Focus                          Summer/Fall 2010

                                             Thanks to Our Major Donors
   Strokes for Life

Durham Region Advocis members and the
Durham Chapter of the CCFF once again
partnered to hold the 9th Annual Strokes for
Life Golf Tournament. Although the weather was
not entirely cooperative, this event raised almost
$17,000! Our thanks to Todd Milligan, Claude
Rochefort, the planning team and all Advocis and
Chapter Members as well as the many friends
and family who supported our tournament.

                                                             Advocis Anniversary
     10th Annual Strokes for
      Life Golf Tournament                           2010 marks the 25 year anniversary of the
                                                         Advocis-Canadian Cystic Fibrosis
       Wednesday, June 8, 2011                       Foundation partnership. Over this period,
            12:30 p.m.                                 Advocis has raised nearly $5 million to
                                                      support the fight against cystic fibrosis.
      Kedron Golf Course, Oshawa                In addition to supporting our golf tournament,
                                                 we are also grateful to Durham Advocis for
                                                  their generous donation of $2000 raised at
                                                   their events over the past year. A sincere
                                                  thanks to Wayne Daley, President, and all
                                                               Advocis members.

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                                       Durham Chapter Focus               Summer/Fall 2010

                                              Kin Corner

                                                                       A sincere thanks to
                                              all our Kin friends who have supported the Dur-

Katie LePage and Paul Arsenault chow down
                                              ham Chapter over the past year.
on some fine lobster at the Bowmanville Kin

                             Chapter Elections - February
    The Chapter will be holding elections for executive posi-
    tions at the general meeting in February. If you have con-
    sidered the possibility of becoming more involved in the
    Chapter, this may be your opportunity. These positions do
    not require a great deal of time and new executive mem-
    bers will get lots of support when taking on their new role.
    If you have questions about these positions contact Mitch
    LePage at

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                         Durham Chapter Focus                   Summer/Fall 2010

       50th Anniversary
      Major Gifts Campaign

The major gifts campaign in recognition of the
Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation 50th
Anniversary will draw to a close at the end of
January. The goal of this campaign is to ensure
that the Foundation continues to make research
breakthroughs and develop new therapies for
cystic fibrosis as quickly as possible. This two-
year effort aims to raise the $500,000 needed to
enhance the funding support we provide to CF
research teams throughout Canada. The
emphasis for this campaign is on major gifts of
approximately one hundred dollars or more.

 As the Christmas Season approaches, you may
be aware of someone who is considering a major or legacy gift. Please consider
approaching them about this campaign or if you are not comfortable making this
appeal, contact Mitch LePage and arrangements can be made to have a Foundation
representative contact this individual.

               Congratulations Joany Burtinsky!
Joany Burtinsky has been volunteering with the Durham Chapter since 1983 - an incredible
27 years! The Chapter nominated Joany for the Ontario Provincial Association Grassroots
Volunteer Award and at its recent meeting in Toronto, named Joany as one of the
recipients of this prestigious honour. Joany will be presented with her award at the
Durham Chapter meeting on December 14.

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                     Durham Chapter Focus                    Summer/Fall 2010

                                     Durham Chapter Supports
                                         GTA Great Strides

                     The Durham Chapter partnered with the Toronto and
                     Peel Chapters to support the Annual Great Strides
                     Walk at the Toronto Zoo. The weather was amazing
                     and walks across Canada raised over $2.7 million.
                     Congratulations and thanks to all Durham Chapter
                     members who

Durham CF teen Meaghan MacRury, a Grade 12 student at Monsignor John Per-
eyma Catholic Secondary school, along with science teacher Chris Masterson
and over 30 others raised more than $10,000 for the Great Strides Walk in Peter-
borough. Her story was presented in the Oshawa This Week by reporter Crystal
Crimi and photographer Ron Pietroniro.

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                   Durham Chapter Focus    Summer/Fall 2010

Shinerama Coordinators Nicole (UOIT) and
Anita (Durham College)
organized a number of events
across the Durham/UOIT
Campus to support the
Shinerama cause. Thanks to the
students of Durham College and
UOIT, as well as our location
sponsors for their support!

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                       Durham Chapter Focus                    Summer/Fall 2010

“Pitching In” for 17 Years
Bob Engley started a softball tournament 17
years ago to raise funds for the fight against
cystic fibrosis. This event continues to attract
ball players on the August Civic Holiday
weekend and the Durham Chapter has been
the beneficiary of his dedication to this
project. Bob’s hard work, the support of his
volunteers and participation of many softball
enthusiasts over the past 16 years has
resulted in almost $60,000 in funds raised to
support the Durham Chapter - CCFF. A sincere thanks to Bob and his team for their
ongoing support of this terrific event.

 Bob Engley Awarded National Julia Award
                                          The Durham Chapter nominated Bob
                                          Engley for the prestigious Julia Award for
                                          his extraordinary volunteer service. The
                                          national awards committee approved the
                                          nomination and Bob was presented with
                                          this award by National President and
                                          Durham Chapter Member Paul Arsenault
                                          at the 2010 Annual Meeting in Ottawa.

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                        Durham Chapter Focus                    Summer/Fall 2010

                                        Soaps it Up for CF -
                                        Rain Rain Go Away!
For the second year in a row, the Soaps it Up for CF Day has been plagued by rain.
Despite the downpour, organizer Joanne Frazer and her team still managed to brave
the elements and wash cars for those who supported this fundraiser. The Chapter
raised $195 and Fraser Ford matched this amount and presented Joanne and son
Owen with a cheque for $400. Our thanks to Joanne, Bonnie Fraser of Fraser Ford
Carstar, and all the volunteers and supporters who came out in spite of the weather.

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                             Durham Chapter Focus                       Summer/Fall 2010

            Thanks to All our Amazing Supporters!
                      Carson-Gormley Golf for 22 Years!
The Carson and Gormley families have been supporting the fight against cystic fibro-
sis with their annual golf tournament for the past 22 years. This year was no exception
and the tournament raised $5300!

Durham Chapter - CCFF Executive

President - Mitch LePage
VP - Promotions and Publicity - Sarah
VP - Fundraising - Shantelle Harris
Treasurer - Anne Arsenault
Adult CF Liaison - David Dickson
                                                    Mark and Amanda Middlehurst, neighbours of
Secretary - Karen Aronowicz                         Chapter members Leanne and Greg Orr,
                                                    hosted a second annual Haunted Halloween
Past President - Jo-Ann Thow                        event in their yard as a CF fundraiser and
                                                    raised almost $300. Our thanks to the Middle-
                                                    hursts, the Orrs and all the neighours who sup-
                                                    ported this event.
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                           Durham Chapter Focus                      Summer/Fall 2010

            Thanks to All our Amazing Supporters!
      Knights of Columbus                         Toner Tourney - 10 Years
       Lend their Support                                of Success
                                                  Congratulations to the
                                                  Toner Family, Erin Nadeau
                                                  and their team on another
                                                  successful Kathleen Toner
                                                  Memorial Golf
                                                  Tournament. This year’s event raised

                                              With Sincere Thanks to...
Mitch LePage accepts a cheque for $1500
from St. Jude Council Grand Knight Marty      •   Lise Beauchamp - Fifth Avenue Jewellery
    The Durham Chapter is                         Bonnie Fraser/Fraser Ford - Soaps it Up!/
           Online!                            •   Shoeless Joe’s Oshawa - Shinerama
The Durham Chapter website is slowly          •   Wild Wing - Shinerama
  growing and can be accessed at:             •   Kelsey’s - Shinerama
                                              •   Marty Robertson—NCAA Pool/Website
                                              •   Joanne Frazer—Lovable Labels/Pampered Chef
                                              •   Michele Malarz & Sharon Sullivan - Lia Sophia
                                                  Jewellery Party
                                              •   Angus and Rachel (LePage) Shuttleworth—
                                                  Wedding Fundraiser
                                              •   JoAnne and Sarah Thow—Epicure Fundraiser
                                              •   Sandy Simpson - Todd/Maggs Potluck Fundraiser
                                              •   Shelly and Paul Privitera - CF Poker Tournament

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                            Durham Chapter Focus                    Summer/Fall 2010

                          2010 Annual General Meeting

                                                                                        Bob Engley
                                                                                       celebrating his
                                                                                       Julia Award
                                                                                       with Chapter
                                                                                       Member Jo-
                                                                                       Ann Thow.

  Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Founding
  members Doug and Donna Summerhayes
  were on hand to address the Foundation
  delegates about their experience in
  establishing the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis    The Annual General Meeting in Ottawa was
  Foundation 50 years ago.
                                               both a celebration of the accomplishments of
                                               the past 50 years and a bittersweet reflection of
                                               the work that remains to be done in order to
                                               find a cure or control for cystic fibrosis.

                                               At the AGM, delegates approved the new name
                                               and logo and elected new National President
                                               Debra Berlett. Debra takes over the reins from
                                               Durham Chapter member, Paul Arsenault.

                                               It was also formally announced that long-
                                               serving Executive Director Cathleen Morrison
                                               will be retiring from the Foundation in January
                                               of 2011. Cathleen’s substantial contributions to
                                               the Foundation will be celebrated at the 2011
Chapter additional delegates Marty and Tania   annual general meeting in Sherbrooke, Quebec
Robertson with Mitch LePage at the Gala Din-   next spring. In the meantime, the selection
ner celebrating 50 Years of the Foundation.    process for her successor is underway and an
                                               announcement will be made in the near future.

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                               Durham Chapter Focus                                   Summer/Fall 2010

Did You Know…                                                CF Adult
•   That we have achieved over 70% of our goal with          Information
    $365,000 in pledges to the 50th Anniversary
    Campaign? Large and small Chapters have                  The latest edition of
    been raising money for the Campaign and we
    anticipate coming close to the $500,000 target.          the CF Adult
    In addition, $65,000 has been donated by Abbott          Committee
    (formerly Solvay) and Merck for the 50th                 Newsletter Circle of
    Anniversary Ad Campaign while Céline Dion and
    René Angélil have agreed to pay for the video’s
                                                             Friends, is now
    production costs.                                        available on the
                                                             Foundation website
•   In 2010-11 , the Foundation is funding a pilot           at:
    study, led by Dr. Guido Filler and his team at the
    University of Western Ontario and the London             http://
    Paediatric CF Clinic, that will investigate whether
    the level of Cystatin C in blood is a good marker        CircleOfFriends_Fall2010E.pdf
    for measuring and detecting kidney dysfunction in
    children with cystic fibrosis.
                                                             The Education Day for CF Adults that
                                                             was recorded at the 2010 AGM is
From the National Foundation Office                          available online through the following

                                      Helpful Links
                                •     Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation -
                                •     Candid Facts Newsletter - Fall 2010 -
•   The Guide: Resources and Services - A guide for people with CF, their families and healthcare
    professionals -
•   CCFF on Facebook -
•   Cyber Flash - eNewsletter - to subscribe -
•   Kin Canada -

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                       Durham Chapter Focus               Summer/Fall 2010

Member News

                           The Frazer Clan
                        Non-Stop CF Supporters

This year family and friends of 6yr old Owen Frazer have been busy at work
fundraising. The year started with a Pampered Chef party that raised $450.00 in
products for a variety of fundraisers in the Durham Chapter. For Great Strides,
our team, Owen's Trekkers, raised over $5000.00 . The team is made up mostly
of Owen's friends and their families. This year we made our own tie dye shirts
and bandana's. ( the kids had a blast helping with this). There was an Epicure
party that raised $200.00, and a Lia Sophia jewellery party that raised $500.00
and $200.00 in products for a future fundraising events we are planning. In
November there was an evening at Crockadoodle in Bowmanville painting
pottery. It was a fun evening and the owner Diane is amazing. We raised
$175.00 at this event. All in all it has been a fantastic fundraising year. We
couldn't do it without the amazing support of our wonderful friends who donate
their time and money to find a cure. We are truly blessed!

- Submitted by Joanne Frazer

                                     Support our Supporters!

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Durham Chapter Focus   Summer/Fall 2010

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