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					         ❦ 2006 Annual Report ❦

Helping Hands Healing Hands
                           ❦ Letter from the Chairman ❦

                           The health care that is provided to our community could not be pos-
                       sible without the generosity of the people that make up this community.
                       We are blessed to have so many people that want to be able to make a
                       difference in the lives of others. Their “helping hands” provide the equip-
                       ment, education, technology, etc. that our clinicians need in order to pro-
                       vide you with “healing hands” and the highest level of care.

                           As you will read in this year’s annual report, there are several people
                       who have had a direct impact on another individual’s life, perhaps with-
out even knowing it. These stories will show you how a helping hand can become a healing
hand. Their stories will touch your heart. They demonstrate kindness and compassion. They
exemplify how the York Health Foundation is living out it’s mission everyday - dedicated to
improving the health of the local community by generating charitable support for the York-based
entities of WellSpan Health. These include York Hospital, York Cancer Center, VNA Home
Health and WellSpan Medical Group.

    On behalf of the board and staff and all those in our communities who we serve, I thank you
for your commitment to the community and to quality healthcare for all.

                                             A. Richard Pugh
                                             Chairman, York Health Foundation

                                  ❦ Impact on the Community ❦

Your generous gifts have made an incredible impact on the health of our community.
Here is a partial list of all you have supported:

❦ Patient Help Funds, assisting individuals with          ❦ Enhanced Patient Care
  daily living expenses when they cannot work               • Vital VNA home care and hospice care for those who
                                                              are unable to afford it
❦ A Safety Net for the Uninsured:
                                                            • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • HealthConnect Medical Van
                                                            • Pediatrics
  • Healthy Community Pharmacy
                                                            • Palliative Care
  • Hoodner Dental Clinic
                                                            • Deaf Talk Audio Visual Units, assisting hearing
  • York Hospital Community Health Center
                                                              impaired and non-English speaking patients
  • Healthy York Network
                                                            • Complementary medicine program for cancer patients
  • Reach Out and Read Literacy Program                       to ease symptoms and enhance quality of life
  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Community Health Worker Program                       ❦ Education and Research
                                                            • Emig Research Center
❦ New Facilities in the York Hospital Patient               • Lectureships that provide our medical staff with the
  Care Tower
                                                              latest information
  • Hospitality Shop (Young Women’s Club)
                                                            • Scholarships for nurses
  • Atrium Café (York Hospital Auxiliary)
  • Commons and Meditation Garden
  • Medical Education Lecture Hall and Simulation

❦ Preventive Health Programs
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Healthy School Fitness Zone
  • Obesity Prevention
  • Breast Cancer Education and Screening

                                                          Our caring community
                                                         contributed $3,500,634
                                                    toward improving community
                                                                 health last year.

                               ❦ Big gifts come in small packages ❦

                                    Helping Hands
       he may be young and small, but her impact was quite large. Camie Laughman spent
       the first two and a half months of her life in York Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care
       Unit (NICU). She is old enough now to understand what she went through and is
grateful for the care that she received from the physicians, nurses and staff. Below is the
touching letter that the York Health Foundation received from Camie detailing her plans
to raise money for the NICU. Through her efforts, she raised $735 to help provide care for
many other newborns that are just like Camie.

             ❦ One hundred and eleven of the longest days of their lives ❦

                                      Healing Hands
          ne hundred and eleven days. That’s how                    “The nurses even paid special attention to our older
          much time Jennifer and Paul Berndt spent in           daughter, Samantha,” adds Jennifer. “They took her to
          York Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit            the cafeteria for ice cream and spoiled her. They really
(NICU) with their baby girl, Emma. Today, she is a              made us feel like a part of their family.”
vibrant and beautiful miracle that the Berndt’s can’t
                                                                    Emma is now safe and happy at home. The heart
image their life without.
                                                                monitor that she is connected to tracks her vital signs.
    Emma was born three and a half months early.                A nurse comes to the house to download the informa-
Her mother, Jennifer, went to the doctor’s office for a         tion and sends it directly to Emma’s pediatrician.
routine ultrasound. They detected complications with
                                                                     “We are very blessed to have Emma at home with
the baby’s heart and sent Jennifer home with discourag-
                                                                us,” says Jennifer. “I can’t imagine what our lives would
ing news about the potential outcome. At that point,
                                                                be like if the staff at the NICU hadn’t saved her life.”
Emma had a 10 percent chance of survival and the doc-
tors were hoping Jennifer could carry her to 24 weeks.
She made it to exactly 24 weeks and a day.
     Once Emma was born, she was taken immediately
to the NICU and placed in the new “giraffe bed.” This
state-of-the-art bed protects infants from the environ-
ment, provides heat, has complete monitoring capabili-
ties and can become an operating table if necessary.
    “This was an overwhelming and nerve-wracking
time for us,” says Jennifer. “But we put all of our trust
and faith in the clinicians.”
                             The staff made Jennifer and
                          Paul feel very much at ease.
                           Jonathan Liss, M.D., a neo-
                            natologist at York Hospital’s
                             NICU, called their home
                             frequently with updates on

                                                                                              Jennifer and Emma Berndt

                       ❦ Giving back for the many blessings received ❦

                                Helping Hands
       ucille Demyanovich knows of the great care and             Lucille has been an ongo-
       comfort provided by VNA Home Health very               ing contributor to VNA Home
       well. She has lost six family members over the         Health for many years.
past seven years and is grateful that the VNA’s hospice
                                                                  “I wanted to give a gift
services were there to help.
                                                              back in my lifetime to show
    “The hospice nurses not only took care of my loved        my appreciation for the
ones, but the support that they offered me was over-          many blessings they have
whelming,” says Lucille. “I could not have gone through       given me,” states Lucille.
those difficult times without them.”                          “It meant so much to have
                                                              them take care of my
    VNA Hospice enables terminally ill patients to
                                                              emotional and spiritual
remain at home, surrounded by family and loved ones,
during their final stages of living. Patient and family
needs are met by an interdisciplinary team of nurses,
home health aides, social workers, chaplains and volun-
teers working in conjunction with the patient’s physi-
cian. Emphasis is placed on preserving the dignity and
personal choices of the patient.
     “It is important for the community to know about
and understand the type of care that VNA provides,”
adds Lucille. “The hospice services adds a quality of
life that a person may not normally have under normal

                          “I wanted to give a gift back
                   in my lifetime
            to show my appreciation
                                            for the many
                                   they have given me.”

                   ❦ Receiving great care - from the comforts of home ❦

                                       Healing Hands
         fter suffering congestive heart failure, John               VNA provides skilled nursing care, infusion therapy,
         Ounan did not expect to be back home so                 maternal/child health, pediatric services and nutritional
         soon. Thanks to VNA Home Health’s tele-                 counseling. Physical and occupational therapists and
health program, nurses can monitor John’s vital signs            speech pathologists provide rehabilitation treatments to
daily over the telephone.                                        help restore patients to their optimal level of function-
                                                                 ing. Medical social workers provide psychosocial assess-
    A telehealth unit is placed in John’s home and
                                                                 ments, consultation and counseling, and home health
hooked up to the telephone. Each morning, John uses
                                                                 aids provide personal care and perform related house-
the unit to check his weight, blood pressure, pulse
                                                                 hold tasks. VNA Home Health also provides hospice
oxygen levels and pulse. He also answers a series of
                                                                 services and private duty through VNA Community
customized questions about pain, breathing and other
                                                                 Service (formerly known as PRN Special Touch).
factors. The results are then transmitted to a secure site
where a VNA nurse assesses his status and takes imme-
diate action if there are any concerns.
    “I get excellent care and the nurses are all so per-
sonable,” says John. “They have taught me how to
recognize the early signs and symptoms of congestive
heart failure, so I feel comfortable being at home know-
ing I have their constant support through the telehealth
     TeleHealth also decreases the number of visits
required by the home health nurses. The nurses typi-
cally visit John twice a week.
    “I love all my nurses and welcome their company,”
he adds. They take such good care of me I wouldn’t
mind if they came everyday.”
    WellSpan’s VNA Home Health serves patients in
York and Adams counties. Professional nurses work
with physicians to care for patients who don’t need to
be hospitalized, but need health care at home.

                                                                                                                John Ounan

         ❦ Local couple affected by cancer helps others through rough times ❦

                                       Helping Hands
    t is not easy to understand exactly what a cancer
    patient has to endure unless you have experienced             Cancer patients face so many obstacles,
    it yourself. Tom Pendergast, a local real estate agent,       emotionally, mentally and physically. For many
knows what it’s like to undergo intensive treatment for           patients and their families, the cost of cancer care
cancer and to face the possibility of not being able to           can be an enormous financial burden. The Cancer
work. Also, he and his wife, Cathy, both recently lost            Patient Help Fund was established by the York
their fathers to cancer. Together, they are now focus-            Cancer Center in 1994 through a grant from the
ing their energies on helping other local cancer patients         York Hospital Auxiliary and a subsequent endow-
deal with this difficult time.                                    ment from the Young Women’s Club of York in
                                                                  order to provide a safety net to these individuals.
     Tom and Cathy were grateful for the care that they
received through the York Cancer Center during Tom’s                  The Cancer Patient Help Fund is not used to
treatment. They wanted to be able to give back in a               pay for medical treatment or hospital bills, but
way that would directly impact another cancer patient’s           rather for daily living expenses such as rent, food,
life. That’s when they heard about the Cancer Patient             transportation, utility bills and other essentials.
Help Fund. This was the ideal way for them to contrib-            During the last year, the Cancer Patient Help Fund
ute to a community need.                                          provided over $330,000 in support to 167 patients
                                                                  and their families in York County.
    “I was really compelled to give back to this commu-
nity that has given so much to me and my family,” says
Tom. “The Cancer Patient Help Fund allows us to help
people who are in a rough situation because of their ill-
ness and may not be able to work.”
    “When a family member is unable to work due
to their cancer, it can put a tremendous strain on the
entire family,” Tom adds. “We want to be able to help
families so that they can focus on their recovery and
not have to worry about how they are
going to pay their bills or where their
next meal is coming from.”
     Cathy is an active member of the
community and is working with a group
of local women to continue to raise funds
for the Cancer Patient Help Fund and
to stock the Emergency Food Pantry for
cancer patients. Tom’s company is assisting
with these efforts as well.
    “We want to build a solid foundation for
the fund so that it is always available when
patients need it,” says Cathy. “These patients
have immediate needs that we can address.”

                        Tom and Cathy Pendergast

          ❦ Community's generousity allows patient to focus on recovery ❦

                                     Healing Hands
           ou have cancer.” Three words that can                     Struggling with his cancer has transformed Bruce
           change your life forever. For Bruce Barnes,           into an advocate for early detection and screening. “I
           the news that he had the debilitating disease         have four siblings and none of them had a screening
was devastating and even harder to understand when               colonoscopy,” says Bruce. “I got after them and all four
you are only 44 years old. He and his wife, Ellen, never         have now been screened, thankfully with good results.”
imagined that he would be in a fight for his life at such
                                                                     Bruce is also determined to give back in the same
a young age.
                                                                 way the community has helped him. “When I am able,
     What began as chronic stomach pain was soon dis-            I will definitely be giving to the Cancer Patient Help
covered to be cancer. “The news that I had colon can-            Fund,” he promises. “It’s a wonderful program that
cer just knocked the wind out of our sails,” says Bruce.         made a significant difference in my recovery.”
Bruce’s pain had been so intense he was no longer
working. The anxiety and fear of making ends meet
while struggling through chemotherapy treatments is an
incredible burden.
     Bruce found help through the Cancer Patient Help
Fund. Through generous community contributions,
Bruce and Ellen were able to concentrate solely on
Bruce’s recovery. “It was such a relief to learn about
this program, we were very worried about our daily liv-
ing expenses,” says Bruce. “We are so thankful to those
who helped to take that burden off of us during an
extremely difficult time.”
     Today, Bruce is finishing his treatments and is hope-
ful for a good report from his doctor. Bruce plans to
be back to work in February. He is quick to credit the
physicians and nurses at WellSpan’s York Cancer Center
and the support of the Cancer Patient Help Fund,
“There aren’t words to adequately describe how deeply
I appreciate the help we have
received. It
has been a

                                                                 Bruce and Ellen Barnes

                                ❦ Philanthropy in the Community ❦

     Our caring donors have unique       Ways of Giving
reasons for getting involved with phi-
lanthropy in the community and spe-      1880 Society                            Physician Giving Campaign
cifically the York Health Foundation.      • A special donor society recog-         • To the hundreds of physicians
The different ways that you can con-         nizing individuals who have              who make up our medical
tribute and join your family, friends,       donated gifts of $10,000 or              staff, our facilities are more
colleagues and neighbors to provide          more, payable over a 10-year             than a place to practice; they
the highest level of health care for         period.                                  are a second home. Our
our community include:                                                                physicians give generously
                                         Samuel Small Society                         to annual drives and special
                                           • A special group of contribu-             campaigns for projects as
                                             tors who have made planned               well.
                                             gifts such as bequests, trusts
                                             or charitable gift annuities        Memorial and Honor Gifts
                                             to York Health Foundation              • Tributes to loved ones or
                                             or the York-based entities of            community leaders are a sig-
                                             WellSpan Health.                         nificant way that donors con-
                                                                                      nect with our charities. The
                                         Major Gifts                                  proceeds received from these
                                         Kids First Campaign                          gifts help our organizations
                                           • A grass-roots community and              continue to provide excellent
                                             corporate campaign orga-                 care.
                                             nized to help provide sup-
                                                                                 Special Events
                                             port to uninsured children
                                             through uninsured programs             • Double Creek Tour and Run
                                             like the HealthConnect Van,            • WellSpan Golf Tournament
                                             the Healthy Community                  • VNA Toast From Our Town
                                             Pharmacy and the Hoodner               • VNA Tree of Light
                                             and Bentzel Dental Clinics.            • VNA Evening of Monopoly
                                                                                    • Cancer Center Bike Hike
                                         Employee Giving Campaign
                                                                                    • Cancer Center Golf
                                           • The generous support we
                                             receive from our colleagues at
                                             WellSpan Health shows that             • Cancer Center Shining Star
                                             our employees are both giv-              Tree
                                             ing and caring.                        • York Hospital Auxiliary Book
                                                                                      Nook Bonanza

                                         For more information about giving opportunities, visit our website at
                                or call 717-851-3595.

                    ❦ Philanthropy in the Community ❦

Contributions by type






                                    Individuals ........................................ $637,693
 200,000                            Corporations .................................... $685,651
                                    Grants ........................................... $1,321,356
                                    Bequests .......................................... $855,934



                                    York Hospital ................................. $1,845,712
1,000,000                           VNA ................................................. $431,583
                                    WellSpan Medical Group ..................... $20,000
 500,000                            WellSpan Health (a federal grant
                                    award for Healthy York Network) ......... $747,616
                                    Special projects across WellSpan........ $455,723

                                          ❦ The 1880 Society ❦

                   The 1880            Tony and Stef Campisi                    Deborah Lookingbill
                   Society, named      John N. Carson, MD                       Dawn and John Lutz
                                       Charles and Mary Chodroff                Ed Martin, MD
                   in honor of the     Kris and Joe Crosswhite                  John and Therese McConville
                   year of York        Monica and Doug Dallmeyer                Michael and Stephanie McKoin
                   Hospital’s found-   Dr. Marian Damewood                      Allen and Wanda Miller
                                       Robert M. and Patricia Davis             Trudy Motter
ing, is a special annual giving pro-
                                       Don and Jane Dellinger                   Bob and Lynn Newcomer
gram. Friends of York Hospital,        Dr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Dowd, Jr.         Dr. Jay and Carol Nicholson
VNA Home Health, WellSpan              Burnell M. and Ann C. Diehl              Keith and Robyn Noll
Medical Group and the York             Rod and Marie Drawbaugh                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. O’Connor
                                       Chloe R. Eichelberger                    Nicholas and Lisa Pandelidis
Cancer Center give $10,000 or          Anonymous                                Dr. and Mrs. Craig Pate
more, payable over a 10-year           Anonymous                                Marc L. Pollack, MD
period. These gifts can be desig-      Erda and Bob Erdos                       A. Richard and Karen Pugh
nated to a specific department         William M. Eyster, II                    Carole and Vernon Register
                                       Mrs. Margaret Evans                      Raymond and Debby Rosen
or program or be unrestricted to       Greg Fazio, MD                           Mark and Maria Royce
ensure continued excellent care        Robert Fawcett                           Ruth B. Rubinow
throughout the healthcare sys-         John Finlayson                           Evelyn Samuelsohn
                                       Neal Friedman, MD                        Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Savitz
tem. The reputation of WellSpan
                                       Dr. and Mrs. Edward H. Garber            Dr. and Mrs. Steven Schirk
Health would make its founders         Keith and Laurie Gee                     Dr. Thomas and Barbara Scott
very proud. While today’s health-      Baron and Lydia Gemmer                   Marna and Dick Seim
care systems face many challeng-       Detlef and Joanne Gerlach                William S. Shipley III
                                       William J. Gillespie                     Lyle A. Siddoway, MD
es, 1880 Society members ensure        Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Glatfelter        Steve and Jami Simon
that quality care is provided to       Fred Graves                              Bill and Judy Simpson
the York community.                    Scott and Lisa Grob                      Richard W. Sloan, MD
                                       Lee and Connie Gutshall                  Dr. and Mrs. Mark Smith
                                       Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Haas             James and Joanne Smoker
                                       Valerie Hardy Sprenkle                   James W. Srour, MD
Sandra L. Abnett
                                       Peter and Rhada Hartmann                 Debra and Stephen Stock
Dr. and Mrs. James Amsterdam
                                       Doug and Holly Heishman                  Clyde A. Strang, MD & Christine
Richard L. Ayers                                                                Johansson
                                       Daniel S. Helwig and Kymberly Carkhuff
Dee Baker                              Helwig                                   Dr. and Mrs. Charles Sykes & family
George Baker                           Ronald E. Hempling, MD                   David and Mary Thomas
R. Hal Baker                           Clement Ho, MD                           Paul Tolerico, MD
Heather and Michael Barley             George and Marty Hodges                  Keith and Bonita Trapnell
Bruce M. Bartels and Romana Li         Julie and Russ Hopple                    William Unwin, MD
Ronald Benenson, MD                    Roseann Huddleston                       Dale and Wendy Voorheis
Ron and Julie Bernardi                 George and Cheryl Hummel                 Dan and Trudy Waltersdorff
Albert and Judith Blakey               Drs. Andrew and Diane Kepner             Angela and Jon Whitney
John Wolfe Blotzer, MD                 Bill Kerlin                              Lisa and Joel Winer
Michael Bohrn, MD                      Kinsley Family Foundation                Gary Zimberg, MD
Marsha Bornt, MD                       Debra Kleyhauer
Eamonn and Susan Boyle                 Ann and Eric Kunkel
Leslie and Cindy Brant                 Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Laucks, II           * Reflects membership as of 10/31/06
Tom and Nancy Brenner                  Megan Lecas
Dale and Nancy Brougher                Barbara Linder
Richard H. Brown                       Jonathan and Andrea Liss
Bruce Bushwick, MD and Lise Levin      Sara K. Little
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent Butera

    Helping Hands                      Jeff and Cindy Lobach

                                       ❦ Samuel Small Society ❦

                     In 1880, a        Anonymous                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Patrick
                     man named         Mr. and Mrs. Michael Boustead      Dorothy Paules
                                       Lavern H. Brenneman                Mr. and Mrs. A. Richard Pugh
                     Samuel Small      Richard H. Brown                   Raymond and Debby Rosen
                     had a vision      Florence G. Burk*                  Elizabeth Rosenmiller*
                     of providing      Charlene M. Freed                  Evelyn Samuelsohn
                                       David W. Cerasa*                   Marvin G. Sedam*
                                       Dr. Robert M. and Patricia Davis   Stanford C. and Rheta Shearer*
ate, quality healthcare services for   Ella Mae Dellinger                 Bill and Judy Simpson
the York community. His vision         Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dittenhafer   Josephine Smith*
and philanthropic spirit initiated     Chloe R. Eichelberger              Dick and Ila Faye Stare
                                       William S. Eisenhart               Anonymous
the forming of York Hospital. If       Mr. and Mrs. Robert Erdos          Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Strockbine
not for his effort and foresight,      Frances E. Feiser*                 Ronald J. Stupak, PhD.
the organization of WellSpan           Gary C. Fleming                    Joseph V. Sykes
Health, dedicated to bring clinical    Rodger K. Furse*                   Louise S. (Dedi) Sykes*
                                       Walter W. Furse                    Rose Thomas
excellence and care to its com-        Lydia and Baron Gemmer             Warren G. Thomas*
munities and recognized as a           Arthur J. Glatfelter               Dr. Charles Van Buskirk*
leader in health care, might not       Russel G. and Eleanor Gohn         William Weiler*
                                       Charles F. and Esther Goodling*    Dr. Harry M. Wildblood*
exist today.
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gragnolati      Robert L. Young*
     The members of the Samuel         David Greisler                     Mrs. Robert L. Young
                                       Margaret Hafey                     Frank Zirnkilton*
Small Society share that spirit        Valerie Hardy-Sprenkle
and vision in wanting to ensure        Donna Healey
quality healthcare is available to     Helen Hobaugh*                     *in memoriam
all in our community for genera-       Dr. and Mrs. Dean S. Hoover
                                       Fred Ilges
tion to come. By providing for         Robert V. and Christina J. Iosue
the future health care needs, they     Dr. H. Roebling Knoch*
have included the York Health          Barbara Linder
                                       Richard Linder*
Foundation in their financial or
                                       Sara K. Little
estate plan.                           David C. McIntosh
                                       Marjorie R. McIntosh*
                                       Dr. G. Bradford Myers*

  Helping Hands                                         13
                                        ❦ Corporate Partners ❦

     The York Health Foundation         Platinum Corporate Partners    Gold Corporate Partners
gratefully acknowledges the indi-       Anstadt Printing Corporation   Alexander Building
viduals, corporation and foundation                                    Construction, LLC
listed who have given so gener-         Commonwealth of PA Bio-
ously in order to help the York         Terror                         Barley Snyder, LLC
Hospital, York Cancer Center,           Commonwealth of                Bon Ton Stores
WellSpan Medical Group and VNA          Pennsylvania
Home Health achieve their mis-
                                                                       Cancer Care Associates of
sion. Their support has enabled
                                        Highmark Blue Shield           York
our staff and volunteers to continue    Lions Club of Mount Rose       Cerner Corporation
to provide excellent patient care.
                                        M & T Bank                     GBS Retirement Services
It also provides for indigent care,
education and technology that are       Regents’ Glen Country Club     Glatfelter Insurance Group
part of the trusted healthcare we       The Ritchie Organization       Kinsley Family Foundation
provide throughout south central
Pennsylvania.                           The Stewart Companies          Harley Davidson Foundation
    We extend our sincere apprecia-     Walman Optical                 HealthAmerica
tion for the following gifts received   WGAL-TV 8                      P.A.L. Golf Tourney
from July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2006.
Every effort has been made to
                                        York Hospital Auxiliary
ensure accuracy in listing all con-     York Newspaper Company
tributions. If you are aware of any
                                        Young Women’s Club of York
error or omission, please call the
York Health Foundation at

    Helping Hands                                    14
                                     ❦ Corporate Partners ❦

Silver Corporate Partners
Artistic Foods Catering             Katherman, Briggs & Greenberg          Stetler Dodge
Brewery Products Company            Leach Wallace Associates, Inc.         Stevens & Lee
Cardinal Health                     M&T Charitable Foundation              Summit Health
Community Banks                     NetComm Solutions Inc.                 Susquehanna Pfaltzgraff
Cordis                              Penn Waste
                                                                           Turkey Hill Dairies
First Consulting Group              Pharmaceutical Research &
                                    Manufacturers of America               Verizon
Gettle Incorporated
                                    Quantum Imaging                        White Rose Interiors
The Graham Companies
                                    Shipley Energy Company                 Worden & Shewell Mechanical
Granary Associates
                                    Sovereign Benefits Consulting
Info Systems, Inc.
                                    Starlite Diner Gingerbread Raffle
Intelliprint Solutions, Inc.

Corporate Partners
ACS Healthcare Solutions            Keystone Trailer Services              Red House Communications
Adams Electric Cooperative          Keystruct Construction Inc.            Reliant Energy
Apple Hill Surgical Center          Kinard Trucking, Inc.                  Rick’s Lawn Service
Autumn House at Powder Mill, Inc.   Laugerman’s Harley Davidson            Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.
Bank of Hanover                     Lifetime Brands, Div. of Pfaltzgraff   Snow Time, Inc
Barton Associates, Inc.             Lincoln General Insurance Co.          Sterling Financial Trust Company
Bennett Williams, Inc.              Richard A. Martin, AIA                 Stewartstown Lions Club
Blockhouse Company, Inc.            Martin’s Potato Chips Inc.             Stoltzfus Jr., Inc., Elam G.
bmc                                 Morgan Collins, Inc.                   The Truck Shop
CDW and NEC Display Solutions       MTB Investment Advisors                Turner Construction
CGA Law Firm                        Musculoskeletal Management Systems     Wachovia Bank
Community Banks                     New Standard Corporation               WellSpan Health Motorcycle Charity
Dover Area School District          Oldies Dance For Life
                                                                           Wolf Organization, Inc.
F.O.E. PA. State Aux.               Orthopaedic & Spine Specialists
                                                                           York County Prison
Fulton Bank-Drovers Division        PA Jeeps, Inc.
                                                                           York County Society of Farm Women
Giambalvo Motor Co., Inc., Jack     PayPal
                                                                           York Technical Institute
Guidant Corporation                 PeoplesBank, A Codorus Valley Co.
                                                                           York Water Company
Heim Co., Edwin L.                  Pfizer, Inc.
Hoffmeyer & Semmelman, LLP          Phillips Group
Intellimark                         Radio Maintenance, Inc.

  Helping Hands                                      15
                                                ❦ Corporate Patrons ❦

Abel, Inc., I. B.                            Coldwell Banker/Bob Yost Companies            Gdovin Personnel, Inc.
Adhesives Research, Inc.                     Collens-Wagner Agency, Inc.                   Gentzler & Smith Assoc.
Ad-Tech Electronics, Inc.                    Commerce Bank                                 Giant Food
Advance Polymer Controls, Inc.               Commonwealth Supply Co. Inc.                  GGS Information Services
Advanced Deburring & Finishing Corp.         Community Mortgage                            GLATCO Credit Union
Advanced Industrial Services, Inc.           Conewago Enterprises, Inc.                    Golenco Contractors
Ahold Financial Services                     Consolidated School of Business               Goodwin Kitchen & Bath Co.
All Risks, LTD                               Country Meadows Retirement                    Grafik America Inc.
Alliance Environmental Services, Inc.        Communities                                   Graham Packaging Company
Allstate Insurance - R. Gregory Nicholas     Cox Realty                                    GraphCom
Altland House                                CPR Benefits, Inc.                            Greydon, Inc.
American Tile Specialties, Inc.              Craft & Son, Inc., James                      Griffith, Strickler, Lerman, Solymos &
AmerisourceBergen Services Corp.             D & D Distribution Services Inc.              Calkins
Ammac, Inc.                                  D & R Brown Plumbing Inc.                     Gung Ho
Anderson Productions, Inc.                   D L Metal Services, Inc.                      Healthcare Reimbursement Specialists, Inc.
Anstine’s Candy Box                          Dehoff Annual Golf Tournament                 Heffner Funeral Home
Apple Hill Surgical Associates               Delta Packaging, Inc.                         Heidler Roofing Service, Inc.
Approach Realty Group LP                     Dentsply                                      Henry Inc., Jeffrey L.
Architectural Doors & Hardware               Dettinger Construction                        Heritage Valley Federal Credit Union
Arctic Aire, Inc.                            Digestive Disease Center, Inc.                Hill Auto Parts, Dick
Audio Professional Hearing Aid Center, Inc   Dobbins Fine Apparel, T.S.                    Hill Woodworks
Audio/Video Contractors of York              Donegal Insurance Co.                         Holiday Inn-Holidome
Autumn House at Powder Mill, Inc. Staff      Double D Roofing                              Holley, James R. Associates
Aztech DataSystems, Inc.                     Dressel Welding Supply, Inc.                  Human Motion Institute
Baublitz Adv., Inc.                          Eastern Cooperation Oncology Group            IGS Knives Inc.
Baxter Medication Delivery                   Edris Oil Service                             Industrial Piping Systems
Beard Publishing & Printing                  Ed’s Ski & Cycle                              IT Max
Bergdoll & Company CPA                       EHD, Inc.                                     IVRI, Inc.
Binford Medical Equipment                    Electronic Manufacturing Services Group,      Jeffers & Ireland Professional Corp.
Bituminous Paving Materials of York, Inc.    Inc.                                          Jim Warfield Realty Center
Bowlerettes & Wed. Nite Nighthawks           Emerson’s Pub, Inc.                           Johnston Construction Company
Leagues                                      Engel Machinery, Inc.                         Kagen, MacDonald & France, P.C.
Bradley Lifting                              ESPN Friends                                  Kane & Co Inc., G.M.
Brethren Home Community                      FABBCO Steel, Inc.                            KBA North America
Brown & Assoc., Inc., Gordon L               Fairview Township Business Assoc., Inc.       Keffer Funeral Home
Brown’s Orchards and Farm Market             Family & Community Health Assoc.              Kellogg’s
Bubb Associates Inc., Harry L.               FES Activities Association                    Kermitool Inc.
Buchart Horn, Inc.                           FES Systems Inc.                              Kiwanis Club of York
Business Information Group                   Fieldwork Atlanta, Inc.                       KRB Machinery Co.
Butler Gingerich & Co.                       Fieldwork Boston, Inc.                        Kuhner Associates Funeral Directors, Inc.
C.S. Davidson Inc.                           Fieldwork Dallas, Inc.                        Kunkle Insurance, Inc.
Cancer Care Associates Employees             First Capital Engineering, Inc.               Ladies Sunshine Group
Cardinal Group, Inc.                         First Capital Federal Credit Union            Lamar Advertising
Caretti, Inc.                                First Capital Insulation Inc.                 Landis Plumbing & Heating, B.
CBY Systems, Inc                             First Capital Powder Coating & Fabricating,   Larami Metal Company
Center for the Support of Families           Inc.
                                                                                           Lebo Skin Care Center
Century 21 Heritage Realty                   First Capitol Wire & Cable Co.
                                                                                           Lion’s Pride Restaurant
Charter Homes                                First Quality Services, Inc.
                                                                                           Lloyd-Silber Orthopedics
Children’s Dental Center of York             Fitzkee’s Candies, Inc.
                                                                                           Lower Allen Teachers Fund
Christmas Tree Hill                          Flightek, Inc.
                                                                                           LSC Design, Inc.

    Helping Hands
Cindy Rowe Auto Glass
Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania
Cleveland Brothers
Clinical Laboratory Science Program
                                             Flinchbaugh Engineering, Inc.
                                             Flying Feet
                                             Fox Run Realty
                                             Gamlet Inc.

                                                                                           LWB Refractories Company
                                                                                           Macsteel Service Centers USA
                                                                                           Manchester Industries
                                                                                           Maple Donuts
                                            ❦ Corporate Patrons ❦

Marketing Works                            Ream Roofing                               Subaru of America Foundation, Inc.
Markey Builders Inc.                       Red Lion Women’s Club                      Suburban Bowlerama, Inc.
Markey Inc., Richard D.                    Reeser Estates, Inc.                       Susquehanna Automatic Sprinklers Inc.
McClarin Plastics, Inc.                    Regents’ Glen Box Hill                     Susquehanna Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
McConkey & Co., Inc., E. K.                Reisinger Poultry                          TBB Global Logistics Inc.
Mercury Electronics                        Revelle Enterprises                        TechBooks Print
Merlin L. Myers Masonry Contractors Inc.   Rick’s Ace Home Center                     Telecom Business Solutions
Merry Makers                               Rigton Industrial Services                 The Free Spirits
MGM Enterprises, Inc.                      River’s Truck Center, Inc.                 The Left Bank Restaurant & Bar
Millwrights & Mechanical Services, Inc.    Riverside Associates, P.C.                 Thornton Chevrolet
Monarch Products Co., Inc.                 Rock Commercial Real Estate                Three M-Tool & Die Co.
Morex Corp.                                Rojahn Company                             Tice Associates, P.C.
Moss Roses Chapter of P. Buckley Moss      Ross Industries                            Tighe Industries, Inc.
Society                                    Rotary Club of Hanover                     Tighe Industries, Inc. Employees
Multisport                                 Rotary Club of Red Lion                    Times & News Publishing Company
Murphy & Dittenhafer , Inc.                Rotary Club York East                      Transportation Resource Group, Inc.
Myers & Son, Inc., John H.                 Rutter’s Dairy Products                    Trenwyth Industries, Inc.
National Auto Dealers Assoc.               S & S Precision Tool, Inc.                 Trinity United Church of Christ
National Recovery Agency                   S.R. Campbell Associates, Inc.             True Value Plus
New Concept Manufacturing                  Safeguard Business Systems                 Tyco Matching Gifts Program
New Cumberland F.C.U.                      Saubel’s Market                            U.S.A. Direct, Inc.
New Freedom Lioness Club                   Schaad Detective Agency                    United Parcel Service
New York Wire Company                      Schmooze, Inc.                             United Way of Lancaster County
Newark Paperboard Products/Northern        Sertoma Club of York                       Valcour, Inc.
Region                                     Sertoma Club, Springettsbury               Vulcan Materials Company
North York Lions Club                      Sesame Personnel                           Wagman Inc., G.A. & F.C.
Northern Star Credit Union                 Sewell Enterprises LLC                     Walz, Deihm, Geisenberger, Bucklen &
Northwest Savings Bank                     Sheetz, Inc.                               Tennis
Nutec Design Associates, Inc.              Sheffer Beer Distributor                   West York Golfers
Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Inc.               Sieling & Jones, Inc.                      Wherley Moving Systems
Omeda Communications                       Sniegocki & Associates, PC                 Wilke Machinery Co.
Optomist Club of East York                 Soccer Blast, The                          Williams Service Co.
Pace Resources                             Society of Farm Women #9                   Winebrenner Motor Service, Inc.
Palatine-Painting Co.                      Sons of the American Legion Squadron 543   Wire-Mesh Products Inc.
Parts Depot                                South Central Mortgage Group, Inc.         Y.T.W. Federal Credit Union
PAS Management                             Sovereign Bank                             York AG Products, Inc.
Pasch Foundation                           Spinervals Cycling                         York Cancer Center Staff
Pfizer United Way                          Spring Grove Women’s Club                  York Chapter 169 Order of The Eastern
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery         Springettsbury Sertoma Club                Star
Poole, Richard D. LLC                      Springfield Financial Group Inc.           York Concrete Company
Potteiger Raintree                         St. Andrew Development, Inc.               York County Medical Society
Print-O-Stat                               St. Onge Company                           York Educational Federal Credit Union
Pritz Auto Body                            Stambaugh Ness Business Solutions LLP      York Imperial Plastics
Production Express, Inc.                   Stamford Hospital                          York International Corporation/Grantley
Progressive Information Technologies                                                  Plant
                                           State Farm Insurance - Lisa Pate
Quality Engineering & Tool Co.                                                        York Nissan
                                           State Farm Insurance - Harry King
Quigley Motor Co., Inc.                                                               York Roofing, Inc.
                                           State Farm Insurance - John Hilliard
Quilting On The Line                                                                  York Sheet Metal Works, Inc.
                                           State Farm Insurance Bob Perritt
R & R Components, Inc.                                                                York Traditions Bank
                                           Stewart Business Equipment
R.C. Waterjet, LLC                                                                    York Wire & Cable Inc.
                                           Stock & Leader, Attorneys at Law

   Helping Hands
R.H. Fink
Ralphstock, Inc.
Real Services Inc.
                                           Storm, Scullion and Co., P.C.
                                           Strine Printing Co.
                                           Strinestown U.B. Church

                                                                                      Yorktowne Optical Co.
                                                                                      Yorktowne Paperboard Corp.
                                               ❦ Individual Donors ❦

Gerald and Evelyn Abenshon      Robert and Janet Amtmann             Brooke Baker                    Les Bell
John and Maria Accardo          Charles and Jeannette                Carolyn Baker                   Theodore and Jo Lynn Beltz
Helen L. Adams                  Anderson                             Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Baker,   Dr. Ronald and Tracy
Lawrence and Karen Adams        Reed & Connie Anderson               III                             Benenson
Norma Jean Adams                Edwin W. Anderson                    Herbert J. Baker                Niles Benn
Reda A. Adams                   Harold and Nancy Anderson            Lori Baker                      Robert and Erin Bennis
Rose M. Adams                   J. Kerr Anderson                     Philip and Charlotte Baker      Steve Bennis
W. Craig Adams                  Janice Anderson                      Dr. and Mrs. William R. Baker   Mr. and Mrs. Gregory E.
                                Lois R. Anderson                     Richard and Joan Baldassarre    Bentley
William and Mary Eileen
Adams                           Nancy Anderson                       Joseph and Paulette Ball        Nancy L. Bentley
Kevin and Karen Adamson         Ross and Diane Anderson              Judy K. Ball                    Karen S. Benton
Brian and Jeanne Addison        Ted and Florence Anderson            Kelly A. Ball                   Lester and Kathryn Bentz
Kristina L. Ahalt               Timothy Anderson                     David and Laurie Ballow         Donald and Jeanie Bentzel
Michael Aiello                  Peter and Sandra Andrews             Mr. and Mrs. James W.           Terry and Patricia Bentzel
Christopher Hunter Albany       Charles and Judy Angel               Balthaser                       Timothy and Kathryn Bentzel
Deana Albright                  M. Jean Ankrum                       Mary Jane Bamberger             Judith H. Bergdoll
Keith Albright                  Henry and Ann Anstadt                Nancy K. Banta                  Robert Berkebile
Ms. Linda Albright              Mr. and Mrs. William B.              Maria C. Barbaro                Carol and Dave Berkheimer
Lisa A. Albright                Anstine, Jr.                         Jenny Bare                      Diana M. Berklich
Thomas and Nina Albright        Mr. and Mrs. Bernard H.              William and Janet Barham        Belinda J. Bernadzikowski
                                Anthony, Jr.                         Deborah J. Barnes               Ronald F. Bernardi
Fred and Twila Alden
                                Helen F. Appell                      Mr. and Mrs. George Barnes      Pete Bernardy
Charlotte D. Aldinger
                                Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Appell, Jr.    Jeremy and Mary Barnes          Adam Berndt
John and Sandra Aldinger
                                Apple Honda Service Parts            Mr. and Mrs. John P. Barnett,   Laura J. Berndt
Kim Aldinger                    Departmant                           Jr.                             Ms. Lea A. Bernhard
Paul and Agnes Aldinger         Thomas and Stephanie Appler          Mr. and Mrs. Jack Barnhart      Dorcas Bernheisel
Sandra K. Aldinger              Douglas A. Arbittier, M.D.           Paul Barnhart                   Dr. and Mrs. Earl L. Bernstine
Kathleen Allen and David        Patricia Archibeque
Staub                                                                Christine D. Barranca           William and Joan Berresford
                                Jim and Nina Argento                 Ms. Bernice Bartenslager
Richard and Jane Allen                                                                               Nan B. Best
                                John and Rose Argento                Robert and Barbara Barto
Allen Family                                                                                         Richard J. Bettendorf
                                Richard and Janice Armiger           Norman and Tina Basso
Marcus Allias                                                                                        Brenda and James Beyer
                                Karen S. Arnold                      Robert J. Batory
Mr. and Mrs. I.J. Alligood                                                                           Robert Bezgin
                                Theodore and Harriet Arnold          Clarence and Donna Baublitz
Marilyn Alligood                                                                                     Dr. and Mrs. Dae S. Bhyun
                                Barbara C. Athey                     Mary L. Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. Norman E.                                                                               Jan and John Bierling
Allison                         Evan and Zatae Atkins                Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Bauer    Jolleen E. Biesecker
Sandra H. Allison               Michael and Jacqueline Atkins        Ms. Sarabelle L. Baugher        Amy Billet
Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Allison   Sara and Eldred Atkinson             Melissa Baughman                June M. Billet
Richard and Maureen Alloway     Steve Atlas                          Terry Baughman                  Shonda L. Billet
Ms. Margaret E. Allwine         Art and Juanita Aubel                Walter E. Bausman, III          Mr. and Mrs. Robert L.
Tammy and Daniel Althoff        Harry and Gloria                     Edgar and Mary Bayley           Billmeyer
Nita C. Althouse                                                     Dan and Donna Beard             Sally Bingaman
                                Frances A. Auspitz
Jason K. Altland                                                     Dean and Barbara Beck           Jon and Wendy Binnix
                                Gary and Sandra Avery
Karen L. Altland                                                     Emory and Eva Beck              Leah Birch
                                Philip and Linda Avillo
William E. Altland                                                   Rosemary A. Beck                Myron Bird and Connie
                                Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baccon                                           Hopkinson
Donald and Rose Altman                                               Richard E. Becker, Jr.
                                Mary Badders                                                         Stephanie Bish
Kevin Alvarnaz                                                       Dr. and Mrs. Cyrus E. Beekey
                                Sandra S. Bahn                                                       Linda Bittle
Carol Alwine                                                         Joan B. Beekey
                                Jo Ann Bailey                                                        A. Witherow Bitzer
Margaret E. Alwine                                                   Marlo Beeman

    Helping Hands
Richard and Madlyn Alwine
Elizabeth T. Amico
Larry and Georgia Amspacher
                                Joan M. Bailey
                                Lee and Joan Bainbridge
                                Mary E. Bair
                                Annemarie E. Baker
                                                                     W.A. Beetem
                                                                     Richard and Jeanne Behnke
                                                                     Douglas and Aneta Bell

                                                                                                     Roy and Thelma Bitzer
                                                                                                     Dr. and Mrs. Brian L. Bixler
                                                                                                     James and Marie Black
                                             ❦ Individual Donors ❦

Claudia A. Blackburn             John J. Boyle                        Jeff A. Brown                  Harriet T. Campbell
Albert and Judith Blakey         Dr. L. Eamonn and Susan              Karen A. Brown                 Jonathan Campenni
Robert Blecher                   Boyle                                Louise and Percy Brown         Nancy Cantoral
Kay Ella Bleecher                Tara M. Boyles                       Norman and Bonnie Brown        Nancy Carbaugh
Jessica Bless                    Dorothy Bozart                       Robert J. Brown, Esq.          James Carchidi
Herbert and Gloria Blessing      Kay A. Bozart                        Sandy Brown                    Jack and Nanette Cardello
Richard and Beulah Blevins       Suzanne Bozart                       Stanley and Nona Brown         Joseph and Diane Carlisi
Ruth and Sam Blevins             Bonnie Bradfield                     Mary and William Bruaw         Loren and Debra Carman
Dale E. Blocher                  Carolan B. Bradley                   Jacqualine K. Bruggeman        Hector, Sonia and Max
Sally A. Blosser                 Lee A. & Irene Bradley               Elizabeth Brunner              Carreras
Dr. and Mrs. John W. Blotzer     David and Carol Brady                Samuel and Jean Bryan          William and Ann Carter
Timothy P. Blough                Paul W. Brady                        Robert and Deborah Bryant      Paul and Marsha Carupella
Kathy A. Blouse                  Edward G. Braithwood                 Edward E. Bubb                 Emanuel and Janet Cassimatis
Matt and Lisa Blyth              Vincent and Judith Brammer           Jane E. Bubb                   Mark F. Catterall, M.D.
Sandra Bode                      William and Janice Brandt            Barbara L. Buchko              Sally Cavanaugh
Bryan J. Boeckel                 Holly Branin and Christian           Richard and Carol Buchholtz    Daniel Celia
                                 Bowman                                                              Steven J. Chad
Stephanie Boeckel                                                     Betsy Buckingham
                                 Mary E. Branch                                                      Rene and Rita Champagne
Robin Bohanon                                                         Beth F. Bugnaski
                                 Daniel and Anita Brant                                              Renee M. Champagne
Robert and Mary Bohn                                                  Warren and Katie Bulette
                                 Dorothy C. Brault                                                   Dean and Janice
Charles and Lois Boll                                                 Paul and Kim Bull
                                 Karl and Angela Breeden                                             Cheesebrough
Marlin R. Bollinger                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert P.
                                 Thomas and Lori Breen                Buonora                        Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chiaro
Stephen G. Bolton
                                 John D. Breidenstine                 Chuck Bupp                     Mr. and Mrs. Austin L.
Donald R. Bond                                                                                       Chinault, II
                                 William S. Breidenstine              Debra Burger
Carmen Bones                                                                                         James and Janet Chinault
                                 Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Brein        Thomas and Vickie Burgess
Josephine Bonner                                                                                     Randy and Jennifer Chivers
                                 Carol J. Breneman                    Vickie Burgess
Joanne Borgel                                                                                        James R. Christ
                                 Teresa A. Breneman                   Tammy Burgoyne
Kay E. Borger                                                                                        Joseph F. Christenberry
                                 Barry R. Brenneman                   Florence F. Burke
Sarann C. Boring                                                                                     Burton F. Chronister
                                 Dale and Colleen Brenneman           Margaret Burke
Lorraine Bortner                                                                                     Steven and Salynda Chronister
                                 Gregory L. Brenneman                 William and Judy Burke
Paul and Ruth Bortner                                                                                Deborah Chu
                                 Kathryn L. Brenneman                 Tamara K. Burns
Steven and Cindy Bortner                                                                             James and Susan Chubb
                                 Lavern H. Brenneman                  Charles and Susan Burnside
Wilbert and Pearl Bosley                                                                             Gary Church
                                 Jerry and Daniel Brenner             Milton and Rita Buschman
Pamela and Charles Bostic                                                                            Joseph E. Church
                                 John S. and Adrienne Brenner         Jim Bush and Lee Ann Gee
Beverly Bott                                                                                         Jeffery and Lisa Churchey
                                 Thomas and Nancy Brenner             Todd and Sandra Bush
Lyle and Dorothy Bowen                                                                               Kathleen Ciccone
                                 Michael Brezler                      Steven and Sally Bushey
William Bowen                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. William Clancy
                                 Pandora L. Brickner                  Dale and Donna Buss
Mildred A. Bowker                                                                                    Ms. Elizabeth A. Clark
                                 Charles and Ethel Bridinger          Patricia Bustamante
John Bowman and Mary                                                                                 Patrick and Linda Clark
Melchiorre                       Edward and Jacquelyn                 Dolores Butcher
                                 Briercheck                                                          Mr. and Mrs. J. Peter Clark
Mary M. Bowman                                                        J. Donald and Marla Butcher
                                 Donald E. Briggs                                                    Paul and Lori Clark
Michael R. Bowman                                                     Shelley Butcher
                                 John D. Briggs                                                      Treva A. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Philip E.                                                Dr. Ivan Butler and Dr.
Bowman                           Sandra J. Briggs                     Francine Camitta Butler        Ms. Julia L. Clemens
Scott and Mary Ellen Bowman      Enola M. Briggs and Friends          Elaine L. Byers                Linda L. Clement
Susan and Tom Bowman             Gerald and Kathy Brillhart           Michael and Laura Byrne        Cathy and William Click
Joan E. Boyce                    Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Brillhart          Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Calcutt   Emma Clouser
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley A. Boyd     Jennifer L. Brillhart,P.A.           Becky Calder                   Fred and Vicki Cluck
                                 Edward and T.I. Brothers                                            Jacob H. Cluck

   Helping Hands
Cindy L. Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Boyer,
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Boyle
                                 Dale and Nancy Brougher
                                 Christi Brown
                                 Gerald L. Brown, Sr.

                                                                      Donna Callahan
                                                                      Fred & Barrie Callahan
                                                                      David and Linda Campbell
                                                                      Harold Campbell
                                                                                                     Ruth A. Coble
                                                                                                     James G. Cochran
                                                                                                     Jonathan T. Cochran
                                             ❦ Individual Donors ❦

Merrill A. Cohen, M.D.          Stephen Cruse, O. D.            Dr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Delp     Dougherty Family
Diana M. Cole                   Mickey Cuffaro                  Robert and Mildred Delp         Stephen and Teresa Douglas
James A. Coll, D.M.D.           Margaret S. Cummings            Dr. and Mrs. William T. Delp    Jean and John Douglass
Ms. Eileen E. Colligan          D. K. Cunningham                Mary T. D’Emilio, M.D.          Charles and Marlasee Douts
Debra C. Collins                Keith and Candy Cunningham      Bill and Katrina Dempsey        Robert and Robert Dovey
Cassandra S. Colvin             Richard G. Cunningham           Rae Ann Denbow                  John and Judith Doviak
J. Roscoe and Ruth Colvin       Spurgeon Cunningham             John D. Denney, Jr.             Ms. Patricia A. Downs
Kathleen M. Compa               Families                        Michael W. Dennis               Adrienne Dowsey
Jay and Eleanor Conard          Lois C. Curtiss                 Mr. and Mrs. David C. Dennish   Melvin and Starr Doyle
David Confer and Susan Krebs    Donald and Darlene Dacheux      Anita K. Dentler                Richard and Karen Doyle
Donnie and Janet Conley         Joanne Dahowski                 Kathleen A. DePorter            Randy and Denise Drais
Edward and Marian Conley        Donald Dallmeyer                Joanne DeRose                   Roy and Joyce Drawbaugh
Stephen D. Converse             Karen L. Daly                   Patricia A. Derr                Deborah Drennan
Maria Musti Cook                Allan and Nancy Dameshek        Raymond and Denise              Annette Dubas
Michael Cooley                  Carolyn S. Darr                 Desautels                       Darlene G. Dufalla
Patty L. Cooley                 Marilynn Dare                   Rev. and Mrs. Edward J. Devan   Boneta L. Dullen
Elwood and Marcella Cooper      Krista and Michael Darr         Jeffrey and Linda Deveney       Rosanna Dunavin
Glenn H. Cooper                 David and Linda Davidson        Lisa R. Dewees CRNP             Catherine Dunbar
Ray and Wanda Copenheaver       Stuart W. Davidson, Esq.        Danilo V. Diaz, M.D.            Catherine Duncan
Thomas J. Corsaro, D.D.S.       Abby T. Davis, M.D.             Edmund and Josephine Dick       Eddie and Connie
Ronald E. Cosgrove              Alton E. Davis                  Rodney and Betty Dick           Dunklebarger
Patricia Cotton                 Astrid Davis                    Albert and Helen Diehl          Kenneth D. Dunlap, Jr., DPM
Samuel G. Couch                 Gainor Davis and Gregg          Burnell and Ann Diehl           Sarah Duttera
                                Simpson                         Ms. Gail E. Diehl               Penny L. Dzubinski
Mr. and Mrs. Gary F. Courtade
                                Mr. and Dr. Gregory L. Davis    Keith K. Diehl                  Eastminster Presbyterian
Tessa Covert
                                J. Kenneth Davis                Mary C. Dierdorff               Church
Betty Lou Cowey
                                Philip R. Davis                 William and Jeanne Dietrich     Shirley A. Eastwood
Darvis Cox and Lois Gaster
                                Teresa Davis                    Carolyn S. Dietz                Christine Eaton
Marilyn E. Cox
                                Clarence Dawson                 Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Dietz   Clara L. Eber
Robert and Rebecca Cox
                                Donald and Norma Day            Kathy S. Dietz                  Don and Audris Eckert
Andrew Coy
                                Norma A. Day                    Leada L. Dietz                  Galen and Leona Eckert
Lindsey Coy
                                Anthony F. DeFelice             Roseanne DiFonzo                William G. Eckles
Marshall and Barbara Coyle
                                James and Mildred De Les        David C. Dill                   Trista Edrington
Lonnie and Donna Craley         Dernier
                                                                W.C. and Donna Dinges           Richard and Barbara Edsall
Sara J. Craley                  W. Alan and Dolores Deamer
                                                                Catherine I. Ditko              Barbara Ehrhart
Carole S. Crawford              Cheryl D. Deardorff
                                                                Kenneth and Charlotte           Kathryn M. Ehrhart
Gordon Croft                    Kay Deffinbaugh                 Dittenhafer                     Leslie E. Ehrhart
Ivan Croft                      Barry and Jane Dehoff           Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M.          Chloe R. Eichelberger
Kenwood and Susan Cromer        Richard and Sandra Dehoff       Dobbie                          Myra R. Eichner
Deloris Crone and Margaret      Sterling and Nancy Dehoff       Cletus and Louise Dodson
Gettys                                                                                          Patrick and Rhonda Einsig
                                Rick and Chasity Deibler &      Fred J. Doll                    William A. Eisenhart
Elizabeth Crone                 Family                          James and Pearl Donahue         Mr. and Mrs. William S.
Kimberly Crone                  John and Brenda Deiter          Francis and Rosemary Donlevy    Eisenhart
Lynn and Arla Crone             Carol Deitz                     Matthew and Jennifer Doran      Dr. David and Lynne Eitel
Roger L. Crone                  Donald and Rosemary Delisle     Patrick and Barbara Doran       Mrs. Carol J. Elder
Virginia L. Crone               Debra A. Deller                 Sharon D. Dorbert               Marc Eldridge
Lonnie Cross                    Frederick and Geralyn Deller    Joyce S. Dore                   Craig Ellis
Dr. and Ms. Arthur C.           Dorcas Dellinger                Richard and Jeannette           Leigh and Cindy Ellis

    Helping Hands
Janet and Arthur Crovatto
Ms. Theda L. Crumling
Elizabeth I. Cruse
                                Liz Dellinger
                                Paul and Joan Dellinger
                                Steve and Molly Dellinger
                                                                Carol A. Dougal
                                                                Emery and Janet Dougherty

                                                                                                Lorenza and Elona Ellis
                                                                                                Bettina M. Ellsworth
                                                                                                Robert and Bonita Emenheiser
                                            ❦ Individual Donors ❦

David and Joyce Emig            David J. Fillman                  Susan Foster                   Ronald E. Garman
Gary and Joan Emig              Robert Fillman & Sara E. King-    Judith M. Foulkes              Edgar I. Garrett
Glenn W. Engler                 Fillman                           Eric Foust                     Jeffrey and Sandra Garrett
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Englert    Mary Fillmore                     Gene and Ann Foust             Mr. Francis H. Garrety
Michael and Pamela              Newton and Kathleen Finley        Sterling and Joyce Fox         Candra and Thomas Garver
Ensminger                       Leo and Nancy Finn                Warren H. Foxworth Family      Sharon Gates
Keith E. Ensor                  Cheryl Finnegan                   Jan L. Frank                   Scott W. Gauker
Jack and Wendy Erwine           June and Jonathan Firestone       Jody M. Frank                  Donald and Sandra Gauntner
Kathy and Robert Estep          Leon C. Firestone                 Dorothy F. Frankenberry &      Lou Gaz and Damon Bennett
Robert and Andrea Etzweiler     First Presbyterian Church         Family                         Ellen Geiger
Anthony Euculano                Frank and Jane Fischer            Robert S. Freed & Charlene     Richard and Joan Geisler
Angela A. Eveler                George and Patricia Fischer       Cerasa
                                                                                                 Carol Gembe
George L. Eveler, III           George and Carla Fishel           David and Arden Freeman
                                                                                                 Delores M. Gembe
Scott A. Everhart               Kenneth and Connie Fishel         Stephen A. French
                                                                                                 E. Eugene and Miriam
Barbara A. Eyler                Colleen C. Fisher                 Ms. Barbara A. Frey            Gemmill
Christianne Eyler               Elizabeth Fisher                  Jeremy Frey                    Erica Gemmill
Fred E. Eyster                  Linda and Roy Fisher              Robert and Stephanie Frey      Kay Gemmill
Jacqualin L. Eyster             Jeanette Fitzgerald               Shirley and Lonnie Frey        Jeff Georg
Nancy L. Eyster                 Donna K. Fitzkee                  Lynn E. Frick                  Rita F. Gerardine
Ed Fadely                       Robert and Vivian Fitzkee         Friends of Linda Luciano       Thelma M. Gerberick
Deborah Fake                    Thomas and Joyce Fitzpatrick      Kathy M. Frigm                 Joseph Gerbrick
Glenda Fake                     William A. Fizer                  Joseph C. Frisco               Cheryl M. Gerhart
Charles and Mildred             Dean and Jennie Flay              Catherine Fry                  Donald L. Gerhart, Jr.
Falkenstein                     Lynn E. Fleckenstein              Joanne Fry                     Elizabeth Gerko
Olufunsho O. Famuyiwa, M.D.     Matthew Fleckenstein              Natalie and Allen Fry          Dwight J. Gerst, Sr.
Jane and David Farish           Jonathan and Darcy Fleenor        Clinton Fuhrman and Andy       David and Maureen Gerzewski
Steve and Nancy Farmer                                            Weidener
                                Gary C. Fleming                                                  William and Lurraine Gettier
Willard and Julia Farris                                          Margaret Fuhrman
                                Larry and Judith Flemmens                                        Joseph and Suzanne Geubtner
Gary J. Farrugia                                                  Ployd and Earlene Fuhrman
                                Todd Flemmens                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald
E. Thomas Faulkner                                                Brett and Janelle Fulk         Ghiredella
                                Joy M. Flicker
Mr. C. Robert & Sallie Fay                                        Dorothy M. Fuller              Anita and Thomas Gibbs
                                Dennis Flickinger
Amanda Felty                                                      Joyce and Jack Fuls            Varlen L. Gibbs
                                Jeffrey and Kathy Flickinger
Coreen Ferguson                                                   Joan Fulton                    Kimberly A. Giblin
                                Donald and Evelyn
Alfred A. Feroli, Jr.           Flinchbaugh                       Jeanne Funk                    William and Carolyn Gierasch
Kenneth and Marianne Ferrans    James and Wendy Flinchbaugh       Ms. Rhoda B. Funk              Gary Gilbert, II
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur N. Ferree   John and Debbie Flinchbaugh       Brian and Margaret             Gary and Karyl Lee Gilbert
Connie M. Ferree                Joseph H. Flinchbaugh                                            Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H.
                                                                  Michael B. Furman              Gilbert
Dean and Barbara Ferree         Kelly Flinchbaugh
                                                                  David and Debra Gable          Dan Giles
Joyce Ferree                    Lorraine F. Flinchbaugh
                                                                  Susan Gabovitz                 Jerry L. Gingerich
Karen L. Ferree                 Jim Flinn
                                                                  John & Mary Gallagher          Donald and Sandra Gingrich
Michael and Kathryn Ferree      Gina M. Folk
                                                                  Gallagher Foundation, Arthur   Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Ginter
Norma Ferree                    Dale and Viola Folkenroth
                                                                  Joe and Gail Galusha           Ms. Ana P. Gipe
Tammy Ferree                    Georgia and Jeffrey Folkenroth
                                                                  Jeffrey and Donna Gamber       and Ms. Jan Gipe
Ferree Family                   Todd L. Folkenroth
                                                                  Robert F. Gangloff             Daryl and Jane Girton
Fessenden Hall Inc.             Christine S. Foore
                                                                  Dr. Edward and Judith Garber   Josephine A. Giuffrida
Gloria M. Fiaschetti            Ms. Dolly L. Foore
                                                                  Richard Garbrick               Karen L. Gladfelter
Matthew and Patricia Fiato      John & Donna Forrey
                                                                  James and Sharon Gardner       Kathy and Timothy Gladfelter

  Helping Hands
L. Peter Fielding, M.D.
Matthew T. Figlock
Drs. Robert and Wanda Filer
Joyce C. Filius
                                Gregory and Tracy Forry
                                Dr. and Mrs. Gregory A.
                                Susan Fortier

                                                                  Judy A. Gardner
                                                                  Linda Gardner
                                                                  Traceylyn Gardner
                                                                                                 Sylvester C. Gladfelter
                                                                                                 Robert and Shirley Glass
                                                                                                 Arthur J. and Susan Glatfelter
                                             ❦ Individual Donors ❦

Scott and Donna Glatfelter      John Greis                       Mr. and Mrs. James Haber        Heather J. Haverstick
Carolyn A. Glenn                Thomas B. Grentz                 Joseph and Kimberly Hackett     Dave and Brenda Hawk
Morgan and Dawn Glessner        Jean A. Gresick-Schugsta         Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L.         Mildred V. Hawkins
Diane Glotfelty                 Robert H. Griffith, Esq.         Hagerman                        Terry P. Hawkins
Thomas and Sarah Glover         Robert and Gabrielle Griffith    Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Haiges   Faye and Kevin Hawn
Vaughn and Betsy Glover         B.E. Griffiths                   Leroy and Justine Hake          Kenneth R. Hayden
Erich Gochenauer                Michael and Marilyn Griffiths    Steve and Lisa Hake             Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Hayes
China M. Goddard                Rees and Susan Griffiths         Brian Haldeman                  John H. Hayes
Kenneth and Patricia Godfrey    Dennis and Judy Grim             J.C. and Carole Hale            Ms. Margaret M. Hayes
Mark A. Goedecker               Kim Grim                         Amanda-Lehigh Hall              Jillian Heck
Dr. and Mrs. O. David Gold      Teri Grim                        Ida M. Hall                     Christine B. Hedrick
Mr. Philip F. Golden, III       George and F. Lorraine           Matthew Hall                    Dean and Sandra Heffner
Harold and Elizabeth Good       Grimshaw                         AnnMarie Hamm                   Robert J. Heidelbaugh
Julia Good                      Judy L. Groff                    Ms. Elizabeth H. Hamme          Glenn and Dena Heiland
William and Joanne Goodling     Darlene M. Groft                 Robert and Joan Hamme           Joann M. Heim
Dr. Michael & Barbara           David and Patricia Groft         Christine Hammond               Melissa A. Heindel
Goodstein                       Ms. Judith L. Groft              Brent Hankey                    William and Janis Heindel
Danelle and Marc Goodwin        Michael and Tracy Groft          Connie Hannigan                 Michael and Louise Heine
Clifton and Judith Gordon       Dr. Donald Gross and Mrs.        Lloyd and Ethel Hannigan        Evelyn Heiser
Elvin and Sue Gordon            Joan Gross                       Mary F. Hansford                Douglas and Holly Heishman
George R. Gordon                Jennifer L. Gross                Edward and Deste Hanson         A. & C.E. Heisler
David and Margaret Gotwald      Larry and Kristine Gross         Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Harbold   David and Lisa Heist
John and Catherine Gotwald      Ralph and Reba Gross             Lester and Sue Haring           Janet I. Heist
Gary and Donna Gotwalt          Tamara Gross                     Brent and Janet Harlacher       Christopher Heistand
Helen M. Gotwalt                Dr. and Mrs. Lewis G. Grossi     Charles and Phyllis Harlacher   Louis J. Helfrich, Jr.
Barbara A. Gouker               Mitchell A. Grossman             Thomas Harman                   Chris Helt
Jack G. Gracey, M.D.            William A. Groth                 Harmon Family                   Tammy Helt
Jane M. Graham                  Paul and Carolyn Grothe          Jeffrey D. Harner, M.D.         Kevin and Michele Heltebridle
Terry and Jane Graham           Gwen Grothouse                   William and Betty Harper        Daniel S. Helwig & Kymberly
Virginia P. Graham              Audrey Grove                     Lloyd and Doris Harris          Carkhuff Helwig
Duncan M. Granger               Bruce and Donalene Grove         Mary D. Harris                  Douglas and Lanette
Kathryn M. Grasso               Esther L. Grove                  Betsy Harrison                  Henderson
Richard and Bonnie Grau         Ms. Gina Grove                   Shirley A. Harrison             James M. Henderson, Jr.
Keith and Sylvia Graver         Joseph and Barbara Grove         Sue E. Harry                    Joanne Hengst
Timothy Gray                    Keith and Dorinda Grove          Julia S. Hartenstein            Michael and Esther Hengst
Ann M. Green                    Kenneth and Kathryn Grove        Wayne and Alice Hartenstein     Lois Henry
Edward Green                    Leon and Ada Grove               Mr. and Mrs. August Hartinger   James and Beverly Herbert
Gary and Gloriann Green         Dr. and Mrs. William K. Grove    MaryAnn Hartlaub                Todd Herbert
Kimberly A. Green               Marie Gruendler                  Donna L. Hartley                Norma M. Herbst
Richard and Joyce Green         Eleanor Gruver                   Mr. Charles L. Hartman, Jr.     James and June Herman
Robert and Barbara Green        Joanne L. Gruver                 Darren Hartman                  Jan E. Herrold
Ms. Rosena A. Green             Kenneth and Phyllis Gruver       Meda B. Hartman                 Richard and Betty Hersey
Thomas and Roxy Green           Kathleen Guarino & Family        Richard and Cynthia Hartman     Charles and Carol Hersh
William E. Greenawalt, Jr.      Billee M. Gudaz                  Ms. Debra A. Hartzel            John and Sally Hersh
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Greener   Karin Guerrini                   Joseph F. Hasenfuss             Duane and Jacqueline
                                Donald and Karen Guise                                           Hershberger
Jeffrey and Judith Greenholt                                     Louise Hasenfuss
                                Gregory Gurican                                                  Douglas P. Hershey
Allen and Anita Greenstein                                       Susan F. Haslup
                                                                                                 Jake and Ruth Hershey

    Helping Hands
Theodore A. Gregg
Jeffrey and Selesta Greiman
Rev. Ralph Greiman and Mrs.
Frances Greiman
                                Mr. William G. Gurreri
                                Barry and Jeanne Guss
                                Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Guyer
                                George and Bobbi Guyer
                                                                 Keith Hassler
                                                                 George and Elizabeth
                                                                 G. Louise Haugh

                                                                                                 Paul and Sandra Hershey
                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Wendell K.
                                            ❦ Individual Donors ❦

Wilson and Hilda Hershner       Ish M. Holt                        William and Elizabeth Hurley   Keith and Candace Johnson
Dr. Krista J. Hershner-Decker   Leroy and Charlotte Holt           Kraig D. Hursh                 Robert E. Johnson
Leighanne Hertzog               Sharon Holtzapple                  Melody L. Hursh                Salome M. Johnson
Barbara and Lowell Hess         Andrew Homick                      Frank and Nancy Huttel         Sandra Johnson
Brenda Hess                     Honeywell Co-Workers               Larry and Joy Hykes            Steve and Jane Johnson
Deanne L. Hess                  Ronald E. Hontz                    John and Martha Hynd           Leslie Johnston
Lowell and Barbara Hess         Fay M. Hooper                      Jo Ann Hyson                   Susan K. Joines
Rose M. Hess                    Priscilla G. Hooper CRNP           Anthony and Verena Ierardi     John and Florence Jolly
Russell Craig Hess              Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin A.           Marc and Melinda Ierley        Betty L. Jones
Shirley A. Hess                 Hoover, II                         Colleen Igo                    David and Angela Jones
Jeremy and Kara Hetrick         Cassandra Hoover                   Herbert Ilgenfritz             Edward and Ruth Jones
Doris P. Heyne                  Dr. and Mrs. Dean S. Hoover        Mark and Kathleen Ilyes        Gary and Colleen Jones
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew E.          Kathleen Hoover                    Stanley and Helen Ilyes        Gary and Virginia Jones
Hickey                          Sallye A. Hoover                   Elizabeth M. Imboden, M.D.     John P. Jones
Rosa G. Hickey                  Steven M. Hopkins                  Marijane Imburgia              Marian Jones
Ken and Jeanne Hickman          Jan Hopple                         Gretchen V. Inman              Mr. and Mrs. R. Franklin Jones
Misty S. Hicks                  Martha M. Horlebein                Blanche G. Innerst             Valerie Jones
Chrisine Higgins                Russell Horn and Rosalind          Carol Innerst                  William and Ruth Jones
Michal L. High                  Kunkel
                                                                   Dr. and Mrs. Robert V. Iosue   Mr. and Mrs. Leroy C. Jordan
Dean and Ruth Hildebrand        William and Leslie Horn
                                                                   Clifford and Rebecca Irey      Alesa M. Joseph
Donna E. Hildebrand             Elizabeth Horne
                                                                   Richard Irvine                 Catherine Joseph
Luann M. Hildebrand             Kathy Horne
                                                                   Ms. Emily F. Irving            Nels and Jacqueline Juleus
Roy and Marie Hildebrecht       Carroll and Rose Horton
                                                                   Barbara C. Irwin               James Juliana
O. Halsey and Emily Hill        Tara and Jon Horton
                                                                   Gretchen Irwin                 Dr. Annie Kannarkatt and Mr.
Ralph and Marinda Hillard       Randy and Tammie Houser                                           Thomas Kannarkatt
                                                                   Peter Ivers
Kodiak Hill-Davis               Donald P. Housman                                                 Martha and Leonard Kaplan
                                                                   Dr. and Mrs. Jay R. Jackson
Pamela E. Himes                 Wayne and Nancy Housman                                           Sheldon and Patricia Kaplan
                                                                   Jackson Family
Hird Family                     Carol and Steven Hovis                                            Henry and E. Arlene Kapp
                                                                   Diane Jacobs
Robert and Gladys Hirschman     Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hovis                                       Tracy Karr
                                                                   Geraldine T. Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Hite     Courtland and Lori Howard                                         Allen F. Kasten
                                                                   Lois and Donald Jacobs
Jerone and Rebecca Hively       Delphine G. Howes                                                 Gerald Katz and Lydia Hamer
                                                                   Lori Jacobs
Doris and James Hoff            Foster and Dorothy Hoyt                                           Jon M. Katz
                                                                   R. C. Jacobs
Bryan Hoffer                    Jacquelin D. Huber                                                Mr. and Mrs. B. Nicholas
                                                                   Robert and Cathy Jacobs
Jason Hoffer                    James and Kristina Huber                                          Kauffman
                                                                   John Jacoby
Dean and Doris Hoffman          Joan M. Hubley                                                    Darlene Kauffman
                                                                   Terry and Mary Jamison
Edward Hoffman                  Leona Hubley                                                      Ms. Kathryn L. Kauffman
                                                                   Lisa H. Jaquay
LouAnn Hoffman                  John R. Hudak                                                     Ken Kauffman
                                                                   Steven and Karen Jefferies
Ms. Victoria Marie Hoffman      Rich Hudson                                                       Lawrence P. Kauffman
                                                                   Dolores A. Jeffers
Mr. and Mrs. Sterling N.        Patricia Hueter                                                   William and Esther Kauffman
                                                                   Louise A. Jenkins
Hoffmaster                      Jill G. Huffert                                                   Peter Keating
                                                                   Terry and Cathy Jennings
Dr. Douglas and Cecilia         Kay E. Humer                                                      Beverly Keefer
Hofmann                                                            Scott and Julie Jenson
                                Mr. and Mrs. William H.                                           Sandra Keeley
Russell and Elena Hogan         Humm                               Michael D. Jerrard
                                                                                                  Guy and Lucille Keemer
Ruth M. Hogg                    Forrest and Lois Hunsberger        Peter and Jennifer Jerrard
                                                                                                  Dr. Diane Keeney
Brad and Lisa Hohenadel         Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hunt            Mark W. Jeske
                                                                                                  Emma Keeney
Robert Holbrook                 Mildred W. Hunt                    Naomi R. John
                                                                                                  Robert and Gale Keeney
Daniel and Mary Hollerbush      Peggy A. Hunt                      Joan and Eric Johnsen
                                                                                                  Ms. Nancy I. Keeports
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C.         Judith W. Hunter                   Deborah J. Johnson

  Helping Hands
Bill and Bambi Holly
Jay E. Holstein, Esq.
                                Rosemary C. Huntsberger
                                James and Josephine Hupp
                                Michael Hurley

                                                                   Dennis E. Johnson, M.D.
                                                                   Dr. and Mrs. Dennis R.
                                                                   Dorene Johnson
                                                                                                  Dr. and Mrs. Richard L.
                                                                                                  Paul and Nancy Keiser
                                                                                                  Patricia A. Keister
                                             ❦ Individual Donors ❦

Patricia M. Kelbaugh            Mildred E. Klineyoung           Cheryl Krofka                   Donette Lasher
Amy B. Keller                   Peggy Kling                     Loren and Faye Kroh             Jeffrey W. Lau
Arlene Keller                   Richard and Gail Kling          Margaret Krohn                  Vivian W. Lau
Barry Keller                    Keith and Cathy Klingenberg     George and Mary Krone           Lau Family
Darin Keller                    David and Jennifer Knapp        Bradley C. Krout                Dr. and Mrs. S. Philip Laucks
Marie L. Kellett, M.D.          Jennifer J. Knapp               Brenda L. Krout                 Louise E. Lauer
Alfred and Doris Kemp           Jane C. Knaub                   Earl and Diane Krug             Dr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Laux
Bob Kemp                        Ronald Knaub                    Kathleen M. Krukonis            Kimberly Law
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Kemp      Theda A. Knaub                  Maryann Krynock                 Steve Lazzaro
Susan Kemper                    Evelyn and Edgar Knauff         Miodrag D. Kukrika, M.D.        Andrew and Marcelle League
Donald and Beverly Kendig       Oscar and Lorraine Knipel       Randy and Sharon Kunkle         Carl W. Leaman, Jr.
Denise M. Kenna, M.D.           Burton and Norma Kniseley       John and Ellen Kunklel          Robert and Kathleen Leary
Arthur & Eleanor Kennell        Mr. and Mrs. Glen E. Knisely    Kathleen M. Kupchinisky         Dr. and Mrs. Stanton S.
Bonnie L. Kenney                Mildred Knisely                 Michael and Kathleen            Lebouitz
Mr. Ira Keperling               Peggy and Daniel Knisely        Kupchinsky                      Mrs. Tally Fisher Leeper
Drs. Fred Kephart and Cynthia   Ruth H. Knisley                 Fulton and Miriam Kurtz         Barbara G. Lefoe
Patterson                       Melinda L. Knouse               Sara and Paul Kury              Doug and Theresa Lehigh
James and Betty Kepler          Rosalie M. Knowles              Raymond and Maria Kuschel       Rodney F. Lehigh
Earl and Brenda Kepner          Joyce M. Knox                   Drs. George and Lois Kushner    Charles and Ann Lehman
Alan Kerchner                   Sharon Knox                     Holly Kylen                     Mr. and Mrs. Drew E. Lehman
Joan E. Kerchner                Berler C. Kohr                  Rod Kyment                      Eric and Darla Lehman
Patricia D. Kessler             Ray and Joyce Kohr              Ward and Joanne Lacount         Helen F. Lehman
Mary L. Kettl                   Tom S. Kolarich                 Ladies Auxiliary WY Memorial    Licia M. Lehman
Brenda D. Kiger                                                 VFW                             Melanie Lehman
                                Janice and Randal Koller
Jeff Kile                                                       Jack LaFleur                    Bernie T. Lehmayer
                                Dr. and Mrs. William C.
Jon and Donna Kilgore           Konchar                         Roderick and Karen              P. and Mary Lehn
Lee E. Killpack                 Dennis and Joanne Konczyk                                       Rodger and Susan Lehr
                                                                Stephanie and Jeffrey Laird
Wendy Kilstein                  Anthony and Helen Kondor                                        Mr. and Mrs. Leonard L.
                                                                Michael Lamanteer               Leiphart
Barbara J. Kindig               Bruce and Cheryl Koons
                                                                Paul C. Lamberson               Mark K. Leiphart
Donald and Mildred King         Thomas D. Koons
                                                                Diane M. Lambert                Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Leiphart
Robert and Shirley King         Cindy L. Kopp
                                                                Paul and Bonnie Landes          Robert & Rosemary Leister
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. King     Harvey and Janice Kornstein
                                                                Earl and Joan Landis            William and Doris Leister
Gary and Margo Kinsinger        Samantha Kost
                                                                Michael and Wendy Landis        Anthony N. Leo
Theresa Kinsinger               Marilyn and Ed Kotcher
                                                                Ned A. Landis                   Rochelle Leonard
Alana Kirby                     William and Vestal Kottcamp
                                                                Bob and Jane Landis             Kim S. Leppo
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Kirby     Joanne H. Kovener
                                                                William and Krista Landis       Robert A. Lerman, Esq.
Michele L. Kirchner             John and Evelyn Kozarski
                                                                Lennie Landry                   Dr. and Mrs. Charles E.
Kathryn Kiser                   Vera Krall
                                                                Harrison & Charlotte C. Lane    Letocha
Michael Kleinman, D.O.          David A. Kramer, M.D.
                                                                Marilyn Lane                    Walter and Roberta Leuschner
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Klimes   Pam Krantz
                                                                Adolph Lang                     Carol G. Levinbook
Christine Klincewicz            Cheryl Kraus
                                                                Bob Lang                        Dr. and Mrs. Charles B. Levine
Carolyn S. Kline                Mr. and Mrs. F. Neal Krauss
                                                                Mrs. Dorothy Lange              Nancy Lewis and Jennifer
Dr. and Mrs. Jack A. Kline      Gary L. Krebs                                                   Altland
                                                                Bob and Janet Langeheine
Laura Kline                     James E. Krebs                                                  Kimberly Leyva
                                                                Theresa Langeheine
Melissa Kline                   Susan D. Krebs                                                  Alison C. Liang
                                                                Dr. and Mrs. D. Morton Langer
Susan E. Kline                  Susan L. Krebs                                                  Marc & Phyllis Lichtenfield
                                                                Dr. and Mrs. Gregory B.
Susan and Mel Kline             Larry and Donna Kreis           Lanpher                         Susan E. Liebegott

    Helping Hands
George L. Klinedins
Janet L. Klinedinst
Lori L. Klinedinst
Holly Klinefelter
                                Robert and Liliam Krell
                                Clarence J. Krichton
                                Jell and Joseph Krivetzky
                                JoAnn Krivetzky
                                                                Sarah Lanphier
                                                                Lauren LaPrairie
                                                                Linda and Gailyn Larsen

                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. David R. Light
                                                                                                Janet E. Lightner
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. R. Eugene
                                            ❦ Individual Donors ❦

Andre F. Lijoi Family           Leonard and April MacQueen           Richard and Elizabeth        JoAnn McElwain
Donna Liller                    Brenda K. Mader                      Marshall                     Mr. and Mrs. Merle G.
Sallye Limbert & Family         Erin Madison                         Todd Marsteller              McElwain
Barbara Linder                  Richard and Elizabeth Maffett        Ms. Penelope Marston         Robert and Diane McElwain
Jeffrey and Jacqueline Linsey   Ms. Sheri MaGilton                   Arlene Martin                Eugene T. McElwee
Dorothy Livaditis               Mr. Mani Mahalingam                  M. Josephine Martin          Meredith McEvoy
Dr. Gus J. Livaditis & Staff    Joan A. Mahoney                      Mary Ellen Martin            Janet L. McFadden
Helen G. Liyem                  Robert and Canada Mailman            R. Craig Martin, D.P.M.      Barbara McFall
Judith Lloyd                    Beth Anne Main                       Richard Martin               Patrick K. McGannon, M.D.
Ms. June L. Lloyd               Dr. Ronald Malcom and Dr.            Mr. and Mrs. Richard E.      Deborah L. McGhee
                                Jean Hauser                          Martin, II                   Dorothy and Brooke McGhee
Andrew and Rebecca Lomax
                                James and Jennifer Malehorn          Sharon Martin                Karin E. McGowan
David and Alice Lomax
                                Ronnie Malehorn                      Edgar and Paula Martz        Patricia McGuire
Barbara J. Long
                                Paul and Catherine Malstrom          Gary and Holly Martz         Nancy J. McHugh
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Long
                                Dale and Emelie Mamerow              Richard and Mary Marvel      Richard and Patricia McIlvaine
George and Laura Long
                                Norma J. Mangan                      Jack and Phyllis Mason       David C. McIntosh
Margaret J. Long
                                Patricia L. Mangan                   Annette Masenheimer          Pamela R. McIntosh
Nancy Long
                                William and Phyllis Mangold          Lyndee S. Massey             Eugene and Patricia McKay
Paul Longenderfer
                                Chris and Kimberley Mann             Richard and Donna Massey     Dr. Mark McKeague and Mrs.
Philip D. Lookingbill
                                Nancy K. Mann                        Sherry Mathis                Eileen McKeague
Patricia Loome
                                Edward and Elaine Mann               Carolyn Mathur               William and Nancy McKee
Jane Lordeman
                                Richard Huston Manning               James O. Matthews            Terri McKenzie
James and Joan Loucks
                                Earl and Donna Manseau               Jay and Jane Matthews        George and Elaine McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent M.
Loughran                        Carol A. Mansfield                   Roxlyn E. Maugans            Matt McMains
Riddick and Susan Lower         John P. Manzella, M.D.               Heather Maxfield             Joseph McMaster
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Lubas     Teri Manzi                           Kay McAdams                  Joy McMaster
Joan M. Luce                    Clarence J. March                    Robert J. McAllister         Sandra McMaster
Earl and Elizabeth Lucius       Molly March                          Eugene and Hazel McCarthy    Deborah M. McMillan, M.D.
Judy K. Luck                    William Marchant                     LeRoy and Janet McCarthy     Debra McNamara
Carroll and Sherry              Michele Marchese                     George and Janet McCarty     Ms. Mary C. McNaney
Luckenbaugh                     Jacqueline A. Marcin, D.M.D.         Sandra R. McCauslin          E. Howell and Kelly McNeal
Travis S. Luckenbaugh           Bernadette Marcovitch                Nancy Z. McCleaf             Atty. Harry L. McNeal, Jr.
Kay E. Ludwig                   Wayne and Sharyn Marier              Steuart and Brenda McCleaf   Nathaniel McVey-Finney
Larry and Kathaleen Ludwig      Melissa J. Marino                    David and Rhonda McCleary    Diane L. McWilliams
Joan B. Lundberg                James and Jane Markel                Loren and Myrtle McCleary    Vanessa S. McWilliams
John and Carol Lundeen          William and Lois Markel              Mary Jane McCleary           Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Mead
Gregory V. Lutter               Clair and Carlene Markey             Millard A. McCleary          Sharon K. Mead
Angela Lutz, D.M.D.             Duke and Charmaine Markey            David and Jane McClellan     Dale and Marilyn Meagher
Dana L. Lutz                    James and Debra Markey               Mr. and Mrs. Victor R.       David and Linda Meanor
Michael and Cheryl Lutz                                              McCloskey                    Peggy P. Meckley
                                Jamie M. Markel
Paul and Mary Lutz                                                   D. Wayne McClure             Mary A. Meek
                                Wade A. Markel
Wendell and Donna Lutz                                               Suzanne and Vance McConkey   B. Joan Meisenhelder
                                Melissa Markey
Elizabeth F. Lydon                                                   Yvonne McConkey              Samuel and Zoe Meisenhelder
                                Michael and Linda Markey
Mary Louise Lynch and                                                James and Janet McCormack    Madeline A. Melato
                                Amy D. Markle
Charlie & Sarah Evancho                                              Ronald and Vivian            Delmas and Shirley Mellott
                                Barry and Patricia Markle            McCullough
C. Fulton and Eugenia Lytle                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meneeley
                                Charles and Barbara Markle           Kevin J. McCullum, M.D.
Jody and Virginia Macavoy                                                                         Leroy and Loretta Mengle
                                Charles Markle                       Dean and Norma Jean
Dr. and Ms. Howard H.

   Helping Hands
Donald and Nancy Maceslin
Dean and Lynette Mackley
                                Ms. Helen G. Markle
                                Beatrice V. Markley
                                Jennifer L. Markley
                                Bruce Marrow

                                                                     James and Mary McDonald
                                                                     John and Joyce McDonald
                                                                     Diane and Robert McElwain
                                                                                                  Steven and Cynthia Merrick
                                                                                                  Deborah A. Messersmith
                                                                                                  Denise M. Messersmith
                                                                                                  Messiah U.M. Women
                                              ❦ Individual Donors ❦

Jennifer Messoris               Mr. and Mrs. Harry Millwater       Mr. and Mrs. Dwight E.          Tina H. Ness
Nina S. Messoris                Atty. and Mrs. Craig Milsten       Mundis                          Norma Neuman and Carla
Al and Marilyn Metzler          Harry and Susan Mimna              Arthur and Joanne Murphy        Mast
Mr. Richard Meuse               Paul Minnich                       Jayne Murphy                    Cyndi Newman
Corwell L. Meyer                Kathleen M. Mirsky                 Lorraine D. Murphy              Doug and Nancy Newman
Donald K. Meyers                Joseph A. Mokris                   Rodger and Nancy Murphy         Lorene Newman
Scott and Angel Michael         Cathy A. Molin                     Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Mussano   Linda F. Newton
Robert J. Michalsky             John and Kathryn Monk              Amy R. Myers                    Nancy and Barry Newton
Wayne and Cheryl Miedwig        Alex and Kay Monteith              Arthur and Myrna Myers          Christine C. Nguyen-Le
Nancy R. Miklaucic              Patti Monteith                     Betty S. Myers                  Jennifer M. Nguyen
Michael H. Millen               Melissa and Reed Mook              Carolyn R. Myers                Brad and Ruby Nicholas
C.E. and Lois Miller            Christi Moon                       Christine and Terry Myers       Nancy Nicholas
Carl R. Miller                  Diane L. Moore                     Clinton L. Myers                P. Geoffrey Nicholson, Jr., MD
D. Fred Miller                  Leroy and Octavia Moore            Edwin and Cindy Myers           Wendy Nightingale
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Miller,   Mr. and Mrs. J.W.C. Morgan, Jr.    George and Penelope Myers       Francis and Naomi Ninos
D.P.M.                          Margaret T. Morgan                 Gordon and Kathryn Myers        Mary E. Nixdorf
Delano and Vicki Miller         Robert and Margaret Morgan         John Myers                      Marian L. Noble
Delph B. Miller                 Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Moritz     Kevin Myers                     Loretta A. Nogle
DeWolfe and Katherine Miller    John M. Moroney                    Lonnie and Kathleen Myers       Barbara Noll
Dr. Edmund Miller and Dr.       James Morris                       Lynette Myers                   Chad A. Noll
Esther Miller                                                      Michelle Myers                  James and Kay Nolt
                                William and Lois Morrison
Eugene F. Miller                                                   Phillip and Carol Myers         Janifer Nolte
                                Wyatt F. Morrison
Flavia J. Miller                                                   Ralph and Emily Myers           Mr. and Mrs. Dean K. Norbeck
                                Stewart and Kay Morrow
Francis and Thelma Miller                                          Robert L. Myers, III            Shelly Nordsick
                                E. Richard Morse
Frank R. Miller                                                    Ronald E. Myers                 Thomas and Joan Norris
                                Sandy A. Morton
Frederick and Lois Miller                                          Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Myers   John Northrup
                                William and Ann Morton
George A. Miller                                                   Susan R. Myers                  James Norton
                                Guy and Pamela Moscato
George and Karen Miller                                            Judy Nace                       Nancy M. Noss
                                Mr. William R. Mosebrook
George and Charlet Miller                                          Dean A. Nachtigall, D.O.        Walter and Joan Nusbaum
                                Mary V. Mosley
Gerald F. Miller                                                   Carol S. Nadig                  Dr. and Mrs. Allen S.
                                John and Sharon Mosser
Gerald and Catherine Miller                                        Damian and Sheila Nagle         Nussbaum
                                Kathy L. Mosso
Gloria E. Miller                                                   Grace Nagorny                   Jacqueline B. Oaster
                                Linda Motter and Kevin Lydon
J. Larry Miller and Susan                                          Daniel and Linda Nash           Ms. Sheila Oaster
Obloy                           Susanne M. Motter
                                                                   George and Rhonda Naumann       Todd F. Oberdick
James W. Miller                 Brian and Anne Moul
                                                                   Greg Nauss                      Cynthia J. Obianagha
Janet Miller                    Lois S. Moul
                                                                   Liza Naylor                     Daniel O’Connell
John and Tammy Miller           Ms. Lynne M. Moul
                                                                   William and Kelly Needler       Peggy O’Connell
Kenneth and Robin Miller        R. Frances and Alfred Mount
                                                                   Ms. Flo E. Neff                 Paul and Maryfrances
Larry L. Miller                 Randall W. Moyer                                                   Offermann
                                Bud and Amanda Moyer               Marion J. Neff
Larry Q. Miller                                                                                    Joan M. O’Keefe
                                Doug Mueller                       Charles and Barbara Neiman
Lisa A. Miller                                                                                     Robert and Fran Olbrich
                                John and Isabel Mueller            Dennis Neiman
Lois K. Miller                                                                                     Lawrence O’Leary
                                Jennifer and Peter Mulder          Amy L. Nelson
Nancy L. Miller                                                                                    Doris J. Olney
                                Linda Mumaugh                      Leona Nelson
Norman and Gloria Miller                                                                           Brenda L. Olson
                                Donna and Ronald Mumma             Michael and Deborah Nelson
Patrice J. Miller                                                                                  Betty K. O’Neill
                                Pearl M. Mumma                     James Nesbitt
Mr. and Mrs. Ray D. Miller                                                                         Olufunmilayo A.
                                Delores M. Mummert                 Beverly A. Ness                 Onobrakpeya, M.D.
Ronald & Nancy Miller
                                Elaine A. Mummert                  Carol A. Ness                   Lisa D. Oriolo
Sharon Miller

    Helping Hands
Teresa A. Miller
Tracy L. Miller
Wilmer J. Miller
                                James and Elaine Mummert
                                Joyce E. Mummert
                                Mrs. Ruth R. Mummert
                                James and Kelly Munchel
                                                                   Charlene Ness
                                                                   Ervin and Phyllis Ness
                                                                   Mack L. Ness
                                                                   Rae Ann Ness

                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Orner
                                                                                                   Donna Ornosky
                                                                                                   Kathi Orwig
                                          ❦ Individual Donors ❦

William and Dorothy Orwig     Dave Petry                        Dr. Seth Quartey and Mrs.       Jeffrey L. Reider
Kelly A. Osmolinski-Smith     Cliff Pfaff                       Grace Quartey                   Janet H. Reiff
R.N.                          Dan and Diana Pfister             Helen Quickel                   Alan and Cheryl Reigart
Jeffery and Jeanette Owen     Brett and Christine Pfleiger      Mr. and Mrs. James D. Quickel   Robert and Wanda Reigh
Robert M. Owen                Dave and Kathy Phillips           Robert and E. Jean Quickel      Eleanor K. Reigle
Robert and Jean Owen          Erin Phillips                     Thomas and Doris Quickel        David and Brenda Reiker
Deb Owens                     Ernie and Theresa Phillips        Kay Quigley                     Gerald and Dorothy Reimold
Dr. David & Cindy Owens       Ms. Kathryn M. Phillips           Keith and Elizabeth Quigley     Naomi R. Reimold
Larry and Patti Owens         Rebecca Pichardo                  Michael and Faye Quigley        Beverley A. Reindollar
Marilyn M. Owens              Jeri L. Pickel                    Vivian L. Quigley               Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J.
Larry and Debi Oxenberg       John and Geraldine Pike           David and Wendy Raab            Reinhard
Jacqueline and James Paasch   Jodie Pillow                      Robert and Vivian Raab          Maryllyn M. Reisinger
Bill Pacacha                  Donald E. Piper, M.D.             Eugene and Bonita Radel         Theresa Reiter
Anthony J. Pacini             Harley and Deborah Pirkey         Radiation Therapy Center        Richard and Gail Reitz
Karl and Darleen Paddison                                       Staff                           Paul & Carol Remenick
                              Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W.
Richard and Alyce Page        Pivovarnik                        Margaret D. Raether             Lois V. Renaut
Roland Page                   Cindy Pizziketti                  Pauline Raffensberger           Mary C. Renda
Aaron R. Palmer, M.D.         David and Jean Plessett           Sara Raffensberger              Nancy L. Renda
Scott & Cherie Palmer         Deborah S. Plank                  Mr. and Mrs. Steven             Richard K. Renn
Holly Palumbo                 James Plonk                                                       Susan A. Renoll
                                                                Thomas and Mary Jane Rahe
Russell R. Pancoast           Sheila Plonk                                                      H. Ellwood and Earlyn
                                                                Kenneth and Maryann             Repman
Steve and Julie Pandelidis    Richard and Donna Plymire         Rakestraw
George Panzer                 Giles and Shirley Poe                                             Dr. Mark Resciniti
                                                                Dr. Ann Ramage and Mr.
Arline R. Partin              Richard B. Poet                   Richard Berkoski                Patricia D. Ressler
Michael Patrick               Clair and Shirley Poff            Melanie A. Ranck CRNP           Chester and Patsy Rexroth
Shane Patterson               Leroy and Dorothy Poff            Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Raneri    A.M. and Janet Reynolds
R. Alan and Beth Patton       Louise W. Poff                    Usha G Rao, M.D. & Karambar     Robert and Sarah Rhine
Gary and Leah Paul            Gordon Porter                     G. Rao, Ph.D.                   W. Scott and Brenda Rhinehart
Robert and Sara Paul          John D. Potochny, M.D.            Helen E. Rasmussen              Diane K. Rhoades
Mrs. Sara E. Paul             Gwen R. Potteiger                 Mr. and Mrs. Clair H. Rau       Rodney Rhoads
Jacob and Ruth Paules         Bobby Gene and Genevieve          Charles and Toni Rausch         Michelle Rhubright
Cree J. Peck                  Potts                             Patricia Rausch                 David E. Rice
Michael L. Peck, D.O.         Kathryn A. Potts                  Martin and Carolyn              Donald Rice
Carol A. Peel                 Rick R. Potts                     Rawhouser                       Justin & Joann Rice
Jack Peeling                  Robert A. Potts                   JoAnn and George Ream           Jennifer Richard
William and Helen Peightel    Sean Potts                        Steven and Maxanne Rearich      Kathleen D. Richard
Janet A. Pendergast           Tracy H. Powell                   Ms. Marian G. Rebert            Charles and Carol Richards
Thomas and Cathy Pendergast   Gene and Cynthia Powlus           Joanne C. Rector                John and Patsy Richards
Dorothy B. Pennell            Dennis Prather                    Don L. Redding                  Neil and Rosemary Richie
Francis and Maryanne Perko    Cindy Pressel                     Jacqueline J. Reed              Laura Rickrode
Scott and Constance Pernitz   Barbara J. Preston                Lore P. Reed                    Sondra K. Riddick
Harry and Ruth Perry          Herbert and Bernice Prezant       Lynn M. Reed                    Dorothy W. Rider
Dawn Persing                  Dr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Prince    Mae Reehling                    Linda S. Rider
Megan Persing                 Harlowe and Susan Prindle         Daniel and Jonnie Regan         Mary Rife
Barry Peters                  Douglas and Florence              Doris and Carroll Rehmeyer      Galen and Rojean Riggs
                              Pritchard                         Michelle Rehmeyer               Barbie J. Riley
Bernard and Mae Peters
                              Mary Ellen Pritchard              Wayne and Susan Reich           Colleen Riley
Kristi Peters
                              Zoe G. Proctor                    Robert and Janet Reichard

  Helping Hands
Michelle L. Peters
Ronald and Susan Peters
Don W. Peterson
Charles and Augusta Petron
                              Deanna Protheroe
                              Owen and Darlene Prowell
                              Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Puglese

                                                                Ms. David Reichow
                                                                Mrs. Evelyn Reid
                                                                Dennis and Veda Reider
                                                                                                Nikki Rineer
                                                                                                Patricia Rinkevich
                                                                                                Yon S. Rinnus
                                                                                                Harold and Carolyn Rishel
                                              ❦ Individual Donors ❦

Kathleen M. Rittase             Ms. Karen F. Roundtree           Deb Schilling                    Thomas and Margaret Selway
Fern E. Ritter                  Sherry J. Rouscher               Bob Schillling                   Darlene M. Senft
Kelley Roark                    Tom Rubadue                      Ms. Sylvia M. Schimmel           Edward and Erma Senft
Stacey G. Robert, M.D.          Harry J. Rubin, Esq.             Dr. and Mrs. Charles E.          Lori Senft
Amy Roberts                     Joyce D. Ruby                    Schlager                         Robert and Delia Senft
Edward C. Roberts, II           Susan and Jeffrey Ruby           Dorothy M. Schlosser             Maria P. Sequeira, D.D.S.
Mark A. Roberts                 Thomas and Stephanie Ruby        William and Eileen Schmid        Mr. and Mrs. John B. Seville
Herman G. Robertson             Jean and Jim Rudisill            Mr. and Mrs. John C. Schmidt     Tara Sexton
Mark and Suzanne Robertson      R.E. and Sarah Rudisill          Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schmidt        Joan Shafer
David Robinson                  Robert and Tina Rudisill         Mrs. Arlene Schmitt              Frank and Carolyn Shaffer
Gertrude Robinson               Christine Rudolph                Diane Schmitt                    Keith and Cathy Shaffer
Dr. Leslie Robinson and Dr.     Robert J. Rudy                   John and Donna Schmitt           William and Martha Shaffer
Lynn Jensen                     Paul and Wendy Ruhlman           Laura B. Schmitt                 Amit B. Shah, M.D.
William and Virginia Robinson   Pamela H. Runkle                 Tony and Dorcas Schneider        Jacqueline Shanaberger
Andrew T. Rock                  Sheldon and Linda Rupert         Mr. and Mrs. Edward A.           Pauline E. Shanabrough
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S.                                           Schneider, III
                                Tony H. Ruppert                                                   Ann M. Shaner
Rockwell                                                         Linda C. Schneider
                                Dr. Michael Russo and Ms.                                         Dr. and Mrs. David Shannon
Mike and Kay Roddy              Barbara Harned                   Joseph and Anita Schnetzka
                                                                                                  Susan Shannon
Linda Rode                      Susan M. Ruth                    Christianne A. Schoedel, M.D.
                                                                                                  Elliot H. Shapiro
Clinton H. Roderick             Arthur C. Rutledge               Michele P. Schonbrunner,
                                                                 C.R.N.P                          Bernice E. Sharp-Gladfelter
Juliann Roderick                Harry and Ann Rutledge
                                                                 Diane and Kenneth Schriver       Bazil and Lucille Shaub
Judy A. Rodgers                 Michael N. Rutter
                                                                 R.E. and J.L. Schroth            Clyde and Derdre Shaub
Joel and Judith Rodney          Susan R. Ryan
                                                                 Paul and Mae Schrum              Harry & Virginia Shauck
Patricia C. Roe                 William and Ruth Sabey
                                                                 Mr. Craig Schultz                Chad Shaw and Mindy Noll
Edward Q. Rogers, M.D.          Keith Safford
                                                                 Eugene and Ann Schultz           H. V. and Judith Shaw
Ms. Terry C. Rogers             Isabelle I. Sakemiller
                                                                 Charles and Michelle Schussler   Robert and Norine Shaw
Cathy D. Rohrbaugh              Amanda Sallade
                                                                 Gretchen M. Schuster             Dr. James Sheaffer and Mrs.
Clyde and Mildred Rohrbaugh     Ridgley P. Salter, M.D.                                           Laura Sheaffer
David and Martha Rohrbaugh                                       Wm. and Marion Schwab
                                Randy and Connie Sanders                                          Linda S. Sheaffer
Ms. Linda L. Rohrbaugh                                           Deidre Schwartz
                                Robert and Christina Sanders                                      Brent Shearer
Philip and Geraldine                                             Jan and Gail Schwartz
                                Robert E. Sandruck                                                Charlene Shearer
Rohrbaugh                                                        Jeanne T. Schwartzer
                                Dr. and Mrs. John K. Sanstead                                     Daniel and Betty Shearer
Rickey and Carol Rohrbaugh                                       Philip and Dorothy Schweitzer
                                Abel Santiago, Jr.                                                Dr. and Mrs. David M. Shearer
Robin K. Rohrbaugh                                               David Sciannella
                                Diane M. Sargeant                                                 Frederick B. Shearer, Jr.
Roy and Eva Rohrbaugh                                            Mary A. Scott
                                Myrtle A. Satterfield                                             Jessica S. Shearer
William Roll                                                     Mr. and Mrs. William J. Scott,
                                Ryan and Joan Sattler            III                              Kathy A. Shearer
Francis A. Roman
                                Leon Saubel                      Ralph and Tana Scurfield         Pat Shearer
Joel and Ann Ropp
                                Lou H. Sauer, Jr.                Oscar and Patricia Seager        Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Shearer
Raymond and Debby Rosen
                                Margaret J. Saulisbury           Sheree E. Seben                  Christina R. Sheffer
Roger and Evelyn Roser
                                Mr. Mark W. Saunders             Andy and Adele R. Seebold        Debra Sheffer
David and Constance
Rosewicz                        Emile H. Savard                  B. Josephine Seemann             Franklin Sheffer
James and Sylvia Rosier         James and Sally Saxton           Richard and Anne Seibert         Laura Shekleton
Bradley and Deborah Ross        Joseph and Margarette Sboray     Patrick and Michelle Seideneck   Andy and Betsy Shelak
Nancy A. Rossi-Fogle            Daniel and Patricia              Jo Ann and Jay Seidenstricker    Jordan Shellenberger
                                Scarborough                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Shelley
Helen E. Rossnagel                                               Beatrice Seifert
                                David R. Schad                                                    Dennis and Carolla Shelly
Dr. Edward and Terry Roth                                        Karl and Jane Seifert
                                James D. Schaedler                                                Lisa Shelly and Kevin
Robert D. Rother                                                 Sandra Seifert

    Helping Hands
Mrs. Sara L. Rothermel
Sue Rothermel
Daryl and Deborah Rotz
                                Carolyn and Charles Schaefer
                                Daryl and Marjorie Schaffer
                                Tom and Rosa Schaffstall
                                David and Lillian Schiding
                                                                 Barbara A. Seiple
                                                                 Shirley S. Seitz
                                                                 Brian J. Selip

                                                                                                  Mary I. Shelly
                                                                                                  David and Laura Shepherd
                                                                                                  Philip and Virginia Shepp
                                               ❦ Individual Donors ❦

Christopher Sherdel                William and Rosemary Smeigh      Dean and Elaine Snyder         Lee and Carol Stare
Raymond and Carol Sherer           Patricia A. Smeltz               Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A.        Richard and Ila Stare
Leon and Eleanor Sherman           John and Dawna Smeltzer          Snyder                         Shirley A. Starner
Linda and John Sherman             Ms. Linda A. Smeltzer            H. Elstun Snyder               Daniel and Kathryn Stasko
Lori S. Shetter                    Billy and Pearl Smith            Dr. and Mrs. Henry R. Snyder   Emma M. Statella
Betty J. Shields                   Carol W. Smith                   Jack and Dauris Snyder         Glenn and Joann Staub
Ronald and Arlene Shindler         Charles and Mary Smith           Larry and Barbara Snyder       John and Catherine Staub
Vernon H. Shire, III               Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Smith    Marcelene F. Snyder            Michael and Mary Staub
Dave and Michele Shirey            Cheryl L. Smith                  Robert and Frances Snyder      Mr. and Mrs. Charles J.
Michelina Shirey                   David and Kathleen Smith         Shane Snyder                   Stauffer
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E.            Delbert and Barbara Smith        Shelby Snyder                  David and Joan Stauffer
Shirey                             Dolores A. Smith                 Sherri and Scott Snyder        Joseph and Julie Stauffer
Ruthanna Shoemaker                 Elizabeth Smith                  Thomas and Mary Ann Snyder     Arthur and Rose Stedman
Ira and Frances Shoff              Elizabeth P. Smith               Walter and Suzanne Snyder      Matthew Steenhoek
Kimberly A. Shoff                  Frank and Carolyn Smith          Alyce & Stephen Soffer         Rhonda Steffen
Basil and Constance Shorb          George S. Smith                  Jack and Marcia Soffer         James and Deborah Steiber
Matt and Brooke Shorb              Jeffrey M. Smith                 Stephen L. Soffer              John and Pauline Stein
Keturah T. Shorts                  Karen Quigley Smith              John A. Sommer                 Sam Stein
Melinda Shouck                     Kathleen Smith                   Matthew Sommer                 Sharon and William Stein
Wilfrid A. Shuchart                Keith and Diane Smith            Dan Sotirescu, M.D.            Jenny M. Steiner
Dixie L. Shue                      Lois E. Smith                    Doris Sowers                   John Steiner
Gene and Norma Shue                Lorrie A. Smith                  John Sowers                    Carolyn Steinhauser
Patricia Shue                      Ludann R. Smith                  Kathryn S. Sowers              Patricia A. Stern
Richard S. Shue                    Marie A. Smith                   Robert and Kathryn             Carolyn L. Sterner
Walter and Fern Shue                                                Spangenberger                  Kim and Sandra Sterner
                                   Matthew and Kimberly Smith
Dr. and Mrs. William M. Shue                                        George R. Spangler, Jr.        Tammy J. Sterner
                                   Maureen R. Smith
Norma Shuff                                                         Robert and Karen Spangler      Cathy Stetler
                                   Morgan and Paulette Smith
Suzanne M. Shultz                                                   Barry and Ann Sparks           John and Charlotte Stevens
                                   Nancy S. Smith
Wayne and Gail Shultz                                               Georgia G. Sparler             David J. Stewart
                                   Olene E. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Sibol                                       Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Spataro   Lynda and Leslie Stewart
                                   Paulette M. Smith
David and Darlene Sigel                                             Mary Spellman                  Robert H. Stewart, III
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H.
Richard and Linda Silverman        Smith                            David N. Speranza, M.D.        Robert and Norma Stewart
Mark Simmons                       Rick Smith                       Glenn Spinello                 Mr. and Mrs. Terrence S.
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Simpson         Rose Smith                       Donna Sprenkle                 Stewart
Ms. Sharon M. Simpson              Ms. Sandy L. Smith               John and Connie Sprenkle       Jay and Judith Stiffler
Susan Pritchard Sinkhorn           Shelva J. Smith                  St. James Luthern Church       Joseph and Rosemarie Stike
Curtis and Leah Sipe               Stacie L. Smith CRNP             St. Paul’s United Church of    Sandra J. Stiles
                                                                    Christ Stoverstown             Clifton E. Stine
Mr. and Mrs. Kerwin E. Sipe, Jr.   Steven B. Smith
                                                                    Gladys M. Stabley              Pat L. Stine
Bryan Sipes                        Susan M. Smith
                                                                    Chris and MaryEllen Stahl      Christine Stipanovic
David L. Sites                     Dr. James Smolko and Mrs.
                                   Helen Smolko                     Edward and Shirley Stahler     Gilda L. Stitely
Sean Sites
                                   Cheryl Smyers                    Lisa Ann Stahlman              Lydia A. Stitt
Barry and Daune Sitler
                                   Shirley Smyser                   Flora M. Staley                Ms. Linda A. Stitzel
Robert and Mary Skold
                                   Susan S. Smyser                  Alexander and Julia Stallman   Rose Marie Stockdale
Janis Slaby
                                   Susan M. Snell                   Elizabeth M. Stallman          Lucille F. Stokes
Lois E. Slagle
                                   Alan and Amy Snook               James and Sandra Stambach      Denise E. Stoltzfus
Barbara A. Sleeger
                                   Wayne and Faye Snook             Debra M. Stambaugh             Mervin Stoltzfus
Luanne D. Slusser
                                                                    Mark and Vicki Stambaugh

   Helping Hands
Al Small
Vivian J. Smalls
Betty J. Smallwood
Richard and Jolene Smallwood
                                   Barbara Snyder and Rodney
                                   Charles and Judi Snyder
                                   Dana and Susan Snyder

                                                                    Donald and Medea Stankus
                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stanley
                                                                    April M. Stapleton
                                                                                                   Paul and Betsy Stombaugh
                                                                                                   Ms. Evelyn M. Stoner
                                                                                                   Stony Brook Manor
                                                                                                   George L. Storey
                                            ❦ Individual Donors ❦

Keith and Cathy Stouch          Barbara and James Sweitzer     Ruth Topley                    Darren M. Vanhouwe
Vance R. Stouffer, Jr., MD      Dale and Maxine Sweitzer       Mary E. Topper                 Ms. Charlotte D. Varner
Betsy Stough                    Jennifer Sweitzer              Pat Torbert                    Barbara L. Vasellas
Evelyn A. Stough                Mr. and Mrs. Gary Swenson      L.W. Torres, Sr.               Harry Vasellas
Lisa A. Stough                  Ralph and Madeline Swenson     Larissa Tosch                  Steven R. Vassar
Kenneth and Donita              Harry and Carol Swift          Marion W. Tracy                Olive M. Verbit
Stoutzenberger                  Mark Swomley                   Thomas Trayer                  Lisa Vetere
Robert and Melanie Stover       Gail and Marlene Swords        Craig and Terese Trebilcock    Surinder Vohra, M.D.
Steven and Margaret Stover      Dave Tainer and Mary Butler    M. L. Treuthart                Ronald and Kathleen Voigt
Carol J. Stowell                James and Carol Tanzola        Dr. Steven Triantafyllou and   Frank and Mary Joe Vukmanic
Marty L. Strasbaugh             Martha Tassia                  Mrs. Amy Triantafyllou         Julie L. Waggoner
Joseph and Patricia             Stephanie Tavss                Mark and Paula Triller         Mr. and Mrs. Richard E.
Strausbaugh                                                    Bobbie K. Trimmer              Wagman
                                Charles and Dolores Taylor
Marty L. Strausbaugh                                           Gregory Trimmer                Frances E. Wagner
                                Margaret E. Taylor
Melvin Strawbridge                                             Edna O. Trite                  Jack and Anne Wagner
                                Martha Taylor
David and Stacey Strayer                                       Kimberly and Tom Trone         Philip H. Wagner
                                Diane E. Teale
Terry and Marsha Strayer                                       Ray and Karen Trone            Robert and Jane Wagner
                                James A. Tegeler, M.D.
Claude and Phyllis Street                                      Mr. and Mrs. Andrew H. Trout   Scott and Luann Wagner
                                Shawn M. Terry, M.D.
Howard and Martha Streett                                      Charles and Gloria Trout       Judy and George Waldner
                                Rose Tharp
Rita E. Streett                                                Kendra Trout                   Dr. Dale R. Walker
                                David Theibert
Dr. Charles Strehl and Ms.                                     Sandra Trout                   Thelma M. Walker
Anne Woods                      Thirteenth Ward Political
                                Club, Inc.                     Sandra L. Trout                Mr. David A. Walsh
Elaine W. Strickler
                                Margaret A. Thoman             Wayne and Phyllis Trout        Tyrone and Joan Waltemyer
Marieannet Strickler
                                Roberta Thoman                 Wendy A. Trout                 Linda Walter
Susan A. Strickler
                                Cheryl Thoman-Riebling         Ted L. Trout-Landen            Rodney and Theodora
Clarence and Joann Striewig                                                                   Waltermyer
                                Catherine V. Thomas            Raymond and Barbara Troxell
Karen Strine                                                                                  Richard and Patricia Walters
                                Ellen and Jim Thomas           Megan Troy
Mary D. Strine                                                                                Frank and Roma Walther
                                Jean A. Thomas                 Jacqueline and Neil Tucker
William and Marjorie Stringer                                                                 Betty Waltimyer
                                Mr. and Ms. Jim Thomas         Mrs. Jane A. Tucker
Cindy Strobeck                                                                                Cary J. Walton
                                L. Martha Ann Thomas, M.D.     Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Turek
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin F.                                                                        Cullen Wambaugh
Strockbine                      Ned and Harriet Thomas         Dr. and Mrs. David Turkewitz
                                Rose K. Thomas                 A. Gordon and Loma Turner      Dr. and Mrs. M. John Wampler
Kenneth and Donna Strong
                                Sarah E. Thomas                Evangeline F. Turner           Tamri J. Wampler
Daryl L. Stull
                                Archie and Kathryn Thompson    Michael and Sylvia Turner      Donna Deerin Ward
Meriam Stumbaugh
                                Mrs. William T. Thompson       Dan Tuschong                   Doris Ward
Eugene Stump
                                Larry and Tina Thompson        Diane C. Tyson                 Barry L. Warner
Phyllis M. Stump
                                Madelyn B. Thompson            Thomas and Carolyn Tyson       Billy J. Warner
Robert W. Stump
                                Mary Jane Thompson             Vicki L. Tyson                 Cathy Warner
Dwight and Lois Summers
                                Rachael R. Thompson            Kevin Udy                      Mr. and Ms. Donald M. Warner
Paul R. Summers
                                Mr. and Mrs. Todd W.           Victor and Ruth Ujcic          Floyd W. Warner
Sean E. Summers
                                Thompson                       Melanie Ulrich                 Gregory L. Warner Family
Patricia L. Supplee
                                William and Barbara            Julie and David Unger          Ray and Nancy Warner
Shawn Sutphen                   Thompson
                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Gary Urey, Jr.    Stephanie Warner
David and Elizabeth Swarr       Brenda M. Thomson
                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Urey     Stephen and Denise Warner
Donald and Pauline Swartz       George and Dianne Thornton
                                                               Ronald and Joann Urey          Lou Ann and Robert Wasik
Rick and Clyti Swartz           Virginia W. Thornton
                                                               John and Janet Utz             Lori M. Wasilewski
Harry and Hilda Sweeney         Paul and Marian Tice
                                                               Vada Mummert, LuCinda          Faye Watkins
Lindy L. Sweeney                Margaret and Dennis Tilton

    Helping Hands
Ms. Minnie Sweeney
Dr. and Mrs. Richard T. Sweet
Michael and Joyce Sweigart
                                Kathleen T. Todt
                                C. Kathleen Tompkins
                                Kenneth C. Tompkins
                                                               Estrella & Daniel Kramer
                                                               Richard Vahaly O.D.
                                                               Valley View Center Casual

                                                                                              Anne L. Watson
                                                                                              Ms. Joyce B. Watson
                                                                                              Michael R. Watson, M.D.
                                                                                              Richard and Deborah Watts
                                           ❦ Individual Donors ❦

Dee Waugh                      Catharine L. Wiest               Barry and Sandra Wolfe         Bahram and Alice Zangueneh
Debra K. Weatherly             James and Margaret Wiley         Jessica L. Wolfe               Regina M. Zapotosky
Diana E. Weaver                Joyce Wiley                      Russell E. Wolff               Janet L. Zarfoss
Jeff L. Weaver                 Betsy J. Wilhelm                 Gary Wolfgang                  Philip and Debra Zarfoss
Nancy B. Weaver                William N. Willard               Jill A. Wolfgang               Norman and Virginia Zartman
Eula M. Webb                   Virginia Williammee              Carl B. Wolfson                David and Jane Zazworsky
Ms. Edwina O. Weber            Bruce and Sharon Williams        Linda and Ted Wolpert          Frank and Pam Zeak
Sally R. Weber                 James and Thelma Williams        Women’s Network of York        Cheryl A. Zearfoss
Sue Weber                      Jean M. Williams                 Kenneth W. Wong                Geoffrey and Kimberly Zech
Ms. Darlene T. Wege            Lewis and Verda Williams         Georgine M. Wood               Betty Zehner
Shirley J. Weigel              Phyllis J. Williams              Michael E. Wood                Anne Zeigler
Gregory W. Weigle              Vernon and Helen Williams        Suzanne Wood-Thomas            Beverly M. Zeigler
Ms. Teresa A. Weigle           Walter Williams                  Tara Woofter                   Kenneth and Isabel Zeigler
Robert B. Weikert              Barbara & Fred Willis            Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Woolley   Martin Zemel
Mr. Mark Weinstein and Ms.     Reda Willis                      Roxana L. Woolridge            Anne Zerbe
Deena Gross                    John Wills                       Stephanie A. Workinger         Douglas and Shirley Zerbe
Harry N. Weiser                Garvey and Sara Wilmoth          Kenneth M. Worley              John and Susan Zerfing
David S. Weitzel               David G. Wilson, M.D.            Kathleen Wozniak               Katie Zerfuss
Kathryn H. Welsh               Linda R. Wilson                  Anna K. Wright                 Marianne Ziegler
Keith Welty                    Michael A. Wilson, M.D.          John A. Wright, M.D.           Charles D. Ziel
Thomas and Susan Wendel        Nia Wilson                       Charles A. Wurster             Fred and Ruth Ziffer
Earl J. Wenner, D.O.           Dr. and Mrs. Ray A. Wilson       Brenda A. Wylie                Dotty Zimmerman
Marianne D. Wentzel            Richard and Katharine Wilson     Donald & June Wylie            Eugene and Roberta
Betty M. Werking               Wilmer Wilson                    Jerry and Helen Yarnell        Zimmerman
F. Joseph and Annette Werner   Clair and Sandra Wilt            John and Elaine Yates          Jan W. Zimmerman
Henry W. Werner                Margery S. Wilt                  Michael and Jeanne Yeaple      John D. & Kathryn
Steve Werner                                                                                   Zimmerman
                               Mary Wilt-Smith                  Robert and Kathleen Yeater
Dale and Sheri Werntz                                                                          Gladys Zinn
                               Liz Winders                      Susan M. Yerkes
James and Jackie Werth                                                                         Jeffery N. Zinn
                               Douglas and Gloria Winemiller    Phyllis Yin and Zehao Zhou
D. Michael and Molly Wertz                                                                     Jennifer L. Zinn
                               Dr. and Mrs. Joel W. Winer       Kimberly A. Yinger
Lloyd and Maureen West                                                                         Zion United Methodist
                               William E. Winfree, Sr.          Nancy C. Yinger                Church
Taylor West                    Cynthia Winkelmann               Sandra Yingling                Joseph and Rebecca Zobler &
West York Memorial Post No.    Jennifer Winslow                 Ruth C. Yohe                   Family
                               Joseph and Jean Winslow          Dr. and Mrs. William C. Yohe   Robert and Helen Zorbaugh
Meg Wheeler
                               Diana M. Winter                  York County Shrine Club        Jamie Zwally
Martin and Mary Ann Whelan
                               Cheryl A. Wintermyer             Richard H. Yost                Gerrit and Patricia Zwergel
Lisa K. Whisler
                               Karen Wishart                    Audrey T. Youmans
Roland C. Whisler
                               Charles and Virginia Wisler      Michael B. Younes, D.P.M.
Dale and June Whitcomb
                               Ms. Susanlee Wisotzkey           D. Louise Young
Susan K. White
                               Ronald E. Witman                 Jean D. Young
Tim White
                               Darla Witmer                     John and Beverly Young
Dale and June Whitecomb
                               James and Darlys Witta           Mary J. Young
David and Mary Whitehurst
                               Alan and Mary Alice Wnuk         Ms. Patricia W. Young
Anna L. Whiteley
                               Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth F.          Sharon K. Young
Metza Whiteley                 Woerthwein                       Tana Young
Steven P. Whitman              Jadwiga B. Wojcicka              Verna W. Young
Louis and Joan Whittemore      Coni L. Wolf                     Walter and Nancy Young

  Helping Hands
George and Jean Whittles
Kenneth and Margaret Widdall
Diana Widdowson
Herbert and Alma Widdowson
                               Cornelia and William Wolf
                               Frances M. Wolf
                               George and Rachel Wolf
                               Kimberly L. Wolf

                                                                Wilhelmina Young
                                                                Helen Yu
                                                                Eric Yurick
                                                                Eileen A. Zacharda
                                         ❦ Memorial Contributors ❦

Tribute(s) for Charles E. Adams              Charlene Singleton Jones                  Mr. and Mrs. Sterling N. Hoffmaster
    Norma Jean Adams                         Marilyn Lane                              Brenda K. Mader
                                             Sheila Solow                              Jacqueline A. Marcin, D.M.D.
Tribute(s) for Donald E. Adams                                                         James and Jane Markel
    Mary Jane Bamberger                  Tribute(s) for Smyser Berger
                                                                                       Diane and Robert McElwain
    F & S Transportation Bus Drivers         Bruce T. Bobb                             Robert and Diane McElwain
    Newton and Kathleen Finley                                                         Rodger and Nancy Murphy
                                         Tribute(s) for Dr. Sol Bers
    Kenneth and Phyllis Gruver                                                         Judy Nace
                                             Sara J. Bers
    Ralph and Emily Myers                                                              Northwest Savings Bank
    Dennis and Carolla Shelly            Tribute(s) for Jo Ann Birgensmith             R.E. and Sarah Rudisill
    Sonoco CorrFlex                          Dean and Janice Cheesebrough              David and Lillian Schiding
    Frank and Roma Walther                   Theda                                     Wayne and Gail Shultz
    Ronald E. Witman                         John D. Denney, Jr.                       George and Delores Stearn
                                             William and Sharon Diaczun                Ann N. Strickler
Tribute(s) for Ms. Janet Alessi
                                             Ellen Geiger                              Ray and Karen Trone
                                             Jeffrey and Selesta Greiman               James and Darlys Witta
    Lou Gaz and Damon Bennett
                                             Rev. Ralph Greiman and Mrs. Frances
    National Auto Dealers Assoc.                                                   Tribute(s) for Lyle Bowen
    Scott & Cherie Palmer                                                              West York Golfers
                                             Rees and Susan Griffiths
    Tom Rubadue
                                             Louise Hasenfuss
                                                                                   Tribute(s) for Betty Boyer
Tribute(s) for Teresa L. Anderson            Roy and Marie Hildebrecht
                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Bupp
    June M. Billet                           Jo Ann Hyson
    Roxey C. Lewis                           Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Klimes         Tribute(s) for Dennis L. Brillhart
    Anthony and Darrah Mont                  Lynne C. Lecrone                          Cathy Stetler
                                             Barbara G. Lefoe
Tribute(s) for Mr. and Mrs. Frank E.         Betsy B. Lehner                       Tribute(s) for Vera Irene Britt
Auspitz                                      Earl and Elizabeth Lucius                 Mark W. Jeske
    Daniel Celia                             Pamela R. McIntosh                    Tribute(s) for Billy Broadbent
Tribute(s) for Merle S. Bacastow, M.D.       Cathy A. Molin                            Allen Family
    Mr. and Mrs. John C. Schmidt             Brian and Anne Moul
                                             Patrick and Jill Ozminski             Tribute(s) for Richard A. Brockley
Tribute(s) for Jackie Badders                Gordon and Darlis Parker                  Donald P. Housman
    Candy S. Fike                            Daniel and Jonnie Regan                   Rodger and Susan Lehr
                                             Wayne and Susan Reich                     Prince Athletic Association
Tribute(s) for Reed G. Bailey
                                             Sheldon and Linda Rupert                  Ruthanna Shoemaker
    Canadochly Evangelical & Reformed
    Church                                   Patricia A. Shaffer                       Mary J. Young
    Mr. and Mrs. Leonard L. Leiphart         Elizabeth P. Smith
                                                                                   Tribute(s) for Doris E. Brown
    Mary D. Strine                       Tribute(s) for Colby Bixler                   Brian and Jeanne Addison
Tribute(s) for Kathleen E. Baker             Ronald and Arlene Shindler
                                                                                   Tribute(s) for Scott E. Brown
    Herbert J. Baker                     Tribute(s) for Ervin S. Blessing              Stanley and Nona Brown
    Sandy L. Smith                           Cheryl D. Blessing
                                                                                   Tribute(s) for Janet A. Brunner
Tribute(s) for Arlene A. Barnard             Herbert and Gloria Blessing
                                                                                       Finish Line
    Taylor West                          Tribute(s) for Isabel R. Boeckel              Tighe Industries, Inc. Employees
Tribute(s) for Elaine Barnhart               C.E. and Lois Miller
                                                                                   Tribute(s) for Kenneth A. Bubb
    Kathleen Allen and David Staub       Tribute(s) for Mr. & Mrs. Robert              Jane E. Bubb
Tribute(s) for Jamison Baumgardner       Boehmer
                                                                                   Tribute(s) for John R. Buchart
    Delores M. Mummert                       Eileen A. Zacharda
                                                                                       Barry and Daune Sitler
Tribute(s) for Glenn Beckman             Tribute(s) for Linda Bolton
                                                                                   Tribute(s) for Hazel A. Burger
    David A. Walsh                           Thomas and Nina Albright
                                                                                       Pandora L. Brickner
                                             Donald and Jeanie Bentzel
                                                                                       Willis and Gayla Frantz
Tribute(s) for Scott H. Behler               Jeanie and Donald Bentzel

    Helping Hands
    Evelyn A. Stough
Tribute(s) for Ira Berg
    Morton and Lenore Greenwald
                                             Sarann C. Boring
                                             Donald and Rosemary Delisle
                                             Sonia M. Dittenhafer
                                             Morgan and Dawn Glessner

                                                                                       David and Maureen Gerzewski
                                                                                       Dwight and Mary Hake
                                                                                       Harrison & Charlotte C. Lane
                                                                                       Steven and Jolene Oerman
                                            ❦ Memorial Contributors ❦

     Roger and Patricia Whiteford            Tribute(s) for Lee Conley                       Bowlerettes & Wed. Nite Nighthawks
     Donald & June Wylie                         Pauline Creager                             Leagues
                                                 Prince Athletic Association                 Richard G. Cunningham
Tribute(s) for William J. Burke, Sr.                                                         Jean and John Douglass
    Florence F. Burke                        Tribute(s) for Sandra J. Cooley                 Erda and Robert Erdos
    William and Judy Burke                       Donald and Sandra Gingrich                  Bob and Erda Erdos
    Doug and Nancy Newman                                                                    Fred E. Eyster
                                             Tribute(s) for Leon Cooper, Jr.
Tribute(s) for Emily E. Butcher                  Clara L. Eber                               Connie M. Ferree
    James W. Miller                                                                          Karen L. Ferree
                                             Tribute(s) for John Corbette                    First Capital Federal Credit Union
Tribute(s) for Stuart Carlisle                   Mr. and Mrs. Haiges                         Julia A. Gibbs
    Dr. David & Cindy Owens                                                                  Daryl and Jane Girton
                                             Tribute(s) for Leroy Cowey
                                                                                             Eleanor Gruver
Tribute(s) for Gary L. Carman                    Mary Louise Lynch and Charlie &
                                                 Sarah Evancho                               MaryAnn Hartlaub
    Lisa A. Albright
                                                                                             James and June Herman
    Edris Oil Service
                                             Tribute(s) for Nancy Crouse                     Paul and Sandra Hershey
    Rosena A. Green
                                                 Laurie Crouse                               Holiday Inn-Holidome
    Ms. Judith L. Groft
                                                                                             Anthony and Verena Ierardi
    James and Beverly Herbert                Tribute(s) for L. D. Cruse, O. D.
                                                                                             Holly Klinefelter
    Dr. Krista J. Hershner-Decker                Reed & Connie Anderson
                                                                                             Frances Koppelman
    Landis Tank Lines, Inc., affiliate of        Stephen Cruse, O. D.
    Quality Carriers, Inc.                                                                   Paul A. Leiphart
    Eric and Darla Lehman                    Tribute(s) for J. William Culbertson            Chris and Kimberley Mann
    George and Charlet Miller                    United Steelworkers of America              Christine Mastro and Tina Wolford
    Larry Q. Miller                                                                          Sherry Mathis
                                             Tribute(s) for Issac & Isabella Davies          John and Joyce McDonald
    William and Dorothy Orwig                    Mr. and Mrs. John L. Finlayson
    Scott and Constance Pernitz                                                              Al and Marilyn Metzler
                                                 Virginia M. Finlayson                       Joseph and Sandra Migliore
    James and Sylvia Rosier                      Jeffry and Mary Huff
    Mary A. Scott                                                                            Alex and Kay Monteith
                                                 Tyco Electronics                            Peggy O’Connell
    Harry & Virginia Shauck                      Ms. Watson
    Clarence and Joann Striewig                                                              Jeffery and Jeanette Owen
    Lewis E. Urey                            Tribute(s) for Ann Davis                        Bernard and Mae Peters
    Scott and Luann Wagner                       Thomas and Stephanie Appler                 Gwen R. Potteiger
    Dr. Dale R. Walker                           J. Kenneth Davis                            Herbert and Bernice Prezant
    Kenneth and Mary Weaver                      Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Dellinger, Jr.       David and Wendy Raab
                                                 Jeannette and Richard Dorwart               Keith and Diane Smith
Tribute(s) for Marion Casagrande                                                             Rose Smith
                                                 Richard and Jeannette Dorwart
    Joan E. Kerchner                             John and Judith Doviak                      Larry and Barbara Snyder
    Janis Slaby                                  Donna K. Fitzkee                            Robert and Norma Stewart
                                                 Roger L. Heyser                             Storm, Scullion and Co., P.C.
Tribute(s) for Madeline M. Celia
                                                 Waltraud Holinowsky                         Stephen and Denise Warner
    Daniel Celia
                                                 Patricia M. Kelbaugh                        Shirley M. Weaver
Tribute(s) for Evelyn R. Christenberry           Adolph Lang                                 Evelyn E. Williams
    Joseph F. Christenberry                      Bob Lang                                    Frank and Pam Zeak
    Galen and Leona Eckert                       Mr. and Mrs. Lang                       Tribute(s) for Anna J. Diehl
    General Dynamics OTS                         J.W.C. Morgan                               Keith K. Diehl
    Bruce and Donalene Grove                     Dorothy B. Pennell                          Mrs. Lucretia E. Fake
    Mr. and Mrs. Leonard L. Leiphart             Ira and Frances Shoff                       Donna K. Fitzkee
    Richard B. Poet                              Dana and Susan Snyder                       Gail and Marlene Swords
    Marcelene F. Snyder                          Dr. and Mrs. Scott E. Snyder, D.P.M.
                                                 Sherri and Scott Snyder                 Tribute(s) for Donald C. Dill
Tribute(s) for Barbara Clancy
                                                 Susquehanna Automatic Sprinklers            David C. Dill
    Charles and Lois Boll
    John and Gladys Ness                                                                 Tribute(s) for Mr. LaMar E. Dockey
                                                 Anna Tauscher
    George L. Storey                                                                         Robert and Joan Hamme

   Helping Hands
    West York Class of 1951
Tribute(s) for Daniel Clouser
    Darlene T. Wege
                                                 Donna L. Trapani
                                             Tribute(s) for Rebecca A. Dennis
                                                 Annemarie E. Baker
                                                 Jon and Wendy Binnix

                                                                                         Tribute(s) for Grace I. Douglass
                                                                                             Oscar and Lorraine Knipel
                                                                                             Harvey and Janice Kornstein
                                         ❦ Memorial Contributors ❦

    Nancy Z. McCleaf                         Theodore and Jo Lynn Beltz             Lee A. & Irene Bradley
    Thomas and Stephanie Ruby                Lynn and Arla Crone                    Clifford and Rebecca Irey
                                             Donegal Insurance Co.                  Jell and Joseph Krivetzky
Tribute(s) for Maxine Lehman
                                             Vaughn and Betsy Glover                JoAnn Krivetzky
                                             Gary and Gloriann Green
    Robert and Deborah Bryant                                                   Tribute(s) for Frank Frickie
                                             Barbara J. Kindig
    Lois K. Miller                                                                  B.E. Griffiths
                                             Jeffrey and Jacqueline Linsey
Tribute(s) for Shirley A. Drawbaugh          Joan A. Mahoney                    Tribute(s) for Marcia Gaeta
    Rosemary C. Huntsberger                  Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Puglese           Cancer Care Associates Employees
    Marijane Imburgia                        Mr. and Mrs. Rau                       TYCO
    Earl and Diane Krug                      Robert and Wanda Reigh
    Lower Allen Teachers Fund                Mrs. Sara L. Rothermel             Tribute(s) for Audrey Garman
    Jo Ann and Jay Seidenstricker            John and Mary Ann Savard               Audrey Garman
    Glenn and Joann Staub                    Jacqueline Shanaberger                 Ronald E. Garman
                                             Lori S. Shetter                    Tribute(s) for Leon Geiselman
Tribute(s) for Douglas B. Eckert             Delbert and Barbara Smith
    Darlene M. Groft                                                                Bortner’s Janitorial Service
                                             Carolyn L. Sterner                     Robert and Gloria Bowers
Tribute(s) for Cory D. Ehrhart               Paul and Marian Tice                   Diane D. Hawn
    Kathryn M. Ehrhart                   Tribute(s) for Alice Fisher                Mr. and Mrs. Merle G. McElwain
    Donald and Evelyn Flinchbaugh            Joseph C. Frisco                       Dr. Edmund Miller and Dr. Esther
Tribute(s) for Glenn Eisenhart           Tribute(s) for Heidi Fisher
    Robert and Sarah Rhine                   Bruce and Cheryl Koons             Tribute(s) for Eugene “Butch” Gemmill
                                                                                    Kathy L. Mosso
Tribute(s) for Florence Elstrodt         Tribute(s) for Nelson “Sonny” Fitz
    Oscar and Patricia Seager                William and Janet Barham           Tribute(s) for Patricia Gemmill
                                             ExCel Maintenance and Remodeling       Ronald and Joann Urey
Tribute(s) for Robert L. Evans, M.D.
    Margaret D. Evans                        Co.                                Tribute(s) for Mr. Leon Gilbert
                                             Romaine M. Flory                       Barry and Daune Sitler
Tribute(s) for Jody L. Eyler                 Dennis R. Free
    Christine H. Baker                       GTS Companies, The                 Tribute(s) for Betty J. Glatfelter
    Linda Bittle                             A. & C.E. Heisler                      Patricia Cotton
    Travis S. Luckenbaugh                    Richard and Betty Hersey               Shirley and Lonnie Frey
    James and Jennifer Malehorn              Chad Shaw and Mindy Noll               Barbara A. Gouker
    Darla Witmer                             Robert and Norine Shaw                 Dean and Elaine Snyder
                                             Dorrine L. Smith                       Charles and Gloria Trout
Tribute(s) for Paul Eyster
                                             David and Stacey Strayer
    Nancy L. Eyster                                                             Tribute(s) for Carrie Good
                                             TechBooks Print
    J. Richard Glatfelter                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Bupp
                                             Wachovia Securities
    Melissa A. Heindel                                                              Patricia Hueter
    William and Janis Heindel            Tribute(s) for Gloria Fleming              Strinestown U.B. Church
    Leona Hubley                             Gary C. Fleming
                                                                                Tribute(s) for Clarabeth Grossman
    Kathryn M. King
    Christopher and Debra Sallade        Tribute(s) for Charles I. Floyd            Arnold H. Gale
    St. James Senior Choir                   Robert and Vivian Raab
                                                                                Tribute(s) for Mr. and Mrs. Max S.
    Lydia A. Stitt                       Tribute(s) for Steve Foster            Grumbacher
    Ronald and Joann Urey                    New Concept Manufacturing              Jeanne T. Schwartzer
    Voith Siemens Quarter Century Club       Regina M. Zapotosky                Tribute(s) for Linda J. Hamme
Tribute(s) for Theresa Y. Fahs           Tribute(s) for Clyde L. Frankenberry       Barry and Daune Sitler
    Amy B. Keller                            Daniel and Anita Brant             Tribute(s) for Madalyn Harlacher
Tribute(s) for Father & Grandfather          Dorothy F. Frankenberry & Family       Sheryl A. Benedict
    Jack and Marcia Soffer                   Stewart and Kay Morrow                 Edward G. Braithwood
                                             Paul & Carol Remenick                  Deloris Crone and Margaret Gettys
Tribute(s) for Grace Feere                   York International Corporation/

    Helping Hands
    Stony Brook Manor
Tribute(s) for Kathy L. Fetter
    Accounting Department
                                             Grantley Plant
                                         Tribute(s) for Mr. Edward P. Freeman
                                             Mr. and Mrs. George Barnes

                                                                                    Rosanna Dunavin
                                                                                    Ralph and Reba Gross
                                                                                    Brent and Janet Harlacher
                                                                                    Charles and Phyllis Harlacher
                                           ❦ Memorial Contributors ❦

    Harmon Family                               Earl and Elizabeth Lucius           Tribute(s) for Mr. and Mrs. George M.
    William and Krista Landis                   Larry and Kathaleen Ludwig          Henry
    Sallye Limbert & Family                     Pamela R. McIntosh                      George and Lois Henry
    Mr. and Mrs. Miller                         Leroy and Loretta Mengle                Lois Henry
    Brenda L. Olson                             Teresa A. Miller
                                                                                    Tribute(s) for Joseph E. Hensley, Sr.
    Yon S. Rinnus                               Cathy A. Molin
                                                                                        Dallastown Borough
    Betty L. Rosenbluth                         Robert and Sandra Moyer
                                                                                        Gichner Systems Group, Inc.
    Diane and Kenneth Schriver                  Arthur and Joanne Murphy
                                                                                        Carroll and Rose Horton
    Rebecca Shelly                              Ralph and Emily Myers
    York Hospital Medical Records Staff         Mary N. Nardecchia                  Tribute(s) for Anna M. Herman
    Clair and Barbara Zinn                      Janifer Nolte                           James and June Herman
                                                Sarah F. Perina                         Kathryn P. Myers
Tribute(s) for Mr. Walter Harner
                                                Dave and Kathy Phillips
    Judith H. Bergdoll                          Ronald and Alice Provard            Tribute(s) for Grace Herman
                                                Eugene and Bonita Radel                 Clifton and Judith Gordon
Tribute(s) for Rev. Robert B. Harnish
    BP Arc’s Child Center                       Daniel and Jonnie Regan             Tribute(s) for Pamela S. Hevner
    Leigh and Cindy Ellis                       H. Ellwood and Earlyn Repman            Magdalene Smith
    Carl and Pati Flandermyer                   Kevin and Michelle Reynolds
    Robert H. Griffith, Esq.                    Pamela A. Rice                      Tribute(s) for Ruth A. Hirt
    Gary L. Krebs                               Patricia Rinkevich                      Jerone and Rebecca Hively
    Dale and Marilyn Meagher                    Daryl and Deborah Rotz
                                                                                    Tribute(s) for Donald C. Hoch
    Dr. and Mrs. W. Jay Nicholson               Robert and Tina Rudisill
                                                                                        Larry and Georgia Amspacher
    Diane K. Rhoades                            Mrs. Arlene Schmitt
                                                                                        Thomas and Sarah Glover
    Richard and Katharine Wilson                Marylouise Schumacher
                                                Barbara A. Seiple                   Tribute(s) for Sandra Holsopple
Tribute(s) for George N. Hartlaub               Patricia A. Shaffer                     Jennifer and Peter Mulder
    Arthur N. Ferree                            H. V. and Judith Shaw
                                                Dolores A. Smith                    Tribute(s) for Dorothy M. Holtzapple
Tribute(s) for Rita Hasenfuss                                                           Kagen, MacDonald & France, P.C.
    William E. Altland                          Nancy S. Smith
                                                H. Elstun Snyder                        Ladies Auxiliary WY Memorial VFW
    Richard and Joan Baldassarre                                                        PFG Capital Corporation
    Gregory E. Bentley                          Donald and Medea Stankus
    Nancy L. Bentley                            Cathy Stetler                       Tribute(s) for Guy W. Holtzapple
    Capital City Dental                         Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc.           Rodney E. Kohler
    CD High Business Dept.                      Brenda M. Thomson                       Barbara Snyder and Rodney Kohler
    Central Dauphin School District             Carla R. Werner
                                                West Shore School District          Tribute(s) for Sandra Quickel
    James and Janet Chinault                                                        Holtzapple
                                                Administration Center
    Burton F. Chronister                                                                Jennifer and Peter Mulder
                                                Sarah F. Whiteley
    Elwood and Marcella Cooper
                                                Brenda A. Wylie                     Tribute(s) for Thelma Holtzapple
    Roger L. Crone
                                                York Chapter PIAA Basketball            William and Lurraine Gettier
    Mickey Cuffaro
    William and Sharon Diaczun                                                          Virginia L. Vasko
                                                John and Susan Zerfing
    Robert and Robert Dovey
                                                                                    Tribute(s) for Ruth & Donald Holtzman
    Paul C. Englert                         Tribute(s) for Marvin Hearn
                                                                                        Melvin and Starr Doyle
    Jeffrey and Donna Gamber                    Diane Strobeck
    Robert and Gabrielle Griffith               Joseph and Diane Strobeck           Tribute(s) for Richard E. Hoover
    Griffith, Strickler, Lerman, Solymos                                                Rene and Rita Champagne
    & Calkins                               Tribute(s) for Alice J. Heilman
                                                                                        Renee M. Champagne
    Rees and Susan Griffiths                    Clinton Fuhrman and Andy Weidener
                                                                                        Catherine Fry
    Clarabeth Grossman                          Elizabeth H. Hamme
                                                                                        Graham Architectural Products
    Joseph F. Hasenfuss                         R. Franklin Jones                       Employees & Friends
    Kevin and Michele Heltebridle               Joan M. O’Keefe                         Kathleen Hoover
    Hill Auto Parts, Dick                       R.E. and J.L. Schroth                   Richard and Marian June
    Dr. and Mrs. Erich Kim                      Mary Wunderlich                         Markey Inc., Richard D.

   Helping Hands
    Bob and Jane Landis
    Terry and Jane Langeheine
    Barbara G. Lefoe
    Charles and Ann Lehman
                                            Tribute(s) for Charles W. Heindel
                                                Cadmus Professional

                                                                                        Edgar and Paula Martz
                                                                                        Robert and Janet Reichard
                                                                                        Sniegocki & Associates, PC
                                           ❦ Memorial Contributors ❦

Tribute(s) for Samuel Horner               Tribute(s) for Richard D. Jackson, Sr.         Deborah Keefe
    Dale and Maxine Sweitzer                   Jackson Family                             Samantha Kost
                                                                                          Resa F. Levinson
Tribute(s) for Janet Hoskins               Tribute(s) for Kathy James                     David and Ann Lindenmuth
    Thomas and Karen Moubray                   Gifts received in memory of                Michael and Cynthia Malkowski
                                               Sharon L. Hart                             Elaine A. Mummert
Tribute(s) for Lillian E. Hotz
    Mary Fillmore                          Tribute(s) for Daniel H. Jenkins               Norma Neuman and Carla Mast
                                               Wayne and Cheryl Miedwig                   Kay Quigley
Tribute(s) for Hazel Howard                                                               Michael and Faye Quigley
    Clifton and Judith Gordon              Tribute(s) for Charles Bo Pete Jones           Vivian L. Quigley
                                               D.M. Bowman Inc.                           Rochelle Rosenberg-Keeny
Tribute(s) for Dale Huber
    Milton and Rita Buschman               Tribute(s) for Delores M. Kaltreider           Vivian J. Smalls
    Marilyn Cox                                Gary and Virginia Jones                    Karen Quigley Smith
    E. Wayne and Diana Harrison                Edward and Erma Senft                      Lucille F. Stokes
    James and Kristina Huber                                                              Marty L. Strausbaugh
    Dennis and Carolyn Nace
                                           Tribute(s) for Hilda Kashner                   Lauren J. Thomas
    Thomas and Carolyn Tyson                   Francis and Thelma Miller                  Ronald and Kathleen Voigt
                                               TYCO                                       Thomas and Eileen Wible
Tribute(s) for Francis J. Hudock                                                          Barry and Sandra Wolfe
                                           Tribute(s) for Thomas A. Keeney
    R.M. and June Acworth                                                                 Susan M. Yerkes
                                               Ace Heating & Cooling Co., Inc.
Tribute(s) for Robert J. Huska, Sr.            Richard and Jeanne Behnke              Tribute(s) for Ray W. Kehm, M.D.
    Terry and Patricia Bentzel                 Stephen Cruse, O. D.                       Mary L. Bauer
    Jerry and Daniel Brenner                   Donald and Darlene Dacheux                 Dr. and Mrs. Earl L. Bernstine
    Marshall and Barbara Coyle                 Eugene and Thelma Dellinger                Lavern H. Brenneman
    Spurgeon Cunningham Families               Scott A. Everhart                          James and Susan Chubb
    Dynetech Services Corporation              Grandview Ladies Golf Assn.                Dr. and Ms. Arthur C. Crovatto
    Patrick and Rhonda Einsig                  Glenn and Dena Heiland                     Janet and Arthur Crovatto
    Robert and Bonita Emenheiser               Emma Keeney                                Robert and Andrea Etzweiler
    Matthew T. Figlock                         Keith and Cathy Klingenberg                John and Debbie Flinchbaugh
    John & Mary Gallagher                      Ray and Joyce Kohr                         Gary and Karyl Lee Gilbert
    Jerry L. Gingerich                         Beatrice V. Markley                        Dr. Donald Gross and Mrs. Joan
    Dennis and Judy Grim                       Walter and Gayle Shipkosky                 Gross
    Richard B. Hershey                         Thirteenth Ward Political Club, Inc.       Kristine and Larry Gross
    Robert and Cathy Jacobs                    Viking Athletic Association                Larry and Kristine Gross
    Dolores A. Jeffers                         Walz, Deihm, Geisenberger, Bucklen         Robert and Gladys Hirschman
    Bonnie L. Kenney                           & Tennis                                   Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin A. Hoover, II
    Paul and Bonnie Landes                                                                William and Elizabeth Hurley
                                           Tribute(s) for Ms. Lois Kefauver
    Nancy Lewis and Jennifer Altland                                                      Jane and Robert Landis
                                               Richard and Maureen Alloway
    James and Joan Loucks                                                                 Bob and Jane Landis
                                               Karen S. Arnold
    Elizabeth F. Lydon                                                                    Donna L. Massey
                                               Leah Baron
    Carl R. Miller                                                                        Richard and Donna Massey
                                               Center for the Support of Families
    Walter and Joan Nusbaum                                                               Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Reinhard
                                               Patrick and Linda Clark
    Prince Georges Metro Center                                                           Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Schlager
                                               Renee R. Cohen
    Regal Plumbing                                                                        Philip and Virginia Shepp
                                               Michael and Wanda Corcoran
    William and Shirley Roeder                                                            Basil and Constance Shorb
                                               Leada L. Dietz
    Diane Schmitt                                                                         Dr. and Mrs. William M. Shue
                                               W.C. and Donna Dinges
    John and Donna Schmitt                                                                Susan S. Smyser
                                               Michael and Kathryn Ferree
    Sylvia Susko                                                                          Dr. and Mrs. Henry R. Snyder
                                               Fitzpatrick School Social Club
    Thirteenth Ward Political Club, Inc.                                                  John and Connie Sprenkle
                                               Joanne Fry
    James and Thelma Williams                                                             David and Joan Stauffer
                                               James and Betty Gable
    David and Jane Zazworsky                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Terrence S. Stewart
                                               Grassroots Advisory Committee
                                                                                          Dianne G. Thornton
Tribute(s) for Edward F. Hyser                 Shirley Haugh
                                                                                          George and Dianne Thornton
                                               John C. Henderson

    Helping Hands
    West York Golfers
Tribute(s) for Doug Ingling
    Kenwood and Susan Cromer
    Jody and Virginia Macavoy
                                               Ish M. Holt
                                               Jeffrey and Rebecca Holt
                                               Mr. and Mrs. Tyler A. Holt

                                                                                          Jacqueline and Neil Tucker
                                                                                          Phyllis H. Wolf
                                                                                          York Hospital
                                         ❦ Memorial Contributors ❦

    John D. & Kathryn Zimmerman Fund          John and Carol Lundeen              Tribute(s) for Charles Lehr
    of York Foundtn                           Michael and Cheryl Lutz                 York Container Foundation
    Kathryn and John Zimmerman                Richard and Mary Marvel
                                              Mary Jane McCleary                  Tribute(s) for Phyllis H. Leiphart
Tribute(s) for Frances M. Keihl                                                       Gregory E. Bentley
                                              Dr. Howard Mirsky and Mrs.
    Roseanne DiFonzo                          Kathleen Mirsky                         Nancy L. Bentley
Tribute(s) for Matthew D. Kemp                Kathleen M. Mirsky                      O. Halsey and Emily Hill
                                              Morgan Collins, Inc.                    Joanne H. Kovener
    Alfred and Doris Kemp
                                              Brian and Anne Moul                     Omeda Communications
    David W. Kemp
                                              Lawrence O’Leary                        Steven R. Vassar
Tribute(s) for Leo Kerr                       Dan and Diana Pfister               Tribute(s) for Mr. Ronald U. Lentz
    Fieldwork Atlanta, Inc.                   Gene and Cynthia Powlus                 Arnold and Clarie Angel
    Fieldwork Boston, Inc.                    Susan A. Strickler                      Nancy Carbaugh
    Fieldwork Dallas, Inc.                    John and Janet Utz                      Mary C. Dierdorff
    Fieldwork East Inc.                       Tyrone and Joan Waltemyer               Metals USA
    Fieldwork Phoenix, Inc.                   Thomas and Susan Wendel                 Nolt & Son, Inc., C.O.
    Go Consulting, Inc.                       Charles D. Ziel                         James and Kay Nolt
    Billee M. Gudaz
                                          Tribute(s) for Lanny Knaub                  Charles and Mary Smith
    Hartford Area Career & Tech Center
                                              Stephen and Teresa Douglas              West York Memorial Post No. 8951
    Hird Family
    Mrs. Leo Kerr                         Tribute(s) for Lewis Knaub              Tribute(s) for Irwin Levinbook
    Raymond and Maria Kuschel                 Theda A. Knaub                          Carol G. Levinbook
    Nancy J. McHugh
    Daniel and Linda Nash                 Tribute(s) for Ellen M. Knight          Tribute(s) for James W. Lewis
    George Panzer                             Louise and Percy Brown                  Fred and Twila Alden
    Dave Tainer and Mary Butler               Wayne and Nancy Housman                 Theodore and Harriet Arnold
    Richard and Deborah Watts                 Ralph and Emily Myers                   Sandra S. Bahn
    Vernon and Helen Williams                                                         Robert Blecher
                                          Tribute(s) for Douglas E. Koch              Ned A. Landis
    Carl B. Wolfson
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Merle G. McElwain          Jeffrey W. Lau
Tribute(s) for Brenda M. Kile                                                         Eleanor C. Mayer
                                          Tribute(s) for Jessica L. Kunkle
    Ronald and Betty Heath                                                            McConkey & Co., Inc., E. K.
                                              Autumn House at Powder Mill, Inc.
Tribute(s) for Allan King                                                             Cindy K. Myers
                                          Tribute(s) for David H. Laird, Sr.          Edwin and Cindy Myers
    Debra A. Deller
                                              Fadely’s Auto Masters                   Bernard and Mae Peters
Tribute(s) for Murray Klinek                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fisher              Kenneth and Maryann Rakestraw
    Jack and Marcia Soffer                    Robert Miller                           Patricia Rausch
                                              Eva Smeltzer                            Andrew T. Rock
Tribute(s) for Clair L. Kling                                                         Rose Marie Stockdale
    North Oaks Church of Christ           Tribute(s) for Arnold C. Lange              Richard and Mary Stuart
                                              James and Mildred De Les Dernier        Curtis Thieret
Tribute(s) for Judy Klotkowski
                                              Rosalie Hartzell                        Joseph and Jean Winslow
    Lester and Kathryn Bentz                  Dorothy Lange
    William and Joan Berresford               Margaret D. Raether                 Tribute(s) for Frederick Lichty
    Holly Branin and Christian Bowman         Robert and Dorothy Ream                 Dr. Diane Keeney
    Thomas and Vickie Burgess                 Diana E. Weaver
    Vickie Burgess                                                                Tribute(s) for Nancy J. Lightner
    Patricia and Robert Davis             Tribute(s) for Larry E. Lau                 Walter Williams
    Dr. and Ms. Robert M. Davis               James and Patricia Anderson
                                                                                  Tribute(s) for Michael G. Linebaugh,
    Mr. and Mrs. David C. Dennish             James and Betty Gable
    Darlene G. Dufalla                        Frederick and Lois Miller
                                                                                      Elizabeth I. Cruse
    James and Wendy Flinchbaugh               York Concrete Company
    Keith and Sylvia Graver                                                       Tribute(s) for Marian S. Link
                                          Tribute(s) for Linda E. Leber
    Connie Hannigan                                                                   Wayne and Cheryl Miedwig
    Mr. and Mrs. William H. Humm              Robert and Vivian Raab

   Helping Hands
    Mary J. Kelly
    Dennis and Joanne Konczyk
    Roderick and Karen Lafountain
    Andrew and Rebecca Lomax
                                          Tribute(s) for Brandon Lehr
                                              Deanna Protheroe

                                                                                  Tribute(s) for Ruth Jones Little
                                                                                      Marian Jones
                                                                                      Ronald and Arlene Shindler
                                        ❦ Memorial Contributors ❦

Tribute(s) for Rena Loucks                 Georgia and Jeffrey Folkenroth        William J. Willders
    William R. Mosebrook                   Gregory and Tracy Forry               Barbara & Fred Willis
                                           Dr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Fortier       Tammy Wise
Tribute(s) for Linda Luciano               Brian and Margaret Funkhouser         Tammy Wise & Brenda Willders
    Friends of Linda Luciano               Jennifer L. Gross                     Jadwiga B. Wojcicka
Tribute(s) for Beverly A. Malloy           William and Mary Grove                York Cancer Center Staff
    Lee and Joan Bainbridge                Kathleen Guarino & Family             Marcy Zabaski
    Kenneth J. Mead                        Brent Hankey                          Beverly M. Zeigler
    George A. Miller                       Betsy Harrison                        Joseph and Rebecca Zobler & Family
    Gloria Miller                          David and Lisa Heist                  Jennifer Zobler
    Kathleen Smith                         Douglas and Lanette Henderson
                                                                             Tribute(s) for Jacqueline Martin
                                           Steven M. Hopkins
Tribute(s) for Charles Mann                Hyon Huh                              Richard Martin
    Richard and Janice Armiger             Lori Jacobs                           Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Martin, II
    Mr. and Mrs. John L. Finlayson         William and Esther Kauffman       Tribute(s) for Phyllis Martin
    Virginia M. Finlayson                  John and Ellen Kunklel                Dr. James & Linda Amsterdam
    Herbert and Pauline Herbst             Diane M. Lambert                      Mr. and Mrs. Keith L. Gee
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hunt                Donette Lasher                        Dave Kimpel
    Red Lion Lodge No. 649 F.& A.M.        Andrew and Marcelle League            Jamie M. Markel
    Isabelle I. Sakemiller                 Teresa Lockwood                       Carol Nadig
    Kim and Sandra Sterner                 Margaret J. Long                      John R. Smolko
Tribute(s) for Ruth March                  Dr. Ronald Malcom and Dr. Jean
                                           Hauser                            Tribute(s) for Dareen Maxwell
    Clarence J. March                                                            Fessenden Hall Inc.
                                           Edward and Elaine Mann
Tribute(s) for David C. Markey             William and Lois Markel               Jungclaus Family
    American Cooling Technology, Inc.      Barry and Patricia Markle             Robert & Rosemary Leister
    Bill Leppley Care Group                Charles Markle                        Marc & Phyllis Lichtenfield
    Bradley A. Boyd                        Charles and Barbara Markle            Nancy Z. McCleaf
    William and Janis Heindel              Sandy McAfee                          David and Jane McClellan
    Barbara C. Irwin                       William and Kelly Needler             Gerald and Catherine Miller
    William and Doris Leister              Mary E. Nixdorf                       William and Jane Nelson
    Don W. Peterson                        Loretta A. Nogle                      Joseph and Patricia Strausbaugh
    Dorothy J. Riley                       Robert and Fran Olbrich               L.W. Torres, Sr.
    Robert K. Shelley                      Darlene Openshaw                      Jacqueline and Neil Tucker
    Betty J. Smallwood                     Parts Depot
                                                                             Tribute(s) for Leona McCleary
    Richard and Jolene Smallwood           Pilgrim’s Car Care Center
                                                                                 Emory and Eva Beck
    Robert and Karen Spangler              Radiation Therapy Center Staff
    Louise I. Staley                       Eleanor K. Reigle                 Tribute(s) for Sharon McClure
    Kenneth and Isabel Zeigler             Mary C. Renda                         D. Wayne McClure
    Robert and Mildred Zeigler             Nancy L. Renda
                                           Mike and Kay Roddy                Tribute(s) for Kathleen McFadden
                                           Bryan Schmalofer                      Jeffrey and Jacqueline Linsey
Tribute(s) for Pamela B. Markle            Amit B. Shah, M.D.                    Jane K. Oerman
    Kathleen Allen and David Staub         David and Darlene Sigel               Naomi Schiding
    Tammy and Daniel Althoff               Patricia A. Smeltz                    Ronald and Arlene Shindler
    Craig Atkins                           Matthew and Kimberly Smith            James and Sandra Stambach
    Eric and Melissa Bagan                 Mark and Vicki Stambaugh          Tribute(s) for J. Terry McGuire
    David and Laurie Ballow                Robert and Melanie Stover             Frank and Mary Joe Vukmanic
    Belmont Dental Associates, PC          Cheryl A. Sucec
    Richard and Beulah Blevins             James A. Tegeler, M.D.            Tribute(s) for Marjorie R. McIntosh
    Ruth and Sam Blevins                   Andrew H. Trout                       David C. McIntosh
    Steven and Cindy Bortner               Sandra L. Trout                       Raymond and Debby Rosen
    Mr. and Mrs. William Clancy            Tracey D. Trout
    Rodney and Betty Dick                                                    Tribute(s) for David McLane, Sr.
                                           Lou Ann and Robert Wasik

    Helping Hands
    Elizabeth Donahoue
    Penny L. Dzubinski
    Kathy and Robert Estep
    Charles and Mildred Falkenstein
                                           Nancy B. Weaver
                                           Eula M. Webb
                                           Crystal A. Wells
                                           Jenn Will

                                                                                 Honeywell Co-Workers
                                                                                 James E. Krebs
                                                                                 Strine Printing Co.
                                             ❦ Memorial Contributors ❦

Tribute(s) for John B. Melbert                    Bill and Bambi Holly                 Tribute(s) for Janet E. Alessi Nemtuda
    Mary A. Melbert                               William and Ruth Jones                   Edward and Marian Conley
                                                  KBA North America                        Kenneth and Marianne Ferrans
Tribute(s) for Edgar Messick                      Drs. George and Lois Kushner             Anna K. Wright
    Kenneth D. Dunlap, Jr., DPM                   M&T Bank
    Icepts Technology Group, Inc.                 M&T Bank                             Tribute(s) for Dorothy Newman
    Ronald and Doris Peterson                     Gertrude C. Motter                       Florence F. Burke
    Charles and Augusta Petron                    Linda Motter and Kevin Lydon         Tribute(s) for Joseph W. Nispel, Sr.
    Lloyd and Maureen West                        Paul and Maryfrances Offermann           Delphia House
Tribute(s) for Irene Meuse                        Creston and Joyce Ottemiller             Gloria E. Miller
    Rich and Marsha Falke                         Dick and Karen Pugh                      Norman and Gloria Miller
    Richard Meuse                                 Thomas and Mary Jane Rahe
                                                  John and Patsy Richards              Tribute(s) for Donna Marie Olverson
Tribute(s) for Frank J. Miklaucic                 Neil and Rosemary Richie                 John M. Moroney
    Nancy R. Miklaucic                            Rickey and Carol Rohrbaugh           Tribute(s) for Robert T. O’Neill
Tribute(s) for Esther L. Miller                   Norma Shuff                              Apple Honda Service Parts
    D. Fred Miller                                Paul and Betsy Stombaugh                 Departmant
                                                  Elaine W. Strickler                      Lonnie Cross
Tribute(s) for Gloria Miller                      Marion W. Tracy                          Mr. C. Robert & Sallie Fay
    George A. Miller                              Wayne and Phyllis Trout                  Arthur & Eleanor Kennell
                                                  Gloria S. Williams                       Alma M. O’Connor
Tribute(s) for Maurice A. Miller
                                                  York Water Company                       Betty K. O’Neill
    Brenda L. Gotwalt
                                                  Gerrit and Patricia Zwergel              Ms. Rebert
    R.H. Sheppard Co., Inc.
    Patricia D. Ressler                       Tribute(s) for Mr. John C. Motter, Sr.       Justin & Joann Rice
    Dorothy J. Riley                              Donna and Ronald Mumma                   Kathryn S. Sowers
                                                                                           Lee and Carol Stare
Tribute(s) for Philip Moley                   Tribute(s) for Thelma M. Mumford             David and Elizabeth Swarr
    Sandra H. Allison                             Dorothy W. Rider                         Priscilla and Rodger Waldman
    Sally Bingaman
                                              Tribute(s) for Jean Murphy               Tribute(s) for Byrd T. Orwick
    Mitrick, Pollack, Rutter Orthopaedics,
    LLP                                           Lowell and Barbara Hess                  Ronald E. Cosgrove
    Flo E. Neff                                   Tribute(s) for Carmen Myers              Darla Emenheiser
    Rick’s Ace Home Center                        Marianne D. Wentzel                      Audrey Gemmill
    Joan Shafer                                                                            Dillard & Deb Godfrey
                                              Tribute(s) for Robert S. Myers
    The Financial Advisory Group                                                           Kenneth and Patricia Godfrey
                                                  Lynette Myers
                                                                                           Bruce and Donalene Grove
Tribute(s) for Connor James Moore             Tribute(s) for Cindy Nace                    Jerry & Linda Kile
    Joann M. Heim                                 Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Allison            Sheila Miller
Tribute(s) for Frank Motter                       Janet B. Byerly                          John and Kathryn Monk
    M. Jean Ankrum                                Sterling and Joyce Fox                   Linda S. Rider
    Sara and Eldred Atkinson                      Betty J. Girton                          Robert and Frances Snyder
    Susan and Tom Bowman                          Paul and Lois Moley                      Jack and Anne Wagner
    Harriet T. Campbell                           Alan and Amy Snook                       Henry W. Werner
    Citizens Bank                                 Carolyn Steinhauser                      Margery S. Wilt
    John Cusma                                    Jean M. Williams
                                                                                       Tribute(s) for James E. Paasch
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Dellinger, Jr.         Women’s Network of York
                                                                                           Jacqueline and James Paasch
    Diamond Roller Systems                    Tribute(s) for Melvin E. Neff
    William G. Eckles                                                                  Tribute(s) for Pauline Pagani
                                                  Christopher and Katie Herrington
    Erda and Robert Erdos                                                                  Lisa D. Oriolo
                                                  Katie J. Herrington
    Bob and Erda Erdos                            Donald and Evelyn Koller             Tribute(s) for William E. Painter
    Frank and Jane Fischer                        Robert and Liliam Krell                  Southern Middle School Faculty and
    Warren H. Foxworth Family                     Mr. and Mrs. Dean K. Norbeck             Staff
    Jan L. Frank                                  Clair and Shirley Poff

   Helping Hands
    Fulton Bank-Drovers Division
    Jane M. Graham
    Herculite Products Inc.
    Ruth M. Hogg
                                                  Riverside Associates, P.C.
                                                  Sandra J. Stiles
                                                  Yorktowne Camp
                                                  Philip and Debra Zarfoss

                                                                                       Tribute(s) for Edward B. Palmer, Jr.
                                                                                           Beard Miller Company
                                                                                           Scott and Linda Cunningham
                                         ❦ Memorial Contributors ❦

    Francis and Rosemary Donlevy             G.A. and B.M. Brandner                 Tribute(s) for Nancy Robertson
    Glatfelter Insurance Group               Karen A. Brown                             Citizens VFC
    Robert and Barbara Green                 Lois C. Curtiss                            E. Eugene and Miriam Gemmill
    William E. Greenawalt, Jr.               Friends at Lockheed Martin                 Philip F. Golden
    Mohawk Rod & Gun Club                    Charles F. Magness                         Wendell K. Hershey
    Jacqueline B. Oaster                                                                Earl and Donna Manseau
                                         Tribute(s) for Margaret Reisinger
    Diane E. Teale                                                                      Doug Mueller
                                             Barry and Daune Sitler
                                                                                        Arline R. Partin
Tribute(s) for Brent Palowski
                                         Tribute(s) for Roy F. Reisinger                Robert and E. Jean Quickel
    Susan and Tom Bowman
                                             Barry and Daune Sitler                     Mark and Suzanne Robertson
Tribute(s) for Laurence C. Patz                                                         Daniel and Patricia Scarborough
                                         Tribute(s) for Patsy A. Rentzel                Eric and Harla Verman
    Jack and Marcia Soffer
                                             William and Phyllis Mangold                James and Margaret Wiley
Tribute(s) for Ralph Pecorelli                                                          Charles and Virginia Wisler
                                         Tribute(s) for Ivan Rivera
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Ghiredella
    Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Raneri             Deb Owens                              Tribute(s) for Susan Rockstroh
                                         Tribute(s) for Edward C. Roberts               Lorraine D. Murphy
Tribute(s) for Loretta I. Peters
    John and Beverly Vecero                  Peter and Sandra Andrews               Tribute(s) for Elbert Roe, Jr.
                                             Mr. and Mrs. William B. Anstine, Jr.       Patricia C. Roe
Tribute(s) for Francis Pillette              Edgar and Mary Bayley
    Victoria Marie Hoffman                   Dan and Donna Beard                    Tribute(s) for Gordon Rohr
                                             bmc <Beard Miller Company LLP>             Beth F. Bugnaski
Tribute(s) for Dale N. Plotner                                                          James R. Christ
                                             William and Janice Brandt
    Bell Insurance                           Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Brillhart                Dougherty Family
    Jeffery and Lisa Churchey                Rachel R. Brown                            Fort Garrison Elementary School
    Richard and Elizabeth Maffett            Robert J. Brown, Esq.                      Friends at Fort Garrison Elementary
    Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Stapleford        Loren and Debra Carman                     School
    Meriam Stumbaugh                         Maria Musti Cook                           Larry and Donna Kreis
    William and Judy Tracy                   Gordon Croft                               Francis and Naomi Ninos
Tribute(s) for Elwood M. Poe                 Gainor Davis and Gregg Simpson             Robert and Kathleen Yeater
    Delmas and Shirley Mellott               Chloe R. Eichelberger                  Tribute(s) for Phyllis H. Rost
    Owen and Darlene Prowell                 Joyce C. Filius                            Philip and Charlotte Baker
                                             Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Filius              Colonial York Knitters Guild
Tribute(s) for Gloria Potts                  Kagen, MacDonald & France, P.C.            Eugene and Carole Ewachiw
    Betty Lou Cowey                          Kain-Brown-Robert & Woodbury               R. C. Jacobs
    Leroy Cowey                              Robert and Bonnie Lerman                   Louise E. Lauer
Tribute(s) for Sheila Pritchard              Ms. June L. Lloyd                          Delph B. Miller
    Richard and Elizabeth Marshall           James and Mary McDonald                    Susan R. Ryan
    Liza Naylor                              Mr. and Mrs. Harry Millwater               Shirley Smyser
    Douglas and Florence Pritchard           Charles and Barbara Neiman                 Doris Sowers
    Mary Ellen Pritchard                     Out Door Country Club of York              Gerald Wert
    Susan Pritchard Sinkhorn                 Keith and Elizabeth Quigley
                                             W. Scott and Brenda Rhinehart          Tribute(s) for Harold Rubinow
Tribute(s) for Brenda K. Raffensberger       Jennifer Richard                           Raymond and Debby Rosen
    William and Janis Heindel                Rosenmiller Realty
                                                                                    Tribute(s) for Cliff Sampson
                                             Bradley and Deborah Ross
Tribute(s) for Ray                                                                      Larry and Patti Owens
                                             Michael N. Rutter
    Michele P. Schonbrunner, C.R.N.P
                                             Rutter’s Dairy Products                Tribute(s) for Seymour Sander
Tribute(s) for Donald Redquest               Daryl and Marjorie Schaffer                Jack and Marcia Soffer
    James and Sandra Stambach                Amy R. Snook
                                             Alan and Amy Snook                     Tribute(s) for William Santansiero
Tribute(s) for Everett D. Reed, Sr.          Charles and Judi Snyder                    Wayne and Nancy Housman
    Jean D. Reed                             Brenda K. Topper                       Tribute(s) for Robert G. Satterfield
                                             Jacqueline and Neil Tucker

    Helping Hands
Tribute(s) for Robert Reed
    Jean D. Reed
Tribute(s) for Bernard F. Reisig
    Joseph and Paulette Ball
                                             Metza Whiteley
                                             Alan and Mary Alice Wnuk
                                             D. Louise Young

                                                                                        Myrtle A. Satterfield
                                                                                    Tribute(s) for Shirley A. Saylor
                                                                                        Don and Audris Eckert
                                                                                        Foster and Dorothy Hoyt
                                           ❦ Memorial Contributors ❦

Tribute(s) for Ellen L. Schaeberle              Steven P. Whitman                         Michael and Sharon Slagel
    Alan and Rose Houser                        Wilhelmina Young                          Maureen R. Smith
    Rose Houser                                                                           Olene E. Smith
                                            Tribute(s) for Richard, Mary, Don
    John and Nancy Strausbaugh                                                            Wayne and Faye Snook
    Wilhelmina Young                                                                      Sovereign Benefits Consulting
                                                Henry and E. Arlene Kapp
                                                                                          John and Charlotte Stevens
Tribute(s) for Ms. Angela M. Scheno                                                       David and Stacey Strayer
                                            Tribute(s) for Douglas R. Shue
    Carol Deitz                                                                           Elaine S. Tollinger
                                                Harry and Bonita Brose
    Jack and Carol Deitz                                                                  Lloyd and Maureen West
                                                Jack and Phyllis Mason
Tribute(s) for Robert Schuck                    Shirley Mummert
                                                                                      Tribute(s) for Gerilyn T. Smith
    Terry and Jane Graham                   Tribute(s) for Doris Simpson                  Joan E. Boyce
Tribute(s) for Sophia Schwartz                  Sharon M. Simpson                         Elizabeth Gerko
    David Confer and Susan Krebs                                                          David R. Light
                                            Tribute(s) for Mr. Jeffrey D. Sindicich
Tribute(s) for Constance Scott                  James and Wendy Flinchbaugh           Tribute(s) for James S. Smith
    Betty S. Myers                                                                        Dean and Brenda Miller
                                            Tribute(s) for Almarie Smith                  Christine and Terry Myers
Tribute(s) for Thomas J. Scott                  Dixie L. Shue                             Northern Star Credit Union
    Donnie and Janet Conley                 Tribute(s) for David B. Smith             Tribute(s) for Robert V. Smith
Tribute(s) for Kenneth Sechrist                 Fayne Abel                                Donald and Marian Bentz
    Deborah A. Hivner                           Marilyn Alligood                          Scott and Donna Glatfelter
                                                Michael and Jacqueline Atkins             John R. Hudak
Tribute(s) for Elizabeth Seeley                 Gregory E. Bentley
    Carol A. Dougal                                                                       Jeffers & Ireland Professional Corp.
                                                Lori A. Breen                             Gerald Katz and Lydia Hamer
Tribute(s) for Robert Segraves                  Thomas and Lori Breen                     Margaret Krohn
    Met Ed/ York Haven Hydro Station            William and Denise Brenneman              Northwest Regional Planning
                                                David and Linda Davidson                  Commision
Tribute(s) for Abigail M. Sewell                Linda B. Davidson                         Radio Park Elementary Staff
    Susan Foster                                Barry and Jane Dehoff                     Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Smith
                                                Richard and Karen Doyle                   Stamford Hospital
Tribute(s) for Henry D. Shapiro
                                                Lorraine F. Flinchbaugh
    Elliot H. Shapiro                                                                 Tribute(s) for Larry L. Smuck, Sr.
                                                Ethel E. Freed
Tribute(s) for Lester Sharp                     Keith and Dorinda Grove                   Rick and Chasity Deibler & Family
    Jeffrey L. Hayes                            Evelyn Heiser                             Glatfelter Insurance Group
                                                Norma M. Herbst                           Dean and Norma Jean McCurdy
Tribute(s) for and Mr. Elaine B. Shearer        Steven M. Hess
    Lloyd and Wendy Bubb                                                              Tribute(s) for John & Sue Smyser
                                                Carolyn S. Kline                          Charles and Judy Angel
    Linda and Roy Fisher                        Ewa M. Kukrika
    Julia S. Hartenstein                                                                  Frederick and Geralyn Deller
                                                Miodrag D. Kukrika, M.D.
    Anthony J. Pacini                           Lemuel R. Lawson                      Tribute(s) for Rosalie Snelbaker
    Daniel and Betty Shearer                    Earl and Elizabeth Lucius                 Gifts received in memory of, Given
    Williams Beauty Salon, Nancy                LWB Refractories Company                  to the Cancer Patient Help Fund
    Todd and Patricia Wright                    James and Debra Markey
                                                                                      Tribute(s) for Rosalie Snelbaker
Tribute(s) for Bryon Shelley                    Helen G. Markle
                                                                                          Rosemary A. Beck
    Bradley A. Boyd                             David and Rhonda McCleary
                                                                                          Nancy A. Bentzel
                                                Randall W. Moyer
Tribute(s) for Ethel Shelton                                                              William and Charlotte Halpin
                                                Susan R. Myers
    Pauline M. White                                                                      Michael and Lois Heindel
                                                George and Rhonda Naumann
                                                Mack L. Ness                          Tribute(s) for Andrew F. Snyder
Tribute(s) for Peggy L. Shirey
                                                R. Alan and Beth Patton                   Glatfelter Paper
    Stuart W. Davidson, Esq.
                                                Kathryn M. Phillips                       Charles and Carol Hersh
    District Lodge 98 IAM & AW
                                                Dennis and Veda Reider                    John and Sally Hersh
    Jack and Wendy Erwine
                                                David and Brenda Reiker                   Betty Senft
    George and Penelope Myers

  Helping Hands
    Bazil and Lucille Shaub
    Clyde and Derdre Shaub
    Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Shirey
                                                Helen E. Rossnagel
                                                Ralph and Tana Scurfield
                                                Jo Ann and Jay Seidenstricker
                                                Wilhelmina Shultz

                                                                                          Spring Grove Senior Citizens
                                                                                          Vada Mummert, LuCinda Estrella &
                                                                                          Daniel Kramer
                                       ❦ Memorial Contributors ❦

Tribute(s) for Carl Snyder, II         Tribute(s) for D. Richard Strausbaugh,       Prince Athletic Association
    Ronald and Arlene Shindler         M.D.                                         Galen and Rojean Riggs
                                           Dr. James & Linda Amsterdam              Sandra Seifert
Tribute(s) for Charlie Snyder              Raymond and Debby Rosen                  Rick and Clyti Swartz
    Thomas and Mary Ann Snyder
                                       Tribute(s) for Gloria L. Strayer         Tribute(s) for Bobby Sweigart
Tribute(s) for Everett M. Snyder           Art and Juanita Aubel                    Kathryn L. Kauffman
    Brenda E. Anderson                     Lucy Brenneman
    Edwin W. Anderson                      Norma Brown                          Tribute(s) for Louise S. Sykes
                                           Gail                                     Thomas and Vickie Burgess
Tribute(s) for Teresa Snyder                                                        Vickie Burgess
    Edmund and Josephine Dick              Nick and Patricia Donatelli
                                           Ployd and Earlene Fuhrman                Gary J. Farrugia
    Mark and Kathleen Ilyes                                                         Morgan Collins, Inc.
    Sandra Johnson                         Molly Gentzler
    Shelly Nordsick                        Thelma M. Gerberick                  Tribute(s) for Shirley M. Tawney
    Oldies Dance For Life                  Michael and Lisa Glezer                  Sieling & Jones, Inc.
    A. Gordon and Loma Turner              Helen M. Gotwalt
                                           Virginia P. Graham                   Tribute(s) for Michael D. Thomas
    Michael and Sylvia Turner
                                           Ida M. Hall                              Catherine V. Thomas
    Audrey T. Youmans
    Robert and Audrey Youmans              Nancy Hilbert                        Tribute(s) for David Thompson
                                           Innovations Dance Company
                                                                                    Rachael R. Thompson
Tribute(s) for Maetha Soffer Elspos        James R. Lubas
    Jack and Marcia Soffer                 Kay E. Ludwig                        Tribute(s) for Luz Torres
                                           Robert and Diane McElwain                Jody M. Frank
Tribute(s) for Willie Spellman
                                           Deborah L. McGhee                        Austin and Doris Kauffman
    Mary Spellman
                                           Dorothy and Brooke McGhee                Sandra McMaster
Tribute(s) for William E. Sprenkle         Betty & Levi Mosebrook
                                                                                Tribute(s) for Dorothy Trimmer
    Donna Sprenkle                         Betty S. Myers
                                           Dennis and Carolyn Nace                  Stony Brook Manor
Tribute(s) for Dane Stambaugh              Jacob and Ruth Paules                Tribute(s) for Vernon Trimmer
    Debra M. Stambaugh                     Corey & Crystal Ridgeway                 Marion J. Neff
Tribute(s) for Ryan D. Stasko              Sherry J. Rouscher                       Sons of the American Legion
    Edward E. Bubb                         Patrick and Michelle Seideneck           Squadron 543
    Susan Gabovitz                         Leon and Eleanor Sherman                 Betty Waltimyer
    Daniel and Kathryn Stasko              Kenneth and Donita Stoutzenberger
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Wagman       Tribute(s) for Elaine Trozzi
    Dr. and Mrs. Joel W. Winer
                                           Michael and Jeanne Yeaple                Gladys Dahlen
Tribute(s) for Mrs. Betty Stauffer
                                       Tribute(s) for Eugene M. Streett         Tribute(s) for Mr. John J. Tucker
    Jeanne T. Schwartzer
                                           Eugene M. Streett                        Jane A. Tucker
Tribute(s) for Mrs. Ruth M. Stauffer       Rita E. Streett                      Tribute(s) for Harry Ulrich
    Karen A. Claypool
                                       Tribute(s) for Anna Sullivan                 Melanie Ulrich
    Emily F. Irving
    Barbara Linder                         Joseph and Suzanne Geubtner          Tribute(s) for Robert H. Ulrich
    Karin E. McGowan                   Tribute(s) for Beulah Sutherland             Melanie Ulrich
Tribute(s) for Sue F. Stephens             Gary and Sandra Avery                Tribute(s) for Jean Vaccaro
    Catherine Dunbar                   Tribute(s) for Leonard E. Sutton             Ronald E. Cosgrove
    Willard and Julia Farris               Gifts received in memory of              Natalie and Allen Fry
    Linda and Roy Fisher                   Frances Sutton                           DeWolfe and Katherine Miller
    Clifton and Judith Gordon                                                       R. Frances and Alfred Mount
    Dorothy Morris                     Tribute(s) for Robert E. Swartz              Grace Nagorny
    Gladys M. Stabley                      Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Allison           Larry and Carolyn Peffley
    William and Barbara Thompson           Family & Community Health Asso           Harry and Ann Rutledge
                                           Michael and Hope Herrington              Welcome Wagon Club of Greater
Tribute(s) for Randy Stetler               Barbara and Thomas Keener                York

    Helping Hands
    Shirley A. Hess                        M. Josephine Martin
                                           Thomas and Joan Mountford
                                           Benjamin J. and Dorothy Nash
                                           Ervin and Phyllis Ness

                                                                                Tribute(s) for Bruce Vaught
                                                                                    Ray and Nancy Warner
                                         ❦ Memorial Contributors ❦

Tribute(s) for Ella Wagner                    Baublitz Adv., Inc.                     Barry and Ann Sparks
    Enola M. Briggs and Friends               Dorothy C. Brault                       James and Deborah Steiber
    Fred and Janet Herrold                    Jim Bush and Lee Ann Gee                Lynda and Leslie Stewart
                                              John and Brenda Deiter                  John and Beverly Young
Tribute(s) for William F. Wagner              ESPN Friends                            Douglas and Shirley Zerbe
    Gregory E. Bentley                        Gloria M. Fiaschetti
    Collens-Wagner Agency, Inc.               Robert and Stephanie Frey
                                                                                  Tribute(s) for M. Joe Yost
    Charles and Ann Lehman                    Robert and Shirley Glass                John S. and Adrienne Brenner
    Sertoma Club of York                      Shirley and Robert Glass                G. Louise Haugh
    Dr. and Mrs. Richard T. Sweet             Ralph and Marinda Hillard               Michael and Deborah Nelson
    Robert and Jane Wagner                    Hutchinson Co., The P.A.                Marian L. Noble
                                              Frank R. Miller                         Rotary Club York East
Tribute(s) for Jean L. Walker                                                         Darlene M. Senft
    American Legion Post 799 Auxiliary        William and Ann Morton
                                              Richard and Gail Reitz                  Paul S. Spataro
Tribute(s) for Robert D. Walker               Kenneth and Donna Strong            Tribute(s) for Christopher S. Young
    Carol and Dave Berkheimer                 David and Mary Whitehurst               Robert and Janet Amtmann
    Robert and Sarah Rhine                    Russell E. Wolff                        Norman and Bonnie Brown
    William and Rosemary Smeigh               Ms. Patricia W. Young                   Diana M. Cole
    Jean M. Williams                                                                  Dulaney High School
                                          Tribute(s) for Dorothy Williams
Tribute(s) for Vivian Beaverson Walker        Walter Williams                         First Lutheran Church of Gray
    Raymond and Debby Rosen                                                           Manor(Priscilla Circle)
                                          Tribute(s) for Helen Williams               Griffith, Strickler, Lerman, Solymos
Tribute(s) for Viola I. Walton                Helen Williams                          & Calkins
    Glatfelter Insurance Group                                                        Guardian Mechanical Services
                                          Tribute(s) for Robert N. Williams           Leroy and Charlotte Holt
Tribute(s) for Vera Irene Britt Webb          Dale and Donna Buss                     John and Evelyn Kozarski
    Dale and Emelie Mamerow                   Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Harbold           Lennie Landry
Tribute(s) for Jean C. Werner                 Lacy Jay                                Jennifer Messoris
    Continental Auto Sales                    Wilmer J. Miller                        Nina S. Messoris
    Rozella M. Deitz                          Helen E. Rasmussen                      Donald K. Meyers
    Lorenza and Elona Ellis               Tribute(s) for Frank Wills                  Palatine-Painting Co.
    Kenneth and Connie Fishel                 William and Eileen Schmid               Ernie and Theresa Phillips
    H.B. Stultz, Jr./ Architect                                                       Sampling Associates International,
    Joanne Hengst                         Tribute(s) for Russell W. Wilson, Jr.       L.L.C.
    Marc and Melinda Ierley                   Linda R. Wilson                         David and Laura Shepherd
    Robert and Gale Keeney                                                            Arthur and Rose Stedman
                                          Tribute(s) for Delores Wolff                Archie and Kathryn Thompson
    Patricia D. Kessler                       Phyllis J. Williams
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Knott                                                    Tribute(s) for Farmer Zimmerman
    Ward and Joanne Lacount               Tribute(s) for William Herb Wright          Dotty Zimmerman
    Todd F. Oberdick                          Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Calcutt
    Frank and Carolyn Shaffer                 Judith S. Fair                      Tribute(s) for Margery E. Zumbrum
    Lisa Shelly and Kevin Lindstrom           Pat L. Stine                            Autumn House at Powder Mill, Inc.
    Eugene and Bette Swensen                                                      Tribute(s) for Robert Zutell
                                          Tribute(s) for David H. Wyant
    F. Joseph and Annette Werner
                                              Barbara and James Sweitzer              Joyce S. Dore
    Kathleen Wozniak
                                                                                      Randy and Sharon Kunkle
                                          Tribute(s) for Bill Wycoff                  Wayne and Sharyn Marier
Tribute(s) for Richard Wertz
                                              Andy and Betsy Shelak                   Clair and Shirley Poff
    Jennifer Lupp
    Spring Grove High School Class of     Tribute(s) for Dorrea L. Wynegar            John and Donna Schmitt
    1956                                      William and Mary Eileen Adams           Shelby Snyder
Tribute(s) for Ralph W. Weyant, Jr.           Evan and Zatae Atkins
    F. Neal Krauss                            W.A. Beetem
    Ralphstock, Inc.                          Cardinal Group, Inc.
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Dietz

  Helping Hands
Tribute(s) for Mr. and Mrs. Norman
    Charles and Jeannette Anderson
    Anderson Productions, Inc.
                                              Deborah Lewers
                                              Joan Norris
                                              Thomas and Joan Norris
                                              Leroy and Dorothy Poff

                                           ❦ Honor Contributors ❦

Tribute(s) for Michael & Jessica          Tribute(s) for Evelyn A. Clark            Tribute(s) for Dennis E. Johnson, M.D.
Ahrens                                        Gertrude Robinson                         Mary V. Mosley
    Paul and Kim Bull
                                          Tribute(s) for Dean Dettinger             Tribute(s) for Ms. Geraldine Jones
Tribute(s) for Sharri Alechman                Dettinger Construction                    James M. Henderson, Jr.
    Larry and Debi Oxenberg
                                          Tribute(s) for Ms. Carol A. Dietz         Tribute(s) for Ms. Donna D. Kline
Tribute(s) for Mrs. Lois A. Anderson          Helena Boring                             Verna Witman
    Diane and Robert McElwain
                                          Tribute(s) for Ms. Valerie Dorn           Tribute(s) for Ms. Paula Leaman
Tribute(s) for Mr. and Mrs. William C.        David and Jean Plessett                   Kathy and Timothy Gladfelter
    Paul and Kim Bull                     Tribute(s) for Mrs. Barbara C. Edsall     Tribute(s) for Andrea and Jonathan
                                              York Cancer Center Staff                  Mitchell A. Grossman
Tribute(s) for Nathan Bailey
    Joan M. Bailey                        Tribute(s) for Mr. and Mrs. Richard A.    Tribute(s) for Ms. Danna Livelsberger
                                          Ensminger                                     Diane and Robert McElwain
Tribute(s) for R. Hal Baker, M.D.             Rodney and Theodora Waltermyer
    Nels and Jacqueline Juleus                                                      Tribute(s) for Ms. Anne Liverant
                                          Tribute(s) for Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A.         Alice T. Ray
Tribute(s) for Mrs. Carol Barnhart        Fink
    York Cancer Center Staff                   Lowell and Barbara Hess              Tribute(s) for Ms. Ellen E. Loesch
                                                                                        York Cancer Center Staff
Tribute(s) for Vera Bennette              Tribute(s) for Ms. Bonnie Flory
    Angelina Livigne                          Shirley A. Hess                       Tribute(s) for Deborah Loss
                                                                                        Brian and Anne Moul
Tribute(s) for George W. Bentzel,         Tribute(s) for Ms. Bonnie Garland
D.D.S.                                        David and Jean Plessett               Tribute(s) for Ms. Marcella “Sally”
    David and Jean Plessett                                                         Lovegren
                                          Tribute(s) for Steven K. Groff, M.D.          Michael and Pamela Ensminger
Tribute(s) for Michelle Bonene                Paul and Agnes Aldinger                   Diane and Robert McElwain
    David and Jean Plessett
                                          Tribute(s) for Juanita Harner             Tribute(s) for Mr. Daniel Malloy
Tribute(s) for Ms. Joan E. Boyce              Jeffrey D. Harner, M.D.                   George A. Miller
    Jean R. Gunnet
                                          Tribute(s) for Ms. and Mr. Betty Harper   Tribute(s) for C. Edwin Martin, M.D.
Tribute(s) for Hayden & Landon                William and Betty Harper                  Harry and Ruth Perry
    Edward and T.I. Brothers              Tribute(s) for Mrs. Rhada J. Hartmann     Tribute(s) for Kevin J. McCullum, M.D.
                                              Raymond and Debby Rosen                   Nels and Jacqueline Juleus
Tribute(s) for Mrs. Nona G. Brown
    Stanley and Nona Brown                Tribute(s) for Mohamed H. Hassan,         Tribute(s) for Mr. and Mrs. Dean
                                          M.D.                                      McCurdy
Tribute(s) for Ms. Kim Bupp                   Helen Williams                            Charles A. Boyer
    Roy and Joyce Drawbaugh
                                          Tribute(s) for Mr. and Mrs. Harold        Tribute(s) for Timothy B. McGuinness,
Tribute(s) for Florence F. Burke          Hinkampez                                 D.O.
    William and Judy Burke                    Henry and Rochelle Nyman                  Sara J. Craley
    Wayne and Nancy Housman
                                          Tribute(s) for Ms. Deb Hoerner            Tribute(s) for Allen R. Miller, Ph.D.
Tribute(s) for Mr. and Mrs. Austin            Dean and Janice Cheesebrough              Gertrude C. Motter
    Mr. and Mrs. Austin L. Chinault, II   Tribute(s) for Doris and James Hoff       Tribute(s) for Ms. Kim Miller
                                              Joy M. Flicker                            David and Jean Plessett
Tribute(s) for Ms. Angie Chronister
    David and Jean Plessett               Tribute(s) for Ms. Terry Hudock
                                              David and Jean Plessett

    Helping Hands                                            44
                                       ❦ Honor Contributors ❦

Tribute(s) for Ms. Nicki Miller        Tribute(s) for Ms. Kathleen A. Smith
    David and Jean Plessett                George A. Miller

Tribute(s) for Mr. Dan Mitchell        Tribute(s) for Ms. Janet Snyder
    Lowell and Barbara Hess                Thomas and Mary Ann Snyder

Tribute(s) for Ms. Karen Moore         Tribute(s) for Ms. Lesa Somerville
    John and Sheila Moore                  David and Jean Plessett

Tribute(s) for Rae Ann Ness            Tribute(s) for Jay & Sylvia Spyker
    Kinsley Family Foundation              Steven and Kathy Bortner

Tribute(s) for Paul L. Osmolinski      Tribute(s) for Rosemary Staub
    Edward and Erma Senft                  Cindy Strobeck

Tribute(s) for Ms. Myah O’Steen        Tribute(s) for Ms. Holly Sterling
    David and Jean Plessett                David and Jean Plessett

Tribute(s) for Ms. Rosa Pecora         Tribute(s) for Kellie Sweitzer
    Russell and Elena Hogan                Doris and Carroll Rehmeyer

Tribute(s) for Cindy Reese             Tribute(s) for Shanna & Lyle Thompson
    Wilbert and Pearl Bosley               Paul and Kim Bull

Tribute(s) for Ms. Jana Rennick        Tribute(s) for Mrs. Ruth Topley
    David and Jean Plessett                Keith and Cathy Shaffer

Tribute(s) for Ms. Kathy Rideout       Tribute(s) for Ms. Sue Ullmann
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Mussano          Joan Olinger

Tribute(s) for Ruth Rineer             Tribute(s) for Ms. Nikki Vadas
    Linda S. Sheaffer                      David and Jean Plessett

Tribute(s) for Ross Family             Tribute(s) for Ms. Mary Wayland
    Paul and Jean Miller                   Diane and Robert McElwain

Tribute(s) for Ms. Louise V. Rost      Tribute(s) for Ms. Heather Yon
    Wayne and Alice Hartenstein            David and Jean Plessett

Tribute(s) for Rowland Family
    Harold and Carolyn Rishel

Tribute(s) for Ms. Barb Ruth
    David and Jean Plessett

Tribute(s) for Marilyn Shanabrough
    Pauline E. Shanabrough

Tribute(s) for Mr. Charles Shaw
    Kathy and Timothy Gladfelter

Tribute(s) for Mr. David A. Shindler
    Andrew Homick

Tribute(s) for Mr. Dan Simmons
    Lowell and Barbara Hess

   Helping Hands                                         45
                                          ❦ VNA Corporate Donors ❦

Glatfelter Insurance Group                 PFG Capital Corporation                    Centennial Contractors Enterprises, Inc.
Susquehanna Pfaltzgraff Co                 Voith Siemens Hydro Manufacturing          - Staff of CCE-HABC
Thirteenth Ward Political Club, Inc.       Department                                 Codorus Social Club
Prince Athletic Association                Topflight                                  Emigsville Rod & Gun Club
Orthopaedic & Spine Specialists            Mount Vernon Club                          Pediatric Care of York, P.C.
The Graham Companies                       Eaton Corporation                          American Legion Auxiliary Post 799
Ben Druck Door Company                     West Manchester Township Staff             Spring Grove Area School District
Space Leasing, Inc.                        West Manchester Police Officers            Leadership Team
Viking Athletic Association                Association                                Ladies Auxiliary of Jefferson Volunteer
                                           F.E.S. Systems Warehouse Co-Workers of     Fire Company
LWB Refractories
                                           Andy Emswiler                              The Heart Group Suite 101 Lancaster PA
Jacobus Area Lioness Club                                                             Staff
                                           Market Friends of Curt Goodling
Rainbow Chapter No. 517 Order of the                                                  R.BarnettCo-workers/Friends & Firepower
Eastern Star                               Crescent Industries Assembly and
                                           Molding Departments                        DirectorateSnackFund
West York VFW 8951                                                                    Tuscarora Education Association
                                           Friends at Tyco
The Bon-Ton Stores Foundation                                                         PACU Staff of St. Luke’s Hospital
                                           Lancaster General Friends & Co-Workers
bmc                                        of Stephanie Keck                          Bethlehem Campus
Women of the Moose                         Out Door Country Club                      Paddy’s Six Shooters
Christ United Methodist Church             J & J Used Cars                            Girls of 1958
Yorkshire Animal Hospital                  Family Clothes Tree, Inc.                  General Dynamics OTS Friends
Jacobus Lions Club, Inc.                   Janet Anderson Wise & Family               General Dynamics Maintenance
The Kinsley Foundation                     Commercial/Industrial Appraisal Services   Department
Windsor Township                           Farm Women Group 30                        Central Family Restaurant Employees
Heffner Funeral Homes                      Adhesives Research, Inc.                   Mazie Gable Elementary School
New York Wire Company                      Northwest Savings Bank Corporate           Shiloh Lioness Club
Cancer Care Associates of York             Offices                                    York Haven Fabricators
Welfare Club of Acco                       Northwest Savings Bank Office              Apple Outdoor Advertising, Inc.
Barley Snyder LLC                          Employees at South Queen Stree             Bainbridge Sons of American Legion Post
Pace Resources, Inc.                       Krieghoff - Lenawee Company                197
Welcome Wagon Club of Greater York         VNA Hospice Volunteers                     Social Security Administration
Alumnae                                    Tate Access Floors Associates              Philadelphia Region Executive
United Steelworkers of America No. 1852    Glen Rock Church of Christ                 Lucas Marine Construction, LLC
United Steelworkers of America No. 7687    Westgate Restaurant & Lounge               Visiting Angels Living Assistance Services
South End Democratic Club                  Wrightsville Social Club                   Pennsylvania Automotive Association
Manchester Class of 1958                   Lincoln Intermediate Unite No. 12          Cherry Hill Public Library Administrative
State Farm Companies Foundation                                                       Group
                                           Roaring Run Rod & Gun Club
Autumn House at Powder Mill                                                           Towers Perrin, Philadelphia Reinsurance
                                           Baublitz Advertising                       Office Friends & Co-
Tate Access Floors                         TimBar Packaging & Display Co-Workers
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church                                                         U.S. Department of Energy Friends of
                                           & Friends of Jim Deffl                     Randy Kaltreider
Rock Commercial Real Estate                Wohlsen Construction Company               Jefferson Borough
St. Paul’s United Church of Christ         District Attorney’s Office                 York Hanover Direct
Road House Staff                           Campbell’s Music Service                   Stock and Leader
Brogue Lioness Club                        Charles & Alma Diehl Family Funds of       MH Technologies LLC Employees
Tyco Electronics Corporation               York Co. Community Foun
                                                                                      Shrewsbury Wash-N-Stor, Inc.
Ladies Auxiliary WY Memorial VFW           Shiloh Lions Club
                                                                                      Harry L. Forry & Sons, Inc.
Red Lion Bus Company & Office Staff        Real Services, Inc.
                                                                                      Triangle Case Work, Inc.
Frank C. Storm                             UPS for UPS Information Services
                                                                                      Markey Trucking, Inc.
Mt. Zion United Church of Christ           Trusted Wealth
                                                                                      Wayne Optical Company
Galleria Gallopers                         PPL Live Wires Club of the PPL Electric
                                           Utilities                                  John W. Keffer Funeral Home, Inc.
DMR Associates
                                           D. L. Lewis Construction Co., Inc.         M&T Bank
The Bruce R. and Madelyn G. Snyder
Foundation                                 Fulton Bank - Drovers Division             Summers Family Fund of the Fidelity
                                                                                      Charitable Gift Fund
LSC Design, Inc.                           Donegal Insurance Company Accounting

    Helping Hands
Ladies Auxiliary FOE 183
Stetler Dodge
The M&T Charitable Foundation
Fitz & Smith, Inc.
                                           NewPage Corporation - Pulp, Power &
                                           Recovery Department
                                           Lincoln General Insurance Company

                                                                                      The Taney Corporation & The Glass
                                         ❦ VNA Individual Donors ❦

Sandra L. Abnett                  Susan C. Barnes                    Mr. Robert C. Borsch             Dr. & Mrs. Vincent Butera
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Absher       Mrs. Gloria M. Barnhart            Marcia R. & Lisa J. Bortz        Mr. Richard E. Butler
Mrs. Helen L. Adams               Mr. & Mrs. Jacob A. Barnhart       Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Bovey       Mr. Gordon E. Byer, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Christian V. Ahrens    Mr. & Mrs. John D. Barnhill        Mr. & Mrs. Delmar W. Bowers      Mr. & Mrs. Norman M.
Caryn A. Alberti                  Mr. & Mrs. Michael E.              Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Bowers      Callahan, Jr.
Mr. John W. Albright              Barshinger                         Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Bowers      Mrs. Donna A. Callahan
Mr. Caron E. Aldinger             Mr. Bruce M. Bartels               Mr. & Mrs. P. Cooper Boyd        Mr. & Mrs. Bradford W.
                                  Bonnie L. Baublitz                                                  Campbell
Mrs. Jane B. Allen                                                   Mr. & Mrs. John A. Bracher
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Michael L.                                               Mr. & Mrs. B. B. Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Allen                                           Dr. & Mrs. David E. Bradbury,
                                  Baughman                           Jr.                              Dr. Michael J. Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Altland
                                  Mr. David L. Baughman              Mr. & Mrs. Darvis S. Bradfield   Mr. & Mrs. Cameron J.
Mr. & Mrs. Jose J. Alvarez                                                                            Campbell
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Irvin B. Baughman       Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Bradley
Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Alwine                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Anthony P. Campisi
                                  Mr. Charles R. Beall               Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Bradley
Mr. & Mrs. Lee A. Alwood                                                                              Mr. Michael Canavan
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Beam          Mr. & Mrs. Leslie W. Brant
Mrs. Florence N. Amies                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Wyllis P. Cannon
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Donald E.               Mr. Lavern H. Brenneman
Mr. & Mrs. Ted L. Anderson        Beaverson                                                           Dr. & Mrs. Christian N.
Mrs. J. Hilbert Anderson                                             Mr. & Mrs. Dale E. Brenneman     Carlisle
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Emory E. Beck
Andrea S. Anderson, Esq.                                             Mr. & Mrs. Eddie L.              Mrs. Catherine M. Case
                                  Virginia Beck                      Brenneman
Mrs. Madolyn M. Anderson          Mr. James E. Beck                                                   Mrs. Anna Mae Case
                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. David D.
Mrs. Brenda E. Anderson           Johann L. Becker                   Brenneman                        Isabelle R. Cash
Mrs. Marie A. Anderson            Elaine S. Beecher                  Mr. John H. Brenneman            The Honorable Emanuel A.
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel R. Andrews                                                                          Cassimatis
                                  Dr. John J. Beierschmitt and       Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Brenner
Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. Andrews       Dr. Karen Torpey Beierschmitt                                       Mr. & Mrs. David F. Cathell
                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. James A. Brenner
Mr. & Mrs. L. Wayne Andrews       Vilma L. Belsak                                                     Mr. Daniel J. Celia
                                                                     Earl D. Briggs
Mr. & Mrs. Terry L. Angel         Mr. Larry D. Belusko                                                Mrs. Sharon R. Cervenak
                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Timothy C.
Mrs. Kathryn M. Antes             Mr. & Mrs. Tony J. Bender          Brillhart                        Mrs. Mary J. Chambers
Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Appell, Jr.   Mrs. Anna Marie Bentivegna         Mrs. Howard L. Britton           Mr. & Mrs. Norman B.
Donna L. Arndt                    Karen M. Bentz                     Louise D. Brodbeck
                                                                                                      Mrs. Diane L. Chantiles-Brant
Mary Jane Arnold                  Mr. & Mrs. Lester W. Bentz, Jr.    Mrs. Mary E. Brose
                                                                                                      Nancy L. Chilcoat
Rae I. Arnold                     Mr. & Mrs. Lewis H. Bentzel        Beatrice R. Brothers
                                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Eugene E.
Mrs. Dolores A. Aspey             Mr. & Mrs. Andreas Bernhard        Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Brown       Chisholm
Mrs. Bertha E. Aspin              Mr. & Mrs. Bill C. Best            Mrs. Betty J. Brown              Janice C. Chrismer
Mr. & Mrs. Evan T. Atkins         Mrs. Mary E. Beumer                Jeffrey A. Brown                 Mr. & Mrs. Charles J.
Mr. Thomas R. Ausherman           Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Beyer         Mrs. Brenda A. Brown             Christenson
Mr. & Mrs. Braden W.              Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Biesecker    Mr. & Mrs. Stanley E. Brown      Mr. & Mrs. Michael J.
Ausherman                         Cynthia Biester                    Elizabeth L. Bruce               Christopher
Jean W. Aydlett                   Mr. & Mrs. Chester L.              Mr. & Mrs. Scott Brunk           Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C.
Mary Anne Bacas                   Bievenour                                                           Chronister
                                                                     Mr. Edward E. Bubb
Mrs. Helen M. Badders             Nancy A. Bievenour                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Steven R.
                                                                     Mrs. Jane E. Bubb
Mrs. Mary Jane Baer                                                                                   Chronister
                                  Mrs. Betty M. Bitzel               Mrs. Wendy M. Buchart
Sally M. Bahn                                                                                         Mr. Joseph E. Church
                                  Mrs. V. Anne Black                 Mary S. Buchart
Mr. & Mrs. Curtis M. Bahn                                                                             Barbara D. Cianelli
                                  Barbara E. Black                   Mr. & Mrs. C. Scott Buchart
Mrs. Richard P. Bahn                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Clouser
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Gary B. Blackstock      Mr. & Mrs. Warren C. Bulette
Mrs. Norma Jene Bailey                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. John R. Clugston
                                  Mr. Bernhart N. Blatner            Mr. Robert P. Buonora
Mr. & Mrs. H. Lee Bainbridge                                                                          Mrs. Jean Cochran
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Bloss         Nancy S. Burger
Jean E. Baker                                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Earl E. Coffman
                                  Dr. & Mrs. Ned C. Blymire          Mr. & Mrs. Thomas V. Burgess
Dr. & Mrs. William R. Baker                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Anthony M.
                                  Mr. Marlin R. Bollinger            Mrs. Wallace E. Burk             Coggeshall
Mr. & Mrs. Fred A. Baker

   Helping Hands
Mrs. Cynthia J. Bankert
Mr. Michael Barley
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Barner
                                  Mrs. Ellen E. Bolton
                                  Mardella K. Bolton
                                  Mr. Frank J. Bonitati
                                  Mr. Donald J. Booker

                                                                     Mr. Michael Burke
                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Burns II
                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Bush
                                                                     Mr. Robert W. Bush
                                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Andre B. Collins
                                                                                                      Viola J. Collins
                                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. William T. Collins
                                                                                                      Mrs. Eleanor M. Colpo
                                       ❦ VNA Individual Donors ❦

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Combs     Mr. & Mrs. James A. Denniston    Mr. & Mrs. David Eisenhart      Dr. & Mrs. Otto L.
Mr. & Mrs. D. Gene Conley      Mr. & Mrs. Raymond B.            Mrs. Elizabeth M. Eisenhart     Forchheimer
Linda L. Conn                  Desautels                        Mr. & Mrs. Dawson H. Emig       Mrs. Janet L. Forry
Violet Cook                    Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Dettinger     Mr. George H. Emig, Jr.         Dr. & Mrs. Dan Forsythe
Eleanor M. Corbett             Mr. Mary I. Deveney              Mr. & Mrs. J. Harold Engle      Dr. & Mrs. Gregory A. Fortier
Mr. & Mrs. Dean L.             Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Deveney     Mr. & Mrs. John R. Eppinger,    Charlotte Foster
Cornbower                      Susan DeWitt                     Jr.                             Mr. & Mrs. Donald Fostina
Mr. William F. Corse           Mr. & Mrs. Mario DiCocco         Mr. Donald Epstein              Mr. & Mrs. Charles L.
Mr. Ronald E. Cosgrove         Mr. Keith K. Diehl               Mr. & Mrs. Allen J. Estep       Fourhman
Mr. & Mrs. Gary P. Cote        Mr. Joseph R. Diehl              Mr. & Mrs. George L. Eurich     The Fourhman Family
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Cox       Marsha L. Diehl                  Mrs. Robert L. Evans            Mr. & Mrs. Lester B. Frank
Mr. & Mrs. Dwight L. Craley    Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Diercks       Mrs. Roberta W. Eyster          Mrs. Connie C. Frankenberry
Virginia T. Craley             Mrs. Mary C. Dierdorff           Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Fadely     Mrs. Elizabeth B. Franklin
Mr. & Mrs. George E. Cramer,   Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Dietrich     Mr. & Mrs. David T. Farish      Mrs. Margaret M. Frantz
Jr.                            Mrs. Minnie M. Dietz             Mrs. Elisabeth S. Farrell       Mrs. Jessie M. Fraser
Mrs. Mary L. Crist             Mrs. Jane A. Dietz               Mr. & Mrs. Alvin E. Fauth       Mr. & Mrs. William A. Free, Jr.
Molly C. Cromwell              Mrs. Margaret M. Dietz           Mr. Robert D. Feiser            Mary B. Free
Mrs. Thressa R. Crone          Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W.            Mr. Stephen F. Feldmann         Mrs. Janet S. Free
Mr. & Mrs. George Crumling     Dittenhafer                      Mr. & Mrs. Larry E. Ferree      Mr. & Mrs. Joel L. Freed
Mr. & Mrs. Edward A.           Mr. & Mrs. Frank E.              Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Fetrow    Mr. & Mrs. Gordon A.
Crumrine                       Dittenhafer                                                      Freireich
                                                                Carolyn Fetrow
Mrs. Elizabeth Cruse           Mr. Fred J. Doll                                                 Mrs. Rona S. Freireich
                                                                Beatrice Fetter
Vicky Cunningham               Denise M. Dombach                                                Mrs. William S. Frey
                                                                Mrs. Kay F. Fickes
Mr. & Mrs. Lee E.              Mr. & Mrs. David E. Dorwart                                      Mr. & Mrs. William S. Frey, Jr.
Cunningham                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Randy E. Fidler
                               Mr. & Mrs. Darwin B. Dosch                                       Trudy M. Frey
Mrs. Martha Cunningham                                          Grace S. Fiegel
                               Mr. C. Clark Dougherty                                           Mr. & Mrs. Stuart R. Frey
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Danley                                    Dr. & Mrs. Peter Fielding
                               Mrs. Margaret A. Dougherty                                       Mr. Everett E. Frey
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick G.                                         Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Fimiani
                               Mr. S. Dale Doutrich                                             Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Frey
Dannels                                                         Mrs. Nancy A. Fink
                               Mr. & Mrs. C. Herbert Douts                                      Mr. & Mrs. Neal M. Friedman
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Dart                                      Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth H. Fink
                               Mr. Rodney E. Drawbaugh                                          Mr. & Mrs. Philip E. Frigm
Mrs. Emily L. Davis                                             Mr. & Mrs. David R. Fink
                               Elizabeth Droge                                                  Kristin M. Frigm
Mrs. R. Lorraine Davis                                          Mr. & Mrs. John L. Finlayson
                               Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin E. Druck                                     Mr. & Mrs. Wilber L. Fry
Mrs. Marion D. De Meester                                       Mr. & Mrs. Louis F. Fischer
                               Marion O. Dubbs                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Jack F. Fuls
Mrs. Darla L. Deardorff                                         Mr. & Mrs. George W. Fishel,
                               Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Dubbs       Jr.                             Mrs. Betty V. Fulton
Mr. & Mrs. Robert O.
Deardorff                      Mr. & Mrs. Rodger L. Dubbs       Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Fishel     Mr. & Mrs. Samuel H. Funner
Mr. Robert L. Decker           Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Dubbs       Mr. & Mrs. Roy R. Fisher        Lois P. Gable
Mr. Stephen M. Deckman         Mrs. Rosanna Dunavin             Mr. & Mrs. Douglas N.           Mr. Andrew J. Gajewski
Maria O. Deffley               Grace I. Dundore                 Fitzgerald                      Mrs. Charlotte M. Gallatin
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Dehoff       Mr. Gerald Eberly, Jr.           Mr. Donald E. Flaharty          Mrs. Doris T. Garber
Mr. & Mrs. Louis R. DeHoff     Mr. Charles R. Eby, Sr.          Mr. & Mrs. Marlyn G. Flaharty   Mrs. Diane L. Gardner
Mr. Jay M. Deitz               Mr. & Mrs. Galen Eckert          Mr. & Mrs. Kevin A. Flanagan    Mr. & Mrs. Gary Garman
Mr. & Mrs. Brian K. Dell       Mr. Allen W. Eckert              Mr. Gary C. Fleming             Mr. & Mrs. Glenn E. Garner
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Deller    Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Edgar       Mr. & Mrs. Ritchie L.           Mr. & Mrs. Barry D. Garver
                               Mrs. Christine R. Ehehalt        Flinchbaugh                     Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Geesey
Mr. & Mrs. Donald B.
Dellinger, Jr.                 Mr. Clyde S. Ehrhart             Mr. & Mrs. James D.             Deborah A. Geesey
Mrs. Eleanora M. Dellinger     Mrs. Leslie E. Ehrhart                                           Kathy A. Geiple
                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Larry G. Flohr
Michele D. DeMeo               Chloe R. Eichelberger                                            Carol A. Geist

    Helping Hands
Mrs. L. Lucille Demyanovich
Mr. Gail T. Denison
Mr. David Dennis
                               Mrs. Joyce E. Eisenberger
                               Mr. & Mrs. William S.
                               Eisenhart, Jr.
                               Norma M. Eisenhart
                                                                Mr. Jimmy C. Flowers
                                                                Mr. & Mrs. William F. Folger
                                                                Mr. Ivan R. Foltz

                                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Gary G. Gembe
                                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Philip E. Gerberick
                                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. John S. Gerstmyer
                                        ❦ VNA Individual Donors ❦

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph N. Geubtner    Mr. Earl L. Grove                Mr. & Mrs. J. MIchael           Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. Jeffers
Mr. & Mrs. Blair E. Gibboney     Mr. Darwin M. Gruver             Hershner                        Mrs. Freda A. Jennings
Mrs. Elva R. Gibbs               Mr. Merle E. Gunnet              Mr. & Mrs. Franklin R.          Mr. & Mrs. Donald B. John
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Gibbs       Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Gurreri                                        Mrs. Dorothy E. Johns
                                                                  Mr. John E. Hess and Ms. Joan
Mr. Stanley F. Gierlach          Rose A. Gurreri                  E. Sorokin                      Mrs. Mary L. Johnson
Doris R. Gilbert                 Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Guyer       Mr. Daniel G. Hess              Mr. & Mrs. Robert Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Gilmore       Mrs. Mary J. Hager               Mr. & Mrs. John S. Hewins       Mr. & Mrs. Harold E. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Guy G. Gingerich      Mrs. Blanche M. Hake             Dr. John B. Heyde               Dr. & Mrs. David J. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Giuffrida       Mrs. Deborah K. Haldeman         Mrs. Erlene S. Hildebrand       Mrs. Kathryn Judy
Mr. & Mrs. David F. Givens       Mrs. Bernice A. Hall             Mr. & Mrs. Harold W.            Mr. & Mrs. John W. Kaltreider
Mr. Mahlon L. Gladfelter         Nancy L. Hall                    Hildebrand III                  Carolyn A. Kaltreider
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Gladfelter    Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Halteman    Dorothy M. Hillegass            Mr. & Mrs. Sozon E. Kaminaris
Ruth E. Gladfelter               Mrs. Joyce M. Hamme              Joanne Himes                    Mrs. Ruth L. Kammer
Mrs. Elizabeth Glagola           Mr. Robert J. Hammen             Mr. & Mrs. Robert E.            Mrs. Ruth P. Katherman
Mr. Arthur J. Glatfelter         Mr. & Mrs. John L. Hammond       Hirschman                       Mr. & Mrs. John G. Katsaros
Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Glatfelter    Mrs. Jeane M. Hankey             Mr. & Mrs. George W. Hodges     Mr. & Mrs. Scott D. Keech
Lynn E. Glatfelter and Joann     Connie M. Hannigan               Mr. & Mrs. Joald D. Hoff        Mrs. Jane E. Keefer
L. Waltersdorff                  Mr. & Mrs. Harlan J. Hannigan    Mrs. Theresa A. Hoge            Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Keene
Mr. & Mrs. Alton G. Glatfelter   Laurel Hardesty                  Mr. & Mrs. Bryan C. Hoke        Mrs. Marion E. Keener
Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Gleeson     Mr. Ronald E. Harman and         Mr. Doug Hoke                   Mr. & Mrs. Randy E. Keeney
Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Gleim      Mrs. Dawn Dise-Harman            Mr. & Mrs. Kermit S. Hoke       Mr. & Mrs. Glenn E. Keeney
Mr. Robert G. Glessner           Mr. & Mrs. Dale G. Harman        Mr. Terry D. Holsopple          Mr. & Mrs. Ray A. Keeny
Bessie A. Glover                 Mr. & Mrs. Douglas L. Harner     Mrs. Margaret E. Holtzapple     Mrs. Shirley M. Keeports
Elizabeth Glover                 Mr. & Mrs. William E.            Mrs. Phyllis I. Hooper          Mr. James H. Kehoe
Robin S. Gockley                 Harper, Jr.                      Dr. & Mrs. Benjamin A.          Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Kehr
Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Godfrey       Mr. & Mrs. Doug Harrison         Hoover II
                                                                                                  Sherry M. Keister
Gladys I. Gohn                   Mr. & Mrs. Todd A. Harrold       Ann Hoover
                                                                                                  Mr. George W. Kelbaugh
Flo R. Goodling                  Julia S. Hartenstein             Mr. & Mrs. Barry E. Hoover
                                                                                                  Mrs. Nancy C. Keller
Mr. & Mrs. Blaine R. Gorman      Mr. Donald E. Harvey             Mrs. Jo Ann M. Hoover-
                                                                  Sweigart                        Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Keller
Mrs. Brenda L. Gotwalt           Mr. Joseph F. Hasenfuss
                                                                  Jenny D. Hope                   Mr. James V. Keller
Mrs. Barbara A. Gouker           Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Hassold
                                                                  Julia J. Hopple                 Mrs. Margaret R. Kelly
Mr. & Mrs. Barry L. Graboski     Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Heaps
                                                                  Mr. Russell E. Horn, Jr.        Mr. Joseph F. Kelly
Mr. & Mrs. James D.              Mrs. Margaret M. Hedderman
                                                                  Mr. Russell E. Horn, Sr.        Kristie Kemper
Greenberg                        Mr. & Mrs. Clyde P. Heilman,
                                 Jr.                              Kathy R. Horne                  Mr. & Mrs. Phil Kemper
Connie W. Griffith
                                 Mrs. Rita Heinbaugh              Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Houck     Mr. & Mrs. Larry E. Kern
Mr. & Mrs. Hillard E. Grim
                                 Betty J. Heiner                  Mr. & Mrs. Leo C. Houser        Mr. Perry K. Kessler
Gail L. Grim
                                 Mr. Larry R. Helf                Mrs. Delphine G. Howes          Patricia D. Kessler
Mr. & Mrs. Jacob M. Grimm
                                 Mrs. Marie C. Hellrung           Mr. & Mrs. Scott E. Huber       Mrs. Rebecca S. Keyser
Mr. Richard D. Grimm
                                 Ann L. Helton                    Mrs. Louise D. Hummel           Brenda D. Kiger
Mrs. Grace E. Grimm
                                 Mr. James M. Henderson, Jr.      Mr. & Mrs. V. Daniel Hunt       Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E. Kile
Mrs. Rhea E. Grissinger
                                 Mr. & Mrs. Melvin E. Hendrix     Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Ickes      Mary J. Kilgore
Mrs. Gladys M. Gross
                                 Mr. & Mrs. Nolan B. Hengst       Mr. & Mrs. Don Ilgenfritz       Mr. & Mrs. Lester L. Kinard
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Gross
                                 Mr. & Mrs. Dennis B. Henry       Mrs. Janice B. Inners           Mr. & Mrs. Ned R. Kinard
Mrs. Deborah J. Gross
                                 Mr. & Mrs. Ted H. Henry          Mr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Irvin   Barbara J. Kindig
Mr. James L. Gross III
                                 Mr. & Mrs. Bret A. Henry         Luanne Irvin                    Mr. & Mrs. Raymond L. Kindig
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Grossman
                                 Mrs. Donna J. Herr               Mrs. Dorothy J. Jacobs          Mr. Kenneth E. King
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L.

  Helping Hands
Mr. & Mrs. Royce A. Grove
Miss Pauline C. Grove
                                 Dr. Warren C. Herrold
                                 Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Hersh
                                 Mr. Kendall R. Hershner

                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Palmer L. Jacobs
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Wayne E. Jacoby
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Karl D. Jacoby
                                                                                                  Mrs. Gwen E. King
                                                                                                  Mr. Joseph J. King
                                                                                                  Mr. Richard G. King
                                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Lynn E. King
                                         ❦ VNA Individual Donors ❦

Carol M. Kirby                  Mr. & Mrs. Larry D. Krout          Mr. & Mrs. Luther G.            Judith B. Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Kirby      Mrs. Elaine A. Krout               Lieberknecht                    Miss Frances A. Masek
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard V. Kirby     Mr. & Mrs. William E. Krout        Mr. & Mrs. R. William Liggitt   Sandra M. Masenheimer
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Kirby        Bessie M. Krout                    Mr. & Mrs. David R. Light       Mrs. Frances Maurer
Mr. & Mrs. Max L. Kirk          Mr. & Mrs. John D. Krout           Mr. William G. Lightner, Jr.    Mr. & Mrs. Arthur A. May
Mr. & Mrs. David C. Kiser       Dr. Miodrag Kukrika                Joyce E. Linebaugh              Mr. & Mrs. Arthur R.
Marie E. Klair                  Mr. & Mrs. Eric L. Kunkel          Mrs. Esther M. Lippy            McAlister
Mr. Keith B. Kline              Mr. & Mrs. Dennis R. Kunkle        Dr. & Mrs. Alan F. List         Mr. Thomas M. McAlone
Mrs. Donna D. Kline             Mr. & Mrs. John C. Kunkle          Mrs. Ruth M. List               Mrs. Mary I. McCauley
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Kline     Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kury               Lynne I. Little                 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J.
                                                                   Mr. William E. Little           McCauley
Mrs. Nelda J. Kline             Mr. & Mrs. Ward J. LaCount
                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. John R. Little       Mr. & Mrs. Stewart R. McCleaf
Kathy L. Klinedinst             Laura A. Lafean
                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. M. Larry Litwin      Mrs. Roberta J. McCoy
Barbara A. Kling                Mr. Jack H. LaFleur
                                                                   Mrs. June L. Lloyd              Mr. & Mrs. Edward N.
Mr. Lester W. Kling             Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Laird                                         McCready, Jr.
Patricia A. Kling               Mrs. Jean B. Lake                  Mrs. Susan C. Lloyd
                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Jim McCurdy
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Klingaman       Ruth N. Lamb                       Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey D. Lobach
                                                                                                   Mr. Carey E. McDaniel
Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Knaub      Martha E. LaMotte                  Mr. Rick LoBianco
                                                                                                   Mrs. Carol A. McDaniel
Mr. & Mrs. Earl E. Knaub        Mrs. Ida M. Landis                 Mr. & Mrs. S. Clair Long
                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Merle G. McElwain
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Knaub       Dr. & Mrs. Robert C. Landis        Mr. R. Scott Lucas
                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. R. Wiley McElwain
Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Knaub        Sylvia R. Laucks                   Mr. & Mrs. Dennis
                                                                   Luckenbaugh                     Dr. & Mrs. Patrick McGannon
Mrs. Joan A. Knauer             Mr. & Mrs. J. Kenneth Laucks                                       Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. McGready
                                                                   Mrs. Corrine L. Lunde
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Knight    Dr. & Mrs. Samuel S. Laucks II                                     Mr. & Mrs. Richard L.
                                                                   Mr. Israel Lustgarden
Mr. & Mrs. Burton W. Kniseley   Mr. Kenneth E. Lauer                                               McIlvaine
                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. John C. Lutz
Tracey Knouse                   Marian L. Lauer                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Charles M.
                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Michael D.           McKinsey
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis C. Knox, Jr.   Mr. & Mrs. David A. Lawyer         Macedonia
Mr. George A. Koch              Mrs. Virginia C. Leader                                            Mr. & Mrs. Michael McKinsey
                                                                   Jillian MacKenzie
Mr. Gregory L. Kochenour        Mr. & Mrs. Reed Leader                                             Mr. & Mrs. Marcus A.
                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. John Maddux          McKnight, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Kohan     Dr. & Mrs. Robert A. Lease, Jr.    Mrs. James W. Magee             Mr. & Mrs. George R.
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Kohler    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lee              Mr. Robert F. Mahoney           McLaughlin
Mrs. Lois J. Kohler             Mr. & Mrs. James B. Leedy, Jr.     Mr. & Mrs. Carl C. Maiwald      Mr. Edward A. McMerty III
Gail T. Kohler                  Mr. & Mrs. Richard Leeper          Wanda E. Major                  Treva McWilliams
Mr. & Mrs. Randal D. Koller     Evelyn L. Leeper                   Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Makoski    Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Meier
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Kolva       Mr. & Mrs. Glenn E. Lefever        Beverly S. Manbeck              Mr. Chester L.
Mr. Harold L. Koontz            Mrs. Kathryn E. Lehigh             Mr. & Mrs. Paul P. Mann, Jr.    Meisenhelter, Sr.
Mrs. R. Elizabeth Koontz        Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lehlbach        Mr. Clarence J. March           Mrs. Miriam C. Melhorn
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth B.           Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon L. Lehman       Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Marcini    Mrs. Grace H. Mellinger
Kornbau                         Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Lehman       Mr. & Mrs. Blaine A. Markel     Mr. & Mrs. Arthur F. Melvin
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W.            Christine L. Lehman                Mr. & Mrs. Claude L. Markel     Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Merrick
                                Mrs. & Mrs. Rodger L. Lehr         Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Markey    Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Meyers
Mr. Anthony J. Kougl, Sr.
                                Mr. & Mrs. Carl W. Lehr            Mr. & Mrs. Clair L. Markey      Mrs. Yvonne E. Micik
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L.
Krammes                         Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Lehr         Mrs. Marilyn O. Markey          Norma J. Miedwig
Mr. & Mrs. Ivan M. Kranich      Mr. & Mrs. David K. Leibfried      Mr. William E. Markle           Anna M. Miller
Diane L. Krasner                Karen L. Leiphart                  Mr. Lavere G. Markle            Mr. Wayne S. Miller and Ms.
                                Mrs. Dorothy I. Lentz                                              Marjorie A. Holsberg
Matie S. Krebs                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Markle
                                Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Lentz                                           Mr. & Mrs. Glenn O. Miller
Mr. Gary L. Krebs                                                  Gloria J. Marley
                                Mrs. Rosie LeValley                                                Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth F. Miller
Mr. James E. Krebs                                                 Mr. Donald E. Marlowe

    Helping Hands
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Kreiss
Barbara Krier
Tami R. Kroh
                                Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Levin
                                Mrs. Carol G. Levinbook
                                Mrs. Anna Lex
                                Mr. & Mrs. Stan Libert
                                                                   Mrs. Phyllis J. Martin
                                                                   Mrs. Jeanette V. Martin
                                                                   Mr. Richard E. Martin

                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Gerald R. Miller II
                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Miller
                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Delano G. Miller
                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Denny Miller
                                         ❦ VNA Individual Donors ❦

Mrs. Mary E. Miller               Mr. & Mrs. Michael L.                  Mr. Robert R. Perritt           Mr. Kenneth L. Rexroth
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey E. Miller      Nazmack                                Mr. & Mrs. John H. Perry III    Janet S. Rhoads
Mrs. Lucy L. Miller               Mr. & Mrs. William L. Neal, Jr.        Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Peters,   Mr. & Mrs. Alfred J. Riccio
Mrs. Paul R. Miller               Mrs. Ruth W. Neff                      Jr.                             Mr. & Mrs. William T.
Mr. & Mrs. George R. Miller       Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Neiman           Mr. Gene W. Peters              Richardson
Nadine C. Miller                  Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Neiman            Mr. Carl C. Pickel              Mrs. Dorothy V. Rickrode
Mr. & Mrs. Carl R. Miller         Genevieve M. Nelson                    Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Pickel     Shelly M. Riedel
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Miller         Mrs. Yvonne M. Ness                    Timothye C. Pinkerton           Mrs. Susan E. Rife
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Q. Miller        Mrs. Betty L. Ness                     Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Platts    Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Rineer
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Minkin        Mr. & Mrs. Richard V. Nevins           Mr. & Mrs. Richard E.           Terry A. Ritter
                                  Anna M. Newcomer                       Plowman                         Mr. & Mrs. James L. Ritter
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey J. Mirkovich
                                  Donna Newcomer                         Mrs. Virginia R. Plyler         Mr. Raymond E. Ritter, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. John S. Monk
                                  Mrs. Shirley M. Newcomer               Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Plymire   Mr. Lawrence F. Rizzuto
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy W. Moran
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Cris B. Newman              Mr. Harry C. Poff               Peggy A. Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Morgan
                                  Rev. & Mrs. Craig Newton               Mr. & Mrs. Philip N. Potter     Mr. & Mrs. Christopher E.
Mrs. Jean E. Morgan
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Mack A. Newton,             Mr. Charles R. Powers, Sr.      Rodak
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Morgan
                                  Jr.                                    Mr. Matthew R. Prang, Sr.       Mr. & Mrs. T. Michael Roddy,
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Morris                                                                             Jr.
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Barry L. Newton             Ann E. Prescott
Mrs. Midge Morse                                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Harvey F. Rodgers
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Timothy F.                  Dr. & Mrs. Douglas H. Prince
Robert H. Moss                    Nicholson                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Keith E. Rodgers
                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Richard A.
Dr. & Mrs. Kevin H. Mosser        Mr. Roger A. Nickol                    Protheroe                       Mr. Jaime Rodriguez
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Mosser         Mrs. Nancy M. Noss                     Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Provard    Kathy L. Rohler
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Moul,       Mr. & Mrs. Wallace L. Nunn             Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Pulliam    Mr. & Mrs. Timothy L.
Jr.                                                                                                      Rohrbaugh
                                  Joan O’Connell                         Mr. John H. Quick and Ms.
Mrs. Barbara A. Mount                                                    Dorcas Haines                   Mr. & Mrs. Curvin L.
                                  Mr. & Mrs. James E. O’Hara
Mr. Kim E. Moyer                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Quickel    Rohrbaugh
                                  Mr. & Mrs. E. Bradley
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Mueller        Oldenburg                              Mr. James E. Rabine             Betty M. Rohrbaugh
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Muller      Mr. & Mrs. John N. Olsen               Mary Anne Ragland               Mr. & Mrs. Terry Rohrbaugh
Shirley A. Mulligan               Mr. & Mrs. John F. O’Neale III         Mr. Albert C. Raimer            Mr. & Mrs. Theo M. Rohrs
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Mummert       Arthur J. Oplinger                     Mr. & Mrs. William H. Ramage    Mrs. Ruth Romao
Mr. & Mrs. Albert C. Mundis       Mr. & Mrs. Roger C. Orr                Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Rambo      Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Rosen
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Munio         Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Orwick,           Mrs. Mary E. Rankin             Joan M. Roser
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Murphy       Sr.                                    Mr. & Mrs. Clair H. Rau         Mr. & Mrs. James D. Rosier
Mr. Dennis R. Murr                Kelly Osmolinski-Smith                 Mrs. A. Marie Raver             Mr. & Mrs. Bruce B. Rost, Jr.
H. Delbert Myerly                 Mr. & Mrs. Creston F.                  Mr. & Mrs. William R. Rea       Mr. & Mrs. Todd D. Rothermel
Mrs. Mildred R. Myers             Ottemiller, Jr.                                                        Mr. John A. Rotz
                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Lynn B. Reck
Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Myers        Mr. & Mrs. J. David Owens                                              Chandelle L. Rowe
                                                                         Mrs. Joanne C. Rector
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph L. Myers         Mr. & Mrs. Jessie Pantano                                              Mr. Benjamin K. Ruby
                                                                         Charlotte M. Reed
Mrs. Vermi M. Myers               Mr. Antonio Pantano                                                    Virginia M. Rudacille
                                                                         Jeanette D. Reeser
Mr. & Mrs. Willard A. Myers       Claire M. Papenberg                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Frederick E.
                                                                         Mrs. Carolyn J. Reever
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Myers,       Mr. & Mrs. John D. Parr                                                Rudisill
                                                                         Delores M. Rehrer
Sr.                               Mr. & Mrs. Dante C. Parrini                                            Yvonne Rudy
                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Wayne C. Reich
Mr. Robert L. Myers, Jr.          Ann Parry and Arvind                                                   Margaret W. Rudy
                                  Rangaswamy                             Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Reichard
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn E. Myers                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Rupp
                                  Dr. & Mrs. Craig Pate                  Betty S. Reid
Mrs. Helen C. Myers                                                                                      Mr. Claude H. Ruppert
                                  Dr. & Mrs. Don R. Patton               Mr. Dan B. Reid, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Russell A. Myers                                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Barry L. Ruppert
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Frederick O. Paul           Mrs. Lois V. Renaut
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Myers                                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Spurgeon E. Ruth
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Paul              Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Renda
Mrs. Peggy J. Nace                                                                                       Mrs. Margo A. Ruth

   Helping Hands
Mr. William R. Nace
Mr. & Mrs. Irvin S. Naylor
                                  Mr. Jack W. Peeling
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Penoyer
                                  Faith Perkins

                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H.
                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Timothy L.
                                                                                                         Mrs. Margaret T. Ryan
                                                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Edward N. Sager
                                                                                                         Mrs. Isabelle I. Sakemiller
                                           ❦ VNA Individual Donors ❦

Mr. & Mrs. Roger W. Saltzgaver     Mr. & Mrs. Gary Shelly            Mr. & Mrs. David C. Snowe        Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Stewart
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Salvo             Mr. & Mrs. Steven H.              Mr. & Mrs. Blaine L. Snyder      Miss H. Virginia Stiles
Sharron A. Sandmaier               Shermeyer                         Jodi L. C. Snyder                Mrs. Elsie M. Stine
Mr. & Mrs. W. Rodger Sands         Lori S. Shetter                   Mr. Jack R. Snyder               Mrs. Marlene J. Stine
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Sands        Mr. & Mrs. Loren A.               Mr. & Mrs. William R. Snyder     Shirley M. Stitley
Mr. & Mrs. John K. Sanstead                                          Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Snyder     Lydia A. Stitt
                                   Kathryn L. Shirey
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Sargeant                                        Mr. & Mrs. John E. Snyder        Mr. & Mrs. John E. Stollenwerk
                                   Cathy L. Shoenfelt
Mr. G. Edward Saxe                                                   Sylvia E. Snyder                 Mrs. Audrey M. Stone
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Ira T. Shoff
Mrs. Beatrice H. Schaeberle                                          Mr. & Mrs. Randy S. Snyder       Mr. & Mrs. John E. Stonesifer
                                   Mr. Dean R. Shorb
Mrs. Theda K. Schaeffer                                              Mrs. Mary M. Somers              Mr. & Mrs. Keith R. Stouch
                                   Denise K. Shutt
Mr. Paul L. Schiding                                                 Jo Anne Sosnowski                Mr. & Mrs. A. Paul Stough
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Lester E. Siegfried
Mrs. Catherine J. Schiefer                                           Mr. & Mrs. H. Douglass Souder    Mrs. Mary Lou Stover
                                   Mary A. Silance
Dr. & Mrs. Steven K. Schirk                                          Mr. & Mrs. Lee E. Sowers         Darla Stover
                                   Mrs. Rosetta Silar
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Schlag                                          Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Sowers      Sara J. Strausbaugh
                                   Mr. & Mrs. John V. Silcox
Lois M. Schleef                                                      Mr. & Mrs. John Spagnola         Mr. & Mrs. Ronald R.
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Richard C.                                              Strawbridge
Mrs. Betty M. Schlinkman           Silverman                         Mr. & Mrs. Gerald F. Spangler
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Schmidt                                              Mr. Adrian E. Spangler           Suzanne Strayer
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Marvin W. Simkins
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Schriver                                       Mr. & Mrs. Weldon E. Spangler    Mr. & Mrs. William H. Strayer
                                   Sharon M. Simpson
Mrs. Mildred L. Schroeder                                            Mrs. Anna K. Spangler            Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd E. Strayer
                                   Mr. Kenneth P. Simpson, Sr.
Mrs. Ruth M. Schrom                                                  Mrs. Warren H. Spangler          Mr. & Mrs. Claude Street
                                   Mr. Gregg Simpson and Ms.
Mrs. Ruby Jane Schrum              Gainor Davis                      Mr. & Mrs. James A. Sparks       Mrs. Rita E. Streett
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick K.            Mr. Robert J. Sipe, Jr.           Mrs. Georgia G. Sparler          Mrs. Martha C. Streett
Schuhly, Sr.                       Mrs. Bessie M. Sipe               Mrs. Mary J. Spiese              Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Strine
Mrs. Beatrice M. Schwartzer        Mr. & Mrs. Conrad J. Six          Mr. & Mrs. John H. Spillman      Mrs. Dorothy R. Stump
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen T. Scott        Mr. Thomas F. Skehan              Mr. & Mrs. Joel E. Sponsler      Mr. & Mrs. Eugene S. Suereth
Dr. Sharon L. Scott                Mrs. Carole E. Slagle             Mr. & Mrs. Chris W. Sprenkle     Anna M. Sweitzer
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd S. Seifert, Jr.   Mr. & Mrs. Noel Sloboda           Mr. & Mrs. John W. Sprenkle      Judy Tanner
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Seim         Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Slonaker     Mrs. Andrea E. Sprenkle          Mr. & Mrs. Merle A. Taylor
Anne S. Seitz                      Luanne Slusser                    Miriam Sprenkle                  Mrs. Margaret E. Taylor
Mrs. Leah Seitz                    Sara J. Smith                     Mr. & Mrs. Ronnell M.            Mr. & Mrs. Nicol C. Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Senft         Sandra L. Smith                   Sprenkle                         Mr. & Mrs. Albert E. Taylor, Jr.
Donna G. Senft                     Mr. & Mrs. Morgan E. Smith,       Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L.            Mr. James A. Tegeler
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Shaffer      Jr.                               Springer, Jr.                    Denise Teles
Mr. & Mrs. Gary E. Shaffer         Janice O. Smith                   Sarah B. Stahl                   Nancy E. Terka
Mrs. Evelyn L. Shaffer             Sandy Smith                       Doris B. Stallman                Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Thoman
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley A. Shaffner     Gloria E. Smith                   Mr. & Mrs. Gordon K.             Mr. Earl S. Thoman
Mrs. Pauline E. Shanabrough        Mr. & Mrs. Steven F. Smith                                         Mrs. Jeanne L. Thomas
                                                                     Bonita L. Stambaugh
Mrs. Marge Shanbarger              Leona M. Smith                                                     Catherine V. Thomas
                                                                     Mrs. Carolyn A. Stambaugh
Mr. & Mrs. Barry L. Sharp          Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Smith                                        Mrs. William A. Thomas
                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Stanek
Mr. Max M. Shaull, Jr.             Mr. & Mrs. Larry E. Smith                                          Colleen D. Thomas
                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. Stanek
Mr. Donald E. Shaull               Mrs. Betty L. Smith                                                Beth C. Thomason
                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Daniel N. Stasko
Mr. & Mrs. James L. Shearer        Mrs. Crystal L. Smith                                              Mr. & Mrs. William W.
                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Stauffer   Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Gary E. Shearer         Mrs. Olene E. Smith
                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Stauffer    Mrs. Norma J. Thompson
Dr. & Mrs. David M. Shearer        Mr. Gerald E. C. Smith
                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Junior Stauffer       Mr. & Mrs. William H.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Shearer       Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Smith
                                                                     Mrs. Ruth A. Stehman             Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Terry B. Sheffer        Mrs. Dolores E. Smith
                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. John Steigelman       Mr. & Mrs. Sterling E.
Beverly A. Sheldon

    Helping Hands
Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Shelley
Kathy S. Shelly
Gary W. Shelly
                                   Dr. Shirley A. Smith
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Jacob L. Smith
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Craig Smith
                                   Violet Smyser
                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Stemmy
                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Larry E. Stenger
                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Clair Sterner

                                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Barry L. Thomson
                                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Tice, Jr.
                                                                                                      Helen E. Tillotson
                                      ❦ VNA Individual Donors ❦

Mrs. J. A. Tipping             Mr. Earl A. Wayne                Yvonne Wise
Evelyn Tokarczyk               Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Weary      Debbie L. Wise
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Topley    Mr. & Mrs. Jack M. Weaver        Mr. Henry A. Wivell
Brenda K. Topper               Mrs. L. Elizabeth Weimer         Mr. & Mrs. J. Fred Wolf
Helen L. Townsend              Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Weir        Mr. & Mrs. Dale R. Wolf
Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Tracy     Mary Ellen Weisser               Mr. & Mrs. William T. Wolf
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby J. Traynham   Dr. Karen K. Wenner              Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M.
Mr. & Mrs. M. L. Treuthart     Mr. Clair V. Wentz, Jr.          Wolfberg
Mrs. Jacqueline M. Tucker      Mr. & Mrs. Nelson P. Wentz       Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Wood
Mrs. Mary J. Tucker            Mr. & Mrs. Terry Wentzel         Dawn Wood
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard I. Tucker   Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Werner     Mr. & Mrs. Rex E. Woolridge
Dr. & Mrs. David Turkewitz     Mr. Richard D. Werner            Mr. & Mrs. Edward E.
Dorothy R. Tyndall             Mrs. Emily W. Westrick
                                                                Mr. Kenneth M. Worley
Mr. & Mrs. Nevin M. Tyson      Laura J. Weyant
                                                                Mr. Kenneth R. Wright
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph H. Tyson      Mr. Donald M. Whistler
                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Cletus W. Writer
Mrs. Melanie A. Ulrich         Mr. Jack L. Whitcomb
                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Glenn M. Yarnell
Mrs. Catherine A. Ulrich       Mr. & Mrs. Patrick S. White
                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Philip R. Yates
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis E. Urey       Mrs. Metza Y. Whiteley
                                                                Mrs. Patricia L. Yeatts
Mr. & Mrs. Dale W. Urey        Mrs. Anna L. Whiteley
                                                                Mrs. Nancy C. Yinger
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Urey      Mrs. Ruth G. Whitenight
                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Yoder
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Van Sant    Mr. & Mrs. Hilbert E. Whitmer
                                                                Mrs. Ruth C. Yohe
Charlotte D. Varner            Mrs. Lucreta M. Whitsel
                                                                Mrs. Pauline L. Young
Richard C. Varney              Mr. Herbert R. Widdowson
                                                                Mrs. Verna W. Young
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Vottero   Mr. & Mrs. Jon P. Wiesman
                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Harry N. Young
Mary C. Vranich                Catharine L. Wiest
                                                                Diana Young
Mrs. Catherine A. Wagman       Mr. & Mrs. Donald Wilhelm
                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Larry Young
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Wagman   Mr. & Mrs. Dale R. Wilkerson
                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Ervan E. Young
Mrs. Delores L. Wagner         Mrs. Peggy L. Will
                                                                Mr. & Mrs. John D. Zales
Butch Wagner                   Mrs. Margaret R. Will
                                                                Toni Zartman
Mr. & Mrs. George D. Wagner    Joyce Willenburg
                                                                Mrs. Joan R. Zeigler
Mr. Dennis L. Wagner           Mr. & Mrs. G. Darby
                               Williammee                       Mr. & Mrs. Edwin E. Zeigler
Mr. & Mrs. Clark E. Walker
                               Mr. & Mrs. David J. Williams     Mrs. Evelyn Zellers
Mr. & Mrs. Barry L. Walker
                               Mrs. Elsie L. Williams           Mrs. V. Lorraine Zimmerman
Mr. & Mrs. Barry L. Walker
                               Mr. Walter Williams              Mr. & Mrs. John D.
Mrs. Romaine E. Wallace                                         Zimmerman
Mr. & Mrs. H. James            Mrs. Dorothy E. Williams
                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Eugene H.
Waltemeyer                     Mr. Sterling E. Williams         Zimmerman
Mr. & Mrs. Tyrone K.           Mr. & Mrs. Mearl D. Williams     Mr. & Mrs. Michael C.
Waltemyer                      Mr. & Mrs. Douglas E.            Zimmerman
Mr. & Mrs. N. Daniel           Williams                         Mr. Chuck Zink
Waltersdorff                   Mr. & Mrs. Gene Wilson           Mr. & Mrs. Steven F. Zinn
Mr. & Mrs. Dale E. Waltimyer   Dr. & Mrs. Ray A. Wilson         Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Zumbrun
Mr. Robert W. Walton           Karlene M. Wilson
Mrs. F. Arvida Wanner          Mr. & Mrs. Carl D. Wilt
Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Warner   Mr. & Mrs. Floyd C. Wilt
Phyllis Y. Warner              Mrs. Anna M. Wineholt
Mrs. Phyllis J. Warner         Mr. & Mrs. Michael

  Helping Hands
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel R. Warner
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Washko
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Watkins
                               Mr. Paul A. Winters
                               Mrs. Dolores M. Winters

    ❦ Mission Statement ❦

   The York Health Foundation is a
    community-based not-for-profit
organization dedicated to improving the
    health of the local community
   by generating charitable support
     for the York-based entities of
      WellSpan Health including:

            YORK HOSPITAL




❦ York Health Foundation Board of Directors ❦

             A. Richard Pugh, Chairman
            Joe Crosswhite, Vice-Chairman
          Leslie W. Brant, Secretary/Treasurer
                  Monica Dallmeyer
                  George W. Hodges
                    Robert V. Iosue
                   Anne W. Kinsley
                    Barbara Linder
                  Jonathan Liss, M.D.
                   Jeffrey D. Lobach
                John McConville, M.D.
                    Judy Simpson
                N. Daniel Waltersdorff
Helping Hands                                 Healing Hands
                       Washing Feet
            Being thorough, I remove a holey sock,
              to view a diabetic man’s filthy feet.
              I use the time to complete our talk
            of what drove him to live on the street
             as I wonder how any of this can help.

         While he tells me more of his medical past,
           I run warm water into a stainless bowl.
          I immerse both his feet, and begin to ask
         myself what good it does for this poor soul
         to allow himself to undergo this ablution.

          Silently I sluice the water between his toes
             and soap the crusty callous at his heel.
          I marvel at his arch, and notice how closely
              it fits my palm. I know he can feel
             this proximity too. He shuts his eyes.

              Months of useless layers peel away,
               revealing layers useless weeks ago.
         Removing the tough brown hide of yesterday
           yields clean pink skin, but we both know
           this ritual will be useless days from now.

         Still, this moment may withstand time’s test,
           teaching us each lessons unknown before.
                I learn the medicine of selflessness.
            He learns what medicine is really for—
         the hope that basin, soap, and touch can bear.

                              Robert S. Fawcett, M.D., M.S.
                              assistant program director,
                              York Hospital Family Medicine Residency

           45 Monument Road
           Suite 200
           York, PA 17403

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