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					2007 Annual Report

“ Because

I can…

of the Library

Dear Friend, The connection between a library and its users runs deep. Libraries play an indelible role in the community, providing literacy, education and a sense of belonging. They are microcosms of the community – a central anchor to our past, present and future. For generations, Pittsburgh’s families have relied on the programs and services Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh provides. Like the books on our shelves, each one of our customers has a unique story to tell. In 2007, we asked our customers to share their stories, telling us in their own words, what the Library means to them. Throughout the year we received many touching stories from people who told us what they have been able to do because of the Library. From customers remembering what it felt like to check out books with their very first library cards to those who uncovered the Library’s vast music collection through the help of one of our librarians, we learned that Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh continues to build communities and enrich lives. This is Jelena’s Story: “The Music Department in the Carnegie Library saved my music. When we came to the USA I did not bring along my music scores. Finding music scores I used to play to as a child brought tears of joy and excitement beyond any expectation. The library brought me back to music. It brought me back the greatest joy.” Pulitzer Prize winning author and Libraries for LIFE capital campaign Honorary Chair David McCullough once confided to me that he frequently visited our Main Library while growing up in Pittsburgh. He said, “I like to think of my first-ever library card – a Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh card – as my first ticket to ride… and ride I have, for work and pleasure ever since.” Jelena and David’s stories are not unique. Thanks to the support of our Libraries for LIFE capital campaign, future generations will have the opportunity to share that same passion in an exciting new era of library services. With the help of the community we were able to break ground on Pittsburgh’s first new library building in more than twenty years. This building will be a beacon for learning, drawing a new generation of library users. To date we have completed six renovations, including a partial renovation of our Main Library. With nineteen locations, we have a way to go, yet with each day we continue to raise awareness about the need for a vibrant library system. By donating to the Library you have given the community a valuable gift. Your generosity empowers Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh to open new doors; set a new tone every day; and help people grow, connect, share and understand the world around them. Thank you!

Dr. Barbara K. Mistick President and Director Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

… open new doors



Opening Doors to New Possibilities
Entrepreneurs and small business owners open new doors to a successful financial future through programs, resources and business plans at our two Business Centers at CLP – Downtown and Business and CLP – Squirrel Hill.

For grad student Aftyn Giles, an internship means more than making copies, answering phones and freshening the coffee. A former page at CLP – Homewood, she is contributing to the innovative design of the new Hill District Library, offering an insider’s view on the importance of such things as placement of shelving and furniture and the ability to see customers from all areas of the building. Aftyn is the first architectural intern placed at a local architectural firm by the Library’s Architecture and Civil Engineering Internship Program. Through a grant from the Heinz Endowments, the program encourages budding minority architects to remain in Pittsburgh after college and opens opportunity by providing practical on-the-job experience.

Building a Strong Foundation
Nonprofit organizations and individuals stay up-to-date with current, factual grantseeking and grant-making resources. In 2007, CLP’s Foundation Center assisted 1,606 people through onsite programs – the highest attendance total for the last ten years.

We’re on the M.O.V.E.
In 2007, eleven Pittsburgh Public School students learned what it is like to work at the region’s most visited asset. CLP participated in Pittsburgh Public Schools Project M.O.V.E. (Mentoring Opportunities for Vocational Exploration), providing work experience and showing teens what it takes to be successful in the workplace.


"The most exciting thing [about the Hill District
project] is putting all my knowledge to work and having a building at the end of it. Something that is pure imagination becomes something tangible.”
– Aftyn Giles, CLP’s Architecture and Civil Engineering Intern


… share my point of view


Get A Clue!
Teens read 6,323 items during the Library’s summer reading program – a 46% increase over 2006.

Teenagers in the malls are a common sight. But a new study conducted by the Pew Research Center finds that teens are quickly becoming the highest users of libraries. CLP plays an important role in the lives of Pittsburgh-area teens: 23% of all CLP cardholders are between the age of 13 and 24. A new lecture series developed in 2007, Behind the Books: Authors Talk to Teens, is connecting teens to contemporary authors — and books — exploring issues that matter most to them. Part discussion about the writing process, part question and answer session, the first Behind the Books season featured visits from seven nationally acclaimed authors, including Ned Vizzini, Avi, David Levithan and Angela Johnson. Each author has written about issues that many teens will immediately relate to or may soon confront.

Get Your Game On!
Bet you never thought the Library would be the place to game! Two traveling gaming systems, Wii and PS2, rotate to all neighborhood libraries, enhancing literary and social skills.

Get Out!
Tell-A-Tale Theater, a program planned by teens, presented early literacy programs to 170 preschool and kindergarten-aged children at CLP – Squirrel Hill and CLP – Main.

Get Creative!
Thirty-five teens volunteered their time and talent to create permanent murals in the Teen’s fiction and nonfiction stacks at CLP – Main. Check them out on your next visit.


Behind the Books: Authors Talk to Teens
was developed with the help of teens and is sponsored by PPG Industries. It reflects just one of the many innovative ways that Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh reaches out to teens and young adults.

Grow Together
A blow to the cheek A kiss on the feet A gazing look for the one you love A building block A throwing ball The love of his smile tops it all
– Poem written by an IT’S REAL participant for her son

… grow together



We’re Not Out
CLP – Allegheny Regional may be closed to the public, but children’s librarians continue to provide year-round outreach services to schools and children’s groups who depend on our services. Last summer, librarians registered children for the summer reading program and developed programs on the North Side around the summer reading theme.

In a high school classroom, CLP – Hazelwood librarian Ellen Sikov reads Little Quack’s Bath Book to a group of teens. As she speaks, her voice inflects each syllable, her words drift into a soothing rhythm. The teens watch intently. The group is part of IT’S REAL (Infants, Teens, Stories, Reading, Education And Libraries), an experimental outreach program for teen parents. Currently in two Pittsburgh Public High Schools, the program is in high demand from local school administrators. Through the support of the Elizabeth Shiras Charitable Trust, a PNC Advisors Charitable Trust, IT’S REAL helps teen parents introduce poems, rhymes, songs, fingerplays and other techniques to their children. The teens are also provided with career information, books, library resources, relaxation exercises and art instruction to strengthen the well-being of both baby and caregiver.

Get Ready to Learn
My mommy takes me to the Library where Miss Laurel teaches me songs and reads stories to me and my friends. CLP children’s librarian Laurel DuBose created KinderPrep, a 9-week program to enrich preschoolers’ literacy experiences through stories, crafts and sounds. Originally launched at CLP – Main, KinderPrep has expanded into six additional communities through CLP branch libraries.


We’re Having a BLAST! Bringing Libraries and
Schools Together (BLAST), a school outreach program, provides dynamic read-aloud programs and reading techniques to preschools, Headstart programs and all third grade elementary students throughout the Pittsburgh Public School District.


… connect to the world

LBPH Goes Digital
Thanks to the FISA Foundation, CLP’s Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped is able to convert old analog recordings to the new digital format and make new recordings digitally. Author and television personality Dave Crawley was one of the first people to test the new sound isolation booths and digital recording equipment.


Virtually Amazing!

CLP librarians run rings around computer programs and search engines, directing thousands of visitors every year to exactly the information they need in record time. One area, health and medicine, continues to generate vast amounts of data — and intense interest from customers. Undaunted by the ever-increasing size and scope of this challenge, CLP librarians have responded by raising the standard for staff training in consumer health resources. Thanks to a grant from the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, 20 CLP librarians earned their healthcare librarian certification through the National Network of Libraries of Medicine and are now members of the Medical Library Association.

CLP librarians offer “virtual reference” in cooperation with AskHere PA, a live online 24/7 service. Customers can find up-to-date, relevant information through carefully selected RSS feeds (syndicated news and Web site content) on the CLP Web site. 618 images from the Andrew Carnegie Benefactions collection are now available through the Library’s online catalog. Pop City Media readers voted the CLP Web site as a site they cannot live without! Downloadable video was added in 2007 to the Library’s array of downloadable options.






Connecting to the world of information would
often be overwhelming were it not for Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh librarians leading the way.


… set a new tone every day


Interpreting the World Through a Camera Lens Middle school students learned what it takes to win an Oscar at CLP – Lawrenceville’s filmmaking camp. Standing Ovation CLP is home to one of the country’s outstanding public music collections. Pittsburgh LPs, Sheet Music and streaming audio round out the expansive multi-format collection. Seeing the World More than 140 Armchair Travelers at CLP – Main visited Spain, Greece, Algeria, Pakistan, India, Taiwan and South Africa without ever leaving the Library. Speaking Your Language International collections complement bi-lingual adult and children’s programming. Volunteers help CLP staff run a Spanish Club, a Korean Club, Arabic classes and two conversation groups – Let’s Speak English and Le Club Francophone.

“Do not let your Sundays be taken from you… if your soul has no Sunday, it becomes an orphan.”
– Albert Schweitzer
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Celebrate the Arts Sundays program is just what the doctor ordered for customers looking to take back their Sundays! Visitors to CLP – Main, First Floor – New & Featured are discovering the music, dance, poetry, arts, culture and films of local and international artists — all for free. The program builds upon the phenomenal popularity of the Library’s music, film and fine arts collections.


Customers are discovering a new rhythm,
and they’re finding it through the arts at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.


… understand my friends



e was a Carnegie Library of Pi ttsburgh Librarian w ho liked to read stories to child ren. One day the Libr arian said, “It would be nice for children to learn how their own stories. It w to create ould help them becom e better readers as they get older.” A few blocks away, a group of very smart stu dents at Carnegie Mell University were enro on lled in the Entertainm ent Technology Center They thought hard ab . out ways they could he lp the Librarian. The thought and thought y until their heads hurt. “We can create a nifty software program that uses artificial intellige nce to form sentences based on how childre n interact with the sto ry,” the smart student said. “Children can ch s ange a story many tim es. They can even prin the stories. And we w t ill call it my StoryMak er!” The Librarian was ha ppy, but had a problem . “How will we get my StoryMaker into th e Library so children can learn about storytelling?” she won dered. Not very far away, a gr oup of kind, generous people called the Gra Foundation heard abou ble t the Librarian’s idea and liked it. They belie very strongly in educat ved ion and helping child ren build productive liv So one fine day, the ki es. nd, generous people pr ovided a grant to the at the Entertainment students Technology Center to create my Storymaker. made the Librarian’s This dream come true. Not the end, but a begi nning …


nce upon a time … ther


Today, children can use my StoryMaker at any
CLP Library to create their own special stories. And they’re all writing happily ever after.


… make a difference
Portrait of a philanthropist CLP was one of four Pittsburgh organizations to host the International Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy ceremony in October. Eli Broad, the Heinz, Mellon and Tata families were recognized for sharing Andrew Carnegie’s vision of dedicating their private wealth for the public good. At the end of the two-day celebration, Carnegie Corporation of New York awarded the Library a grant of $300,000 in honor of the Heinz, Mellon and Tata families. The money bequeathed on behalf of the Tata family of India will help the Library compile a collection of materials that reflects the family’s home country.



CAPITAL CAMPAIGN What do three nationally-recognized families and a 9-year old Pittsburgh resident have in common? Their generosity to Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh means: • a job seeker can submit job applications online; • an author can inspire; • a new parent and child can enjoy music and stories; • a visually-impaired reader has assistive technology needed to read about world events to enjoy favorite stories; • a budding musician can access scores and recordings; • a child can participate in early reading programs to build vocabulary skills and become a life-long learner.

Meet our Youngest Donor on Record Jacob Gerszten is not your typical nine-year-old. After reading a copy of the Library’s 2006 annual report cover-to-cover, he was most impressed with the long list of donors that appeared in the back. He told his parents that he went to the Library “so much” and read “so many” books during his young lifetime, that he, too, wanted to find a way to give back. Pooling funds from his allowance, relatives’ gifts and a lemonade stand, Jacob gave his life savings – $320 – to Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

Libraries for LIFE
Building Communities Enriching Lives

You make us successful!
Thanks to corporations, foundations and individuals, our Libraries for LIFE Capital Campaign is renewing library buildings to meet the needs of today’s library customer. Since the campaign began in 2000, we have renovated or relocated six neighborhood libraries and completed a partial renovation of the Main Library, First Floor. We need your help to ensure that all of our neighborhood locations can continue to meet community needs. The places that served us well in the past are not suitable for contemporary use. Technological infrastructure, handicapped accessibility and climate control are not luxuries but expectations. Your investment will ensure that all of our locations are accessible and continue to be anchors in the community.


Whether it is $320 or $300,000, your support allows
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh to offer literacy tools, books, computers, children’s storytimes, book clubs, classes, workshops and more to the entire community.

Please consider how you can help us to reach our goal of $55 million by the end of 2008.

CLP – Woods Run, renovated July 2006.

Capital campaign progress

Libraries for LIFE
Building Communities Enriching Lives




s they did a century ago, library buildings continue to function as cornerstones of society — providing gathering places and promoting lifelong literacy and learning. Andrew Carnegie provided the money to build library facilities, but did not endow their operations. He expected the community to financially support such an essential resource.

Pittsburgh’s newest Library
The last time a Library was built in Pittsburgh, the cost of one gallon of regular gas was $1.25 and a first class stamp was 15 cents. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh made history in 2007, by beginning construction on the first new library to be built in Pittsburgh since 1980. Standing side by side with residents of the Hill District, Library and local elected officials broke ground on the new $3.15 million facility. The new building will open in late 2008.

modern library service to Pittsburgh’s North Side. Customers to the new building will enjoy bright open spaces, handicapped access, wireless Internet, a teen section and a children’s programming area. The structure will integrate the North Side community’s proud history with cutting-edge library service. Historical collections including directories, meeting minutes and newspaper clippings of the former Allegheny City, a community that was annexed by Pittsburgh in 1907, will have a place of honor in the new facility. East Liberty The schematic design to renovate and expand the current CLP – East Liberty Library is now complete. The two-level building currently houses more than 80,000 titles and a PC Center that offers customers free computer classes and open work time. Transformation of the space, which was originally built in 1968, will provide greater library resources for the community and the developing urban neighborhood. Look for construction to begin in late 2008 or early 2009.

Top left to right: CLP – Homewood, Children’s area and quiet reading area, renovated November 2003; proposed concept elevation of CLP – East Liberty by EDGE Studio; CLP – Brookline, Children’s area, before and after, renovated February 2004; exterior and interior views of CLP – Squirrel Hill, renovated April 2005.

What’s on the horizon?
North Side In May 2008, the Library will break ground on another new building — this one to bring

To learn more about the Libraries for LIFE campaign or to make a donation, contact the Development Office at 412.622.6276.

thank you!
to our Capital Campaign donors
Donors to Libraries for LIFE join an impassioned group that believes our libraries build communities and enrich the lives of the more than 2 million people who rely on our services each year. With your contribution to Libraries for LIFE, you have the power and the privilege to shape the future – to help individuals reach their potential, to stabilize and strengthen our communities and to ensure that Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh remains “free to the people.”

For Future Generations


Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh expresses deep appreciation to the following individuals, foundations and businesses who have generously supported the Libraries for LIFE Capital Improvements Campaign between January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2007.

Capital Campaign continued The Buhl Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Busch Mr. James L. Busch Mr. Ryan S. Busch Ms. Sara C. Busch Oliver W. and Karla Byrd Mr. and Mrs. David J. Caliguiri City of Pittsburgh, – Luke Ravenstahl, Mayor – City of Pittsburgh, District Improvement Fund – City of Pittsburgh, Neighborhood Needs Funding The Clarke Family Foundation Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, – Edward G. Rendell, Governor – Keystone Recreation, Park and Conservation Fund of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – Office of Commonwealth Libraries – Department of Community and Economic Development Ms. Anna Marie Criss Mr. and Mrs. James H. Dauber Deborah D. Dodds Susan and Roy Dorrance Eden Hall Foundation Eichleay Foundation The Honorable David B. Fawcett III The Honorable Jim Ferlo Mrs. Marian Finegold First Commonwealth Bank

Alcoa Foundation Allegheny County, – Dan Onorato, County Chief Executive Allegheny Regional Asset District Allegheny Technologies Mr. and Mrs. John H. Anderson Anonymous (3) Argentine Productions, Inc. The Ayco Charitable Foundation Estate of Bertha M. Bailey The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation Mr. Henry S. Beukema III Daniel and Deborah Booker Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bowden Bozzone Family Foundation Ms. Audrey Brourman Carol R. Brown Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC

Marian Finegold is a wife, mother, grandmother and supporter of Libraries for LIFE. She recently honored her late husband, Dr. Richard Finegold, and their family by dedicating one of the Children’s Reading Alcoves at CLP – Squirrel Hill in their name. ■



Capital Campaign continued The Fisher Fund of the Pittsburgh Foundation Sheila A. Fisher William and Susan Flis Mary Ellen and Michael E. Fox Family Foundation Erika Frederick Mr. and Mrs. William P. Getty Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Mr. and Mrs. Ira H. Gordon The Grable Foundation Estate of Marion R. Gray The Gulley Family Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Marcia and Stanley Gumberg The Heinz Endowments Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hershey Highmark, Inc. Audrey Hillman Hilliard and Thomas J. Hilliard, Jr. The Hillman Foundation, Inc. Estate of Carrie D. Huffman The Roy A. Hunt Foundation Mr. David W. Hunter John E. & Sue M. Jackson Charitable Trust Mrs. Sheila T. Jackson Mr. Larry Karnoff Ms. Ruthie D. King Estate of Walter C. Kidney Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Kittenbrink Nicholas and Eileen Lane Jacqui Fiske and John S. Lazo Robert and Barbara Logan Bobbie and Frank Lucchino Mr. David J. Malone Mrs. Jeanne Manders Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McConomy Ms. Kathleen A. McGuire Mr. and Mrs. J. Sherman McLaughlin Richard King Mellon Foundation Sarah Minard and Walter Limbach

Capital Campaign continued Dr. Barbara K. Mistick Alice B. Mitinger Lakshmi and Usha Mittal Foundation Estate of Helen Mason Moore The Charles M. Morris Charitable Trust Estate of Thomas P. Murray Estate of Allen Namm Nancy Noyes Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Ostrow Parker Foundation Peirce Family Foundation Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission Leonard and Ruth Perfido Mr. and Mrs. George Pilko The Honorable Frank Pistella The Pittsburgh Chapter of Links, Inc. The PNC Foundation Estate of Ruth Poritz PPG Industries Foundation The Honorable Joseph Preston, Jr.

Every effort has been made to acknowledge the generosity of our donors correctly and completely. Should you discover an error or omission, please contact us at donors@carnegielibrary.org or 412.622.6276.

Capital Campaign continued Reed Smith LLP The Alex and Leona Robinson Family Foundation Ms. Carol Robinson and Mr. Jeffrey Markel The Donald and Sylvia Robinson Family Foundation Estate of Helen Corcoran Schlenke Schoonmaker Foundation Mrs. Emma Sharp Friends of Rebecca Silberman B.K. Simon Family Charitable Foundation Wallace and Patricia Smith Snavely Family Ceci Sommers John Staley E. J. and Mona Strassburger

Capital Campaign continued Rose and William Strickland John and Becky Surma Estate of Gladys M. Tannahill Mr. David A. Tepper Louis and Kathy Testoni United States Steel Corporation Betsy and Charles Watkins Jackie and Irving Wechsler Robert and Mary Weisbrod Foundation David G. Weiss Trust The Hilda Willis Foundation Terri S. Wolfe and Scott D. Izzo

Libraries for LIFE
Building Communities Enriching Lives

GOAL - $55 Million
December 2008

$49 Million
December 2007


thank you!
to our Annual Fund donors
ShakeSpeare CirCle (GiftS of $50,000 and up)

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Annual Fund supports the programs and services provided by the 19 locations of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, including the Main Library in Oakland and the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh extends sincere thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their generous Annual Fund support. We would also like to thank those donors who wish to remain anonymous. For more information about Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's Annual Fund or to make a donation, please call 412.622.6276.

Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation Equitable Resources, Inc. The Heinz Endowments William Ira Patterson Charitable Fund
irvinG CirCle (GiftS of $25,000 - $49,999)

Every effort has been made to acknowledge the generosity of our donors correctly and completely. Should you discover an error or omission, please contact us at donors@carnegielibrary.org or 412.622.6276.

Emerson Circle continued Bob and Georgia Hernandez Mr. David G. McCullough Mr. and Mrs. George R. McCullough Roy O. Mitchell Charitable Fund Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh Whole Foods Market

Dickens Circle continued Deborah D. Dodds The Fleischmann Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Friends of the South Side Branch David and Donna Gerson Laurie Graham Leonard C. Grasso Charitable Foundation Halpern Foundation Drs. Jean Anne and Brack Hattler Hefren Tillotson, Inc. The Hillman Company The Hillman Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Hite Ms. Diane Patricia Holder Kirby Family Foundation Nicholas and Eileen Lane Fred and Joellen Leech Bobbie and Frank Lucchino Ms. Mary A. McDonough Ms. Kathleen A. McGuire Mr. and Mrs. J. Sherman McLaughlin Kristen and Kevin McMahon Mellon Financial Foundation Robert and Elizabeth Mertz Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation Dr. Barbara K. Mistick Alice B. Mitinger Mr. and Mrs. Maurice A. Nernberg Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Newman Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ostrow Peirce Family Foundation Ms. Carol Robinson and Mr. Jeffrey Markel Schneider Downs & Company, Inc. The Silberman Family Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Simeone Mr. and Mrs. Jason A. Spak Mr. and Mrs. John W. Thompson Ms. Nan Weizenbaum and Mr. Reza Vali Terri S. Wolfe and Scott D. Izzo

Allegheny Technologies Bannerot-Lappe Foundation Equitable Resources Foundation Friends of the Music Library The Grable Foundation Jewish Healthcare Foundation of Pittsburgh PNC Advisors Charitable Trust PPG Industries Foundation Elizabeth Shiras Charitable Trust Verizon Foundation
lonGfellow CirCle (GiftS of $10,000 - $24,999)

thaCkeray CirCle (GiftS of $2,500 - $4,999)

Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Busch Consumers Produce Company, Inc. The Gulley Family Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Marcia and Stanley Gumberg The Roy A. Hunt Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William A. Knaus Jacqui Fiske and John S. Lazo The Nellie Mae Education Foundation, Inc. Northwest Savings Bank Leonard and Ruth Perfido Mr. C. Grant Pierson PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP Everett D. and Geneva V. Sugarbaker Foundation United Way of Allegheny County

Anonymous Estate of Anna Bowles Bartley Glenn W. Davidson Charitable Fund Susan and Roy Dorrance The Milton G. Hulme Charitable Foundation Levin Furniture The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. PPG Industries, Inc.
emerSon CirCle (GiftS of $5,000 - $9,999)

Anonymous The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation Dominion Foundation Ms. Susan R. Dowd Federated Investors Ethel Helfant Feldman Philanthropic Fund of The Jewish Community Foundation of South Palm Beach County Friends of the Squirrel Hill Library Gateway Travel Management Ms. Helen R. Golob

diCkenS CirCle (GiftS of $1,000 - $2,499)

Barbara and Marcus Aaron Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation Anonymous Kathy and Russ Ayres Kim and Diane Bellard Ms. Rachel K. Bobo Carnegie Mellon University Jane E. Dayton and T. C. Wilkinson, II


hawthorne CirCle (GiftS of $500 - $999)

Tennyson Circle continued Mrs. Ella M. Boltich Joseph and Shirley Bonner Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bowden Mr. Charles R. Brodbeck Mrs. Rosella C. Broff Mr. and Mrs. David Brownlee Mr. Charles Burke Michael J. Burke and Gretchen J. Fitzer Mrs. Hazel M. Conrad Mr. and Mrs. Anthony H. Evancic The Evans Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mr. Anthony Fabio Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Fischer Sheila A. Fisher Ms. Joan B. Friedberg Freddie and Hilda Fu Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation Mr. Mark S. Gasior Master Jacob Gerszten Sara M. Mineo Giza and Family Mr. and Mrs. O. Harry Gruner Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hershey Mr. David Hillenbrand Ms. Nancy Ho Dr. Carol L. Hoover and Mr. Marco J. Schumacher Dr. Susan Hoppe The George and Jeanne Illig Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation Sheila T. Jackson The Honorable and Mrs. Joseph James Kamin Realty Company Ms. Susan M. Kapusta Ms. Ann D. Kelton Eleanor L. Krapp Drs. Seymour and Corinne Krause Dr. Mary Louise Kundrat and Mr. D. Lawrence Wickerham Ms. Lynn A. Labun Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Laskow Steven Lasky and Marcia Kurs-Lasky Lester and Judith Lave Walter Lind Mr. George Phillip Long, III Ms. Jennifer Mankoff Ms. Joan M. Marstiller Mr. and Mrs. Robert McIntire Miss Margaret McKenzie Ms. Kristen Mertz and Mr. Andrew T. Pugh Mr. Walter T. Meyers Barbara and Charles Miller The Millmont Foundation Dr. Attila and Patricia Molnar

John Aloe Dr. Madalon Amenta Anonymous Ms. Vicki Beatty Diane Benjamin Mr. Henry S. Beukema III Mrs. Joy K. Blenko Ms. Marian R. Block Joy Borelli Dr. JoAnne E. Burley and Mr. Jack L. Burley Patricia A. Carpenter Mrs. Jamini Vincent Davies James J. and Margaret B. Degnan Mrs. Anne Roberts Duff Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Fairman, III Ms. Rebecca Foster and Mr. Michael Kazar Natalie Glance and David Hull Irving and Aaronel deRoy Gruber Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Haller, Jr. H. J. Heinz Company Foundation Ms. Eileen Kaplan Robert and Barbara Logan Gladys S. Maharam The Markel Family Philanthropic Fund of the UJF Foundation The William McCrady Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Miss Margaret McKenzie Magdalena Muller Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O’Donnell Ms. Mary Ellen Ovington Mark and Leslie Re Ms. Becky Steidle Ms. Krista A. Terpack Mr. and Mrs. Glenn G. Webb Mr. and Mrs. Joshua C. Whetzel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williamson

Every effort has been made to acknowledge the generosity of our donors correctly and completely. Should you discover an error or omission, please contact us at donors@carnegielibrary.org or 412.622.6276.

Tennyson Circle continued Dr. and Mrs. Ross Musgrave Jan Myers-Newbury and Sam Newbury Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Nevin, Jr. Oakland Lions Club Mr. Frederick W. Okie, Jr. Robert and Lillian Panagulias Mrs. Amelia Pannunzio Ardith M. Peck and Andrea Schollaert Pointers in Person, Chapter 20 Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Pusateri Estate of Francis E. Reed Tor Richter Ms. Kathryn Roeder and Mr. Bernie Devlin Mr. Marco J. Schumacher and Dr. Carol L. Hoover John Scotti Mr. Paul J. H. Seeverens Shadyside Market Henry and Mary Snyder Ms. Phyllis C. Spatz Marian J. Streiff Ms. Suzie Steitz Tarentum Area Lions Club Venable LLP Ms. Joan Vondra and Mr. Thomas Chang Jackie and Irving Wechsler

Hemingway Circle continued AgChoice Farm Credit, FLCA Mrs. Patty Ahlbrandt Sjarif A. Ahmad and Dewi Tarumawati Mr. Jukka P. Akkanen Renee M. Alberts John and Diane Albring Therezia AlChoufete Amanda and Glenn Aldridge Ms. Cynthia Alesiani Harold E. Aletto Ms. Jean M. Alexander Joe and Lisa Alfonsi Ms. Donna L. All Allegheny County Library Association Mr. James Allen Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Allen Robert and Susan Allen Ties and Jorunn W. Allersma Ms. Deborah L. Almasy Ms. Bernice W. Alpern Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Altemus Mr. Thomas Altes Ms. Jennifer Altmiller Mr. Edward J. Ambrass, III Ms. Michele Ambrogio Ms. Jennifer M. Ambrose Mr. Joseph S. Amenta Ms. Diana Ames and Mr. John Axtell Carol and Omead Amidi Mr. and Mrs. John L. Ammer Mrs. Charlanne Ammon Robert and Barbara Amsler Mr. and Mrs. Louis Anania Ms. Lucille T. Anania Veronica McDonough Anchors Amanda S. Anderson Ms. Barbara P. Anderson Ms. Doris Anderson Ms. Joan Anderson Joanne E. Anderson Ms. Mary Ann Anderson Ms. Quemilla Anderson Ms. Stella D. Andreoletti Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Angerman Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Angrist Mr. Stephen Angus and Ms. Robin J. Savage Ms. Margarida Anjos Anonymous (16)

heminGway CirCle (GiftS of $249 and below)

tennySon CirCle (GiftS of $250 - $499)

AARP Pennsylvania Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. David J. Armstrong Ms. Nancy Levine-Arnold and Mr. Robert Arnold Ms. Mary Austin The Bagdes Family Mr. Lawrence R. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Lester F. Becker Ms. Mary K. Biagini and Mr. Thomas E. Dubis

A+ Schools Frank J. Abbondanza Mr. Robert M. Aber Ms. Francine Abraham Ms. Sharon Abraham Ms. Cynthia R. Abrams Mr. and Mrs. David Abrams Mr. Stuart Abramson Ms. M. Jean Ackerman Ms. Audrey Adair Mr. and Mrs. Don Adams Mr. John R. Adams Mrs. Leah Addleman Ms. Joan Adibi John and Sally Adkins Ms. Barbara Adler Dr. Lawrence Adler Ms. Henny Adorante


Thank you!
in 2007

925 new donors

Hemingway Circle continued Alice M. Bassett Ms. Alessandra Basso Amber and Bryan Battaglia Ms. Deborah Battista Raymond Battle Mrs. Betty Lee Batzel Ms. Eva Bauer Mr. John Bauer Ms. Paula Bauer Allen Baum and Liz Witzke-Baum Ms. Barbara Baumann and Mr. H. Aizenstein Ms. Karen S. Baumgardner Mr. Kenneth Lisle Baumgardner, Jr.

Hemingway Circle continued Susan Lanna Anstandig Ms. Ruth S. Anthony Michael and Jenifer Anzenberger Ms. Jacqueline L. Apone Mrs. Denise H. Apple Mr. and Mrs. Allan Apter Mr. Matias Aranda Ms. Kelley Arend Jeanne Argoff Linda M. Argote and Dennis Epple Mrs. Jane Arkus Joseph Armata Mr. Gene Armatorio Ms. Nancy H. Armstrong Dr. Falk K. Arnheim Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Arnheim Drs. Laura and George Arnold Ms. Mary Ellen Arnold Ms. Robin R. Arnold and Mr. Rohit Gangwar Janet Aronson Ms. Norma S. Artman Mrs. Claire Ashkin Manuel and Elizabeth Askin Linda Aspinall Mr. Adel Assaad Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Aston Jr. Ms. Bette J. Astridge Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Atkins Mrs. Ronna Atkins Ms. Diane Atland Ms. Rebecca F. Auble Mr. and Mrs. Giacomo Augello Nancy Auman Ms. Mary Austin and Dr. Ron Shapiro Mr. Edward Averill Ms. Mineko S. Avery Ms. Alison K. Babusci Ms. Myrna Backal Mrs. T. Backman

Hemingway Circle continued Ms. Jeanette Bailey Mr. James Bain and Ms. Jennifer Wolsk Bain Ms. Alida J. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Baker Ms. Kate Baker Leonardo and Joan Balada Ms. Diane C. Baldonieri Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Baldwin, Jr. Robert Balter Mr. Christopher A. Bandy L. L. Baney Ms. Martha Banwell and Dr. Daniel Berkowitz Ms. Lisa M. Banyas Ms. Lee Ann Banycky Dr. Roxana F. Barad Ms. Heather Baranowski Ms. Judith Baranowski Ms. Diane Barati Mr. Philip Barbieri Mr. and Mrs. Leonard P. Barcousky Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Barent Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Barish Ms. Mary Barkman Ms. Melena Barkman Ms. Beverly Barkon Katayun Barmak Mr. Thomas R. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. David Baron Ms. Eleanor Barone Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Barr Mr. Richard L. Barron Mr. Matthew Barry Ms. Linda Barsevich Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Barsotti Margaret Barth Dr. Eileen Bartolomucci Mr. and Mrs. Allen Bashaar Ms. Susan M. Basits Ms. Marian Bass

Ms. Janice Baxendell Mr. Michael Bayerlein Mrs. Ellen K. Baylis Martin and Katherine Bayly Ms. Melanie S. Baynes Ms. Linda Bazan Mrs. Norma E. Bazan Sarah Beasley Mr. James Beck Ms. Sharon T. Beck Ms. Elaine M. Becker Ms. Reiko Y. Becker Kenneth and Elsa Beckerman Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Beckerman Mr. Raymond N. Becki Ms. Kristen A. Beckman and Mr. Edward C. Heal Ms. Minnie L. Beckman Ms. Mary Beckstrom Dr. and Mrs. Carlos D. Bedetti Ms. Olga Bednar Ms. Janet Begg Ms. Cathy Behm Ms. Dorothy Behm Peter and Sandi Behrens Ms. Michelle Belan Jeanne Belcher Ms. Edith Bell Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bell Ms. Erica Bell Ms. Sue A. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bellisario Ms. Lisa Belloli Belmar Gardens, Inc. Ms. Karen R. Benda Ms. Sharon Benditti Ms. Judith Bendtsen Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Benec Carla Benjamin Danny and Joan Benjamin Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Benko Mr. and Mrs. David Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Benson

Hemingway Circle continued Audrey Bensy Henry and Anne Bent Ahmi and Gal Ben-Yehudah Mr. Thom M. Bercik Ms. Ruth Bergad Eleanor and Ruth Berge Michael Berger Real Estate Mr. Paul J. Berger Steven and Eileen Berger Elizabeth and Carl Bergmann Carl Bergmark Family Henry A. Bergstrom Ms. Linda K. Berk Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Berkovitz Mr. and Mrs. Lester Berkowitz Mr. and Mrs. Ken Berlin Ms. Helene Berman Ms. Joyce R. Berman Ms. Nancy Bernard Mr. Daniel Bernini Ms. Bethany Bernstein Ms. Robin Bernstein Ms. Sharon C. Bernstein and Mr. John W. Bitsko Dennis and DeAnn Berry Mr. James Berry Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Berry Ms. Marianne Bertolet Mr. Francis Bertonaschi Judith and Charles Beswick Ms. Aya Betensky and Mr. Robert E. Kraut Michael and Jennifer Bett Jessica Bevan Ms. Barbara Bey Mr. Narendra V. Bhat Mr. Anthony Bianco Mr. Klaus Bielefeldt Ms. Kristie L. Bielewicz Ms. R. Carol Biesecker Big A Hunting Lodge Ms. Esther J. Bigger Mr. John Bigler Mrs. Therese M. Bigler Angel Bilbao Mr. Marc Bilder Dr. and Mrs. Milton Bilder Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Billingsley Ms. Rebecca Billock and Mr. Jonathan E. Aldrich Stephanie Bilsky Mr. and Mrs. Ronald K. Bischoff Ms. Ann K. Bishop Mr. and Mrs. G. William Bissell Ms. Ann Black Barbara Black Ms. Barbara Blackmond and Mr. C. Karakatsanis Ms. Carol Blair


Hemingway Circle continued Maureen Blair Thomas and Patricia Blanchard Ms. Mary Blanchflower Ms. Judith Blank Mr. and Mrs. Peter Blasier Ms. Edith H. Blattner Mr. and Mrs. Perry Blatz Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Bleier Mary Blice Ms. Bonnie E. Bloch Mr. and Mrs. William Block Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Block Mr. Harvey M. Block and Ms. Marla S. Gendelman Ms. Shoshana Block Ms. Joanne Bloom Ms. Sherry Bloom and Mr. Frederic Roth Ms. Anne S. Blose and Mr. Raymond Sekula

Hemingway Circle continued Ms. Kathryn A. Bonello Dr. Dolores J. Boniface Ms. Carol L. Bonner Miss Madeline Bonner Ms. Iva J. Book Barbara and Bruce Booken Mr. Christopher Boomhower Mrs. Olive D. Boone Mr. Brendan M. Booth Mr. and Mrs. Al Borek Mr. Robert A. and Dr. Karen Boretsky Ms. Kate Borger Bernard and Marlene Borkowski Mr. Matthew G. Borkowski Mr. Zb C. Bornemann Mr. Thaddeus T. Boron, Jr. Ms. M. Mildred Bosilevac Ms. Heather L. Bossert Mr. David L. Bostick Karen Boston

Every effort has been made to acknowledge the generosity of our donors correctly and completely. Should you discover an error or omission, please contact us at donors@carnegielibrary.org or 412.622.6276.



Hemingway Circle continued Ms. Jean Brannan Brashear Personnel Association Ms. Anita F. Brattina Mr. and Mrs. Howard Braun Edna and William Braxton Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Brean Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Brent Mr. and Mrs. Donald Breon Ms. Vivian S. Brice Ms. Sarah Cohen Brickenstein Mr. David Bright Mary and Russell Brignano Ms. Rose S. Brill Ms. Barbara E. Brindza Ms. Mary L. Briscoe Ms. Joyce A. Broadus Mr. William Brock Mrs. Judith Brody Ms. Joan M. Broerman Mr. and Mrs. Allen Broff Ms. Marlene Broman Ms. Deborah Brooks John and Barbara Brooks Ms. Vanessa S. Browne-Barbour and Mr. Edward W. Barbour Steven and Ann Brosky Mr. and Mrs. John A. Brosovich Mr. Harvey Brotsky Dr. Elsie R. Broussard Mr. Daren S. Browdie Ms. Alice V. Brown Ms. Anita M. Brown Ms. Ann M. Brown Colleen Brown Ms. Elizabeth Brown Gail Brown Linda Ross Brown Ms. Lisa Brown Ms. Louise R. Brown Mr. Marc L. Brown Mr. Martin Brown Mrs. Mary K. Brown Ms. Theresa Brown and Mr. Arthur Kosowsky Trina Brown and Holly McCullough Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brownfield Ms. Wanda B. Brozda Ms. Marguerite Bruce Mr. Benjamin M. Brucker Mr. and Mrs. John Brucker Mr. Pablo R. Brumovsky Ms. Kathleen Bruning

Hemingway Circle continued Laurie Bruns Mr. Leonid Brusilovskiy and Ms. Yevgeniya Brusilovskaya Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Brusilovsky Ms. Deborah Brust Mr. and Mrs. Randal E. Bryant Mrs. Verna I. Bryar Mr. and Mrs. Lewis P. Bubb Mrs. Emily Buchanan Mr. and Mrs. John Buchanan Dr. Alice J. Buchdahl and Mr. Steven F. Roth Ms. Alma D. Bucher Ms. Florence Anne Buchser Ms. Margaret B. Buckland Mr. and Mrs. John L. Buckman Ms. Shirley Buckner Mr. and Mrs. Donald Buczkowski Udom Buddadhumaruk Ms. Carolina Buddemeyer Dr. and Mrs. George F. Buerger Ms. Thuy D. Bui and Mr. Gerald P. Douglas Fariha J. Bukhari and Shakeel Ahmed Khan Ms. Pamela Buongiorno Ms. Claire M. Burbea Ms. Rachel Burcin Ms. Mary Burdett Mr. Gary B. Burdick Mr. David Burgbacher Ms. Theodora Burger and Ms. Debra Burger Mr. William A. Burgunder, Jr. Mrs. Eleanor M. Burke Ms. M. E. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Burkhart Mr. Edwin S. Burkhart Ms. Barbara B. Burney Mr. and Mrs. James B. Burnham Mrs. Irene V. Burnsides Ms. Margaret C. Burroughs Ms. Margaret D. Burroughs Ms. Sarah E. Burroughs Mr. and Mrs. William Burrows Marsha Slezak Burt Dr. and Mrs. Sidney N. Busis John J. Busko Mr. Chris Butler Ms. Anita B. Byerly Mr. Phillip D. Byers Mr. Michael S. Byrne

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Dr. and Mrs. Charles Bluestone Ashley M. Blum Ms. Eileen R. Blumenfeld Ms. Martha Boak Mr. Ken Boas and Ms. Andrea London Mr. and Mrs. Andy Bochy Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Bodack Ms. Tiffany A. Bodem Cheryl Boeckmann Alma Bogacki Mr. James J. Bogdan Ms. Patricia Bojarski Eugene Bokor Ms. Daniela Bolea Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Bonci Margaret Bond

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Boucek Ms. Julie D. Bowman Mr. and Mrs. Dan Boyarski Ms. Gina Boyd Mr. and Mrs. James Boyd Ms. Deanna L. Boyden Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Boykowycz Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Boyle Ms. Miriam F. Boyle Ms. Elizabeth R. Bradley Mrs. Lynn V. Bradsher Alisa and Keith Braho Matthew Braksick Joseph and Amy Brancati Branch Librarians Courtesy Fund William S. Brand


Hemingway Circle continued Mr. Brian Byrnes Ms. Mary C. Byrnes and Mr. William T. Persinger Ms. Mary T. Byrnes Mr. Fred Cade Marilyn M. Cain Mrs. Helen J. Calhoun Ms. Carol Caliendo Jeanne Caliguiri Ms. Susan B. Callaghan Ms. Margot Callahan Clifton and Patricia S. Callaway Judy and Jim Callomon Ms. Shauntae Calloway Ms. Deborah Cameron Mr. Glenn Campbell Ms. Kathleen F. Campbell Ms. Nina L. Campbell Ms. Sharon Campbell Tomiko Campbell Mr. William Campbell Fidel and Ruth Campet Robert Y. and Katherine B. Candee Ms. Penny Canter Dr. Owen Cantor Shirley Cantor Mr. and Mrs. David Caparosa Bernard and Marilyn Caplan Ms. Lorraine S. Caplan Ms. Marilyn Caplan Paul S. Caplan, M.D. Ms. Denise Capurso Ms. Barbara Jean Cardello Ms. Lori Cardille-Rogal Bobby Cardillo Joseph Carducci Mr. Robert Carey Ms. Betty Caricchio Mrs. Susan Carmody Carnegie Exterminators Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Carnegie Mr. Brian T. Carney G. and Margaret Carney Mr. Richard M. Carpe Ms. Elizabeth Carpenter Mr. Robert M. Carpenter, Jr. Ms. Patricia Carr Ms. Russellyn Carruth and Mr. Bernard Goldstein Tanya Carter Amanda Caruso Ms. Jennifer Caruso Dr. Margaret A. Carver Ms. Mary Ann Carvlin Ms. Dana A. Casale Ms. Dolores J. Casali Ms. Angela Casciato Pat Casello The Honorable and Mrs. David Cashman

Hemingway Circle continued Ms. Frances Casillo Mr. and Mrs. Hugh M. Casper Ms. Margaret Casperson K. Castellano Ms. Evelyn S. Castillo and Mr. Kevin Kraemer Ms. Patricia Cawley Mr. Taylor W. Cecil Mr. and Mrs. William F. Cercone Jr. Ms. Mary S. Cerrone and Mr. Kevin Wagstaff Ms. Brenda Cesare Mr. H. Daniel Cessna Ms. Lydia Cessna Mr. Barry L. Chad Mr. John M. Chadam Ms. Barbara C. Chaffee Mr. Richard Chaillet Ms. Jeeraporn Chaisri Sagar Chaki Ms. Theresa Chalich Mr. and Mrs. John A. Chalmers Rachel Chalot Cynthia Chalupa and Andrew Benedicktus Ms. Melissa L. Chan Mr. and Mrs. Curt Chandler Ms. Uma Chandran and Mr. Shekhar Venkataraman Luis and Catherine Chaparro Ms. Marie A. Charles Ms. A. Ann Charmely Mr. and Mrs. Joe Charny Ms. Kris Charny Mrs. Mary C. Chaudrue Ms. Eleanor Jane Check Ms. Teresa Chegwidden Joan H. and Harold Chelemer Ms. Peggy Y. Cheng Ms. Rebecca Cherian Dr. and Mrs. Irwin M. Chernew Isabel and Herb Chernoff Drs. Herbert and Betty Chesler Ms. Jean D. Chess Mary Chestnutt Ms. Sandra Chieffe Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Chimenz Mr. Philip R. Chimes Mr. Sam Cho Mr. Samuel Chodosh Helen and Jim Choyke Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Christian-Michaels Lisa M. Christopher Mr. and Mrs. Drew Chronister Mr. Joseph Chubboy Don R. Ciccone Helen and James Cichra Ms. Ruth Ciemielewski Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cigna

Hemingway Circle continued Ms. Rebecca Cillo Ms. Carol Cindrich Iris M. Cisarik Citizen Care, Inc. Mr. Johannes Cladders Ray Clancy David Clark Mr. George A. Clark Ms. Gloria R. Clark Ms. Janey Z. Clark Mr. and Mrs. James R. Clark Ms. Margaret E. Clark Ms. Lisa Claypool John and Mary Clayton Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Cleland Ms. Delphine T. Clemens Ms. Paula R. Clemens Ms. Sarah Clendenning and Mr. Un Kim Ms. Joyce Clohecy Jenny Coax Ms. Charlotte U. Cobb Ms. Ethel M. Cobb James T. and Lana J. Cobb Michael A. Cocchiola Ms. Elizabeth Smith Cochran Mr. Daniele Coen-Pirani Ms. Barbara C. Coffey Rosemary K. Coffey Mr. and Mrs. Allan Cohen Mr. Bernard L. Cohen Ms. Diane M. Cohen Ms. Frances S. Cohen Ms. Frayda Cohen Mr. Henry B. Cohen Ms. Janice Cohen Ms. Judith Cohen Ms. Lenora G. Cohen Ms. Margaret Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Nat Cohen Sally B. and Richard L. Cohen Mr. Samuel M. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. John Cole Ms. Theresa J. Colecchia and Mr. Christian J. Lebiere Ms. Mary K. Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Colen Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Colker Dr. Sheila K. Collins and Dr. Richard S. Citrin Mrs. Sydney Colosimo Helen Coltellaro Mr. Gordon J. Colton Ms. Deborah Comay Dr. and Mrs. Ezio Compare Ms. Wendy Comrie Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Congedo Ms. Judith A. Conlon Ms. Gloria Connan

Hemingway Circle continued Master Matthew Conner Ms. June E. Connolly Ms. Barbara Connor Ms. Leslie Conrad Mr. and Mrs. Robert Conrad Mr. Peter J. Contakos Ms. Filomena Conti Ms. Beatrice C. Contreras Mr. Bryson L. Cook Mrs. Janet E. Cook Ms. Marian W. Cook Ms. Maren L. Cooke Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Coombs Mr. Gary Cooper Ms. Geraldine A. Cooper Ms. Leah M. Cooper Ms. Maragret E. Cooper Ms. Deborah Cooper-Silvis Ms. Jennifer Coppolo Ms. Jennifer Copus Ms. Florence M. Corbett Ms. Ethel Corbin Ms. Hanni M. Cordes and Mr. James J. McCluskey Mr. Terry Cornbleth Ms. Mildred L. Cornelison Mr. Dan Cornell Ms. Janet M. Corpora Francis and Frances Corsello Ms. Mary Sue Corso Paul and Clarissa Cortese M. Cosentino John and Susan Cosgrove Ms. Christina Y. Cosio Mr. Kyle T. Costello Ms. Donna Coufal Mr. David C. Coulson Dennis C. Covert and Family Diane Covington Mr. Mitchell Cowan Amy Cox Ms. Barbara Coyne Ms. Jean M. Coyne Mary Anne Coyne Mr. William Coyne Mr. Lee H. Craig Ms. Susan S. Crane Ms. Penny W. Crary Beverly Crawford Dr. and Mrs. William Crawford Credit Management Company Murray and Linda Crewe Ms. Anna Marie Criss Ms. Margot Critchfield Mr. James E. Crockard, III Mr. Douglas Croft Ms. Deb Crosby Ms. Trudy E. Cross Mr. and Mrs. Jack V. Crossen


Hemingway Circle continued Janet G. Crossland Mary T. Crouse Ms. Nancy J. Crouthamel Patrick Crowley Ms. Sheri A. Crum Mr. Michael Crumpton Mr. Michael Cuccaro Ms. Christine N. Cuddy Ms. Barbara J. Cuff Noreen and Helen Culhane Mr. Robert Cumer, Jr. Ms. Kay E. Cumming Mr. and Mrs. Matthew M. Cummings Patricia M. Cummings Mr. and Mrs. James H. Cunningham, III Ms. Mary Pat Curran Ms. Nellie Curran Mr. E. Patrick Curry and Ms. Susan B. Campbell Mr. Daniel Curtin Zelda and Edward Curtiss Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Cutkosky Ms. Eliese S. Cutler Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Cutter Ms. Laurie Cybulski and Mr. Gregory Brooks Margaret S. Cyert Mr. Joseph Cyphers Ms. Gail Czajkowski Ms. Leslie Czechowski D3 Radiation Planning Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Daboo Marilyn H. D’Abruzzo Dr. and Mrs. John DaCosta Ms. Eugenie C. Daignault Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Daley Ms. Marie Dalo Ms. Constance E. Dalton Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Damick Dorothy D’Amico Daniel and Company Jacintha Daniel Robert and Joadnne Dapper Mr. and Mrs. Perry D. Darke Mario and Nelly DaRosso Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Dater Mr. Paul T. Daubenspeck, Jr. James H. and Frances C. Dauber Anne Daufenbach Ms. Jodi L. Davenport and Mr. Joseph C. Bunik Ms. Catherine Davidson and Mr. Steven Sharratt Mr. and Mrs. Edgar M. Davidson Ms. Genevieve M. Davidson Ms. Kathryn R. Davison Ms. Mildred Davidson Ms. Susan B. Davies Arnold Davis

Hemingway Circle continued Mr. Arnold Davis Mrs. Bernice Davis Ms. Dolores Davis Ms. Helen W. Davis and Ms. Susan D. Klein Ms. Joan Clark Davis Mr. and Mrs. John P. Davis, Jr. Ms. Karyll Davis Laura Davis Ms. Luise K. Davis Ms. Nancy Davis Rita Davis Ms. Roberta J. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Stanford P. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Dawida Ms. Jane E. Dawkins Georgia Dawson Patricia E. Day Ms. Joanne De Sanda Evelyn De Sarno Mr. and Mrs. Ted W. Debiak Mr. Pasquale V. DeBlasio Mr. Lawrence Dechurch Ms. Lila Decker Mr. Donato DeFelice Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DeFilippo Jessica DeFrancesco Ms. Mary C. Deger Marilyn Dallolio DeGroot S. Deitrick Mr. and Mrs. David N. DeJong Mr. Uri Dekel Daniel and Dee Delaney Ms. Rose M. Hammond Delaney and Mr. John F. Delaney William and Susan Delaney Mr. and Mrs. E. Dale Delestienne Ms. Catherine Delgreco Ms. Mary Adele Delich Mr. and Mrs. Peter Delpresto Delta Gamma Foundation Ms. Lori L. DeLuca Ms. Johnna M. DeIuliis Ms. Marjorie G. DeIuliis Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Demanski Ms. Goldie Demko Ms. Alice E. Demmler Reverend and Mrs. Walter L. DeMoss Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Denberg Ms. Mary Denison and Mr. Christopher Mark Megan Denison Ms. Lisa Dennis Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Denver Mr. James E. Depasquale Mr. Samuel J. DePiero Paul Depp Ms. Jean K. Dermott Ms. Gina DeRosa

Every effort has been made to acknowledge the generosity of our donors correctly and completely. Should you discover an error or omission, please contact us at donors@carnegielibrary.org or 412.622.6276.

Hemingway Circle continued Ms. Vaishali H. Desai Gabriel Desalvo Ms. Lillian R. DeSimone Ms. Catherine G. Desmond Mr. Robert Devaty Laurie Devine Patti DeVine-Corder Ms. Charlene F. Devlin Ms. Patricia J. Devroude Barbara R. DeWitt Mr. Stephen C. Diacont Doris A. Dick and Sharon L. Geibel Ms. Shirley Dickter Mrs. Ruth Didelot Digestive Care Consultants PC Oliver and Birdie Mae Diggs Ms. Diana Dill Ms. Betty M. Dillon Ms. Lorrie J. Dilucente and Mr. John Boskovic Mr. David A. Dinkin Gabrielle S. Dinman Ms. Diane M. Dip Mr. and Mrs. J. Philip DiPietro Mr. James D’Itri Christy J. Diulus Ms. Christina Dixon Mr. Edward Dobkin Mr. and Mrs. John M. Dolan Shawn B. Domenico Ms. Margaret Domer Mr. Daniel F. Dominek James and Kristine Domino Mr. Daniel A. Domville Ms. Beverly A. Donahue Mr. and Mrs. Colin M. Donaldson Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Donaldson Ms. Karen D. Donnelly Ms. Elizabeth G. Donohue Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Donohue Mr. Edward V. Donovan Ms. Roberta Donovan Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dorfzaun Dormont Mothers’ Club Ms. Theresa Dorsey Ms. Mary D’Ottavio Maureen E. Dougherty Rick and Jodine Downey Ms. Ellen Doyle and Mr. Lawrence Frolik Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Dreibelbis Mr. and Mrs. Speros G. Drelles Ms. Jeanne F. Drennan

Hemingway Circle continued Seymour and Ruth Drescher Mr. and Mrs. Victor Drescher Ms. Mary Jo Dressel Ms. Karen J. Dreyer Mr. Daniel Driskell John R. Drobne Ms. Anne K. Ducanis Ann M. Duchene Mr. Darrin Duda Dr. and Mrs. Martin M. Dudas Mr. and Mrs. George Dudash Jr. Malgorzata Dudek Mr. Jim Duffy Ms. Mary Beth Duffy Ms. Rebecca Duffy Mr. Jeremiah Dugan Ms. Regina M. Dugan Ms. Tricia Dugan Mr. and Mrs. Teofil Dumitru Mr. Robert Duncan Tim and Patricia Dunham Mr. and Mrs. David H. Dunlap Charlotte Dunmore Joanne Dunmyre Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Duquesnoy Ms. Colleen Duran Alice and James Ms. Susan M. Durham Ms. Madelaine Dussean Mr. and Mrs. John Dyba Ms. Alice S. Dzikowski Ms. Mary A. Dzurichko Mr. Emery Early Matthew Eaton Ian Eberhardt Ms. Naomi Eckhardt Kevin Edwards Ms. Leslie A. Edwards Ms. Mary Dawn Edwards Ms. Mary Jane Edwards Mr. and Mrs. James M. Egan, Jr. Ms. Luceille Murray Egan Mr. Brian S. Eglash Mr. and Mrs. Frederick N. Egler Karen and Merrill Egorin Mr. Raymond J. Eiben Ms. Darla Ann Eisel Dr. Michael S. Eisenberg Libby Elbaum Ms. Thistle Elias Mr. Bernard Elinoff Harry and Shirley Elinsky Drs. Lynn and Richard Elinson


Hemingway Circle continued Ms. Esther Elishaev Ms. Peggy H. Elkus Ms. Stephanie Ellegood Ms. Angele Ellis Mrs. Stacy H. Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Cyril C. Emmerich Ms. Eleanor B. Emmons-Apt Mr. Ivan L. Engel Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Engler Ms. Gerry Ennis Ms. Barbara Epstein Mrs. Helen Epstein Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Epstein Samuel and Sigrid Epstein Amy Ergler Donna Erisman Ms. Virginia C. Eskridge Mr. Thomas Esper James E. Esplen Mr. and Mrs. James R. Essel Mr. Robert G. Esser Rita Etter Mr. and Mrs. Frank Evangelisto Mr. Bruce Evans Ms. Christine M. Evans Mr. James Evans Ms. Rebecca L. Evans Mr. Colin G. Everitt Robert and Judith Eversman Mr. and Mrs. Martin Faberman Bob and Ruthann Fagan Mr. Barry I. Faigen Bernice and Eliot Faigen Mr. David Faith Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Fako Ms. Mary Grace Falcione Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Falgione Mrs. Myra Fall Ms. Jane B. Famili Seymour and Yetta Farber Ms. Bernadette Fareri Doris A. Farmer Ms. Laura C. Farnham Ms. Maura Farrell Mr. Kenneth Fasanella James and Brenda Fascetti Mr. Willard Fassbinder Mr. and Mrs. Edward Faust Dr. and Mrs. Attilio Favorini David B. Fawcett III Ms. Ruth J. Feathers George Fechko Helen and Richard Feder Ms. Irma M. Federlein Mr. Edward B. Feigel Stefani and Jeremy Feinstein Ms. Eleanor Feldman Ms. Roberta Feldman Ms. Karen Fennell

Hemingway Circle continued Mr. Stephen M. Ferber Mr. Richard A. Ferencz Albert Ferguson Joseph and Agnes Ferguson Ms. Margaret Ferguson Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Ferguson Ms. Pamela J. Ferrante Harry and Velma Ferrari Ms. Rachel Ferris Ms. Jennifer L. Ferry Ms. Catherine Feryok Ruth Fauman Fichman and Mark Fichman Mrs. Arthur Fidel Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Fidoten Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Field Mr. and Mrs. William L. Fielder Robert S. Fifield Mr. Allan Finch Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Fine Mr. David N. Finegold Mr. and Mrs. David Fineman Ilene H. Fingert, Esq. Mr. Reuben Fingold Mrs. Evelyn Fink and Friends Lynn Finn Mr. Seth Finn Mr. Brent A. Fiore Mr. Greg Firestone Mr. Robert Fischer Sylvia F. Fischer Mr. Larry Fish Barbara and Peter Fisher Donald C. Fisher Ms. Marilyn Fisher Mr. Stephen N. Fisher Mr. William Fisher Ms. Alicia Fisk and Mr. Ethan J. Goldman Lauren Fisk Ms. Madeleine Fitch Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Fitzgerald Donna Flagg Ms. Ann P. Flaherty Mrs. Linda Flaherty Mr. and Mrs. Sean Flanagan Ms. Marissa A. Flaviano and Dr. Andrew J. MacGinnitie Ms. Elizabeth Fleischer Ms. Christine O. Fleming Charles Fletcher Ms. Hattie M. Fletcher Ms. Linda L. Fletcher Ms. Alice K. Flocos and Family Ms. Suzanne Flood Mary K. Flory Mr. Thomas Fogarty Carla Fogle Richard and Anne Fogoros

Hemingway Circle continued Mr. Erik Fogt Barbara Folb Mr. Robert Follette Karen Folwell Ms. Jessica A. Fondy Mr. George Fong Mrs. Francine Fontana Francis T. Ford Sonya D. Ford Mrs. Alexis Forest Eugene Forish Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Forman Christine Forrisi Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Forster

Hemingway Circle continued Mr. and Mrs. Charles Freed Ms. Kate Freed Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Freed Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Freedman Ms. Debra A. Freeman Mr. Peter E. Freeman Ms. Nancy French Ms. Christina C. Friday Ms. Susan Fried and Mr. Shawn P. Williams Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Friedberg Mr. David Friedman Ms. Ellen Friedman Gary and Eva Friedman

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Mr. and Mrs. John A. Forster, Jr. Ms. Margaret Forsthoffer Ms. Zoe M. Forsythe Jeff Fortescue Ms. Eris J. Fortunato Ms. Kate T. Foster Ms. Linda Foster Mr. Paul Foster Ms. Florence G. Fralin Katherine A. Franczak Mr. Frederick N. Frank Mr. and Mrs. James A. Frank Mr. and Mrs. Carl B. Frankel Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Frankel Ms. Joan H. Franklin Carisa Fraser Ms. Edythe M. Frazee Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey E. Frazier Ms. Mary Frech Erika Frederick Irene Frederick

Hilda Friedman The Friedman Family Philanthropic Fund of the UJF Foundation Murray and Doris Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Peter Friedman Mr. James F. Friel Friends of the Brookline Library Ms. Janet A. Frisch Mr. and Mrs. Jon C. Fritz Ms. Mary C. Fronczek Ms. Molly B. Frounfelter and Dr. Jeremy J. Michalek Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frumerman Mr. and Mrs. Herman E. Fry Ms. Colleen A. Fullen Dina and Jerry Fulmer Edward and Wendy Fusan Mr. Jesse V. Gabriel Mrs. Paul Gaffney Mr. Charles Gahagen Ms. Marion L. Gailey


Hemingway Circle continued Ms. Mary Anne Gailliot Mrs. Dolores S. Gaines Ms. Carol M. Galata David and Connie Galbraith Mr. Michael J. Galdys Ms. Mary Ellen Gale Mr. and Mrs. Warren P. Galiffa Ms. Kristen T. Gall Patrick J. Gall Anthony and Kathleen Gallagher Ms. Jennifer L. Gallagher and Mr. Federico Garcia Ms. Mary B. Gallagher Megan Gallagher Mr. Robert P. Gallagher Ms. Leila Gallagher Breen Mark and Karen Gallimore Allan and Denice Galpern Charles and Laurie Ganley Andrew and Sandra Gans Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Garand Ms. Donna M. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. John Gardner Mr. Luigi Garibaldi Mr. Geoffrey R. Garinther Mr. Charles Garland Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Garretson Dr. Rebecca Garrett Ms. Helen F. Garrison Ms. Kathleen Garrison Mr. Richard A. Gartner Devon E. Gary Mr. and Mrs. David Gates Ms. Judith H. Gaudelli Ms. Ann M. H. Gaul Ms. Joan Gaul Ms. Christine Gaus Ms. Vilma D. Gavazzi Ms. Rose M. Gayso Ms. Patricia Geary Mr. and Mrs. Nathan R. Geason Ms. Constance A. Geiger Mr. W. Peter Geissler Ms. Christina E. Gellrich Mr. Ed Gelman Mr. and Mrs. William Generett, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Carmen J. Gentile, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Gentile H. Gerhard Robert and Elizabeth Gerhart Wayne and Catherine Gerhold C. Alan Gessler Ms. Cheryl Ghaly Ms. Elizabeth Ghannam Roseann Giambro Mr. and Mrs. Frank Giarratani Ms. Lauren E. Giarratani Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Gibson Kerry Gich

Hemingway Circle continued Mr. and Mrs. Charles Giffen Ms. Marilyn S. Gilbert Rebecca Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gilbert Ms. Lillian H. Giles Mr. Elliot Gill Mr. William Gillard Ms. Barbara A. Gillenberger Ms. Jennifer Gilley David and Carol Gillis Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Gillis Ms. Claudia Gilmore Mrs. Eileen G. Gilmore Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gindroz Ms. Ann Giorgi Mrs. Patricia A. Gittleman Ms. Galia Givaty Ms. Virginia Glaser Ms. Sharon Glass Ms. Nancy Glazener Ms. Deirdre B. Glenn Larry and Nancy Glenn Ms. Nancy A. Gleyze Mr. Ira M. Glick Ms. Sharon R. Glick Ms. Nettie Glickman Tom and Regina Glitz Caryle and Mark Glosser Ms. Patricia Glosser Dale R. Glotfelty Chris Gmiter Ms. Linda Gmiter Marie C. Godkins Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Goern Peggy and Louis Gold Marvin Gold and Janice Penick Mr. and Mrs. Zola H. Gold Ms. Lynn Goldbach Ms. Nanci Goldberg Ms. Polly Goldberg Bette Jean Goldblum Mr. Philip A. Goldblum Ms. Carol B. Goldburg Ms. Pamela W. Golden Dr. and Mrs. William Goldfarb Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Goldhaber Ms. Sandra Golding Barbara Broff Goldman Ms. Betty Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Foster S. Goldman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James P. Goldman Ms. Gwynn Dinnie Goldring and Mr. Karl Kandler Dorothy Goldstein Ms. Ellen T. Kaplan Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Mark Goldstein Dr. and Mrs. Morton L. Goldstein Sheldon H. and Shirley L. Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Goldston

Every effort has been made to acknowledge the generosity of our donors correctly and completely. Should you discover an error or omission, please contact us at donors@carnegielibrary.org or 412.622.6276.


Hemingway Circle continued Ms. Gail L. Gratton Ms. Anne Jane Gray and Mr. David Carr Mr. Ronald S. Graziano Ms. Thelma Greb Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society Dr. and Mrs. Richard Green Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Green Mr. and Mrs. Herman Greenberg Mr. Mark B. Greenblatt Naomi Greenblott Ms. Danielle Greenburg Mr. Richard Greene Ms. Tammy M. Greene Ms. Jaye Greenfield Ted and Ilene Greenstone Mr. and Mrs. James R. Greiner Mr. Danny F. Grey Dorothy Griffin Mr. and Mrs. William G. Griffith Mr. and Mrs. David Griffiths Mrs. Dorothy Grinberg Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Grinberg Gail E. Gringel Mr. Brian C. Groark Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Grobstein Yram and Merris Groff Ms. Claire Grohal Mrs. Mary L. Groll Ms. Heather E. Gross Mr. and Mrs. Marvin C. Gross Mr. Ronald A. Gross Howard and Benay Grossinger Ms. Barbara Grossman Mr. Morris J. Grossman Ms. Barbara W. Grover Mr. David E. Grover

CLP - Beechview celebrated
40 years in the community.

Hemingway Circle continued M.J. Golebiewski Mr. Brian Gollem David M. Gonzalez Mr. Robert Good Mr. Robert W. Goode Mr. and Mrs. Allan S. Goodkind Mr. Edward Goodridge Mr. and Mrs. James P. Goodwin Mr. and Mrs. Sumner Goodwin Ms. Alicia Goodwine Google Gift Matching Program Ms. Anne W. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Ira H. Gordon Ms. Janice Gordon and Mr. Robert Kraftowitz Mr. and Mrs. Jerold S. Gordon Mrs. Lee Gordon Mr. Thomas L. Gordon Ms. Pat Gorman Mr. Robert Gorman and Ms. Stephanie Land Mr. and Mrs. William M. Gorman Gabriella Gosman and Hyagriv N. Simhan Mr. Allan Gotthelf Mr. and Mrs. David Gottlieb Dr. and Mrs. Michael Gottlieb Rita J. Gould and Alex Speyer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Grabowski Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grabowski Ms. Susan Grabowski Ms. Judith L. Graciano Mr. and Mrs. David Graham Ms. Denise Graham Mr. and Mrs. James E. Graham Mr. Richard and Dr. Mary Grant Ms. Susan P. Grant Ms. Mechtild Grapes


Hemingway Circle continued Arlene and Alfred Grubbs Ms. Judy Grumet Donna Gruseck Mr. and Mrs. Jon J. Grushecky Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Grysiak Ms. Sharon K. Guberman Ms. Mary L. Guckes Ms. Margery E. Gulbransen Ms. Donna J. Gunther-Kaleida and Mr. Keneth Kaleida Mr. Mark Gup Mr. and Mrs. David Gur Ms. Janice M. Gustafson Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Gustine Jr. Mr. Dennis A. Guthrie Mrs. Lori Guttman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Guzensky Julianna and Douglas Haag Daniel Haas Ms. Mary E. Haas Ms. Corrie Hager Mr. and Mrs. Jerome P. Hahn Ms. Laura Haibeck and Mr. Edwin Levitan Ms. Rebecca Haid Mr. Casimer Halaski and Ms. Donna Slusser Paul H. Haley Ms. Floriana Hall Ms. Valerie Hall Mr. Philip B. Hallen Mr. and Mrs. Irving J. Halpern Sheila and Jordan Halter Ms. Jeanne M. Halterlein Ms. Zorina Halton Anne Haluszczak Ms. Marilyn Ham Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Hamilton Suzanne Hamilton Ms. Angela M. Hamm Ms. Kate Hammill Dr. Jeanne Hanchett Ms. Kris Handwerger Ms. Doris Handy Ms. Bette Jayne Haney Mr. Marcus Haney Julie A. Hanify Mr. Jeffery P. Hansen and Ms. Patricia S. Loring David C. Hanson Pamela Harbin Mr. Edward Harbist Nellie G. Harbold Josephine Harding Ms. Regina Hardison Ms. Wendy Hardman and Mr. Warwick Powell Ms. Corrina Haresnape Marlene Harim

Hemingway Circle continued Ms. Clara B. Harmening Ms. Ethel Harmon Mrs. Vivian Harned Anita Harnish Dr. Ann Sutherland Harris Mrs. Anna S. Harris Ms. Geraldine Harris Mr. and Mrs. Howard Harris Ms. Jennifer Harris and Mr. Christopher Nimmo Ms. Naomi Harris Tiara Harris Mr. James V. Hart Mr. and Mrs. H.E. Hartdung Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Hartig Ms. Ruth C. Hartling Ronald Hartman and Leslie Golomb Mike Hartner Robert and Marjorie Hartsock Ms. Victoria Hartung Mr. Anthony Harty James Q. Harty, Esq. Jane and John Harvath Mr. John Harvith Edward N. and Jane Haskell Philanthropic Fund of the UJF Foundation Ms. Tami J. Haslett Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Hastings Mr. Charles A. Hatfield Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Haugh Mr. William A. Haugh Mrs. Joan Haughom Ms. Kathleen Haupt Marlene Haus The Rev. and Mrs. William L. Hauser Ms. Margaret Havran Robert and Cindy Hawk Ms. Wendelyn R. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hayhurst Jake and Bonnie Hays Janice and Lorraine Heagy Mr. and Mrs. Martial Hebert Lois J. Hefferin Mrs. Elisa Heidrich-O’Hare Klara and Gunther Heilbrunn Ms. Regina Heim Mr. and Mrs. James V. Hein Ms. Patricke J. Heine Ms. Renee Heininger Heinz U.S.A. Mr. Michael Helfand Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Helfer Ms. Kathleen Helicher Ms. Maxine C. Heller Ms. Martha Helmreich Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Helms Julianna Helt Ms. Patricia Henderson

Hemingway Circle continued Mr. Chris Hendrickson Mr. and Mrs. Guy C. Hendrickson Mr. Thomas A. Hennen Mr. David W. Henry Joseph and Patty Henry Ronald S. Henry Ms. Mary G. Hensell Ms. Deborah A. Hensler Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hepner Bella Heppenheimer Elaine Herald and J. Jordan Ms. Bea Herbeck-Belnap Mr. Paul W. Hergenroeder Ms. Frances A. Herleman Ms. Laurel A. Herman Ms. Melanie Herman Wendy Hermann Mr. and Mrs. John J. Heron Mr. Rafael Herrera Beatriz Herrero Ms. Lisa K. Herring and Mr. Whitney A. Finnstrom Ms. Linda Herrington Ms. Louise M. Herrle Mr. Michael Herrle Mr. Charles M. Herrold, Jr. Mrs. Ellaine P. Hershberger Mr. and Mrs. Lee M. Hershenson Dale Hertrick Ms. Michelle Herwald Carla A. Hess Mr. Frank Hess Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hickey Mr. Bill Hicks Kevin Higgs and ATS Members Ms. Elizabeth A. Hight Ms. Mary Hight

Hemingway Circle continued Nava Hilaire Ms. Mary Louise Hill Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hilliard, Jr. Ms. Audrey Hines Nikki and Brian Hines Ms. Elissa Hirsh Father John E. Hissrich Mr. Jason A. Hitchman Ms. Lucy Hixon Mae and Daniel Hoak Ms. Susan L. Hoak Mr. Bradley Hochberg Ms. Karen Hodes Ms. Cynthia A. Hodgson Ms. Carol Hoffman Ms. Janis E. Reed Hoffman and Mr. Marc E. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hoffman Marlene G. Hogan Mr. and Mrs. William M. Hohmann Mr. James G. Holland Ms. Lisa L. Holman Ms. Barbara Holmes Mr. Tom Holmes Marilyn A. Holt Mr. and Mrs. Christian Holtje Ms. Ava Hom Mrs. Mary F. Homza Ms. Jane M. Hondula Ms. Carole J. Honeychurch Ms. Mona L. Hootman Mrs. Dorothy R. Hopkins Mr. Robert R. Hopkins Ms. Mary A. Hopper Kenneth and Joan Horoho Ms. Cathy P. Horowitz Ms. Lila Horowitz

CLP - Main turned into Hogwarts in July and more than


celebrated at the Library’s Harry Potter Anticipation Event.



Hemingway Circle continued Dr. Sylvia T. Horowitz Marilyn Horstmann Ms. Emma Jean Horton Ms. Margaret Y. Horton Ms. Seima Horvitz Mr. Michael T. Houlahan and Ms. Michele Cole Ms. Karen R. House Mr. and Mrs. John D. Houston Christopher and Sachiko Howard Ms. Darlene S. Howell Mr. Ernest Hrabovsky Yalei Hsu Ms. Qiong Huang and Mr. Jian Want Ms. Nancy Huber Mr. Russell Huber Ms. Susan M. Hudak Mary F. Hudson Mr. William G. Hudson Debra Huegel Claire Hughes Ms. Marcia A. Hughes Ryan T. Hughes Ms. Susan Hughes Ms. Amy M. Humble Sharon Humphrey Mr. and Mrs. Braden Hunsaker Ms. Melissa G. Hunt Mrs. James Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Hurley Mrs. Dorothy E. Huston Francine Hyde Ms. Janet Hyder Mr. and Mrs. John T. Hynes Audrey D. Iacone Dr. Mohammad Ilyas Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Indovina Marie and Frank Inesso Mr. J. Jeffrey Inman Eileen Iorio Ms. Mary Ironside Mr. and Mrs. Alan Irvine Ms. Nichole M. Irwin Mr. Steve D. Irwin Ms. Donna Isaac Mr. and Mrs. William H. Isler John and Ann P. Iurlano Mr. Emil Ivanov Ms. Judith Jablonski and Mr. Robert J. Wait Jackson Information Design, Inc. Ms. Anne F. Jackson Mr. Channing M. Jackson, Jr. Jeffrey and Doreen Jackson Jon C. Jackson and C. Roxanne Sherbeck Ms. Lisa D. Jackson Rabbi and Mrs. Walter Jacob

Hemingway Circle continued Marlene Jacobs Ms. Martina M. Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Jacoby Ms. Janet J. Jai Mr. Harold James Robert and Louise Jameson Ms. Michele James-Parham and Mr. William Parham Ms. Jane E. Jamison Gloria Jamrom Ms. Mary M. Janicko Ms. Joyce Janiga and Mr. John Jensen Mr. Paul Jankowiak Carol A. Janney Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Janosko Mr. Gerald G. Janusz Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Jarmell Mr. Fredric Jarrett Andrew M. Jeannett Ms. Beth Jedrzejewski Ms. Mary Jeeves Mr. Joseph Jefferson Ms. Louise G. Jencik Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Jennings Ms. Patricia E. Jennings Mark Jenson Eric Jester Rose Jevnikar Mr. and Mrs. Jack N. Jew Mr. and Mrs. Young Jhon Fengyan Jia Marco Antonio Jimenez Todd Jindra Ms. Katie A. Jochum Mr. Morton Johan Ms. Amanda D. Johnson Mr. Andre Johnson Beryl and Rodney Johnson Fredrick E. Johnson Mr. Joshua E. Johnson Ms. Tracey Johnson Ms. Sylvia A. Johnson Ms. Drynda Johnston Mr. Gregg N. Johnston Mr. Larry Johnston Ms. Martha Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Michael Johnston Ms. Barbara Johnstone Mr. Steven F. Jolliffe Mr. and Mrs. Hans Jonas Dr. Anne Jones Mr. Bill C. Jones David and Joy Jones George and Louise Jones Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Jones Richard and Marlene Jones Mr. Troy Jones

Every effort has been made to acknowledge the generosity of our donors correctly and completely. Should you discover an error or omission, please contact us at donors@carnegielibrary.org or 412.622.6276.

Hemingway Circle continued Ms. Wendy S. Jones Master Grady A. Jordan Martha Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Roger K. Jorgensen Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Josephs Mr. and Mrs. James Joshowitz Mr. Coleman R. Joyce Mr. Dennis R. Joyce Maureen K. Joyce Mr. and Mrs. Philip Joyce Walter and Bobbie Jean Joyce Mr. Thomas J. Juring and Ms. Mary A. Crossley Ms. Dorothy Kabakeris Ms. Kathleen Kaczka Ms. Rosalind Kahn Candice Kail Mr. and Mrs. John Kalafut Ms. Susan Kalinyak Norbert Kaliszewski Mrs. Alice S. Kalla Ms. Jo Ann Kalla Mrs. Christine Kalnas Dr. Charles M. and Mrs. Susan P. Kalson Ms. Edna B. Kalson Ms. Sharon Kalupa Mr. and Ms. Thomas Kamarck Mr. Anthony J. Kaminski Mr. Jason D. Kaminski Ms. Candace M. Kammerer Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kamon Mr. and Mrs. T. Adina Kanal Ms. Celine Kandala Ms. Annette Kandel Ms. Linda B. Kane and Mr. Peter Patch Ms. Roberta Kanell Mr. Manuel Kann Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kant Ms. Beatriz Kanterewicz Lori and George Kantor The Honorable and Mrs. Lawrence Kaplan Mara and Richard Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Stuart R. Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Kappa Mr. Charles M. Kappes Ms. Anne F. Karabin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Karas Ms. Rita Karczewski Ms. Joyce A. Kareem Thomas and Laura Karet Ms. Mary Lou Karl

Hemingway Circle continued Mr. and Mrs. Wasil Karlovski Ms. Pearl L. Karpas Mr. and Mrs. James Karras, Sr. Ms. Andrea J. Karsh Ms. Patricia Katz Ms. Sandra Katz Ms. Linda Kauffman Ms. Baila F. Kaufman Ryan Kaune Mr. John G. Kauper Mr. Kenneth J. Kavanaugh Mr. and Mrs. William T. Kearns Mr. Daniel Keebler Dr. and Mrs. John T. S. Keeler Miss April Keenan Dr. Michele A. Keffer Ms. Katherine C. Kegarise Mr. Gene Keidan Mr. and Mrs. David Keljo Ms. Arlene Keller Mr. Daniel G. Keller Kenneth Keller Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Keller Mr. and Mrs. Norman Keller Ms. Connie L. Kelley Mr. Dennis J. Kelley Ms. Mary Ann Kelley Patte Kelley Mrs. Amy H. Kellman Carolyn Kelly Patricia M. Kelly Ms. Susan Kelly Mary and Ward Kelsey Claire Kennedy Ms. Kathleen M. Kennedy Kris Kennedy Ms. Melisa L. Kennedy Mr. Robert D. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kenney Jr. Ms. Kathryn Kenyon Paula Kepich Gail and Richard Kepple Mr. Eugene Kerber Ms. Betty Kerkhan Lisa and Jeffrey Kerr Ms. Mary M. Kerr Ms. Daunice L. Keslar Donald and Janelle Kessler Ms. Cheryl A. Kevish Emmanuel Key Mrs. Irene Keys Ms. Aliya Khan Noor Khan


Hemingway Circle continued Ms. Pornsri Khlanguiset Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Kickel Ms. Lorraine Kiger John S. Kikta Mr. John Kildea James R. Kimbrough Dr. Margaret M. Kimmel Dr. Barbara L. King and Mr. Stewart Feldman Mr. Charles Roary King Ms. Evelyn L. King Mr. and Mrs. James W. King Veronica King Ms. Susan L. Kinger Ms. Sandra J. Kingerski Ms. Janet Kinnane and Mr. Conrad Smith Ms. Carol Kinney Mr. Thomas Kinzler Mr. Dennis Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kirkwood Ronald and Cecelia Kirsch Ms. Stefi Kirschner Mr. Howard Kissel Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kisslinger Helen J. Klan Ms. Linda Klass Ms. Roberta L. Klatzky Mr. and Mrs. Burton Klein Mr. Emanuel Klein Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Klein Gloria and Alfred Klein

Hemingway Circle continued Mr. and Mrs. James R. Klein Mark and Cheryl Klein Mr. and Mrs. Michael Klein Mr. Stanford Klein and Mrs. Marjorie K. Silverman Ms. Terri Klein and Mr. Daniel I. Gup Ms. Barbara Klewien Ms. Elizabeth V. Knapp and Mr. Kevin R. Smith Ms. Mary Jo Knelly and Mr. David J. Huggins-Daines Ms. Mary Bender Knight Ms. Mildred Knoble Ms. E. Anne Knoell Ms. Susan Knoll Ms. Ann Knoop Mr. Andrew R. Knopes Laura Knouff Ms. Nancy J. Knowles Ms. Margaret Kocis Kathleen Koepfer Mr. David R. Koes Ms. Lisa Koi Ms. Patricia Kolar Mr. John N. Koller Piyamanee Komolwit Ms. Kathleen M. Konsin Ms. Betty M. Koontz Donna Korczyk Amy and David Korman Kenneth Kornick

Hemingway Circle continued Ms. Hope Kosanovich Ms. Hanita Kossowsky Ms. Esther Kost Ms. Mary Kostalos Ms. Roberta Kostyak Mr. Stephen Kostyniak Rachel Kottler Ms. Stella S. Kourakos Christine Kovac Ms. Barbara A. Kovachich Mr. Donald J. Kowalecki Susan Kozak Mr. John F. Kraft Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Krah Ms. Blair Krakowski Ms. Valerie G. Kramer and Mr. Tom Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Carl Krasik Mrs. Marjorie Krasne Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Kraut Ms. Shirley Kregar Ms. Deborah A. Kresen Norman and Alison Kresh Mr. and Mrs. John W. Kreutzman Ms. Patricia T. Krimmel Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kripp Ramayya Krishnan Mr. and Mrs. John Kristakis Michele Kristakis Patricia and Frank Kroboth Arielle Krohn Ms. Lucy Kronstein

Hemingway Circle continued Richard Kronz Amanda Krull Ms. Cecelia Kruly Mr. and Mrs. John F. Krumwiede Dr. Carol A. Krupski and Mr. Eris Atar-Krupski Robert Kubiak Mr. Joseph M. Kubicek Ms. Molly A. Kubincanek Julie Kuchta Ms. Pam Kuchta Ms. Karen Kuhar Mr. Martin J. Kuhner William Daniel Kundin Ms. Lara J. Kunschner and Mr. Patrick J. Trimble Harry and Betty Kunze Adam Kupec Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kupersanin Dr. Boris A. Kushner Ms. Laurel Kuxhaus Ms. Nae Young Kwon Harold Kyriazi Mr. James Kyros Ms. Amalia Labbruzzo Cindy Lackner Hilary Lackner Ms. Mary Ruth Lackner Joseph and Carole Ladik Ms. Mary LaFace Mr. and Mrs. William E. Lafranchi Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lahoda Mr. Stephen J. Laidhold Ms. Harriet B. Lakin Jennifer R. Lakin and Douglas L. Rabuzzi

Donor Plus Cardholders Are Appreciated!
Carrying the Donor Plus Card is a visible way to show that you support the valuable services we provide every time you visit the Library. Proceeds from the Donor Plus Card program help the Library purchase additional materials and ensure the continuation of quality programming. In addition to helping CLP, Donor Plus cardholders receive exclusive benefits, including discounts and access to an exclusive Donor Plus Picks email newsletter of reading recommendations.

Christine and Michael LaMark Terry Lamperski Mrs. Marjorie R. Landay Mr. and Mrs. Rick Landesberg Ronald and Lourdes Landry John Lane Ms. Susan Oberg Lane Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Lang Ms. Helen W. Lang Ms. Mary E. Lang and Mr. Thomas E. Cummings Aline and Jack R. Lange Ann Langham Mr. Michael Languas Ms. Rita F. Perlow Langue Susan and Mario Lanna Ms. Alice R. Lanntair Mrs. Marian E. LaPlace Mr. Michael A. LaPorte Deborah R. Lapp Mr. Nicholas Lardas Ms. Bridget Larew Ms. Suzetta P. Large


Hemingway Circle continued Erin Larkin Ms. Helene A. Larkin Ms. Sarah B. Larkin and Mr. Jason B. Rosenstock Mr. Michael Larson Ms. Mary A. Lasky Ms. Diane Lassman Marilyn and Earl Latterman Mr. Theodore Latuch Charles and Mary T. Laufer W. Deen Lauver Mrs. Adah Lavelle Ms. Barbara Lawler Beth A. Lawry Dr. and Mrs. Alan Lawsky Richard Lawson Ms. Ruth Layland Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lazar Ms. Catherine D. Le Schack Mr. Scott J. Leadbetter

Hemingway Circle continued Ms. Jill F. Lehman Mr. Lawrence Lehmann Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Lehner Mr. James P. Leindecker William and Veronica Lenaghen Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Lesgold Don and Jen Lester Ms. Patricia Levandowski Ms. Marcia J. Levaur Heather LeVeck Mr. and Mrs. Emery Levick Mr. Marvin Levick Mrs. Frances F. Levin Mr. Kenneth P. Levin and Ms. Marcia C. Mitre Ms. Sally M. Levin Mr. Arnold Levine Barbara J. Levine and David S. Kaufer Ms. Elinor B. Levine

Every effort has been made to acknowledge the generosity of our donors correctly and completely. Should you discover an error or omission, please contact us at donors@carnegielibrary.org or 412.622.6276.

Hemingway Circle continued Nancy R. Lewis Mr. William M. Lewis Ms. Hope C. Leyton Mr. and Mrs. Armand F. Liberi Ms. Lois Liberman Mr. Stanley Liepack Mr. Barry Light Ms. Elaine K. Light Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lightner Ms. Elsa Limbach and Mr. Plamen Karagyozov Mr. and Mrs. Eric Lindbeck Mrs. John H. Lindblad Ms. A. Jean Linder Ms. Kathleen Lindholm Arlene F. Lingren Mr. Oren Lion Yvonne M. Lipscomb Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lipsman Ms. Roberta I. Lisi Ms. Kay A. Liss Ms. Doris Litman Ms. Mary Litman Rosslyn Litman Ms. Janet L. Littrell and Mr. John T. Hogan Mrs. Helen Livengood Mr. Miguel Llinas Mr. Frank H. Lloyd Mr. and Mrs. H. Lewis Lobdell Ms. Leslie A. Loberant Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lobl Ms. Catherine B. Lochner Ms. Janice M. Locke Margaret L. Lockhart Ms. Maryanne Loebig Mr. Philip Loevner Ms. Kathryn P. Logan

Hemingway Circle continued Mrs. Mary Lorinc Kelly Lotter Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Loughney Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Loughrey Michael and Jane Louik Ms. Tawna S. Loutsenhizer Tara and Diego Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Love and Family Ms. Marion Love Marline G. Love Mr. Carl Lovejoy Ms. Barbara Lowell Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lowenstein Ms. Cheryl A. Lowitzer Mr. Kiahkun L. Luangkesorn Anne Marie Lubenau Sharon Lucas Mr. Thomas M. Lucas Ms. Kathleen Luckner David Luff Mr. Robert Luisi Janice Luksik Ms. Heather Lum Ms. Ethel M. Lunney Adrienne Lunt Ms. Lisa R. Lurie Ms. Natalie S. Lustig Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Lutins James E. Lutton, Jr. Ms. Judith A. Lutz Ms. Janet L. Lydon Ms. Catherine M. Lynch Mr. Collin Lynch Ms. Dorothy Lynch Mr. and Mrs. George Lyness Mr. Martin B. Lyscik Mr. and Mrs. Stephens G. Lytch Ms. Dejian Ma Ms. Jacqueline A. MacDonald Ms. Janet L. MacDonald Ms. Edna Machesney Mr. Thomas P. MacIntyre Dr. and Mrs. Louis Mackey Mrs. Norma Sue Madden Ms. Amelia C. Maddock Seth and Sophie Madej Mr. Thomas J. Mader Ms. Marcela Madrid and Mr. Daniel Boyanovsky Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Madrigal Mr. Gene Magnani

We’re now open longer!
CLP extended hours of operation at nine neighborhood locations. As a result, customers gained an additional hours a week of service.


Thomas Leax Mr. Carmen Lebder Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Lebouitz Mr. and Mrs. Allen W. Lebovitz Joanne K. Lebovitz Ms. Bernice Lebow Ms. Dorothy S. Lederman Ms. Janet S. Lee and Mr. Matthew R. Rosengart Mr. John W. Lee Ms. Susan Leech Ms. Amanda M. Leff Elaine Sturgeon Leggett Ms. Barbara J. Lehew Don Lehman

Claire B. and Lawrence Levine Philanthropic Fund of the UJF Foundation Dr. Macy I. Levine Mr. and Mrs. Marc Levine Morton and Betty Levine Ms. Ruth E. Levine Ms. Sheila Levine Mr. and Mrs. Harry Levinson Mr. John P. Levis Mr. Harold O. Levitt Richard and Susanna Levitt Mr. and Mrs. Gordon H. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lewis Ms. Nancy Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Logan Mr. and Mrs. William D. Logan Arnette Loggins Ms. Edna N. Logue Ms. Bonnie L. Lombard Ms. Gabriella Lombardi Mr. Richard A. Long Mr. James L. Longhurst Ms. Jacqueline M. Longmore Longwood At Oakmont Residents Association Ms. Stephanie E. Lonsinger Mr. Timothy J. Loos Ms. Christine Lorenz Ms. Dorothy Lorenz


Hemingway Circle continued Ms. Janice Maharam and Mr. Phillip Elhardt Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Majernik Ms. Patricia M. Makara Louise and Michael Malakoff Ms. Roheela Malik Ms. Nancy L. Malinic Ms. Frances S. Malkames Ms. Gillian Malley David Mallinger Ms. Julie Malloy Mr. Thomas Malone Mr. Oommen K. Mammen Mr. John Mance Ms. Gloria A. Mancini Shanna E. Mandell Mr. Christian D. Manders Dr. and Mrs. Ernest K. Manders Mr. and Mrs. Milton Manes Ms. Patricia Mang Mrs. Patricia Mangerie Ms. Mia S. Manion Ms. Heather Manley Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Mann Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Mann Ms. Martha M. Mannix and Mr. Stephen R. Massey Fred Manno Ms. Natalie R. Mansell Ms. Susan Mansell Ms. Carole L. Mapel Mr. Lawrence F. Marcello Mr. Eugene A. Marchese Gregory F. Marchetti Mr. and Mrs. David M. Maretsky Gerald and Sandra Margolis Laura and Robert Marin Mr. Donald Marinelli and Ms. Jan Grice Mr. Michael William Marino Patricia Markby Mrs. Janet Markel Mathilda Markiewicz Ms. Martha Markoff Mr. and Mrs. Craig Markovitz Ms. Beth Markowitz Ms. Carolyn Marks Mr. Colin B. Marks Mrs. Carole O. Markus Robert and Jill Markwell Ms. Carol A. Marmon Ms. Rebecca J. Marnell Ms. Kathy Maron-Wood Ms. Heidi L. Marshall Joan Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Marsico Ms. Doris J. Marsilio Ms. Margaret M. Martell

Hemingway Circle continued Mr. Geggoire P. Martello Ms. Catherine Martin Dr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Ms. Deborah Martin Mrs. Elizabeth Martin Ms. Lisa Martin Ms. Lisa A. Martinelli Mr. and Mrs. Don P. Martone Cecil and Diane Marty Mr. and Mrs. Steve Marzina Vincent and Kim Marzula David G. Maskalick, Ph.D. Mr. George B. Mason Ms. Janet M. Mason Ms. Tammie Mason Ms. Molly Ann Masood Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Masters Ms. Dilla Mastrangelo and Mr. J. Christopher Potts Ms. Tina R. Mastroianni Ms. Kate Mastronie Mr. and Mrs. David Matanick Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Matanick Ms. Margaret Mateer Ms. Diana B. Mathis Mr. Jose L. Matos Ms. Maria T. Matsuda Soichiro Matsuyama Ms. Jean-Anne Matter and Mr. Allen Humphrey Ms. Susan Matter Mrs. Florence Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Matthews Ms. Josephine M. Matthews Ms. Lidia Matwey Mr. and Mrs. John E. Matz Mrs. Janet L. Maurer and Family Ms. Holly Maurer-Klein Mr. Robert Mauro Mr. Gregory A. Maxson Mr. and Mrs. Marvin L. May Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Mayer Ms. Eleanor Mayfield Mr. Steve H. Mayhall Ms. Sara Mayo Mr. Frederick Mays Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mazer Ms. Marjorie Mazer Sylvester Mazzella Ms. Christine I. Mazzeo Cheryl McAbee, Esq. Ms. Carolyn W. McAdoo Ms. Meghan A. McAndrew Paul J. McArdle, Esq. Mary E. McBride Mr. Earl A. McCabe, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. McCaffrey Ms. Kathleen McCallan Mr. and Mrs. Jay McCamic

Hemingway Circle continued Ms. Margaret S. McCartan Ms. Amy Boyle McCarthy Mr. Michael McCarthy Ms. Rebecca McCarthy Anthony and Mary Jo McCartney Ms. Alma McClain Ms. Carolyn Kaye McClain Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McClenahan Ms. Linda McClory Patrick McClory Ms. Dorothy McClure Mr. Ian McClure Ms. Kim W. McConnell Ms. Catherine McCormick Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. McCormick Ms. Theresa McCray-Anderson Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. McCreary Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McCrory Mrs. Jean H. McCullough Andrea and Jerry McCutcheon Ms. Terri McDermott Ms. Frances L. McDonald Mr. John F. McDonald Suzanne M. McDonough Robert T. McDowell Mr. Robert M. McDunn Ms. Patricia McElligott Ms. Rose M. McElligott Ms. Jennifer McEnroe Caroline McGinley Ms. Gale A. McGloin Mr. Andrew McGlynn and Ms. Ann Baumgardner Ms. Helen McGogney Ms. Mary Ann McHarg Mr. Roy McHugh Ms. Carol L. McIntyre Ms. Dianne M. McIntyre Ms. Dina G. McIntyre Ms. Kathleen McIntyre-Seltman and Mr. Howard J. Seltman Ms. Della McIver Ms. Suzanne McKain-Fallon and Mr. Michael Fallon Ms. Helen Rita McKay Mr. Philip McKeating Ms. Margaret McKenna Melissa A. McKenna and Family Paul and Penny McKenna Mr. and Mrs. Mitch McKenney Mr. and Mrs. David McKeown Mrs. Wilma V. McKinney Ms. Allison McLaren Andrew and Sue McLaren Amy McLaughlin Mary McManus Mr. Paul G. McMullin Mr. and Mrs. Regis J. McNally

Hemingway Circle continued Charles P. McNaughton Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. McNees Ms. Jennifer McNulty Ms. Mary L. McNulty Martin McSweeny Mary Lisa McVay Thomas and Anne Medsger Edward A. Meena Ms. Karen I. Meharra Jeannine C. Meiksin Mr. Ernest H. Meinbresse, Jr. Ms. Martha Meis Mr. Thomas Meisner Gaye Meixell Mr. Vadim Mejebovski Mr. William D. Melaney Rev. Joseph M. Mele Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Melnick Mr. Meyer Melnick William and Donna Melnick Ms. Carolyn Menard and Dr. David Dzombak Mr. Herbert Mendelsohn Ms. Emily Mendelson Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mendlow Ms. Barbara Mendlowitz Mrs. Virginia Mentzer Ms. Christine A. Meredith Mr. Kemal A. Mericli and Ms. Stella Smetanka Valerie Merrell Ms. Linda Merriman Mr. Douglas L. Mertz and Mr. Stefano Muneroni Mrs. Elizabeth R. Mertz Ms. Fehmida A. Mesania and Mr. Casey P. Brennan Mrs. Dolores Messer Ms. Nancy R. Messham Messiah Lutheran Day Camp Ms. Mary E. Metz Bashie Meyer Deborah A. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Mark Meyer Mr. William A. Meyer Dayton and Been-Ling Meyers Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Meyers Ms. Karen Meyers Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mezyk Robert Mialki Ms. Elizabeth M. Michael Mr. Thomas D. Michael Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Michaels Dr. and Mrs. Milton Michaels Pauline and Bernard Michaels Mr. Anthony S. Michalski Dorothy Michels Ms. Sue Mietzner Ms. Jacalyn Mignogna


Hemingway Circle continued Mr. and Mrs. John Mihm George Mikulan Mr. Dean Milan Ms. Helen Milan Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Milberg Ms. Abby F. Miller Mr. Andrew M. Miller Ms. Arlene M. Miller Mr. Clarence M. Miller, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Miller Mr. David Miller Ms. Diana I. Miller Ms. Dorothy Miller Mr. Gregory J. Miller Lawrence P. Miller Mrs. Lenore Miller Ms. Leora Kay Miller Ms. Madelyn Miller Ms. Marilyn A. Miller Ms. Matilda P. Miller Ms. Myrtle Miller Mr. Paul J. Miller Mrs. Sally Miller Ms. Chloe Mills Ms. Frances M. Mills Mr. Godfrey Mills John and Kellie Mills Mr. and Mrs. John Milnes Ms. Karen Mims Ms. Deborah Minden Barbara Minges Mr. Steven L. Minnich Ms. Margaret L. Minnick Dr. Aurora M. Miranda Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Miscoe Janet L. Misko Bill and Mary Anne Mistick Mr. Joseph J. Mitchell Ms. Louise Mitinger Mr. Mark Mitten Mr. and Mrs. Victor Mizel Stephen and Kathleen Mlinac Mr. and Mrs. Robert Modrak Thomas and Nancy Moeller Ms. Valerie Monaco Ms. Mary Monaghan Mr. and Mrs. Ira Monarch Mr. Robert Moncavage Ms. Mercedes C. Monjian Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Monroe Mr. and Mrs. Windle Mook Ms. Cathy Mooney Ms. Patricia Mooney and Mr. Alan J. Steinberg Ms. Cheryl M. Moore and Mr. Stan Levenson Mr. and Mrs. Don Moore Mr. and Mrs. John Moore Ms. Joyce A. Moore

Hemingway Circle continued Mrs. and Mr. Patricia C. Moore Ms. Maria K. Mor Ms. Mary Grace Moran Mr. and Mrs. William Moran and Family Ms. Amy B. Morgan Ms. Patricia Morgan Ms. Suzy Morgan Ms. Gail P. Morin Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Moritz Mrs. Tamara L. Moritz William F. Morphy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Morrash Ms. Bonnie F. Morris Hana Hamdan Morris James and Susan Morris Ms. Mildred Morrison Ms. Allyn A. Morrow Tracey Morsek Ms. Sara E. Morton Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Morton Ms. Barbara Morycz Ms. Susan L. Moschos Laurie and Robert Moser Ms. Sally B. Moses Mr. Peter Moshein Dr. Merle Moskowitz Leo and Anna Mostyn Motheral, Inc. Mr. George B. Motheral, II Mothers’ Club Of Carrick Gwen Moulton Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Mozlack Donald and Sahli Mrvos Mr. Joseph F. Muha and Ms. Nancy Wiater Muha Ms. Margaret S. Muldoon Mr. Joseph P. Mulhern Marion W. Mulhern Mr. and Mrs. Clifford A. Mull Ms. Heather M. Mull Ms. Erika Mullenbach Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. Muller Kathleen R. Mulligan and Daniel J. McKinley Ms. Christina E. Mullins Ms. and Mr. Elizabeth A. Mulvaney Mrs. Jane L. Mulvey Mr. Perry Munyon David and Sue Murdock Peg Murhammer Barbara Murock and Carl Fertman Mr. Arthur I. Murphy Mr. Connor T. Murphy Mr. Cornelius F. Murphy Mr. Daniel J. Murphy Ms. Nancy Koeller Murphy Mr. William J. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Alex J. Murray

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Hemingway Circle continued Mr. and Mrs. John M. Murray Mr. and Mrs. Regis D. Murrin Mr. William S. Musser and Ms. Valerie Weikers Ms. Petra Mussi Ms. Monica Muszalski Mr. Robert F. Muth Mr. Gregory J. Mutinelli Ms. Maxine L. Myer Ms. Bernita A. Myers Mr. Eben I. Myers Phyllis Myers Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nabutovsky Ms. Margaret Nacey Jeffrey Nachman Ms. Janina Naderi Rise and Daniel Nagin, Ph.D. Theresa Nagy Ms. Lisa M. Nakamura Ms. Lynn S. Naman Ms. Martha Rose Namiotka Mr. Sandeep and Dr. Sunaina Nangia Mr. Francis C. Napier Mr. Brian S. Narehood Ms. Margaret Nasta Vito Natali Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Natalini, Jr. Ms. Kathy L. Nath Harvey and Esther Nathanson Donna Grace Nativio Mr. Andrew J. Nau, Jr. The Honorable Lester G. Nauhaus and The Honorable Amy R. Hay Mr. Anthony Navarro Ruth Nayhouse N.C.K. Technical College Teacher’s Association Ms. Ngani Ndimbie Ms. Myra Needle Mr. Paul F. Needle Ms. Judith Nees Mr. and Mrs. Peter Neft Ms. Carole Neiberg Ms. Leslie T. Neighbors Ms. Meryl J. Neiman Ms. Cynthia Nelson Ms. Donna J. Nelson Ms. Edith I. Nelson Ms. Geri Nelson Jon and Sarah Nelson Juanita Nelson

Hemingway Circle continued Michael Nelson Ms. Donna Nemchik Susan and Dick Nernberg Ms. Deborah Nerone Ms. Berta Nesbitt David and Roberta Ness Network for Good Ms. Tracy J. Neumann Ms. Anita Newell Chad and Jennifer Newell Dr. Stephen T. Newmyer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nichol Ms. Carole S. Nicholes Ms. Sarah Nichols Mr. Charles Niederberger Ms. Sherry B. Niepp Mrs. Jeanne M. Nikolaison David and June Nimick Amy B. Nixon Mr. Thomas M. Nixon Ms. Gail Lynn Noden Fred Noel and Richard Fredin Sister Rebecca Nolan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Nolf Thomas M. Noonan Mr. and Mrs. Andy Norman Ms. Marie Norman and Mr. Matthew Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Robert Norman Ms. Gerda E. Novak Ms. Iolean F. Novak Ms. Maureen B. Novak Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Novick Ms. Marianne L. Novy Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Nowak Ms. Laura Nowakowski Ms. Julie Nucera The Nursing Class of 1951 Barb and Arthur Nussbaum Linda Nuttall Ms. Isabelle V. Nutz Ms. Jessica H. O’Brien Ms. Kathleen R. O’Brien Mary Win O’Brien Ms. Marilyn J. O’Bruba Mr. Edward J. Obuchowsky John and Rebecca O’Connell Ms. Carrie L. O’Connor Ms. Joyce O’Connor Ms. Maureen C. O’Connor Mr. Maurice O’Connor Ms. Susan Hans O’Connor and Mr. Kolia O’Connor


Hemingway Circle continued Mr. Thomas C. O’Connor and Ms. Rubab Jafry Ms. Virginia C. O’Connor Mrs. Roberta Odell Robert and Mariuza Odle Patricia O’Donnell Ms. Sylvia E. O’Donovan Ms. Sungwha Oh Ms. Dolores O’Hara Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. O’Hara, III Mr. N. Paul Ohori Ms. Laura H. O’Keeffe Ms. Margaret O’Leary Ms. Phyllis Oliphant Ms. Laura Oliver Ms. Shirley J. Olshesky Mr. Jerry C. Olson Ms. Mary Olup Mr. Brian O’Neill Gerald and Rita O’Neill C. J. Opferman Ms. Elizabeth Opperman Linda and Alexander Orbach Ms. Ellen Ormond Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. O’Rourke Mr. and Mrs. John E. O’Rourke Albin and Cecilia Osele Steven Osgood Mr. Elliott Oshry Ms. Kimberly Osterman Ms. Joni Ostrow Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. O’Sullivan, Jr. Ms. Michele Oswald Mr. and Mrs. Richard Oswant Ms. Ellen E. O’Toole Ms. Catherine E. Ott and Mr. James M. Matchemes Nancy Ott and Jim Viel Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Ottenheimer Mr. Scott G. Otto and Mr. Robert Jackson Traci Oziemblowsky Vincenetta Pace Diana Pacino Mr. Mel Packer Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Packer Mary Paga Ms. Glynn Page Ms. Theresa Palazzi Mr. and Mrs. John J. Paljug Renie Stevens Palladino Ms. Catherine Palmissano Wilma Palombo Ms. Karol Paltsios Jennifer Paluda Ms. Beth A. Palyo Mr. and Mrs. Nickolas Pandeladis Dr. Armand J. Panson

Hemingway Circle continued Mr. Siddharth Pant Mr. Victor P. Panza Dr. and Mrs. Ara Papazian Yoav Parag Mr. Robert J. Pardi Anthony and Amy Pardo Mrs. Margaret Parinella Robert and Barbara Park Ms. Kathleen Parker Kimberly A. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Parker Ms. Virginia Parker Mr. Michael D. Parkinson Mary E. Parks Mr. Alfred A. Parr Mr. Nicholas Parrendo Mr. Jeffrey N. Parrish Ms. Yvonne Parsons Richard Partridge Barbara A. Pascarell Ms. Linda B. Pasekoff Benjamin Paskus and Ellen Merk Ms. Angela Pasquale Mrs. Mary V. Pasquino Mrs. Marguerite E. Pastor Mr. Adolphus Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Patterson Ms. Kimberly Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Lewis A. Patterson Ms. Margaret Patterson Ms. Heidi Patterson-Orlando and Mr. Michael Orlando Ms. Linda S. Paul Ms. Suzanne Paul Ms. Elizabeth J. Pausch Mr. and Mrs. Steven Pavlack Mr. James Payne Friends of Tonya D. Payne Ms. Joyce Pearl Robert and Betty Pecore Mr. James E. Peele Mr. and Mrs. James Pegher Dr. Jon Peha Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Peisakoff Mr. and Mrs. Martin Pekor Mr. Victor Pelles Mark and Mary Anne Peluso Mr. and Mrs. Fredric W. Pement Mr. Rong-Bang Peng and Ms. Li-Shen Liao Ms. Revathi Pennathur Ms. Joyce Penrose Mr. and Mrs. James M. Perel Ms. Elizabeth F. Perkins Ms. Rosemarie Perla Ms. Marla Perlman Perlow Family Charitable Fund Laura Perrier Mrs. Elva Perrin

Hemingway Circle continued Ms. Maureen Perrino Gloria Perrucci Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Peterman Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery D. Peters Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Peters Ms. Jennifer L. Petersen and Mr. Jeffrey J. Wisneski Ms. Susan Petersen Ms. Karen S. Peterson Ms. Natalie Petesch Bill and Barbara Petrone Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Petti Anna Pfeninger Stephen and Melanie Philbrick Mr. Eugene W. Phillips Ms. Jennifer E. Phillips Mr. Henry Picciafoco Ms. Terese S. Piccoli Jennifer Pickle Mr. Greg Pierce and Ms. Alisa Dix Gil Pietrzak Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pifer Mr. and Mrs. George Pike Ms. Florence Pikiewicz Ms. Cheryl A. Pinto Ms. Doris Piper Mr. Robert A. Pirhalla, Jr. Edward and Mary Pisula Pittsburgh Refugee and Immigration Assistance Center Pittsburgh Theater Corporation Mr. and Mrs. John Piwowar June Placke Edward F. Platz Mr. David C. Plaut and Ms. Marlene Behrmann Michael David Plittman

Hemingway Circle continued Eugene and Mary Pochapsky Mr. Robert Podurgiel Karen D. Poirier Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Polizzano Dr. Laura E. Pollack Tony and Betsy Polley Beverly Pollock Mrs. Mary Polonus Ms. Joyce Polovich Mr. George Ponticello Thomas and Betty Poole Ms. Lorraine Pope Noreen Poploski Ms. Phyllis E. Popper Justine and Joseph Porta Ms. Anna D. Porter Mr. James Porter Mr. Michael Porter Elaine and John Potochnik Ms. Diana K. Potts N. Powell Ms. Phyllis Poznik Ms. Jane S. Prantl Ms. Annie Preis Ms. Mary Pretz-Lawson Mary Preuss Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Preusser Ms. Heidi Price Mr. and Mrs. C. James Price Mr. Raymond L. Price Miss Karen Prilla Mr. Greg Priore Anat Prior-Unger and Giora Unger Ms. Berthe P. Prisant Mrs. Loretta Proch Ms. Aleksandra Prokic

Pittsburgh is one

of the most literate cities in the United States.

Library resources are one of the six key indicators of literacy included in the study by Central Connecticut State University.



the Library went wireless!
Free unlimited wireless fidelity (WiFi) Internet access is available at all CLP locations.


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Hemingway Circle continued Mr. Brian Prunty Mr. Kevin Prykull Kathy Przybylski Mr. and Mrs. John E. Purcell Ms. Claire Pyle Ms. Helen Pyptyk Ms. Irene Pyptyk-McStay Andy and Liberty Pyros Ms. Varvara A. Pyros Mr. Steven Quallich Mr. and Mrs. Jack Quinn Mr. Ronald L. Quinn Ms. Susan Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Rabinowitz Ms. Joni Rabinowitz Leo Rabinowitz Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Rabkin Mrs. Barbara W. Rackoff Mr. Robert N. Radaker Marirose and John Radelet Ms. Linda J. Raden Ms. Kathleen N. Radock Ms. Heather P. Rady Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ragano Mrs. Erin G. Raimondi Mr. and Mrs. James A. Ralston Ms. Jessie B. Ramey and Mr. John Zimmerman Ms. Marilyn J. Ramming Ms. Ayanna J. Ramsey Ms. Teresa Ramsey Mr. William D. Rankin Mr. Mike Ransdell Rapoport, Berkman & Associates, LLC Mrs. Constance Rapp Ms. Wendy S. Rapport Mrs. Gretchen Rasp Ms. Jennifer Rauktis Ms. Barbara J. Rautner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Rawa Mr. H. Edward Rawlings Mr. Thomas Rawski Mr. Mahlon Raymund Mr. and Mrs. John Rayne Mr. Jay Rayvid Ms. Helen Rea Ms. Nicole Reading and Mr. Zachary J. S. Falck Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Reaves Ms. Beverley Rebovich

Hemingway Circle continued Ms. Jo Recht and Mr. Joseph Mannino Ms. Roberta Recht Sharon Rechter, M.D. Menwhe Redd-Lowery Edward Redgate James Redmond Ms. Kathleen A. Reed Ms. Marcella M. Reed Mark Reed Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Reed, Jr. Lisa Reese Ms. Rita H. Reese Michael and Mary Regan Mr. and Mrs. Miguel D. Regueiro Laurie Mansell Reich Ms. Carol L. Reichbaum Ms. Rebecca Reid Ms. Ruth Reidbord Ms. Dorothy Reilly Ms. Madelyn A. Reilly and Mr. Robin Girdhar Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Reilly Mr. Timothy Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Hesh Reinfeld Mr. and Mrs. Leo Renkawek Ms. Karen L. Repack Ms Abby Resnick and Mr. Roger Day Mr. Daniel P. Resnick Martha and Jay Ressler Leonardo Reyes-Gonzalez Mr. Benjamin R. Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. William G. Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Paul Reznick John and G. Rhodes Ms. Bruna A. Riccobon Mr. David E. Rice Jacob J. Rice Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Richards Cynthia S. Richards Mr. and Mrs. James B. Richardson, III Mr. and Mrs. P. Jerome Richey Ms. Barbara D. Richman Ms. Katharine Richmond Ms. Eleanor S. Rico Ms. Kathleen F. Rieck James and Sara Rieger Mr. and Mrs. James J. Rieland Mrs. Vida Ries

Hemingway Circle continued Ms. Helen S. Rightor Ms. Diane Rigney Lisa L. Rihn Ms. Marla Ripoll Mr. Jason R. Rippel Mr. and Mrs. Doug Rishel Ms. Emily Rishel Ms. Maureen Girty Risk Mr. Aaron B. Ritter Ms. Melinda M. Ritter Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ritter Kimberly and Richard Roadarmel Mr. and Mrs. Bob S. Roberson, Jr. Homer and Janet Roberts Ms. Pamela M. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. William Roberts Mr. Allen Robinson and Ms. Kathy Lachenauer Ms. Bonita Y. Robinson Mr. Dwayne Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brooks Robinson Mr. and Mrs. William Robinson Ms. Marcia Robkin Ms. Noreen M. Rode Mr. Gerald M. Roeder Mr. John Roell Mr. Nicholas C. Rogalski Ms. Alberta Rogers Deborah Rogers Mrs. Lois E. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. John F. Rohe Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Rom Mr. and Mrs. Francis Romagni Moses and Judith Romah L. M. Roman Ms. Susan M. Romanowski Mr. and Mrs. Dale T. Romesberg, Jr. Ms. Charlotte S. Roschli Ms. Ann W. Rose Ms. Bernice Rose Michael D. Rosella Mr. Jason R. Rosemeyer Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Rosemeyer Avram Rosen Ms. Elayne Rosen Ms. Miranda G. Rosen Ms. Linda Rosenbaum Shoshana and Jerry Rosenberg Mr. Paul F. Rosenberger Mr. Lester Rosenbloom Natalie and David Rosenbloom

Hemingway Circle continued Ms. Ruth P. Rosenbloom Mr. and Mrs. Ray Rosenblum Mr. and Mrs. Gerald I. Rosenfeld Mr. Peter Rosenfeld Myrna Rosenstein Jantarat Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rosenzweig Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Roskies John and Joanne Rosol Blanche Ross Mr. Clyde E. Ross Ms. Mary E. Ross Ms. Norma Jean Ross Karen and Rob Rossi Ms. Beverly Rossiter Mrs. Irene A. Rossow James and Anita Roth Mayda and Barry Roth Mr. and Mrs. Richard Roth Dr. William E. Rothfus Mr. and Mrs. Justin K. Rothshank Ms. Katherine Rothstein Dr. and Mrs. Wilfred T. Rouleau Ms. Jocelyn Rouse Mr. Joseph F. Rovitto Charles Rowe Steve Rozensky Ms. Colleen Rua Richard and Debra Rua Mr. and Mrs. James Ruane Ms. Ann Fay Ruben Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Rubin Mr. Kenneth Rubin Mr. and Mrs. Larry Rubin Mrs. Lore Rubin Mr. Sharyn R. Rubin Ms. Caryn Rubinoff and Mr. Craig Dunham Ms. Debra Rubinstein and Mr. Jonathan Glick Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rudman Ms. Evelyn Rudolph Ms. Mary V. Rudy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Rudy Ms. Marsha Rueter Ms. Patty Sue Rufener Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Ruffing Ms. Kathy A. Ruffing Ms. Anna Ruhl Mr. William N. Rukavina Mr. Theodore Ruscitti Carolyn Spicer Russ Mr. Howard G. Russell


Hemingway Circle continued Mr. Mark Russell Mr. Rick A. Russell A. Ruta Ms. Sandy Rutkowski Mr. and Mrs. Reid Ruttenberg Ms. Mary Lou Ruttle and Ms. Nancy G. Ewing Ms. Dorothy Ruttle-Neill Mr. Neal D. Ryan Ms. Selma P. Ryave Ms. Alice Rysdon Ms. Kivanc Sabirli Mark and Clarice Sachon Ms. Sylvia Sachs Mr. and Mrs. Hershel Sacks Mrs. Shirley Sacks Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sadofsky Ms. Freida D. Safyan Drs. Susan and Eric Safyan Mr. Raymond J. Sager Christina D. Sahovey Ms. Christine Saitz and Mr. Joshua Bellin Ms. Beatrice Salazar and Mr. Luis Motles Mr. Bob W. Salley The Salmon Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Salome Mr. Bruce A. Samson Ms. Elizabeth Samstag Mr. Neal Samuels Claudine Sanders Mr. Justin Sanders Regina Sandidge Ms. Mary Kate Sandulli Ms. Maria A. Santander Vahan Sargsyan Drs. Colleen E. Sari and John D. Valentich Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Saroff Mr. David Sartori Ms. Norma Sassin Ms. Marjorie F. Satz Ms. Pamela Saunders Mr. Sherwood L. Saunders Ms. Roberta Saunier Patricia Sawzik Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Scala Mr. Jim Scalo Ms. Mary Lou Scarano Karen Scarpinatto Ms. Juanita Scates Mr. and Mrs. Barton Schachter Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Schachter Ms. Cathy S. Schaefer Ms. Evelyn D. Scharf Virginia W. Schatz Ms. Mary Ann Scheib

Hemingway Circle continued Jeff Scheide Ms. Julia M. Scheide Ms. Edith Scheiner Dr. and Mrs. Harold Z. Scheinman Ms. Terri L. Scheller and Mr. Alan A. Wolf Stephen and Elizabeth Scheurer Ms. Judith B. Schiavi Mr. Alan Schick Ms. Denise A. Schiller Ms. Dawn Schimborski Ms. Amy Schlesinger Mattie M. Schloetzer Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Schlosser Ms. Cleah G. Schlueter Linda Schmandt Ms. Karen R. Schmidt Mr. Francis Schmitt Mary F. Schmitt Mr. Jeffrey P. Schmoyer Karen and George Schnakenberg Ms. Barbara Schneider Mr. Paul E. Schneider Mr. Albert W. Schnupp Mrs. Karen Schoonmaker Ms. Dorothy Schorin Ms. Penelope T. Schoyer Ms. Ruth Schran Mary Lou and Andrew Schreffler Mr. and Mrs. Brian Schreiber Mr. and Mrs. David L. Schreiber Ms. Patricia S. Schroder Ms. Martha Schuette Ms. Mary A. Schuetz Ms. Mary Lou Schuler Mr. Jerry A. Schulhof Ms. Jean Schulte Ms. Winifred C. Schultz Carolyn and Robert Schumacher Ms. Linda Schumacher Mr. James Schutzman Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Schwartz Ms. Judy P. Schwartz Mr. Russell S. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Steven Schwartz Ms. Joan Schwartzman Carolyn and Frank Schwarz Ms. Mildred M. Schwarz Mr. Gary J. Schweger Kylie Schweitzer Ms. Sally S. Schweitzer Ms. Susan Sciacca Erin and Thomas C. Scioli Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sclabassi Ms. Heather S. Scott Kim A. Scott Ms. Rebecca H. Scott Ms. Ann J. Scozzie Ms. Barbara F. Scruggs

Hemingway Circle continued Leslie Scully Mr. Paul J. H. Seeverens Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Seewald Ms. Betty Sefer David P. and Elizabeth T. Segel Family Fund Mrs. Gerry S. Segneff Ms. Sheen S. Sehgal Mr. Robert W. Sehn Mr. Robert S. Seibel Mrs. Elenore Seidenberg Ms. Ruth B. Seip Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Sekel Zachary Selekman Dr. and Mrs. Martin I. Seltman Dr. and Mrs. Morton Seltman Mr. and Mrs. Duane J. Seppi Servicepoint for Seniors, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. F. Neal Sever Mrs. Aileen Sewall Alicia Seymour Ms. Anna Jane Shally Mr. and Mrs. Elder C. Shank Jr. Ms. Linda D. Shankle Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shanks Mr. and Mrs. John P. Shanley Mr. Daniel S. Shapiro Karen K. Shapiro Lester F. Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Zalman M. Shapiro Donald and Virginia Shar Kuldeep Shastri Ms. Barbara S. Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Adam B. Shear Mrs. Joan M. Sheffler Audrey Shelbaer Ms. Rebecca L. Shelby and Mr. Gregory G. Greenleaf Lynn Shelly Ms. Mary Alice Shemo

Hemingway Circle continued Ms. Esther Sherman Leann and Neal Sherman Ms. Sylvia Sherman Mr. Malcolm Sherwood Ms. Daisy B. Shields Ms. Terry L. Shields Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Shirk Ms. Judith Shock Mr. and Mrs. John M. Shoemaker Ms. Maria M. Shoemaker Mrs. Janet Shoenfelt Ed and Ellen Short Rebecca Short Shirley and Morris Shratter Ms. Gail Shrott Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shulock Ms. Barbara K. Shuman Ms. Nancy J. Shurlow and Mr. Mark Schervish Ms. Irene Sidel Mr. Holger Sieg and Ms. Carolyn B. Levine Ms. Barbara J. Siegel Ms. Jean M. Siegel Mr. Ned E. Siegel Rosanna Siegfried Mr. and Mrs. Alan Siger Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sikov Rhoda and Seymour Sikov Philanthropic Fund of the UJF Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Steven Silberman Ms. Dana C. Siler Ms. Gloria Silva Ms. Phyllis Silver James D. Silverman Dr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Silverman Mr. and Mrs. Lee H. Silverman Ms. Madelyn Silverman Mr. Sidney Silverman

Thank you Donors
to Library for the Blind & Physically handicapped!
The impact of the Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped (LBPH) extends far beyond Allegheny County, serving readers with disabilities in 36 Pennsylvania counties. Donations to LBPH provide access to recorded books and magazines, large print books and narrated videos, as well as the equipment necessary to enjoy the materials.


Hemingway Circle continued Dr. Jean M. Silvernail Lorena Silvis Family Cousins of the Silvis and Angehr Families Ms. Jeanne Simmons Evelyn and Meyer Simon Mr. Lee Simon Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Simon Nancy Simpronio Mr. and Mrs. William J. Simpson Ms. Janice Singh-Stoffer Aaron and Cory Siri Toby and David Sirota Ms. Simma Siskind Sisters of Charity Mr. and Mrs. Jeff D. Sivek Ms. Helen Skalinova Mrs. Rose F. Skau Kenneth W. Skinnell Mr. Stanley G. Skirboll

Hemingway Circle continued Ms. Cornelia R. Smith Emmett and Eula Smith Mr. James B. Smith Ms. Jeanne Smith Ms. Lisa A. Smith The Honorable and Mrs. Manny Smith Ms. Patricia A. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Smith Sandra and Arthur E. Smith Ms. Susan M. Smith Mr. Charles Smithers Ms. Geraldine L. Smythe Marcia Snowden Mrs. Donna J. Snyder Mrs. Hazel W. Snyder Mrs. Lucille Snyder Mr. David Sobal Ms. Kathryn Sobocinski Joseph & Violet Soffer Foundation

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Hemingway Circle continued Barbara and Richard Speer Ms. Mabel T. Speicher Pamela Speicher Mr. and Mrs. Michael Spera Ms. Arlen G. Spicer Mr. Leon Spiegel Mike and Anita Spik Ms. Linda Spiker Mr. Charles Spirk Loretta Spitz Diana and Saul Spodek Ms. Jody Buchheit Spolar Bonnie Sprys Ms. Sukanya Srinivasan and Mr. Henry Willis Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Srodes Michaeline Srsic Gloriana St.Clair Ms. Brenda M. Stabile Ms. Deborah Stabile Ms. Kathy M. Stackhouse Mr. Richard A. Stadler Ms. Marie Stadulis Barbara S. Stafford Mr. Brian Stagno The Honorable William L. Standish Gary and Charlene Stanich Drs. Martin Staniland and Alberta Sbragia Ms. Joan B. Stanley Mrs. Rose Ann Stapinski Ms. Adele M. Stark Mr. James Stark Ms. Joanne M. Starolis Mr. and Mrs. Jerold M. Starr Ms. Joanne Starz Mr. Michael H. Staub John and Ruth Staudacher

CLP cataloguer Charles Herrold

single-handedly added

21,725 music
music catalog.

Hemingway Circle continued Mrs. Kristie Steitz Mr. Timothy M. Steitz Ms. Pamela Stellute Ms. Faith Stenning Dr. Thorsten Stephan Mr. Milton Stephens Robert Stephenson Ms. Betty J. Stephey Elizabeth S. Stern Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stern Ms. Kathy Stevens Ms. Joan Stevenson Ms. Mildred M. Stevenson Mr. Brian W. Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Stewart, III Dr. and Mrs. Mervin S. Stewart Maria Sticco Ms. Elizabeth Stifel Ms. Leslie Ann Stokan Ms. Kathryn Stolarevsky Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stopchuck Mr. Richard G. Storch Mr. Robert G. Stormer Ms. Maria E. Stoy Ms. Anna Stracci Ms. Betty J. Straccia Mr. and Mrs. Aaron H. Strauss Ms. Jane S. Strauss Ms. Ruth F. Streiff The Streit Family Ms. Lisa W. Strick Mr. Eric Strickland Ms. Alice M. Strobel Ms. Jane E. Strohm Ms. Kathleen Stromple Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Stuchell Ms. Dana M. Studeny Ms. Lucille Leeper Sturdevant Mr. and Mrs. Martin Sturgess Pei-Chi Su and Marcelo Cataldo Ms. Gina S. Sucato and Mr. R. Scott Watson Mr. David D. Sufrin and Ms. Susan T. Neft Thomas M. Sukitsch and Linda Ebitz Ms. Dolores T. Sukustis Kim Sulkava Ms. Barbara A. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Sean E. Sullivan Ms. Theresa M. Sulzer Mrs. Mary Summers Mike and Jill Sussman Ms. Caroline C. Sutton

items to a national

Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Sklar Mr. John Skovran Ms. Bernadine Skraba Ms. Geraldine S. Skupien Ms. Janet Skupien Mr. Aaron Slafka Ms. Carol Sledge Ms. Janet S. Slifkin Mr. and Mrs. Michael Slomkowski, Jr. Mr. Mitchell Small Ms. Patricia Smallhoover Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Smallwood Mr. Alan R. Smith Ms. Alice Smith

Ms. Anita Sokasits Mr. Jack E. Solomon Ms. Nan Solow Caralee Sommerer Ceci Sommers Kevin and Carol Sontheimer E. L. Sorokatch Mr. Mitchell J. Soso Southeastern Adams Volunteer Emergency Services Ms. Ethel R. Spanovich Mr. and Mrs. DeWayne B. Spate Mr. Seth Spaulding Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Spear Mrs. Mary Specter

Drs. Alexander and Marcia Stavrides Robert and Marylou Stefanko Dan Stefanovich Ms. Euphemia H. Steffey Mr. and Ms. Al Stein Mr. Esra Stein Mr. Jay Stein Ms. Judith H. Stein Ms. Leslie D. Stein Ms. Margaret L. Stein Murray and Frances Stein Ms. Sarah Stein Yvonne Stein Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Steiner


Hemingway Circle continued Mr. J. Gary Sutton Ms. Susanna L. Swade Ms. Charlene A. Swann Ms. Elena Swann Mr. and Mrs. Perry Swanson Stacia and Dennis Swanson Christopher Swart Mr. Mark Swartz Ms. Julie Swartzentruber Ms. Patricia Swedlow Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sweet Mr. Robert H. Swendsen Bruce and Sondra Swenson Ms. Leeann Swensrud Mr. Tom Sweterlitsch Ms. Jeanine S. Swick Ms. June Swiger Ms. Marilyn W. Swimmer Mr. Andrew Sword and Ms. Marta Kolthoff Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Syka Leslie Szabo and Michael Schmitt Ms. Gloria Szala Ms. Rosa C. Szalinski Ms. Agnieszka Szarecka and Mr. Sameer Walawalkar Ms. Kimberly A. Szczypinski Mrs. Frances P. Szoszorek Dr. and Mrs. Aron Szulman Ms. Elmira Szuminsky Mr. and Mrs. Norman Tabachnick Ms. Cyndy D. Tabor Paula Taggart Ms. Melissa Tai Ms. Mary Beth Takach Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Talarico Ms. Judith A. Talbert Ms. Norma Talley Mr. Patrick R. Tamilia Mr. Mark Tamsula Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Tanack Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Tannenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Marvin J. Tanzer Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tarantino Ms. M. Ellen Tarpey and Mr. John Battaglia Sharon and Ralph Tarter Dr. and Mrs. Myron Taube Dr. and Mrs. W. Newlon Tauxe Ms. Laura Tavoularis Ms. Arlene G. Taylor and Mr. A. Wayne Benson Bernard and Anna Taylor Ms. Beverly Loy Taylor Mr. Dustin Taylor Ms. Eileen Taylor Ms. Sharon A. Taylor Ms. Shelle L. Taylor

Hemingway Circle continued Norman and Mary Ann Terrick Mrs. Natalie J. Teubner Suzanne Thinnes Mrs. Elinore S. Thomas Ernest and Katherine Thomas Karen Anne Thomas Ms. Marsha P. Thomas Matthew Thomas Ms. Paulette R. Thomas and Mr. Tom Petzinger Robert Thomas Ms. Antoinette Thomas-Keddie Ms. Abigail Thompson Ms. Esther Thompson Ms. Mairi C. Thompson Ms. Marian Thompson Ms. Betty Thorne Ms. Lucille G. Thornton Ms. Mildred Thorwart Anjuna Thulung Mr. Jerome Tinney Mr. and Mrs. David W. Tipper Karen Tobkes Ms. M. J. Tocci Mr. and Mrs. Franklin K. Toker Ms. Natasha Tokowicz and Mr. Peter Gianaros Ms. Mary R. Tomanio Ms. Beth Ann Tomasovic Mrs. Wilma Tomb Ms. Lucille A. Tomko Ms. Dolores Tommarello Mr. Rick Tonarelli Ms. Robin K. Torma Mr. David B. Torrey Mr. Arthur R. Toth Ms. Cheryl R. Towers Mr. J. Eric Townsend and Ms. Drue Miller Neil and Beverly Townsend Ms. Tina M. Towsley Ms. Barbara Jo Tracey Mr. and Mrs. Linton M. Traub Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Trebilcock Dr. and Mrs. Albert Treger Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Tremel Mrs. Irma Trent Mr. Joseph Triebsch Dorothy L. Trosky Amy D. Troyani Michael J. Truby Mrs. Matilda Trumbull Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Trumpower Carol and Pat Truschel Dr. and Mrs. Albert S. Tse Ms. Yvonne Tucker Mrs. Nancy Tuckfelt Asher Tulsky Ms. Evelyn Tuminella

Hemingway Circle continued Mr. and Mrs. Walter Tunney Ms. Lynn M. Turk Alfa Turnbaugh Lola Turnbull Deborah Turner Ms. Evelyn V. Turoczi Mrs. Ruth Turoczy Dr. Alfred Tuttle Ms. Mary W. Tuttle Mr. and Mrs. John Tweardy, Jr. Mr. James R. Twyman Ms. Rhonda L. Tyson Ms. Joanne Tyzenhouse Michael and Lea Uhl Mr. and Mrs. Millard Underwood Uneeke Bowling League University of Pittsburgh, Registrar’s Office Mr. Dennis Unkovic Mr. and Mrs. John Unkovic Ms. Nancy Lee Urban Dr. J. R. Utberg Mr. Gerald E. Utz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Utzig Ms. Julianne Vadnais Ms. Norina Vaira Ms. Ann E. Valdes Bruno Valdisera Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Valentine Barry and Jean Valentino Ms. Sylvia A. Vallor Kaarin A. Van Ausdal Ms. Monique Van Damme and Mr. Gregg Rosen Mr. John A. Van Horn Ms. Linda Van Keuren Mr. and Mrs. Rodney J. Van Sickle Dan Van Triest Ms. Renee Vandall Ms. Julie Vanneman and Mr. Scott Kiesling Ms. Alexandra Vansuch Ms. Katherine Vargo Mr. David J. Vater Ms. Elizabeth Vates Ms. Mary O. Vaux Ms. Valentina Vavasis and Mr. Benjamin Speiser Jeanne Butler Vendeland Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Venditti Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Venner Megan Vereneck Mr. Albert Vernacchio Mr. Dennis M. Verosky Versatile Systems, Inc. Francis and Linda Vesci Mr. Melvin N. Vesely Ms. Sarah E. Vijlee Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Vincenzini

Hemingway Circle continued Pamela Vingle Vintage Investment Club Ms. Lisel L. Virkler Mr. Bang Vo Mr. Frederick T. Voelker Jr. Suzy Vogel David and Bobbie Voit Mrs. Dorothy A. Vojna Mr. James Von Hedemann Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Vondas Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Voss Ms. Nancy Voss Ms. Leigh Anne Vrabel and Mr. Shawn Israel Mr. Pete Vrettacos Lynn K. Vroblick Ms. Lauren L. Vucic Mikel Vukmanic Mr. and Mrs. John Vuono Dr. and Mrs. Hirsh Wachs Mr. James Wachter Ms. Alice G. Waddy Ms. Susan M. Waggoner Ms. Joan S. Wagman Dawn Wagner Ms. Fern Wagner Judy Wagner and Mike LaRue Ms. Michele A. Wagner Mr. Robert Wagner Ms. Suzanne P. Wagner Ms. Jo Ann Wagstaff Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wahrhaftig Mr. and Mrs. Niel Wald Ms. Audrey Waldock and Mr. Carl Bolton Mr. James Walfish Ms. Deborah L. Walker and Mr. Paul Floreancig Ms. Edith Walker Iris Amper Walker John Walker Trina Leigh Walker Ms. Lois Wall Ms. Mary Joanne Wall Ms. Elizabeth Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Waller Mr. Esmet Walley Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Walsh Mr. Donald A. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Walsh Ms. Christine Walter Mr. and Mrs. Ed Walters Ms. Rachel Walton Ms. Phyllis R. Wanetick Xiangyang Wang Ms. Faye Ward Ms. Jeanmarie Ward Mr. John Ward Leslie Jane Ward


Hemingway Circle continued Ruth E. Ward Mr. Philip W. Wardega Mrs. Ann Wardrop Mr. and Mrs. Russell P. Warsing Jim and Nancy Warters Mrs. Cora B. Washabaugh Ms. Carrie L. Washington Ms. Dorothy L. Washington Michele and Lyle Washowich Mr. Louis J. Wassermann Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Waters Betsy and Charles Watkins Ms. Deirdre B. Watkins Laurie A. Watso Peter and Peg Watt-Morse Michele Wazny Jean Weaver Mr. Thomas Weaver Ms. Karen A. Webb Ms. Leona Webber Deborah Weber Ms. Marilyn B. Weber Lawrence Weber, The Samuel, Fannie and Irwin A. Solow Endowment Fund of the UJF Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Dan Wecht Ronald and Andrea Wedner Mrs. Maxine T. Weed Anne Weidman Drs. John C. and Carla S. Weidman Ms. Barbara Weigert Mrs. Dora W. Weigle Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Weil Ms. Sharon Weil Mr. Norman B. Weilenbaum Mr. Howard J. Wein and Ms. Susan R. Bails Mr. and Mrs. Morris J. Weinbaum Ms. Tova L. Weinberg Robert and Jean Weinmann Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Weinstein Ms. Harriett A. Weis Mr. Rody H. Weis Charles and Gail Weisberg Janet and Dan Weisberg Mr. Mark Weisberg and Ms. Barbara Rutecki Mrs. Sharon L. Weisberg Mickey and Marcia Weiss Ms. and Mrs. Joel L. Weissfeld William and Melrose Weitzel Leonard and Harriet Weitzman Ms. Nancy Welfer Mrs. Wilma A. Wellens Ms. Deborah Wells Ms. Olivia Wells Mr. Richard A. Wells Mr. Irving Wender Avi Wenger

Hemingway Circle continued Ms. Laura Wenneker Ms. Frances Werling Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Werner Kenneth Werner Mr. and Mrs. Robert Werner Sara Werner Ms. Judy Wertheimer and Mr. M.L. Boninger Mr. and Mrs. Robin Wertkin Mr. and Mrs. William J. Werzyn Mr. Roy S. Wesley Mr. Robert F. Wesling West Virginia Library Commission Ms. Alexandra P. West Ms. Irene West Mr. and Mrs. Larry Westfall Ms. Elizabeth S. Wettick and Mr. Nicholas Thompson Mr. Charles F. White Mrs. Lou Ann White Ms. Mary Louise White Mr. and Mrs. Raymond B. White Mr. and Mrs. William C. White Ms. June Whitehill-Dukehart and Mr. Leslie Dukehart Ms. Jane S. Whitmore Ms. Marion Wible Ms. Shifra Wice Ms. Erin Wick-Klimchak Mrs. W. Peirce Widdoes Mr. Alik Sunil Widge Karen R. Widmaier Mr. Norman H. Wien Ms. Jill A. Wiggins Ms. Kay Wilcock Mr. Joseph D. Wilcox Ms. Cheryl Wilk Mr. Douglas J. Wilkin Mr. David G. Wilkins Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Wilkins Ms. Lonna D. Wilkinson Ms. Jo Ann Willey Alexandra E. Williams Mr. Duane Williams Ms. E. Lynne Williams and Mr. Theodore F. Marz Mr. and Mrs. Irvin E. Williams Ms. Teresa M. Williams Mr. Timothy Williams Mr. David D. Wilson Ms. Donna L. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Wilson Ms. Frances Wilson Ms. Helen A. Wilson Ms. Henrietta Wilson Ms. Wanda Wilson and Mr. Patrick W. Hughes Ms. Deborah Wilt Mr. and Mrs. Myron D. Wilt Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Winer

Every effort has been made to acknowledge the generosity of our donors correctly and completely. Should you discover an error or omission, please contact us at donors@carnegielibrary.org or 412.622.6276.

Hemingway Circle continued Mr. John C. Wingertzahn J. N. Wink Mrs. Heidi S. Winkler Ilene F. Winn and Jeffrey Lederer Ms. Judith M. Winschel William and Laurie Winslow Mr. Harold Wintner Mr. Shuly Wintner Danielle Wise Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Wishart Ms. Alma M. Wisniewski Mr. Harton Wolf Mr. and Mrs. John M. Wolf Susan and Bob Wolf Ms. Christine A. Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wolfe Ms. Rene M. Wolfe and Mr. Michael G. Krieger Mr. and Mrs. George Wolfson Mrs. Tobey H. Wolken Dr. Karen Wolmark Ms. Nancy Wolper Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wolsh Ms. Jacqueline S. Wolynn Norma Wood William Wood Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Woods Ms. Joanne Woods Ms. Monika Woszczyna Ms. Janet A. Wozar Henry and Dorothy Wriedt Ms. Barbara Wright David Wright Ms. Gertrude H. Wright Mr. Jeffrey Wright Mr. Jude Wudarczyk Ms. Susanne Wuellette Mrs. Marie C. Wurzbach Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wynblatt Ms. Margaret M. Wynne Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Yahr Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Yahr Dave Yake Andrea A. Yaksick Mr. Joseph J. Yanek Mr. Dou-Yan Yang Richard Yank Mrs. Jeanne Yates Wanda J. Yeager Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Yeargers, Jr. Mr. Ralph W. Yearick Sr. Rita Yeasted, SFCC Ms. Mary Q. Yee Mr. Sen-Tung Yeh Ms. Mary Yelich

Hemingway Circle continued Irene Yelovich Allison Yeske Mr. Norihisa Yoda Ms. Judy L. Yogman Ms. Ann N. Young Ms. Cheryl A. Young Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Young Ms. Julie Young Michael Young Ms. Nancy Young Ms. Beatrice L. Zacur Ms. Lois C. Zahorchak Mr. David A. Zak Ms. Margaret A. Zak Tom and Lisa Zaken Ms. Juliya L. Zakin Ms. Joan C. Zangrilli and Mr. David M. Pistolesi Mr. Philip Zarone Yanina Zatuchnaya Ms. Maria B. Zavarello Claudia Zavodnick Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Zawacky Ms. Kathleen A. Zawrotniak James Zebroski Ms. Susan M. Zeff and Mr. Norman W. May Mr. Noam Zeilberger Ms. Barbara J. Zeleznik Josephine Zelik Mr. Alan H. Zeman Mr. Peter H. Zerega Ms. Judith Zernich Xianghong Zhang Ms. Robin E. Ziegler and Mr. Clifford Chen Linda Zielmanski Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Zigmond Ms. Norma W. Ziker Mr. and Mrs. Albert Zionts Ms. Emily Zipfel Mrs. Jaia L. Zipris George and Patricia Ziringer Mr. H. J. Zoffer Richard Zoller Mr. Daniel Zove Tina Zubak and Jim Skees Mr. Daniel Zuckerman Ms. Marsha Zuckerman and Mr. Mike Tobias Fred and Ronnie Zuhlke Mr. Juan P. Zuluaga Ms. Carolina Zusinas Mr. George L. Zygmont Ms. Barbara L. Zysk Mrs. Ruth Zytnick


thank you!
to our donors
The following endowed funds have provided operating support during 2007.

Adeline Macrum Bank Memorial Fund Anna and Mabel Gillespie Fund Annie M. Mellor Fund A.W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust Fund Buy the Book Pearle Vision Fund Carrie J. Carnahan Fund Carnegie Library Income Reserve Carolyn O. Hall Memorial Fund Charles C. Mellor Fund D. and L. Fuge Fund Estate of Herman B. Light June B. and William W. Mullins Foundation Edward C. Bald Memorial Fund Eliza Davitt Hartley Fund Gladys Springer Fund John Worthington Fund J.D. Bernd Memorial Fund John H. Leete Memorial Fund Judge Ben Lencher Fund Laura Reinhart Mellor Fund Louisa P. Mellor Fund Mabel Lindsay Gillespie Estate Marie McSwigan Book Fund Maurice S. Baseman Classical Music Endowment Morris Schrero Memorial Fund Pennsylvania Room Fund Robert P. Croneberger Endowed Book Fund Susan Rapp Fund American Chemical Society Endowment Fund – Pittsburgh Section Wechsler Book Fund Dr. Max H. Weinberg Fund Yetta McCullough Fund
The following donors provide annual income through irrevocable perpetual trust funds.


Mr. Joseph Abeln Mr. and Mrs. Irving Abrams Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Alberts Mr. Vincent Aleven The Andy Warhol Museum Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar Autumn House Press Ms. Jan Barricella Beginning with Books Mr. Paul A. Blake, III Mr. Ted Branch Mr. James Buckner Barbara and David S. Burstin Mr. Joseph L. Camp, Jr. Capri Pizza Ms. Margaret Cartwright Ms. Lizzie Cavanaugh-Broad Ms. Victoria Cole Colonel Pacoe’s Kettle Korn Comcast Dailey’s Juice Ms. Clare S. Donahue Mr. Mark A. Doucherty Eat’n Park Hospitality Group, Inc. Eaton Corporation Mr. Robert Eddins Mr. Jerzy Einhorn Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, Inc. Ms. Joan Fisher Mr. Thomas C. Flynn Dr. Paul Foreman Fun Fore All Family Entertainment Center Ms. Kathleen Ganster Gateway Clipper Fleet Giant Eagle, Inc. Mrs. James Gilmore Mr. Jonathan Glover Dr. Verna Hart John and Susan Edwards Harvith Mr. Frank Heckler Mr. Robert J. Hester Mr. Daniel L. Higgins

Every effort has been made to acknowledge the generosity of our donors correctly and completely. Should you discover an error or omission, please contact us at donors@carnegielibrary.org or 412.622.6276.

In-Kind Donors continued Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hoover Mr. Ethan Hull Dianne Hunter Ms. Stephanie Jackson Ms. and Mr. Irene Jacob Just Ducky Tours Mr. Gordon Spencer Kahn Ms. Josephine Kearcher Kennywood Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Kelly Maria Lauro & Leo Sweeney Ms. Sarah Law Mr. Richard Lees Mr. Tom Lester Ms. Zelda Limsi Mr. Tom Longstaff Ms. Kristin Lowry Ms. Dee Dee Luterman Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mabry Mr. and Mrs. John Majors Mattress Factory Ms. Diane E. McCulloch Ms. Laurie McGraw Mr. and Mrs. Karl F. Meyers Mt. Oliver Chamber of Commerce National Aviary Ms. Patti Neely Andrew S. Olearchyk, M.D., F.A.C.S. Mr. Joseph Olenick Mr. Mark Paulk Mr. Arthur Peternel Pittsburgh Musical Theater Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Porter Radio Disney

In-Kind Donors continued Redwall Sculpture Studio Mr. Marc Reisman Mr. Matthew Robison Mr. Tom Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rubinstein Salonika Imports Sam’s Club #6575 Ms. Diana M. Sargent The Saturday Light Brigade Mr. Charles Shoop Ms. Nina Sodd Ms. Carol Spector Schwebel Baking Company Target Stores The UPS Foundation Ms. Janet Waldock Ms. Carolyn Wood Mr. Robert Zlot and Ms. Sandra Mau

Glenn W. Davidson Charitable Fund Roy O. Mitchell Charitable Fund William Ira Patterson Charitable Fund




Every effort has been made to acknowledge the generosity of our donors correctly and completely. Should you discover an error or omission, please contact us at donors@carnegielibrary.org or 412.622.6276.

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Allegheny Power Allegheny Technologies Charitable Trust American Express Financial Corporation AT&T Foundation Bayer Corporation Bell Atlantic - Pennsylvania, Inc. Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC The Buhl Foundation CA, Inc. Matching Gifts Program ChevronTexaco Matching Grants Program Computer Associates Dominion Foundation Eaton Corporation GE Matching Gifts Foundation GlaxoSmithKline Google Gift Matching Program H. J. Heinz Company Foundation Highmark Matching Gifts Program The Hillman Company The Hillman Foundation, Inc. IBM Corporation Matching Gifts Program Kennametal, Inc. Mellon Bank Mellon Corporation Fund Mellon Financial Foundation The Nellie Mae Education Foundation, Inc. The PNC Foundation PPG Industries Foundation The Prudential Foundation Robert Morris University The Rockwell Foundation SmithKline Beecham Consumer Healthcare Sony Electronics Inc. The UPS Foundation Verizon Foundation Westinghouse Electrical Company Westinghouse Foundation

Richard W. Antemann George B. Armstrong Dorothy P. Arnold Russell W. Ayres III Ronald Barasch Ms. Diane L. Barati William & Dorothy Beck Lester and Joan Becker Mr. & Mrs. William D. Benswanger Ms. Judith Beswick Jacques Brourman Owen P. Cantor Monique Mead and Andres Cardenes Tuesday Musical Club Lenora Cohen William Critser Dr. Robert J. Croan Susan Campbell and Patrick Curry Eliese S. Cutler James A. Daley Luise K. Davis Bernice G. Davis Mary C. Ehrlinger Demmler Judith K. Dorian Mr. and Mrs. Charles Drummond Ruth Ann Eisner Linda M. Ellison Ivan Lee Engel Anthony H. Evancic Joseph F. Falgione Frank Fischer Sheila A. Fisher Alva P. Fleming Dr. Arnold Freedman Mrs. Betsey R. Fritsch Jack W. Geltz Bernard Z. Goldberg Mr. Michael F. Golde Nancy D. Greenwood Edwin S. Levitan and Laura Haibeck Gordon Hargreaves Jane L. Harrison & Associates Jane Z. Haskell Lee M. and Susan S. Hershenson Dale Hershey Elsie H. Hillman Henry P. Hoffstot, Jr. Marlene A. Holland Selma Horvitz Esther L. Illson Sheila Jackson

Friends of the Music Library continued

Friends of the Music Library continued

Walter and Irene Jacob Patricia P. Jennings Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Johnson Amy Kellman Mr. and Mrs. Arthur John Kerr Jr. Sue Koehler Curtis W. Kovach Estelle Kruman James C. Krummenacher Martin Lerner Mimi and Martin Lerner Douglas J. Levine Maurice Levy Sally Minard and Walter F. Limbach Kathryn Logan Kenneth J. Lutz Joseph and Patrice McCarthy Mrs. Jean H. McCullough J. Barbara McKelway Debra Levy McKenney Robert L. McTiernan Mr. and Mrs. Nathan T. Melamed Elizabeth R. Mertz, Ph.D. Momoko and David Mills Ruth M. Montgomery Perry E. Morrison Jeffrey and Diana Morrow Michael L. Nieland, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. O’Donnell Richard C. and Margaret Oswant Anna L. and Benjamin Perlow Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation James W. Perrin, Jr. Eugene W. Phillips John A. and Wilberta N. Pickett Ann S. and M. P. Powell Barbara M. Rankin George A. Rau Edward M. Reno Charlotta Klein Ross Dr. and Mrs. Wilfred T. Rouleau Darius Saghafi Virginia W. Schatz Ms. Joyce A. Schlag Robert T. Schumacher Pittsburgh Alumni Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota J. L. H. Simonds

Henry D. Spinelli Fredda L. Stang Shirley and Sidney Stark, Jr. Ann and Lewis Steele Eugene Stevick Jean W. Thomas Helen R. Thornton Elizabeth W. Toor Stephanie G. Tretick Jeffrey T. Turner and S. Tonya Stefko Charles and Eva Vaughan Melvin N. Vesely John A. Vuono Rudolph H. Weingartner Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Westerberg Mina Belle Packer Wichmann Enid and Rick Wood Hugh and Alice Young Isaias and Joan Zelkowicz

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is honored to have many Friends groups. We thank the Friends of the Music Library for graciously sharing its donor list with us. Other Friends groups that wish to have their donors recognized individually in our annual reports and newsletters may contact us at donors@carnegielibrary.org or 412.622.6276.


2007 finanCial StatiStiCS

operatinG revenueS

Allegheny Regional Asset District Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Private Contributed Support
(Foundations, Corporations, Individuals)

$16,792,983 6,085,855 1,200,968 936,009 769,090 525,993 70,000 $26,380,898

64% 23% 5% 4% 3% 2% .3% 100%
� Allegheny Regional Asset District � Commonwealth of Pennsylvania � Private Contributed Support � Other � Investment Return � Federal Government � City of Pittsburgh

Other Investment Return Federal Government City of Pittsburgh Total Operating Revenues

operatinG eXpenditureS and fund balanCe

Main Library and Branches Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped Depreciation Other Programs and Activities Interest on Bonds Payable Fund Balance Reserve Total Operating Expenditures and Fund Balance

21,564,095 1,544,293 1,624,256 666,166 607,305 374,783 $26,380,898

82% 6% 6% 3% 2% 1% 100%
Main Library and Branches Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped Depreciation Other Programs and Activities Interest on Bonds Payable Fund Balance Reserve

� � �

other information

� � �

Unrestricted Operating Budget for 2007 Endowment market value at December 31, 2007

$23,115,450 $12,056,432

The information reported above is an excerpt from the December 31, 2007 audited financial statements. The figures represent all non-capital activity of the Library, which includes both restricted and unrestricted operations.


2007 vital StatiStiCS

24,654,287 5,918,673 5,522,402 4,367,200 3,354,417 2,791,536 1,279,479 975,566 433,495 269,588 244,694 37,480 17,526 10,823 2,704 94

Number of Minutes of Free Computer Access Number of Visits to the Web Site Total Collection Total items moved by the Shipping Department among the 73 libraries in Allegheny County that CLP serves Total Circulation Total Visits to CLP Locations Customer Questions Answered Number of minutes of Public Wi-Fi Use Number of Database Searches Number of Individuals Attending Library Programs (In-house and Outreach) Total Library Cardholders Number of Individuals Attending Community Meetings in Library Spaces Number of Volunteer Hours Number of Library Programs (In-house and Outreach) Number of Community Groups Using Library Spaces Number of Databases CLP Subscribes to for Public Use

The Vital Statistics represent all 19 city-based libraries that constitute Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, including the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (LBPH).



2007 BOARD Of tRustEEs

4400 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15213 412.622.3114

400 Brownsville Road Pittsburgh, PA 15210 412.381.6543

5 Allegheny Square New location pending

279 Fisk Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201 412.682.3668

1910 Broadway Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15216 412.563.2900

708 Brookline Boulevard Pittsburgh, PA 15226 412.561.1003

Leonard C. Staisey Building 4724 Baum Boulevard Pittsburgh, PA 15213 412.687.2440 / 800.242.0586

1811 Brownsville Road Pittsburgh, PA 15210 412.882.3897

315 Grandview Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15211 412.381.3380

612 Smithfield Street Pittsburgh, PA 15222 412.281.5945

720 Sherwood Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15204 412.331.1135
sOutH sIDE

130 S. Whitfield Street Pittsburgh, PA 15206 412.363.8232

2205 East Carson Street Pittsburgh, PA 15203 412.431.0505

4901 Second Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15207 412.421.2517

5801 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15217 412.422.9650

Henry Beukema Audrey Brourman JoAnne Burley Cynthia Busch Oliver Byrd Greg Cummings John DeFazio Debby Dodds Roy Dorrance Dave Fawcett Joan Gulley William Isler Nick Lane Jacqui Fiske Lazo Fred Leech Barbara Logan Frank J. Lucchino Kathleen McGuire Kristen McMahon Alice Mitinger Nikki Monroe-Hines James Motznik Sister Mary Jo Mutschler, S.C. Douglas Ostrow Tonya Payne Leonard Perfido Carol Robinson Pat Siger Lou Testoni Betsy Watkins Terri Wolfe

419 Dinwiddie Street Pittsburgh, PA 15219 412.281.3753

47 Wabash Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15220 412.921.1717


7101 Hamilton Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15208 412.731.3080

1201 Woods Run Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15212 412.761.3730

Marcia M. Gumberg Henry Hillman Henry P. Hoffstot, Jr. Sherman McLaughlin James M. Walton Ann P. Wardrop


Dr. Barbara K. Mistick

Photographs by Marc Soracco Photography Inc. www.soraccophoto.com Copyright © 2008 Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh The CLP logo is a registered trademark of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

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