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2                                      M E E T Y O U R S TA F F

                   Robert Mercer-Silver Lake Nature Ctr.                            Craig Olsen-Peace Valley Nature Ctr.

                    Chris Stieber-Churchville Nature Ctr.                          Charles Yeske-Historic Properties Mgr

                     Charles H. Martin                         James F. Cawley, Esq.                         Diane M. Ellis-Marseglia
                        Chairman                                  Vice Chairman                                      LCSW

                                       A Message from the Bucks County Commissioners

 The Bucks County Parks & Recreation system is the third largest in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Consisting of more
than 9,000 acres, it is characterized by its diversity, beauty and regional charm. It is also filled with the potential for great fun.
This year, we encourage you to “keep it local” in your quest for quality recreation opportunities. The Bucks County experience
includes eight geographically unique parks, eight recreations sites, three nature centers, a grass-strip airport, a thriving horse
park and the world renowned Moravian Pottery & Tile Works in Doylestown.
Annually, more than 3,000,000 visitors enjoy our scenic venues. As your Board of Commissioners, we are committed to good
stewardship of our parks. We also continue to acquire parkland with an eye toward future generations and larger open space
planning goals.
During 2009, in concert with the 45th anniversary of the Churchville Nature Center, we moved forward with construction planning
of the Northampton Twp. facility’s green expansion. Ultimately, the project will earn LEED certification from the U.S. Green Build-
ing Council. It will integrate geothermal wells, a green roof, rainwater storage, porous paving parking areas, solar panels and
occupancy sensors. It also will provide a valuable model for future county construction ventures.
Churchville Nature Center is one of our most popular educational destinations, offering school children a wide array of programs.
On any given day, hundreds of students explore the natural wonders at Churchville, Peace Valley and Silver Lake Nature Cen-
ter. We are proud of our naturalists and their trained staffs.
For more information on how to maximize local opportunities for yourself, your family and your friends, please visit the county
website, www.BucksCounty.org, and click on the Parks & Recreation link. You’ll discover the diversity and beauty we are proud
to call home.
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  If you are not already on our mailing list or                                                         Pathways
  have a change of address or circumstance,                                       Published twice yearly by the Bucks County Department
  please complete the form below. Print legibly                                of Parks and Recreation, 901 E. Bridgetown Pike, Lang-
  and mail or fax to:                                                          horne, PA 19047-1597. Telephone: 215-757-0571 or Fax:
            Bucks County Department of Parks                                   215-752-1421. Hours of operation: Monday through Friday,
                     and Recreation                                            8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Website: buckscounty.org. E-mail:
                 901 E Bridgetown Pike
                                                                                  The Bucks County Department of Parks and Recreation,
                  Langhorne, Pa 19047
                                                                               established in 1953, is responsible for the acquisition, devel-
                   FAX: 215-752-1421                                           opment, and preservation of open space and regional parks.
  Please print legibly :                                                       The Department seeks in every endeavor to improve the
                                                                               quality of life and environment for all Bucks County resi-
                                                                               dents, by working to enhance existing and projected recrea-
  Address____________________________________                                  tional and cultural needs for our County.
                                                                                  The Department does not discriminate on the basis of dis-
  City ___________________________
                                                                               ability in its programs, activities, or facilities.
  State ____ Zip Code ______________
                                                                                                         COUNTY COMMISSIONERS
  We welcome suggestions for the Pathways or                                                             Charles H. Martin, Chairman
                                                                                                     James F. Cawley, Esq., Vice Chairman
  programs. Also, for change of address,                                                                Diane M. Ellis-Marseglia, LCSW
  please enter the old name and/or address be-
  low                                                                                           PARKS & RECREATION BOARD MEMBERS
                                                                                      Nelson E. Clements, Chairman - Lowell Musselman, Vice Chairman
  ___________________________________________                                       Penrose Hallowell, Ed Zielanski - Mary Schweiker - Charles Raudenbush
                                                                                                       Edward Child - Gerald H. Crandley
  ___________________________________________                                                 Executive Director: William M. Mitchell, CPRP
                                                                                                      Editor: Marianne Dubresson
 4                 G E N E R A L PA R K I N F O R M AT I O N
                                            • Call   215-489-5132 when                        After Hours Hotline
          Did You Know?
                                              planning special events for
                                                                                           Don’t have time to call us during
      Park Reservations                       these parks and facilities:
                                                                                         the day for information on our
 You may contact the main office in         Peace Valley Park, Tohickon Val-             programs? Just call the after
  Core Creek Park, Langhorne, at            ley Park, Tinicum Park, Lake Tow-            hours hot line for information on
 215-757-0571 Monday—Friday 8               hee Park, Tinicum Park Barn, and             upcoming programs and
  a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for information         the grounds at the Moravian Pot-             events. The telephone number
       regarding the following:             tery and Tile Works.                         is 215-757-0571 after 5 p.m.
• Renting one of the County’s                Information about Bucks County              only and on weekends/holidays.
  cabins, campsites, pavilions, or          Parks rental reservations, pro-
  picnic groves, and their avail-           grams, and facilities is available                  Discount Tickets
  ability.                                  a t    o u r     w e b s i t e ,              Throughout the year, the De-
• General information regarding             www.buckscounty.org.                         partment offers discount tickets to
  any of the County’s many rec-               For your convenience, VISA,                ski and amusement parks.
  reation programs and facilities,          MasterCard, cash and personal                  Winter tickets (December
  special events, historic facili-          check payments are accepted for              through March 15) include Jack
  ties, nature centers, and other           all programs, cabins, campsites,             Frost/Big Boulder, Blue Mountain,
  services, as well as whom to              pavilions, and picnic grove rent-            Camelback, Elk Mountain, and
  contact for more detailed infor-          als.                                         Bear Creek, Shawnee, Sno
  mation.                                             Persons with                       Mountain
 For information on renting a                          Disabilities                       Summer tickets (May through
Lower, Central, or Upper Bucks                                                           September) include: Busch Gar-
                                              Persons with speech or hearing
County park or area of a park for                                                        dens, Dorney Park, Dutch Won-
                                            disabilities can use the Pennsyl-
a wedding, family or work-related                                                        derland, Hershey Park, Morey’s
                                            vania Telecommunications Ser-
event, fundraising activity, athletic                                                    Piers, PA Renaissance Faire,
                                            vice (TDD) toll free at 800-654-
program, or for any other pur-                                                           Sesame Place, Six Flags (Great
                                            5984 to make contact with the
pose:                                                                                    Adventure), Kings Dominion,
                                            Department at 215-757-0571.
• Call the main office when plan-           This service offers specially                Camelbeach, Williamsburg, Phila-
  ning special events for these             trained Communications Assis-                delphia Zoo, Baltimore Aquarium,
  parks and facilities:                     tants to help you get information
                                                                                           Important Park Rules
 Core Creek Park, Silver Lake               on our park system programs and
                                                                                          Along with other park rules,
Park, Playwicki Park, Oxford Val-           facilities. The toll free number is          SWIMMING AND ALCOHOL IS
ley Pool, and Frosty Hollow Ten-            available 7 days a week, 24 hours            NOT PERMITTED IN ANY
nis Center.                                 a day.                                       COUNTY PARK.

 You may not have thought about us as a resource for summer jobs. Every year we look for qualified, enthusiastic peo-
ple to work summers at the following locations (see below). We are now interviewing for summer facility jobs. If you
know of someone young, old, or in between, who is looking for an interesting, fun summer job, please call us at the tele-
phone numbers below:

 For jobs at: Core Creek Boat Rental, Oxford Valley Pool, or Frosty Hollow Tennis Center, please call Marianne Dubresson (215)
757-0571 Ext. 3311.

 For jobs at: Peace Valley Park Boat Rental or Tohickon Valley Park Pool, call Jill Unger (215) 489-5132.

 Please Note: Kids interested in lifeguarding at Tohickon Valley Park Pool must take the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training
Program (required by Pennsylvania State law) which is offered through the Central Bucks Family YMCA, Hatboro YMCA, Quaker-
town YMCA. Other locations for the course are: the Central Bucks School District Community School, Marge Donohue, call
(267) 893-5704, cbswim@comcast.net; Pennridge High School Aquatic Dept. (215) 453-2728 and William Tennent High School
in Warminster (215) 441-6181. If you have any questions about the pool or lifeguard positions, please call Jill Unger at (215)
                               F E AT U R E A R T I C L E                                                          5
                 Core Creek Boat Rental Gets A Total Makeover
                           Marianne Dubresson– Supervisor, Lower Bucks County Parks

 Anyone who has ever visited Core Creek Boat Rental may remember the days of the small ‘shack’ that we ran our
operations out of for the past 13 years. It was complete with a natural flooring of rocks, had excellent ventilation
whether we liked it or not, and yes, the river ran through it in heavy rains. Back in 1996, the great flood passed
through ( 3 feet of water IN the boat house) and we even had a nest of skunks living in the kayaks stored inside at
the time. Now that was a scene, gently coaxing them out with a paddle!

  We used to have insulation in that building but the skunk incident quickly had us removing every bit of it which was
easy since there were no interior walls. Whatever anyone would choose to call our little abode, the staff grew to like
it and returned year after year. The end of the season was a real treat when I had to clean all the electronic equip-
ment (computer, cash register, phone, etc.) I had never seen anything so filthy before and it was all off the ground. I
remember one year, having to spread out all the dollar bills in our main office floor to let them dry out after a heavy
downpour. Nothing stood flat in there, either.

 Every November, maintenance had to carefully transport 16 kayaks, 6 rowboats, 6 canoes, 2 aqua cycles, rescue
boat/motor and 16 paddleboats for storage in the maintenance yard by the main office. I’m sure they won’t miss that

 Yet, neither the floods nor the heavy winds would knock it down. Mind you, it was only sitting on cinder blocks. We
also somehow managed to run all of our programs out of the ‘ol’ boat house (Jr. Boating Camps, Kayaking Classes,
etc.), sell drinks, have a large fridge from Coca Cola, a desk and about 140 life jackets hanging. We even increased
our number of programs last year. It was a bit sad to see it demolished, right before our very eyes. Oh, those were
the days!

 Since June 28th, 2009, we had been operating out of a 28 foot trailer generously loaned to us from Middletown
Township which we shared with them for their camps. We had moved up in the world as this had a large built-in fan,
a comfortable couch, soft benches, drawers to keep our things in, an awning and windows that could be opened and
closed. From this comfy little trailer, my staff has patiently watched their new boat house come to life, most anxious
to occupy it.

 A new era is upon us! The new boat house is complete. The cinderblock walls and roof are intact, with a large roof
fan, vents, and many windows and doors. All of this will enable us to increase our programs and have an area for
our participants to enter in case of threatening weather. Of course, my staff have already asked for a couch and the
obvious reply came out, but a nice desk, rolling chairs and a real refrigerator are awaiting them in the warehouse,
ready to be brought down for the big celebration.

 They say that some things are worth waiting for. Our new boat house will be appreciated forever! Thank you to all
who helped make our dream come true. Come check us out!

        Old Boathouse                            Interim Boat Facility                     New Boathouse
 6                                         SPECIAL EVENTS
                Annual Wildflower Sale                                         !         World of Science Summer Camp
               Churchville Nature Center, Holland                          W                     Peace Valley Nature Center
                 April 24 & 25 and May 1 & 2                            NE                      Chapman Rd., Doylestown
                     9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.                                          July 5-9 or August 16-20; 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
 Come purchase a wide variety of plants for your garden, in-          Experience real-life science dealing with solar energy/wind/
cluding native perennials, plants for attracting hummingbirds         kinetic energy, hydro/hydrogen power, and your energy. Build
and butterflies, aquatic plants and much more. Members Only:          water balloon launchers, stomp rockets, solar cars, and much
April 23, 10:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. On this member’s only day, all         more. Present an energy expo on the last day. Bring lunch
members will receive first pick of plants and special discounts.      and drink for each day. For students entering 5th-8th grades.
Members spending $50 or more receive 5% off, $100 or more             $165/members; $185/non-members.
receive 10% off.
                                                                               !           Full Day Camps
            Peace Valley Nature Center Plant Sale                          W            Silver Lake Nature Center
                 Peace Valley Nature Center                             NE                  Bath Rd., Bristol
                  Chapman Rd., Doylestown                             7/5-8/13:9:00-4:00p.m. (ages 6-8/9-12) $180-$200/week
              May 1 & 2 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.                        7/12-16 &/or 7/26-30:9:00-4:00p.m. (13-17 yrs.)$200/$220/wk
  Go native! Many native perennials, shrubs, and trees will be        Children will have the chance to investigate water, woodland,
available. Knowledgeable folks will help you plan your gardens        marsh, bugs, crayfish, frogs, and more through hands‐on
to create your very own backyard habitat that will attract wildlife   activities, games, and natural crafts.
and create biodiversity in your community.
For more information, please call the Nature Center at                Teens will enjoy a week of Kayaking Adventures and/or a
215-345-7860.                                                         week of Outdoor Adventures!
                                                                      Extended-stay options available for all ages!
                                                                      Visit www.silverlakenaturecenter.org for more info.
      North American Migratory Bird Count
        Silver Lake Nature Center, Bath Rd., Bristol                                  The following programs are held at
                May 8, 5:30 a.m.– 5:30 p .m.                                             Peace Valley Nature Center
                         FREE                                                             Chapman Rd, Doylestown
                      Silver Lake coordinates the coverage                                       Firefly Frolic
                      for part of Bucks County.                                           Friday, June 25 , 8:30 p.m.
                      Help us with this national bird cen-
                      sus. If you’d like to help, call 215-785-        Search for the amazing light emitting beetle. Then Learn
                      1177 for details! We will meet at the           more about this summer phenomenon. Enjoy a hike and
                      Center at 5:30 AM and will bird until           activities while searching and capturing these fine insects.
                      about 5:30 PM, birding areas include                                     Bat Bonanza
                      Silver Lake Park, Delhaas Woods,                                   Friday, July 9, 8:30 p.m.
                   Neshaminy State Park and along the River.            Games, activities, and bats! How do they hunt? Where do
                                                                      they go? Where are they during the day?
                Moonlight Canoe/Kayak Tours                                        Croaks and Trills (Frog & Toad Search)
                 Peace Valley Park Boat Rental                                            Wed., May 5, 7:30 p.m.
                Creek Rd, New Britain Township
                                                                      Learn about the habits and habitats of these amphibians as
                  June 26, July 24 , August 21
                     9:00 p.m.- 11:00 p.m.                            we scour the aquatic areas of the nature center
                                                                            FREE Programs          Pre-registration IS required
   These tours are for intermediate and experienced kayakers
KAYAK OR CANOE PROGRAM!! The cost will be $12 per                          American Red Cross Small Craft Safety Course
person for those without a kayak, canoe or life vest and covers                          CPR and First Aid
the rental of these items and staff time. Those with a kayak or       Tohickon Valley Pool, Peace Valley Boat Rental Nature Ctr.
canoe, the cost is $8 per person and covers staff time and life             June 21, 8:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. (Nature Center)
vest.                                                                 June 22 AND 23, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. (Boat Rental and pool)
  Each program will be different and conducted by the Peace
                                                                        Students participating in this program will learn about safety
Valley Nature Center staff or volunteers of the Bucks County
                                                                      and emergency training in crafts such as canoes and kayaks.
Astrological Society. For further information you may call (215)
                                                                      This program is for ages 14 years and older. Class size is
489-5132. The deadline to register is one week prior to the
                                                                      limited to 10 students. All participants will be asked to show
date of the program. Attendance is limited to those 20 years of
                                                                      swimming proficiency at Tohickon Valley Pool.
age or older. The maximum number of reservations is 16 peo-
                                                                      Bring a change of clothing, secure footwear for the water, and
ple/ the minimum to hold the program is 8 people. No substitu-
tions permitted. The staff is American Red Cross Small Craft
                                                                      Fee: $45/person includes all equipment and textbooks. Great
Safety and CPR/First Aid trained. Registration on page 27
                                                                      program for recreation and camp counselors
Course#/Dates: #709 June 26 #710 July 24 #711 Aug. 21
                                   SPECIAL EVENTS                                                                               7
     Earth Day at Silver Lake Nature Center                                 Kid’s/Father’s Day Fishing Derby
            Silver Lake Nature Center, Bath Rd., Bristol                Peace Valley Park, Anglers Pier/Pavilion 1, New Britain
       !       April 17, 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. FREE                        June 20, 7:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. (Rain or Shine)
NE       Includes non-profit organizations for volunteering oppor-     Giveaways! Prizes! Awards! All these can be yours when
  tunities and earth-friendly activities, live animal shows; arts    you participate in this annual Fishing Derby. This very suc-
crafts recycle exhibits; reduce; reuse, recycle exhibits; live en-   cessful event will be held rain or shine. It is a catch and re-
tertainment; food. There will be opportunities to participate in     lease derby for boys and girls ages 5 to 15 years in four age
composting practices, invasive plant removal, trail maintenance,     categories.
water monitoring, clean-up and much more. Event sponsored              Pre-registration is required before June 1; the first 100
by the Dow Chemical Company. For more information, call              registered get a free “goodie” bag. The fee is $7/child or $13/
215-785-1177 www.silverlakenaturecenter.org                          family of 2 children or more. No refunds. Make checks
                                                                     payable to Doylestown Township Parks and Recreation
                                                                     Department and mail to: 425 Wells Road, Doylestown, PA
    28th Annual Bucks County Senior Games                            18901.
      Held at Various Locations Throughout the County
                           June 1-11                                  Bring a bucket, bait, fishing pole, net, and barb-less hooks.
              $10 if registering BEFORE May 3                        Children under 14 years must be accompanied by a parent or
               $15 if registering AFTER May 3                        adult 18 years or older. Call 215-489-5132, 215-348-9915, or
                                                                     215-443-5428, after May 3 for information.
  Senior Games is a great way to meet people with common              Sponsored by the Bucks County Department of Parks and
interests and to have fun. Participants come from all over the       Recreation, Doylestown, Warminster, Warwick and Hilltown
county, with over 400 seniors competing each year. The games         Township Parks and Recreation Departments, and the Bucks
are held for seniors 50+ with 22 events including golf, tennis,      County Conservation District . Registration forms can be
bowling, swimming, track and field, plus much more!                  picked-up at any of the township offices mentioned.
  The purpose of the Games is to encourage seniors to stay
healthy and active and become more health-conscious. In addi-         Do not use the registration form at the end of the Path-
tion to the activities, there will be a Health Expo and talent                           ways newsletter.
show. The Games are co-sponsored with the Bucks County
Area Agency on Aging, Bucks County Parks and Recreation,
and Independence Blue Cross/Keystone Health Plan East.
  Activities will be held at various locations throughout the
county. An awards luncheon will be held on June 11.                              Lenape Village POW-WOW
For further information and event days/times listings, please call                   Core Creek Park, Langhorne
215-489-5132 (Bucks County Parks) or 215-348-6116 (Area                July 24 (10:00a.m.-8:00p.m.) & 25 (10:00a.m.-6:00p.m.)
Agency on Aging). Applications will be available beginning                Admission at the gate: Adults $6, Students & Sr. $4
March 1st at the 2 co-sponsoring agencies and ALL 13 Sr. Cen-                    Children 4-12 $3; under age 4 is free
ters in the county and all county regional
libraries. Information and registration can                            Come out and join the Native Americans for two days of
also be obtained on the Area Agency on                               fun.There will be Native American Crafters, food and dancing.
Aging website at:                                                    Also included in the event will be our 1500’s era Lenape Vil-
www.buckscounty.org..see bottom of                                   lage, a teepee village, storytelling, face painting and Lenape
home page for Sr. Games link                                         games. Please call the Churchville Nature center for infor-
                                                                     mation at 215-357-4005. Scouts in uniform receive free ad-
                                                                     mission with a paying adult—1 Scout per paying adult
                       Riverside Symphonia
                      Fourth of July Concert
                 Tinicum Park, River Rd (Rt. 32), Erwinna
                        July 3, 8:00 p.m.-10 p.m.                             9/11 Memorial-Patriot Games
                                                                                Peace Valley Park (Sailors Point)
 Bring your friends and family to this great annual outdoor con-
                                                                                East off Callowhill Rd, New Britain
cert celebrating our nation’s birth. The Riverside Symphonia will
                                                                         September 11, 7:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. (Rain or Shine)
be offering pop and classical music selections under the stars.
It is strongly advised that you purchase tickets in advance,          Sponsored in cooperation with the Noell Maerz WTC Foun-
since only a limited number of tickets will be available at the      dation. A ”Triathlon” of friendly competition combining canoe-
gate. Gates open at 6 p.m. Pre-paid tickets cost $22/adults,         ing, biking and running within teams. The program is dedi-
$10/children: At the gate: $27/adults, $10/children. Bring a pic-    cated to the memory of Noell Maerz, an avid sports enthusi-
nic dinner, lawn chairs, or a blanket.                               ast . The Noell Maerz World Trade Center (WTC) Foundation
                                                                     was set up by his family to honor his life. All proceeds go to
 IMPORTANT NOTE: No dogs, barbecue grills, glow neck-                the Noell Maerz WTC Foundation, which assists underprivi-
laces or sparklers will be permitted on the grounds. Handi-          leged children and other non-profit groups. You may find in-
cap accessible parking is available. For further information or to   formation and a registration form on the web page
purchase tickets, call 609-397-7300.                                 www.noellmaerz.com or call 215-996-5656.
 8                                         SPECIAL EVENTS
     Birding Heislerville & Cumberland Co.,NJ                                     3rd Annual Paddle Boat Regatta
         Silver Lake Nature Center; Bath Rd., Bristol                                  Core Creek Park Boat Rental, Langhorne
          Saturday, March 20 , 7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.                                     Saturday, July 10, 5:00 p.m.-6:30 p.m.
              $14 Members $18 Non-Members
                                                                            Join us for a fun filled time on beautiful Lake Luxembourg
  Join us as we explore the communities and habitats around the           at Core Creek Park! Test your pedaling legs and register a
Delaware Bay Shore for birds. At this time, the ducks are migrat-         team for the race. The paddle boats hold 4 people. Each
ing north. Call 215-785-1177 to pre-register.                             team will be given their own color. The fee is $5/cheering
                                                                          person. Recruit your own cheering section! Each specta-
                                                                          tor will receive a t-shirt in their favorite team's colors.
              Full Moon Hike and Campfire                                 Boosters must register with Middletown Parks & Recreation
            Silver Lake Nature Center, Bath Rd., Bristol                  to receive their t-shirt in advance. Go to the township's
            Wednesday, April 28 ; 7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.                     web site: http://www.middletowntwpbucks.org/parks
Walk the trails as the first full moon of spring lights the way reveal-     Racers will be issued life jackets, offered snacks and
ing the new life of this young season. Enjoy light refreshments           prizes. Racers must arrive by 4:45 p.m. to get outfitted with
around a warm campfire. Fee: $5 for members and $7 for non-               a boat. Racers are free.
members. Call 215-785-1177 to pre-register.                               Maximum is 12 teams of 4 people, minimum is 3 teams.
                                                                          Must be 8 or older to pedal a boat.
                                                                          Registration is required one week prior to the event.
                       Tile Festival                                                                              For more information,
                Moravian Pottery and Tile Works                                                                 please call Marianne at
                Swamp Rd (Rt. 313), Doylestown                                                                  215-757-0571 ext
   May 15 , 10:00a.m.-5:00p.m. & May 16, 10:00a.m.-4:00p.m.                                                     3311. Please complete
                                                                                                                the registration form on
 Take advantage of this unique opportunity to view historic and                                                 page 27 for your team.
contemporary ceramic tiles featured by 50 or more artists, dealers                                              Remember, racers are
and collectors from around the country. Beautiful and rare exam-                                                free: $5/cheering per-
ples of handcrafted tiles will be on exhibit and available for pur-                                             son.This is a great
chase. Adult admission is $6 ($5 with this article), with a free tour                                           spectator sport!
of the Tile Works included. Kids are free. Proceeds will benefit the
museum’s artifact collection and conservation efforts.
 Please, no pets. Rain or shine. For more information, please                     19th Annual Water Garden Tour
call 215-345-6722, ext. 23 or visit www.buckscounty.org/visitors                  Silver Lake Nature Center, Bath Rd., Bristol
(click Tile Works). This event is sponsored with assistance pro-                  July 18 and July 25, 11:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
vided by a Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission gen-               Take this self-guided tour of water gardens, big and small
eral operating support grant.                                             in Lower Bucks. You can visit wonderful ponds each Sun-
                                                                          day! Begin at Silver Lake Nature Center, where you get
                                                                          your tickets, the list of ponds and directions to each. Go at
                TILE WO RKS 2010                                          your own pace in your own car to each pond on the
              SPECIAL EDITION TILE                                        tour. Please call 215-785-1177 for pricing and tickets.
                  Moravian Pottery and Tile Works                         Early bird discount available!
                  130 Swamp Road, Doylestown            $35/tile
  This special tile, entitled “winter,” is the
fourth in a series representing activities of                                         27th Annual Tinicum Park
the seasons. Proceeds will be designated                                                    Antiques Show
for projects within the Department of Parks                                        Tinicum Park, River Rd. (Rt. 32), Erwinna
and Recreation’s Historic Properties Divi-                                            September 11, 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
sion. This image of a farmer chopping                                             September 12, 11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
wood appeared frequently in a variety of
tiles designed by Henry C. Mercer, founder                                  This year discover more antiques of finer quality than ever
of the Tile Works. Head ceramist Adam                                     before. Dealers from Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland,
Zayas employed this image with the corner fleur de lys ele-               and Virginia will display their best merchandise for pur-
ments, which were also used by Mercer in many of his designs,             chase in and around the historic barn and farm buildings in
to create this year’s offering. Measuring approximately 5 ¾               the park. Among items available for sale are furniture, tex-
inches square, the tile is made of native Bucks County clay. The          tiles, glassware, paintings, prints, metalwork, and an as-
orange-yellow glaze color was a standard finish employed by               sortment of furnishings and artifacts.
Mercer and was contained in his catalogues. Due to the historic
handcrafted nature of tile production employed at the Tile                  Admission $5 ($4 with this article) to benefit Historic Prop-
Works, no two tiles will be exactly alike. Slight variation in color,     erties Division of Bucks County Dept. of Parks and Recrea-
surface, shrinkage, and texture are to be expected in current             tion. No pets please. Free parking. Rain or shine. For more
production as it was in Mercer’s time.                                    information call 267-337-0955.
                        OTHER NEW PROGRAMS                                                                                              9
       Intermediate Jr. Sailing Camp                                    Fishing Skills Instructor Certificate
Using the larger 14.6 Daysailer, students will have instruction      Help spread the enjoyment of fishing. Certified instructors can
for 2 hours with the final hour being proactive. The course will     then teach ‘SMART” (Safety first, Manners are important, Ap-
reinforce basic sailing skills and teach boat handling in all        preciate clean water, Release your catch and Teach others)
wind conditions. Students will sail on both a sloop and cat-         Angler classes and Family Fishing Programs. Fishing or teach-
rigged boat with and without an instructor. Students MUST
                                                                     ing experience is helpful. The only prerequisite is the desire to
have successfully completed the beginner Jr. Sailing Camp in         donate time and teach SMART angler classes. Participants
order to enroll on p.10. The Camp will again be taught by            receive training on basic aquatic ecology, fishing skills, teaching
Dave Carroll a former Scout Master with over 50 years of             techniques and equipment access. The workshop is particularly
lake, coastal and ocean sailing experience. A practical test         useful to rangers, park educators, sporting club leaders, camp
will be given at the end with a certificate of completion. Boat      counselors and outdoor education teachers. Please contact
rental staff will assist the camp. Bring snacks, beverage and        Andrew Desko at 215-968-3631 to register. Bring a lunch.
secure footwear Register on p. 27                                             Taught by Pa. Fish and Boat Commission staff
Program Name:        Intermediate Jr. Sailing Camp                             DO NOT USE OUR REGISTRATION FORM
Location:            Peace Valley Park Boat Rental
Ages:                10-18   Limits: minimum 4, max. 8               Program Name:         Fishing Skills Instructor Certificate
Course#/Times:       #707 July 12-16 1-4 p.m.                        Location:             Core Creek Park, Pavilion #6
Fee:                 $185/person, includes CD book                   Ages:                 18+ Limits: 15 people
                                                                     Course#/Times:        June 16 9-4 p.m.
                                                                     Fee:                  FREE if donate time to teach
   Introduction to Sailing for Adults
Over 3 evenings, the basic skills of sailing will be taught to           Boating & Water Safety Awareness
safely operate a sailboat on Lake Galena. This course will
be taught by Dave Carroll (see information above for his ex-
                                                                               Instructor Certificates
perience). One boat rental staff person will assist the class.
                                                                     The Fish & Boat Commission's BWSA Instructor Workshop is
Everyone must wear secure water shoes. Register on p. 27
                                                                     designed to teach adult leaders how to lead the Fish & Boat
Program Name:        Introduction to Sailing for Adults              Commission’s BWSA course. The course educates students in
Location:            Peace Valley Park Boat Rental                   the proper procedures for recreational boating and requires
Ages:                21+     Limits: Minimum 3, max. 6               students to demonstrate proficiency in boating safety. This
Course#/Times:       #708 July 13, 14 and 15; 6-8 p.m.               course is designed for school students in 6th through 12th
Fee:                 $85/person, includes book CD                    grades. Through appropriate adaptation, the course can also be
                                                                     used to teach Scouts and youth groups. This course is taught
                                                                     by Commission employees and certified volunteer instructors.
                    Sailing Lessons                                  Participants will receive the BWSA course on the first date and
On a limited basis individual beginner ONLY sailing lessons          then be certified as instructors on the second date. Please con-
will be available from June 19 to August 14 at Peace Valley          tact Andrew Desko at 215-968-3631 to register. Bring a
Park Boat Rental. These lessons offered by the boat center           lunch. DO NOT USE OUR REGISTRATION FORM
staff will cover the proper care of the equipment (Aqua Finns        FREE; Ages 18+; July 14 and 15; 9-5 p.m. each day; Core Creek Park
and Day Sailor’s), sailing skills, rules of the road, safety tips,
righting a boat and rescues to name a few. Call the boat cen-
ter after May 29 to schedule a date and time for a class.                    Environmental Treasure Hunt
Reservations required at least one week prior to the date
                                                                     Program Name:         Environmental Treasure Hunt
desired. Reservation depends on staff availability. Call (215)
                                                                                           Peace Valley Park, New Britain Twp.
345-1097. Cost: $ 35 per person/ per hour. Register on p. 27
                                                                     Location:             Pav. #1, Angler’s Pier
                                                                     Ages:                 10+ or 5th grade and above (families)
            Full Moon Kayak Tours                                    Limits:               Minimum 8, max. 30
                                                                     Course#/Times:        #713 August 7 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
For experienced paddlers only. Join our own nature center
                                                                     Fee:                  $12/person Includes all equipment
Naturalist, Mary, and one of our boating staff for a moonlit
tour on Lake Luxembourg. Learn about the history of this             GeoVentures will hold a family Geocaching program using a hand
area along with flora and fauna that make it unique. Be pre-         held GPS. Come and experience a hi-tech treasure hunt right in your
pared to get wet if using our sit on top kayaks; wear secure         own back yard. The day will include an introduction to geocaching, a
water shoes. Bring snacks, if desired. Register on p. 27             tutorial of using a GPS unit and the treasure hunt itself. You will test
Program Name: Full Moon Kayak Tours                                  your mind and body while competing for prizes. Bring a beverage,
Location:           Core Creek Boat Rental                           snack and wear comfortable clothes for the weather. Register on p. 27
Ages:               18+     Limits: Minimum 5, max. 12                Please Note: Geocaching IS NOT permitted in any County park
Course#/Times: # 719 Thurs.-June 24 8-10 p.m.                        by outside groups, individuals or organizations. This program is
                    # 720 Sunday-August 22 8-10 p.m.                 sponsored by the Bucks County Dept. of Parks and Recreation
Fee:   $20 if renting our boat, $15 if you have own boat             and will be monitored by department staff.
10                                                            CAMPS
              Junior Boating Camps                                                 Junior Adventure Camp
                                                                        An educational and recrea-
  Working with paddleboats, canoes and kayaks, participants
                                                                      tional program for kids. Us-
learn the basics of boating safety and the fundamentals of
                                                                      ing adventure activities such
paddling, and rowing. Each student who completes the
                                                                      as rock climbing and hiking
course receives a Bucks County Dept. of Parks and Recrea-
                                                                      as tools, kids learn to de-
tion Certificate of Completion. Wear swimsuit, secure water
                                                                      velop confidence, coopera-
shoes (no flip flops). Bring a towel, beverages, snacks, sun-
                                                                      tion, leadership and self-
screen. Register on p. 27
Program Name:        Jr. Boating Camp—CCBR                              Each day will offer a differ-
Location:            Core Creek Park Boat Rental                      ent experience with activities
                     Bridgetown Pike, Langhorne                       including high/low ropes
Ages:                Youth 10-16 years                                course work, paddling, group
                                                                      initiatives or hiking.
Limits:              Minimum 6, maximum 12
Course#/Dates:       Four days per Session                             The ratio of instructor to
                     #689         July 5-8                            camper is 1:6.
                     #690         July 12-15                          Co-sponsored with Youth
                                                                      Services of Pennsylvania.
                     #691         July 26-29                          Register on p. 27
                     #692         August 2-5
Times:               10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.                           Program Name: Jr. Adventure Camp
Fee:                 $55/person/session-includes equip.               Location:     Youth Services Center “The Barn”
                                                                                     Neshaminy Manor Center; Rt 611, Doylestown
                                                                      Ages:                Children and youth 10-14 years (as of 6/1)
Program Name:        Jr. Boating Camp—PVP
                                                                      Limits:              Minimum 6, maximum 12
Location:            Peace Valley Park Boat Rental
                                                                      Course#/Dates: #698 7/12-16
                     Creek Rd, New Britain
                                                                      Times:                9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Ages:                Youth 10-16 years
                                                                      Fee:                 $130/teen includes equipment, transpor-
Limits:               Minimum 8, maximum 16
                                                                      tation to different parks ($100 for another same family child)
Course#/Dates:              5 Mornings per Session
                      #694; July 19-23   #695; July 26-30
Times:               9:00 a.m.-Noon                                           Beginner Junior Sailing Camp
Fee:                 $65/person/session includes equipment
                                                                        This program will teach the basics of sailing, knowledge of
All participants for THIS class (PVP only) must show proof            various types of sail boats, terminology, sailing skills, rules of
of swimming proficiency i.e. from the YMCA, Red Cross,                the road, safety, rescues and practical experience handling a
Scout, Fanny Chapman, or a school district with a certifi-            boat.
cate of completion.                                                      This course will be taught by Dave Carroll, a former Scout
                                                                      Master and Boy Scout sailing instructor with over 50 years sail-
                                                                      ing experience all over the Atlantic Ocean. It is a requirement
  Jr. Fishing Camps                 (Lake Towhee Park)                that all participants must show proof of swimming proficiency
                                                                      i.e. YMCA, Scout, Fanny Chapman, School District or Red
  Kids will explore different locations which offer different fish-   Cross certificate of completion. The staff ratio is 1:8.
ing environments and water eco systems. Visits will be made             A practical test will be given at the end with a certificate of
to Lake Towhee Park, Lake Nockamixon, Tohickon Creek                  completion. Department staff will assist with the camp.
and the pond behind Weisel Hostel. Register p. 27                     Bring snacks, beverage and secure footwear. Register on p. 27

Program Name: Jr. Fishing Camp, Lake Towhee Park                      Program Name: Jr. Sailing Camp
Location:           Old Bethlehem Pike                                Location: Peace Valley Boat
                    Applebachsville, Haycock Township                 Rental;   Creek Rd, New Britain
Age:                 9-14 years (as of July 1)                        Limits:    Min. 8, max. 14
Limits:              Min. 9, Max. 16
Course#/Dates:       #696 July 19-23 9 a.m. - 12 noon                 Ages:     Youth 10-16 years
                     #697 Aug. 16-20        9 a.m.-12 noon            Course#/Date: #699 6/28-7/2
Fee:                 $50/child (includes all equipment)               Times:    9:00 a.m.-Noon
        Each day will be at a different location                      Fee:      $165/child
                                    Nature Centers                                                                            11
                                    Don’t Forget Nature’s Classroom
Churchville Nature Center (CNC) in Churchville, Peace Valley Nature Center (PVNC) in Doylestown, and Silver Lake Nature
Center (SLNC) in Bristol, also host a variety of classes regarding nature and the environment as well as other special events
and programs throughout the year.
For complete information on registering for any of the nature centers’ classes, their newsletters, programs, activities, and gift
shops, please contact the centers directly. Below are but a few of their exciting programs for all ages.

                      Churchville Nature Center                        (215) 357-4005

                                           Spring Waterfowl Trip
                                                  March 14

We return to the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge for a day of spectacular waterfowl viewing. Not only will we see a
myriad of colorful ducks, geese and shorebirds migrating down the coast, but we will also likely see a nice variety of raptors,
including northern harriers, bald eagles, peregrine falcons and short-eared owls.
         Departure Time: 8:00 a.m.
         Fee: Member $13 Non-Members $16                *Fee Includes entrance into refuge.
         Leader: Marlin Corn

                                          Neshaminy Canoe Trip
                                                March 27

The center will be heading out on our local Neshaminy Creek for this spring paddle right here
in Bucks County. This scenic trip form Dark Hollow to Tyler State Park can be a good one for
beginners, if the creek is not running high. This is a joint trip with Appalachian Mountain Club.
Fee includes canoes, paddles, preservers & experienced leadership.
         Departure Time: 9:00 a.m.
         Canoe Use Fee: Members $19 Non-Members $25
         Leader: John Chalikian

                                                                                     Saturday Morning Bird Walks
                                                                                    Each Saturday, March - September

                                                         Join an experienced bird watcher every Saturday morning from 7:00 to
                                                      9:00 a.m. for our early morning bird walks. These walks are a great way
                                                      to meet new people and enjoy casual conversation with other bird enthu-
                                                      siasts. Your guide will pick out the best spot to visit within the area.
                                                      Bring along binoculars and a bird identification book, if you have them.

                                                   Lenape Village Tours
                                        Every Sunday from April 11 through October 31

 Take a tour of the Lenape Village with one of our educators and learn about some of the medicines and wild edibles that the
                    Lenape used 500 years ago. Each week there will be a different craft or skill featured.

                          **Note: there will not be tours on July 26 due to other special village events.

                                                Pre-registration is required.
                                        Fee: Adults $5.00/person; under age 4 are free
12                                         Nature Centers

                          Silver Lake Nature Center                      (215) 785-1177

                                      Saturday Morning Bird Walks
                 Every Saturday, March through June and September through December
                                      7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. FREE
For novice and experienced birders, come out and learn to identify our local birds. Bring binoculars if you have
                                            them, and dress for the weather.

                                                      Sunday Strolls
                                          Every Sunday 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.           FREE

                                                    Volunteer Work Days
                                           1st Saturday of Each Month 9:00 a.m.
Help us maintain our grounds and Visitors’ Center. Give us four hours and we’ll give you lunch! Please call the Nature Center
                                                         to register.

                                               Grand/Parents and Preschoolers
                             Saturday, 3/20, 4/24, 5/22, 6/26, 7/17, 8/21 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
                                      Fee for child w/adult $6 members; $9 non-member
      Three to five year olds and their caregivers can discover nature together! Please call the Nature Center to register

           Evening Kayak Paddles, Full Moon Kayak Paddles, and Kayak Excursions at Various Waterways
              Trips run from April—October, on and off-site. Please call the Nature Center for times, and cost.

                                        Native Plant Sale
                              Saturday May 1, 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
  Native species attract birds and butterflies, are easier to care for, will save you time & money,
and help to preserve biodiversity! Our plant sale is just in time for Mother’s Day! For more infor-
                              mation, please call the nature center.

                                                     Birding Cape May
                                            Saturday, May 22, 6:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
 We will carpool from the Nature Center to several hot spots in search of a wide range of birds. Bring binoculars and a lunch.
               We usually find 75+ species! Optional dinner at a local restaurant. Please register by May 20.

                                      Hike Sunfish Pond, Worthington State Forest, NJ
                                             Saturday, May 22 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
                                                $11 Members $14 Non-Members
This is a fairly strenuous hike with elevation on rocky terrain. Lots of wildlife, beautiful views and a glacial pond. Wear sturdy
                            shoes and bring a lunch/water. Must pre-register with the nature center

                                                               Flea Market in the Park

                                                       Saturday, June 19 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
                                   Clean out your junk drawers, closets, and garage and sell all those treasures
                                 that are too good to throw out! Come to the nature center and select your space
                                     as they are all assigned on a first come, first serve basis! Call for prices.
                                Refreshments sold by the center, including homemade baked goods. Rain or Shine

                                            Hike Batona Trail, NJ Pine Barrens
                                           Sunday, June 20 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p .m.
                                               $11 Members $14 Non-Members
                            Sandy, mostly flat terrain. Wear sturdy shoes and bring a lunch/water.
                                    Nature Centers                                                                        13

                        Peace Valley Nature Center                      (215) 345-7860

                                         Teacher Naturalist Training
                                        March 23,24,25,30,31 & April 1
                                           1:00 p.m.- 3:00 p.m.      FREE
    Do you have: 6 afternoons, love the outdoors, enjoy being around and teaching children?
                   Then this training is for you!
  You will learn the programs and techniques we use to bring environmental education to life for pre-school, elementary and
 secondary students. Completion of this training and subsequent program observation could lead to a part-time paid teacher
     naturalist position. To register or for additional information contact Gail Hill 215-345-7860 or ghill@co.bucks.pa.us

                                 Summer Nature Adventures
                                        9:00 a.m.-noon
                                 FEE $70.00 (Members $60)
5 consecutive days of fun, challenges & adventure for children who have completed grades 1-6,
                                  8-10 children in each group

                           Predators to Prey (week sessions)
            Explore the stream, check out six & eight leggers, seek clues of elusive
                            creatures that inhabit Peace Valley
 Week #1:6/28-7/2, Rain Date 7/27 #3:7/12-16, Rain Date 7/29 #5: 8/2-6, Rain Date 8/24 #7: 8/16-20, Rain date 8/26
                         What is That! Where Did They GO?
    Using your powers of observation, discover what it is, figure out where they go and why. From trees to the stream
            Week #2: 7/5-9, Rain Date 7/28       #4: 7/19-23, Rain Date 7/30       #6: 8/9-13, Rain Date 8/25

                                                       Art in the Wild
                                           July 5-9, August 9-13 Monday-Friday
                                                   12:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m.
                                                 FEE $80 (Members $70)
                                                   All materials included!
   Completed Grades 3-6. Using the three incremental steps artists use to create a color drawing, you will implement the
    techniques to create a finished color drawing. A family reception will be held on the last day to showcase your work.

                                                       Kit Crew
                                         9:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m. ~ Tuesday-Friday
                                                    Ages 2 through 3
                                                FEE $55 (Member $45)
                    Accompanying siblings under 2-no charge NO OLDER SIBLINGS/CHILDREN PERMITTED

                                                     Gosling Gang
                                         9:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m. ~ Tuesday—Friday
                      Ages 4 through 6 & children who have completed kindergarten or pre-first grade
                                                 FEE $55 (Member $45)
                                    1 ADULT & 1 CHILD Limit 2 Children per Adult
                                     Kit Crew and Gosling Gang available all weeks

                                                             Dusk to Dark
                                                           7:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m.
                                                Tuesday-Friday    July 13-16 (Rain date 7/29)
                                               Completed grades 4-6 FEE $55 (Member $45)

                                            Observe your surroundings as the sun sets and darkness envelops us.
                                          Learn what or who is out & about. Bring a small flashlight (if you have one).
                                                            We will provide the red covering for it.
14                                                   CLASSES
    America’s Boating Course                                                  Women’s Only Flat-Water
 This program is co-sponsored by the Pennsway Power                             Kayaking Classes
Squadron, a unit of the United States Power Squadrons®.
Students participating in this program will learn water safety       Join us for a fun and educational time learning one of the fast-
and boating laws. They will also learn basic boating tech-         est growing sports, non-intimidating and non-competitive in a
niques, survival skills and rescue procedures.                     relaxed atmosphere, taught by our own staff. The curriculum will
  Upon completion of the course, a test will be given to each      follow that of the beginner flat-water kayaking class listed
student. If they pass, they will receive a certificate – showing   below. Be ready to get wet using our sit-on-top kayaks. Bring
that they have taken an eight hour boating education course        secure water shoes. Register on p.27
and passed a proctored examination. The course will run two
                                                                   Program Name:       Flat-H2O Kayaking
Saturday mornings, and participants must register no later
than June 14. Register on p.27                                     Location:           Core Creek Park Boat Rental
                                                                   Ages:               18+
Program Name:        America’s Boating Course
                                                                   Course#/Times:      #654 July 14 (women’s only)
Location:            Peace Valley Boat Rental
                     Creek Rd., New Britain Township                                   #655 July 28 (women’s only)
Age:                 12+                                           Time:               6:00-8:00 p.m.
Limits:              Minimum 5, maximum 25 students                Fee:                $30/person includes all equipment
Course#/Times:       #700 June 19 and June 26
                      8am-noon each day
                     4 hours each day, 8 hours total
Fee:                 $40/person includes all fees: course                  Beginner Flat-Water Kayaking
                     instruction book, CD, administration,
                                                                     Want to buy a kayak but not sure which one is appropriate?
                     exam, certification, and wallet card
                                                                   Looking for some kayaking tips? Learn the answers and much
                     recognized in all 50 states
                                                                   more in this 2-hour class designed for the beginner who just
                                                                   bought a kayak or someone simply interested in the sport.
                 **Must attend both days**
                                                                     With our user-friendly open-top single and double kayaks, we’ll
                                                                   teach you to become comfortable on the water. Instruction in-
                                                                   cludes: kayak types, basic paddling strokes, basic rescues,
   FREE Family Fishing Program                                     entry and exit, paddling environments, and handling kayaks. Be
 Looking for a great way to connect with your family?              ready to get wet sitting down and wear secure footwear. P. 27
  Discover just how much fun fishing can be when you do it         Program Name:       Beginner Flat-Water Kayaking
together at a Pa. Fish and Boat Commission Family Fishing                              Core Creek Park, Langhorne
Program. Learn basic fishing skills like knot tying, casting,      Location:           Boat Rental
baiting the hook and taking a fish off the hook. You and your      Ages:               18+; 16 and 17 with parental consent
family will have the opportunity to fish – no fishing license      Limits:             Minimum 3, maximum 8 students
required. All equipment provided.                                  Course#/Times       #635 July 21      6-8 p.m.
  The “catch???” Adults MUST bring a child and children must                           #637 August 7      9-11 a.m.
bring an adult. You’ll be learning and fishing together.           Fee:                $30/person/session; includes equipment
Participants can register with PFBC Instructor Andrew Desko
at 215-968-3631 or adeo@state.pa.us. Participants can find
out about more family                                                Instructing the below classes will be Bill Amey of Nature’s Way
fishing programs in their                                          Canoe and Kayak in Quakertown. Co-sponsored by the Central
region at                                                          Bucks School district and Warminster Twp. Parks and Recrea-
www.fish.state.pa.us.                                              tion. Be ready to get wet and bring secure water shoes. Skills
   **Please note that you                                          learned will be strokes, boat control, body language, safety and
   CANNOT register for                                             rescues. To register, call 215- 489-5132 to have your name and
  this class through the                                           phone number put on a list.
       Parks Dept. **
                                                                   Program Name: Beginner/Intermediate
       Crappie caught by                                                         Flat-Water Kayaking
       Heather Barrett                                                           Peace Valley Boat Rental, New Britain
                                                                   Location:     Boat Rental
Location:            Core Creek Park – Pavilion #6                 Ages:         16+
Ages:                8+ and adults                                 Limits:       Minimum 5, maximum 16 students
                                                                   Course     #714-6/2, #715- 7/7, #716-7/21 (families only)
Date:                Sat., June 12                                            #717-8/4, #718-9/1
Time:                 9:00a.m. – 12:00p.m.                         Time:         6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.
Fee:                  FREE-Bring your lunch and have fun!          Fee:          $40/class (all classes are the same)
                     POOL PROGRAMS/CLASSES                                                                                  15
               Oxford Valley Pool                                               July 4th Celebration
Program Name: Learn to Swim
                                                                 Celebrate this special day with activities at Oxford Valley Pool.
Location:      Oxford Valley Pool                               Join in the greased watermelon event with water balloon tosses,
                                                                greased watermelon relays, volleyball, kickball and boogie
               Hood Blvd, Fairless Hills
                                                                board relay races in the pool.
Ages:         Children and youth 3 years of age on up           Date: Sunday, July 4
Limits:       Young children must be toilet trained             Time: All day, noon-7:30 p.m.
              and comfortable with instructor.                  Fees: All regular pool fees apply, free to members
Registration: Registration in person only at the Core
              Creek Park office or Pool after opening           Program Name: Senior Swim Time (back by popular demand)
              Cash, check, or Visa/MC accepted
                                                                After great success last year, this program will be offered on
Sessions: 01:6/21-7/2 02:7/5-16 03:7/19-30 04:8/2-13            3 dates. Enjoy a day when you can come out and have fun in
Times:       10:00 -10:45 a.m.; 11:00 -11:45 a.m.               and out of the pool. Some of the popular games ( for the
Fee:         $30/person/session for pool members                more active seniors) include noodle races, water aerobics,
             $40/person/session for non-members                 and bingo. Sign up at the pool front desk at least 1 week in
                                                                advance. Rain dates announced if needed.

                                                                Location:    Oxford Valley Pool, Hood Blvd, Fairless Hills
 The Swim Team is a close-knit group of kids, coaches, and
parents, and fun for everyone. Swim Team season begins in       Date/Time: June 19, July 17, Aug. 14 10:00 a.m.-Noon
early June, and continues until mid-August. Practices are       Ages: 50+ only Free to members and $3.75 for nonmembers
held Mondays through Fridays. Meets are held Tuesday and
Thursday evenings at local pools. The coaching staff is able
to accommodate vacation schedules and other commitments.               ‘Support Your Volunteers’ Day
Program Name: Oxford Valley Pool Swim Team                                             Celebrate this special day with activities
Location:      Oxford Valley Pool                                                     at Oxford Valley Pool.
               Hood Blvd, Fairless Hills
                                                                                      Location: Oxford Valley Pool
Registration: Call 215-757-0571 for a Swim Team                                       Hood Blvd, Fairless Hills
              registration form and additional information.
                                                                                       FREE to all service men and women with
Session No:    01 15-18 yrs 8-10 a.m.                                                 proof of service (military, local emer-
               02 12-14 yrs 9:30-10:30 a.m.                                           gency squads, firemen)
               03 9-11 yrs        10-11 a.m.                                        Date: Saturday, August 7
               04 8 and under 11-11:45 a.m.                                         Time: All day
Fees           $75/person/session for the 1st child                                  Food provided to volunteers 5-7:00 p.m.
                                                                             Fees: All regular pool fees apply, free to members
            $60/person/session for each additional child

                                                                Program Name: Teen Night NEW!
  Flick ‘N’ Float Outdoor Film/Pizza                            Location:        Oxford Valley Pool
 Enjoy a movie under the stars called ‘Cloudy with a chance     Date/Time:       Saturday, July 10 Ages: 12-15 8-10:00 p.m.
of Meatballs’ about a scientist who tries to solve his town’s   Fees:            All regular pool fees apply; free to members
problems. Everything goes amiss when food falls from the        Music and time to just hang out. Parents must sign waivers
sky in abundance. You are invited to bring a float and watch
the movie from the pool or bring your own chair on the lawn.    upon entry and be there to pick them up at 10:00 p.m., no
Pizza may be purchased in advance.                              later. Pizza and soda included. Strict rules apply

Program Name: Oxford Valley Pool Flick ‘N’ Float Film
Location:     Oxford Valley Pool                                Private Lessons will be available beginning June until August .
                                                                Each lesson will be ½ hour in length and taught by an American
              Hood Blvd, Fairless Hills
                                                                Red Cross Water Safety Instructor.
Date/Time:  Saturday, June 26; Film starts around 8 p.m.
                                                                The cost is $35 per session per child member and $45 per
Fees:         Free to members                                   session per child non-member. Interested parents may sign
              $3.75 non-members after 5:00 p.m.                 up at the front desk.
16 P O O L P R O G R A M S , C L A S S E S , L E A G U E S
               Tohickon Valley Pool                                  USA Team Tennis Adult Leagues
                                                                   Join men’s, women’s, mixed singles, and mixed doubles.
Program Name: Learn to Swim                                       Leagues are geared to different levels of ability. Play one
                                                                  match per week every week for seven weeks, followed by
Location:       Tohickon Valley Pool                              one week of playoffs. Limited flexibility allowed for vacations
                                                                  and weather. Register on p. 27
                Cafferty Rd, Point Pleasant
                (215) 297-0754
Ages:           Children 4 (as of 7/1/09) - 12 years
Limits:         Children must be confidently toilet trained.      Name:         Adult Leagues
                                                                  Location:     Frosty Hollow Tennis Center
Registration: Pre-register early, in person at Tohickon
                                                                                New Falls Rd, Levittown
Valley Pool, May 22, Noon-3 p.m. or you may sign up for
                                                                  Limits:       To qualify for member discounts, you must
memberships and children’s swim lessons when the pool is
                                                                                be a member. See below for fees and p.21 for
open during the season. Credit Cards not accepted
                                                                                membership information.
                                                                  Contact:      League Director, Pat McLaughlin
               Bring Photo ID, cash or checks only
                                                                                215-638- 4385, for changes in, or additions to,
Session:       01 July 12-16     02 July 19-23
               03 July 26-30
              Three sessions with multiple levels
                                                                  01 Sun 9 a.m.        Men’s Doubles
                                                                  02 Sun 6 p.m.        Mixed Doubles
                                                                  03 Mon 6:30 p.m. Men’s Singles 3.0-3.5
Three sessions will be offered. The sessions will be one week
                                                                  04 Tue Canceled for spring leagues
in length, five days a week.
                                                                  05 Wed 6:30 p.m. Men’s Singles 3.5-4.5
                                                                  06 Thurs. Canceled for spring leagues
Times:            Daytime
                                                                  07 Fri 6:30 p.m. Ladies Singles 3.0-3.5
01TVP Level I   11:20-12:00     Water Orientation
                                                                        Normal leagues will resume in the summer
02TVP Level II 10:30-11:10      Primary Skills
                                                                  Dates: Spring: May 2 -June 26
03TVP Level III 9:30-10:20      Stroke Readiness
                                                                      Summer: June 27 -Aug. 22 Fall: Aug. 23 Oct. 24
04 TVP Level IV 8:30--9:20      Stroke Development
                                                                           Start dates may be delayed due to weather.
Fee:   $50/person/session for pool members

                                                                  Fees:      Per Person/Session            Adults Youth
ARC Guard Start – For kids 11 to 14 years. This is a 17 hr.
Pre-Lifeguard training program (to the formal ARC Lifeguard                  Singles        Member         $35       $30
Training Program) for kids who might want to go on and get a                 Doubles        Member         $17.50 $15
summer job as a Lifeguard. July 5-9 (8:30 a.m. to 12 noon)                   Singles        Nonmember $70            $65
Fee: $50 per child & class size: 15 kids maximum
                                                                             Doubles        Nonmember $35            $30
 For information, please call 215-489-5132 or after May 26 call       **Please note that all courts may not be open due to
215-297-0754.                                                                        resurfacing project**

                                                                            Resurfacing of Frosty Hollow Tennis Courts

Tohickon Valley
Pool is nestled
amongst wood-
lands in beautiful
Tohickon Valley
                               PROGRAMS - TENNIS                                                                               17
Please note: these courts will undergo repairs in April                      USA Junior Team Tennis
     or May, thereby possibly delaying programs
                                                                    This beginning tennis class emphasizes fun and provides a
      Adult Lesson and Team Tennis                                 chance to learn the basics and play games using the team
                                                                   tennis approach. Bring snacks. Register on p. 27
  All aspects of the game are covered in these lessons using
individual instruction and drills. “Beginners” is for those with   Program Name:        Jr. Tennis Lessons
little or no tennis experience. “Intermediate” and “Advanced       Location:            Frosty Hollow Tennis Center
Interm.” is for those who want to focus on improving the me-                            New Falls Rd, Levittown
chanics of strokes and playing techniques —no beginners
please! Sessions run once a week for 6 weeks in spring and         Ages:                Children 7-11 and 12-15
fall, 4 weeks in summer. Bring a tennis racquet. Register on       Limits:              Minimum 5, maximum 8 per instructor
p. 27                                                              Session/Dates:       01 May 1       03 May 15
                                                                                        02 May 8       04 May 22
Program Name: Adult Tennis Lessons
                                                                                        Time: 10:30 a.m. - Noon
Location:    Frosty Hollow Tennis Center
             New Falls Rd, Levittown                               Fee:                 $12/person for each session
Ages:        Adults 18+
Limits:      Spring—Minimum 5, maximum 20                            First Volley Adaptive Tennis Clinic
Session   Spring (6 lessons per session)-1.5 hrs.                   These adaptive clinics are designed for amputees and those
                                                                   with physical challenges. First Volley is sponsored by the Or-
Dates:    01 Advanced Interm. (Sat) Apr 10-May 15
                                                                   thotic & Prosthetic Assistance Fund, Inc. (OPAF). It offers a
          02 Intermediate (T) Apr 13-May 18                        chance to try tennis at NO CHARGE. Wheelchair players are
          03 Beginner (TH)       Apr 15-May 20                     always welcome to join in. Participants are put through a series
Times:    Weeknights 6:30-8 p.m.; Sat 9-10:30 a.m.                 of drills and skills to give them confidence on the court and in-
                                                                   vites them back to a sport they may have thought they lost. Top
Fee:      $70/person/session— 1.5 hrs
                                                                   notch coaching and equipment is provided.
            Students must bring $5 for tennis balls to             Pre-Registration is required online www.opfund.org. or call
                  the first class of each session                  Robin Burton at 215-752-5756.

                                                                    Program Name:         First Volley Adaptive Tennis
Semi-Private/Private Tennis Lessons                                 Location:             Frosty Hollow Tennis Center
                                                                                          New Falls Rd., Levittown
Program Name:        Semi-Private Tennis Lessons                    Dates:                Saturdays
Location:            Frosty Hollow Tennis Center                                          May 15, Sept. 11, Oct 9
                                                                    Times:                Noon– 2:00 p.m.
                     New Falls Rd, Levittown                        Fee:                  FREE
Ages:                8+ (open to all levels of play)
Limits:              2-5 maximum, 2 minimum
Times:              By appointment only, call 215-949-2280
                                                                                   Junior Tennis Camp
Fee:                 $28/person/hour                                 During this 4-day camp, students learn key tennis basics. Par-
                                                                   ticipants are grouped according to age and/or ability. The in-
Program Name:        Private Tennis Lessons
                                                                   structor(s) adapts teaching techniques to the level of each
Location:            Frosty Hollow Tennis Center                   group, including lecture, demonstration, drills, and playing.
                     New Falls Rd, Levittown                       Techniques covered are forehand, backhand, serving, scoring,
Ages:                8+ (open to all levels of play)               playing strategies, and proper tennis etiquette. Bring tennis rac-
                                                                   quet (required), snacks, beverage, sunscreen. Register on p.
Times:              By appointment only, call 215-949-2280
Fee:                 $45/person /hour
                                                                   Program Name:        Jr. Tennis Camp
    USTA Sponsored Tournaments                                     Location:            Frosty Hollow Tennis Center: Levittown
                                                                   Ages:                Juniors grouped ages 8-11; Session 1&2
 The contact for these tournaments is Kitty Perrin                                      Teens grouped ages 12-17; Session 3&4
(215) 355-9367. Please do not call the Tennis Center as
Kitty is in charge of all the tournaments and has all the          Limits:              Minimum 5, maximum 20
registration information. Location: Frosty Hollow Tennis Ctr       Course#/Dates:       01; June 21-24     02; June 28-July 1
Aug. 27-29         Frosty Hollow Summer Classic                                         03; July 19-22     04; Aug. 2-5
Sept. 17-19        Frosty Hollow Girls Open                        Times:               Daily 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.
Sept. 24-26        Frosty Hollow Fall Classic                      Fee:                 $83/person/session
18                                           PROGRAMS - TENNIS
  These programs are all sponsored by the Bucks County
Tennis Association (BCTA) and are held at Core Creek
Tennis Center on Woodbourne Rd. in Langhorne.
  BCTA mission: “To promote healthy, social, and educational
opportunities within the Bucks County community through the
lifetime sport of tennis.”
  The BCTA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit community tennis associa-
tion and a registered member of the United States Tennis
Association, Inc.
                                                                  BCTA Youth/Adult Learn, Practice and Play!
  To register, log on to www.buckscounty.usta.com                   These programs implement the games-based approach to
or call (215) 322-7020 for more information.                      teaching tennis and the QuickStart format - fast and fun ways to
   ** DO NOT Use Our Registration Form In This Booklet**          learn tennis or improve your game.

                                                                   Program Name:         BCTA Learn, Practice and Play
BCTA Flex-Time Tennis for Adults                                   Location:             Core Creek Tennis Center
Play men’s or women’s singles, doubles, and/or mixed dou-          Pee Wees (ages 4-6): 4:45-5:30 p.m.
bles at your skill level and convenience - any time, any place.    Little Aces (ages 7-9): 5:30-6:30 p.m.
Register on www.buckscounty.usta.com                               Juniors (ages 10-13):6:30-7:30 p.m. Sessions 1,2,3 only)
                                                                   Adult Beginners/Intermediates: (ages 14+) 5:30-7 p.m.
 Program Name:         BCTA Flex-Time Tennis                       Adult Intermediates: (ages 14+), 7-8:30 p.m.
 Location:             Flexible                                     (Sessions 2,3 only)
 Skill level:          Advanced beginner (2.5-3.0)                 Adaptive Tennis for Ambulatory Players (call for details)
                       Intermediate (3.5-4.0)                      5:30-7:00 p.m.
 Session 1:June 11-Aug. 6 (registration deadline June 6)           Limits:              Min. 4; Max. 16 participants
 Session 2:Aug.13-Oct.15 (registration deadline Aug. 7)            Session/Dates:       Mon./Youth; Tues./Adult; Wed./Adaptive
 Fee:           $30/person                                         Session 1             Youth: April 19-May 17
       Register on www.buckscounty.usta.com                                              Adult: April 20-May 18
                                                                                         Adaptive: April 21-May 19
                                                                   Session 2             Youth: June 7-July 5
       BCTA Youth Tennis Camps                                                           Adult: June 8-July 6
                                                                                         Adaptive: June 9-July 7
 A 4-day camp that implements the QuickStart format, which         Session 3             Youth: July 19-Aug.16
enables kids to quickly play tennis.                                                     Adult: July 20-Aug.17
                                                                                         Adaptive: July 21-Aug.18
 Program Name:    BCTA Youth Tennis Camp                           Session 4             Youth: Sept.13-Oct. 11
 Location:        Core Creek Tennis Center                                               Adult: Sept. 14-Oct. 12
 Ages:            7-11                                                                   Adaptive: Sept.15-Oct.13
 Session/Dates: Session 1      July 19-23
                Session 2      Aug. 2-6                            Fee:                  Youth: $60/person*
 Times:           9:00 a.m. - noon                                 (includes invitation and T-shirt for BCTA Team Tennis)
 Fee:             $90/person                                                             Adult/Adaptive: $85/person
 Register on www.buckscounty.usta.com                                                    (90-minute sessions)
                                                                               BCTA Youth Team Tennis Dates
         BCTA Fall Adult Doubles                                  As part of each session, all youth participants will be eligible
                                                                  to represent Core Creek Tennis Center at the events on Fri-
            Tennis Leagues                                          days, 5/21, 7/16, 8/20 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. and Saturday
                                                                         10/16 from 2:00-4:00 p.m. Don’t miss the fun!
 Enjoy weekend doubles at a set time and place. Sign up
with or without a teammate (the BCTA will try to find you
                                                                                    Register on
a partner).
                                                                   www.buckscounty.usta.com for all BCTA programs
 Program Name: BCTA Fall Adult Doubles Leagues
 Location:    Core Creek Tennis Center
 Skill level: Advanced beginner (2.5-3.0)
              Intermediate (3.5-4.0)
 Dates: Men’s Doubles: Sept 11-Oct. 23 (9-10:30a.m.)
 Times:Women’s Doubles: Sept.11 -Oct.23 (10:30-noon)
       Mixed Doubles: Sept 12-Oct. 24 (10:30-noon)
 Fee: $30/person:
 Register on www.buckscounty.usta.com
C L A S S E S - M O R AV I A N P O T T E RY & T I L E W O R K S                                                                   19
   NE W              Making Floor Mosaics
           !                                                               Moravian Pottery & Tile Works
              Floor mosaics are composed of unglazed colored                    APPRENTICESHIP
and brick red clays. Colored clays will be pre-prepared by
mixing white clay with metal oxides. These clays require                 A unique collaboration between ceramists and an active Arts
greater care in handling so as to avoid contaminating col-             & Crafts working history museum. The apprenticeship pro-
ors. Students will create their own designs and completed              gram of the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works is offered twice
mosaics. Although these mosaics are intended for floor use,            yearly with each 12-week session limited to three participants.
students may choose to mount them in a cement pad with a               Apprentices work 24 hrs per week in exchange for an hourly
hook for hanging. Students will be limited to a total of 4 square      wage. Participants learn various forming and reproduction
feet of mosaic. They may design one large mosaic or several            techniques including tile/mosaic making, mold work, glaze
small ones. Colored clay materials cost of $30 is included in          application, sagger firing for controlled smoking of clay, and
course fee. Classes meet weekly from 9 am to 12pm. There               concrete installation.
will be no class on Easter April 4th, 2010. Cost $265. 3/7-5/2
Call 215-345-6722 x 25 or e-mail azayas@co.bucks.pa.us                   Apprentices have an opportunity to produce their own original
                                                                       tile work using the standard materials and tools of the pottery.
                                                                       They are exposed to a turn of the century knowledge based on
                                                                       the Arts & Crafts philosophy and aesthetics adhered to by the
                Relief Tile Sculpting                                  Moravian Pottery & Tile Works. It is hoped that these factors
                                                                       influence the tile work produced by the apprentices.
This introductory course investigates the techniques of model-
ing a low relief tile. Relief is the part of the tile that is raised    Apprentices are provided with limited studio space in the Tile
from the background surface to create an illusion of three-            Works, which is accessible to them between the hours of 5 a.m.
dimensionality and depends on light and shadow to reveal its           and midnight, seven days a week. In addition, they receive free
design. Through a series of modeling exercises we will ex-             materials, use of tools, technical advice, and biweekly pay
plore methods of achieving surface variation through changes           based on the work produced under the direction of the Tile
of plane, curved surfaces, raised ridges, edges, and incised           Works.
line. Our last relief, realistic in style, combines the skills and               APPLICATION GUIDELINES AND DATES
information learned from the three exercises. The student may
choose the subject matter for the last relief or use the instruc-      Applicants for the apprenticeship are required to submit the
tor's selection. The course includes making one plaster mold           following:
and pressing a terracotta clay relief. Classes meet weekly for 9       1. Resume
sessions from 9am – 12pm. Cost $265. Mar 13-May 8                      2. Ten clearly labeled slides of recent work that will be re-
Please call the Tile Works at 215-345-6722, x 27 or e-mail                  tained by the pottery if the applicant is selected. Please
                                                                            include slide list.
                                                                       3. Cover letter detailing the sort of interchange desired from
                                                                            the experience and why the Moravian Pottery & Tile Works
                                                                            is appropriate to your needs.
                    3-Day Intensive                                    4. Two letters of recommendation.
                    Tile Workshop                                      Applications must be postmarked by the deadline date appropri-
                                                                       ate for the given session.

                                                                                                      June 1 to Aug.21
  This three day workshop covers all the basic
                                                                                                      Summer Session
processes used by the Moravian Pottery and Tile
                                                                                                     Deadline is March 1
Works to produce decorative tile, mosaics, quarry
tile, and plaster molds, in addition to basic glazing,
                                                                                                    September 7 to Nov. 20
sagger loading, tile setting and grouting. There
                                                                                                         Fall Session
will be an opportunity to tour Fonthill and the Tile
                                                                                                       Deadline is June 1
Works and see a lecture/slide show on historic
and contemporary tile installations.
                                                                                                Completed applications may be mailed
 Limited enrollment and individualized instruction
by the staff of the MPTW allows each student to
                                                                                                        Apprentice Program
have a hands on experience with many of the
                                                                                                   Moravian Pottery & Tile Works
above processes. Class size is limited to eight
                                                                                                         130 Swamp Road
students. Contact: Adam Azayas 215-345-6722
                                                                                                      Doylestown, PA 18901
ext. 23 or 25; April 27- 29 or May 25-27; $230/
person/workshop       azayas@co.bucks.pa.us or
                                                                                                      or submitted digitally to
20              B U S T R I P & O T H E R I N F O R M AT I O N
                                                                            Walking/Hiking Throughout
                                                                                Our Parks System
                                                                     All of our parks have trails of one sort or another. Many are
                                                                   the result of fishermen who have carved permanent paths along
                                                                   the banks of our lakes. Others have been used by horses and
                                                                   still others are from people looking for an off-beaten trail that
                                                                   affords them a closer view at nature. We ask everyone who
                   US Open 2010                                    enjoys our natural trails to please keep them clean and take
                 Grand Slam Tennis                                 out whatever you take in, leaving only your footprints.

 Fun awaits you when you join us for a trip to Flushing Mead-        Remember that we are not alone in our parks. Many animals
ows, NY for the top tennis competition in the country. Games,      take advantage of the quiet banks or make our forests their
snacks and more will make the ride one to remember. Early          home. They are likely to take our ‘trash’ as food and swallow
sign-up recommended, but remember, no refunds! Lunch is            fishing hooks or even plastic bags. The parks belong to every-
on your own. Register on p. 27                                     one and every creature.
                                                                      We Are Harming                  predators. By feeding them,
Program Name:      US Open 2010                                       Our Waterfowl!                  they concentrate in one loca-
                                                                     Through kindness and a           tion, lose their natural fear of
Event date:        Thursday Sept. 2. , 7:30 a.m.-9 p.m.
                                                                   natural inclination to feed        humans, and are more sus-
Limits:            Maximum 45 passengers                                                              ceptible to disease and prey.
                                                                   wild animals, we are creating
Fee:               $85/person. Fee includes grounds                dependence, promoting the          What will happen if we stop
                   pass, access pass to Louis Armstrong            spread of disease, and up-         feeding ducks and geese?
                   stadium                                         setting the natural cycles of      Reverting to their wild ways,
                                                                   ducks and geese. Believe it        waterfowl develop a healthy
      Pick up at Frosty Hollow Tennis Center only                                                     fear of humans and de-
                                                                   or not, development has
                                                                   provided these birds with          crease in number to a level
                                                                   more, not less, habitat, and       the parks can support. Drop-
            Bucks County Horse Park                                they have learned to take          pings that pollute our water-
                                                                   advantage of it.                   ways diminish, and eroding
              Rt. 611, Revere, PA                                    The fact is ducks and            bare spots along the edges
  The Bucks County Horse Park located off Rt. 611, north of        geese won’t starve if we           of waterways disappear.
the village of Revere, offers over 25 miles of equestrian trails   don’t feed them. They have           The Bucks County Depart-
as well as a variety of horse events from April to November.       survived millions of years         ment of Parks & Recreation
Every Monday is Bucks County Resident’s Discount Day with          without our help. Our feed-        has erected signs throughout
a $15 day pass available. County Residents can purchase a          ing tempts them to forget or       the County Parks indicating
recreational-only membership for $10 yearly.                       ignore nature’s lessons. If        that feeding ducks and
  The Park has many horse trails of varied lengths with many       these birds can get a ready        geese is prohibited and
jumps along the way. One popular show includes the Thurs-          supply of free food without        subject to a fine up to
day Morning Horse Shows, where both English and Western            expending any energy, they         $300. Your cooperation is
riders vie for the ribbons. Please check out our calendar at       will. Wouldn’t you? A natural      greatly appreciated by the
www.BuckCountyHorsePark.org for more event information             food source scattered hither       Department and our water-
or call 610-847-8597.                                              and yon forces them to work,       fowl friends!
                                                                   and the search spreads               For any wildlife concerns or
                                                                   them over a wide area.             questions, please contact
                                                                   Crowds of fowl increase ex-        any one of our three Nature
          Van Sant Airport and Park                                posure to sickness and dis-        Centers listed in our facility
          Cafferty Road, Erwinna, PA                               ease transmitted by others         directory.
                                                                   as well as exposure to
  Van Sant Airport is the ideal place to spend an afternoon
with friends or family. You can picnic under the trees and
witness vintage aircraft in their original grass roots environ-                 Tinicum Park Polo Club
ment. Or you can strap on your helmet, put on your goggles,          T in ic um P ar k , Riv er Rd, (Rt.32), Erwinna
throw back your scarf and return to another era when bi-            In cooperation with the Bucks County Parks and Recreation
planes and gliders abounded, and you never knew who was            Polo Matches every Saturday, from May 8 to October 2 from
going to fly into Van Sant next.                                   2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in beautiful Tincum Park along the Delaware
 The airport offers the following rides to the public: mile high   River just 8 miles north of New Hope, PA.
or aerobatic glider rides, Piper Cub rides, Tiger Moth rides,      Parking fee: $5.00 per car For further information call the
and Stearman rides. Call for information 610-847-8320              Tinicum Park Polo Club Hot-line 908-996-6449
                                            FACILITIES                                                                          21

                    Boat Rentals                                                             Tennis
 Peace Valley Boat Rental (PVBR) in New Britain and Core             With six lit and four unlit tennis courts, Frosty Hollow Tennis
Creek Boat Rental (CCBR) in Langhorne open the first Sat. in       Center, Levittown, offers individual play as well as various pro-
May to mid-October. Call Peace Valley Boat Rental at 215-          grams. Seasonal memberships are available at the same rate for
345-1097, or Core Creek Park Boat Rental at 215-757-1225,          residents and nonresidents. Members are eligible for guest and
during the May-mid-October season. You may also call the           league discounts, and do not pay court usage fees. Nonmembers
Administrative Office at 215-757-0571 for further details.         pay a court usage rate by the 1.5 hour . Also available for rent
                                                                   are a lobster machine and ball hoppers.
 Boat Rental Fees     1/2 Hr        1 Hr     1/2 Day Day            Contact the Tennis Center at 215-949-2280 during the May to
 Rowboat               $8           $13       $30    $50           October season to obtain information on memberships, court
 Canoes                 8            13        30     50           usage, programs, and reserving a court. To obtain league dis-
 Paddleboat            10            15        36     60           counts, you must either be a member or apply for membership
 14’ Sailboat (PVBR)                 20        60     80           when registering for leagues. Call the Administrative Office at
 Aqua Finn Sailboat (PVBR)           15        39     65           215-757-0571 during the off-season for further details.
 Aqua Cycles (CCBR) 15               20                            Core Creek Tennis Center is also now open, featuring eight unlit
                                                                   courts. Call the main office for further information or to reserve
 Kayak (single)         6            10        30       50
                                                                   courts for programs. No memberships available.
 Kayak (double)        10            15        40       70

 Rentals require $20 cash deposit or credit card plus a             Memberships                          Season Pass
valid driver’s license.                                             Single (18+)                          $130
                                                                    Family (up to 4)                       255
                                                                    Unmarried child (living home under 18) 55
                                                                    Junior Single (not living home under 18) 95
                 Cabins, Camping                                    Senior Single (60+)                      95
                                                                    Senior Couple (both 60+)               165
                    Pavilions,                                      Senior Early Bird (60+, 8 a.m.-Noon)     70

                   Picnic Areas                                     Court Usage                                  By 1.5 Hr
                                                                    M-F (Day)                                        $8.00
                                                                    M-F (6 p.m.—Closing)                             11.00
  Contact us for information about renting campsites, cabins,       Sat., Sun., Holiday (Day)                         9.50
pavilions, and picnic areas. We will be happy to answer ques-       Sun., Holiday (6 p.m.—Closing)                   12.50
tions about available dates, locations, maps, facilities, how to
obtain a permit, fees, and policies. Most arrangements can be       Guest Playing with Member                    Singles Doubles
made conveniently by telephone.                                     1.5 Hr (Day)                                   $3.50   $2.50
  See also p. 3, “Park Reservations,” about where to call.          1.5 Hr (6 p.m.—Closing)                         5.50    4.50

  Cabins—Tohickon Valley Park has four cabins available
to rent for your camping enjoyment. Fees are charged by
the week or weekend.
   Rentals run from Jan. 15 to Dec. 15.
   Camping—Several county parks have wooded camping
grounds where you may bring your own tent or camper
and camp at a designated site. Parks with designated sites
include Lake Towhee, Tinicum Park (tent camping only),               The Moravian Pottery and Tile Works, Doylestown, was
and Tohickon Valley Park. Fees are charged per day for             founded by Henry C. Mercer in 1898 to produce decorative
family campsites, which accommodate a maximum of six               ceramic tiles and mosaics. Since 1967 the County has owned
people. Fees are charged per person for group campsites,           the current building, completed in 1912, and administers it as
which accommodate 10 or more people.                               a “working history” museum through the Parks and Recrea-
  Pavilions/Picnic Areas—Rent a pavilion or wooded picnic          tion Department. It continues to reissue Mercer’s original mo-
area in any of our parks for all occasions such as family          saics and tiles in the Arts and Crafts style.
reunions, birthday parties, company picnics, etc. Pavilions
                                                                     Self-guided tours and other programs are available, and the
and picnic areas are available for rental in Core Creek,
                                                                   museum shop offers a wide variety of Arts and Crafts style
Playwicki, Silver Lake (pavilion only), Tinicum, Lake Tow-
                                                                   tiles for purchase. Call the museum at 215-345-6722 for infor-
hee, Tohickon Valley, and Peace Valley Parks. Fees vary
                                                                   mation about tours, programs, and tiles for sale.
for residents and nonresidents, and for private versus non-
profit groups.                                                      Call 215-489-5133 for information about Bucks Countys’
                                                                   Parks other historic properties and/or volunteering to help
                                                                   with programs and maintenance.
22                                                   FACILITIES

                         Golfing                                                         Weisel Hostel
 Golfers are invited to enjoy Oxford Valley Golf Course in
Fairless Hills, and its nine-hole, 2,025 yard Par 31 (5, 4, and     Weisel is a former estate dating from the early 1900’s and is
3 Par) course. Daily fees, reduced-fee membership plans,          one of 4,000 hostels in 70 countries worldwide. It is chartered
pull cart rentals, and gift certificates are available. Women’s   by Hostelling International, Inc. and operated by the Depart-
and Senior Men’s Golf leagues are also offered.                   ment. Its purpose is to provide clean, safe, affordable accom-
Call 215-945-8644 for further information during the March-       modations for travelers. It is also available to groups with an
December season.                                                  educational, recreational, or service mission. The surround-
                                                                  ing Nockamixon State Park offers an abundance of outdoor
 Each golfer must have his/her own clubs or rental clubs are      activities and amenities.
available. Golfers under age 14 MUST be accompanied by a             Ecology and environmental clubs are encouraged to use
parent. No “walk-alongs” on the course; golfers only. Re-         the surrounding areas for hiking and study. The communal
served tee times are not available; first-come basis only.        living arrangements at Weisel are typical of hostels through-
                                                                  out the world. Language clubs and international studies or-
 Greens Fees                                    Fee
                                                                  ganizations planning to travel abroad will benefit greatly from
 Nonmember                                      $12.00
                                                                  this hostel experience.
 Memberships                                    Fee
                                                                   The hostel accommodates up to 18 people, which includes
 Senior 60+                                     $40.00
                                                                  sleeping accommodations. Overnight rates are $17 per per-
 Senior couple both 60+                          55.00
                                                                  son per night, includes linen rentals. Non-Bucks County resi-
 Junior 14-17                                    35.00
                                                                  dents must be International Hostel members. Memberships
 Individual                                      65.00
                                                                  are $28 for adults, or $18 for seniors. Call 215-536-8749 for
 Family-husband & wife                          100.00
                                                                  general information or reservations.
 Each child 14-17 with family                    20.00
          Green Fee Plan Discount Monday-Friday
           7:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., except Holidays
Individual                                               $7.00
Students with Family or Junior Seniors                    5.50
Seniors                                                   5.50                              Swimming
Organizations affiliated with the Golf Course             5.50
                                                                    Oxford Valley Pool (OVP), located in Fairless Hills, is a 50-
     Parents, Teachers, or Friends                                meter pool with a maximum depth of four ft. three in. It fea-
                                                                  tures a water slide and small wading pool for children with a
       Attention! Summer Jobs!                                    depth of one ft. six in.
                                                                  Tohickon Valley Pool (TVP) is situated in a wooded park set-
           You may not have thought about Bucks                   ting in Point Pleasant. The main pool ranges in depth from 3
                                                                  ft. to 5 ft 6 in., while the children’s pool is a maximum of 1 ft.
           County Parks and Recreation as a resource
           for summer jobs. Each year we look for
           qualified, enthusiastic people to work sum-              Each pool offers swim programs for children. Both county
           mers. If you know of someone young, old, or            and non-county residents may obtain season passes or pay
in between looking for a position for the summer, call            by the day. Fees vary for residents and nonresidents, by age,
one of the numbers below.                                         and day of week.
                                                                  For further information about fees, hours, and programs, con-
  For jobs at Core Creek Boat Rental, Oxford Valley               tact the pools during the Memorial Day to Labor Day season:
        Pool, or Frosty Hollow Tennis Center:                               OVP—215-949-2975
   Call Marianne Dubresson, 215-757-0571 ext. 3311                          TVP—215-297-0754
                                                                    Contact the Administrative Office with questions about the
     For jobs at Peace Valley Park Boat Rental, or                pools during the off-season at 215-757-0571.
              Tohickon Valley Park Pool:
              Call Jill Unger, 215-489-5132
                                                                                             Bucks Residents       Nonresidents
  Applicants can fill out job applications at the County            OVP Season Pass          $35-55                $70-110
 Human Resources Dept. at 50 N. Main St. in Doyles-                 OVP Daily Pass           $4.75-5.50            $9.50-11.00
      town or 7321 New Falls Rd. in Levittown.
                                                                    TVP Season Pass          $25-45                $50-90
     Applications now being accepted. Start your job                TVP Daily Pass           $3.50-4.00            $7.00-8.00
     search early during spring break, don’t delay.
PA R K L O C AT I O N S & S E R V I C E S   23
24                       PA R K L O C AT I O N S & S E R V I C E S


                                                                                 st rse s st rse s
                                                                              Fi ng idin Fi ng idin

                                                                             Re ou ure Re ou ure
                                                                                                         or as
                                                                                                      at k R

                                                                                                          C t
                                                                                                         ic s

                                                                                                      lf ea
                                                                                                    cn nd

                                                                                                      tu g

                                                                                                    is s
                                                                                                     st re
                                                                                                     nn ds

                                                                                                      rs g
                                                                                                     ki g

                                                                                                 Na atin

                                                                                                 M oom
                                                                                                 Go ic F
                                                                                                 Bo bac
                                                                                                 Ho min
                                                                                                 Hi kin

                                                                                                 Ic ing
                                                                                                 Pi rou

                                                                                                 Hi e A
                                                                                                 Te iel

                                                                                                aC g

                                                                                              Tr in






                                                                                             g sh





     C5 Van Sant Airport (188.5 acres)
     H4 Delaware River Access Area (108 acres)                                                                          I     I                                  I

                                                                                    or as
                                                                                 at k R

                                                                                     C t
                                                                                    ic s

     Erwinna, Cafferty Rd.at Andalusia, on Station Ave.
     Bensalem Township,

                                                                                cn nd

                                                                                 tu g

                                                                               is s
                                                                                st re
                                                                                nn ds

                                                                                 rs g
                                                                                ki g

                                                                             Na in

                                                                             M oom
                                                                             Go ic F
                                                                             Bo bac
                                                                             Ho min
                                                                             Hi kin

                                                                             Ic ing

                                                                             Hi e A
                                                                             Te iel

                                                                             Ca ng
     B4 Bucks County Horse Park (124.8 acres)


                                                                              I     I     I                                   I    I          I      I           I   O,* V


     H5 Mill Creek Valley Silver Lake (465 acres)









     Riegelsville, Easton Rd. 13 & Bath Rd.
     Bristol Township, US RT
     H4 Delaware River Access Area (108 acres)                                                                          I     I                                  I
     Bensalem Township, at Andalusia, on Station Ave.
     H5 Silver Lake Park (465 acres)                                          I      I     I                                  I                I                 I   O,* V
     Bristol Township, US RT 13 & Bath Rd.
     H5 Black Ditch (117 acres)                                               I
     Bristol Township, Mill Creek Rd. & Bloomsdale Rd.
     H5 Frosty Hollow (95 acres)                                                                      I                                                          I
     Levittown, on Newportville-Fallsington Rd., 1.4 mile east of Rt. 413
     G5 Queen Anne (276 acres)                                                                  I
     Middletown, Bristol Township, on New Falls Rd.
     G5 Oxford Valley Park (220 acres)                                                                     I                 I                               I       O
     Falls Township, at the intersection of Hood Blvd. & Oxford Valley Rd.
     G5 Core Creek (1200 acres)                                               I     I     I     I     I                 I     I               I                  I   O, B
     Middletown Township, south of Newtown, east on Rt. 413
     on Tollgate Rd.
     Enter also from Bridgetown Pike west of Langhorne-Yardley Rd.
     G4 Playwicki (33 acres)                                                  I     I     I                                   I                                  I
     Middletown Township, on Maple Ave. (Rt. 213) west of Langhorne
     G4 Churchville (172 acres)                                                           I                                                   I                  I   g, V, *
     Northampton Township, north of Holland at the
     Churchville Reservoir
     E4 Dark Hollow (770 acres)                                                                                               I                                      U
     Linear park bordering Neshaminy Creek, Warwick Township
     access from Old York Rd. (Rt. 263)
     D5 Hal H. Clark Park (72 acres)                                                                                                                                 U
     Located on River Rd. (Rt. 32) 1 mile south of Center Bridge
     D3 Moravian Pottery & Tile works, Fonthill (77 acres)                                                                                    I      I               T*
     Doylestown, 130 Swamp Rd. (Rt. 313) 1/2 mile east of Rt. 611
     D3 Peace Valley (1500 acres)                                             I     I     I     I                       I     I               I                  I   B,0*,V
     New Britain Township, 3 miles north of
     Doylestown to the west of Rt. 313 on Creek Rd.
     C5 Tohickon Valley (612 acres)                                           I     I     I                I                  I    I                             I   G,o
     Tinicum Township, 1 mile north of Pt. Pleasant on Cafferty Rd.
     C4 Stover-Myers Mill (26 acres)                                                I                                         I                      I           I   T
     Bedminster Township, on Dark Hollow Rd., 1 mile east of Pipersville
     C5 Tinicum (126 acres)                                                   I     I     I     I                       I     I    I                 I           I   T
     Tinicum Township, on River Rd. (Rt. 32) just north of Erwinna
     B3 Weisel Hostel (8 acres)                                                           I                                   I               I                  I   g
     East Rockhill Township, about 1 mile north of Nockamixon on
     Richlandtown Rd.
     B3 Lake Towhee (549 acres)                                               I     I     I     I                       I     I    I          I                  I
     Haycock Township, east of Applebachsville on Old Bethlehem Rd.
     B5 Ringing Rocks (65 acres)                                                    I     I                                                   I                      G
     Bridgeton Township, about 2 miles west of Upper Black Eddy
     G6 Falls of the Delaware (125 acres)                                                                                                                            U
     River Road, Lower Makefield Township
     H5 Fallsington Park (17 acres)                                                                                                                                  U
     Intersection of Tyburn & Trenton Roads
     C5 Prahl’s Island (88 acres)                                                                                       I     I                                      U
     Situated on the Delaware River in Tinicum Township
     1 mile north of Point Pleasant

                                      Key:        G–Geological Formation          M–Multi Use Court    •–Tent/Trailer     o–Cabin Lodge     T–Tour
                               U–Undeveloped          * –Programs Available        B–Boat Rental      O–Bikeway/Walkway       g-Group     V–Visitor Center
                                     FACILITY DIRECTORY                                                                  25
Easton Road                               Oxford Valley Road                        1306 Bath Road
Revere, Pa 18953                          Levitttown, PA 19030                      Bristol, PA 19007
(610) 847-8597                            215-945-8644                              215-785-1177
man-                                      Open Mar. 1 through Dec. 31               Center and Shop open daily Tue.
ager@buckscountyhorsepark.org             Mon. through Sat. 7 a.m. to dusk;         through Sat. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.,
                                          Sun. 6:30 a.m. to dusk.                   And Sun. Noon to 5 p.m.
CHURCHVILLE NATURE CENTER                 Closed January and February               www.silverlakenaturecenter.org
501 Churchville Lane
Churchville, PA 18966                     OXFORD VALLEY POOL                        TINICUM PARK
215-357-4005                              (Seasonal)                                River Road (Rte 32)
Center and Shop open Tues. through        Hood Blvd                                 Upper Black Eddy, PA
Sun. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.                    Fairless Hills, PA                        Call the Administrative Office for
www.churchvillenaturecenter.org.          215-949-2975                              information 215-757-0571.
                                          Open Memorial Day Weekend through
CORE CREEK PARK                           Labor Day.                                TOHICKON VALLEY PARK
(Administrative Office)                   3 p.m.-8 p.m. when Pennsbury Schools      POOL (Seasonal)
901 E Bridgetown Pike                     are in session;                           Cafferty Road
Langhorne, PA 19047                       12 p.m. to 8 p.m. remainder of the sea-   Point Pleasant, PA
215-757-0571                              son.                                      Call the Administrative Office for Park
Open Mon. through Fri.                                                              information 215-757-0571,
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.                          PEACE VALLEY PARK                         Pool Tel. 215-297-0754 (in season),
www.buckscounty.org                       Creek Road                                Pool opens Memorial Day Weekend to
                                          New Britain Twp, PA                       Mid -June , weekends only
CORE CREEK PARK BOAT                      Open daily 8 a.m. to sunset. Call the     Mid-June through Labor Day
RENTAL (Seasonal)                         Administrative office for Park            12:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Core Creek Park                           information 215-757-0571
Langhorne, PA                                                                       VAN SANT AIRPORT
215-757-1225                              PEACE VALLEY BOAT RENTAL                  Cafferty Road
Open first Saturday in May through mid    (Seasonal)                                Erwinna, Pa 18920
October                                   Creek Road                                (610) 847-8320
                                          New Britain Twp, PA
CORE CREEK TENNIS CENTER                  215-345-1097                              WEISEL HOSTEL
Woodbourne Rd                             Open first Saturday in May through mid    7347 Richlandtown Road
Langhorne, PA                             -Oct.                                     Quakertown, PA 18951
Call the administrative office for                                                  215-536-8749
information 215-757-0571                  PEACE VALLEY NATURE CENTER                Open daily 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.,
                                          170 Chapman Road                          and 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.
                                          Doylestown, PA 18901                      Closed Dec. 25 to Jan 1 of every year
                                          215-345-7860                              Part of worldwide hostel network.
                                          Solar building and Sunflower Shop         www.buckscounty.org or
4503 New Falls Road
                                          open Tue. through Sun.                    www.hiayh.org
Levittown, PA
                                          9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
                                          Trails open daily dawn to dusk.
Open May through October.
Hours vary.

LAKE TOWHEE PARK                          PLAYWICKI PARK
                                          Maple Avenue
Old Bethlehem Pike
                                          Langhorne, PA
Applebachsville, PA
                                          Call the Administrative Office for
Call the Administrative Office for Park
                                          information 215-757-0571.
information 215-757-0571.

MORAVIAN POTTERY                          SILVER LAKE PARK
                                          Bath Road
AND TILE WORKS                            Bristol Township, PA
130 Swamp Road
                                          Call the Administrative Office for
Doylestown, PA 18901
                                          information 215-757-0571.
Open Daily; 10 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.
26                      R E G I S T R AT I O N I N F O R M AT I O N

                             Important                               • We are unable to “hold” space in a class without a
                                                                       registration form, signed waiver, and payment.
                            Registration                             • Registration generally closes one week before class
                        Information                                    begins unless otherwise indicated. Check with the facil-
                                                                       ity regarding late registrations.
                                                                     • Registrants will be placed on a program roster and
                 COMPLETING THE                                        called one to two weeks before the program start
                REGISTRATION FORM                                      date to re-confirm and review what to bring, directions,
• Use the registration form only where indicated under                 etc. There are no registration confirmations or tickets
    program information., e.g., for all camps, most                    issued.
    classes, tennis leagues, and all bus tours.                      • Make checks payable to Bucks County Parks.
•   Be sure to include all participant information on the
    form, including participant name(s), address, age school                        PAYMENT METHODS
    (children and youth only), and telephone numbers.                For lower Bucks programs:
•   Be sure to include all program information re-                   • In person—Cash, Check, or Credit Card only at the Core
    quested on the registration form, including program                Creek Park Administrative Office in Langhorne. Regis-
    name, number, session number, date, and fee for each               tration for tennis programs accepted at Frosty Hollow,
    participant.                                                       and for pool programs at Oxford Valley after opening.
•   Each participant may register for more than one pro-               Oxford Valley Pool accepts credit cards also.
    gram on the form. Just list each program separately.             • By mail — Check or Credit Card only
•   Indicate payment type and amount enclosed at the                 • By fax — Credit Card only
    bottom.                                                          For central and upper Bucks programs:
•   Don’t forget to sign the waiver on the bottom! Each              • By mail — Check or Credit Card only
    adult participant listed on the registration form must sign      • By fax — Credit Card only
    the waiver; parent or guardian signs for children.               • Telephone registrations are NOT accepted for either
•   Don’t forget your payment!                                         Upper or Lower Bucks Programs.
                                                                     • We accept VISA, MC, only.
• Call the facility or the Core Creek Park Office to                           CANCELLATIONS, REFUNDS
  check on program availability, new programs, or new                • The Department reserves the right to cancel a pro-
  sessions opening as the class start date nears. Register             gram due to insufficient registration. So register
  early.                                                               early!
• Registrations are accepted on a first-come basis                   • There are NO REFUNDS, unless the Department can-
  only. We recommend registering early.                                cels a class, in which case a refund will be issued.
• A completed registration form with signed waiver                   • The instructor arranges makeup dates with the class.
  and full payment together are required for registra-
  tion. Otherwise, it will be returned for further informa-                          WHEN IN DOUBT…
  tion.                                                              Call either the Administrative Office (Lower Bucks) or Creek
• Even if the course is free, send in a completed regis-             Rd Office (Central and Upper Bucks) for further information.
  tration form with signed waiver. A signed waiver is
  always required.

We rent out our facilities for non-park related events. Here are a few with contact phone numbers for those interested in attend-
ing. Please feel free to call the contacts for times and other pertinent information.

                 Event                                   Date                       Contact                            Phone
Tinicum Park Polo Club             Polo matches every Sat., Mid-May to Mid. Oct. Polo Club Hot-Line           (908) 996-6449

Tinicum Dog Show                                       Sat., May 8                Helma Weeks                 (215) 382-4956

Tinicum Outdoor Antique Show                           Sun., June 6               Pat Lesko                   (610) 294-9420

Tinicum Arts Festival                                  July 10 & 11               Pat Lesko                   (610) 294-9420
                                R E G I S T R AT I O N F O R M                                                                        27
 For lower Bucks programs and bus tours,          For Nature Center and Moravian                      For Upper Bucks Programs,
          mail, fax*, or drop off to:                                                               mail or fax* only (no drop-ins) to:
                                                  Pottery & Tile Works programs,
 M. Dubresson, Bucks Co. Parks & Recreation                                                  Jill Unger, Bucks County Parks and Recreation
901 E. Bridgetown Pike, Langhorne, PA 19047       contact these facilities directly.               510 Creek Rd, New Britain, PA 18901
              Tel: 215-757-0571                   See p. 11-18 on how to contact                             Tel: 215-489-5132
   Fax*: 215-752-1421 (with MC/Visa info)         them.                                           Fax*: 215-230-7829 (with MC/Visa info)

Adult Name
City/Town                                                                      State                Zip
Tel. (Day)                                     (Eve)                                    (cell)
Emergency Contact                                                   Relationship                              Tel
For Tennis Leagues: Rating                   Member No., if applicable:                          E-mail
               A L L        I N F O R M A T I O N               M U S T          B E       C O M P L E T E D .

  List all Participants-First & Last     Youth Only:             Full Program/Event Name                    Course     Date &
                                          Birth Date          (See program/event description).               No.        Time          Fee

         **Registration form MUST include waiver signature below to be valid**                                       Total Fee:

                                                                                  Indicate the amount & method of your payment:
      Since I, my son/daughter are participating in this program voluntarily
   and at my own/son’s/daughter’s risk, I agree not to sue or hold liable         Cash Amt                Check Amt               #
the County of Bucks, the Department of Parks and Recreation or any of
    its representatives, and/or individual instructors responsible for any                 Check made out to Bucks County Parks
injury or damages to me/my son/daughter resulting from participation in
                                                                                  VISA/MASTERCARD (circle one) Amt
 this/these programs. The Bucks County Department of Parks and Rec-
reation and its representatives have my permission to arrange transpor-           Card #
  tation to a licensed physician or medical facility. I grant my permission
   for a licensed physician to provide any medical care or treatment this         Exp. Date
            physician deems necessary to myself/son/or daughter.
   Participants understand that photos may be taken during
events/camps/sessions/courses and may be used in future sup-                      Print Cardholder’s Name:
port of programs.
Signature of all Adult Participant(s)/Parent or Guardian of Child :

                                                                                  Below for Office Use Only:
Print:                                                                            Staff Initials               Date processed

28                                           Test Your Knowledge
                             Which Mouse is Which?

General Information
♦ Can give birth when they are 2 months old, having babies 6-10 times/year
♦ Eat 15-20 times/day
♦ Live up to 5 months in the wild
♦ Are good climbers and swimmers
♦ They do not vomit, unlike other rodents
♦ Five to 8 inches long

Deer Mice/White Footed Mouse
♦ Have fur that looks like deer fur, more rounded ears
♦ Brown to dark brown
♦ Eat insects, small fruits/berries, underground fungus                                       ‘Mickey Mouse?’
♦ Live in hollow trees or garbage
♦ Nocturnal and when it comes indoors, prefers quiet places like attics
♦ Can spread the potentially fatal Hantavirus from touching infected mice or fumes from urine
♦ Known more as the wild mice

House Mice
♦ Most common type of rodent
♦ Female can give birth to a maximum of 12 babies every 3 weeks! Count that, 150 babies/year!
♦ Two inches long
♦ Light brown to black
♦ Feed on plants (primarily) but will also eat meat and dairy products
♦ Can eat their OWN droppings to acquire nutrients produced by bacteria in their guts!
♦ Mostly live in structures but can also survive outdoors
♦ Breed throughout the year and share nests with their relatives
♦ Can spread disease by being bitten by parasites and then biting humans

Field Mice
♦ Have 2 tone tail like other mice but the bottom side of the tail has no pigment, very dark on top
♦ Cousin of the rat with the exception of small front teeth and smaller claws
♦ Very intelligent in thinking out a strategy prior to acting on a situation
♦ Hairless tail
♦ Live in open fields/forests but also in cities
            Information gathered from http://www.pestworldforkids.org/mice.html and www.santharia.com/bestiary/field-mouse

Bucks County Department of Parks and Recreation                                                                     PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                    US Postage
901 East Bridgetown Pike, Langhorne, Pennsylvania 19047                                                                 PAID
Tel: 215-757-0571 Fax: 215-752-1421                                                                                Doylestown, PA
Email: parksandrecreation@co.bucks.pa.us                                                                           Permit No. 264
Website: www.buckscounty.org

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