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					                                                                                    Autism Society of North Carolina                  Children’s Developmental Services
                                                                                    Local: 256-5202                                   Agency (CDSA)

              Special                                                               Toll free: 1-800-442-2762                         (Formerly Early Childhood Intervention
                                                                                    505 Oberlin Road, Suite 230                       Services - ECIS - and Developmental
                                                                                    Raleigh, NC 27605                                 Evaluation Center - DEC)
                                                                                     Provides services for NC residents with          3314-12 16th Avenue SE

            Needs and
                                                                                     autism and related developmental                 Conover, NC 28613
                                                                                                                                       Through a team approach with several
                                                                                    BEGINNINGS for Parents of Hearing                  professionals, this agency provides an
                                                                                    Impaired Children                                  in-depth evaluation of a child’s medical,
                                                                                                                                       psychological, educational, physical, and

                                                                                    1-800-541-HEAR or 439-2302
                                                                                     Offers information, referral, and                 speech-language needs. Child service
                                                                                     advocacy for families of hearing impaired         coordinators assist families in locating
                                                                                     children.                                         services and therapies (such as speech,
                                                                                                                                       occupational, or physical) as well as other
                                                                                    Check-it-Out                                       support resources. Parents and others
                                                                                    North Carolina Network of Assistive                may refer children to the CDSA.
                                                                                    Technology Loan Programs
                                                                                                        Conover School
                                                                                     A coordinated effort to loan assistive           464-9532
                                                                                     technology equipment to North                    108 7th Street Place SW
                                                                                     Carolinians with disabilities, their             Conover, NC 28613
                                                                                     families, and their service providers. 
                                                                                    Cheer!                                             Public education for mentally challenged,
                                                                                    345-6956                                           autistic, and augmentative communication
                                                                                     Competitive cheerleading team for girls           needs students, ages 3-21. Serves
                                                                                     ages 7-25 with developmental                      children in all 3 school districts in Catawba
                                                                                     disabilities. Offers opportunities for            County.
                                                                                     cheer and tumbling training, travel to
                                                                                     competitions, friendships, and fun!              Early Childhood Support Team
                                                                                    Child Service Coordination Program                256-5084
                                                                                    (CSCP)                                             Offers consultation and support to families
                                                                                    695-5771                                           of children who have special needs or are
                                                                                    Catawba County Public Health                       experiencing difficulties in typical child
                                                                                    3070 11th Avenue Drive SE                          care settings. Refer to Page 2 for more
                                                                                    Hickory, NC 28602                                  information. A SMART START funded
                                                                                      A voluntary home visitation program for
                                                                                      families of young children who have, or         Easter Seals UCP of NC
                                                                                      are at risk for, medical or developmental       ECHOES Hickory/Morganton
                                                                                      conditions. Staffed by Public Health            1-800-662-7119
                                                                                      Nurses.                                         3305 16th Avenue SE, Suite 202
                                                                                                                                      Conover, NC 28613
                                                                                                                                       ECHOES provides early intervention
                                                                                                                                       services for infants and toddlers, ages
                                                                                                                                       birth to 3 years. Children with or at risk for
                                                                                                                                       developmental delays are served through
                                                                                                                                       home visits and in other community
Chapter 3: Special Needs & Disabilities                                   Page 9
Parent’s Helpbook                         Catawba County Partnership for Children   Parent’s Helpbook: Special Needs & Disabilities                                          Page 10
Exceptional Children’s Assistance                 Local Interagency Coordinating                  NC Early Intervention Library                     Public School Preschool Programs
Center (ECAC)                                     Council (LICC)                                  919-707-5520                                       Public schools provide services for
1-800-962-6817                                    Please call your local CDSA office to get                             children ages 3-5 with disabilities.
P.O. Box 16                                       current information about your county’s         Email:                     Call your school system for more
Davidson, NC 28036                                LICC contacts:                                   Loans books and videos focusing on                information if you suspect your 3-5 year                         466-5594 (Catawba, Alexander)                    young children with special needs.                old may have trouble with hearing,
 Parent training and information center           432-5430 (Burke, Caldwell, McDowell)             Special collection of children’s books.           speech, learning, or other skills.
 offering parents of children with                 This organization is comprised of               Available to parents and professionals            • Catawba County Schools
 disabilities information, assistance, and         representatives from various agencies           in North Carolina.                                   Preschool 466-1748
 workshops on laws, IEP’s, etc. Parent             and parents of children with disabilities                                                         • Newton-Conover City Schools
 newsletter available.                             who work together to ensure that               NC School for the Deaf (NCSD)                         Preschool 466-1748
                                                   services for children with disabilities are    432-5352
Exceptional Equestrians                            efficient and family friendly.                 517 West Fleming Drive                             • Hickory Public Schools Preschool
433-2291                                                                                          Morganton, NC 28655                                   328-6738, ext. 331
300 Enola Road                                    March of Dimes Birth Defects          
Morganton, NC 28655                                                                                Academic, vocational, psychological,             Special Olympics of Catawba County
 A therapeutic horseback riding program                                                            audiological, occupational therapy,              324-7948
 for adults and children with disabilities.                                                                                                         1065 17th Avenue NW
                                                  Western Carolina Division                        health care and other specialized
 Also provides volunteer opportunities for                                                                                                          Hickory, NC 28601
                                                  1601 Norwood Road                                programs for hearing impaired children
 adults and youth to assist in providing                                                                                                  
                                                  Statesville, NC 28677                            and their families. Infant/Toddler
 services.                                                                                                                                           Provides opportunities for children and
                                                   Community services to address                   services available.
                                                                                                                                                     adults with mental retardation to develop
                                                   maternal and infant needs; advocacy for
                                                                                                                                                     physical fitness, engage in athletic
Family Support Network - HOPE                      programs and policies to improve the           Parents As Teachers® (Catawba County
Network                                                                                                                                              competition, and experience the joy of
                                                   health of mothers and babies.                  Parent Education Program)
                                                                                                                                                     sharing and friendship through a variety
326-5953 or 256-5205                                                                               The Parents as Teachers® program (see
P.O. Box 5413                                                                                                                                        of sporting events.
                                                  MUMS (Mothers United for Moral                   Parent Support & Education section)
Hickory, NC 28603                                 Support) National Parent-to-Parent               offers individualized support services to                                                                                                                                       Summer Camp Directory
                                                  Network                                          families of children ages 0-5 with special
Email:                            1-877-336-5333 (toll free)                       needs. Services available in Spanish and
                                                                                                                                                     A listing of summer camp opportunities in
Provides information and referral for                                 Hmong. A SMART START funded project.              NC and around the country for children
parents of children with special needs.            Maintains extensive database of children
                                                                                                                                                     with special needs.
Can also provide parent-to-parent                  with disabilities (including very rare          Refer to Page 8 for locations and phone
matches for families of children with              disorders) so that families may contact         numbers for each of the Parent Educators.
similar disabilities if desired. Serving                                                                                                            SUPPORT GROUPS
                                                   each other for support and to share
                                                                                                                                                    For more information about these support
Alexander, Burke, Caldwell, Catawba &              medical information. Also publishes            Patrick Beaver Learning
McDowell Counties.                                                                                                                                  groups and others, refer to Page 6 of this
                                                   quarterly newsletter for families and          Resource Center                                   book or call the Catawba County
                                                   professionals.                                 261-9930                                          Parenting Network at 465-9295.
Governor Morehead Preschool                                                                       737 12th Street SW
432-5279                                          Muscular Dystrophy Association                  Hickory, NC 28602                                 • ADHD Parent Support Group
NCSD Box 38                                       704-567-2912                                                                 For parents whose children have been
517 West Fleming Drive                            570 Executive Center Drive, Suite 103            Information and resources related to               diagnosed with or are thought to have
Morganton, NC 28655                               Charlotte, NC 28212                              ADHD and other learning differences.               ADHD. Meets the 3rd Wednesday of                           Diagnostic testing, clinical services,                                                             each month at the Tyndall Center on
 Provides a variety of services for                physical and occupational therapies,           Pregnancy Exposure Riskline                         County Home Road in Conover, from
 infants, toddlers, and preschoolers with          summer camp, public health education.          1-800-532-6302                                      5:30 - 7:00 p.m. Call 465-9295.
 visual impairments. Services may be                                                               Provides information about prenatal              • Autism Support Group
 delivered in homes, child care centers,                                                           exposure to drugs, alcohol, and many               Meets bimonthly at Hickory Church of
 and preschool classrooms.                                                                         other substances. Anyone parenting a               Christ on Fairgrove Church Road.
                                                                                                   substance-exposed child is invited to call.        Call 256-5202 for more information.
                                                                                                                                                    • Special Families Support Group
                                                                                                                                                      For parents and caregivers of children
                                                                                                                                                      of all ages with any type of special
                                                                                                                                                      needs or disabilities. Call 326-5953.

Parent’s Helpbook: Special Needs & Disabilities                                         Page 11   Parent’s Helpbook: Special Needs & Disabilities                                      Page 12
TEACCH Center (Treatment and
                                                        What are                                  Developmental Milestones:                         Developmental Milestones:
                                                                                                     About 0-3 Months                                  About 3-6 Months
Education of Autistic and related
Communication handicapped
CHildren)                                             Developmental                         Cognition                                         Cognition
                                                                                            Responds to new sound with movement or with       Repeats action on objects
469-B Hospital Drive
                                                       Milestones?                            voice                                           Recognizes mother
Gastonia, NC 28054
                                                  Many parents worry about how their        Follows movement of hands with eyes               Looks at hand and object when grasping                                                                              Looks at an object or person                      Uses visually directed reaching
 A resource for parents of children               child is developing! It is very
                                                                                            Shows positive response to familiar sounds        Secures partially hidden object
 diagnosed with autism.                           common for parents to wonder if                                                             Imitates cooing sounds
Tadpole Lending Library
                                                  their child is on track with where he     Communication                                     Uses movement or sound to continue an
919-575-3093                                      or she should be at any particular        Makes small, throaty noises                         interesting game
 Lends and delivers low-tech assistive            age and stage.                            Coos expressively, vocalizes
 technology devices and toys free to                                                        Smiles at mother’s voice                          Communication
 families and professionals who work with                                                   Responds vocally to a friendly person             Turns head to locate sounds and voices
 individuals with special needs.                  The Developmental Milestones                                                                Responds to voice by sound or movement
                                                  described on the following pages          Gross Motor                                       Vocalizes sound patterns, begins babbling
Tyndall Center Therapeutic Preschool
256-5056, extension 348                           offer a description of the typical        Waves hands and kicks feet when on back           Varies crying to different stimuli
Sipe’s Orchard Home                               skills that children generally have at    Turns head to either side when lying on
                                                                                              stomach or back                                 Gross Motor
4431 County Home Road                             certain ages. These are not
Conover, NC 28613                                                                           Rolls from side to back                           Pushes up from ground, lifts head and chest             complete lists. These are just some       Gains head control in upright position            Pushes self to sitting position; sits alone
 A therapeutic preschool program for              of the things you should be looking                                                           momentarily
 children with behavioral and emotional           for as your child grows.                  Fine Motor                                        Rolls from stomach to back
 difficulties. Specializes in helping young                                                 Follows movement up, down & across                Straightens hips, lifts legs when on stomach
 children who are troubled and their                                                                                                          Reaches for feet and brings to mouth
                                                                                            Glances from one object to another
 families improve the quality of their lives.     As you read these lists, please keep
                                                                                            Grasps object when placed in hand
 A SMART START funded project.                    in mind that each child develops at a     Watches movement of own hands                     Fine Motor
Walkin’ Roll Activities League, Inc.              different pace and that an individual                                                       Holds objects directly in front, both hands
326-5193                                          child may develop more quickly in         Self-Help                                         Uses fingers and palm to hold objects
P.O. Box 2815                                     one area than in another. These           Demonstrates sucking reflex                       Bangs objects in play
Hickory, NC 28603                                                                           Opens mouth to bottle or breast and sucks
                                                  lists are meant to provide you a                                                                          Demonstrates gag reflex                           Self-Help
 Provides sports and recreation activities        framework for reviewing how your                                                            Eats baby foods from spoon
 for children with disabilities and their
                                                  child is developing.                      Social                                            Anticipates feeding with increased activity
                                                                                            Enjoys being tickled and cuddled                  Reaches for and holds bottle
                                                  Use the information on the following      Smiles spontaneously
  Do you need information about                                                                                                               Social
                                                  pages as a guide, based on the child’s    Smiles in response to smile, voice, or touch
      Specialized Therapies                                                                 Expresses pleasure with physical activity         Laughs aloud often
         for your child?                          age. If you have any concerns,            Quiets when picked up                             Notices strangers
   (i.e. occupational therapy, speech             please talk with your child's doctor.     Maintains brief eye contact during feeding        Voices pleasures and displeasures
        therapy, physical therapy)                                                                                                            Approaches image in a mirror
                                                  For more information, you may also                                                          Cries when left alone or put down
        Consult your child’s                                                                                                                  Likes physical play
                                                  call the Children’s Developmental
   physician, your child’s service                                                                                                            Shows awareness of strange environments
                                                  Services Agency (CDSA) at 466-
  coordinator, or your local yellow
                                                  5594 or contact the Family Support
     pages for referrals or for
                                                  Network at 326-5953.
       additional resources.

Parent’s Helpbook: Special Needs & Disabilities                                   Page 13   Parent’s Helpbook: Special Needs & Disabilities                                           Page 14
      Developmental Milestones:                        Developmental Milestones:                        Developmental Milestones:                          Developmental Milestones:
         About 6-9 Months                                About 9-12 Months                               About 12-18 Months                                 About 18-24 Months
Cognition                                         Cognition                                        Cognition                                         Cognition
Imitates simple, familiar gestures                Plays simple games (pat-a-cake)                  Places one round shape in a form board            Identifies parts of own body
Responds to name                                  Acts on or with visible toys or objects          Uses tool such as stick to obtain objects         Names 5 parts of the body
Uncovers toys that have been partially hidden     Moves to reach a desired toy                     Recognizes shapes in a puzzle board               Pays attention to nursery rhymes
Tracks and locates object falling out of view     Finds a completely hidden object                 Imitates unfamiliar sound patterns & gestures     Points to pictures in book when asked
                                                  Looks at pictures in book                        Points to an object named or wanted               Imitates sounds, words, or body movements
Communication                                     Touches adult or object to cause reaction        Imitates at least one facial gesture              Activates objects directly
Vocalizes consonant/vowel syllables and two                                                        Attempts to operate toy                           Finds object from indirect visual cues
  syllables (gaga, mama, dada)                    Communication
Engages in vocal play; uses word-like             Plays pat-a-cake, waves good-bye                                                                   Communication
  expressions                                     Imitates coughs, tongue clicks, lip smacks                                                         Uses two words to describe actions
                                                                                                   Shakes head from side to side to mean “no”
Uses vocalization for attention                   Stops activities in response to “no”                                                               Uses one word for many similar things
                                                                                                   Uses first spontaneous words
Responds to name vocally                          Repeats what adults say                                                                            Refers to self by name
                                                                                                   Uses one word to express an idea (“milk”)
                                                  Understands a few words and gestures                                                               Uses two-word possessives (daddy car)
Gross Motor                                                                                        Follows simple command
                                                  Uses jargon or non-meaningful monologue                                                            Follows verbal instructions
Bears weight in standing position                                                                  Performs requested actions
                                                  Imitates new words                                                                                 Uses familiar names of objects
Sits unsupported and reaches for toys
Lifts head when on back                           Gross Motor                                      Gross Motor                                       Gross Motor
Rolls from back to stomach                        Creeps forward on hands and knees                Makes 4-5 stepping movements in place             Walks downstairs with support
Crawls forward with stomach on floor              Pulls to standing, using stable support          Creeps upstairs                                   Jumps in place
Bounds when held in standing position             Sits from standing with help and then alone      Stands alone in the middle of floor               Pushes/pulls a light object
Maintains balance on hands and knees              Walks holding on to furniture                    Walks backwards and sideways                      Sits directly in small chair
Assists in pulling to standing position           Walks with support                               Climbs upstairs, with one hand held               Runs length of the room without falling
                                                  Lots go of support and stands alone              Creeps downstairs backwards                       Stands on one foot momentarily
Fine Motor                                                                                         Rises to standing position independently          Picks up toy from floor when standing up
Grasps with thumb and side of index finger        Fine Motor                                       Walks alone
                                                                                                                                                     Fine Motor
Moves wrist to manipulate toy or object           Uses index finger alone
Reaches for and obtains objects 10”-12” away      Purposely releases an object                                                                       Imitates vertical crayon stroke
                                                                                                   Fine Motor
Retains one toy when given another                Makes mark on piece of paper with pencil or                                                        Places 3 shapes in a form board
                                                                                                   Places small toys into cup                        Picks up an object with fingers and thumb
Transfers objects from one hand to the other        crayon                                         Uses both hands to perform same action
Clasps hands                                      Grasps with finger and thumb                                                                         alone
                                                                                                   Holds crayon and scribbles on paper               Imitates stacking tower of 4 blocks
                                                  Pokes at objects with index finger               Stacks one block on top of another
Self-Help                                         Bangs spoon or cup                                                                                 Turns pages of book one by one
                                                                                                   Builds tower of 3 or 4 blocks
Begins chewing movements                                                                                                                             Self-Help
Reaches for and holds bottle                      Self-Help
                                                                                                   Self-Help                                         Zips and unzips large zipper
Drinks from a cup with help                       Stops drooling                                                                                     Attempts to put on shoes
Manipulates finger foods                          Licks food off utensil or from sides of mouth    Picks up cup and drinks
                                                                                                   Spoon feeds without many spills                   Removes all clothes without help
Holds, bites, and chews biscuit                   Finger feeds for part of meal                                                                      Attempts to put familiar objects away
                                                  Usually weaned from bottle or breast             Removes simple garments on request
Social                                                                                             Cooperates in dressing by moving limbs            Unwraps enclosed food such as crackers
                                                  Drinks from cup, with some spilling from                                                           Ceases activity for naptime
Plays Peek-a-Boo                                     mouth                                         Indicates wet or soiled diaper
Expresses pleasure when playfully handled                                                                                                            Social
Reacts playfully to mirror image                  Social                                           Social                                            Cries or fusses for short period when parents
Plays unattended for short periods of time        Laughs aloud in play with adult                  Repeats a performance laughed at                    are absent
Understands and adapts to social signals          Responds appropriately to adult’s change of      Exhibits specific emotional behaviors such as     Plays alone for extended period of time
  (smile, harsh tone)                               mood                                             fear, joy, and anger                            Shows intense positive and negative reactions
Shows displeasure when a familiar toy is          Temporarily responds to “no”                     Gives affection - returns a kiss or hug           Becomes easily frustrated
  removed                                         Shows preference for one toy over another        Makes some decisions for self                     Shows pride in actions
Parent’s Helpbook: Special Needs & Disabilities                                          Page 15   Parent’s Helpbook: Special Needs & Disabilities                                          Page 16
      Developmental Milestones:                            Developmental Milestones:                                                   Developmental Milestones:
       About 24-36 Months                                   About 36-48 Months                                                          About 48-60 Months
Cognition                                           Cognition                                           Cognition                                           Self-Help
Matches familiar objects                            Matches 2-3 colors, counts up to 3                  Knows own age                                       Blows nose independently
Enjoys short stories read from picture book         Knows concepts big/little, fast/slow, long/short    Knows day and night                                 Serves self at table from bowl without
Points to “one” and “many”                          Tells a simple story                                Matches and names four primary colors                 spilling
Exhibits sense of ownership (“it’s mine”)           Matches pictures of similar objects                 Counts 10 objects; answers how many on              Eats with spoon and fork skillfully
Recognizes self in mirror                           Discriminates size, weight, and length                request                                           Stays dry overnight
Engages in domestic make-believe play                                                                   Sequences pictures in order of occurrence           Distinguishes between front and back of
                                                                                                        Answers questions about a story being read            clothing
Communication                                       Asks questions beginning with who, what or
                                                                                                        Names three objects from memory                     Plays in yard with periodic monitoring
Joins in songs and rhythm activities                  where
                                                                                                        Chooses own categories for sorting                  Hangs coat on hook
Uses own first name, says complete name             Uses possessives correctly (“Mommy’s car”)
Uses 3-word phrases                                 Uses regular past tense and prepositions like in,
                                                                                                        Communication                                       Social
Uses “no” appropriately                               on, and under
                                                    Learns to whisper                                   Regularly uses pronouns (i.e. he, she) and          Calls attention to own performance
Uses simple pronouns and regular plurals
                                                    Uses normal loudness and tone                       possessive pronouns                                 Uses social responses (i.e. please, thank
Asks questions with appropriate tone
                                                    Uses language in imaginative play                   Uses some adverbs                                     you, raises hand, stands in no line)
Carries out 2-step commands
                                                    Uses sentences most of the time                     Verbally call attention to own performance          Chooses another child to play with
Gross Motor                                                                                             Carries out series of three unrelated commands      Talks about family
Walks up and down stairs holding railing            Gross Motor                                         Uses future tense                                   Prefers to be with peers rather than
Stands on balance beam with help                    Catches a bounced ball                              Names attributes of objects (size, shape, color)      adults
Kicks ball without support                          Walks downstairs without support, alternating       Uses “no” and “not” appropriately                   Controls emotions and expresses them in
Balances on one foot, runs and jumps                   feet                                             Uses contracted negatives (i.e. can’t, don’t)         acceptable ways
Throws ball overhand                                Jumps forward without falling
Rides tricycle using pedals                         Throws ball overhead                                Gross Motor
                                                    Stands on balance beam without help                 Gallops
Fine Motor                                          Walks entire length of tape line on floor           Walks full length of balance beam without falling
Imitates drawing horizontal & vertical strokes      Climbs to top of slide and slides down              Kicks rolling ball toward target
Snips or makes small cuts with scissors
                                                    Fine Motor                                          Skips, Alternating feet
Strings 3 or 4 beads
                                                    Strings 1/2” beads                                  Hops on one foot
Begins to hold crayons correctly
                                                    Copies a circle                                     Catches a thrown ball
Builds tower of 9 blocks
                                                    Cuts along line with continuous motion              Walks on tiptoes for 10 feet
Self-Help                                           Laces shoes, not necessarily with pattern
Eats whole meal with spoon; starts to use fork                                                          Fine Motor
Toilets with some help and has only                 Self-Help                                           Draws a picture
  occasional accidents                              Buttons and unbuttons larger buttons                Demonstrates hand preference
Puts on simple clothing and then all clothes        Completely dresses with verbal assistance           Copies shapes (circle, square, triangle,
  except for buttoning                              Wipes up spills                                       rectangle) from example
Washes and dries hands with help                    Brushes teeth with verbal assistance                Cuts out a circle and other simple shapes
Brushes teeth with help                             Washes and dries hands independently
                                                    Completely cares for self at toilet
Varies mood in response to reactions of others      Social                                                                                                  If you have any concerns
Initiates own play activities and plays in simple   Initiates play in group and remains in play                                                                 about your child’s
   games                                            Shares toys upon suggestion
Indulges in pretend or make-believe play            Performs simple errands                                                                                  development, please call
Requests that specific stories be read              Plays cooperatively                                                                                        your child’s doctor!
Avoids dangerous situations                         Shows sympathy and concern when appropriate
Attempts to take turns                              Enjoys helping and participating

Parent’s Helpbook: Special Needs & Disabilities                                               Page 17   Parent’s Helpbook: Special Needs & Disabilities                                       Page 18