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Council                              Minutes of the forty-ninth meeting of the
                  Palms Neighborhood Council (PNC) and its Representative Assembly
                                     Wednesday, July 9, 2008
                      IMAN Center, 3376 Motor Avenue, Palms, California, U.S.A.

  1. Call to order and welcome
     Facilitator Lori Donahoo welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 7:12 p.m.

  2. Roll call
     Roll call was taken by Ms. Olomajeye.

      Members present:
      Todd Robinson, Vice-President, M. Dee Olomajeye, Secretary, Neal James Anderberg, Palms Depot
      Business, Lori Donahoo, Palms West Residential, Mate “Matt” Gaspar, Overland Residential, John
      Riordan, Pacific Electric Business, Terry Robinson, Non-Profits, Sandy Varga, Charnock Ranch

      Members absent:
      Jason Buchalter, Treasurer, and Charles Buffa, Studio Residential

      Eight of the 10 Board Members were present at the beginning of the Meeting, which is a quorum, and
      the business of the Council could be conducted. Also present were 14 Stakeholders and guests.

      Dee Olomajeye announced that the Agenda contains the following mistake: Item #5, Board
      Appointment, “Appointment of Dee Olomajeye as President . . .” should read “Appointment of Dee
      Olomajeye as Vice-President . . .”

  3. Public forum
     Yvette Neal, Founder/CEO of Pacific Graffiti Solutions (PGS) (310-204-2749;,
     is working with various NCs, including on a program to divert children from tagging.

      Stakeholder George Garrigues announced that the circulation of his website is
      1,228. The NC can advertise there and use it as an information center. He is “protesting an Agenda
      change,” in regard to the above announcement by Dee Olomajeye that the Agenda mistakenly noted
      her “Appointment . . . as President” rather than “Vice-President . . .”

      Stakeholder Bea Stillman encouraged starting the Meeting at the scheduled 7:00 p.m.

  4. Announcements: Assembly vacancies: Motor Residential, Exposition Residential
     Lori Donahoo explained the above and encouraged Stakeholders to volunteer for the Board and

 [The following Agenda Item was addressed after Item # 3.]

  5. Board Appointment (Todd Robinson): Appointment of Dee Olomajeye as President of Palms
     Neighborhood Council.

      [It was noted above that Dee Olomajeye announced that the Agenda contains the following mistake:
      Item #5, Board Appointment, “Appointment of Dee Olomajeye as President . . .” should read
      “Appointment of Dee Olomajeye as Vice-President . . .”

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   Todd Robinson expressed that he’s been the Interim President and wants to move back to being a
   Vice-President, so the NC is looking for more volunteers.

6. Government Representative Announcements
   Liz Carlin, Deputy for L.A. City District 10 Councilman Herb Wesson (323-733-8233;, distributed a flyer about and described the free movie night on July 26th
   at Reynier Park. Captain Martinez of Fire Station 43, at 3640 Motor Avenue and Regent Street, is
   here; there’ll be a Grand Opening there, with tours, refreshments and government officials, on August
   16th at 10:00 a.m.; NC support is needed. A Planning Meeting will be held there on July 22nd at
   10:00 a.m. and weekly meetings after that. For information, contact Danielle Sevilla at 310-710-3264
   or Regarding Motor Avenue trees, Ms. Carlin met with different
   agencies about replacing them.

   Deanna Stevenson, Neighborhood Empowerment Analyst, L.A. Dept. of Neighborhood
   Empowerment (DONE) (213-485-1360;, announced an August 21st,
   6:00 p.m. Board Orientation, to be held on the west side, with Treasurer and budgeting training.

   Jennifer Badger of L.A. City District Five Councilman Jack Weiss’ office (310-289-0353;, distributed the latest “Weiss Wire” newsletter and announced that the
   curb cuts at Woodbine Street and Motor Avenue are working. The City is not working to bring Fire
   Station 43 up to code; it would cost $500,000. She also distributed a flyer about and announced that
   Community Beautification Grant application workshops will be held all summer; applications need to
   be submitted by October.

7. NC Self-Assessment Survey: Review and complete DONE’s Survey.
   Sandy Varga asked Board Members to complete the Survey before leaving tonight. Ms. Olomajeye
   noted that a Stakeholder version is available on the table.

8. Boundary Dispute Update and Discussion regarding a Board decision to conduct outreach in
   disputed areas in Mar Vista and Westside Village.

  George Garrigues supports the below Motion and reviewed some history of this issue. Dee Olomajeye
  explained that DONE said that they can’t help with this and referred the PNC back to the Mar Vista
  NC. She added that we need to balance our boundary negotiation with joint outreach efforts, and that
  it’s “time to change the strategy.” The Phi-LA play Tour project is being successful outreach and we
  have a “very positive response” from other NCs; we’re “going to split our participation with the
  Westside NC” and five other NCs are interested. Terry Robinson reported that BONC (the L.A. Board
  of Neighborhood Commissioners) said that they “added [the boundary dispute issue] to their next
  Agenda.” Bea Stillman declared that “we should fight very hard” to get those Stakeholders back.

  MOTION (by Dee Olomajeye, seconded by Sandy Varga): To delay carrying out the Board's decision
  (of September and October 2006) to conduct outreach in the disputed areas in Mar Vista and Westside
  Village until favorable mutual agreements with both NCs and Palms for joint outreach activities can be
  negotiated. Furthermore, during this negotiation period, Palms will not pursue any course of action
  with either BONC or DONE.

  DISCUSSION: There was concern that boundary adjustment work already in process could be
  negated by this Motion, and that the Motion is about boundary adjustment, not outreach. Matt Gaspar
  offered an Amendment to the end of the Motion, to read “by March 2009.” Sandy Varga stated that

Palms Neighborhood Council                     7-9-08 General Board Meeting                     Page 2 of 5
  BONC promised to advise us about when they would agendize this issue. Neal Anderberg is
  concerned because a mailing would be sent into an area disputed by Westside Village, due to the area
  being within the same mail route. Dee Olomajeye added that Westside Village has “mentioned on
  numerous occasions” that they don’t want to work with us if we’re pursuing action against them.
  Stakeholder Joseph Zimring suggests that the Board pass a resolution, rather than a Motion; it would
  be less problematic. Stakeholder Marissa Stewart asked, “Can the [NC] really afford to wait one year
  to” resolve this?

  Sandy Varga RESCINDED her Motion second and Dee Olomajeye RESCINDED her Motion.

  RESOLUTION (by Dee Olomajeye): To delay carrying out the Board's decision (of September and
  October 2006) to conduct outreach in the disputed areas in Mar Vista and Westside until favorable
  mutual agreements with both NCs for joint outreach activities, can be negotiated. Furthermore, Palms
  will not pursue any course of action with either BONC or DONE until March 2009 or until Palms
  reaches an agreement on joint outreach with Mar Vista and Westside.

  After Item #11 was addressed, Ms. Olomajeye clarified the above Resolution.

  RESOLUTION PASSED by voice vote.

9. Reports from Committees, Officers, and Working Groups

   MOTION (by Lori Donahoo, seconded by Terry Robinson): to approve the Minutes of the June 4,
   2008 General Board Meeting, as written.

   MOTION PASSED by a voice vote.

   Lori Donahoo said that there’s no report, as Jason Buchalter is not present. [The following was said
   after Item #D.] Deanna Stevenson confirmed that there’s no PNC budget, so the PNC “needs to
   submit a budget immediately, or all funding will be curtailed.” Dee Olomajeye volunteered to work
   with Mr. Buchalter and Todd Robinson to ensure that a budget will get to DONE as soon as possible.

   Transportation and Road Works
   Matt Gaspar said that he and Ms. Donahoo met with Len Nguyen, Field Rep. for L.A. City District 11
   Councilman Bill Rosendahl (310-575-8461;, regarding re-routing a Santa
   Monica Blue Bus (SMBB) from Charnock Road to Venice Boulevard. SMBB is not in favor because
   their “primary users live between Charnock and Venice” “and ridership will be affected.” They’re
   working to relocate some bus stops.

   Non-profits (Creation of Non-Profit Committee and appointment of Terry Robinson as Chair)
   Terry Robinson said that there are three members on the Committee: Jason Buchalter, Mark Manasee
   and Elham Mahoozi (IMAN Center). They “have a number of groups that’re extremely interested” in
   working with the NC. She explained the Committee’s purpose and work, for example, to create a non-
   profit Fair. She was appointed as the Non-Profit Committee Chairperson.

   Planning and Land Use
   Todd Robinson is researching Quimby (the 1975 State of California Quimby Act and subsequent
   Amendments) fee projects; there are “some large ones” in the Palms area. The State is looking into

Palms Neighborhood Council                    7-9-08 General Board Meeting                    Page 3 of 5
   being able to levy Quimby fees on rental units. Sandy Varga attended a very informative Council
   District 11 Land Use Meeting that included representatives of five NCs; major developments are
   planned at the Howard Hughes Center and near UCLA.

   Neal Anderberg explained that the NC needs to re-authorize the work to develop the website.

   MOTION (by Neal Anderberg, seconded by Sandy Varga): to reauthorize $3,000 already allocated to
   website development.

   DISCUSSION: Mr. Anderberg estimates that the website will be at least 50% more complete than
   now by August 1st.

   MOTION PASSED by voice vote.

   Lori Donahoo distributed a three-page list of the situation with the Palms banners; there is now a full
   accounting of damaged banners. She reviewed cost quotes to repair and/or replace. Some banners
   need to be repaired, some replaced. AAA Flag & Banner Co. says they must look at each banner
   individually to determine a cost estimate. C R & A Custom Inc. would install the banners in three
   weeks and maintain them at their cost. Gold Graphics is more expensive. She recommends using C R
   & A to repair and/or replace the Palms banners. She will get more information from CR&A to be
   discussed in the Outreach Committee meeting.

   MOTION (by Neal Anderberg, seconded by Dee Olomajeye): for an additional allocation of $6,000
   to be added to the already budgeted amount of $4,000 for the 2008 Bike Rodeo.

   DISCUSSION: Deanna Stevenson and Joseph Zimring encouraged the NC to participate in the event
   as good outreach. Mr. Anderberg said that they’re buying more bikes and equipment for this year’s
   Rodeo, which is costing more to hold than last year’s Rodeo. The Police will attend. Children will
   register at the event and parents will sign permission slips.

   MOTION PASSED by unanimous voice vote.

   MOTION (by Neal Anderberg, seconded by Lori Donahoo): to allocate up to $2,000 to create a
   Palms Neighborhood Council Banner Project.

   DISCUSSION: Len Nguyen said that the City could print banners cheaply.
   MOTION PASSED by unanimous voice vote.

   Dee Olomajeye updated about the Phi/LA Tour. They’re researching locations and working with the
   West L.A. NC about using the Civic Center Band Shell. Local organizations, including NCs, are
   participating. Also, she noted that Liz Carlin already spoke about the Motor Avenue Tree Project.

   Ms. Olomajeye requested and it was agreed to TABLE a proposed Motion to allocate $5,000 for
   construction of a new $25,000 computer lab for Palms Elementary School, because the people who
   were going to speak about this are not present.

10. Board Retreat
    Dee Olomajeye explained that DONE would help plan the Retreat, which will be held in August or
    September, and volunteers are needed.

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11. Action on excessive absences of Board Member Charles Buffa
    Todd Robinson explained that Mr. Buffa, Studio Residential Representative, has not responded to a
    letter and phone messages regarding his excessive absences from Board Meetings. Therefore, the
    Board can remove Mr. Buffa from the Board.

   MOTION (by Todd Robinson, seconded by Terry Robinson) to remove Charles Buffa from the
   Board position of Studio Residential Representative, per Article 9: Section B2 of the Bylaws.

   DISCUSSION: George Garrigues is making a Public Records Request to receive a copy within 10
   days of the letter sent to Mr. Buffa.

   MOTION PASSED by voice vote.

12. Assembly business
    Sandy Varga mentioned that a Community Beautification Grant workshop will be held August 26th,
    6:00 – 7:30 p.m. at the Palms-Rancho Park Library.

13. Adjournment
    Lori Donahoo declared and it was agreed to ADJOURN the Meeting at 9:09 p.m.

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