The History of the Northside Church of Christ by sanmelody


									 The History of the Northside Church of Christ
The congregation of the Northside Church of Christ (formerly Odessa Street
Church of Christ) had its humble beginning in 1954, in the home of two
humble servants of God, Brother John and Sister Lilli an Lundy; the parents
of Sister Norris Reed, and grandparents of Sister Jacquelyn Clark and
Brother Willie "Pete" Jackson.

The congregation started with Brother and Sister Lundy, their family and a
few adults and children at 718 Phelps Street. After wors hipping in their
home a little while, the congregation moved around the corner to 714 Odessa
Street. The purchase price for the property was $4,000.00 with $1,000.00 as a
down payment. The payments were $34.42 a month, with 6% interest over a
period of 10 years. The congregation didn't have any money to
purchase the property. Bro. Lundy, along with his daughter, Sis. Norris
Reed loaned the Church the money for the down payment. When the
building was purchased, back taxes had to be pai d and many repairs had to
be made on the property. They worshipped at this location, under the
leadership of Bro. John Lundy, their first minister, until 1966. The building
was a one-room storefront block building that seated about 50 people. Bible
School was held by dividing the adults from the children in the back and
front parts of the building. When weather permitted, the children's classes
were held outdoors.

During this period, Bro. Lundy taught and emphasized the importance of
knowing the scriptures and manifesting them in our lives. Sis. Lundy was a
very faithful supporter of her husband's ministry, and was a very good bible
scholar in her own right. She worked very diligently with children and the
women of the Church, as well as the community. During this period, the
congregation continued to grow through Bro Lundy's strong biblical
preaching and Sis Lundy's work with the children in the church and
community. Bro. Ernest Tuff, Jr., Sis. Velma Tuff, Bro. Ernest Lawson, and
Sis. Coretha Lawson was two of the families that worked with the Lundy’s
during this time. Also, some of the children Sis. Lundy worked with were
Sis. Jeannette Holmes and her sisters, and Sis. Marvette Andrews, along with
her own grandchildren. Later, one of the grandchildren, Sis. Jacquelyn
Clark, married Bro. Horace Clark, and he became a faithful worker at Odessa

After worshipping and growing at the Odessa Street location for several
years, there was a need to relocate. However, there w as still indebtedness
on the property. In 1963, the brethren met with Brothers Herbert Nicholson
and Jack Hammond, Elders; and Minister, Walter J. Cox, Jr. of the Westside
Church of Christ; along with Brothers Butler, Deese, and Johnson from
Lincoln Villa Church of Christ, to formulate a plan to pay off the note on the
Odessa Street property. Mr. John Weaver loaned the Church $1,500.00 to pay
off the note and make a down payment on a building at another location.
The Odessa Street congregation agreed to p ay half of the money borrowed,
while Westside and Lincoln Villa agreed to pay the other half.

In 1965, Bro. Lundy's health began to fail. There was a need to have
someone assist him. Bro. Alfred Hooker, Sr. was called to work as acting
Minister. On December 27, 1966, Bro. John Lundy passed. Bro. Alfred
Hooker was selected to succeed him as minister of the congregation. Bro.
Hooker worked faithfully and accepted whatever the congregation could
afford to pay him. He implemented a plan for pledging m oney to help with
the relocation plans. A Search Committee, which consisted of brothers from
the congregation, assisted by Bro. Graham McGehee from the San Jose
Church of Christ, began looking for a larger building in another section
of the city, to relocate. A building was located on the Northside on Almeda
Street. It was previously owned by a denominational church. Bro. Graham
McGehee and the Kathleen McGehee Foundation purchased the building at a
cost of $12,000.00 and sold it to the Odessa Street congregation for $7,500.00.
The monthly payment of $67.42 was deferred for 7 months, in order to allow
the Church to move and settle in. Bro. McGehee and the Foundation also
donated carpet for the auditorium. The Westside congre gation donated some
old theater type pews. The monies raised for relocation during 1965 -66
totaled $347.62.In 1967, the congregation, assisted by Bro. Graham McGehee,
Jr., became chartered as a nonprofit 501C-3 corporation. It was named
Northside Church of Christ, Inc. The first trustees were brothers Ernest
Tuff, Sr, Horace Clark, Sr, Gerald Jackson, and Ernest Lawson. These
brothers were appointed to handle the material affairs of the Church. Their
first order of business was to transfer the pledge money to a new account in
the name of Northside Church of Christ, Inc.
After remodeling the building on Almeda Street, over a period of several
weeks, the congregation conducted its first worship service, the first Sunday
in September 1967. The dedication of the Almeda Street building was held
on the first Sunday in October 1967. This building would only seat about
125, comfortably. Bro. Hooker worked very diligently with the congregation
for four and one-half years. Several outreach programs were started.
Programs such as a Weekly Radio Program, Prison Ministry, Youth Singing
Group (NYC), Mission, Benevolence, and Bus Ministry. As a result, the
Church grew to about 200 members.

In May of 1973, Bro. Hooker resigned as Minister of the congregation. On
June 3, 1973, Bro Charlie McClendon, who had been one of the Elders at the
Westside Church of Christ, was selected to become the Minister of Northside
Church of Christ. Bro. McClendon was working as assistant to Bro. Walter
Cox at Westside, during that time . When Bro. McClendon began
his devoted service at the Northside congregation, he found about 157 of the
200 members that were on the roll. The congregation could only pay him
$60.00 per week. The Sunday collection was about $170.00 per week. Bro
McClendon immediately started to organize the congregation by teaching
lessons on Love and Unity. His first order of business was to make up a
budget for the congregation. The first proposed budget was $10,650.00 per
year. They set a goal to collect $225.00 per week to meet the budget. The
first year of Bro. McClendon's ministry, several programs were
implemented. Programs such as The Annual Teachers Training Workshop;
Zone Ministry; Leadership Training Class; A Strong Discipline Minist ry;
Personal Evangelism; Youth Ministry, and other ministries, were
started to help build a solid foundation so that the congregation would
grow and maintain its growth. Shortly after Bro. McClendon became
minister of the congregation, Bro. William Stephe ns and his family,
who were new converts at Westside, placed their membership with
the Northside congregation, in order to work with Bro. McClendon.
Bro. Stephens worked very diligently with the youth. As a result of
Bro. McClendon's preaching and teaching on love, unity, and the
importance of every Christian being involved in personal work and the
work of the Church, the congregation experienced phenomenal growth
the first five years of his ministry. By the end of 1974, 158 had been
baptized. Another 205 were baptized in 1975. In 1976, 198 were
baptized. By this time, the congregation had to go to three worship
services on Sunday morning and one in the evening in order to
accommodate the members in worship. Many times, members would
stand in line waiting for one service to dismiss so that they could get
in and get a seat to worship.

Needless to say, by 1975, since the building could only seat about 125
comfortably, there was a need for larger facilities. After decidin g that
it was not feasible to add to the present building, the brethren, led by
Bro. McClendon, began to search for land to construct a new building.
As     in  past    years,   the   congregation    sought    the  counsel
and advice of Bro. Graham McGehee. He, along with Bro. McClendon
and the brethren looked all around the area for land for several
months. Finally, a 6.3 acres tract of land was found at 4736 Avenue "B ”
(our present location), a few blocks north of the Almeda Street
building. Because the city only required        a minimum of 2 acres of
land to build, the brethren tried to buy only 2 acres of the 6.3-acre
tract. Mr. John Weaver, then owner, would not sell 2 acres. He would
only sell all or nothing. The brethren insisted on 2 acres. He would not
sell! After meeting, praying, and seeking God's guidance,
the brethren decided to put the idea before the Church to buy the
whole 6.3 acres of land. The congregation agreed.

Bro. McClendon came up with a plan that would enc ourage each
member to make a pledge toward paying for the land. The total price
was $75,000.00. After collecting about half of the pledges, Bro.
McClendon, along with Bro Graham McGehee, and the brethren
discussed the idea of using a Church Bond Program to pay off the land
and build the new Church building. No one at that time knew very
much about Church Bonds. However, after researching he matter, the
brethren secured the services of Nashville Securities Company of
Nashville, Tennessee. The total bond issue was $300,000.00. Bro. C.G.
McGehee, Jr. served as Advisor and Trustee of the bond program.
Also, he, along with the Kathleen McGehee Foundation, purchased
many of the bonds; which he later gave back to the Church.

During this time, there was a need for more help in the ministry. Bro.
William Stephens was selected as Assistant Minister to Bro. Charlie
McClendon. He also continued to work very diligently with the Youth
Ministry. In 1976, the services of Christian Builders were obtai ned to help
draw up plans for a new    Church building. Since the congregation was so
badly in need of worship space, it was decided that a large auditorium was
needed in order to accommodate all of the members for worship. In addition
to the four worship services on Sunday, schools had to be rented for
special events several times a year, in order to have enough meeting space
for all of the members at one time. The plans for the building were
completed in late 1976. It would have a seating capacity of 1300; with a few
classrooms, and a small multi-purpose Fellowship Hall; with a kitchen and

During the year, in 1976, the brethren cleared the property for a gospel tent
meeting. Dr. W.F. Washington was the guest evangelist for the me eting.
Hundreds of people attended. Dr. Washington debated a Seventh Day
Adventist preacher, who attended the meeting and challenged him. Many
souls were added to the Church during this meeting and throughout the

In January of 1977, the congregati on broke ground, to start the construction
of the new building. The land had to be prepared for the foundation. With
the assistance of Christian Builders, the members of the Church, people from
the community, and sister congregations, the construction of the building
took 11 months. It was almost like a modern day miracle, to         see what
took place during this time. Although the members were engaged in the
physical work of the Church, they didn't lose sight of their mission and
purpose; which was to save souls. As a result of this, 289 members were
baptized in 1977. It seemed that whenever we needed help or some skilled
laborers, we were able to baptize them into the Church. They, along with
men such as Genorvis Peterson, and John Crawford wou ld combine their
talents to lead the unskilled workers in getting the job done. Many of their
friends would volunteer their services. Bro. Charlie McClendon served as
the Chief Motivator to keep everyone going when things were down. Many
times during the year, the members had to stop and pray to keep the devil
on the run. The last few weeks leading up to the finish became very
critical...especially, the last week.

After sending out thousands of invitations and setting a date to have the
dedication, it seemed that it wasn't going to take place. We needed to sell
the old building on Almeda Street, so that we could buy pews for the new
building.    Again,    Bro.    McGehee       came     to  the    rescue;    by
co-signing at the bank in order for us to secure a loan. Three days before the
dedication, we didn't have lights, pews, bathrooms, landscape, or much of
the painting done. The members worked both day and night to be ready by
Sunday. The last day to get the lights, if it didn't rain, was o n Friday
afternoon. It rained all around the Church building. However, God held the
rain back from Northside until we got the lights late that Friday evening.
The weekend found everyone working together to finish. Saturday night,
November 12, the members worked all night long, trying to finish before
Sunday, November 13, 1977. Sunday morning Sis. Lawson, along with some
of the other ladies of the Church made the suggestion to get some breakfast.
This is how our Annual Homecoming Breakfast started! Sunday, Dedication
Day, over 3,000 members and their families, along with brethren
from throughout the Southeast attended. Bro. W.F. Washington was the
dedicatory speaker. Three weeks of revival and gospel preaching followed .
Bro. Washington, David Lane, and Bro. David Shanks were the speakers.

In 1978, a Day Care Center was started. The congregation continued to grow
by the 100's. In 1978, 200 were baptized. In 1979, there were 305 baptisms.
The congregation has averaged baptizing 100 per year, every year since 1974.

In 1979, there was need to reorganize the congregation to help with the
abundant growth. Bro. J. S. Winston was called in to do a workshop on
Church Government, Leadership, and Discipline. As a result of the
workshop, a quorum of brothers was selected by the Church to work
along with Bro. McClendon, until men could become qualified for Elders and
Deacons. The men were Genorvis Peterson, Horace Clark, C.Williams, L.
Williams, R. Lockett, William Stephens, John Crawford, and a few other
brothers. During the next few years, Bro. Winston did several workshops to
help the congregation understand the organization and government of the
local Church.

In 1982, some major changes took pl ace within the congregation. The first
Deacons were selected. They were Brothers Chester Orr, Horace Clark,
Genorvis Peterson, Harold Andrews, and Philip Mobley.   Bro. William
Stephens and his family moved to Durham, North Carolina to take the new
mission work that had started there. The Northside congregation supported
this work for a few years, both financially and spiritually. There was a need
for another Assistant Minister. Bro. Willie “Pete” Jackson was selected to
come as Bro. McClendon's assistant and work as Education Director of the
Bible School. Also, Bro. Harold Rollinson, who was just finishing
school at Abilene Christian University, came to intern and work as Youth

Many changes took place between 1982 and 1992. The Church continued to
do heavy evangelistic work through personal evangelism. We continued to
baptize 100's. A ten-year plan was drawn up in 1982. This plan included
working toward obtaining Elders and Deacons, 2,000 membership, Educa tion
and Family Life Buildings, Radio and TV Programs, and other
outreach ministries.

In the early part of 1981, a plan was put together by Bro. McClendon to
present to the sister congregations to start a TV Program. It would be ca lled,
"Let The Bible Speak". The program went on the air in 1982, and is still on
until this day. Many souls have been saved as a result of this program.

In 1985, an attempt was made to build an Education Building. Plans were
drawn up, and pledges were made. However, God was not ready for this to
happen. Therefore, the Leadership decided that the congregation should
wait until it was time to build. During the next five years, many changes
took place with the congregation. The Leadership went through another
change. Bro. Pete Jackson became the Minister of Westside Church of Christ
in 1990. In 1991, Bro. Michael McClendon was asked to come and work as
Assistant Minister to Bro. Charlie McClendon. In 1992, Elders and Deacons
were ordained and appointed. The Elders were Amon Palamore, Bobby
Gibson, Philip Mobley, Louis Jackson, Jr, and Charlie McClendon. The
Deacons were Genorvis Peterson, Frank Copeland, Stanley Shootes, Harold
Andrews, and Melvin May.

In 1992, it was time to start another building program. A Building
Committee was selected, which included the Ministers, Elders, and Deacons,
along with Bro. Ed Outler and Bro. Everett Robinson.          Bro. Charlie
McClendon served as the head of the committee and Bro. Everett Robinson
served as Secretary. The first order of business was to start a Capitol Fund
Drive. This was done in 1992-1993.        Almost $200,000.00 was collected
through the sacrificial participation of the membership. During this time,
plans were being drawn up for the new Christian Complex. Several sets of
plans and three models were made up, before the congregation decided on
the exact plan. The Leadership finally settled on the plans presented
by McDonald Contractors & Architects, Inc. (now Holmbeg -Bagdonas Group,
Inc.) The estimated cost of everything was about 1.8 million dollars, which
included the plans and sight work. After seeking advice from Bro. C.G.
McGehee, and checking out other lending institutions, the congregation
decided to enter into another Church Bond Progr am. In 1995, the
congregation entered into a contract with American Heritage Church
Finance, Inc. to spearhead a 1.3 million dollar bond program to help finance
the construction costs.

Construction started in the summer of 1995. By the end of the year, t here
was a need for additional funds to help with the site work and remodeling.
Again, the services and advice of Bro. C.G. McGehee was sought. He was
working with us to secure a loan from the bank, when he passed in
December of 1995. After looking at b ank financing versus adding on to the
present bond program, the Building Committee decided that it was best to
go with the bond program. Another $200,000.000 in bonds was issued. At
the same time, the Kathleen McGehee Foundation decided to make a
donation toward the Family Life Community Center. It was decided by the
congregation, that when the Family Life Center is completed, it would be
named in honor of Bro. C.G. McGehee, Jr., for his unselfish dedication and
devotion to help the Church and make the lives of men and women better,
both spiritually and physically. It was, also, agreed by the congregation to
name the Education Building in honor of Bro. John & Sis. Lillian Lundy, for
their sacrifice and love for the Church in its infancy.

Our new Church Complex, which was dedicated on Sunday, November 10,
1996, consists of 5 buildings. (1) An Administrative Building, which houses
most of the administrative offices, conference room, and Church library. (2)
An Education Building, with 17 large classrooms and a small chapel that
seats 160. (3) A newly renovated Sanctuary, which seats 1200 plus. (4) A
newly renovated Fellowship Hall, with a suite for the women, nursery for
the babies, and a special room for toddlers. (5) A Community Family Life
Center (incomplete). In January, 1996, the Leadership presented 10 year
goals to the Church which includes (1) Developing the congregation by
training more Elders and Deacons (2) Develop a 2,000 member congregation
(3) Start a Bible Institute (4) Day Care Center (5) Private School (6) Before
and After School Care Ministry (7) Complete Food and Clothing Ministry (8)
Housing Development and (9) Youth Development, along with many other
ministries. Also plans call for a Senior Citizens Complex.
In 1997, a non-profit organization, spearheaded by Bro. Charlie McClendon
was organized. Northside Community Involvement, Inc. was formed to help
improve the community by working with children and families with social
problems, while the Church works with the spiritual needs of the people.
Under the umbrella of N.C.I, an after school tutorial program, neighborhood
youth program, drug support group and several other programs that will
help improve the community have been set up. N.C.I has received several
grants through the city and state to help finance the programs.

In 1998, we have been busy organizing and implementing a number of other
outreach ministries. In our maturing, we have recognized that God's will for
the Northside family is to become more in volved in the community and the
lives of its people.

In 1999, a plan was presented to the Church, by the Leadership, to refinance
the bond program in order to take advantage of the new lower interest rates
and secure enough cash to complete the inside o f the Family Life
Community Center.        It was our plan to finish this project by
Homecoming '99. However, because the bonds didn't go as fast as expected,
we were not able to complete it. If it's the Lord's Will, construction will
start in January 2000.

God has also blessed us to purchase about five (5) acres of land across the
street east and north of the building on Avenue "B". It is our prayer that it
will be used for parking and building a Senior Citizens Complex in the
future. We have many other plans for the new millennium, while focusing on
"The Same Gospel" that was preached in the First Millennium.

We started the new millennium (2000) off with the completion and
dedication of our Family Life Center. Plans were put into motion to start
and develop a Child Development Center, private school and many other
outreach programs to minister to the community and glorify God.

During Homecoming 2000, we placed a historic marker in front of the
Education Building and the Family Life Center in recognition and honor of
the great contributions Bro. John & Sis. Lillian Lundy and Bro. Graham
McGhee have made, along with and through their families, to help us get to
where we are today. We want generations to come, to remember these
Servants of God and ever be thankful.
During the year 2001, God continued to bless Northside. The congregation
opened a state-of-the-art Child Development Facility, housed in the Family
Life Center, operating with about 60 children and approximately 10 staff
members.    The center was called N.C.I. Child Development Center. It
operated under the oversight of our faith -based, community outreach
organization, Northside Community Involvement, Inc. (N.C.I.).

Among our goals of 2001 were to baptize 200 members, to begin a N ew Man
Ministry, a Small Group Ministry and a Family Care Ministry. Northside was
positioning itself to take advantage of the faith -based initiative program
through grants that the government is earmarking to the community through
faith-based organizations. All the ministries of the church were being
reorganized in order to continue moving to another level. Within the next
five years, the goal was to have 1,000 - 2,000 members in regular attendance
each Lord’s Day.

God continued to bless Northside thro ugh the family of C.G. McGehee, Jr.
and the Kathleen McGehee Foundation. Northside continued to realize that
it had not come that far alone. They will ever be dear to us, thus created
Northside created a permanent by naming the Family Life Center in honor
and memory of Bro. McGehee, and the Education Building in honor
and recognition of Bro. John and Sis. Lillian Lundy. As we move to the next
level, we will continue to “Praise the Lord for His Goodness.”

In 2002, we had some major changes take place. The Small Group Ministry
continued to grow. The New Man’s Ministry was still going strong. Also,
Northside Community Involvement (NCI), our faith -based community
nonprofit organization was doing well. One of the major changes took place
among our leadership; after working with the Church approximately
10 years, Brother Michael McClendon resigned from his position as
Northside Church of Christ’s Associate Minister. Brother Marcus Watkins
(formerly Youth Minister of the Westside Church of Christ) was hired to
work with the youth here and Brother Nathaniel Stewart came to
work as the Membership Minister and to work with community outreach.
Our Senior Minister, Charlie McClendon, t ook time off his travel to various
workshops with other congregations, to focus on home (the Northside
Church of Christ). At this time, Brother McClendon focused on training,
teaching and motivating both our brothers and sisters to become more
involved in ministry. He encouraged them that it was time to “Move To
Another Level – Phase I”. The goal was set to have 200 baptisms by the end
of 2002. There were 165 baptisms by November of 2002. The Sunday
morning attendance increased to 900. The contribution averaged about
$16,000.00 weekly. During 2002, teachers were trained to specialize in
teaching personal evangelism (one on one-bible studies). Special workshops
were conducted by Dr. Tony Roach, Dr. David Lane and Brother Vernon
Taylor who specialized in workshops for our youth. Our Homecoming theme
was “25 Years and Still Anchored In The Lord”. We continued to give God
the glory and the honor for all His goodness.

Again, as in the past, we couldn’t have made it this far by ourselves. God
was still blessing us through the McGehee Family and the C. G. McGehee, Jr.
and Kathleen McGehee Foundation. This family will forever be dear to us.
To commemorate our appreciation to them, in 1996, we dedicated the Family
Life   Center     in   honor   and   memory     of   Bro.   McGeh ee     and
the Educational Building in honor and recognition to Brother and Sister John
L. and Lillian Lundy. During Homecoming 2002, instead of placing their
names on the buildings, we placed a historic marker in front of each
building in honor of these saints of God. Praise the Lord for His goodness.
The year of 2003 was a great year! Our theme was “Moving Up To Another
Level - Phase II”. We kept this theme from last year, because we are moving
up with our ministry through phases. We had 178 baptisms. Our goal was
200 for that year.    Also, we started studying the “God’s Love Bank”
curriculum (written by Dr. Tony E. Roach) in all of our bible school classes,
and implemented an orientation once a month for all of our New Memb ers.

We are continued to improve on several of the ministries that had been set in
place; namely the New Man Ministry, Evangelism Ministry, Youth Ministry,
etc. We started a ministry for the young boys, called “Youth Intervention”,
and for the young gi rls called, “Sister-to-Sister.” Our attendance was up to
about 900 per week, and the contribution had been about 16,000 - 18,000 per
week. Our annual Total Day was over $40,000.00.

Our outreach ministry continued to grow.        We worked along with the
Westside congregation to keep the Eastside congregation alive. Our faith -
based community organization continued to grow. The Day Care program
had a better foundation, and the After School youth program continued to
Also during 2003, we had more membe rs to move their membership to
Northside from other congregations, than any other time in the history of
the congregation. Most of these have been from out of town. Our theme for
Homecoming 2003 was “Enlightened By The Past, and Excited About The

The year 2004 started with a bang. We started planning for our 50 t h
Anniversary and 27 t h Annual Homecoming activities. Our budget for the
first three (3) months was higher than it had ever been. It was over
$18,000.00 weekly. We surpassed our 2004 budget. We also had 80 baptisms
in the first 3 months. Brother Marcus Watkins, our Youth Minister, along
with his family, took on work in Evansville, IN. Sister Gloria Watkins, who
was our Church Secretary then resigned and Sister Roshanda Morgan was
hired as the Church Secretary. Brother Nate Stewart was hired on as the
full time Membership Minister to help keep up with all of the many souls
being add by the Lord to His Church. The women reorganized their Ladies
Bible Class and the New Man Ministry continued to grow and prove to be a
great success and asset to the congregation. We decided to reorganize the
entire Educational Department. We went through several formats and we
are currently using Dr. Tony Roach’s Curriculum “God’s Love Bank”. Also,
we reorganized our Sister-to-Sister Ministry. This ministry was designed to
work with young ladies in the congregation. We continue to work with our
young boys through our Youth Intervention Program. A leadership class
was then started which is designed to train more Elders, Deacons and
Ministry workers.

We continue our outreach ministry through our 501C -3 nonprofit
organization, Northside Community Involvement (NCI). Many of the
activities that took place during the year were centered aro und our 50 t h
Anniversary Celebration. We started a 5 t h Sunday Fellowship to bring the
members together all at one time, to place special emphasis on “The Year of
Jubilee”, which is our theme. At the beginning of the year, we resume
participating in the 3 r d Sunday Area Fellowship. We also took over the work
in Palatka, FL. Different brethren along with some sisters took turns driving
to Palatka every Wednesday and Sunday to conduct the worship and bible
study services. Our Senior Minister continues to tr avel, doing workshop and
revival all of the country.
As of November 2004, we’ve had about 165 baptisms thus far. Our weekly
contributions continually increase. Attendance is about 900 in attendance
every Sunday. We are doing many “firsts” for our 50 t h Anniversary and 27 t h
Annual Homecoming; we have our very own television program (produced
and    edited     in  the    Northside    studio),    our   first   hardback
commemorative album is being produced, a Jubilee songfest at the Times
Union Center for the Performing Arts, which seats 1800 people. A special
banquet will be held at the Clarion Airport Hotel in honor of Brother John L.
and Sister Lillian Lundy. Twelve dynamic preachers, who have contributed
some way to our 50 years of existence, will b e taking part in our 8-day

Truly, God has blessed us this year, as He has blessed us the past 50 years.
God keeps on moving us up to another level. We give Him ALL the praise,
glory and thanks. With God, we would not be where we are today. Truly,
this is “A Year of Jubilee.”

2004 ended with 241 baptisms, the 50th Anniversary/27th Annual
Homecoming exceeded all expectations.       The 5th Annual Community
Day/Free Fish Fry had about 1500 in attendance. The gospel revival meeting
was well attended. All the speakers did an excellent job. The John L. and
Lillian Lundy Memorial Banquet were very successful. The Jubilee Songfest
that was held in downtown Jacksonville at the Times Union Center for the
Performing Arts exceeded all expectations. We had about 1500 in attendance.
The singing group did an outstanding job. Dr. Roosevelt Wells preached
about "Why We Sing The Way We Do." Sunday, November 12 ended with
two worship services, dinner at 1:30 p.m. and the annual Homecoming
Program along with congregational and group singing. Each December plans
are made and presented to the Church for the following year.

2005 started with our Annual New Year's singing and prayer until dawn
service. We held our annual Evangelism Church Growth Workshop. We
continued to work with the mission in Palatka, Florida. This year we asked
two of our young preachers (Bro. Michael Jackson and Bro. Thornton Brown)
to care for the work. They have done a great job. A campaign was held in
August by the members of Northside. We had about 40 baptisms. The
congregation in Palatka named was changed from Olive Street Church of
Christ to the Northside Church of Christ of Palatka.
During this year, we have had about 200 baptisms. We meet our budget
(which was almost one million dollars). Our 501 (c) 3 faith based
organization hired a new Executive Director in the person of Monique
Weeks. Also, Claytonia Johns was hired as the Director of NCI's Child
Development Center. Because of this, NCI started to grow quickly and the
Child Development Center started two pre-k classes, which was funded by
the State.

During this year, we continued the leadership training class, which was
designed to train men to become Elders, Deacons, and Ministry Leaders. We
are in the process of reorganizing all of our ministries to help meet the needs
both members of the congregation and the community. As our theme fore
stated, "The Year after Jubilee" definitely was a great year. To God be the
glory!   We praise Him for the great things he has done with this
congregation over the past 51 years. We especially praise Him for what He
has done the past 32 years.

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