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					                                                                                THE ROTARY CLUB OF LOS ANGELES
                                                                                 Club No. 5 Organized June 25, 1909 Our 99th Year
                                                                                                        Issue No. 28       February 15, 2008

                                                      MARK YOUR CALENDARS                                         ROTARY INTERNATIONAL
     February 8, 2008                                                                                             Wilfrid J. Wilkinson, President
                                                        UPCOMING PROGRAM                                        2007-2008 Motto: Rotary Shares
          @ the City Club
                                                           @ the City Club                                             

   Sam Hall Kaplan                                           February 22, 2008
                                                              Motorcycle Bob
                                                                                                                              DISTRICT 5280
                                                                                                      David Moyers, District Governor 2007-08
   Architectural Design Critic                                                                                
                                                              An End to Polio
                                                           February 29, 2008                              ROTARY CLUB OF LOS ANGELES
                                                            Danny Brassell                               
                                                      Rotary’s Wide World of Books
                                                        COMMITTEE MEETINGS                                       Donald J. Robinson, President
                                                                                                                David L. Bland, President-Elect
                                                               11:00 AM                                      Marc R. Leeka, VP Program Chair
                                                           Membership Approval                                         Randal J. Lee, Secretary
                                                                                                                 Robert W. Aldridge, Treasurer
                                                                  1:30 PM
                                                                                                             H. Edward Matveld, Past President
                                                              Board of Directors                                Jack E. Dibb, Sergeant-at-Arms
                                                          UPCOMING EVENTS                                    Allissa Johnson, Sergeant-at-Arms
                                                                                                             Carol E. Shafer, Sergeant-at-Arms
                                                           DAY AT THE RACES
                                                     February 24, 2008 @ 12:30 PM                                                  DIRECTORS
                                                         Santa Anita Race Track                                                  Denise Anthony
                                                        $60 (valet parking, lunch)                                             Kenneth M. Chong
                                                    RSVP Denny Dynes or Rotary Office                                           Carolyn DeVinny
                                                                                                                                   Lois J. Gomez
Sam Hall Kaplan is the most                                    ROTARY GOLF                                                           Russ Guiney
urbane, literate, insightful and                          Monday, Feb. 25, 2008
                                                                                                                                    Cheryl Gurin
funny urban design critic in the                         Calabasas Country Club
                                                                                                                                Brian R. R. Hebb
                                                    Lunch 11:00, Tee Off Noon Cost $95
United States. He will tell you why                                                                                                Todd Johnson
                                                     Delaney Dragon 213-210-4100 or
LA looks the way it does and                                                                                                       Mark Mariscal
                                                       Laura Mercado 213-385-0440
what we must undo to make the                                                                                                 Megan T. O’Rourke
city more livable. Stuck in traffic                       FRIENDSHIP DINNER                                                         Debbie Ream
on the west side or wondering                          "Sharing Rotary with Friends"                                               John R. Rocca
                                                         Saturday, March 15, 2008                                                 John A. Schmid
when Pershing Square will no
                                                      Sign Up to be a Host or a Guest                                            Gerry D. Turner
longer be an eyesore? Be there
on Friday to hear the solutions.                           No later than March 5
                                                           Contact: Pearl Leeka                                       FOUNDATION BOARD
                                             323-664-5331                                 David L. Tomblin , Chairman
           The City Club                                                                                     Russell T. Whittenburg, Vice Chair
         333 S. Grand Ave.                                    SAVE THE DATE                                      Robert W. Aldridge, Treasurer
        Valet Parking ($7.70)                                                                                    Albert D. Shonk, Jr., Secretary
                                                     ABILITYFIRST CAMP PAIVIKA                                              Donald W. Crocker
          Lunch Cost = $33                                     April 26, 2008
           Non-Diner = $9                                                                                                   Donald J. Robinson
                                                      More info. to follow at a later date                                    Ben F. Tunnell III
      Reservations Required                                PRESIDENT’S BALL
                                                                                                         Makeup meeting locations can be found in
        11:30 AM Reception                                 May 3, 2008 @ 6:00 PM
                                                                                                          our Directory or at the District’s website
        12:00 PM Luncheon                                       California Club                                      
                                                     Early Bird Discount prior to Mar. 31st
900 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 418 L.A, CA 90017   PHONE (213) 624-8601 FAX (213) 624-2694 WEBSITE: ww
w rotaryclubofla com
                  PERSPECTIVES                                                       PROGRAM SPONSOR
              By: Tom Anderson                                             Christy Irvin, Norma Rhodes Catering
If you were living in Los Angeles a hundred years ago*:
You would take the streetcar to work. Another streetcar
                                                                    Christy moved from Charleston, South Carolina to
might kill you when you got off. You would work six days a
                                                                    Los Angeles four years ago. She started her
week. If you were a bank clerk you would work Saturday
                                                                    restaurant career waiting tables in high school and
nights. If you were really, really lucky you might get a week's
                                                                    upon moving to LA, she worked as a waitress for a
paid vacation. Perhaps a 10-year-old would be piloting the
                                                                    restaurant Downtown. She was quickly promoted to
elevator in your building (don't worry; the building wouldn't be
                                                                    Special Events Coordinator for the Catering
higher than five or six floors). You would shop Downtown
                                                                    Department. At the age of 20, Christy helped open a
(even, perhaps, for groceries). If you had a fancy title or
                                                                    lunch based restaurant where she had the pleasure of working with a
owned a business, you might live on Ninth Street or on
                                                                    wonderful chef, to plan the dinner menu and creating the wine list. In
Adams. If you lived in Hollywood, you might be raising
                                                                    addition to managing, Christy handled the catering events and
flowers or fruits. If you lived in the San Fernando Valley, you
definitely would be raising something or growing something
or tending to some kind of animal. You could be arrested for        In August 2006, Christy took the General Manager position for a
speaking to a crowd without a permit. You could walk                restaurant in Studio City. Along with managing the restaurant,
through the Third Street tunnel and sing songs in harmony           she planned the events for such companies as NBC, Cartoon Network,
with your fellows. You could take Angels Flight to your             The WB and Disney.
mansion on Bunker Hill. The last course of any dinner would         In January 2008, at 22 years old, Christy left to start her own catering
be a cigar. Fancy dinners attended by big shots would be            company, Norma Rhodes. Norma Rhodes specializes in Southern
closed to women. You could see Lillian Russell, Sarah               Lowcountry cuisine and provides full service catering and event
Bernhardt or Booker T. Washington in person. All ladies             planning for special events, business lunches and personal meals.
would be women, but not all women would be ladies. You              Christy has been cooking since she could reach the counter top and
would have to buy textbooks for your schoolchild at jammed          learned from the best, her mother and father. She has had the pleasure
Downtown stores & schools would be overcrowded. You                 of planning and managing events for many studios, law firms, and
would take the Pacific Electric to Venice or Long Beach as          insurance agencies. Christy also organized an event for the city of
often as you could, unless you already lived there. If you          Vernon with attendance over 500 but the most enjoyable were her
lived in Venice, you could get fifty dollars in gold for having a   first two events as Norma Rhodes Catering: for LA5 members Denise
baby there. You could go to an ostrich farm and see them            Anthony and Manny Ahsan.
plucked. It would be very unlikely you’d be one of the 20
people murdered in a year within the city limits. If you were a
teacher, you couldn't get married and keep your job (unless                   WELCOME RETURNING MEMBER: Phil Holland
you were a man, and then you probably wouldn't be a
teacher; you would be on the School Board). Your local                              Phil Holland
minor-league baseball team would be called the Looloos.                             My Own Business
You could get two years in the clink for stealing seven cents                       13181 Crossroads Pkwy N, #190
from a church poor box. You could take your family                                  City of Industry, CA 91746
swimming in fresh mineral water. You'd be shocked that the                          562-463-1800 (fax) 562-463-1802
donor of Griffith Park was charged with trying to murder his                        email:
wife. But you'd be happy that she survived and divorced him.                        Sponsor: Don Robinson
If you were a man living in Hollywood, chances are you would        Phil Holland has been an entrepreneur throughout his adult life. His
vote to outlaw the sale of beer and wine except at drug store       businesses have included building "spec" houses, the manufacture of
If you were a woman living there, you couldn't vote. If you         automatic doughnut machinery, designing and building apartment
lived in Watts, you'd be surrounded by nature. If you were          complexes, restaurant franchising, doughnut retailing and the
lucky, you'd have been one of the few to be asked to join           development and management of shopping centers. In 1970 he
a new service club called Los Angeles Rotary.                       founded Yum Yum Donut Shops, Inc. with just one shop and 5000
                                                                    dollars which went on to be the largest chain of privately owned
 Please plan on joining the CENTENNIAL SOIREE,                      donut shops in the United States. He sold his interest in Yum Yum in
                 honoring LA5 on                                    1989. Yum Yum went on to acquire Winchell Donuts in 2005.
               Friday June 13, 2008
                                                                    Starting after the Los Angeles Rodney King riots in 1992, Phil began
       at the Dorothy Chandler Grand Hall.                          conducting a free night course in Compton, California to encourage
           Tickets $100.00 VIP $125.00                              people to start new businesses. The course was designed to help
            Questions?? Call Tom Anderson                           entrepreneurs avoid the common mistakes many entrepreneurs make
             @ 323-930-3170 x20 or email                            when starting out. With this beginning, a 501(c)(3) non-profit
                                                                    organization was formed, My Own Business, Inc. (MOBI). The goal
                                                                    was to help foster successful entrepreneurs worldwide. To date, over
                                                                    8 million visitors have accessed the free course at its website
            This will be a night to remember!              Mr. Holland serves as Chairman of the
                 * kudo's to author George Garrigues.               My Own Business Board of Trustees.
                                 HOME HOSPITALITY
                                   International Family Reunion
                                        “Home Hospitality”
                                      Monday, June 16, 2008
As part of the LA 2008 Rotary International Convention all attendees from around the World are invited
to sign up for “Home Hospitality”. Clubs in our entire region will be promoting good will and
providing wonderful, memorable, once in a lifetime LA experiences, in their homes, restaurants,
clubs, local attractions and other interesting venues. This is one of the favorite activities at the
We are looking forward to having LA5 play a premiere role – with both large gatherings and small
intimate dinner parties that promote wonderful intercultural exchange, conversation, friendship and
great memories.

                           Large Hospitality Event Co-Hosts needed
Larger hospitality parties have been established with some of our “LA5 Hosts Extraordinaire” including:
Denise Anthony, Lisa Jones Johnson, John and Diane Mullin, Marjorie and Dean Heller, Pat Wright,
Nancy Howard and Todd Johnson/ Lawry’s Restaurant

  I am interested in learning more about being a Co-Host of a large home hospitality event:

                                            (name & number)

                             Small Hospitality Event Hosts needed
We encourage as many small, intimate dinner parties as LA5 members would like to sponsor.

  I am interested in learning more about being the Host of a smaller home hospitality event:

                                            (name & number)

                               Please return this to the Rotary office
(Fax) 213.624.2694 or contact Susan Thornhill with questions. MORE INFORMATION TO FOLLOW

                                              Thank you!
                           Susan Thornhill, LA5 Home Hospitality Chair
                         310.318.2600 or

           Don’t forget to register for the convention and buy event tickets at
                                 (We are Club 747 in District 5280)
                                      PHOTOS FROM FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2008
                                               Speaker, Rob Bonner
                                             Photos courtesy of Tony Medley

      Speaker Rob Bonner                       Speaker Rob Bonner and Pres. Don        Speaker Rob Bonner, Tony Medley and Leon Elster

  Pres. Bob and Phil Holland                                Les Stocker                                    Tom Anderson

Past Pres. Tom Sullivan and Kathyrn                    Program Sponsor, Richard Diaz                          Paul Bollwahn

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