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					Oregon Law Foundation
                                                                                                        2006 AnnuAl RepoRt

                      Foundation Mission
    The mission of the Oregon Law Foundation is to support access                       2007 LEADERSHIP BANKS
to justice in Oregon by obtaining and distributing funds to provide                        The Oregon Law Foundation
legal services to persons of lesser means, promote diversity in the                   gratefully acknowledges the following
legal profession, and educate the public about the law.                                Leadership Banks. This kind of help
                                                                                       reflects support for the overall goals
                                                                                         of the Oregon Law Foundation.
                                                                                               VISIONARY BANKS
    Do you know what interest rate your bank pays on IOLTA accounts?
                                                                                           These banks pay at least 3.15%
There is a significant difference between the IOLTA interest rates offered
                                                                                          interest and charge no service fee:
by banks. Rates range from 0.1% to 4.98%. Find out what interest rate
your bank pays on IOLTA accounts.                                                            Bank of the Cascades
    Do you know where your law firm banks? Make your managing part-                            Northwest Bank
ners and law firm administrators aware of the dramatic impact an increase                     Pioneer Trust Bank
in IOLTA interest rates can make to access to justice in Oregon.                              Premier West Bank
    Is your firm’s bank a Leadership Bank? If your firm’s bank is not a                  The Commerce Bank of Oregon
Leadership Bank, ask the bank to consider raising it’s interest rates on                          U.S. Bank
IOLTA accounts! Even a one-percent increase in interest rates on com-
bined IOLTA accounts can make a profound difference.
                                                                                               ADVOCACY BANKS
     By simply asking the questions, lawyers in Oregon can make a
significant and long lasting impact on the Oregon Law Foundation and                     These banks pay between 2.36% and
its grantees.                                                                         3.149% interest and charge no service fee:

                                                                                             Albina Community Bank
       ComparableAnnual                       COST FREE CONTRIBUTION                         Bank of Eastern Oregon
   Revenue on $100,000 Deposit                TO ACCESS TO JUSTICE                            Panhandle State Bank
4000                                                                                          Sterling Savings Bank
                                                   Lawyers who choose to do busi-
3500                                          ness with IOLTA leadership banks                    Umpqua Bank
3000                                          can have a significant impact on                      Wells Fargo
                                              our state’s ability to provide access
                                              to the justice system that is cost              SUPPORTING BANKS
2000                                          free to them.                              These banks pay between 1.84% and
1500                                              An IOLTA account with               2.359% interest and charge no service fee:
                                              average deposits of $100,000 can
1000                                                                                           Capital Pacific Bank
                                              earn considerably more in interest
                                              revenue at a leadership bank.                         Keybank
   0                                                                                            ShoreBank Pacific
                                                                                                  Siuslaw Bank
        Non-Leadership Bank (0.5% Interest)
                                                                                                West Coast Bank
        Leadership Bank (4.0% Interest)
                                              President’s Report
     I am pleased to report that the Foundation has had its    history, the Foundation has been mostly a pass-through
best year ever in terms of IOLTA revenue and the level of      organization, distributing most of its income in the form
grants made by the Foundation. While we have had help          of grants. Not unlike the state of Oregon that is reliant on
from the Federal Reserve over the last two years, the Foun-    state income taxes for revenue, the Foundation’s revenue
dation could not have achieved this level of success without   and reserves have fluctuated substantially over the past 15
the efforts of the Board Committees and the Foundation         years. While trying to balance the needs of our grantees
staff. I would like to review some of the high points and      with our desire to provide stable and sustainable funding
major initiatives of this past year.                           levels, the Budget and Finance Committee, led by Randy
    REvENuE – Through the efforts of the Judith Baker,         Compton, has spent this past year to develop a plan to
the Executive Director of the Foundation, and the Revenue      provide adequate short-term reserves to sustain the pres-
Enhancement Committee chaired by Elise Bouneff, the            ent level of grants in the event of a downturn in IOLTA
Foundation expects to receive revenue of approximately         revenue, and also build up the long-term investments of
$2,900,000, the lion’s share of which is IOLTA revenue.        the Foundation to one day provide additional revenue to
This is more than a $600,000 increase over the revenue in      distribute to grantees. This approach represents a major shift
2005. The Foundation has continued to educate bankers          in the long-term strategy of the Foundation and thanks go to
about the work of the grantees of the Foundation and has       Randy and his committee for their efforts on this project.
enlisted the help of members of the legal community in this         FouNDAtIoN StAFF – As I mentioned previ-
effort. The Foundation has also continued its collaborative    ously, Judith Baker, the Foundation’s Executive Director,
relationship with the Oregon Bankers’ Association, which       has gotten excellent results in her discussions with banks
has been supportive of the Foundation and its mission.         on revenue enhancement. Judith exhibits a high level of
    The Leadership Bank list will be updated on January 1,     commitment to the Foundation and enthusiasm for the
2007, and the interest rates for the Visionary, Supporting     work of its grantees. She represents the Foundation well in
and Advocacy categories will be increased. None of these       her interactions with bank, grantees, and lawyers. She and
categories will include banks that charge service fees. The    Dawn Nelson, the Foundation’s bookkeeper and adminis-
rates for each category will be tied to changes in the fed     trative assistant, have run the Foundation efficiently. Our
funds rate.                                                    operating expenses are only about 5% of revenues, which is
     The Revenue Enhancement Committee recognized the          an excellent measure for any nonprofit.
importance of educating lawyers about the differences in           The future of the Foundation is brighter than it has
IOLTA rates paid by the many banks in Oregon. Banks that       ever been, thanks to the efforts of the Foundation staff and
are increasing their IOLTA rates want to know that this will   Board members.
help them attract more business from the legal community.
                                                                                                                 Mark Wada
We as lawyers need to be informed consumers and let our
banks know that we are aware of the IOLTA rates being paid
by the different banks.                                                              Balance Sheet
    Elise, thank you for leading this important Committee          ASSETS
and thanks also to the Committee members.                          	 Cash and cash equivalents      $      343,318
    PARtNERS IN JuStIcE AwARD – At the Cam-                           Investments                        2,310,237
paign for Equal Justice’s annual lunch, the Foundation
awarded its Partners in Justice Award to US Bank in rec-              Accrued interest receivable          316,906
ognition of its long-standing support for the Foundation.             Total Assets                  $    2,970,461
US Bank pays the highest rate in the state of Oregon on
IOLTA accounts, and we could not do all that we are doing          LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS
now without their amazing support. The Campaign and the
Foundation continue to look for ways to work together to           	 Liabilities                    $         6190
                                                                      Net Assets
support their shared goals.
                                                                          Unrestricted                   2,335,288
    GRANtS AND RESERvES – Grants made by the                              Permanently
Foundation in 2006 totaled over $1.8 million, which was                   restricted                       628,983
an increase of nearly $500,000 over the level of grants               Total Liabilities
made in 2005. The general fund reserve of the Founda-                 and Net Assets                $    2,970,461
tion will increase by about $900,000 in 2006. Over its
                                    ORegOn Law FOundatiOn 2006 gRanteeS
THE ASSOCIATION OF OREGON LEGAL                                             MULTNOMAH VOLUNTEER
SERVICES PROGRAMS ........................................... $ 1,115,000   LAWYER PROJECT ........................................................ $ 33,000
   The Association of Legal Services Programs is the pri-                      The Multnomah County Office of Legal Aid Services
mary source of civil legal assistance available to low income               of Oregon has a specialized Pro Bono Unit which operates
Oregonians. The Association of Oregon Legal Services                        six pro bono projects serving approximately 1,800 clients
Programs provides legal services to low income Oregonians                   annually.
through a coordinated statewide system centered on the
needs of the client community. The Association provides                     OREGON ADVOCACY CENTER ................................ $ 70,000
services through twenty offices located throughout the state                   The Oregon Advocacy Center provides statewide legal
to serve Oregonians living in poverty.                                      services to Oregonians with disabilities who are victims of
                                                                            abuse or neglect or have problems obtaining health care,
ST. ANDREW LEGAL CLINIC ................................... $ 135,000
                                                                            special education, housing, employment, public benefits
   St. Andrew Legal Clinic (SALC) bridges the gap for                       and access to public and private services. Oregonians with
people who don’t qualify for free services and those who can                disabilities look to OAC to protect and advocate for their
not afford legal representation elsewhere. SALC is a public                 rights in courts, with public agencies and with the state
interest law firm representing clients in family law disputes.              legislature.
SALC has three offices located in Multnomah, Washington
and Clackamas Counties.                                                     CLASSROOM LAW PROJECT...................................... $ 25,000
                                                                               The Classroom Law Project promotes public understand-
HOOD RIVER LEGALIzATION PROJECT ................. $ 22,000
                                                                            ing of the law and legal process for 15,000 elementary
   Hood River Legalization Project provides consultation on                 and secondary students by incorporating the lessons and
immigration and naturalization matters including applica-                   principles of democracy into the school curriculum. Their
tion assistance, representation, education, and advocacy to                 programs include:
families and individuals residing in the Columbia Gorge
region and parts of Central Oregon.                                              1. High School Mock Trial Competition
                                                                                 2. Summer Institute training for teachers
IMMIGRATION COUNSELING SERVICE ................. $ 85,000                        3. We the People program on the Constitution
   Immigration Counseling Service provides repre-                                and Bill of Rights
sentation in immigration-related legal matters to low
and moderate income people in Oregon and South-                             OREGON STATE BAR AFFIRMATIVE
west Washington. The mission of ICS is to help                              ACTION PROGRAM ..................................................... $ 25,000
families apply for reunification, assist people fleeing                        The Oregon State Bar Affirmative Action Program
persecution and violence, and educate people about the                      (AAP) has a recruiting and retention strategy to increase
citizenship process.                                                        ethnic minority diversity of the Oregon State Bar. This
                                                                            strategy is called Opportunities for Law in Oregon (OLIO).
JUVENILE RIGHTS PROJECT, INC ............................. $ 55,000
   Juvenile Rights Project provides legal services to children              SUMMER LAW CLERK PROGRAM ............................ $ 15,000
and families, without the means to retain counsel, through                     The Association of Legal Services Programs hosts summer
individual representation in juvenile court and school pro-                 minority law clerks under the direct supervision of experi-
ceedings, and through class-wide advocacy in the courts, the                enced staff attorneys. The law clerks participate in regularly
legislature and public agencies. JRP has the only Help-Line                 scheduled case meeting, client outreach, and statewide task
offering legal advice for children and teens in Oregon.                     force meetings.

   NWJP provides community education and legal repre-                       ENDOWMENT FUND .................................................... $ 30,000
sentation to low wage, immigrant and contingent workers                        OAJEF is a joint venture to create an endowment to
with respect to their employment matters.                                   support legal service providers.
         2006 Board of directors                                            Special Projects grants
   Mark Wada (President)             Hon. Patricia Crain              In 2005 and 2006 the Oregon Law Foundation
   Lisa LeSage (President-Elect) Emi Donis                        awarded approximately $500,000 in special-project
                                                                  grants. Among other projects, the grants funded the
   Randy Compton (Treasurer) Stanley Sitnick
                                                                  reopening of a long-shuttered Legal Aid office in
   Elise Bouneff (Secretary)         Darcy Norville               Klamath Falls, as well as the continued operation of a
                                     Ann Lininger                 domestic violence clinic in Lane County. The money
                                                                  also helped create a traveling education program for
                                     Larry Rew
                                                                  immigrants and enabled St. Andrew Legal Clinic to
                                     Steve Larson                 expand its operations in underserved Washington
                          Staff                                   and Columbia counties. In total, the law foundation
                                                                  awarded more than $1.8 million in regular and special
   Judith Baker                      Dawn Nelson                  grants for 2006, up 38 percent from the year before.
   Executive Director                Administrative
   (503) 431-6323                    Bookkeeper                  (503) 431-6373

                                                         ORegOn Law FOundatiOn                         Presorted Standard
                                                         5200 SW Meadows Road                              US Postage
                                                         PO Box 1689                                          PAID

  ON IT!
                                                         Lake Oswego, OR 97035-0889                      Portland, OR
                                                                                                        Permit No. 341

                             Makes the
 -In empowering our most vulnerable people to fight
against poverty, homelessness, and domestic violence
 -In strengthening Public/Private partnerships that
               help our communities
      -In ensuring that access to justice for all,
   the cornerstone of our democracy, can become
                 a reality in Oregon

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