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      Farm Fresh!
 America’s Food Revolution
BACKYARD                         The Herbal                 NATURAL
CHICKENS                                                     HORSE
                              KITCHEN                        GENETICALLY
                                                            MODIFIED FEEDS

                          APRIL 2011                                      April 2011   1
    Restore energy
    with                  natural
    For decades, Americans have increasingly turned to “alternative” forms of medicine and natural treatments.
    They have sought help for all kinds of diseases and conditions that were not helped by traditional Western medicine, which is
    often characterized by surgery and narcotics.

    Lemire Clinic focuses on “functional natural medicine,” which does not rely only on invasive procedures or drugs. It combines
    modern science with ancient healing wisdom from different parts of the world, including traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

    At Lemire Clinic, we combine various natural therapies with safe, proven medical treatment to help remove stress, reduce
    pain and anxiety, manage symptoms and promote well-being. Using these non-traditional pain management techniques and
    detoxification therapies, we can cleanse the body of chemical, heavy-metal and environmental toxins. We have successfully
    reduced pain and symptoms and improved the overall condition for many patients.

    •	 Physician	Assisted	Heavy	Metal	        •	 Electrical	Dermal	Screening             •	 Hydrogen	Peroxide	Therapy
       Detoxification                         •	 Hydrogen	Peroxide	Therapy               •	 Colon	Hydrotherapy
    •	 Bio-Identical	Hormone	                 •	 Prolotherapy                            •	 Microdermabrasion	Patient	
       Replacement	Therapy                    •	 Far	Infrared	Sauna	Therapy                 Information
    •	 Ionic	Foot	Bath	Detoxification	        •	 Live	Blood	Analysis                     •	 Voice	Mapping/Emotional	
       Therapy                                •	 Occupational	Therapy                       Clearing	Technique

                             Call for your free consultation today
                                 11115 SW 93rd Ct Rd, Suite 600, Ocala, Florida 34481

                                                                               Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri 8 – 5
                                                                                                                    Tuesday 9-6
                                                                                                             Closed everyday from 12-1

2                                                        Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment   April 2011   3
    Williams Chiropractic, P.A.
                       & Acupuncture
                         Dr. John A. Williams, DC, FIAMA
                     An integrated holistic approach to health

                              SERVICES OFFERED:
                              Physical Therapeutics

    WE CAN HELP:                                                       INSURANCE:
    Headaches                                                         Providers for
    Back Pain                                                          Blue Cross/
    Neck Pain                                                          Blue Shield
    Trauma from                                                           Medicare
    Auto Accident                                                   Auto Accidents

                                 Mon., Wed., Fri.:
                                   9-12 and 2-6
                                Tues., Thurs.: 2-6 *

                         * Call to Schedule Your Appointment

            NEW LOCATION: 1551 N.E. 14th Street, Ocala,
                    34470 352-351-9696 /

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fitness, personal growth, sustainable building,
“green” living, organic food, Buy Local, the
Slow Food and Slow Money movements,
creative expression, wholistic health care,
and products and services that support a
healthy lifestyle for people of all ages.            14    Are You Digging Your Grave with Your Fork?
                 Publisher                                 by Nuris Lemire MS, OTR/L, NC
       Carolyn Rose Blakeslee, Ocala
               Managing Editor                       15    Gardening in April
               Clark Dougherty                             by Jo Leyte-Vidal
               Sharon Bruckman
              S. Alison Chabonais
                                                     16    Yin & Tonic: Enchanted April
                 Kim Marques                               by Melody Murphy
                 Linda Sechrist
              Design + Production                    18    The Herbal Kitchen
             Stephen Gray-Blancett                         by Barbara Pleasant
            Carolyn Rose Blakeslee                         Eight easy picks for container gardening
    Jessi Miller,
                Contact Us
                                                     20    America’s Growing Food Revolution
            Call: 352-629-4000                             by Lisa Marshall
Mail to: P.O. Box 1140, Anthony, FL 32617                  An insider’s guide to sustainable food choices
            Fax: 352-351-5474
                                                     24    Natural Horse: Genetically Modified Feeds
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                                                           In our March 2011 issue, the Table of Contents incorrectly
Copyright ©2011 Natural Awakenings. All rights        listed the author of Page 16’s “Natural Horse” article. The article’s
reserved.                                             author is Alycin Hayes.

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May Issue: Women’s Wellness

                                                              Hello, Dear Readers,
                                                                  We really enjoyed putting together this “Natural
                                                    Nell      Foods” issue for you. For an excellent article on the four
                                                              easy pillars of healthy eating, turn to Page 14.
                                                                   I’ve noticed a growing trend—many of my friends are
                                                              raising chickens and loving the fresh, flavorful eggs. They
                                                              tell me it’s easy and rewarding. So, we’re bringing you a
                                                              practical guide to getting started with chickens (Page 28).
                                                              People are doing this even in urban and suburban areas
                                                              happily and successfully. (You don’t need a noisy rooster,
                                                              either—just hens.)
                                                                  Everyone loves fresh herbs. These, too, are easy to
Advertising & submissions                                     grow, even if you live in an apartment. As long as you
                                                              have a balcony or window that gets some sun, you can
                                                              grow herbs in containers. The article on Page 18 is an
                                                              inspiring and fun read.
n To advertise with us or request a media kit, please call
352-629-4000 or email               On a more somber note, we’re also addressing
n Design services are available, FREE (limited time offer).   something that has been on my mind for a while: the
n Advertisers are included online FREE and receive other      prevalence of genetically modified foods in not only our
significant benefits including FREE “Calendar of Events”      own food, but also horses’ feeds (and even alfalfa hay
listings (normally $15 each).                                 now). Our vet commented recently, “This year alone I’ve
                                                              treated a dozen cases of pancreatitis and as many Cush-
edItorIAl ANd CAleNdAr subMIssIoNs
                                                              ings cases in horses. I’ve never seen anything like it.” A
n For article submission guidelines, please visit
                                                              growing number of horsemen and practitioners believe
                                                              the root cause of these bizarre, and once rare, disorders
n Calendar: visit /news.htm.
                                                              is GMOs (genetically modified organisms). The article
n Email all items to
                                                              on Page 24 offers an excellent overview of this problem.
MAterIAls due                                                 Among the “Resources” at the end is a link to the feature
n Deadline for all materials is the 15th of the month (i.e.   film “The Future of Food” online. Please read this article
April 15th for May issue).                                    whether you have horses or not—it affects all of us.
NAtIoNAl MArkets                                              Enjoy your Enchanted April (Page 16),
Advertise your products or services in multiple markets.

Now serving 88+ communities and printing 3,000,000
copies. To advertise in other markets, call 239-449-8309.                                                                         April 2011             7
NewsBriefs                                                        Dragon Rises
                                                                  10th Anniversary
Earth Fest
Under the Stars                                                   D     ragon Rises College of Orien-
                                                                        tal Medicine will be 10 years
                                                                  old in April 2011, and the college

O      n Earth Day—Friday, April 22—from 5-10 pm, the
       Marion County Extension Office and the Discovery
Center will partner to host the first annual Earth Fest Under
                                                                  community is hosting a celebra-
                                                                  tion. Those who have inspired and
                                                                  guided the first decade will be
the Stars.                                                        featured and their work recognized
     This Earth Day, Marion County’s families and members         at a reception to be held at the
of the community will come together to celebrate and learn        College in Gainesville on Friday
about the importance of soil. The family-friendly festival        evening, April 15, 2011.
will feature local growers, educational vendors, games, and            Dragon Rises College was founded April 1, 2001 with
entertainment, as well as the first ever “soil permeability”      the mission of training skilled licensed acupuncturists who
race. To participate, bring a one-gallon zip-lock bag full of     practice the art and science of Contemporary Chinese Pulse
soil from your yard.                                              Diagnosis, based on the original work of Dr. Leon Ham-
                           The critically acclaimed film Dirt:    mer. The most important outcome of any medical education
                     The Movie will begin at 8:20. This movie     is alumni who have successful careers practicing their craft,
                     is suitable for all ages and has been en-    bringing genuine healing to their patients. The accredited
                     dorsed by the Soil Science Society of        Masters Degree program of Dragon Rises has a track record
                     America. It explores the role that healthy   of this kind of success.
                     soils provide in water purification, agri-        By offering Dr. Hammer’s teachings to students and
                     culture, and nutrient cycling.               clinic patients, the college honors his legacy and keeps it
                           Visitors at the event can stroll       vibrant. Two documentaries will be unveiled, showing Dr.
                     through the flower and vegetable garden      Hammer’s journey and the story of the college that grew up
                     and chat with Extension agents and dedi-     around him in Gainesville.
cated volunteers who will be on hand to answer questions               For more information, call 352-371-2833 or visit www.
about composting, energy topics, horses and manure manage- Photo: Dr. Hammer concentrating on a
ment, water resources, and many other topics.                     Chinese pulse diagnosis.
     All attendees are invited to bring chairs and blankets for
viewing the movie. As an added bonus, the Extension Office
will give everyone a free bag of popcorn to enjoy during
the feature film. Food and refreshments will be available for     Saundra’s Soaps and Natural
sale, but attendees are welcome to bring their own.
     To register in advance on the web, visit http://earth-
                                                                  Treasures Grand Opening, or by phone at 352-671-
8400. Individual tickets are $5 in advance, $7 at the door.
Families pay a maximum of $20 online, $25 at the door.
                                                                  S   aundra Williams has opened her new
                                                                      store, Saundra’s Soaps and Natural Trea-
                                                                  sures. The store opened in March, and the
Advance tickets must be purchased by April 20, 2011. For          Grand Opening Celebration will be held on
more information, contact the Extension Office, 2232 NE           Saturday, April 2, with free samples and munchies starting at
Jacksonville Rd., Ocala, 352-671-8400.                            10. Store hours are Wednesday-Saturday, 10-5:30.
                                                                       With certifications in aromatherapy, Saundra is an
                                                                  expert in her field and has appeared on NBC’s South Florida
                                                                  “Today Show,” demonstrating the process of making soap
                                                                  the old-fashioned way.
             SANDRA WILSON
                                                                       All her products are hand-crafted from organic and natural
              Energy Tapping                                      ingredients. Besides soaps, the store carries products for men
          You can stop bad memories                               and women including body lotions, facial lotions, herbal oil
             You can be at peace                                  infusions, aromatherapy blends, foot creams, and hair products,
                                                                  as well as handcrafted handbags, purses, jewelry, and wallets.
         Over 90% Success Rate with EFT                                Saundra’s Soaps and Natural Treasures is located at
          Positive Change Is a Tap Away!                          Silver Springs Plaza, 5300 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Suite A,
         See Website for Free Consultation                        Silver Springs, FL 34488 (west side of the plaza, under the
         Office/Phone Sessions By Appt.
                                                                  blue awning), 352-236-2185. For more information or to
                                                                  order online, visit
                                                                       Photo: Saundra, age 55, uses her facial oil successfully.

8                                                        Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
                                  New Patient Special:
                              $25.00 off one-hour massage.                                  April 2011   9
                                 Sweet Medicine
                                     B   efore digging into that next stack of French
                                         toast or waffles, pour on some real, pure
                                      maple syrup. New research attests to its sur-
                                       prising medicinal value.
                                            Scientists at The University of Rhode
                                       Island have identified more than 20 com-
                                                                                         The Sticky Side of
                                       pounds in Canadian maple syrup that can           Non-Stick Cookware
                                       be linked to human health—eight of which
                                                   have been found in the maple
                                                          family for the first time. It   C    ompounds in non-stick cookware
                                                                                              may be associated with elevated
                                                                                         levels of cholesterol in children and
                                                            turns out that the syrup
                                                            contains not only many       teens, according to West Virginia
                                                           naturally occurring vita-     University School of Medicine research
                                                        mins and minerals such as        published in Archives of Pediatrics and
zinc, thiamine and calcium, but also substances reported to have anti-bacterial,         Adolescent Medicine.
anti-cancer and anti-diabetic properties.                                                     An earlier national survey had
     Maple syrup is made from the sap located just inside the bark of the sugar          found a near universal presence of per-
maple tree, which is constantly exposed to the sun. Scientists speculate that when       fluoroalkyl acids (PFOA) in Americans’
the sugar maple is tapped to extract the sap, it secretes phenolics—a beneficial          blood serum; these chemicals are used
class of antioxidants also found in berries—as a defense mechanism; these wind           in the manufacture of fluoropolymers,
up in the sap and ultimately concentrate in the syrup, giving this sugary treat its      which facilitate non-stick heat resis-
stamp of health.                                                                         tance for cookware and breathable, wa-
                                                                                         terproof properties for clothing fabrics,
                                                                                         carpet and upholstery.
                                                                                              In the university study, which
                        Canned Chemicals                                                 examined 12,476 Ohio River Valley
                                                                                         youth exposed to PFOA-contaminated
                        New Packaging Eliminates BPA                                     drinking water, one in five not only
                                                                                         had significantly higher PFOA levels
                        T   he chemical Bisphenol A (BPA), used for years in clear
                            plastic bottles and food can liners, has been restricted
                        in Canada and some U.S. states and municipalities. This
                                                                                         than the national average, but relatively
                                                                                         higher total cholesterol levels, includ-
                        chemical behaves just like the hormone estrogen, and is          ing LDL (low-density lipoprotein), or
                        a suspected endocrine disruptor—a chemical that can              “bad” cholesterol, as well.
                        interfere with the body’s gland and hormone functions.           Source: JAMA and Archives Journals
                        The Food and Drug Administration will soon decide
                        what it considers to be a safe level of exposure, based
                        on a mounting body of independent research. Consumer
                        Reports has released results of its tests of 19 common                         I always say
                        canned foods; almost all of them contained BPA—even                   centered food
                        those labeled BPA-free and organic. The highest levels
                                                                                              equals centered
                        were found in canned soups and green beans.
     According to the most recent National Health and Nutrition Examination                            behavior.
Survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 93 percent of Ameri-                            ~Marilu Henner
cans have detectable levels of BPA in their bodies. Among Japan’s population,
after BPA was voluntarily removed from the linings of food and beverage cans in
                                  1997, a 2003 study showed that levels of BPA
                                     were down 50 percent. In the U.S., major
                                            food suppliers are starting to respond
                                             with non-BPA packaging for select
                                             products ranging from juice to tuna
                                             and pasta sauce.

10                                                       Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
HealthBriefs                                                                                       Intuitive Touch Reiki and
                                                                                                            Massage Therapy
                                                                                                Specializing in Therapeutic/medical and
Black Rice                                                                                           relaxation massage, intuitive Reiki
                                                                                                        sessions and lymphatic drainage
Exotic and Healthy
                                                                                                                    1294 SE 24th Road

B    lack rice—long a staple food for one-third of the world’s      Susan Domfort LMT/COTA
                                                                                                                        Ocala, Florida
                                                                    Licensed Massage Therapist,
     population—is gaining popularity in the United States                                                              352-804-7617
                                                                    Reiki Master Teacher and
because of its exotic look and nutty flavor. Now, research          Certified in Holistic Manual         Now accepting PIP and BC/BS
chemists with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricul-         Lymphatic Drainage                        insurance for medically
tural Research Service report that the black variety of this        MA #53889 MM #22664                           necessary massage.
grain may help soothe the inflammation associated with al-
lergies, asthma and other diseases. These health benefits are
attributed to its outer bran layer which, unlike with white
                                 rice, is not polished off dur-
                                 ing processing.
                                     Collaborating researchers
                                                                                        Visit us online at
                                 tested the effects of black rice      
                                 bran extract on skin inflam-
                                 mation in laboratory mice
                                 and found that it reduced the
                                 inflammation by 32 percent
                                 compared to control animals;
                                 the rice bran also decreased
                                 production of certain sub-
                                 stances known to promote
                                                                    NEW LOCATION: 535 NE 36th Ave., Suite 2, Ocala
                                 inflammation in the body.
                                     Brown rice bran extract
                                 did not have these effects.
                                     When the scientists fed
                                 the mice a diet containing
                                 10 percent black rice bran,
swelling associated with allergic contact dermatitis, a com-
mon type of skin irritation, decreased.
      These results show a potential value of black rice bran
as an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic food ingredient. It
may also hold promise as a therapeutic agent for the treat-
ment and prevention of diseases associated with chronic

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 n Free, easy, instant
 n The same magazine
 as the print version with
 n Ads and story links are
 hot-linked                                                                                    April 2011             11
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12                                     Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
EcoTip                                                                                    pomegranate skins and other fruit
                                                                                            trimmings on a rack or in a food
                                                                                              dehydrator to make homemade pot-
                                                                                              pourri. Sprinkle on a little essential
A-Peeling Reuse                                                                               oil for more aroma, if desired.
                                                                                              n Air freshener – Boil lemon rinds
Practical Tips for Fruit                                                                     in water on the stovetop, microwave
and Veggie Scraps                                                                          them for a minute, or just throw them
                                                                                        in the garbage disposal, in order to
A    rind is a terrible thing to waste,” says
     Jeff Yeager, who refers to himself as the
ultimate cheapskate. Yeager has discovered
                                                                                    freshen the air in the kitchen. Also place a
                                                                                  couple in the humidifier to make the whole
                                                                   house smell lemony-fresh.
multiple uses for produce rinds and skins, and ways to
                                                                   n Shoe shine – Shine leather shoes by polishing them with
extract extended benefits before they land in the compost
                                                                   the slippery side of a banana peel.
pile. Here are a few of his favorites, shared with us during a
                                                                   n Metal polish – Lemon, lime and other citrus rinds and
recent interview:
                                                                   pulp/juice are high in citric acid, which makes them great
n Olive oil infusions – Add citrus peels to olive oil for
                                                                   for polishing brass, copper and other non-ferrous metals.
flavor and to reinvigorate oil that’s getting old.
                                                                   Sprinkle on a little baking soda to hasten polishing (ketchup
n Cornhusks – Wrap fish and other seafood in fresh,
                                                                   works, too).
dampened, sweet corn husks to grill and serve in the husks.
                                                                   n Seedling pots – Scooped-out avocado shells make per-
n Savory chicken – Stuff all kinds of fruit and veggie peels
                                                                   fect biodegradable pots to start garden seedlings.
inside a free-range chicken before roasting to give it extra
                                                                   n Pest control – Sprinkle ground-up nutshells around
flavor. Trimmings from onions, celery, citrus, apples, gar-
                                                                   tender garden plants to keep slugs and other pests away;
lic, etc., can be stuffed in the chicken cavity or sprinkled
                                                                   they can’t stand crawling across the rough texture. Crushed
around the roasting pan. Once baked, the trimmings break
                                                                   eggshells also work.
down faster in the compost pile.
                                                                   n Houseplant help – Use banana peels to shine the leaves
n Easter egg dye – At Easter time, boil organic eggs with
                                                                   on houseplants to make them sparkle; this also serves as a
onionskins to naturally create yellow and orange eggshells.
                                                                   natural pesticide and fertilizer.
n Foot rub – Rub papaya skins and pulp on the bottoms of
the feet to help soften and soothe skin, particularly on the
heels. They’re rich in vitamin A and papain, which breaks          Note: Always thoroughly wash the rinds of produce that
down inactive proteins and removes dead skin cells.                will be eaten or come into contact with food, even if it is
n Hair dye – Boil potato peels in water for about a half-          organically grown.
hour, strain and let cool. Rinsing hair with this water after
shampooing will gradually darken grey hair without any             Jeff Yeager is the author of The Cheapskate Next Door and
synthetic chemicals.                                               The Ultimate Cheapskate’s Road Map to True Riches. Con-
n Potpourri – Dry all types of citrus rinds, apple peels,          nect at

 NEW CUSTOMER SPECIAL                       No one knows your unit better than the         OUR SYSTEMS REMOVE
                                           world's largest manufacturer of residential
 10 Point Inspection $29.95              water systems. An all American made product,      l Chlorine        l Odor
                                         since 1925. We build over 70% of all softeners,   l Sulfur          l Iron
 3 Check timer settings                   conditioners and refiners worldwide. So cut      l Arsenic         l Nitrates
 3 Check bypass value
                            L TOD NO            out the middle man and call us!            l Hardness & More
 3 Check salt level      CAL REE “ ”
 3 Check brining system OR F TION
                         F    IGA
                          OBL ATER ! WATER
 3 Check control valve
 3 Check float                 W      IS
                                  LYS    SYSTEMS
 3 Check for salt bridge     ANA
 3 Check for leaks
 3 Check tubing                          Starting
 3 Check unit                            at $9.95                                              A Berkshire Hathaway Company
 We Service All Makes and Models         per month                                         352-401-1818 Marion County
      Serving the Villages since 1980                                                      352-751-0362 Lake & Sumter Counties
   Proudly serving Marion, Citrus, Lake,                   352-373-5600 Alachua County
       Sumter and Alachua Counties             0% Interest Same as Cash 48 Months
                                                                                           866-248-9939 Statewide                                                                                April 2011            13
                                        Are You Digging Your
                                        Grave With Your Fork?
                                        by Nuris Lemire MS, OTR/L, NC

      very day we hear of a new magic solution to look              sity and disease. According to a 2007 report
      better, lose weight, eliminate wrinkles, etc. Billions of     from the World Health Organization:
      dollars are spent in this search. Usually, the results fall        n 50% of children born in 2000 will
short of the expectations.                                          have Type 2 diabetes by age 30.
    Diets do not work … lifestyle changes do. What are                   n Up to 80% of coronary heart
some of the basic areas of lifestyle changes?                       disease, and up to 90% of Type 2
    n Proper nutrition                                              diabetes, can be avoided by
    n Exercise                                                      changing lifestyle factors.
    n Healthy sleep patterns                                             And, according to the
    n Stress management                                             National Cancer Institute:
    n Detox                                                              n 75% of all cancers are
    This article focuses on nutrition and the four principles       diet-related.
of healthy eating.
                                                                    3. Eat colorful.
1. Eat primitive.                                                       Eat loads of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and
     Until about 150 years ago, humans were eating con-             vegetables get their color from carotenoids. These play two
sistently fresh and simple foods. The main diet consisted of        roles: first, they boost the immune function; second, packed
roots and fruits, greens and beans, seeds and weeds, and            with powerful antioxidants, they get rid of free radicals.
some fish or wild game.                                                  One carotene is Lycopene, found in red foods like
     The Industrial Revolution changed this with modern             tomatoes and beets. These pack a punch against prostate
food processing: refining, stripping food of nutrients, and          cancer. They also are rich in fiber, which binds up and
adding man-made fillers. As a result, the modern diet has            escorts out cancer-producing hormones and chemicals.
become radically different: meats and sweets, pies and fries,       Ideally each person should consume about 50 grams of
chips and dips, cakes and shakes, genetically modified               fiber daily. Most people consume less than 5 grams.
foods, chemical additives and more.                                     Dr. Richard Dubois, M.D., Chief of Internal Medicine
                                                                    at Atlanta Medical Center and top authority on infectious
2. Eat alkaline.                                                    diseases, after 4,500 studies says that whole fruits and
     Acid/alkaline balance is key to health. Studies are sug-       vegetables specifically prevent cancer.
gesting that for the best balance, we should consume about
80% alkaline (plant-based foods) and 20% acid (animal               4. Eat organic.
foods). Dr. William Howard Hay, a physician who wrote the                “Organic” means more than what is left out, such as
book How to Always Be Well nearly 100 years ago, said our           pesticides. It also means what is left in, especially minerals.
intracellular pH should be about 7.3. “Anything less and the        For example, one organic tomato contains 1,938 parts per
body is moving towards disease and death.”                          million of iron vs. a conventional tomato with just one ppm.
     In his book The pH Miracle, microbiologist Dr. Robert               Using these four nutritional principles will help you
Young says, “Striking the optimum 80/20 balance can result          prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and many other
in dramatic healthy weight loss, rebuilt stamina … and              illnesses; they will help you maintain a healthy weight and
vibrant health.”                                                    feel vibrant and alive into your golden years.
     Alkaline foods are usually fresh vegetables and some
fresh fruits. The more they are cooked, the more acid they          Nuris Lemire is certified in Neuromechanical Acupuncture,
become. Foods that yield acidic conditions when digested            Lymphatic Drainage, Craniosacral and Heart Center Thera-
include meat, dairy, pasta, sugar, and almost anything that         py; she is also a Reiki Master Practitioner, Wudang China Ex-
comes out of a package.                                             ternal Qi Healer, and a practitioner of the Maya Abdominal
     Today, the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) consists of         Technique. She and Dr. James Lemire, M.D. can be reached
nearly 100% acidic foods, resulting in inflammation, obe-            at the Lemire Clinic, 352-291-9459.

14                                                         Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
Gardening in
by Jo Leyte-Vidal, UF/IFAS Marion
County Master Gardener

         t last, while our landscape is
         greening, some annoying bugs
         are also waking up. Watch out
for baby lubber grasshoppers (black
with yellow stripes). They need to
be picked and crushed before they
become voraciously feeding adults.
Also, the aphid, spider mite, and scale
populations will begin to increase
as they suck juices from tender new
leaves. The easiest and safest way to
eliminate these suckers is to spray-
wash with an insecticidal soap. Follow
the directions on the label. Be sure to
spray the underside of leaves where
the bugs hide.
     It is time to pinch back any surviv-
ing annuals to promote re-bloom, and
to plant tender annuals such as celo-
sia, impatiens, snapdragons, pansies,
marigolds, and nasturtiums. Plan your
annual planting design right there in
the garden center. Move and arrange
the small pots until a pleasing design
is made. You leave the store ready to
plant. The following is a checklist to
use at the store.
Annuals: check for
n More buds than blooms
n No roots growing out of the pot
n White roots
n Healthy leaves and stems
Perennials: check for
n Multiple stems or crowns
n Fuller rather than taller growth
n Healthy growth, both above and
below the soil
Shrubs: check for
n Pleasing branch structure
n No insect damage
n Fuller rather than taller growth
n Healthy, well-distributed roots

For help with your lawn, garden, trees
or pasture, call the UF/IFAS Marion
County Master Gardeners at 352-671-
8400.                 April 2011   15
                          Enchanted April

         pril is the cruelest month,” T.   full bloom. It can climb on and cling       a coy destroyer, this pushy purple
         S. Eliot said, “breeding lilacs   to and drape itself over anything,          broad—a beautiful, troublesome
         out of the dead land, mixing      languidly strangling whatever it takes a    rambler, always on the move.
memory and desire, stirring dull roots     notion to choke. There’s a good reason           And then, overnight, as suddenly
with spring rain.” He began his 1922       the writers on Desperate Housewives         as she came, she’s gone, with a
epic poem The Waste Land with these        decided to name the street where all        lingering whisper of too-sweet perfume
lines.                                     the drama happens “Wisteria Lane.”          in the air and a startling absence of
      We don’t have lilacs in Florida.     Wisteria’s a troublesome tart just like     cascading purple, and you’re left
But we do have wisteria, which is like     her co-stars.                               dazed and puzzled, wondering, What
the love child of lilacs and kudzu.             Wisteria is the femme fatale of        just happened here?
This year the wisteria arrived a full      flowers, a beautiful dame straight               Wisteria, like trouble, is invasive
month early, in early March. Last year     out of film noir: toxic, clingy, and        and fast-growing. It thrives in a variety
I first spied it during Easter weekend.    gorgeous. She’s a shameless social          of conditions, and can be propagated
Its arrival coincided precisely with       climber, this shady lady in lavender;       any number of ways. And it does best
the advent of a miserable flirtation       this year, she’s a brazen, early-arriving   when it has a support structure. The
with bronchitis that laid me low for       hussy, and who knows when she’ll            older wisteria gets, the stronger it gets,
a couple of weeks; in fact, my illness     leave. Lilac’s love child is reckless and   and when fully mature, it can take
waxed and waned with the influx of         headstrong, a histrionic codependent        down entire buildings. Some species
the wisteria, to a degree that I dubbed    with separation anxiety. She entwines       of wisteria are toxic in every part: root,
my malaise “the wisteria flu.”             herself lazily around a likely-looking      leaf, flower, pod, seed. That’s trouble,
      There is something insidious         host, and it takes an act of Congress       my friends. Right here in River City.
about wisteria. Though lovely, it          to give her the boot once she’s gotten           April seems to breed trouble
has overtones of evil. I think that is     herself firmly ensconced. Like an old       like wisteria. Look at history. The
because it springs up from nowhere,        lover, just when you think you’ve           American Revolution began and
and is suddenly, overwhelmingly            gotten free of her and gotten over her,     ended in April, eight years apart. So
prevalent. One day it simply isn’t         there she is, back the next spring for      did the Civil War, in a span of four
there; the next morning, it’s in rampant   her annual illicit rendezvous. She’s        years from Fort Sumter to Appomattox,

16                                                     Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
shortly followed by the assassination        trip to the beach. Old habits die hard,         April’s weather is as fickle and
of Abraham Lincoln. Within only              and though it’s been a baker’s dozen       capricious as her spirit. Possessed
11 years early last century, the great       years since I was in any sort of school,   of a wicked and whimsical nature,
earthquake and fire of 1906 destroyed        that seasonal longing for Spring Break     she’s as much known for her April
much of San Francisco, the Titanic           resurrects every year as faithfully as     showers and tornadoes as she is for
sank, and the United States declared         wisteria. Perhaps some beach time          flowers and sunshine. April is National
war on Germany and entered World             would have behooved those rarin’           Poetry Month, but also tornado
War I—all in April.                          for a fight. A comfortable reclining       season. There’s something almost
     April was eventful throughout           chair with a cool drink on some sun-       schizophrenic about her. “To what
World War II as well. FDR died in            dappled shore beneath the shade of         purpose, April, do you return again?”
office, never seeing the end of the war.     a palm tree, listening to the sound        Edna St. Vincent Millay asks warily—to
Mussolini was executed. Adolf Hitler         of the ocean, certainly improves my        answer herself in another verse, “April
committed suicide after realizing he         disposition; who knows what it might       comes like an idiot, babbling and
could not win the war.                       have done for those overtaken by evil      strewing flowers.” Well, yes. April
     In more modern history, just in         thoughts in April?                         is our mad Ophelia, delirious with
the past 50 years or so, April has seen           April’s namesake is Aphrodite,        spring fever, waltzing along with her
more than its share of upheaval: the         goddess of love. Perhaps this accounts     wisteria and her warfare, her poetry
Bay of Pigs invasion. The assassination      for the gradual decrease in aggression     and her tornadoes. She’s madder than
of Martin Luther King, Jr. The near-         as the month wanes and the sun leaves      a March hare, but she is beautiful, just
tragedy of Apollo 13. The L.A.               its mythological war-god behind.           as wisteria is.
riots. Columbine. The Virginia Tech          Because, you know, good things                  Perhaps there is nothing sage to
massacre. The Gulf oil spill. And let us     happen in April, too. The monarchs of      say about the dangerous beauty of
not forget, speaking of toxic sludge:        Spain sent out Columbus to sail the        April and her wisteria, no tidy lesson
New Coke was released in April.              ocean blue and discover new worlds.        to be learned. Far better poets than
     Yes, throughout history, April has      Juan Ponce de Leon first set foot on       I, and those who pen prose, purple
been the cruelest month, a hotbed of         and named Florida; he called it this       or otherwise, have said all there is to
trouble and trauma. Like the title of        word meaning “flowery land” because        say about April over the centuries.
Eliot’s poem, April often seems to leave     it was Easter season and the world         Perhaps Elizabeth von Arnim said it
a wasteland behind it: the aftermath of      around him was in bloom. Handel’s          best in her lovely novel Enchanted
war, of natural disasters, of bloodshed      Messiah premiered. Paul Revere did         April, in which a notice is posted to
and evil and loss of life.                   stuff to get a poem written about him.     lure and entice “those who appreciate
     Shakespeare said, “April hath           George Washington took the oath of         wisteria and sunshine” into a grand
put a spirit of youth in everything.”        office and became our first president      adventure. That’s April: allure and
Youth have been known to get restless        of the United States, a nation as brand-   adventure, wisteria and sunshine.
and stir up trouble. Maybe that’s why        spanking-new as a shiny new quarter,       Wisteria is, undoubtedly, lovely; so
April does what it does. The sun-            which would eventually bear his            is sunshine. But one can burn, and
year is young, the world is reborn in        profile. Then there was the Louisiana      the other can strangle. Both are best
springtime, and a troublesome spirit         Purchase, which brought Cajun food         appreciated safely, having taken the
gets into the blood and causes vernal        to a wider audience, and you’ve got to     necessary precautions. April is one
children to have tantrums with very          love that.                                 who enchants—but by what magic,
serious consequences. The month                   In other Aprils, the Pony             black or white—or purple—who can
does, you know, kick off with a              Express began traversing the Wild          say.
celebration of fools.                        West. The concentration camps of                So enjoy Spring Break. Make love,
     Who knows? Maybe the world              Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen, Dachau,         not war.
gets spring fever, and the restless spirit   and Ravensbruck all were liberated              Wear sunscreen, and feel free to
of Mars, the Roman god of war and the        by Allied forces. Grace Kelly had          admire the wisteria—but from a safe
namesake of the month of March, gets         a fairytale wedding and became a           distance. Don’t stand too close. She’ll
into men’s blood when the sun swings         princess. Dr. King saw the promised        get you, too.
into Aries and the vernal equinox            land and told the world about it before
arrives, and that rebellious warrior-        he died. Apollo 13 didn’t turn out to      Melody Murphy would rent the
essence stays in the bloodstream until       be a tragedy.                              southeast corner of her soul to dark
the sun changes signs again later in              The lesson of April, perhaps, is as   forces of wisteria-like wickedness for a
April.                                       simple as a popular slogan of that era:    week to be on a beach right now with
     Or maybe the world would be             “Make love, not war.” Leave Mars in        a good book and a cold drink, looking
better served by simply taking a Spring      March. Take Aphrodite on a road trip       upon turquoise waters and breathing
Break. I know that for myself, with          to the beach. After all, she was born of   in salt breezes. She has no desire to go
the coming of every spring, I get an         the waves and seafoam; maybe that’s        back to school, except to be granted a
itch like you wouldn’t believe for a         why we continue to find her there.         Spring Break.                                                                             April 2011           17
                                                                                                   Mix it Up
                                                                                           When shopping for plants,
                                                                                           experiment with the way herbs
                                                                                           from these two groups look
                                                                                           when they’re arranged together:

                                                                                           n Upright growth habit: basil,
                                                                                           chives, dill, rosemary, sage
                                                                                           n Mounding growth habit:
                                                                                           marjoram, parsley, thyme

                                                                                        basil is pinched back, the bushier it

The Herbal Kitchen
                                                                                              Chives taste like very mild scal-
                                                                                        lions, and plants will produce new
                                                                                        leaves throughout the growing season,
                                                                                        if trimmed regularly. These cold-hardy
Eight Easy Picks for Container Gardening                                                plants become dormant off-season and
                                                                                        return the following year, featuring an
       Keep culinary herbs handy by growing them                                        early show of edible pink flowers. The
                                                                                        slender, upright leaves combine well
       in a large pot just outside the kitchen door.                                    with other herbs.
                                                                                              Dill is a fast-growing annual that
                                by Barbara Pleasant                                     prefers cool growing conditions. Its
                                                                                        leaves, flowers and seeds carry a savory

          umans have had good rea-           ample room for four or more plants.        tang that enhances the flavor of pick-
          sons to grow basil, rosemary       Half-barrel wooden planters are great      les, marinated vegetables and breads.
          and other culinary herbs for       and fixed oblong planters also work        Placed in the center of a large pot, a
thousands of years. Edible herbal ac-        well.                                      single dill plant will grow more than
cents and aromas enhance the beauty                Cooks and gardeners will have the    two feet tall and may require staking.
and flavor of every dish they touch, be      most fun combining upright herbs that            Marjoram deserves wider use,
they sprigs of fresh parsley tossed into     reach for the sky with others that tend    because the little plants combine a light
hot couscous, or marjoram and thyme          toward low, mounding growth. When          oregano flavor with subtle notes of mint
sparking a savory risotto.                   shopping for seedlings, look for inter-    and lemon, and marjoram tastes good
     A big garden isn’t needed to grow       esting ways to combine leaf textures       raw or cooked. Its lanky stems look
most kitchen herbs; in fact, it’s often      and foliage colors, too. For example,      lovely spilling over the sides of mixed
better to grow these culinary gems in        anchor an herbal container bouquet         containers.
pots. In any household, the sweet spot       with red-leafed basil and surround               Parsley needs a bit more moisture
for cultivating herbs is a puddle of         it with marjoram and thyme. Then,          than other herbs, so place it closer to
sunshine near the kitchen door. Time         create a second container by combin-       the center than the edge in mixed con-
and again, the cook will dash out to         ing silvery sage with green chives and     tainers. Both mild-flavored curly and
gather a handful of this or that while       curly parsley. This two-pot herb garden    more assertive flat-leafed Italian parsley
two or three dishes simmer on the            will produce a season’s worth of fresh     do well in roomy containers.
stove. Dinner is less likely to boil over    flavors.                                         Rosemary tolerates strong sun
when herbs can be snagged in a matter                                                   and heat, so it’s a wise choice in hot
                                                                                        months. Northerners grow rosemary as
of seconds.                                  Eight Easy Herbs for Pots                  an annual, but in milder climates, these
                                                  Basil’s spicy-sweet flavor with       woody perennials can continue as a
Individual Pots vs.                          strong floral notes puts it on every-      perennial for years. Rosemary’s piney
Container Bouquets                           one’s planting list. This fast-growing     flavor and aroma takes center stage
     Because small pots heat up and dry      annual loves warm weather. Basil           in rice dishes and casseroles, and the
out faster than larger ones, herbs usually   planted in the early part of the growing   woody stems make delightful skewers.
grow best in larger containers. Fourteen-    season will produce numerous flower-             Sage charms everyone with its
inch-wide plastic or fiberglass pots are     ing spikes within a couple of months,      luminous leaves, which may be gray-
lightweight, easy to handle and provide      which should be snipped off. The more      green or variegated with pink and

18                                                       Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
cream, depending on variety. Smoky sage is the definitive
herb to pair with poultry, and it’s great with potatoes, too.
      Thyme is the flavorful herb that brings depth to many
French and Cajun dishes. The fresh version is incomparable
for lending savory flavor notes to fresh vegetables. Both
English thyme and low-growing lemon thyme make appealing
edge plants in mixed containers.

Barbara Pleasant is the author of numerous gardening books,
including Starter Vegetable Gardens: 24 No-Fail Plans for
Small Organic Gardens. For more information visit Barbara-

                    How to
                Transplant Herbs
 F   ollow these simple steps to get any container herb
     garden off to a strong start.
 1. Water seedlings and set them in a shady spot. Mean-
 while, fill a large container that has at least one drain-
 age hole to within two inches of the brim with fresh
 potting soil.
 2. Keeping seedlings in their nursery pots, array them
 into a pleasing arrangement, with the tallest plants
 placed near the center. Then, squeeze each plant from
 its nursery pot and nestle it into the soil in the selected
 3. Use scissors to trim off any broken branches and
 thoroughly water the container herb garden. Keep
 newly planted containers in a shady spot for about
 three days. In stationary planters, cover the plants with
 flowerpots to shade them from direct sunshine. Remove
 the shade covers after three days, water again, then start
 snipping bits of fresh herbs as needed for the kitchen.
 Herbs generally develop their best flavors when they re-
 ceive sun most of the day. In hotter climates, move herb
 containers to partial shade during the hotter months to
 prevent excessive heat stress.

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  Organic coffee and pastries,
  sustainable living books and
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  soaps, homemade bread, much
  more. Open every day 10-6.                                      April 2011   19
America’s Growing
Food Revolution
An Insider’s Guide
to Sustainable Choices
by Lisa Marshall

            e’ve heard the buzz. Amer-      up and realize they have no idea how       Rodale what consumers can do to
            ica is in the midst of a food   their food is made,” says historian and    improve their health and environment,
            revolution. Sales of natural    food policy writer James McWilliams,       and her answer is unequivocal. “If you
and organic foods are up by double          an associate professor at Texas State      do just one thing—make one con-
digits. The once-obscure Locavore (eat      University. “Historians will look back     scious choice—that can change the
local) movement has become a national       on this time as momentous.”                world, go organic,” she writes in her
phenomenon. Community supported                  But with every revolution come        new book, Organic Manifesto: How
agriculture (CSA) initiatives and farm-     tough questions—and fiery debate—           Organic Farming Can Heal Our Planet,
ers’ markets are proliferating. Even the    on how best to participate. Is it better   Feed the World, and Keep Us Safe.
federal government and some of the                                                           Rodale’s grandfather founded Or-
country’s largest grocery retailers have          Is it better to buy                  ganic Farming and Gardening magazine
jumped onboard, with the first garden                                                   (today’s Organic Gardening) in the
on White House grounds since World               “organic,” “natural”                  1940s, jump-starting an organic move-
War II, and Walmart vowing in Janu-                   or “local”?                      ment that by the 1960s was nearly syn-
ary to double the percentage of locally                                                onymous with environmentalism. But
grown produce it sells to 9 percent.        to buy “organic,” “natural” or “lo-        today, Rodale concedes, the organic
     The statistics are motivating          cal”? Is shopping at a farmers’ market     industry faces a public relations chal-
indeed: According to University of          inherently more green? Are there           lenge, as consumers move from USDA
Wisconsin researchers, produce travels      other ways, such as planting a garden      Organic-certified foods to “locally
an average of 1,500 miles from farm-        or eschewing meat, that can make an        grown” or cheaper “natural” options.
land to plate today, up 22 percent from     even bigger impact?                              One 2009 survey by The Shelton
1981. Half of our land and 80 percent            In reality, there are no easy         Group found that out of 1,000 shop-
of our water is used for agriculture,       answers, but, “Consumers need to           pers, 31 percent looked for the “natu-
reports The American Journal of Clinical    be prepared to take on a bit more          ral” label, while 11 percent looked for
Nutrition, and pesticide use has in-        complexity in how we think about           “organic.” “There is a giant mispercep-
creased 33-fold since the 1940s. Health     food, and not fall so easily for simple    tion among consumers that somehow
problems associated with agricultural       mantras (such as ‘Eat Local’ and ‘Buy      ‘natural’ is the word that is regulated
chemicals are on the rise.                  Organic’),” advises McWilliams.            and ‘organic’ is not. In fact, it is actu-
     “We have been through 100 years                                                   ally the other way around,” says CEO
of industrialization of our food supply,    The Case for Organic                       Suzanne Shelton.
and consumers have begun to wake                Ask Rodale Inc. CEO Maria                    Law mandates that U.S. Depart-

20                                                      Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
ment of Agriculture (USDA) products             decided to limit what they ate for a
labeled “organic” must be free of               month to what was produced within
pesticides, hormones and genetically            100 miles of home base. By August,
modified organisms (GMOs), and that             1,000 people had signed on at Mais-
animals be given access to the outdoors.        er’s By 2007,
       By contrast, the Food and Drug           “locavore” was the Word of the Year of
Administration vaguely describes “natu-         the New Oxford American Dictionary.

ral” as, “Nothing artificial or synthetic             “It just snowballed,” recalls
has been included in, or has been add-
ed to a food that would not normally be
                                                Maiser. “I think it had a lot to do with
                                                changes in the organic movement. In                 Tips to Eat
expected to be in the food.” With the
exception of meat, it is up to the manu-
                                                the 1990s, if you were eating organic,
                                                you pretty much were eating food                    Sustainably,
facturer to define what “natural” means.
(In 2009, the USDA defined “naturally
                                                from a local farmer. But when the big
                                                companies came in and you could get
                                                                                             Healthy and Smart
raised” meat as, “… raised entirely             organic produce grown in Mexico,
without growth promoters, antibiotics,          it wasn’t the same anymore. We still         n Buy certified organic and
and never been fed animal byproducts.”          wanted to know where our food was            local when possible.
It says nothing about GMOs or humane            coming from.”                                n Always choose certified
animal treatment.)                                    Professional dancer-turned-            organic when shopping for the
       Organic advocates point out that         ethnobotanist Leda Meredith started a        publicized dirty dozen: peach-
a genetically modified animal could             250-mile challenge in 2007, in part to       es, apples, sweet bell peppers,
be fed genetically modified feed and            see if a time-crunched professional in       celery, nectarines, strawberries,
confined to a narrow pen and still be           wintery Brooklyn could achieve what          cherries, pears, grapes, spin-
billed as “natural.” A loaf of “natu-           locavores in warmer climes had.              ach, lettuce and potatoes.
ral” bread could be made with grains                  At first, adjusting to the realities
repeatedly sprayed with pesticides and          was rough. Local cooking oil was hard        n When buying local, but not
man-made fertilizer. “‘Natural’ refers to       to find, so she saved the rendered fat       organic, ask the farmer: “Why
the end product,” explains the Organic          from her locally raised duck and used        not organic?” He or she may
Trade Association. “It does not provide         it to pop locally grown popcorn. Her         be doing something close.
any information about how the prod-             one-bedroom apartment was not ideal          n When joining a CSA, ask the
uct was produced.”                              for stockpiling canned produce, so she       farmer if he or she ever adds
       What about buying local? Rodale          kept canned local tomatoes and dried         non-local food to the basket.
argues that, while focusing on local is         wild mushrooms under her bed.                If so, ask where it comes from
great for reducing farm-to-plate miles,               “But, by year’s end, it had become     and how it is produced.
if it isn’t organic, it isn’t necessarily ad-   my new normal,” says Meredith, au-           n At a farmers’ market, ask the
dressing the larger issues of pesticide         thor of The Locavore’s Handbook: The         management how they choose
and antibiotic use.                             Busy Person’s Guide to Eating Local on       their vendors. Must they be lo-
       Noting that more than 4 billion          a Budget.                                    cal, or certified organic? How
pounds of pesticides are used annu-                   She chooses organic and local          are they screened?
ally in the United States, she points           whenever possible, and if the food is on
to studies from the National Institutes         the Environmental Working Group’s dirty-     n If buying “natural,” learn
of Health and the Mount Sinai Medi-             dozen list of most pesticide-drenched        how the producer defines it
cal Center Children’s Environmen-               food, she might even buy organic from        (the government definition is
tal Health Center that suggest links            afar. Yet, she is a locavore at heart.       vague).
between agricultural antibiotic use                   “It has an impact, on local econo-     n Eat less meat. It uses fewer
and the rise in drug-resistant staph            mies and small farmers, and from a           resources to produce.
infections in humans, and between               cook’s point of view the food is just
                                                                                             n Plant something. Try a con-
oganophosphate pesticides and cancer            fresher,” she says.
                                                                                             tainer garden on a balcony or
and diabetes. “It is fine to buy local,               McWilliams, a vegan and author
                                                                                             in a window box.
but if there are chemicals in it, then          of Just Food: Where Locavores Get it
the farmer is contaminating your own            Wrong and How We Can Truly Eat Re-           n Learn about good sources
community,” Rodale says. “That’s even           sponsibly, agrees. But he takes issue with   of healthy foods in various
worse.”                                         the notion that, because it necessitates     seasons.
                                                fewer transportation miles, eating local     n Take a cooking class.
The Locavore Way                                is a better choice for the environment.
    In early 2005, Jennifer Maiser and
a handful of friends in San Francisco                    ... Continued on the next page                                                                               April 2011             21
                                                                                        (in which members buy a share and
                                                                                        receive a box of local farm produce
                                                                                        each week). She says that these can be
                                                                                        excellent ways to benefit our health,
                                                                                        environment and local economies. But
                                                                                        there can be downsides. For example,
                                                                                        a co-op can take years to form and is
                                                                                        typically volunteer run, which in-
                                                                                        volves a significant learning curve; it
                                                                                        also often requires members to put up
                                                                                        several hundred dollars long before
                                                                                        the doors open. Belonging to a CSA
                                                                                        includes collective risk, so if it’s a bad
                                                                                        crop year, member shares are affected.
                                                                                        At a farmers’ market, occasionally
                                                                                        a vendor will pass off conventional
                                                                                        produce shipped in from afar as local
                                                                                        or organic.
                                                                                             As someone who buys eggs from
                                                                                        a farmers’ market, grass-fed meat from
                                                                                        a local farm, dry goods from a co-op,
                                                                                        nuts from a natural food buying club,
      He notes that the shipping of        Growing Our Own                              and has a garden that dwarfs her own
food constitutes just 9 to 11 percent            Greg Peterson says that there is       house, Barnett puts it this way: Ask
of its “life-cycle assessment” (the toll   another perspective often left out of        questions first. Then make a plan.
it takes on the environment), while        the puzzle when people postulate how              “Everyone is going to concoct their
things like water use, fertilizer appli-   they can change the world by what            own way of meeting their needs by
cation and harvesting techniques suck      they eat: “Food grows for free. You just     balancing their relationships with local
up far more.                               have to buy a little seed and put a little   people and their beliefs about organic,”
      Is it really greener to buy local    water on it. People should grow their        she says. “It is very complex. But at
hothouse tomatoes if, according to         own food, share it and give it away.”        least people are talking about it.”
McWilliams, they can require up to               From his 80-by-60-foot yard in the     Connect with the writer at LisaMarshall
10 times the energy?                       heart of Phoenix, Peterson grows 50 to
      Is it really more sustainable to     100 individual crops, from citrus trees
buy local rice from an arid state if       to snow peas and greens. His neigh-
aquifers were drained to grow it?
      Another issue concerns econo-
                                           bors pop in for a bowl of peaches or a
                                           few fresh eggs. He further spreads the
                                                                                        Key Food Websites
mies of scale. For instance, a shipper     word by hosting gardening classes for encourages us
sending a truck with 2,000 apples          everyone from wealthy retirees with          to eat what is produced within 100 to
across 2,000 miles would consume           big yards to thrifty condo dwellers          250 miles from home.
the same amount of fuel per apple as       wanting to grow herbs on their porch-
a local farmer who takes a pickup 50       es.                                 helps com-
miles to sell 50 apples. “Local is not           “For me, it’s about building local     munities start their own nonprofit
necessarily greener,” accounts McWil-      food systems and making neighbor-            co-op.
liams.                                     hoods more resilient,” he says. “There
      So, what is? Eating less meat, he    is also something inherently spiritual connects consumers
contends. And mounting studies back        about being able to go out in my front       to CSAs, co-ops and farmers’ markets
up his point.                              yard and pick carrots, beets and greens      in their area.
      Most recently, a 2009 study in       to make dinner.”
                                                 Erin Barnett is the director of (Organic Trade Assn.) offers
The American Journal of Clinical Nu-                                                    info about what organic is and isn’t.
trition found that a carnivorous diet      Minnesota-based LocalHarvest, which
requires 2.9 times more water, 2.5         connects consumers with family farms, is a grassroots ac-
times more energy, 3 times more fer-       co-ops (collectively owned nonprofit         tion network operated by The Center
tilizer and 1.4 times more pesticides      grocery stores or buying clubs that give     for Food Safety.
than a vegetarian diet.                    members discounted prices on health-
                                           conscious products in exchange for a gives advice on how
                                           fee and work crew hours) and CSAs            to start an urban farm.

22                                                      Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
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NaturalHorse                                                                          Plants are being modified all the time
                                                                                      in nature, according to their needs
                                                                                      and what other plants they come into

     Horses and Livestock:                                                            contact with, naturally. GM is differ-
                                                                                      ent. This modification is not something
                                                                                      a plant would come across in nature.

     Genetically Modified Foods                                                       Where would a corn plant find a pesti-
                                                                                      cide gene? or a tomato, a fish gene?
                                                                                           Plus, the methods used to keep

              in Feeds                                                                the genes stable come into question,
                                                                                      as many modifications use viruses and
                                                                                      antibiotics as “marker genes” to keep
                                                                                      the gene from becoming unstable.
     1. Already in Widespread Use                                                          While this is a simplified writing
                                                                                      of how GM crops are constructed, I
     2. A Recipe for Disaster                                                         hope to give you enough information
                                                                                      for you to do some research and come
                               by April Reeves                                        up with your own conclusions. As a
                                                                                      trainer, I won’t feed them. As a farmer
                                                                                      and food producer/grower, I won’t
                                                                                      grow them.

          enetically modified organisms   die from trying to eat it.                       Let’s take a closer look at the crops
          are mankind’s way of produc-         Think about this for a second.         your horse is eating.
          ing desired effects within a         I used to be excited about this
plant/animal that nature either has not   new technology until 1989, when my          Corn
done yet, or cannot do. GM (geneti-       neighbor showed me how his corn                  One of the most prolific GM crops
cally modified) plants are created in a   crop can kill a bug in one bite. As we      in the world is corn. Corn, as we knew
lab by scientists. The DNA of the plant   watched the little beetle slowly slip off   it before GM, is pretty much gone
is altered by adding a foreign gene       and die on the ground, it occurred to       forever. The GM corn we find today
into the plant’s DNA (for example, the    me—“Food should not kill.”                  has as many as eight traits—meaning
flounder fish gene in tomatoes).               Your horse will, unfortunately, come   there are eight alterations to the DNA
     The most common alteration to        into contact with some of the most          of each cell in the corn plant. This
the plants horses eat (corn, sugar) is    “advanced” GM foods. Many of them           includes gene changes to kill various
the addition of Bt bacteria, which        are not approved for human consump-         bugs and pests, and resistance to dif-
alters the plant to resist the intense    tion; to me, feeding a horse something      ferent pesticides.
continual spraying of pesticides on the   that might not be good for me isn’t good         The only GM corn fit for raw hu-
plants without killing them.              enough for my horse either.                 man consumption (allegedly safe to
     It also causes any insects that           Many will say that plants have         eat without cooking) is a sweet corn
come into contact with that plant to      been genetically modified forever.          that came to market in 2010. All other
                                                                                      corns are either in processed human
                                                                                      foods, or used in non-processed forms
                                                                                      for animal feeds. Corn is a poor animal
                                                                                      feed, a lousy fuel alternative, and an
                                                                                      unhealthy sweetener, yet we consume
                                                                                      millions of pounds of it a day.
                                                                                           There have been no studies to
                                                                                      show the effects of GM corn on
                                                                                      horses, but research is coming out
                                                                                      that questions specific gene changes
                                                                                      within the horse that science cannot
                                                                                      explain. According to
                                                                                      (XY sex reversal in horses: the genes
                                                                                      behind the switch), researchers have
                                                                                      found “how” mares are now becoming
                                                                                      infertile, but they still can’t tell “why”
                                                                                      this is happening.
                                                                                           In independent studies done by
                                                                                      researchers studying GM foods, rats

24                                                    Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
and mice were used, and the fertility         alfalfa has the potential to become ex-     Equine Health Is Changing
problem arose. By the third generation        tinct much as corn is close to becom-            Other health issues are cropping
of GM-fed mice and rats, the genera-          ing. Bees don’t need passports. Alfalfa     up in both humans and horses, such
tion was incapable of procreation.            is a cover crop for organic growers.        as allergies and genetic mutations.
     Big corporate interests dismiss               While alfalfa is not the ideal         Another article from
these findings, but the facts remain:         forage for horses, it is used in mass       states that a new genetic mutation has
     1. There are no studies demon-           quantities. Should we be unable to          been found in Thoroughbreds. While
strating that GM foods are harmless to        buy non-GM alfalfa in the future, we        there are many possibilities, such as
horses or humans over the long term.          had better hope this experiment works,      pollution and pesticides, GM is never
     2. Corporate interests are expected      or our horses’ lives will be further        analyzed for fear of retaliation from
to do their own research and present          endangered. I’m not being mean—I’m          biotech firms.
their own findings, making the whole          just keeping it real. Corporate interests        Having been around horses for
industry ripe for challenges of integrity.    and shareholder value is above and          50-plus years, I have some perspective.
One only has to question motivation to        beyond all else.                            Cancer, allergies and Cushing’s disease
understand this.                                   Like corn, alfalfa has been engi-      was never heard of. In my childhood,
                                              neered by Monsanto to be pesticide          one horse I knew died from a heart
Sugar and beet pulp                           resistant. That means every cell in the     attack—I remember the vet stating he
     In 2010, GM sugar was hanging            plant will produce a chemical strong        had never seen this before. Today, it’s
in the balance. A U.S. judge ruled that       enough to kill bugs when they bite          commonplace. In 2010 alone, in my
GM sugar beets were in violation of           into it, and allow farmers to spray pes-    local area, five horses died of cancer.
federal law, and ordered the uprooting        ticides as they need.                            Almost all the GM crops may
of all GM sugar beet crops. However,                                                      eventually become your horse’s diet if
in February, the ban was partially            Hay                                         they haven’t already. What concerns so
lifted, and limited planting will be              Although it’s unlikely hay will be      many of those who oppose this tech-
allowed until the USDA completes an           modified in the near future, it does        nology is the risk of failure, and the
environmental impact study.                   come into contact with pesticides from      lack of long-term studies on internal
     Sugar is in all sweet feeds, along       spraying neighboring crops. Pesticides      damage and disease.
with corn, and in many pelleted feeds.        have been linked to cancers and other            Natural DNA genes turn on and
While no horse should come into con-          diseases in humans.                         off as needed. GM genes do not. They
tact with sugar, at least in their feeds or       Know where your hay comes               are active 24/7, and when you get a
on a regular basis, many will not heed        from. Spend the time to source quality      gene, such as a growth hormone (as in
this advice and continue to spike their       pesticide-free hays. Your best bet will
horses’ insulin levels without a full         be to buy organically grown hay.                    ... Continued on the next page
understanding of what happens inside
the horse, and not just on the outside.
Cushings and Metabolic Syndrome is
rising faster than any of the equine dis-
eases, and equine obesity is now being
talked about as an epidemic.

Other Crops
     Wheat, barley and oats are slated
for GM in the near future. They are
currently being hotly debated in both
the U.S. and Canada. Europe has
banned GM foods/crops for years until
2010, when the ban was lifted, giving
individual countries the choice to
grow or not to grow. It’s unlikely any
of these grains will be grown in 2011,
but they are keeping the pressure on
and posturing for 2012.

     GM alfalfa is next. 2011 will be a
test year for it in North America.
     Testing is not a good thing. Open
crops can cross pollinate, and non-GM                                                                               April 2011          25
           the GM salmon Americans are about to dine on), it stays
           active. And, it moves to different places in the body—they
           haven’t figured out how to stop this yet.
                Worse, these genes have been found to stay in humans.
           Only one human independent experiment was ever done
           (due to a ban after on all independent studies on Monsanto
           products) and it was found that GMO genes do stay in
           humans who consume GM foods, and the vast majority of
           us have. With the rise of disease, autism and allergies, GM
           food is almost certainly one of the culprits.

           What You Can Do
                1. Talk to your feed provider. Let them know you are
           aware of this and that you will not support it.
                2. Speak to feed manufacturers and find out where they
           source their grains and crops. Again, let them know of your
           discomfort with GM and that you cannot buy their feeds
           until they have a non-GM policy in place.
                3. Let other horse owners know about GM grains
           and forage crops. Education is power. The consumer does
           dictate the future of food, both for themselves and their
           animals. If no one buys GM, no one will grow it. My wish:
           that a feed company would come up with a non-GM brand
           of horse feeds. I would pay the price!
                4. I urge you to look further into this. I have been
           researching, speaking with scientists, and doing a great
           deal of “due diligence” on this subject for years. If you
           want to know more about GM crops/seeds/foods, this PDF
           may help: http://aprilreeveshorsetraining.files.wordpress.
                5. I encourage everyone to copy and paste this any-
           where they like, as long as my name is on it. We need to get
           this out to all the horse owners possible.

           March 2011 update
                Roundup-ready GMO crops may be causing animal
           miscarriages and infertility—could glyphosate pesticides
           and GM alfalfa eventually catch up to the horse world in
           sterility and miscarriage issues?
                A new unknown organism, visible only under an
           electron microscope (36,000x), with an approximate size
           range equal to a medium-size virus, could have devastating
           effects on our horses’ reproductive abilities. It is able to
           reproduce and appears to be a micro-fungal-like organism.
           If so, it would be the first such micro-fungus ever identified.
           There is strong evidence that this infectious agent promotes
           diseases of both plants and mammals, which is very rare:

           April Reeves is an accomplished horsewoman and trainer,
           graphic artist, and television host based in western Canada.

           n www.

26   Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
Don’t Fear the Mousse
by Clark Dougherty

         uoting from an old Hanna-         be aware of cooking terms such as                         Directions, Mousse:
         Barbera TV cartoon star, “I       beat, cool, whip, fold, pipe, chill. Be                        Break chocolate into squares and
         hates meeses to pieces!” Like     precise and you will be rewarded with                     put in a metal bowl with the coffee.
Snagglepuss, many cooks have a             smiles, oohs and aahs.                                    Set bowl over a pan of gently sim-
love-hate relationship with mousse.                                                                  mering water; melt chocolate, stirring
If too thin, the mousse becomes like       Chocolate Mousse (w/topping)                              frequently and scraping down sides
a pudding; if too thick, it resembles                                                                of bowl. Remove bowl from water
a funky fudge. But have no fear …          Ingredients, Mousse:                                      and stir in butter and your choice of
just follow the recipe and instructions    12 oz. Baker’s Sweet Chocolate (three                     liqueur. Separate eggs; beat eggwhites
below. You, too, may be rewarded           4-oz. bars)                                               until stiff. Let the chocolate mixture
with a reaction similar to this from one   4 Tbsp. cooled fresh espresso/dark coffee                 cool sufficiently and beat yolks into
of the kids’ friends I once served. He     2 Tbsp. unsalted butter                                   it. Gently fold in egg whites. Spoon or
took a bite, another … and cradled his     2 Tbsp. liqueur (i.e. Amaretto, Grand                     pipe mousse into 4-oz. dessert bowls,
arms around the ramekin, lowered his       Marnier, Kirschwasser or Frangelica)                      ramekins, or wine glasses. Chill, cov-
head to just above the rim, and began      4 large eggs                                              ered, for at least an hour.
murmuring sweet nothings to it.            Ingredients, Topping:                                     Directions, Topping:
     Assembling ingredients to create      1 to 1½ cups heavy cream                                       Whip heavy cream with sugar and
a dish requires recipe awareness of        1 Tbsp. sugar                                             pure almond extract. Add a dollop of
basic measurement combinations and         1 Tbsp. pure almond extract                               whipped cream to dessert, and shave
instructions. Such is the case with this   2 oz. white chocolate, shaved                             white chocolate over each. Option-
chocolate mousse. Double the recipe        OPTIONAL: Shaved chocolate, rasp-                         ally, add your choices of shaved dark
or treble it in the same proportions,      berries, strawberries, mint, kiwi or                      chocolate, raspberries, strawberries,
and follow the instructions exactly—       mandarin oranges                                          mint, kiwi, mandarin oranges, etc.

                                  Clark                   D o u g h e rt y
                    therapeutic Massage Clinic                                                                                    MM 9718

                                              Relieve tension headaches and eye strain.

         Did you know?                        Relax spasmodic muscles and prevent atrophy due to illness or injury.
                                              Increase joint flexibility and/or range of motion.
                                              Improve circulation, cleansing the body.
                         therapeutic          Improve posture by stretching chronically tight muscles.
                         massage can:         Promote deep relaxation and stress reduction.
                                              Provide healthier and better nourished skin.

                                  for pre-purchase five or more sessions
                                  PIP, WorkComp, Group and Private Insurance* accepted
                                       Physician and Chiropractor referrals accepted

                             850 NE 36th Terrace, Suite A, Ocala FL 34470
                                              352-694-7255 By Appointment Only
                                                        *Group/Private Insurance policies that cover massage therapy                                                                                            April 2011           27
                                                                 160-foot yard in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. His monthly
                                                                 local how-to-raise-chickens courses currently pack in 50
                                                                 to 60 people, from tattooed and pierced 20-somethings to

                                                                 retirees. Meanwhile, Rob Ludlow’s,
                                                                 which started in 1999 as a coop-design clearinghouse, now
                                                                 boasts more than 50,000 members, who submit 7,000 posts
                                                                 a day.
                                                                      “We have doubled our production from five years ago,
                                                                 and it just keeps getting better and better,” says spokesman
The People’s Choice                                              Jeff Smith, of Lebanon, Missouri-based Cackle Hatchery. The
for Fresh Healthy Eggs                                           70-year-old chicken hatchery used to cater mostly to farm-
                                                                                              ers wanting large orders of baby
                                                                                               chicks for meat or egg operations,
by Lisa Marshall                                                                                 and the occasional 4-H club.
                                                                                                 Now, it ships 140,000 freshly
                                                                                                hatched chicks each week to

        s I work in my home office near                                                         unlikely farmers in urban centers
        Boulder, Colorado, I hear a soft                                                        including Seattle, Phoenix, Jersey
        “Cluck-cluck-cluck” from outside the                                                   City and Reno.
window. Soon, it will crescendo into a pierc-                                                      “There is a little bit of fear
ing, “Baaaaaaawk,” as the largest of our seven                                               out there about the economy, and
hens—a plump Rhode Island red named Rojo—                                                    people are looking at being more
drops a beige egg into her hay-filled nesting box. When                                     self-sufficient,” says Smith. “People
my daughters, ages 8 and 10, return from school, they’ll                                  are also interested in making sure the
tromp to our A-frame coop, fill their basket with a colorful                           birds are being fed right, and not kept in
assortment of bluish-green, brown and lavender eggs (some                         a cage all of their lives.”
still warm), and skip off to a neighbor’s house to trade them
for piggy-bank cash. Such is the life of a backyard chicken                         Bantamweight Contests
farmer.                                                                             Not all are fans of the urban poultry-
                                                                                   farming boom. Disgruntled neighbors have
National Phenomenon                                                  called upon government leaders to either uphold or im-
      Once viewed as the realm of rural poultry farmers and      plement ordinances that view chickens as farm animals and
commercial egg factories, raising chickens has become a          ban them in urban areas. Some have complained of smelly
growing trend, with everyone from urban foodies to thrifty       coops and rodents (all avoidable via regular coop cleaning,
suburban housewives erecting makeshift coops, logging on to      proponents say). Others have squawked about noise. But
how-to websites and mail-ordering fuzzy day-old chicks.          in dozens of recent cases, the hens and their owners have
      Some are lured by the firm, buttery, nutrient-rich yolks   won.
and enhanced nutritional quality—a study by Mother Earth              In September 2008, for example, the city of Fort
News found eggs from pasture-raised hens to contain twice        Collins, Colorado, passed an ordinance that allows city
the omega-3 fatty acids, three times the vitamin E, and one-     residents to keep up to six hens, as long as they buy a
third the cholesterol of conventional eggs. Some simply want     $30 permit, provide their birds with a ventilated, predator-
to know where their food comes from. Others long for a           resistant coop with two square feet of room per chicken,
bucolic touchstone in their frenzied city lives.                      and keep the birds at least 15 feet from the neighbors.
      “I see chickens as a critical piece of my land-                   No roosters are allowed.
scape,” says Greg Peterson, co-author of Fowl Play:                             Within the first year, 36 people had gained
Your Guide to                                                             permits, including Connie Meyer, now the proud
Keeping Chickens                                                          owner of four feathered friends. She likes that they
in the City. “They                                                      follow her around as she works in the yard, eat out of
eat all my food                                                       her hands, and provide her with eggs to trade for her
scraps. They eat                                                       neighbor’s fresh produce.
the bugs and the                                                           “People assume it is going to be so much work, but
weeds. They produce                                                     they are incredibly easy to take care of,” she com-
nitrogen-rich fertilizer                                                 ments. “More than that, they are fun. It’s easy to get
for the garden. Then they                                                attached to them.”
give me eggs.”
      Peterson keeps 15                                               Lisa Marshall is a regular contributor to Natural
chickens in his 80-by-                                               Awakenings. Connect at

28                                                       Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
 BE SURE IT’S LEGAL. For a database of laws in 700
 U.S. cities, log on to
 Otherwise, check with the local zoning department.

 BUILD A BROODER. Baby chicks must be kept in a
 draft-free place for 60 days. Create an indoor pen, using
 a galvanized steel tub, a large dog crate or a cardboard
 box. Cover the bottom with pine shavings or torn paper
 towels (do not use newspaper, as the ink can harm
 chicks). Hang a heat lamp out of reach and keep it set
 at between 90 and 100° F, decreasing it by five degrees
 weekly. Make sure the brooder is large enough that
 chicks can move away from the heat if they wish.

 BUY HEALTHY CHICKS. Baby chicks can be bought
 from farm and ranch stores, or ordered online
 and shipped from commercial hatcheries such as

 with 5 to 10 chicks; never buy just one, because they
 are very social. Choose a hardy breed known to lay
 regularly, such as Rhode Island reds or Barred Rock
 hens. Araucanas lay blue-green eggs and silver-laced
 Wyandottes are among the prettiest chickens. Hens do
 not need a rooster in order to lay eggs.

 BUILD AN OUTDOOR COOP. Some people use a re-
 cycled storage shed; others build their own, using plans
 available online. Be sure to have two square feet of coop
 for each chicken, plus an enclosed outdoor run with four
 square feet per chicken. Note: In high wildlife areas, a lid
 on the run is essential.

 ENJOY THE EGGS. Chickens start laying after about
 six months. One hen will produce from 250 to 330 eggs
 each year, depending on the breed, before slowing down
 at about three years old and ultimately ceasing to lay.                                     April 2011   29
              Tumo Breathing
            Mastering Circulation of Blood & Qi
         An essay on generating internal heat & accelerating metabolic rate for healing
                              (Continued from the March issue)
                                        by Jeff Primack

       ibetan monks have an advanced
       understanding of Tumo. In
       one of their more challenging
initiations, the monks are required to
meditate through the night, outside,
in the freezing temperatures of the
Himalayas. They are completely naked
apart from a wet blanket that is draped
around their bare shoulders.
      What happens next is the real
majesty and mystery: the monks will
“dry out” the wet cloth with their own
internal heat. A full initiation consists
of drying three blankets in a single
night. Wim Hof was the first Westerner
I had seen demonstrate a mastery of
Tumo with the same level of skill as
these Tibetan monks.
      Wim’s daring accomplishment of
staying immersed in ice cubes for 90
minutes granted him recognition, not
only in the eyes of his audience, but
in the media, generating appearances        rience. Not only did I acquire a deeper          I don’t have to tell you a bathtub
on 20/20, the Discovery Channel, and        understanding of my own body, but I        of ice and water is extremely cold—
The Today Show. Perhaps the reason          also gained clarity around something       it’s beyond cold. Yet, when I sincerely
Wim Hof draws so much media inter-          I feared—the cold. Wim helped me           practiced the Advanced 9-Breath
est is his ability to break through a       conquer my fear of the cold when he        Method, Wim style, I could feel the
fierce barrier using energy and mind-       said to me, “The cold is your ally. Use    fire inside my navel, pulsing blood to
power. His performance is a mesmer-         it to focus your mind.”                    my hands and feet. To be warm in the
izing display of Qi.                              At first, I did not understand. I    ice is a strange feeling indeed, but to
      We are ecstatic to announce that      was born and raised in Miami. To me,       have a meditative experience of ema-
he will be appearing at the 2011 Or-        the cold was undesirable. My body          nating heat in the coldest of places is a
lando Qi Revolution, April 30-May 3.        responded to cold like most animals,       revelation.
Wim will reveal the secrets of breath-      seeking out warmth.
ing as he teaches the art of Tumo to
thousands at this year’s conference.
Anyone can benefit from learning
                                                  However, when my time came
                                            and I found myself sitting immersed in
                                            ice for 15 minutes with Wim stand-
                                                                                       R   egulating body temperature and
                                                                                           blood circulation, in turn greatly
                                                                                       reducing the risk of disease, can, in
Tumo breathing, even without a cold         ing beside me, relentlessly cheering       most cases, be attained when one does
climate, because it remarkably im-          me on, it all became very clear. Either    the following:
proves blood circulation.                   I was going to shut my mind off and
      My own training with Wim, back
in 2008, was a truly enlightening expe-
                                            concentrate Jedi-style or I was going to
                                            get frostbite!                             1  Learn with precise instruction
                                                                                          “Advanced Breathing Techniques,”

30                                                      Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
having all subtle details of the method     thritis, diabetes, cancer—these are the
understood. There must be a complete        signs of a low-energy society and are
comprehension.                              entirely avoidable diseases. 2012 will
                                            only live up to its reputation if people

2    Each day, do 30 minutes of ad-
     vanced breathing meditation. With
time and repeated exposure to the
                                            are willing to evolve both mind and
                                            body. The burden of physical disease
                                            must be lifted from society in order to
Qi, your nervous system will become         get us out of survival mode and “Us vs.        “Qi Revolution” comes to
more active. The warmth inside your         Them” consciousness.                          Orlando Convention Center
navel will increase to a pleasurable              Imagine a society with billions
100 degrees, thereby increasing your        of enlightened people who imple-                 on World Qigong Day
metabolism. There are Tumo masters          ment “Food-Based Healing” and Tumo                April 30th - May 3rd
who can boil a cup of cold tea by           breathing to reverse nearly all forms         Jeff Primack, Ice Man Wim Hof and
placing it against their navel! Master-     of disease. I have seen it already. At         100 Qigong Instructors will teach
ing the Qi is possible through repeated     night, when I dream, I see stadiums             advanced breathing techniques
conditioning of our nervous system.         of people holding hands, breathing as            and 4-days of Qigong for $99.
      Scientist Peter Blake also demon-     one. I see society acknowledging the
                                                                                          To reserve tickets or for more info,
strated the profound “blood cleansing”      power of group energy and gather-
                                                                                                 call 1-800-298-8970
effects of the 9-Breath Method, an          ing together around the globe for the
                                                                                                 or visit
advanced form of Tumo breathing. The        sake of increasing our Qi. Not in a
pictures below were taken from fresh        cold, mechanical way, but in a loving,
drops of blood drawn from someone           exhilarating and unifying way. I see
just before and after completing the        people congregating in large numbers,
45-second breathing technique.              not for political events or sports, but
      Notice how clumped together           to step into a new vibration of energy.
(sticky) the blood is before igniting his   This is what I see will happen when
Qi with Tumo. This has profound im-         the great hour arrives.
plications for heart disease and cancer.          Everyone has the same opportu-
Nearly all diseases originate in the        nity to accelerate their energy if they
blood stream from poor circulation.         believe in themselves. No matter what
Increasing the blood flow and body          situation or health challenge a person
temperature means the blood is mov-         may carry with them, it can be dis-
ing and not stagnating. This powerful       solved in the holy fire that is our Spirit.
circulation is what keeps the blood         The highest wish I have in my soul is
clean and makes it impossible for yeast     to be as useful as possible in delivering
and harmful bacteria to survive inside      this message. For I believe that God,
us.                                         the Infinite Living Mind, has created us
      2012 is coming and many say it
will bring about a massive change in
                                            with the capacity to rise up strong and
                                            reclaim our inner power.                                Yoga
consciousness. I believe that when
enlightenment becomes a biological          The Author, Jeff Primack, has studied           Gentle Yoga Studio
process, rather than one of accumu-         with many Qigong masters from all
lated wisdom, society will have a           over the world and has taught more
                                                                                                   Gentle Yoga
chance to really evolve. To evolve our      than 20,000 people in seminars. For                    Chair Yoga
biology will set us free. Asthma, ar-       more information, visit

                                                                                             Claudia Saldarriaga
                                                                                            Certified Yoga Instructor
                                                                                              352-362-2791                                                                             April 2011          31
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There must be a biologic balance in the mouth as     Ocala, FL 34470 / 352-622-1151                                     We support all health challenges
             part of total body health. This means                                 and the unlimited healing poten-
             being concerned about infections in                     30+ years in clinical practice with                tial of God’s miracle: your body.
             the teeth and gums, the relationship                    alternative wholistic complemen-                   Chelation, Nutrition, Cleansing,
             of the teeth to the jaws, the teeth                     tary health services. Treating the                 Homeopathy, Natural Energy
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tional Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicolo-                        Medicine. Treatments include Au-
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                                                     Nutritional deficiencies/testing.                      Diane Alther, LCSW, RN, CHt
                                                                                                            Traditional and Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher
Colonics                                             Women’s Health Care at Center for Balance              Ocala and Dunnellon locations / 352-425-1992
Gentle Waters Healing Center                         Louann Hillebrand, CNM, ARNP, 352-505-5581   
352-374-0600, Gainesville                            1705 NW 6th Street, Gainesville, Fl 32609                            Combining conventional                                          counseling with body, mind,
               The therapists at Gentle Waters                        Louann Hillebrand, CNM,                             energy therapies including
               Healing Center will assist each                        ARNP has been providing                             EMDR, EFT, hypnosis, full
               individual with detoxing using                         women’s health care in                              wave breathwork, meditation
               colon hydrotherapy, Far Infrared                       Gainesville since 1974. If                          and Reiki to facilitate change
               Sauna, and/or Aqua Chi Lymphat-                        you are looking for sensi-            and mental and emotional balance.
               ic Drainage. We also carry pro-                        tive well woman care in a
                                                                      tranquil environment, this is
biotics, digestive enzymes, and other products
                                                                      the place for you!
for overall health. Proud sponsors of Barley
Life Nutritional Products. Call Dawn Brower                                                                 Christine Green CHt Hypnotherapy
for more information or visit www.gentlewater- MA41024, MM15426.
                                                     Holistic M.D. Practices                                Gainesville Hypnotherapy
                                                                                                            1212 NW 12th Ave., Suite C-3
                                                     James F. Coy, M.D.                                     Gainesville FL 32601 / 352-339-6078
                                                     Life Family Practice Center                  
Fitness                                              1501 U.S. Hwy. 441 North, The Villages                               Invite amazing changes into
                                                     352-750-4333 /                            your life through Hypnosis.
Hip Moves Fitness Studio
                                                                  More than 20 years in the General                       The powerful process of Hyp-
Rona Bennett, BS, CPT
                                                                  Practice of medicine, with a focus                      notherapy guides you naturally
Holistic Health, Personal Fitness Coaching
                                                                  on allergies, and treatments using                      and easily to the life you truly
708 N.W. 23rd Ave., Gainesville
                                                                  environmental bio-nutrition and                         deserve. Free consultation: / 352-692-0132
                                                                  other natural methods includ-    and 352-339-6078.
              An intimate fitness studio focus-
              ing on creativity and holistic                      ing N.A.E.T. and acupuncture.
                                                     Providing detox therapies including chela-
              health. Classes and private les-
                                                     tion, anti-aging treatments, natural hormone           Life Coaches
              sons in Belly Dance, Yoga,
              Pilates, and Personal Training.        replacement, and alternative testing.
                                                                                                            Cynthia Christianson, M.A., CCC
              Rental space available.                                                                       ThetaHealing™ Advanced Practitioner
                                                     Nelson Kraucak, M.D., ABCMT, ACAM
                                                     Life Family Practice Center                            352-374-7982 or 352-284-1107
Gluten Intolerance                                   1501 U.S. Hwy. 441 North, The Villages
                                                                                                                            ThetaHealing™ coaching is us-
                                                     352-750-4333 /
                   Gluten Intolerance Group                         For 15 years in The Villages, Dr.                       ing the Belief and Feeling Work
                   Gainesville, 352-215-1078                        Kraucak has been committed to                           to empower people with the
                                  bridging the gap between clinical                       ability to remove and replace
                                            medicine and complementary ther-                        negative emotions, feelings
                   The Gluten Intolerance                           apies to promote the body’s natural                     and thoughts with positive,
                   Group of North America                           healing mechanisms. Embracing a         beneficial ones. Change your negative beliefs
proudly announces a new branch in Gaines-            medical approach to alternative treatment and by       and you will heal on the physical, emotional,
ville. First meeting: Saturday, April 16, 1:00-      using cutting-edge technologies, he is able to treat   mental and spiritual levels thus really seeing
3:00, Gainesville Health & Fitness, Newberry         chronic auto-immune and degenerative disorders.        this relief show up in your life.
Rd. Share your stories, or give/get support!         Providing treatments such as Immune Biomodula-
                                                     tion, Chelation, Bio-Identical Hormone Replace-
                                                     ment, PRP, Prolozone and much more.

32                                                                   Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
Massage                                                  Reiki
Tiara L. Catey, LMT
Center for Balance
                                                         Kim Marques, CHt, Reiki Master Teacher
1705 N.W. 6th St., Gainesville                           352-804-9006 in Ocala                               Business Opportunities
352-642-4545 /                        Change your vibe, change your life!
                                                                                                             CURRENTLY PUBLISHING NATURAL
               Relieve pain, manage stress and                            Free Info and Spiritual Energy
                                                                                                             AWAKENINGS MAGAZINES - For
               cultivate joyful relaxation and                            by appointment. Embrace the
                                                                                                             sale in Birmingham, AL; Lexington,
               balance by including massage                               mind, body and spirit with
                                                                                                             KY; Manhattan, NY; North Central FL;
               as an essential part of your                               hypnosis, energy sessions and
                                                                                                             Pensacola, FL; Tulsa, OK and Southwest,
               self-care practices. Therapeutic                           training, spiritual guidance,
                                                                                                             VA. Call for details 239-530-1377.
               massage, relaxation massage                                Life Wise workshops and
and lomilomi. Includes aromatherapy. Holistic            support groups, meditation, Goddess Weight
approach. Some insurance accepted. Visa/MC.              Loss, attraction power kits and more.               Intimacy Product
See for details. MA41831.
                                                                                                             Topical ointment guaranteed to increase
Clark Dougherty Therapeutic Massage Clinic               Rolfing                                             a woman’s sexual responsiveness and
                                                                                                             sensation. Woman-invented and woman-
850 N.E. 36th Terr., Ocala
                                                         Carol L. Short / Certified Advanced Rolfer™,        made. All natural, safe, and beautifully
352-694-7255 /
                                                         Craniosacral Therapist, Gainesville and North       scented. $29.95 + $5 shipping. Call 352-
               Offering a variety of therapeutic
                                                         Central FL / 352-318-0509                           286-1779.
               massage techniques for pain relief,
               improved flexibility, and other won-                 Rolfing® is a system of body restruc-
               derful benefits. PIP and WorkComp                    turing through systematic manipula-      Professional Advanced
                                                                    tion of muscle and fascial tissues. It
               always accepted, also group/private
                                                                    promotes the release and realignment     Continuing Education
               insurance in some instances. All
credit cards accepted. Gift certificates are available              of long standing patterns of tension     Abdonimal Massage: The Therapeutic
now for Mother’s Day and birthdays with 25% dis-                    and dysfunction, bringing the body       Value. April 10, 9am-2pm. 5 CEUs, $55.
count on a second session. MA27082, MM9718.              to greater balance, mobility, vitality, and ease.   Hands-on instruction. Bring massage
                                                         A holistic approach to mobility, vitality and       set-up. 205 E. Magnolia Ave., Ocala, FL
Traditional Thai massage                                 balance. MA16337/MM18921.                           3471. For more info: 352-625-1665. FL
Ariela Grodner LMT                                                                                           #50-1551. National Provider 450863.
900 N.W. 8th Ave., Gainesville
                                                         Veterinary Care / 352-336-7835                                                                        Natural Skin Care
               Ariela offers an ancient massage          Medicine Wheel Veterinary Services
               modality known in the west as Thai        Shauna Cantwell DVM, Ocala, FL                      Saundra’s Soaps and Natural Treasures.
               Massage, sometimes referred to as / 352-538-3021               Natural and organic skin care: Lotions,
               “lazy man’s yoga.” It is a fusion of                       Holistic veterinary medicine       oils, soaps in many popular scents.
               yoga and the martial arts in a mas-                        for small animals and horses.      Arthritis rubs, burn-relief salves also
               sage modality. Call to reserve an ap-                      Preventative health, arthritis,    available. Visit the store at Silver Springs
pointment or to find out about classes held locally.                      neurologic and hormonal            Plaza, 5300 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Suite
                                                                          dysfunction, skin, aller-          A, Ocala, open Wed.-Sat., 10-4. www.
                                                                          gies, cancer, pain, immune, 352-236-2185.
MTT / Energy Tapping                                     and chronic disease, more. Certified Veteri-
                                                         nary Acupuncture, certified cAVCA animal            Ads: Per-issue cost is $25/up to 30 words,
Sandra Wilson, MCHt, EFT-ADV                             chiropractic, herbal therapy, tui na medical        $1/each additional. Fax ad with credit/
352-454-8959,                       massage, functional neurology, postural re-         debit card info to 352-351-5474, or email
With the simple tap of your fingers, you can             habilitation, ozone therapy, homotoxicology,        to
              stop replaying bad memories/               nutrition. Available for workshops.
              bad decisions in your mind. You
              can feel at peace with yourself
              and others. EFT is the painless,
              drug-free technique with over
              90% success rate. See Website                 Reeser’s Nutrition Center, Inc. /
for free consultations in Ocala and The Vil-
lages. Phone sessions also available.                       Do you suffer from any of                        Free Initial Consultation with
                                                            the following symptoms?                          CNHP. Offering:
Piano Services                                             l A.D.D.            Cirrhosis of the Liver
                                                                               l                             l   Nutritional Analysis   l   Enzyme Therapy
                                                           l Parasites         Immune Disorder
                                                                               l                             l Adrenal/Thyroid          l Blood Analysis
Hendrix Piano Service                                      l Sinusitis       l Impotence/Prostrate           l   Metabolic DHEA         l Alkaline Water
352-895-5412, Serving north central Florida                l Candidiasis     l Chronic Fatigue Syndrome      l REAMS Analysis           l Hair Analysis
Tuning, repairs, cleaning, fine custom maintenance         l Crohn’s Disease l Osteoporosis/Arthristis       l Oral Chelation           l Weight Loss
                         of your acoustic piano.           l Substance Abuse l Menopausal Syndrome           l Gluten Free Foods        l Homeopathic
                                                           l Insomnia        l Multiple Sclerosis            l Hormone Testing          l Saliva Test
                         Pianist: accompaniment,
                                                           l Fibromyalgia    l High Blood Pressure           l Detoxification           l Drug Tests
                         weddings, other church
                                                           l Shingles        l Irritable Bowel Syndrome      l Vitamins / Herbals       l BMI Analysis
                         services, concerts. Experi-
                         ence: churches, cabarets,                    10% Every Day Discounts on Vitamin Supplements (Restrictions Apply)
                         Marion Chorale, Duelling
Divas, much more. Fine used pianos available.
                                                                            3243 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala / 732-0718 / 351-1298                                                                                                       April 2011                 33
           Thursday, March 31
               Dismantling Stress w/Integrative Relaxation, with John Ernest
           Hiester(Chandrakant), 7:00-8:30pm, following Amrit Yoga w/Veda,
           5:30-6:30pm. Both classes are free. Downtown Public Library, 401
           E. University Ave, Gainesville, 4th floor. Dress warmly, bring light

           Saturday, April 2
                Annual Organic Foods Gala, 9-3. $1 admission. $1 per
           sample. Free recipes, demonstrations, music. Crones Cradle, 6411
           NE 217 Pl, Citra. 352-595-3377,
                Crystal Chakra Balancing Sessions with Sharron Britton. 12-
           5pm, $15. Walk-in. High Springs Emporium, 660 NW Santa Fe
           Blvd, High Springs,, 386-454-8657.
                Grand opening, Saundra’s Soaps and Natural Trea-
           sures. Munchies and organic product samples, 10am until ? Free.
           Silver Springs Plaza, 5300 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Silver Springs,
           FL (west side of the plaza, under the blue awning), 352-236-2185,
  See News Brief, p.8.

           Sunday, April 3
               Divination Workshop. 1-4pm, $40. Class size limited to
           10. Notebook and pendulum (available at church’s bookstore)
           required. Unity of Ocala, 101 Cedar Rd., Ocala, 352-687-2113,
               The Many Uses of Rocks and Minerals in Healing Modalities.
           Workshop with Jeanette Westlake, 2-4pm, $20. Call to register.
           High Springs Emporium, 660 NW Santa Fe Blvd, High Springs,
 , 386-454-8657.

           Monday, April 4
                Meet the Doctor evening, hosted by Dr. James Lemire. Free,
           6pm, call to reserve a seat. Lemire Clinic, 11115 SW 93rd Court
           Rd, Suite 600, Ocala, 352-291-9459,

           Wednesday, April 6
                HGC weight loss. Safe homeopathic solution targets hard-to-
           lose stored fat. Detox coaching and support. Free consultation; call
           for appointment. Reesers Nutrition Center, 3243 E. Silver Springs
           Blvd., Ocala, 352-732-0718, 351-1298.

           Saturday, April 9
                Mediumship Spiritual Development Class. $25, 2-4:30pm.
           Class includes meditation, lesson, hands-on practice to develop
           your personal skills. Held at Unity of Gainesville, 8801 NW 39th
           Ave. International Foundation for Spiritual Knowledge, www.ifsk.
           org, 407-673-9776.
                Spiritual Connections Faire. 11-5, $3/person, Unitarian Uni-
           versalist Fellowship, 4225 NW 34th St., Gainesville, FL. Informa-
           tion: 352-333-7153, 222-3492.

           Sunday, April 10
               Abdominal Massage: The Therapeutic Value. 9am-2pm,
           Ocala. 5 CEUs, $55. 352-625-1665.

           Now through April 10
               “When Bullfrogs Sing Opera,” country comedy. Ocala Civic
           Theatre, 4337 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala, 352-236-2274, www.

           Wednesday, April 13
               Metabolic balance. All natural weight loss; “Your food shall be
           your medicine.” Free consultation; call for appointment. Reesers

34   Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
Nutrition Center, 3243 E. Silver Springs       Monday, April 18
Blvd., Ocala, 352-732-0718, 351-1298.               Full Moon Drumming Spirit Circle,
                                               7pm. Bring something to sit on along with
April 13-20                                    your drums and noise makers. Unity of
    Ayurvedic Detoxification/Panchakar-         Ocala, 101 Cedar Rd., Ocala, 352-687-
ma. Amrit Yoga Institute, Salt Springs, FL,    2113,
352-685-3001,                    Nutrition and Stress Management with
                                               Nuris Lemire. Free, 6pm, call to reserve a
Thursday, April 14th                           seat. Lemire Clinic, 11115 SW 93rd Court
     Integrative Relaxation with John Ernest   Rd, Suite 600, Ocala, 352-291-9459,
Hiester(Chandrakant), 7:00-8:30, follow-
ing Amrit Yoga w/Veda (5:30-6:30 every
Thursday), Downtown Public Library, 401        Wednesday, April 20
E. University Ave, Gainesville. Free. Dress         Cleanse your body of toxic buildup,
warmly, bring light blanket. jehiester@        repair G.I. tract, support immune system,,              weight loss, anti-aging nutrition, protocol
                                               for radiation detoxification. Free consulta-
Thursday, March 24                             tion; call for appointment. Reesers Nutri-
      Treatment for I.B.S. Syndrome with Dr.   tion Center, 3243 E. Silver Springs Blvd.,
Kraucek, and Colon Hydrotherapy with Dr.       Ocala, 352-732-0718, 351-1298.
Perry. Free lecture, 6pm, Life Family Prac-
tice Center, 1501 US Hwy 441 North, The        Now through April 22
Villages. RSVP to 352-750-4333, www.                 Art show, “From the Center: Inside Out,”                        artist Harimandir Khalsa. Center for Balance,
                                               1705 NW 6th St, Gainesville, 352-378-4848.
Friday, April 15
      Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medi-   Friday, April 22                                     Alternative Wholistic
cine, 10th Anniversary Celebration. Gaines-
ville, 352-371-2833,
                                                    EARTH DAY.
                                                    EarthFest Under the Stars, 5-10pm,
                                                                                                        Health Care
                                               UF/IFAS Marion County Extension Service              Michael Badanek, BS, DC, CNS,
April 15-May 8                                 complex, 2232 NE Jacksonville Rd., Ocala,          DACBN, DCBCN, Board Certified in
    Play “The 39 Steps,” based on Alfred       352-671-8400, http://earthfestunderthe-           Clinical Nutrition, Certified in Applied
Hitchcock’s film. The Hippodrome Theatre, See News Brief, p.8.       Kinesiology, and Promoter of Alternative
25 SE 2nd Pl, Gainesville, FL, 352-375-                                                                Complementary Medicine.
HIPP,                         Saturday, April 23
                                                    Earth in Balance: An Earth Day Cel-              30 Years of Clinical Practice
Saturday, April 16                             ebration with Sandy Grizzle. Food, flowers,         Autoimmune disorders, Lyme disease,
     Energy Blessing Day. 10-3pm; call to      healing ceremony for the earth. 12-5pm,           Autism, ADD/ADHD, Musculoskeletal
make appointments. Reiki, massage, Quan-       readings $20. High Springs Emporium, 660             conditions, Heavy metal toxicity,
tum Touch, hypnosis, energy healing. Love      NW Santa Fe Blvd, High Springs, www.              Cardiovascular and endocrine conditions,
offering. Unity of Ocala, 101 Cedar Rd.,, 386-454-8657.                Nutritional deficiencies/testing.
Ocala, 352-687-2113,
     Getting to Know You: Identifying and      Tuesday, April 26                                  Courtesy consultations available
Using Your Stones. Workshop with Sharron            Meet the Doctors. Talk with the doctors                (352) 622-1151
Britton. 1-4pm, $20. Call to register. High    in an informal setting. 5:30pm, free. Life        3391 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Suite B
Springs Emporium, 660 NW Sante Fe Blvd,        Family Practice Center, Genesis Heart Med-                 Ocala, FL 34470
High Springs, www.highspringsemporium.         Spa, 3365 Wedgewood Lane, The Villages, 
net, 386-454-8657.                             352-750-4333,
     Meeting, Gluten Intolerance Group,
Gainesville Health & Fitness, Newberry Rd.,
Gainesville, 352-215-1078, GiGgainesville@,
     Nutritional Blood Analysis by Linda          Homegrown Organics
Schoffler. 10-5:30. $50 (cash or check), ap-
pointment required. Two-hour fast. Mystic         Organic buying club.
Glenn, 3315 E Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala
352-401-1862,              Start eating right today!
                                                  n Fresh organic fruit and veggies
April 16-17
     Thai Massage, Phase V: Advanced              n Organic and free-roaming poultry
Sideline class, Florida School of Massage.        n Grass-feed beef
$300, 18 CEUs. Ariela Grodner, 352-336-
7835,                 Doreen, 352-598-4184
                                                                                                                              April 2011            35
                                                                                             COMING IN MAY
                                                                                                 Three Theta Healing classes: Basic
                                                                                             Theta, Advanced Theta, and Manifesting and
Wednesday, April 27                             tions, Food healing. 32 CEUs available.      Abundance. Cynthia Christianson, 352-374-
    Wellness Consultation on Irritable                         7982,
Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syn-
drome, Crohn’s Disease, Fibromyalgia Syn-       May 6-8
drome. Free. Call for appointment. Reesers          Ayurveda Techniques. $295. Amrit                ONGOING EVENTS
Nutrition Center, 3243 E. Silver Springs        Yoga Institute, Salt Springs, FL, 352-685-
Blvd., Ocala, 352-732-0718.                     3001,                     Sundays
                                                                                                  Farmers Market, 12-4. Mosswood Farm
Saturday, April 30                              Saturday, May 7                              Store, 703 NE Cholokka Blvd, Micanopy,
      Crystal Alignment and Attunement.              Celebrate National Herb Day with        352-466-5002, www.mosswoodfarmstore.
Workshop with Fran Oppenheimer, RN,             Carrie Hull Chauhan. 11am. Free. Down-       com.
LMT. 1-3pm, $20. High Springs Emporium,         town Center for Oriental Medicine, 201            Master Mind Prayer Circle, 9:30; Heal-
660 NW Santa Fe Blvd, High Springs,             SE 4th Ave, Suite 2, Gainesville, www.       ing Hands Circle, 10; Sunday Service and, 386-454-                      Youth Education, 11; NGU, 12:30. Unity of
8657.                                                                                        Gainesville, 8801 NW 39th Ave., 352-373-
      Spiritual Wisdom on Relationships:        May 7-8                                      1030,
Open discussion with free book, 1pm. HU              Biosyntonie Workshop. Dr. Hanoch             Meditation and Spiritual Lesson,
Chant at 2:15pm. Refreshments. Headquar-        Talmor, Gainesville Holistic Center, 4140    10am. Unity of Ocala, Unity of Ocala, 101
ters Library, 401 E. University Avenue. In-     NW 27 Lane, Suite C, Gainesville, FL,        Cedar Rd., Ocala, 352-687-2113, www.
formation: Eckankar, 352-378-3504.              352-377-0015,, www. 
      Wellness Consultation on hair analy-                                      Science of Mind and Spirit
sis, BMI analysis, 24-hour urinalysis, saliva                                                Meditation 9:45am, Celebration /Message
test for hormone imbalance. Free. Call for      May 21-22                                    10:30am, Youth and Children’s Celebration
appointment. Reesers Nutrition Center,               Raymon Grace Workshop. Dr. Hanoch       10:30am. Love offering. OakBrook
3243 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala, 352-       Talmor, Gainesville Holistic Center, 4140    Center for Spiritual Living, 1009 N.E. 28
732-0718.                                       NW 27 Lane, Suite C, Gainesville, FL,        Ave, Ocala, FL 352-629-3897, www.
                                                352-377-0015,, www. 
April 30-May 1                        ,
     Thai Massage, Phase I: Introduction
class, Florida School of Massage. $300,
18 CEUs. Ariela Grodner, 352-336-7835,

April 30-May 3
    Qi Revolution, Orlando Convention
Center. $99. QiGong healing and breathing
applications, Advanced breathing applica-

  n Psychic Mediumship Develop-
    ment Class, April 9, 2-4:30pm,
    Unity of Gainesville, 8801 NW
    39th Ave.
  n Intensive 4-day course, Aug. 4-7,
    Canterbury Retreat, Oviedo.
  n Private readings available.
     Check Web for complete 2011 program

36                                                            Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
Monday-Friday                                    Crones Cradle, 6411 NE 217 Pl, Citra. 352-   personal training as early as 5:30am, as
      Organic Food Pickups. Monday,              595-3377, www.cronescradleconserve.          late as 7:30pm. Hip Moves, 708 NW 23rd
Ocala; Tuesday, Eustis and Mt. Dora;             com.                                         Ave, Gainesville, 352-692-0132, www.
Wednesday, Ocala and Gainesville; Friday,             The 2012 Preparation Program w/
Oxford/The Villages. Homegrown Organ-            Marque G. Kolack. Every Saturday in               Yoga classes as early as 5:30am, as
ics by Doreen, 352-598-4184, http://www.         March, 10am-12noon. $20/class love of-       late as 8:30pm, beginners (including “Stiff Recipes:            fering. Unity of Ocala, 101 Cedar Rd, (off   Guys”) to experienced Hot Yoga. Big Ron’s       Maricamp), Ocala, 352-687-2113, www.         Yoga College, Gainesville, 352-367-8434,
      Yoga with Joe Ferrara. Monday,                       
7-8:30pm, Amrit Yoga Institute. Tuesday,
12-12:45pm, Serenity of Central Florida,         Seven days/week                              Calendar listings are free to our advertising
301 Skyline Dr., Ste 1, Lady Lake. Wednes-           Abraham, yoga, breathwork, reiki,        sponsors, and just $15 each for all others.
day, 8:30-10am, Ocala Inner Center, 205 S.       much more—something every day. Unity of      To place your listing(s), call 352-629-4000,
Magnolia; and 5-6pm, Serenity of Central         Gainesville, 8801 NW 39th Ave., 352-373-     email,
Florida, Lady Lake. Thursday, 6-7:30pm,          1030,          or visit http://www.naturalawakeningsncfl.
Ocala Inner Center. Friday, 7-8am, Premier           Bellydancing, fitness, yoga classes,     com/news.htm to order instantly online.
Medical Center of Ocala, 7960 SW 60th

     A Course in Miracles, 7pm. Unity
of Ocala, Community House, 2 Cedar
Course, Ocala, 352-687-2113, www.uni-
     Ocala/Marion Raw Food/Living Cui-
sine Group meets the fourth Tuesday of
each month from 6-8pm at the Lemire
Clinic. Bring a raw-food dish with recipe to
share, or just bring raw fruits and veggies.
Lemire Clinic, 11115 SW 93rd Court Rd,
Suite 600, Ocala, 352-291-9459, www.

     A Course in Miracles, 7-8:30pm. Amrit
Yoga, Salt Springs, 352-685-3001, ganga@
     Meditation and Visioning, 6pm, fol-
lowed at 7:15 with Speaker, Spiritual Craft,
Drumming, or Spiritual Film, depending on
the week. Love offering. OakBrook Center
for Spiritual Living, 1009 N.E. 28 Ave, Ocala,
FL 352-629-3897,
     Pilates with Ana. 5:30-6:30pm,
$55.00 for 5 classes. Space is limited.
Lemire Clinic, 11115 SW 93rd Court Rd,
Suite 600, Ocala, 352-291-9459, www.

     Amrit Yoga w/Veda, 5:30-6:30pm
every Thursday. Downtown Public Library,
401 E. University Ave, Gainesville. Free.
Dress warmly, bring light blanket. vedalew-
     Healing Yoga with Marque. Movement
class combining yoga, Pilates, body align-
ment, breathing. Bring a mat. $25/4 weeks,
Feb. 3-24 every Thursday, 12:30-1:30pm.
To register: Sheila, 352-867-9660. Class
held at Unity of Ocala, 101 Cedar Rd.,
Ocala, 352-687-2113.

    Farmstead Saturdays. Free, 9-3pm.                                                                                      April 2011             37
   He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle,           Oil for the light, spices for anointing oil,
  and herb for the service of man: that he may                      and for sweet incense.
bring forth food out of the earth.—Psalm 104:14                         —Exodus 25:6

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                        We respect it.
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        equals that of the usable paper fiber)
     n The sealant coating/varnish commonly contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
     n Inks that often contain heavy metals and VOCs
     n Higher costs to print, resulting in higher costs for advertisers
     —Sources: Buy Recycled Business Alliance; Turning the Page by the PAPER Project
     partnership; Magazine PAPER Project (

     For more information, visit

                 Join our family of “green” readers and advertisers. Call 352-629-4000.

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   Your magazine will help thousands of                                                        	    Albuquerque,	NM
   readers to make positive changes in                           •	   Fairfield	County,	CT
                                                                                               •	   Long	Island,	NY
                                                                 •	   New	Haven/	
   their lives, while promoting local                            	    Middlesex,	CT            •	   New	York	City,	NY*
   practitioners and providers of                                •	   Daytona/Volusia/	        •	   Rockland/	
                                                                 	    Flagler,	FL              	    Orange	Counties,	NY
   natural, earth-friendly lifestyles.
                                                                 •	   NW	FL	Emerald	Coast*     •	   Westchester/
   You will be creating a healthier                                                            	    Putnam	Co’s.,	NY
   community while building your                                 •	   Ft.	Lauderdale,	FL
                                                                                               •	   Cincinnati,	OH
                                                                 •	   Jacksonville/	
   own financial security.                                       	    St.	Augustine,	FL        •	   Oklahoma	City,	OK
                                                                 •	   Melbourne/	              •	   Tulsa,	OK*
   No publishing experience is                                   	    Vero	Beach,	FL           •	   Portland,	OR
   necessary. You’ll work for                                    •	   Miami	&	Florida	Keys     •	   Bucks	County,	PA
   yourself but not by yourself.                                 •	   Naples/Ft.	Myers,	FL     •	   Harrisburg,	PA
                                                                 •	   North	Central	Florida*   •	   Lehigh	Valley,	PA
   We offer a complete training and
                                                                 •	   Orlando,	FL              •	   Northeastern,	PA
   support system that allows you
                                                                 •	   Palm	Beach,	FL           •	   Rhode	Island
   to successfully publish your own                              •	   Peace	River,	FL          •	   Charleston,	SC
   magazine.                                                     •	   Sarasota,	FL             •	   Columbia,	SC
                                                                 •	   Tallahassee,	FL          •	   Grand	Strand,	SC
   Be part of a dynamic franchised publishing                    •	   Tampa/	                  •	   Greenville,	SC
   network that is helping to transform the way                  	    St.	Petersburg,	FL       •	   Chattanooga,	TN
   we live and care for ourselves. Now available                 •	   Florida’s	Treasure		     •	   Knoxville,	TN
   in Spanish as well.                                                                         •	   Memphis,	TN
                                                                 •	   Atlanta,	GA
                                                                                               •	   Nashville,	TN
                                                                 •	   Augusta,	GA
   To determine if owning a Natural Awakenings                                                 •	   Austin,	TX
                                                                 •	   Chicago	North		
                                                                 	    Shore,	IL                •	   Dallas,	TX
   is right for you and your target community,
                                                                 •	   Indianapolis,	IN         •	   Houston,	TX
   call us for a free consultation at 239-530-1377.
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                                                                 •	   Louisville-Metro,	KY     •	   San	Antonio,	TX
         •   Low Investment                                      •	   Lafayette,	LA            •	   Tyler/Longview,	TX
                                                                 •	   New	Orleans,	LA          •	   Richmond,	VA
         •   Work at Home                                        •	   Middlesex	Co.,	MA        •	   Southwestern	VA*
         •   Great Support Team                                  •	   Ann	Arbor,	MI            •	   Seattle,	WA
                                                                 •	   Grand	Rapids,	MI         •	   Madison,	WI
         •   Marketing Tools                                     •	   East	Michigan            •	   Milwaukee,	WI
                                                                                               •	   Puerto	Rico
         •   Meaningful New                                      •	   Lansing,	MI

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                                                                                               											for	sale

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