27th November Annual Presentation Dinner by suchenfz




    Club meeting this coming Wednesday
            27th November
       Annual Presentation Dinner
   28th November - Australian Festival of Speed - Wanneroo

                  Whiteman’s Park Show’N’Shine BBQ Day
                       What a range of bikes turned up!
                   Photos courtesy of K. Vincent, J. Mathers

www.historicracing.asn.au                                      NOVEMBER 2010
                         HCMC OFFICIALS 2010/2011
President: CRAIG MITCHELL         0403 533 539   or 9370 5021    ca.mitchell@optusnet.com.au (P3)
Vice President: GLENN DUCEY       0422 167 734   or 9275 8849    gd66@iinet.net.au
Treasurer: BILL HARGRAVE          0415 884 429   or 9367 1801    whargrave@gmail.com
Secretary: ADRIAN COLLARD         0411 645 204   or 9275 3839    adee@amnet.net.au (Rule 20)
Race Secretary: CARRIE GARDNER    9572 9126                      chrisncarrie@reachnet.com.au
BOB HUMPHREYS                     0412 226 080 or 9295 6184      mdavey@westnet.com.au (P4)
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MURRAY WEST                       0407 687 759                  ttmotorcycletours@e-wire.net.au
Juniors: CHRIS GARDNER            9572 9126                     chrisncarrie@reachnet.com.au
Newsletter/Website: Mick Tesser   9314 1201                     adprint@iinet.net.au
                                                       Club (General) meetings are held on the
                                                      third Wednesday of each month at the Old
                                                         Caversham Racetrack (Harrow Road,
                                                      Caversham- see link for map on homepage)
                                                                      at 8 pm.

                                                        The Club was formed in 1980 and the
                                                              objectives of the Club are:
                                                      The preservation and regular usage of
                                                      Historic Competition Road Racing Motor
                                                      Cycles & Sidecars in Western Australia
                                                       and to promote historic motor sport.

                                                       The Club is affiliated with the controlling
                                                      body of motor cycle sport Motorcycling WA

                                                      All events conducted by the Club are done
                                                        so under the authority of MWA and the
                                                        General Competition Rules (GCRs) of
                                                      Motorcycling Australia. Membership is open
                                                      to anyone interested in historic motor cycles.

                                                       Ownership of an eligible machine is not a

Hi everybody,
The hum and feel goods are still circulating in regards to our 30th anniversary Show and Shine display at Whiteman Park
on the 30th October. First off l'd like to thank all those who were behind the scenes to make this an absolute success,
everybody thoughly enjoyed the casual atmosphere in an australian setting surrounded by historic road and race bikes,
past members mixing with new members, old and young sharing their knowledge so its maybe an event added to our
calender in the future, the wine labels were a ripper.

Presentation Dinner night is only a couple of weeks away and is another great way to mix with fellow competitors in a
social capacity, the end of season debrief or just celebrating successes it is always a highlight on the annual programme.
Quite a few have booked accomodation at the event venue which I am told is very reasonably priced. Bar and band with
a steak and salmon set menu I'm hoping to see you all there. With the Festival of Speed at Wanneroo the following day
can I say you've never heard an F1 car like you heard an F1 car with a hangover, seriously though what a brillant way
to promote our club to an audience of rev-heads and lovers of speed, these old race bikes always are well recieved by
the public and interest by young and old alike. As the positions for this event "vintage race bikes"were limited those who
competed through out the year were asked to attend and display their bikes with a chance of a parade lap so while a
few have slipped through or missed out this event is also being touted as an annual event giving our club the opportunity
to participate in the future. To all of you attending thankyou for participating and promoting you club.

Thats not all folks, don’t park that bike just yet, the National Supermotard Championships are to be held at Collie
Powerhouse Circuit on the 4th and 5th December and our club has been invited to attend with 1 hour of track time
over 3 sessions during the day for both days, format to be decided but all interested should make it known both solos
and sidecars. With the Collie track known to attract large crowds this is another good opportunity to get exposure for our
club and historic racing as well as mixing with international and australian talent competing in a very entertaining style
of motorcycle racing as fellow competitors and camp buddies at a ti me of year where you can leave the woolens at home.
Aprons of bitumen have been laid where the unsealed section enters the main track keeping the track surface free from
loose material, these are used quite sucessfully and as we may not have a full race permit it makes ideal for parading
to heated parading at the last outing of 2010 so join in at all levels,all welcome, good fields are very exciting to watch as
well as be in at these events, the pressures off and people always enjoy themselves.

Broadford Southern Classic 2010 was another first class event,thanks to everybody who were involved in this adventure,
our club has a good fit and everybody seems to help everybody which makes it a pleasure to mount WA assaults on to
our beloved eastern state fellow competitors who thrive on the close racing our mob deliver. Full story inside.
The committe is trying to secure 2 night meetings around feb. march 2011 so stay tuned for more on this exciting new
format of racing. It is a very pleasurable experience on an excellent track blasting around under lights in a more social
sense of racing so until we see you out there stay upright.

Pre Club Meeting BBQ Sundowner Wednesday December 15th.
As the AGM is now in June there will be a BBQ and social refreshment from 6.00pm to 8.00ish when the meeting kicks
off. This can be a very buzy time of year but for those of you who can come and enjoy what will be the last event in 2010
calender the bar will be open and food supplied, everybody welcome.

Update on the Red Bull Festival of Speed
Tickets, info and maps will be send to participants on the 17th November, you should recieve an email of confirmation
prior to this, any queries ring me or email please, the organisers are very busy.

Joint Xmas BBQ at the clubrooms
The VSCC has invited us to join them on Monday 6th December for a joint Xmas BBQ at 6.30pm at our clubrooms, it
will be a great opportunity to have a yarn and swap tall tales with our fellow 4 wheeled historic racing fanatics

Get Well Soon Ross
Back in Black Vincent tuning guru Ross Payne is in hospital suffering from the effects of that rotten flu virus doing the
rounds. We all hope you recover soon and are back doing what you do best Ross, Hynsey hasn’t got a bloody clue when
it comes to mechanic’n - hands get too dirty apparently!

BROADFORD 2010 - Glenn Ducey

As intimated in last month's newsletter, the HCMC's team of Bill Hargrave, Joe Zappa, Peter MacFarlane, President Craig
Mitchell, Tony Hynes, Bob Turner, Eddie Preston and your intrepid correspondent lobbed at Broadford for the annual
funfest at the Southern Classic, run by the HMRAV, which this year attracted 151 riders with 171 machines. Due to a stuff-
up in the original supp regs, 125s were overlooked, so entries may have been even larger. Nonetheless, after the Friday
ride day which opened the eyes of the first-timers,(and unfortunately saw the 500 Vinton cry enough) we were all ready
for our combined Saturday morning practice/qualifying of 6 minutes ! After which the packed 56-race weekend was under
way :cool and overcast conditions Saturday gave way to a fine and warm Sunday, ideal race conditions in front of an
enthusiastic crowd.

A feature of this year's meeting was the ferocious battling in the P3 Classic 350 class, with Keith Campbell and Jack Wright
(Honda CB77s), Neil May (Molnar Manx), Buster Saunders (Barfield Jawa) and Phil Paton (Bultaco) really mixing it up all
weekend, to the crowd's delight. Campbell in fact raced five machines and was in just about every event, I chided him for
being weak and not racing a sidecar. Young Jack Wright seemed to have the measure of the 350 mob, butoften the lead
changed four or five times a lap, fabulous close racing. Worth mentioning that the entire weekend of torrid competition saw
only two crashes, and no riders transported.

Tony Hynes made up for the disappointment of the Vinton's demise by winning P2 with a new lap record, and led the Fastest
40 Classics (now trimmed to 31 by track regs, booo !) for two laps as well ! Eddie Preston rode gamely on Ridgey-Didge
and was rewarded with a win in Class C, Bill Hargrave finished third in P4 Unlimited, Peter MacFarlane third in P4 350,
Craig Mitchell fourth in P3 Unlimited, Bob Turner a strong 7th in a tough field in P5 Unlimited, Joe Zappa 9th and Peter
MacFarlane 12th in P3 500, in all another solid effort from our clubbies. I ended up 6th in P4 350, but jagged a 4th in the
Southern Classic from grid 10 and was arrested for sniggering as I left the circuit !

Our HCMC crew would like to thank all our helpers, and a hearty thanks to the HMRAV organising committee, especially
Kelly, Toddy and Marg who made our weekend so easy and enjoyable. Special thanks to our tame truckies Alex and Nobby
for their help with logistics. Another red-hot race weekend !
Full WA State Titles, Broadford and Southern Classic results are available at www.computime.com.au and Broadford and
Southern Classic photos at www.scephoto.com

October General Meeting Notes - Adrian Collard

 - Planning for the 30th Anniversary BBQ was forging ahead, with at least 59 people confirmed, and quite a few past members

- Will the State Champs include Club Championship points? NO - this is a stand-alone event and the Club points are
wrapped up for the year already

- HCMC web site needs link to MA web site: It has always been there under the “Links” button

- We need to have club hats T shirts at the State Champs.

- Five other clubs are putting on some bike displays at the State Championships

- Festival of speed: Tickets $85
HCMC will have 4 Side cars & 32 Solos participating in a 2 lap demonstration ride, plus a static display.

- Bert Van Zuylen is organising a Classic Bike display at Toodyay Motorcycle Festival,Sunday 21st November
To be held at Toodyay in conjunction with the MAD ride fundraiser. The prize; Suzuki GSXR1000 will be on display
Raffle tickets are $20. "Make A Difference" classic bike display free entries; speak to Bert if you would like to be involved.
Email: vanzuylenbert87@gmail.com

- VSCC Are organizing a social get together Monday 6th December 18:30, HCMC members are welcome.

- National Super Motard Championship 4th & 5th December. HCMC has been invited to be involved by running some
Historic Demonstration events. Contact Craig Mitchell for details.

Buy Swap and Sell - Murray West is selling: Fuel pumps, IOMTT memorabilia, Helmet Bags


Those interested in reading the minutes from the last commission meeting can enter this link to download the minutes:

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect and what a great turnout of both old and new/restored/part-Restored and
unrestored road and racing machines fronted up for the Anniversary Display BBQ. It was a pleasure to see some of our
original club foundation members and past members also coming along to help celebrate. The hard-working committee
members and helpers made sure that there was food and drink aplenty and the skills exhibited at the BBQ’s by our
members was a sight to behold - never mind “Masterchef”, they were all here!

Maureen (nee Davies) Humphreys (still getting used to that Bob and Maureen!) was cracking the whip in the backgound
making sure everyone had a BBQ pack and a salad, while bar-person Glenn Ducey ensured no-one suffered from
dehydration. The new club banner and the marquees looked great and provided much needed shade, while the many
nippers who came along seemed to be having a great old time. We had many passers by coming in to take a look at
all the bikes and Bob Humphreys handed out a great swag of leaflets promoting our club and the State Championships.

Regular raffle draws saw many a bottle of specially labelled red and white wines snaffled up by lucky winners, and it
was great to have so many wives and families enjoying a day in the sun and gettinging a chance to hang out with
hubbies. All in all it was a really good day and judging by all the comments on the day and since then holding such an
event each year just before our State Titles event could be something we will be doing on a regular basis.

On behalf of all the members I’d like to thank all those who helped organise and run the event, both beforehand and
on the day - you should all be feeling well-pleased with your efforts.

The Sash winning bikes selected by impartial guests from the VMMC and past members were:
Best British Competition Motorcycle - Terry Fel (Geoff Monty Special)
Best European Competition Motorcycle - John Harper (Ducati "47")
Best Japanese Competition Motorcycle - Bill Warren RD Castrol Yamaha "31")
Best British Road Motorcycle - Colin Tighe (BSA Gold Star)
Best European Road Motorcycle - Barry White (Ducati)
Best Japanese Road Motorcycle - Murray West (Honda 6)
Best Sidecar -Competition or Road - John Thompson (Windle Honda)
Best in Show - John Thompson (Windle Honda)
Best Unrestored - Gary Tenardi (Ariel Sq.4)
      More Whitemans photos from Mick Tesser (and notice I didn’t include any shots of the Velos -
                       don’t say I am biased - well not all the time anyway!)
Bolt from Bunbury was hard at it promoting our club and the State Champs at the Warooona All British Day
WANTED: Honda 350 K4 Classic race bike. set up for classic racing, unfinished project/non-runner OK.
Please email r.cass@bigpond.com

FOR SALE: Honda CBR150R Junior Road Racer or Sportslight Racer, good condition and well maintained, comes with
spares. Only $3500 Please phone John on : 043 999 3640

FOR SALE: Honda RS125GP (2000), Engine fully rebuilt, new slicks, det counter, battle shifter, loads of spares, spare
wheels with wets, even comes with 30ltrs of ELF racing fuel & oil. Very quick and ready to race - $8,800 ono. Contact Chris
on 0448 048 378 or 9572 9126

FOR SALE: Brand New Motoway road riders jacket, unwanted gift , liner, Size M, black & blue, waterproof, never worn.
$150 ono - Dave: 0409 116 588
FOR SALE: ARIEL SQUATTER OUTFIT worked 1940’s 500cc throughbolted engine, Wal Philips injector, cut down Norton
Featherbed frame, Norton G/box, BSA clutch, good runner - $4000 - Murray: 9731 5406 or 0429 418 854
WANTED: GSX 1100 Period 5 race bike. Phone 0418 880 503
FOR SALE: SCITSU electronic tacho, Code Red, to suit Brit twins, Rotax twin Ducati or Japanese 4 strokes with wasted
spark, most two stroke singles - 0 to 10,000 rpm, cost $275 - sell for $200. Peter: 9295 3735 (a/hrs)
FOR SALE: Isle of Man 2008 helmets, NEW IN BOX, as worn by Stev Platter, sizes: M,L,XL, some signed by Bruce Anstey,
Cameron Donald and John McGuiness, starting from $395.00. Can be used to race here in OZ - VERY RARE!
Lock Wire, 0.25 & 0.32 thou, 1 lb tubs $38, Lock Wire Pliers, 6” & 9”: $38
ALL: Murray on 0407 687 759, email: ttmotorcycletours@e-wire.net.au
FOR SALE: MIG O MAG single phase welder: $400
ALSO: BSA A65 basket case, 1964, many new parts $3,000 ono
LATHE STAND, 1800mm long x 720mm high x 420mm wide with coolant pump: $400 ono
FRIDGE/FREZZER - Westinghouse, 5 years old: $500 ono
All, Roger Parnham: 9335 7232
FOR SALE: 1989 Suzuki GSXR1100 licensed or good Rule 20, $7,000. Phone Ken on 0408 958 557
All Fuel Tank repairs Ali, steel, stainless steel tank repairs, can make new fuel tanks for old classics, general Ali TIG
welding. John Harris: 0404 215 944
Wanted: set of leathers to fit 5 10 and 80kg plus boots size 10/11 . Contact Roger Parham 08 9335 7232 or email rog-
erp@live .com
For Sale: for A10 650 BSA - 1 x Alloy twin carby cylinder head complete with MK1 concentric amal carbys & cable.
Has valves but no springs. 1 x Racing cam. Figures can be quoted will swap for standard or road rocket cam in good
condition. Don Price Ph. 9304 3807
FOR SALE: Period 5 Sidecar, Kawasaki - $8,000 - Contact Mick on 0429 192 964
FOR SALE: Yamaha R6 - 2CO - engine only, 2007, 2,000kms, complete: $3500
Phone Murray on 0407 687 759, email: ttmotorcycletours@e-wire.net.au
FOR SALE: Bike Roller Starters - 2400W-240v Heavy Duty, made local,Steel /Alloy construction
ring for details. Murray: 0407687759
FOR SALE: Battery operated fuel syphon pumps - $35 Murray 0407687759
FOR SALE: Avon tyres - 90/90 x 18 and 110/80 x 18 available in stock from $290.00 - Murray: 0407687759
FOR SALES: 2 BSA C10 or C11 Petrol tanks. No dents. 1 BSA Petrol tank with Oil tank. Original paint & emblems, original
kneepads, both filler caps. No dents. Brian 9721 2324 or 0488 105 140

WANTED: Triumph T110 cyl head, alloy, must be in good order. Murray: 9731 5406 or 0429 418 854

MACHINIST AVAILABLE: machine work, latheing, turning, milling etc, by skilled tradesman - good rates, top quality,
phone Terry Fell on 9300 3441

For Sale: Kawasaki ZZR1100 good condition, new tyres, chain and sprockets, battery and is licenced $4500.00. Alan -
0407 886 141

FOR SALE: BSA 441 VICTOR SPECIAL 1970, fully restored inc motor. $6500 Bolt: 0427 387 304

FOR SALE: BUCKET RACER - Honda H100, spare tyres and other spares - $1250 ono. Colin: 0403 922 542

FOR SALE: Honda CB 750 Post Classic race bike. Running on Methanol, 836cc kit, all the go-fast bits. Comes with spare
braced rolling chassis and also extra bike with seized motor. $4500.00 ono. Patrick: 0417 959 322

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