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					Traveling to Osaka for the E-2 Visa

After the school receives a letter recommending visa issuance from the Korean Immigration
Office, you must take this letter to a Korean embassy or consulate outside of Korea.       The
closest point is Osaka.    The school will arrange a round trip flight to Osaka, make hotel
reservations (preferably the Arrow Hotel because of its location), and get you to and from
Incheon International Airport. You will need to bring your passport, the employment letter,
passport photos, some ca sh for travel expenses, meals and the visa fee (to be explained
below), and, if you have one from a previous job, your Korean alien registration card.

How to Get There:

Be sure to arrive at Incheon International Airport at least one hour before your sc heduled
departure.   Arriving two hours early is better.   You will have to go through Immigration
processing, and the Immigration officers can take as long as they please.        You can also
exchange currency for Japanes e yen while in the airport.

Once you arri ve in Osak a Kansai International Airport, you will need to take a train to the
Namba district in downtown Osaka.       There is no subway and taxis are prohibitively expensive.
However, the train station is right in the airport and can easily be found by asking for directions
at an information booth.    Round trip tickets on the train will cost between 1,800 yen (roughly
19,350 won) for a regular train and 2,300 yen (about 24,750 won) for a reserved-seat train.
Reservations can easily be changed at no extra cost.

You should be aware that few taxi drivers in Osaka speak English or Korean, which can make
getting around very difficult.   Follow these instructions to the Korean Consulate and Arrow
Hotel carefully.   In addition, you will be provided with maps of the neighborhood in bot h English
and Japanese, so if you must take a taxi, you can point to the Korean Consulate or Arrow Hotel
on the Japanese map.

After arriving at Namba Station, follow the signs that say: North Exit, Buses and Taxis.        When
you come out of the train station's North exit, you should be in front of a taxi stand.   A wide,
heavily-traveled street will be in front of you, perpendicular to the station.   The Korean
Cons ulate is a short walk (5-10 minutes) up this street, on the left side (see map).

You should try to get to the Korean Consulate before 4 pm, when the visa window closes.           You

must pay the 5,400 yen (approximately 58, 100 won) visa fee in Japanese currency; non-
Japanese currencies are no longer accepted.          After paying the fee, you wil l receive a stamp to
affix to the visa application form.   Fill out the application form and turn it in with your passport,
passport photos and the vis a fee stamp.        The visa officer will also want to see your return ticket
to Korea.     You will then be told when you can ret urn to pickup your passport wit h the visa
stamp.      It will almost certainly be the next business day, so be sure that you are not traveling
around the time of a Korean or Japanes e holiday, or on a Friday (the Korean Consulate is
closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Korean and Japanese holidays).

The Consulate is right around the corner from the Arrow Hotel.         To get there, walk up the same
side of the street as the Consulate, in the opposite direction of the train station.     You will see a
blue and yellow Nikon sign, make the first left after the sign (I believe there is an Eddie Bauer
store right on the corner, but I'm not sure).     Walk down about two blocks and the Arrow Hotel is
on your left.    To get back to the Consulat e, the train station, and finally the airport, simply
retrac e your steps.


The school will pay for your airfare, hot el room, travel expenses and visa fee.    You will be
responsible for your meals.     Moreover, you may have to pay the travel expenses and vis a fee
out of your own pocket and be reimbursed on payday.        Be sure to get receipts for any money
that you spend so that you can be reimbursed accordingly, or so that accounts can be settled
accurately if you do rec eive a cash advance.

Be aware that virtually everything in Japan is far more ex pensive than in Korea.     For example,
the basic fare when you get into a cab here in Korea is 1,300 won.     The basic fare in Japan is
equivalent to about 7,000 won, and the fare increases at a much faster rate than in Ko rea.
Meals are similarly expensive.     The equivalent price of many basic noodle dishes that would
cost 3,000 to 4,000 won in Korea is around 13,000 won in Japan.       By all means, try Japanese
food if you like.   However, if you're on a tight budget you can al ways look for the Golden
Arches and eat at McDonald's for the equivalent of 4,000 to 6,000 won.

How much cash will you need?        That depends on what you want to do.     In addition to simply
getting a visa, you can look at this as an opport unity to sight -see and shop in Japan.   No
matter what, you will need cash for the following:

Item/Activity                                                    Cost in Korean Won
Bus fare to Incheon Airport                                      5,000 – 10,000
Incheon Airport Usage Fee                                        15,000
Train from Kansai Airport to Namba                               20,000 – 25, 000
Visa Fee (must be paid in Japanese yen)                          58,100
Meals (Arrow Hotel provides breakfast)                           5,000 – 15,000 each
Kansai Airport Usage Fee                                         28,000
Bus fare from Incheon Airport                                    5,000 – 10,000
Total                                                            About 160, 000
Remember, this is the minimum amount of cash you should bring.         Any entertainment will
require quite a bit more money.

Visa Processing time:

The Visa window at the Consulate is open from 9:00 am to 11:30 am and 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm.
You must get there before 11:30 am to start the application process.    If Take an earlier flight to
Japan   Take the latest flight home the next day because you might not be able to pick up the
visa until after 3:00 pm.

Pre-Departure Checkli st:

□   Visa Number
□   Passport
□   Passport photos (there is a photo bot h in the Consulate if you forget these)
□   cash (see discussion above)
□   plane tickets/hotel reservations
□   These instructions and English and Japanes e maps of the Namba district
□   Overnight bag

Korean consulate contact info .

Osaka Korean Embassy
2-3-4 Nis hishinsaibashi
Chuoku Osakashi, Postal Code 542-0086, TEL : (06)6213-1401/5 FA X : (06)6213-0151
Office Hours: 9:00~12:00, 13:30~ 17:00


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