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                                          L AW Y E R           Volume 116, Issue 11                                          April 2007

Introducing Candidates for
2007-08 Officers and Directors
E    ach May, DCBA members
     have the opportunity to elect
the officers and the directors from
                                          focuses on representing governmental
                                          entities, civil rights, employment law,
                                          and civil litigation. He previously
                                                                                      Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant, LLP.
                                                                                      He focuses on real estate, business,
                                                                                      and consumer litigation. He is also
their membership who will serve the       served on the Board of Directors for        Board Certified in Commercial and
following year. In accordance with the    the Texas Young Lawyers Association         Residential Real Estate Law.
DCBA bylaws, Tiffany L. Haertling         and as President of the Greater Denton
will move into the office of President.    Young Lawyers Association. He                                       Dena A.
                                          currently is a member of the Board                                  Reecer,
                                          of Directors for the Denton County                                  Secretary
Officers                                  Dispute Resolution Center.                                     Dena received
                  Tiffany L.                                                                             a B.A. from the
                  Haertling,                                Darcy                                        University of Texas
                  President                                 Loveless, Vice                               at Austin and her
                  Tiffany received                          President                 J.D. from the Texas Tech University
                  her undergraduate                          Darcy holds a            School of Law. She is a member of the
                  degree from Arizona                        bachelor’s degree        College of the State Bar of Texas and
                  State University and                       from American            the Denton County Bar Association.
her J.D. from the Southern Methodist                         University and a         She practices estate planning and
University School of Law. She is          J.D. from Baylor University School          probate, including probate litigation,
employed by Holmes, Woods, Diggs          of Law. She is a member of Texas            and guardianships.
& Eames. She is member of the State       Young Lawyers Association and
Bar of Texas Family Law Section and
serves on the Board of Directors of the
                                          the Greater Denton County Young
                                          Lawyer’s Association. Darcy practices       Directors
Denton County Alternative Dispute         general, family, personal injury, and                               Cynthia
Resolution Program (DCAP). She is         collaborative law at Loveless and                                   Burkett,
also Board Certified in Family Law.        Loveless. She is certified in family                                 Director
                                          law.                                                                Cynthia graduated
                  Hugh                                                                                        from Howard Payne
                  Coleman,                                  Don R. White,                                     Candidates continued
                  President-                                Jr., Treasurer                                    on page 3.

                  Elect                                     Don holds a
                  Hugh has a                                bachelor’s degree
                                                            from the University
                                                                                       What’s Inside
                  bachelor’s degree                                                    From the President ............................2
                  from Trinity                              of North Texas
                                                            and attended the           From the SBOT .................................4
University and received his J.D. from                                                  From the Sections..............................5
the University of Tulsa. He is an         University of Oklahoma College of
                                                                                       From DCAP ......................................6
attorney with the firm of Hayes, Berry,    Law. He is a member of the American          From our Sponsors............................7
White & Vanzant, LLP. His practice        Bar Association. Don is a partner at         Announcements .................................8

                                                 From the President

                                         A     s the 2006-2007 bar year comes
                                               to a close, I would like to take
                                         the time to discuss some random
                                         observations I have about what we do.
                                         Perhaps I am writing this more for my
                                         own edification than yours, but here
DCBA Officers
President, L. James Ashmore
                                         I start this month’s President’s column
Immediate Past President,                with one of my favorite quotes from
        Brian T. Cartwright              Donald Rumsfeld, circa 2002:
President-Elect, Tiffany Haertling
Vice President, Hugh Coleman             “As we know, there are known
Treasurer and Membership,                knowns. There are things we know
        Darcy Loveless                   we know. We also know, there are
Secretary, Don R. White                                                               L. James Ashmore, President
                                         known unknowns; that is to say we
CLE Director, Theodore D. Ogilvie        know there are some things we do not      not proud to be a lawyer, perhaps you
                                         know. But, there are also unknown         should go do something else.
DCBA Directors
Karen Alexander, Cynthia Burkett,
                                         unknowns, the ones we don’t know we
  Duane L. Coker, Theodore D. Ogilvie,   don’t know.”                              Those of you who know me well
  Dena A. Reecer, Patty Ryan.                                                      know that I have a great respect for the
                                         From time to time, I take time to         legal system and a great admiration
DCBA Committee Chairs                    really think about what it means to       for those who taught me the way to
Courts Committee, Hugh Coleman           be an attorney. I try to look at things   conduct my business. Unfortunately,
Library Board of Governors,              from the perspective of my clients.       both are increasingly being forgotten.
        Karen Alexander                  The practice of law is not a quest for    There have been many great legal
Social Committee, Duane L. Coker         wealth and self-gratification—at least     careers defined in Denton County.
Fee Arbitration, Darcy E. Loveless       not to the folks who hire us. There are   The common thread of outstanding
CLE Committee, Theodore D. Ogilvie       mysteries to the practice of law that     attorneys is their compassion for
Newsletter, Don R. White, Jr.            we should constantly be exploring.        people and their unique understanding
Internet/Web Page, Don R. White, Jr.     We can all do things to better serve      of the effect of the law on the
ADR/Settlement Week,                     our clients. Face it, it is becoming      emotions and hopes of the clients they
        Brian T. Cartwright.                                                       serve. We should all aspire to acquire
                                         harder and harder to handle this
Pro Bono, Dena A. Reecer
                                         profession and balance our personal       that understanding.
Photography, Cynthia Burkett
                                         lives along with having to deal with
DCBA Membership                          unreasonable clients and sometimes        We should also have compassion for
Your DCBA Membership includes            more unreasonable attorneys.              the young lawyer. They are the future
• Free and discounted CLE programs                                                 of the bar. Make them feel welcome.
• Monthly lunch and happy hours          Try to remember that there is a “face”    I always appreciated that when I first
• Networking opportunities               to the practice of law and from time to   started practicing because the first few
Your DCBA Membership offers
                                         time, you are that face. Many times,      years are replete with self-doubt. I
• Family Law Section                     people think the art of lawyering         also am forever grateful for the words
• Real Estate, Trust, and Probate Law    is what they see in advertisements.       of encouragement I received in those
  Section                                We all know this is not true, but         early years; they truly kept me going
• Denton County. Trial Lawyer’s Assoc.                                             sometimes.
                                         sometimes it is hard to tell. We should
• Greater Denton County Young Lawyers
  Association                            all be proud of what we do and how
                                         we do it. We should be perceived          Those are just some observations I
                                         as leaders in the community—not           have had. After all, there are “known
                                         shysters chasing a dollar. If you are     knowns.”

Candidates continued from page 1.                           Theodore                 M.S. in Speech Pathology and
University with a B.A. in History and                       D. Ogilvie,              Audiology from Indiana University
Political Science in May of 1989. In                        Director                 of Pennsylvania, and her J.D. from
May 1992, she graduated from Texas                            Ted received his       Texas Wesleyan School of Law. She
Tech School of Law. She was licensed                          bachelor’s in          was licensed to practice law in Texas
to practice law in November of 1992.                          University Studies     in 1999, and admitted to practice in
She practices family, criminal, and                           at the University of   the U.S. Supreme Court in 2007. Patty
juvenile law, at The Law Office of         New Mexico, went on to receive his         now owns the Law Office of Patricia
Cynthia Burkett, P.C.                     MBA from Southwestern Oklahoma             L. Ryan, focusing on family, probate,
                                          State University, and conducted his        and guardianship law. She is also the
                  Duane                   legal studies at the Texas Wesleyan        chairperson of the DCBA Family Law
                  L. Coker,               School of Law. He focuses on general
                  Director                civil litigation, contracts, dispute
                   Duane attended         resolution, family law, health law,                          Joe Zellmer,
                   Baylor                 consumer law, and landlord/tenant.                           Director
                   University for his     He is licensed to practice law in the                         Joe attended the
                   undergraduate          Northern and Eastern U.S. District                            United States
degree and for law school. He owns        Courts of Texas. He is a member of                            Military Academy
Duane L. Coker & Associates, P.C.,        the College of the State Bar, as well as                      where he received a
where he focuses on family law            vice president of the Foundation Board                        Bachelor of Science.
and probate litigation, including         of Directors of NCTC.                      Joe received his law degree from
guardianship. He is a member of the                                                  Baylor University School of Law in
College of the State Bar of Texas and                       Amie Peace,              1988. He is board certified in family
is a certified Ad Litem by the State                         Director                 law. He is a member of the State Bar
Bar of Texas. He is a charter member                          Ms. Peace received     of Texas, College of the State Bar, as
of the Collaborative Law Institute                            her Bachelor of Arts   well as the Collaborative Law Institute
of Texas and serves on the editorial                          degree from Texas      of Texas. He owns his own practice
board of the Texas Collaborative Law                          Woman’s University     in which he focuses on family law,
Review. He is also a current member                           in 1993, and her       collaborative law and appeals.
of the Board of Directors of DCAP.        law degree from the Texas Wesleyan
                                          University School of Law in 2000. She      Certified Slate of DCBA
                  Gina Hill,              is a former Assistant District Attorney    Officers and Directors
                  Director                for Dallas County, Texas. Amie is a        The certified slate of DCBA officers
                   Gina earned her        member of the State Bar of Texas and       and directors includes
                   B.A. in Sociology      is licensed to practice in all Texas
                   at the University of   Courts. She also is a member of the        Tiffany Haertling, President-Elect
                   North Texas in 1989    Texas District and County Attorney’s       Hugh Coleman, Vice President
                   and her J.D. from      Association. Ms. Peace is the current      Don R. White, Jr., Secretary
the University of Texas School of Law     President of the Greater Denton            Darcy Loveless, Treasurer
in 1992. She is a partner at the firm of   County Young Lawyers Association.          Karen Alexander, Director
Hill & Hill with husband, Brent, where                                               Cynthia Burkett, Director
she practices criminal law. Gina is the                     Patty Ryan,              Theodore D. Ogilvie, Director
current vice-president of the Denton                        Director
County Criminal Defense Lawyer’s                            Patty received her       Members may nominate other candidates
                                                                                     at the May 6 election.
Association and a member of the                             B.S. in Speech
Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer’s                             Pathology from
Association. She is also a member of                        Penn State
the College of the State Bar.                               University, her

From the State Bar of Texas

2007 Dues Statement
Raise the Bar with Access to Justice Contribution

Story by Laura Figueroa, Texas Equal Access to Justice Foundation

T    exas ranks a distant 42nd in the
     nation for per capita legal aid
revenue. With limited resources, legal
                                           and that elderly Texans do not fall
                                           victim to consumer scams.
                                                                                     can make justice a reality for more
                                                                                     low-income Texans. And you can
                                                                                     help your bar association or young
aid must turn away half of all qualified    These donations have become               lawyer association win the prestigious
applicants who may be in danger of         especially crucial in assisting victims   Hankinson Award. The Texas Access
losing their homes, trapped in abusive     of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.           to Justice Commission presents the
relationships, or unable to access         After Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf      Hankinson Award, named after former
public benefits. But you can help.          Coast, more than 200,000 people           Supreme Court of Texas Justice
                                           evacuated Louisiana and came to           Deborah Hankinson, to the large-
Every year, Texas lawyers are given        Texas, increasing the state’s poverty     city and small-city bar associations
the opportunity to make a voluntary        population significantly. Texas legal      and young lawyer associations with
Access to Justice Contribution when        aid providers continue to work on         the highest percentage of members
paying their State Bar of Texas dues.      hurricane cases, some expected to         who make the voluntary Access to
This donation helps to underwrite          remain unresolved until 2008.             Justice Contribution via the bar dues
legal aid services for indigent Texans,                                              statement.
a growing population. The suggested        Texas lawyers are already very
contribution is $100, but you are          generous with their contributions         Pay your dues and make your
welcome to donate more!                    of both time and money to worthy          contribution beginning May 1, 2007
                                           causes. But so much more is needed.       at www.texasbar.com. For more
Voluntary Access to Justice                Legal aid groups depend on Access to      information about legal aid, visit the
Contributions are instrumental in          Justice Contributions to respond to the   Texas Access to Justice Commission
helping 100,000 low-income Texans          growing demand for legal assistance.      Web site at www.texasatj.org and
each year with their basic civil needs.                                              the Texas Equal Access to Justice
For example, the donations help to         When you pay your State Bar of Texas      Foundation site at www.teajf.org.
ensure victims of domestic violence        dues, remember to donate $100 or
obtain protection from their abusers       more for access to justice. Your help

    2007 Summer Bar Seminar
       June 13-17, 2007 (four nights)
       Iberostar Paraiso Beach, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
       Eight hours CLE credit
    Seminar Fee:
        $75.00 (payment due by April 16, 2007)
    For more information, please contact Robin Newman by phone at 817-337-7090,
    email at info@fantasyvoyages.com, or go to www.SummerBarSeminar.com

                                                  From the Sections

Collab. Law                            GDCYLA                                   REPTL
Section Meeting                        Section Meeting                          Section Meeting
Date:                                  Date:                                    Date:
   Tuesday, April 3, 12:00 PM              Thursday, April 5, 11:30 AM              Wednesday, April 18, 12:00 PM

Location:                              Location:                                Location:
   Guiseppe’s Italian Restaurant           Frilly’s Seafood Bayou Kitchen           Luby’s Cafeteria
   821 N. Locust St., Denton               1925 Denison St., Denton                 2440 S. Interstate 35, Denton

Family Law                             Paralegals                               DCBA Sponsors
Section Meeting                        Monthly Meeting                          Advertising space is limited to
                                                                                persons or firms who provide
Date:                                  Date:                                    a law-related service to DCBA
  Monday, April 23, 5:30 PM                Thursday, April 26, 12:00 PM         lawyers and clients. For details
                                                                                about sponsoring, contact Don
Location:                              Location:                                White at 940-387-3578.
  Guiseppe’s Italian Restaurant            El Guapo’s
  821 N. Locust St., Denton                419 S. Elm St., Denton               Please use the services of our
                                                                                advertisers; their advertisements
Speaker                                Speaker
                                                                                make your monthly Denton
  Barbara Elias-Terciful, director         Dianne Costa, Sharp Focus
                                                                                County Lawyer newsletter
  of the Texas Lawyers for                 Counseling

DCBA Meeting Minutes, March 2, 2007
1. Meeting called to order: Jim Ashmore
2. Treasurer’s report: Darcy Loveless
3. Announcements:
   a. Michelle announced the 40 Hour CLE Mediation Training being held Thursday, May 17-20, 2007. The
       training is being offered free of charge in exchange for each participant making a two year commitment to
       the DCAP program (eight mediations total/four per year). A $100 registration fee is required, and will
       be refunded upon completion of the course.
   b. Annette Ezzell introduced a new attorney in town, Jason Augustine.
   c. GDCYLA hosted a happy hour Thursday, March 8, 2007. It was sponsored by Bowen & Lloyd.
   d. Summer Bar Seminar offered in Playa Del Carmen. There are flyers at the DCBA office.
4. CLE
   Speaker: Lars Isaacson
   Topic: The Overlap Between Immigration and Employment Law
5. Meeting adjourned: Jim Ashmore
   Next DCBA luncheon meeting on Friday, April 13, 2007—Courts are closed on April 6, 2007 for Good Friday.


DCAP 40 Hour Mediation Training
May 16, 2007, 6:00-10:00 PM; and May 17-19, 2007, 9:00 AM-6:00 PM
Kay Spence
The training will be free to twenty-five attendees, but it requires a $100 deposit to hold your space, and a two-year
commitment to DCAP (four mediations a year, eight total).

Book Signing                                                                       Did you know the Denton County
                                                                                    Lawyer is also available online?
                              Dan S. Boyd—son of                                               Please visit
                              W.C. Boyd (Denton and                                 www.dentonbar.com to access this and
                              Cooke County District                                          previous issues.
                              Judge) and brother of
                              Randall Boyd—will be on
                              hand to sign his book,
                              Grand Aspirations.

                              April 19, 2007, 5:00–6:30 PM

                              Woman’s Club
                              610 Oakland St
                              Denton, TX 76201

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From our Sponsors

                    BRUCE ISAACKS
                     ATTORNEY AT LAW


     620 W. HICKORY                                BUS. (940) 243-2010
   DENTON, TEXAS 76201                             FAX (940) 382-7174


                 ROY P. ANDERSON, CPA

   222 E. McKinney, Suite 100                Telephone (940) 566-0512
   Denton, Texas 76201-4260                        Fax (940) 382-6993
                    E-Mail: roy@andersonspector.com

Denton County Bar Association &
                                                                                              First Class
Denton County Alternative Dispute Resolution Program                                        US Postage Paid
512 West Hickory Street, Suite 202                                                            Denton, TX
Denton, TX 76201                                                                             Permit #1029

DCBA in 2006-07
April Bar                                 May Bar                       Announcing
Luncheon                                  Luncheon                      Please note that the DCBA luncheon
                                                                        has changed to April 13, 2007 due to
Time:                                     Time:                         the Courts being closed on April 6,
    12:00 PM, Friday, April 13                12:00 PM, Friday, May 4   2007 for Good Friday.
    Meal included                             Meal included

Place:                                    Place:
    Oakmont Country Club                      Oakmont Country Club
    1901 Oakmont Drive                        1901 Oakmont Drive
    Corinth, Texas 76210                      Corinth, Texas 76210

Program:                                  Program:
    What is a Franchise, and Why Do           To be announced.
    I Need to Know? (0.5 hrs. CLE)
Speaker:                                      To be announced.
    Kat Tidd, Esq.


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