NIGHTWATCHING by Peter Greenaway

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					       NIGHTWATCHING by Peter Greenaway
                      Rembrandt 400 in the Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum's presentation of NIGHTWATCHING by Peter Greenaway offers
an exceptional theatrical perception of Rembrandt's greatest masterpiece, The Night
Watch. Filmmaker Peter Greenaway shows the world-famous painting in an entirely
new light, turning the museum visitors into a theatre audience and bringing to life
the figures in The Night Watch in an unexpected way using light, sound and moving
images. NIGHTWATCHING in the Rijksmuseum is part of the opening programme
of the Holland Festival and can be seen from 2 June to 6 August 2006 in the Philips
Wing of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

“A combination of art and technology designed for an attentive audience that will be
intrigued by a world of light and moving images and the single frozen moment.” Peter
Rembrandt's Night Watch, or to give it its actual title, The company of Captain Frans
Banning Cocq and Lieutenant Willem van Ruytenburch, is one of the most famous
paintings in the world. For four centuries already, millions of people have admired
Rembrandt's greatest work of art for the extraordinary use of light and the revolutionary -
at the time innovative - portrayal of the guardsmen. And for almost the entire 400 years
there have been myths and mysteries surrounding the painting, which raises such
questions as: Who are all those people depicted in The Night Watch? And why is it called
The Night Watch? Filmmaker Peter Greenaway has his own way of answering these
questions. He uses a theatrical set installed in the Rijksmuseum to bring the frozen
moment to life and introduce the audience to the 32 guardsmen of the Night Watch.
Greenaway fashions Rembrandt's masterpiece into a theatrical production using light,
moving images and sound to place the painting in a 17th century context. The
presentation covers a total of three rooms in the Rijksmuseum. The final room contains
props that show how it was possible to produce such a masterpiece in the middle of the
Dutch Golden Age.

The Rijksmuseum's presentation of NIGHTWATCHING by Peter Greenaway is being
organised to mark the 400th anniversary of Rembrandt's birth and is a co-production of
The Kasander Film Company, Holland Festival and Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

NIGHTWATCHING - the film and the play

In addition to the presentation in the Rijksmuseum, the NIGHTWATCHING project also
consists of a film and a play.
The film NIGHTWATCHING is set in 1642, which is the year that The Night Watch was
painted. The film is about a dangerous attempt to cast suspicion on one of the guardsmen
in the painting The Night Watch and is a magnificent reflection of Amsterdam society in
the middle of the Dutch Golden Age.
The play NIGHTWATCHING centres on Rembrandt's domestic, social and symbolic
relationships with his three wives Saskia, Geertje and Hendrickje.

NIGHTWATCHING is a production of The Kasander Film Company.

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16 March 2006