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					"The Moustache" by Robert Cormier

Page 123: POINT OF VIEW: first person - "I had to go to Lawnrest” The main
character narrates. Who is the main character? Mike

              SIMILE: "like a one man firing squad” The mother inspects like a firing
              squad before he goes to see his grandmother. Whom does the mother
              inspect ?

              CHARACTERIZATION: speech "..I mean..." He chooses speech patterns
              typical of a teenager.

                      Mike has to visit his grandmother. His mother disapproves of his
                      moustache. She has a shadow across her face when she thinks of
                      the grandmother, demonstrating her thoughts about the
                      grandmother's ability to recognize Mike.

              IDIOM: "for crying out loud" - A saying that denotes surprise

      "Arteriosclerosis" - hardening of the arteries

              IDIOM: "barrel along" - to go quickly and recklessly

              PERSONIFICATION : "stagger up to 50" - the station wagon can barely
              drive 50 while the Le Mans is much faster. How fast does Mike intend to
              go in the Le Mans?

      "Ether" - a chemical anesthetic (old-fashioned)

                      - Mike dreads the nursing home, but guilt about his grandmother's
                      birthday and Christmas gifts makes him get out of the car and go in

       "Antiseptic" - anti - bacterial

              SIMILE: "like some kind of wax museum" - The old people seem like
              wax figures.

              SIMILE: "as if I were a window" - A pretty girl looks right through Mike,
              which is typical for him.

              SIMILE: "like the side of a mountain" - The faces of Ethel Barrymore and
              Mike's grandmother both contain many crevices.

              SIMILE: "like syrup being poured" - Their voices are smooth and sweet.
       SIMILE: "The years had worn away the roughness of her hands" like wind
       wears about the stones.

       SIMILE: "like a caress" - Her voice is like a soft touch.

               -Mike's grandmother seems delusional.

"Regarded" - looked at

"Chesterfield" - an old- fashioned overcoat (smoking jacket)

       SIMILE: "like a label on her face" - The attendant wears patients clearly in
       her expression.

       SIMILE: "like parentheses marks" - The grandmother rests her face in her

               - Mike discovers that his grandmother is mistaking him for his
               grandfather, also names mike. She describes Mike's taste for finer
               things, including a baby grand piano.

"Feeble" - weak; fragile (Write the sentence that describe how his grandma feels

       CHARACTERIZATION: thoughts - “because of what could happen to
       her” - Mike show sympathy about his grandmother's condition and doesn't
       want to break her heart.

       METAPHOR: "her voice a lullaby"

       SIMILE: "as a candle" - Her finger is long and thin like a candle.

             Nana reveals a guilty conscience about accusing Mike's
             grandfather of fooling around with another woman, but she was
       SIMILE: "like a leaf" - Her cheek was dry like a leaf.

"Deafening" - so loud that it overwhelms other sounds

               Mike forgives her using the pretense that he is his grandfather. He
               then rushes home trying to forget his grandmother's sorrow. He
               shaves off his moustache as a way of escaping those feelings.