PLAY DOUGH by gjjur4356


									                                  PLAY DOUGH
Scented No Cook Play Dough
          Imperial Measure                                Metric Weight
6 cups flour                         480g X 2 flour
6 packages Kool-Aid                  6 packages Kool-Aid
1.5 cups salt                        520g salt
9 Tbsp oil                           9 Tbsp oil
6 cups boiling water (must be at a 6 cups boiling water (must be at a
rolling boil, hot water from a water rolling boil, hot water from a water
dispenser does not work)             dispenser does not work)

Mix all ingredients, cool then knead.

CDO will provide you with a bag of flour, 1 kg salt, and the Kool-Aid. If you have
not received these please contact Tracy at 450-3742 or
We ask the families to provide the oil since it would be very difficult to portion out
the oil to everyone.
The play dough needs to be at school the first thing MONDAY morning. You can
bring the play dough the week before on your regular class day and place it in the
refrigerator labeled with the date it is for. You can do this also when you go
away and you need to provide play dough while you’re gone.

Thank you for your help making this cooperative program work!

                                     Children’s Day Out

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