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					                                PARKING DOWNTOWN

Several parking options are available for people doing business or working in Downtown Salmon
Arm. In general, you’ll find easy access to free parking close to businesses and services downtown.
As well, affordable all-day parking is located on the downtown perimeter.

Downtown Street Parking:

1 hour FREE on the streets
   • Intended use: to provide short term convenient customer parking for easy access to
       businesses and services
   • Locations: all main streets in the downtown core and waterfront
   • Cost: FREE

Metered parking at the Post Office:

   •   Intended use: to provide very short term access in order to use postal services
   •   Location: in front of the Post Office on Hudson Avenue NE
   •   Cost: maximum time limit of 15 minutes - $0.25

Metered Parking:

   •   Intended use: to provide parking for people working downtown who need flexible time parking
       (such as staff working short shifts) or those who need to remain parked beyond allowable 1 or
       2 hours free parking
   •   Locations: perimeter of downtown
   •   Maximum time: varies from 4 hours to all day depending on location
   •   Cost: $0.25 per hour

Off Street Parking Lots:

2 hour FREE Parking Lots
   • Intended use: to provide short term convenient “customer” parking for easy access to
       businesses and services or where additional time is needed (for appointments or those
       making multiple stops downtown); also to accommodate larger vehicles
   • Locations: centrally located downtown in Ross Street Parking Lot and Fire Hall #3 lot (Ross
       Street and Trans Canada Highway), Trans Canada Highway East lot
   • Cost: Free

Ticketed, Metered and Reserved Paid Parking Lots:

   •   Intended use: to provide long term day use parking as well and reserved monthly parking
   •   Locations: Ticket machine: Inner Core, Hudson Ave NW (beside Salmar Grand);
       Reserved: Inner Core, Hudson Ave NW, 4 Street NE, Avon, Fire Hall #3
   •   Cost: $0.25 per hour at ticket machine or prepaid monthly depending on lot

For further information, please call the City of Salmon Arm office at (250) 803-4000 or visit > Residents > Downtown Parking Information

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