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									  How to Qualify for the Most Affordable
         Auto Insurance Quote

                                          Affordable Auto Insurance Quotes
Affordable auto insurance quotes are possible once you understand the way insurers calculate their rates. Armed with this understan ding, you'll
be able to make sound decisions from paying y our credit card bills on time to choosing the right car to drive. Like every other part of our financial
liv es, qualifying for the most affordable auto insurance quotes require diligence and planning. The savings you'll enjoy, however, will go beyond
the monthly bill. In your quest to qualify for the most affordable auto insurance quotes, you will have made changes that save you money in
more ways.

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                  Improve your credit score. Statistically, driv ers who have a good credit score also report f ewer claims to their insurance
                  company. This is f or a my riad of reasons. Being financially responsible means that you may be better able to handle the
                  burden of small claims yourself. A good credit score implies less f inancial stress which may make you a more relaxed driver. A
                  good credit score also implies a general sense of hav ing it together; if you pay your bills on time, then y ou probably show up
                  to appointments on time which in turn means that y ou are less likely to driv e recklessly. Whatever the reason, statisticians
                  hav e found a clear correlation. Begin work to improve your credit score at least six months before you attempt to qualify for
                  the most affordable auto insurance quotes.

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                  Drive a car model that gets good rates. Check the saf ety rating for y our vehicle; the higher the rating, the better the rate.
                  Compare the cost of windshield wipers for y our car; this cost is a good indicator of how expensiv e replacement parts are for
                  the v ehicle. High replacement part costs equals high insurance premiums. Driv e a low-key family style vehicle. In other words,
                  stay away from the cars that are built for speed.

      o                   3
                  Find a way to fight those tickets. Of course, you know that avoiding traffic v iolations will help you qualify for the most
                  affordable auto insurance rates. But what if you slip, and receive a ticket any way? Take the ticket to court. Bef ore you do so,
                  do your research and make a plan. Find out if the scanner the policeman used to determine your speed has been regularly
                  maintained. Poor maintenance may be grounds for dismissal. Were you just a little over the speed limit? Perhaps the judge
                  will lesson the charge, thereby reducing the points you incur. Perhaps the judge will eliminate the points if you agree to pay
                  the f ine. It's possible and the only way you will find out if you take your case to court. By the way, politeness, honesty, and
                  respectf ulness go a long way.

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