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									Ministry of Agriculture,         Ministère de l’Agriculture,
Food and Rural Affairs           de l’Alimentation et des
                                 Affaires rurales
3rd Floor                        3e étage
1 Stone Road West                1, rue Stone ouest
Guelph, Ontario N1G 4Y2          Guelph (Ontario) N1G 4Y2
Tel: (519) 826-3552              Tél.:    (519) 826-3552
Fax: (519) 826-3259              Téléc.: (519) 826-3259

Environmental Management Branch

Date:                          January 7, 2011

To:                            Council, Clerk and Drainage Superintendent

From:                          Sid Vander Veen, Drainage Coordinator

                   2. UPCOMING DRAINAGE COURSES
                   3. HARMONIZED SALES TAX (HST)

Please ensure that all those named above are made aware of this letter.

Grants for eligible activities under the Drainage Act are governed by the Drainage Act and by the policies
of the Agricultural Drainage Infrastructure Program (ADIP). Both of these documents can be accessed
through the OMAFRA website:

In addition to the above information, you are strongly encouraged to read the “OMAFRA Grant
Application Review Procedures” document attached to this letter.

a) Applying for 2010/11 Grants under the Drainage Act
      Grant application forms are available in hard copy or in an Excel spreadsheet. If you need either of
      these, please contact Valerie Anderson at 519-826-3324 or .

i)    Grants for the Cost of Employing a Drainage Superintendent:
      PREQUALIFICATION: Your municipality is eligible to receive grants for the municipal cost of
         employing a drainage superintendent(s) if your municipality:
         Employs a drainage superintendent who has been approved by OMAFRA and
         Has received a superintendent budget allocation by letter dated August 16/10 from our Ministry
      APPLICATION: Read and comply with Section 3.0 of the ADIP policies. Your application for grant
         for the cost of employing a drainage superintendent must be received on or before Jan. 31, 2011.
         Your application is not complete unless it is accompanied with the required supporting
         documentation. If, at the deadline your submitted application is not complete, it will not be
         processed even if supporting documentation is submitted later.
      Grants for Drain Maintenance:
      PREQUALIFICATION: In order to qualify for the drain maintenance grants, the maintenance and
         repair work must be completed by an OMAFRA approved drainage superintendent. Please note
         that the budget allocation process no longer applies to drain maintenance activities.
      APPLICATION: Read and comply with Section 2.0 of the ADIP policies and if you have any
         questions, please contact us. As communicated to you by letter dated August 16, 2010, drain
         maintenance grant applications will be paid out of the beginning of the Ministry’s new fiscal year

 Ministry Headquarters: 1 Stone Road West, Guelph, Ontario N1G 4Y2               Pick Ontario Freshness
 Bureau principal du ministère: 1 Stone Road West, Guelph (Ontario) N1G 4Y2   Cueillez la fraîcheur de l’Ontario
        that begins on April 1, 2011. As a result your deadline for submitting drain maintenance grant
        applications is April 29, 2011. Your application for maintenance grant is not complete without
        the supporting information for one of the projects listed on the grant form. For a description of
        the supporting information, read ADIP policy 2.3(c). If, at the deadline your submitted
        application is not complete, it will not be processed even if supporting documentation is
        subsequently submitted.

ii) Grants for Drain Construction/Improvement Projects:
    The deadline for submitting grant applications for construction/improvement projects is February 15,
    2011. Any drain construction/improvement project where the engineer’s report was submitted after
    July 28, 2004 is subject to Section 1 of the ADIP policies. To be eligible for the grant, some portion
    of the property must be assessed at the Farm Property Tax Class Rate.

    Please remember that project funding is provided first to those projects who have submitted a “Drain
    Queue Notification” form (Read Section 1.7 of the ADIP policies). If any additional ADIP funding
    becomes available, grant applications will be processed in the order they appear on the queue.

b) Planning for the 2011/2012 Drainage Act Grants Program
    i) Grants for the Cost of Employing a Drainage Superintendent: If your municipality employs an
    approved drainage superintendent and intends to make use of the superintendent grants in the
    upcoming fiscal year, please complete the attached form entitled “Grant Allocation Request Form -
    Fiscal Year 2010/11”. Your allocation request must be received by our ministry on or before
    February 28, 2011. You are advised to read ADIP policy 2.1 prior to completing the form.

    ii) Construction/Improvement Projects: Please read Section 1.7 of the ADIP policies. Once your
    municipality has given third reading to a by-law adopting an engineer’s report for the construction or
    improvement of a municipal drain, you are strongly encouraged to complete and submit a “Drain
    Queue Notification” form. Even if, for any reason, your project is not funded in one fiscal year, it
    will maintain its position on the queue for the following fiscal year. A copy of the Queue Notification
    form is attached to this letter.

Attached is a brochure that provides details on the Drainage Superintendents Course that will be held
from February 28 to March 4, 2011 in Guelph. If your municipality intends to appoint an individual as
their drainage superintendent, that individual must have successfully completed this course in order to be
eligible to receive the drain maintenance and superintendent grants under the Drainage Act.

In several locations across the province, we will also be offering the “Rural Municipal Drainage Course”
and “Calculating Drainage Assessments” Workshop. Details will be sent to you in a separate mailing.

Only the net HST may be claimed for costs. For more information, please review the letter sent to you
dated August 16, 2010 and the HST guidance document for municipalities dated June 29, 2010, published
by Canada Revenue Agency. (

Yours truly,

Sid Vander Veen, P. Eng.
Drainage Coordinator

Claiming Drain Maintenance Grants: In accordance with ADIP Policy 2.3, supporting documentation
must be provided for one of the listed drain maintenance projects on each drain maintenance grant
application form. This supporting documentation includes:
        (i) A copy of the drain plan, with the complete watershed, indicating where the project work was
        (ii) A copy of the maintenance and repair instructions and the assessment schedule from the
             current engineer’s report, as adopted by the last by-law. You should also include a list of all
             properties assessed for the maintenance/repair work along with their share of assessed cost
             and also indicate those properties eligible for the Farm Property Class Tax Rate.
Grant applications, complete with all supporting documentation, must be received on or before Monday,
April 29, 2011 on the application forms provided by our Ministry.
        Please note: The Drainage Act requires municipalities to update maintenance assessment
        schedules to reflect any land severances, land use changes and additions to the watershed prior
        to undertaking the drain maintenance work. This information is checked in the review of the
        drain maintenance grant application.

Claiming Drainage Superintendent Grants: In accordance with ADIP Policy 3.3, each drainage
superintendent grant application form must be accompanied with the following:
        a. A list of all maintenance, repair, minor improvement and operational projects performed in the
            previous calendar year, including projects where a maintenance grant application is not being
            submitted. Spot maintenance and repair work (e.g. tile repair or beaver dam removal) does not
            need to be listed. The list must include the drain name, description of work and total cost of the
            work performed. If no maintenance work was done, you must indicate this in your covering
            letter or on the superintendent grant application form.
        b. A municipal map showing the location of all maintenance/repair work performed in the calendar
            year as listed in 3.3a.
        c. To support the drainage superintendent grant claim, the municipality must provide records of the
            time spent performing drainage superintendent duties.
Grant applications, complete with all supporting documentation, must be received on or before Monday,
January 31, 2011 on the application forms provided by our Ministry.
        Please note: The grant claim for drainage superintendent services provided by engineering
        firms must be based on the date the service was provided, not the date of the invoice (e.g.
        invoice dated January 3, 2010 for services provide from October 1 to December 31, 2009
        cannot be claimed as part of the 2010 drainage superintendent grant application). This
        information is checked by OMAFRA in the review of the drainage superintendent grant

Grant Application – General Information:
  Upon receipt of the submitted application, OMAFRA staff will perform a preliminary review to
     ensure that all of the above items are provided. If information is missing, your grant application
     will be considered “incomplete” and will be returned to your municipality. No extension will be
     given to the grant deadlines specified above.
  Faxed or emailed grant application packages will be accepted until the end of the deadline date.
     However, the grant application with original signatures and all supporting documentation must be
     received within one week of the deadline. If the original documents are not received, the application
     is deemed incomplete and will not be processed.


                      SUPERINTENDENT                             CONSTRUCTION/IMPROVEMENT                     MAINTENANCE/REPAIR

Grant Application     January 31, 2011                           February 15, 2011                            April 29, 2011
Period Covering:      January 1 to December 31, 2010             All construction and improvement projects    All maintenance/repair work completed in
                                                                 completed by Feb. 15, 2011                   2010
Ineligible Claims      Costs incurred before January 1,          Projects completed more than a year         Work completed prior to January 1, 2010
                        2010                                       before the submission of the grant          Projects less than $500
                       Any non-drainage superintendent            application.                                Interest charges
                        cost                                      See ADIP Policy section 1.3                 Administrative costs

Budget Allocation      Still required (see ADIP policy           Submit Queue Notification forms (see        None required
                        section 2.1)                               ADIP Policy section 1.7)
Required Supporting    Must submit time records that             Copy of engineer’s report, final by-law,    For one project on the grant application
Documentation           support the grant claim.                   decisions of court of revision, tribunal      form, provide the following:
                       For all maintenance/repair projects        and referee.                                - copy of drain plan showing complete
                        completed in 2010, provide map and        Electronic copy of plan                       watershed and where the work was done.
                        list. Not required to show spot repair                                                 - maintenance instructions from engineer’s
                        or maintenance work.                                                                     report
Other Policy Items     Municipal employees receive                     See ADIP Policy Sections:             To be eligible for grant, properties must
                        expenses = 18% of salary                     -    1.1                                    be assessed at the Farm Property Class
                       Municipal employees receive                  -    1.2                                    Tax Rate
                        benefits ≤ 35% of salary                     -    1.4
                       Consultants receive actual expenses,         -    1.5
                        not exceeding 18% and may not
                        claim benefits.
                       Net HST may be claimed on
                        consulting superintendent costs
         Ministry of Agriculture,     Ministère de l’Agriculture,
         Food and Rural Affairs       de l’Alimentation et des
                                      Affaires rurales

                       Agricultural Drainage Infrastructure Program Under The Drainage Act

To assist in completing this form, please read the “Agricultural Drainage Infrastructure Program – Administrative Policies”.
Municipalities with more than one drainage superintendent may modify this form to accommodate a multiple submission on
the condition that the same information is still provided.

             Municipality                         County/Region/District                      Drainage Superintendent

 Anticipated Grant Demand for Drainage Superintendent Employment Costs
 (for drainage superintendent costs incurred between January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011)
                 Salary (see ADIP 3.1)
                 Benefits (see ADIP 3.2e)                                     $
                 Expenses (see ADIP 3.2d)                                     $
                 Net HST (consulting drainage superintendents only)           $
                                                   TOTAL (A)                  $
           REQUIREMENT FOR 2011/12 (A/2):                                     $
NOTE: Claiming drain maintenance grants no longer requires a maintenance budget allocation.

                Date                                                Signature - Drainage Superintendent

                Date                                                Signature - Treasurer

                                        Environmental Management Branch - Drainage
                                    Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
                                                3rd Floor, 1 Stone Road West
                                                  Guelph, Ontario, N1G 4Y2
                                                      Fax: 519-826-3259
       Ministry of Agriculture,     Ministère de l’Agriculture,
       Food and Rural Affairs       de l’Alimentation et des
                                    Affaires rurales

                                  DRAIN QUEUE NOTIFICATION*
      To:     The Director, Environmental Management Branch
              Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

      From: Name:

      The drain construction (Drainage Act Sec. 4) and/or improvement (Drainage Act Sec. 78)
      project(s) listed in the following table have been adopted by an authorizing by-law. Our
      municipality anticipates that these project costs will be levied against the property owners
      in the watershed of the drain in the upcoming year. Therefore, please include these
      project(s) in the queue for grants under the Agricultural Drainage Infrastructure Program
      and confirm whether or not the Ministry has sufficient program budget in the current
      fiscal year to accommodate a grant application.

     DRAIN NAME                   BY-LAW #       ANTICIPATED             ESTIMATED           ESTIMATED
                                                   DATE OF                PROJECT              GRANT
                                                CONSTRUCTION             TOTAL COST           AMOUNT

      A copy of the by-law(s) authorizing the work described above must be included with this form.

              * Note: Information on the construction/improvement queue is provided in Section 1.7 of
              the “Agricultural Drainage Infrastructure Program – Administrative Policies”

Mail information to:                                              OR                         OR
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Environmental Management Branch                          Fax information to:   Email information to:
3SE, 1 Stone Road West                                   519-826-3259
Guelph, Ontario, N1G 4Y2                                 Attention: Drainage
        Attention: Drainage

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