Why You Need Home Insurance

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					Why You Need Home Insurance?

                     Home insurance prepares you for unwanted incidents.
Home insurance provide protection against the occurrence of unwanted ev ents in a property. Insurance providers can insure various ty pes of
homes, including detached houses, townhouses, mobile homes and apartments. It covers not only homeowners, but also renters an d landlords.
Home insurance reduces the risk of losses by allowing you to claim your insurance in case unwanted events happen.

      o                  Home insurance provides protection against ev ents that damage your home. These events include natural disasters,
            such as lightning strike, wind and hail. It also protects against vandalism, theft, fire and smoke. Home insurance covers the main
            area of your property and may also cover other structures, such as the f ence and the storage shed. Y ou can usually choose the
            ev ents you want to insure. A narrow cov erage would be cheaper, but does not protect you against certain events.

      o                  Ev en if you don't own the property you liv e in, home insurance can be of benefit to you. It prov ides coverage for the
            contents of your home, such as laptops, computers, TVs, clothes and furniture. Some insurance providers also extend the coverage
            to the personal belongings you leave in your vehicle. Y ou may be able to choose the scope of the coverage.

Unexpected Expenses
      o                  If an insured loss causes your home to become inhabitable, your insurance provider may help provide the funds f or
            your living expenses, such as moving costs, temporary accommodation, meals and storage. If you are a landlord, some home
            insurance providers offer loss-of-rental-income cov erage. If unwanted events like a fire makes your property unfit to rent, the
            insurance provider reimburses the loss you retain from lack of rental income.

Limitation of Liability
      o                  If anyone sustains injury on y our property, y ou can possibly face an expensive lawsuit. Home insurance may cover
            your court fees and other liabilities, such as medical expenses, in such a situation. If you are a landlord, you may be able to obtain
            home insurance that protects you from any bodily injuries or property damage lawsuits on your rental property.

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