Why Should Employees Have Accident Insurance

					Why Should Employees
Have Accident Insurance?
The unexpected can happen at any time. According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, more than 27 million reported injuries were
sustained from nonintentional accidents in 2008, and this figure does not include traffic-related incidents.

      o                Accident insurance is a policy that covers an individual or family in an event of an accident in and around the home, in
            an automobile or while traveling.

      o                  Worker's compensation insurance covers injuries sustained while working on the job, but it does not cover all of the
            accidents that may happen at the job site. For example, if an employee is walking to his car to go home for the evening and a driver
            hits the employee with his vehicle, the injury is sustained through no fault of the employer and wouldn't be covered by worker's
            compensation. While it should be covered by the driver's insurance, there is no guarantee that the limits will pay for a long-term
            sustained injury.

      o                  One feature commonly included in this type of policy is a provision for dismemberment. Depending on the specific
            conditions of the policy, you will receive a payment should the accident result in a loss of limb, eyes or other body appendages.

      o                  Some policies provide a provision that covers you should an accident occur while riding on a commonly used carrier.
            This primarily applies to major airlines but can also include railway service.

      o                 Each policy has a detailed list of activities that are not covered, such as those deemed excessively dangerous,
            including mountain climbing, skydiving and illegal activities.

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Description: When you've been in a car accident, assuming that no one has been injured, the first question on your mind is likely: What will insurance pay for after an accident? What your insurance will pay for largely depends on what type of coverage you have. Even within the same type of coverage, there are wide variations in policies. While you'll have to check with your insurance carrier, a rough guide to different kinds of insurance will illustrate the basics.