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					                                                                                            The Epistle
Volume 37, Issue 13       Leading people to experience God’s love, know Jesus Christ, and grow in His image.            March 27, 2011

LOVE HUNGRY                                                                                  Sunday morning in the Courtyard

30-Hour Famine 2011
Students have been busy since late last year raising funds and getting the word
out about hunger on our planet.
Bethany Student Ministries held our event on March 4th and 5th. 88 students
and adults spent 30 hours fasting, worshiping, praying and serving others. We
also had a special guest from World Vision, Dana Fay, spend the weekend with
us. We learned from Dana Fay that World Vision not only meets current needs by
providing food, but also long-term sustainability by providing livestock or seeds.                       Cardboard city after the front
          Worship                         Students spent the night in cardboard boxes in the
                                          church courtyard. It became a very real experience
                                          when a cold front blew in at three o’clock in the
                                          morning, complete with high winds and sleet. When
                                          daylight came, the courtyard looked as though a
                                          tornado had blown through with cardboard
                                          everywhere and only a couple of shelters still
                                          standing.                                                                 P
                                          Saturday was spent in service to the local community with                 R
      Breaking the fast                                                                                             P
                                      several mission opportunities: Micah 6, Streets Youth Ministry,               L
                                      Community New Start, Mobile Loaves & Fishes, and St. Louise                   E
                                      House. Students also helped with setting up or closing down the
                                      yard sale for the Summit Autism Academy that will begin in the fall at        P
                                      Bethany.                                                                      T
                                      The fast was broken with a Communion worship service followed by              Y
                                      a delicious soup supper and grilled cheese
                                        So far we have raised $7,000 from
                                        independent fundraising, the Purple Potty
                                        fundraiser, and the Bake Sale. If you meant
                                        to make a donation but forgot, it’s not too late.
                                        Ask one of the students or staff how.
                                        Thank you to everyone in the Bethany
                           Small Groups
                                        community for allowing us this experience.
                                                                                             Yard Sale at Bethany for Summit Academy

                            Juic                                                Service projects
                                        Constructing Cardboard city.                                                            Nap time
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From the Pastor
                                                         Lenten Discipline 
     While many of the church seasons have names with specific relevance, Lent comes from the Old English word for 
“lengthen.” Since Lent comes in the spring, the name obviously refers to the lengthening days. However ordinary the name, 
the season is anything but ordinary. It is a time of preparation for the Passion of Jesus Christ. It runs from Ash Wednesday 
until sunrise of Easter Sunday. Since Sundays are not included, being days of celebration of the Resurrection, the season lasts 
40 days. It is a time to meditate on our own mortality and the gift of eternal life through the Resurrection of Jesus. It is also a 
time to enter into the suffering and sacrifice of Christ which brought about that gift of grace. It can be a difficult time for many 
of us, as it raises grief to the emotional surface. But it is important for us to acknowledge such suffering and grief if we are to 
deeply grasp the significance of what Christ has done for us. By entering deeply into sorrow, we are able to soar with joy on 
Easter morning, grasping the amazing wonder of that transition from death to eternal life. Our sermon series, The Land 
Between: Finding God in Difficult Transitions, is already receiving good review for addressing the reality of loss in our lives. 
    Part of the tradition of Lent has been the giving up, or sacrifice, of something to remind us of Christ’s sacrifice. I’ve heard 
folks speak of giving up television or eating out or buying soft drinks. Mostly, people seem to give up some luxury. In the 
early church, however, people fasted or slept outside on the ground or spent hours standing in freezing water while they 
prayed. While it seems a little extreme to endanger our health, it doesn’t seem quite enough to give up some small luxury. A 
few years back, I discovered what John Wesley preached about this: give something up to free resources that you can use to do 
something for Christ. For example, spend less time watching television and use the time to lead a Bible study or work at a 
mission project. Another possibility would be to spend less on eating out and use the money saved to support a feeding 
ministry. The idea is to literally sacrifice something in order to serve Christ. I find this idea more appealing than temporarily 
giving up a luxury. It becomes a gesture of love that truly serves Christ. 
     I’m inviting you to join me this year in the discipline of observing Lent. I’m challenging you to be in worship each week; 
participate in one learning/spiritual formation opportunity; and participate in one hands‐on mission/serving opportunity. (The 
sermon series books are available in the office or from most booksellers and the weekend of service will be April 9/10.) 
Specifically, I ask you to consider fasting – and use the money you save to help the disaster response in Japan of the United 
Methodist Committee on Relief. This can be done through a designated gift—see the Bethany website—or through the special 
“One Great Hour of Sharing” offering on the first weekend of April. As I have done in the past, I am also asking you to join 
me in building 40 PETS – one for each day of Lent. I have fully funded the first PET in the amount of $250. I’m asking you to 
fund and/or help fund or build the rest. This may seem a lot to ask. But, in the end, all of it is actually very little preparation 
for the event which reshaped history and, more important, reshaped hope for you and me. I hope you’ll join me in this gesture 
of love in response to the greatest act of love known to humankind. 
                                                                    Grace and Peace, 

    BIRTHS: Trenton Neal Baker—3/10 to Stephanie & Matt Baker in Humble (grandparents Linda & Steve Elsesser); Brody Logan 
      Seaman—12/27 to Cutter Seaman & Cicily Cameron (grandparents Robert & Denise Lozano) 
    HOSPITALIZED IN‐TOWN: Jean Bowdoin; Ross Chiles (Lesley Welch’s father); Betty Kane; Janet Milligan; Joan Ryder 
    HOSPITALIZED OUT‐OF‐TOWN: Allison Anderson (Carol Redman’s granddaughter) ‐ Germany; Carolyn Griswold’s aunt ‐ 
     Kingwood; Lauren McIntyre—El Paso; Jack Phillips (Sally Loomer’s father) ‐ OK; Louise Phillips (Barbara Phillips’ mother‐in‐
     law); Linda Stevens (Lisa Randa’s sister) ‐ England; Mike Woillala (Carol Lozano’s nephew) ‐ IN; Deborah Wood (Kathleen 
     Wycoffʹs cousin) ‐ Kyle 
    DEATHS: Myla Jackson (Sylvia Johnson’s mother) ‐ 3/20; Dot Kirby—3/18 

    “Accustom yourself gradually to carry Prayer into all your daily occupation—speak, act, work in peace, as if you were in prayer, as 
    indeed you ought to be.”                                                                                         ‐  François Fénelon 
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Lent & Easter
                                            Sermon Series                         Wholeness and Healing Service:
                              (Saturday & Sunday Worship Services)                          April 10
                                        The Land Between:                           7:00—8:00 p.m. in Grimes Chapel
                                Finding God in Difficult Transitions            Join us in this meditative Taizé style service.
                               March 12 & 13         Complaint (Ch.1-3)
                                                                               REVEAL, Creative Worship Celebration:
                               March 19 & 20          Meltdown (Ch.4-6)
                               March 26 & 27           Provision (Ch.7-9)                   March 27
                               April 2 & 3          Discipline (Ch.10-12)            “The Land Between: Provision”
                               April 9 & 10          Youth-Led Worship              6:30—8:30 p.m. in the Sanctuary
                               April 16 & 17          Growth (Ch.13-15)        Lenten Midweek Communion Services
                                   Recommended reading for the series:          Wednesdays, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m., Sanctuary
                                The Land Between: Finding God in Difficult
                                       Transitions by Jeff Manion               March 30       speaker: Missy Gogolewski
                                                                                April 6          speakers: Robert Barton,
                                Follow the study with a Sunday School class:
                               Christian Foundations for Women (11:00, D202)                      Paul Draper, Ron Smith
                                      Christians on the Go (11:00, D206-7)      April 13           speaker: Rick Hoffman
                                              LIFE (11:00, D304-5)

                                                                                             Lenten Discipline 
                                                                                       Join in the discipline of observing Lent: 
                                                                                        Be in worship each week. (Sermon 
                                                                                          series books are available from most 

   Butterfly Workshops                                                                  Participate in one learning/spiritual 
       Saturdays, April 2 and 16             Easter lily orders are now being             formation opportunity. 
    10 a.m. – 12 noon, Room D211             taken. Order forms will be                 Participate in one hands‐on mission/
Only 2 workshops left until Easter, and      available in the Ministry
                                                                                          serving opportunity.  
we now have 1900 butterflies out of          Center. Cost is $10 per plant.
                                                                                         ‐  The weekend of service will be 
2500 we need. All butterflies should be      Make checks payable to BUMC
                                                                                             April 9/10. 
turned in by April 20. Help needed           and enter “Easter Lily” on the
                                             memo line. You may take your                ‐  Consider fasting, and use the 
assembling butterflies and passing                                                           money you save to help the 
                                             plants home after all services are
them out at each service on Easter                                                           disaster response in Japan of the 
                                             completed on Easter Sunday. If
Sunday. For more information, contact                                                        United Methodist Committee on 
                                             you have questions, call Mack or
Jane Nagase,           Linda McLeod at 494-6270.                       Relief.  
or 334‐9233.                                                                             ‐  Join in sponsoring the building of 
                                                                                             40 PETS – one for each day of 

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 Bethany IHN Family Promise                                           United Methodist
         March 27—April 3rd                                         Volunteers in Mission:
Please help Bethany IHN play host to                                   UMVIM Training
four families who are working to return
                                                                              Tuesday, April 12, 6:30-9:30 p.m.
to their own homes.                                                                        D209-210
            IHN needs meals and hosts to welcome                 Cost is $20 for training, manual and supplies. T-shirts
                                                                 available for $10. For information and to register go to http://
            these families and support their efforts.
            Please visit the Ministry Center for more
            information or to volunteer, or contact Bill
            Robbins at 547-0921 or

                                                                               Got Fabric? 
                                                                     We need whatever fabric and sewing 
                                                                 thread you can donate – and what a new 
                                                                 home they will have!!! 
 Hands on Housing is Just                                            Several ladies quilted 175 quilts for 
                                                                 world missions last year alone, and they 
   Around the Corner! 
                                                                 always need more materials to continue 
On Saturday, April 9, Bethany is 
                                                                 quilting. Please call Kitten Howard at 336‐
scheduled for the next Hands on 
                                                                 7224 for more information and to donate 
Housing Project.  A couple times a year 
Bethany gets a site from Austin Area 
Interreligous Ministries to aid low‐
income homeowners.  The projects range 
from painting, clearing landscapes, building ramps, and 
many other home improvements.  Anyone interested is                             Easter Basket Project 
encouraged to come and help out.  Donations of 
                                                                      For the last several years Bethany has helped 
paintbrushes, paint scrapers, rags and coffee cans for paint 
                                                                 organizations with a special outreach project making Easter 
buckets would also be appreciated. There will be donation 
                                                                 baskets for children.  This year we will be involved in that 
boxes at the sign‐up tables on Sundays, or bring them to the 
                                                                 project again and will be supporting several groups 
site.  You can sign up in the Ministry Center March 20 and 27 
                                                                 including Hill Country Christmas Bureau, Texas Baptist 
and April 3, or contact Tina Merrill at 217‐7575 or 
                                                                 Children’s Home and San Gabriel Foster & Adopt Group. 
                                                                      The following items are what will be need for each 
                                                                 basket:  8‐10ʺ wide Easter baskets, colored grass, 8‐12ʺ tall 
                                                                 stuffed Easter animals (new or like new), 6ʺ chocolate bunny, 
                                                                 individually pre‐wrapped candy, toothbrush and toothpaste, 
                                                                 cellophane to wrap basket. Monetary donations are also 
                                                                 accepted (Please make checks out to “Bethany UMC” and 
  Spots Remain Open for Mission Trip 
                                                                 write “Easter Basket Project” in the 
      to Maua Methodist Hospital                                 memo line.). There will be donation 
The mission trip to Maua Methodist Hospital in Kenya,            bins around the church and 
scheduled for August 4‐18, has five remaining spots open.        contributions will be taken until 
The total cost of the trip will be                               Palm Sunday, April 17. 
approximately $3200‐3400,                                             If you would like a more active 
depending on the price of airline                                role in this ministry, this is great 
tickets.  If you are interested in                               community service project for the 
going and would like additional                                  whole family. If you are interested 
information, email Rev. David                                    in helping assemble Easter baskets, 
Minnich at                                                       please contact Christy Bryant at 
david.minnich@bethany‐                          or 973‐3443. 

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Women’s Ministries
                                   BETH MOORE                                 Discover the freedom available to you from
                                                                                   the transforming power of Christ
                                   BIBLE STUDY
                             “THE INHERITANCE”                                 Join us for the Beth Moore Bible Study
                            Tuesdays, April 5- May 31                                     “Breaking Free”
                             Balcones Country Club                   Based on Isaiah 61:1-4, this in-depth Bible study uses
                                                                 Scripture to help identify spiritual strongholds in your life and
      Ladies, mark your calendars now for Beth Moore’s
                                                                  explains that bondage is anything that hinders you from the
newest study called “The Inheritance,” which starts April 5.                        benefits of knowing God.
The concept of inheritance isn’t just a subject in scripture.
It’s a theme stretching all the way from Genesis to                                Wednesdays 7:30-9:30pm*
Revelation. The word “inheritance” or forms of the word                             April 6th thru June 15th
                                                                     (*after Easter the meeting time will change to 7:00-9:00pm)
(i.e., inherit, heir, heritage, etc.) can be found in the Word                          $15.00 fee for workbook
of God no less than 300 times and appears with frequency                  Contact to sign up.
in both Testaments. Psalm 16:5-6 says, “The lines have
fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful
inheritance.” Join us for this nine-week study to learn about
your ancestors! We are all heiresses to the throne!
      There is no homework for this study, but there is a
listening guide for the DVD presentations. Charge for the
class is $12, which covers the booklet and the tip for the
waitstaff. For more information or to sign up for this study,
contact Gail Buckley at or 250-

Special Needs Ministry

Summit Autism Academy wants to thank the entire
congregation for all the prayers, support, donations,
etc...during the 6 weeks leading up to the Yard Sale.
Thanks to all your help, we raised over $15,000! The
support you have shown to our Academy is that of
Grace and Love. We can feel God's hand in shaping this
school and making it a school where children who have
autism can get the education they need/deserve while
believing in themselves and knowing they will have
lots to offer society once they graduate from the
Academy. We are forever grateful to Bethany United
Methodist Church for your help in jump-starting this
Academy with such a fabulous fundraiser. We are
anxious to see God's plans for our school.
                          Tina Swafford
                          Chairperson of the Board
                                                                                                                            Page 5
Parents of College
As our college students begin
preparation for final exams,
Bethany Student Ministries would like to send each student a
card of encouragement and a small gift to let them know they
are in our prayers.
Please send the student's name and college address including
apartment or room number to Barbara Cardwell at or fill out the form online at

                Deadline: April 18, 2011

                                                                              Cookie Dough Fundraiser! 
                          Zumba Fitness                                  Bethany Youth will be selling cookie dough and desserts 
                        Thursdays 6:15 - 7:15pm                     to help support their mission trips and retreats. Orders will 
                    Begins March 31 in Fellowship Hall              be taken from March 27—April 18; delivery will be the week 
                 Ditch the Workout—Join the Party!!                 of May 2. You can place orders at the table in the Ministry 
                  Zumba fuses Latin rhythms & easy-to-follow        Center on April 3, 10 or 17, or 
                moves for an exciting, body-energizing, one-of-a-   ask any Bethany youth. 
 kind fitness program. Burn 350-500 calories while having fun!           These delicious goodies 
           Wear athletic shoes, bring water and a towel.
                  A brief devotional is included.                   come frozen, with prices of $14 
          For more information and to register, contact:            or $15. Stock up your freezer, 
               Laura Wall, Zumba Instructor
                                                                    and support Bethany youth at 
         522-4163                      the same time!

                                                    Bethany Spring All‐Church Workday 
                                                        Saturday, April 9     8:00 A.M to 12:00 P.M. 
                                     Every wonder how those beautiful flowers suddenly appear on the church grounds each 
                              spring in time for Easter Sunday? Or why the windows suddenly sparkle?  Or why all the trees 
                              are so well‐trimmed?  All of this and more is accomplished each spring with the help of you, your 
                              family and friends during the All‐Church Workday. 
                                     Please don’t leave the work for someone else. Come join us and help clean up the church 
                              grounds for this spring. There are many projects to choose from depending upon your interest 
                              and capabilities including landscaping, window cleaning, tree trimming, gutter cleaning, 
                              detailing the bus, pressure washing, kitchen cleanup, and some interior maintenance work. 
                              Contact Gayle Rolland at 750‐7426 or 335‐0234, or via e‐mail at to sign up 
                              for your favorite job, or just show up on Saturday morning.  Thank you!!! 

Page 6
Adult Discipleship
    The Wednesday Night Bible Study Group, led by Jimmy Johnson, is taking a break during Lent. For more info, contact 
    Jimmy at 

                                The 11:00 Diversity Class, room D200, is doing a Lenten Study, Gospeled Lives, by John 
                                  Indermark. The study offers ways we were and are affected by encounters with Jesus as 
                                  connections between Scriptures and our lives are made. Study ends April 17.  For more 
                                  information, contact Hanford Ferguson, 250‐5309. 

                                Discovery Class is studying The Jesus I Never Knew by Philip Yancey through April 10.  
                                   This video study can help participants experience the Jesus they may never have encountered.  
                                   The drama and immediacy of motion pictures are used to compare well and little‐known film 
                                   portraits of Jesus with the Jesus of the Bible.  Join us at 9:30 in D209‐210. 

    Several classes are studying The Land Between—Finding God in Difficult Transitions in conjunction with the 
      sermon series, March 13 ‐ April 10: 
      Christian Foundations for Women, room D202 at 11:00, contact Amy Cannon, amy.cannon@bethany‐ 
      Christians on the Go, room D206‐207 at 11:00. Couples, singles, all ages at any level of Bible knowledge are welcome! 
         Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing circle of friends, all at different stages in their faith journeys. For additional 
         information, please contact Skip or Shirley Davenport, 
      L.I.F.E., room D304‐305 at 11:00, contact Debra Coe, 
    The Disciples Under Construction Class is studying the Adam Hamilton’s “When Christians Get it Wrong.” 
      Judging others, condemning people of other faiths, rejecting science, injecting politics into faith, and being anti‐
      homosexual—Hamilton tackles these issues and addresses the hows and whys of Christians getting it right when it comes 
      to being Christ in the world.  The DUCs are a vibrant young adult class focusing on spiritual development, mission 
      projects, and social opportunities. Join them at 9:30 in D205. For more information, contact Jenna Duke at  Study runs through April. 

    The Friendship Class is studying  Dr. James W. Mooreʹs book, When the World Takes the Wind Out of Your Sails.  
      Everyone is invited to share in any or all of the sessions.  Books are available for purchase in the class for $11.50 but are not 
      necessary for participation.  The Friendship Class is a mixed‐age class of middle‐agers and up.  It meets Sundays at 9:30 in 
      rooms D206/207.  Contact Gus or Jackie Browning at 249‐2969 or Study ends in April. 

    Covenant Class, which meets at 9:30 in D203/204, is studying the Gospel of Mark.  Come and visit this Bible‐based 
      discussion oriented class.  For more information, contact Mel Barrentine at 258‐8625.  

    Bible Class is studying the Old Testament book of 2 Samuel. This small discussion class is open to all ages and learning 
      levels. There are no “prerequisites.”  All anyone needs is a desire to read and study scripture.  It is a good starting place for 
      those who would like to read the Bible but don’t want to do it alone.  Join them in room D212 at 9:30.  For more info 
      contact Carolyn Canfield, 

                                                            PrayFAST: Pray For A Soldier Team 
                                         a ministry of prayer in support of Fort Hood soldiers during their deployment 
                                    The only requirement is to pray daily for a soldier and his/her family for a year. PrayFAST is
                                    not a pen-pal ministry; often a soldier will not know who is praying for him/her; only that
                                    someone has committed to pray daily for that soldier. While many soldiers already have a
                                    good support system of family, friends and churches, PrayFAST also tries to reach out to
soldiers who may not have this support, and to share God's love for them through our prayers. For more information contact Cathy
Mandell, (512) 258-2008 or, or visit 
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Student Ministries
Sunday: March 27 
  Sunday School ‐  at 9:30 or 11:00 
                                                                         UMYF           April Topics:
  Jam/JuBellation                   3:00 ‐ 4:00      
                                                                         High School students will study The Truth about
  PURE Sound                        4:00‐5:30       
                                                                         Sex where they will learn what God’s purpose is
  Confirmation                      5:30 ‐ 7:30                          in giving us our sexuality. This is one of the best
  UMYF                              5:30 ‐ 8:00                          gifts God has ever given us (besides Jesus, of
       Middle School Students launch their Water for All spring          course!) so lets figure out what it is for.
                mission project 
                                                                         Middle School students will study “Guy Talk - Girl
      Senior High will meet at 6:00 then go to Reveal Service at 6:30    Talk”. In small groups, students will discuss
       Snack Supper (5:30‐6): Loaded Baked Potatoes Cost $4.00           issues relevant for each gender.

                                                      Chrysalis                    Earn funds for Trips
                                                   (9th -12th graders)
                                                                         Ladybug Fertilizer. Pick up any fertilizer
A Chrysalis Flight is a 3-day spiritual renewal time provides an         that you sold and deliver it to your customers.
opportunity for you to learn more about faith, to experience
Christian love and support, and to make new faith commitments.           Cookie Dough goes on sale Today - March 27.
The point is to inspire, challenge and equip you for a closer            Pick up a packet in the Lighthouse. Sign up to
friendship with Christ and for Christian action at home, church,         work shifts in the Ministry center.
school, and community.
                                                                         Sell Breakfast in the Café. Several
         Girls Flight: June 16-18 Boys Flight: July 7-10
                                                                         Sundays in the Spring and summer are open.
Information and forms can be found at                                    Contact Maggie for more info.

               Registration forms for youth events are in the Lighthouse & online at

Care Ministries
                   FOLLOW THE STAR TO A NEW BORN
                      Bethany’s newest Delivery!
                     Shepherding Ministry,
                 allowing us to serve as God’s servants
                  minding the flock, is a new phone call
      and card ministry for all Bethany Members.
  Advanced Training for
      Phone Callers:
   7:30 PM in Room D205
  (immediately following
 For more information or
to join the team, contact
Pastor Wynn at 258-6017,
        ext. 275 or

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Children’s & Nursery Ministries
                                           Exciting Changes for VBS 2011
                                               Choose the Week that
                                                Works Best for You!!
                                                   VBS Week 1: 6/13-6/17
                                                   VBS Week 2: 6/20-6/24
                                                 5th Graders’ VBS: 6/13-6/17
Children ages 3 (before Sept. 1, 2010) through completed 4th grade—choose one of the weeks
above to attend VBS. Younger children can attend the week their parent volunteers.
5th grader VBS (for children who have completed 5th grade) is an exciting time to transition into
youth by meeting the Student Ministries staff and learning what it means to be a part of Student
                LEARN MORE: Visit the Ministry Center on March 27
 VOLUNTEERS: Registration begins this Sunday (March 27). See a list of volunteer opportunities
 at Stop by the Ministry Center on Sundays or complete one of the
        forms located throughout the children’s building and in the main office to volunteer.
                             March 27—Children of volunteers can register
                                     May 1st—Open registration
  Child Registration: Visit or complete a form located throughout
                           the children’s building and in the main office.
              Questions: Contact Robyn at or 258-6017 ext. 233

     This Sunday (March 27th)
                                                            4th and 5th Graders
       in the Ministry Center
                                                          Sunday, April 3rd at 9:30
 Exciting Things are Happening in
         Children’s Ministry!           4th and 5th graders have the opportunity to attend our
                                        1st Tween Worship Service!! Sign in at your classroom
     New VBS Programming              and then your leaders will bring you to the Lighthouse.
     Summer Sunday School             We will have worship and then return to the classroom.
             Fall kick-off            If you typically attend at 11:00, we hope you will join
Drop by to meet the Children’s Ministry the 9:30 group for Tween Worship!
team, preview programs for summer &     11:00 Sunday School will be held as usual.
learn what’s in the works for the upcoming
school year.                               Questions? Contact Christin Hakesley at 258‐6017 ext. 413 or  
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       The Epistle
Weekly Church Newsletter
The Epistle is published weekly (except Christmas) by Bethany
United Methodist Church, 10010 Anderson Mill Rd., Austin,
TX 78750
                                                                                                                                                Return Service Requested
                                                                         10010 Anderson Mill Rd.
                                                                            Austin, TX 78750
       Coming Up in Worship 

      Pastor Sheri Clifton preaching 3/26 
      Pastor Tom Deviney preaching 3/27 

     The Land Between: Finding God in 
           Difficult Transitions 

             Numbers 11:16‐18,21‐23 
                 Exodus 3:7‐8 

               Music Provided By: 
               5:00  Praise Team 
                                                                Saturday Worship                                           5:00 p.m. 
       8:15 & 11:00  Bethany Orchestra,                         Sunday Worship                   8:15, 9:30, 11:00 a.m. & 12:30 p.m. 
       SonShine Singers / Chancel Choir                         Sunday Chapel Communion Service                            9:30 a.m. 
       9:30 & 12:30  Messengers of Grace                        Sunday School                                      9:30 & 11:00 a.m. 

            9:30 Chapel Meditation                              Sunday Youth Worship                                       6:00 p.m.  
               Pastor David Minnich                             Mid‐Week Worship                              Wednesday, 6:30 p.m. 
      If you would like to subscribe to receive this weekly newsletter by mail or email, contact the church office at 258‐6017. 

What’s Inside                                                   Special Events Coming Up
Feature Article ...................................... 1        Sunday, March 27                      8:30 a.m.     Fundraiser Breakfast in the Café 
  Love Hungry: 30‐Hour Famine 2011                                                                    9:00 a.m.     Mini‐Ministry Expo (Children’s Ministries) 
                                                                                                      1:00 p.m.     IHN Week begins (see p.4) 
From Pastor Tom Deviney: ................. 2 
                                                                                                      6:30 p.m.     Reveal Worship (see p.3) 
  Lenten Discipline 
                                                                Tuesday, March 27                      6:30 a.m.  Men’s Fraternity: Contagious Leadership 
Adult Discipleship ............................... 7 
                                                                                                       7:30 a.m.  Job Support (see p.8) 
All‐Church Workday ........................... 6 
                                                                Wednesday, March 28                   5:15 p.m.  Soup Supper (see below) 
Care Ministries  ..................................... 8                                              6:30 p.m.  Lenten Midweek Worship (see p.3 & below) 
Children’s & Nursery Ministries ........ 9                      Thursday, March 29                    9:30 a.m.    Mom to Mom 
College Addresses ................................ 6                                                  5:30 p.m.    College‐Age Dinner/Bible Study 
                                                                                                      6:30 p.m.    Mom to Mom 
Cookie Dough Sales ............................. 6 
                                                                Saturday, April 2                    10:00 a.m.    Butterfly Workshop (see p.3) 
HOF Fundraiser Concert ..................... 6 
                                                                                                      5:00 p.m.    Saturday Worship  
Lent & Easter ......................................... 3             A complete calendar listing can be found outside the church office and on the Bethany website. 
Missions ................................................. 4 
Prayer  ............................................... 2,7 
                                                                                         Join the Bethany family in Fellowship Hall 
Special Needs Ministry ........................ 5                                        for Soup Suppers each Wednesday during 
Student Ministries ................................ 8                                     Lent, beginning at 5:15, and followed by 
Women’s Ministries ............................. 5                                         Lent Worship in the Sanctuary at 6:30.  

Zumba  .................................................. 6                                           This week, March 30: 
                                                                                                  Speaker: Missy Gogolewski  
                                                                                                 Special music by James Varner 

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