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Maps_ Parking Information _ Directions - ASME Global Communities


									The most convenient parking lots are marked with red stars. A map with all available parking lots can be
found at

The Student Leadership Seminar will be taking place in the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory. The
ONLY entrance door that will be unlocked is on the engineering quad side of the building. If you are
coming from a parking lot you will have to walk around the building. Registration will be taking place
right inside the main entrance and SLS will take place on the 2nd floor of MEL at the top of the main
staircase in rooms 2001, 2005 (John Deere Pavilion), and 2009. A map of the building can be found at

      Main Entrance
      of MEL
                                                                            Matthews Ave.
                                                                            One Way

             Illini Union Hotel


All University lots are open to the public 5pm-2am, however make sure to check the sign at the entrance
to any parking lot to make sure that it is a university lot.

After 5:00pm Friday through 6:00am Monday, visitors may park in the following lots without a permit at
no charge:

B-1 Springfield Avenue between Mathews & Goodwin
B-17 Harvey Street between Clark and Main
C-09 Chalmers and Sixth
E-14 First Street and Kirby
F-23 Lincoln Avenue and Florida
F-28 Peabody and Dorner Drive

University of Illinois University Parking website:

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