The Most Efficient Solar Panels

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					The Most Efficient Solar Panels

The Most Efficient Solar Panels – Product Review

The most efficient solar panels are the panels that give you the most power while using the
least area. Solar cells efficiency is important for those who have limited rooftop space, but
desire a greater power output than panels with average efficiency can offer.

Assume you have a rooftop area of 50 square feet available for placing panels, and want a
700W system. The less efficient panels would not be able to deliver the power needed for this
area. What efficiency can you expect when setting out to buy the most efficient solar panel

Typically, crystalline silicon based panels average about 12% efficiency up to 20% for the best
commercially available. However, the most efficient panels are used for more advanced

There are several products to choose from in the market place and finding the most efficient
product can be a tedious task. The three most efficient panels based PV Power analyses are:

1. Sharp 240W, Monocrystalline, Clear, NU-U240F1 with an energy density of 13.68 W/ft2
2. Suntech Polycrystalline 280W Solar Module (STP280-24/Vb1) at 13.39 W/ft2
3. BP 230W solar module, SX3230T at 12.81 W/ft2

There are many other factors to consider beforehand when purchasing although the efficiency
of a panel may be important in making your decision.

Simple Instructions
       Check the efficiency rating on the solar factory-printed specification sheet. In the solar
        power industry, the efficiency rating refers to how many kilowatts per sq. ft. of surface
        area each panel will produce. Look for the efficiency rating of the entire panel or
        module, not a single solar cell.
       Calculate the kilowatt per year electricity output of your solar panels. Adding an extra
        panel or two of a lower-priced, though less energy-efficient, system may be more cost-
        effective over time.
       Know the PTC and STC rating of your solar panels. A PTC rating designates that solar
        panels were tested in air temperatures and wind speeds that simulate real-world
        climate and solar conditions. Be aware that manufacturers issue an STC, Standard Test
        Conditions, rating on their panels, which is assigned without independent testing and
        under less rigorous conditions.

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