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             VOL. 105, NO.1 PART 1 OF 3; JANUARY 2000
Parents on the Web: Risks for Quality Management of Cough in Children      e1
Chiara Pandolfini, Piero Impicciatore, and Maurizio Bonati
The Relationship Between Social Stratification and All-Cause Mortality     e2
Among Children in the United States: 1968-1992
John H. DiLiberti
Does Sensitization to Contact Allergens Begin in Infancy?                  e3
Anna L. Bruckner, William L. Weston, and Joseph G. Morelli
Carbohydrate Absorption From Fruit Juices in Infants                       e4
Carlos H. Lifschitz
Four Strategies for the Management of Esophageal Coins in Children         e5
Joyce V. Soprano and Kenneth D. Mandl
Biobehavioral Pain Responses in Former Extremely Low Birth Weight          e6
Infants at Four Months' Corrected Age
Tim F. Oberlander, Ruth Eckstein Grunau, Michael F. Whitfield, Colleen
Fitzgerald, Sandy Pitfield, and J. Philip Saul
Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor Is Present in Human Milk and Its     e7
Receptor Is Present in Human Fetal Intestine
Darlene A. Calhoun, Mathilde Lunøe, Yan Du, and Robert D. Christensen
Maternal and Infant Factors Predicting Disease Progression in Human        e8
Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1-Infected Infants
Kenneth C. Rich, Mary G. Fowler, Lynne M. Mofenson, Rasha Abboud,
JanePitt, Clemente Diaz, I. Celine Hanson, Ellen Cooper, Hermann
Mendez, and for the Women and Infants Transmission Study Group
Alterations in Cardiac and Pulmonary Function in Pediatric Rapid Human     e9
Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Disease Progressors
William T. Shearer, Steven E. Lipshultz, Kirk A. Easley, Kenneth
McIntosh, Jane Pitt, Thomas C. Quinn, Meyer Kattan, Johanna Goldfarb,
Ellen Cooper, Yvonne Bryson, Andrea Kovacs, J. Timothy Bricker,
Hannah Peavy, Robert B. Mellins, for the Pediatric Pulmonary and
Incidence of Inborn Errors of Metabolism in British Columbia, 1969-1996   e10
Derek A. Applegarth, Jennifer R. Toone, and BSc, RT; and R. Brian
Safety and Immunogenicity of Six Acellular Pertussis Vaccines and One     e11
Whole-Cell Pertussis Vaccine Given as a Fifth Dose in Four- to
Six-Year-Old Children
Michael E. Pichichero, Kathryn M. Edwards, Edwin L. Anderson,
Margaret B. Rennels, Janet A. Englund, Diane E. Yerg, William C.
Blackwelder, Deborah L. Jansen, and Bruce D. Meade
Extensive Swelling After Booster Doses of Acellular                       e12
Pertussis-Tetanus-Diphtheria Vaccines
Margaret B. Rennels, Maria A. Deloria, Michael E. Pichichero, Genevieve
A. Losonsky, Janet A. Englund, Bruce D. Meade, Edwin L. Anderson,
Mark C. Steinhoff, and Kathryn M. Edwards
Post-Varicella Epiglottitis and Necrotizing Fasciitis                       e13
Christopher L. Slack, Gregory C. Allen, John E. Morrison, Kurt C.
Garren, and Mark G. Roback
Skin-to-Skin Contact Is Analgesic in Healthy Newborns                       e14
Larry Gray, Lisa Watt, and Elliott M. Blass
Childhood Obesity and Self-Esteem                                           e15
Richard S. Strauss
Injury Prevention Education Using Pictorial Information                     e16
Elizabeth C. Powell, Robert R. Tanz, Andrew Uyeda, Mary Beth Gaffney,
and Karen M. Sheehan
The Use of School-Based Vaccination Clinics to Control Varicella            e17
Outbreaks in Two Schools
Susan Hall, Karin Galil, Barbara Watson, and Jane Seward
Delivery Room Management of the Apparently Vigorous Meconium-                1-7
stained Neonate: Results of the Multicenter, International Collaborative
Thomas E. Wiswell, Catherine M. Gannon, Jack Jacob, Leonard
Goldsmith, Edgardo Szyld, Kerry Weiss, David Schutzman, Gerard M.
Cleary, Panayot Filipov, Isabel Kurlat, Carlos L. Caballero, Soraya
Abassi, Daniel Sprague, Charles Oltorf, and Michael Padula
Intrapartum Maternal Fever and Neonatal Outcome                             8-13
Ellice Lieberman, Janet Lang, Douglas K. Richardson, Fredric D.
Frigoletto, Linda J. Heffner, and Amy Cohen
Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn in the Era Before         14-20
Nitric Oxide: Practice Variation and Outcomes
Michele C. Walsh-Sukys, Jon E. Tyson, Linda L. Wright, Charles R.
Bauer, Sheldon B. Korones, David K. Stevenson, Joel Verter, Barbara J.
Stoll, James A. Lemons, Lu-Ann Papile, Seetha Shankaran, Edward F.
Donovan, William Oh, Richard A. Ehrenkranz, and Avroy A. Fanaroff
Risk Factors and Opportunities for Prevention of Early-onset Neonatal      21-26
Sepsis: A Multicenter Case-Control Study
Anne Schuchat, Sara S. Zywicki, Mara J. Dinsmoor, Brian Mercer,
Josefina Romaguera, Mary Jo O'Sullivan, Daksha Patel, Mark T. Peters,
Barbara Stoll, and Orin S. Levine
The Respective Racial and Ethnic Diversity of US Pediatricians and         27-31
American Children
Jeffrey J. Stoddard, Mary Ruth Back, and Sarah E. Brotherton
A Critical Appraisal of the Role of Dietary Long-Chain Polyunsaturated     32-38
Fatty Acids on Neural Indices of Term Infants: A Randomized, Controlled
Maria Makrides PhD, Mark A. Neumann, Karen Simmer, and Robert A.
Effects of Prenatal Cocaine/Crack and Other Drug Exposure on               39-48
Electroencephalographic Sleep Studies at Birth and One Year
Mark S. Scher, Gale A. Richardson, and Nancy L. Day
Transient but Not Permanent Neonatal Diabetes Mellitus is Associated         49-52
With Paternal Uniparental Isodisomy of Chromosome 6
Robert Hermann, Antti-Pekka Laine, Calle Johansson, Tamas Niederland,
Lidia Tokarska, Hanna Dziatkowiak, Jorma Ilonen, and Gyula Soltész
Nutritional Status of Patients With Cystic Fibrosis With Meconium Ileus:     53-61
A Comparison With Patients Without Meconium Ileus and Diagnosed
Early Through Neonatal Screening
Hui-Chuan Lai, Michael R. Kosorok, Anita Laxova, Lisa A. Davis, Stacey
C. FitzSimmon, and Philip M. Farrell
Clinical and Histologic Features of Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection      62-65
After Blood Transfusion in Japanese Children
Atsuo Hoshiyawa, Akihiko Kimura, Takuji Fujisawa, Masayoshi Kage,
and Hirohisa Kato
A Randomized, Controlled Trial to Evaluate the Effects of the Newborn        66-72
Individualized Developmental Care and Assessment Program in a Swedish
Björn Westrup, Agneta Kleberg, Kristina von Eichwald, Karin Stjernqvist,
and Hugo Lagercrantz
Midazolam Nasal Spray Reduces Procedural Anxiety in Children                 73-78
Gustaf Ljungman, Anders Kreuger, Svenerik Andréasson, Torsten Gordh,
and Stefan Sörensen
Eosinophilia at the Time of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Bronchiolitis        79-83
Predicts Childhood Reactive Airway Disease
Daryl R. Ehlenfield, Kathleen Cameron, and Robert C. Welliver
Postexposure Effectiveness of Varicella Vaccine                              84-88
Barbara Watson, Jane Seward, Alice Yang, Patricia Witte, James Lutz,
Christopher Chan, Sandra Orlin, and Robert Levenson
The Discovery of Phenylketonuria: The Story of a Young Couple, Two          89-103
Retarded Children, and a Scientist
Siegried A. Centerwall and Willard R. Centerwall
Table of contents and current abstracts                                       104
Lung Protective Strategies of Ventilation in the Neonate: What Are They?   112-114
Reese H. Clark, Arthur S. Slutsky, and Dale R. Gerstmann
The Educational Value of a Single Injury Prevention Counseling             114-115
Joel L. Bass
Early Puberty: A Cautionary Tale                                           115-116
Anuttara Pathomvanich, Deborah P. Merke, and George P. Chrousos
Steroid Therapy of a Proliferating Hemangioma: Histochemical and           117-120
Molecular Changes
Qurratulain Hasan, Swee T. Tan, Jason Gush, Sue G. Peters, and Paul F.
Gastric Perforation Attributable to Liquid Nitrogen Ingestion              121-123
Benjamin Z. Koplewitz, Alan Daneman, Sc, Sigmund H. Ein, Michael
.McGuigan, and Marcellina Mian
Forehead Lipoblastoma Mimicking a Hemangioma                               123-128
Clifford S. Perlis, Margaret H. Collins, Paul J. Honig, and David W. Low
Enhancing the Racial and Ethnic Diversity of the Pediatric Workforce       129-131
Committee on Pediatric Workforce
Guiding Principles for Managed Care Arrangements for the Health of         132-135
Newborns, Infants, Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults
Committee on Child Health Financing
Varicella Vaccine Update Committee on Infectious                           136-141
Prevention of Lyme Disease Committee on Infectious Diseases                142-147
Recommended Childhood Immunization Schedule - United States,               148-151
January-December 2000 Committee on Infectious Diseases
Consensus Report for Regionalization of Services for Critically Ill or     152-155
Injured Children
Committee on Pediatric Emergency Medicine Pediatric Section and Task
Force on Regionalization of Pediatric Critical Care
Costs of Otitis Media?                                                     156-157
Matthew D. Curry; and Hélène Carabin
Evaluation of Vaginal Infections in Adolescent Women: Can It Be Done       156-157
Without a Speculum?
Iris D. Buchanan;, Diane R. Blake, Anne Duggan, Thomas Quinn,
Jonathan Zenilman, and Alain Joffe
Cancer in Children: Is the Sample Biased?                                  158-159
Joseph P. Damore, Jr, Robert B. Noll, and Kathryn Vannatta
Antibiotic Use and Parental Home Otoscopy                                  159-160
F. Ralph Berberich; and Howard Bauchner
Health Care for Children in Afghanistan                                       160
Meharban Singh
Books Received                                                                A14
Pediatrics in Review Contents                                                 A14
Manuscript Preparation                                                         A5
General Information                                                           A16
Classified Ads                                                                A63
              VOL. 105, NO.1 PART 2 OF 2; JANUARY 2000
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS                                                               161
PREFACE                                                                       162
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                                                             163
Introduction                                                                  163
The Changing Pediatric Practice Environment                                   164
Changing Demographics                                       164
Biomedical Advances                                         164
Technological Advances                                      164
Changes in Pediatric Health Care Delivery                   164
Public and Private Sector Initiatives                       164
The Role of Prevention                                      164
Changing Patterns of Morbidity                              164
The Changing Child Health Care Team                         165
Changes in the Pediatrician Workforce                       165
Underrepresented Minorities                                 165
Gender-related Issues                                       165
Changing Attitudes Toward Work and Family                   165
Projections of Future Workforce Needs                       165
The Role of Pediatric Subspecialists                        165
Declining Interest in Subspecialization                     165
Training Issues                                             166
The Relationship Between Pediatricians and Subspecialists   166
Future Scope of Activity                                    166
Financial Support of Trainees                               166
The Education of the Pediatrician of the Future             166
Financing Pediatric Medical Education                       166
An Educational Frameworkfor Pediatric Education             166
Future Trends in Medical Student Education in Pediatrics    167
Trends in Pediatric Graduate Medical Education              167
Continuing Medical Education                                167
Conclusion                                                  167
Recommendations                                             167
FOPE 1: Fundamental Educational Principles                  169
FOPE I Concepts                                             170
FOPE I. Recommendations                                     170
INTRODUCTION                                                171
Demographic and Societal Changes                            173
Biomedical Advances                                         173
Technological Advances                                      174
Conclusion                                                  175
Public and Private Sector Initiatives                       175
The Role of Prevention in Health Care Delivery              175
Changing Patterns of Morbidity                              176
Conclusion                                                  177
THE CHANGING CHILD HEALTH CARE TEAM                         177
Traditional Extenders                                       177
Nurses and Medical Office Workers                           177
Other Child Health Professionals                            177
Pediatric Nurse Practitioners                                             178
Physician Assistants                                                      178
Physicians in Nonpediatric Specialties                                    178
Family Physicians                                                         178
Psychiatrists                                                             178
Physicians Trained in Internal Medicine/Pediatrics (Med Peds) Residency   178
The Role of the Child Health Care Team                                    179
The Role of the Pediatrician of the Future                                179
Conclusion                                                                180
CHANGES IN THE PEDIATRICIAN WORKFORCE                                     180
Current Physician Workforce                                               180
Supply and Characteristics                                                180
Geographic Distribution                                                   181
Pediatrician Pipeline                                                     181
Pediatrician Race, Ethnicity, and Gender                                  181
Changing Attitudes Toward Work and Family                                 182
International Medical Graduates                                           182
Selected Trends Affecting the Pediatric Workforce                         182
Managed Care                                                              182
Hospitalists                                                              182
Models for Determining Workforce Needs                                    183
Needs-based Models                                                        183
Demand-based Models                                                       183
Projections of Future Workforce Needs                                     183
Previous Workforce Analyses                                               183
FOPE II Task Force Projections                                            184
Conclusion                                                                185
THE ROLE OF PEDIATRIC SUBSPECIALISTS                                      185
Current Status of Pediatric Subspecialists                                185
Changes in the Supply of Pediatric Subspecialists                         185
Survey of Subspecialists                                                  186
Training Issues                                                           186
Paradoxes in Subspecialty Pediatrics                                      187
The Relationship Between Generalist Pediatricians and Subspecialists      187
Future Scope of Activity                                                  188
Pediatric Subspecialty Education Centers of Excellence                    188
The Role of the Pediatric Subspecialist in Research                       188
Reimbursement for Clinical Services                                       188
Conclusion                                                                189
FINANCING PEDIATRIC MEDICAL EDUCATION                                     189
The 1978 Task Force Report                                                189
Current Status of the Funding of Graduate Medical Education               189
Overview and Immediate Challenges                                         189
Medicare Graduate Medical Education Funding: Consequences for             189
Freestanding Children's Hospitals
Medicaid Graduate Medical Education Funding and Disproportionate          190
Share (DSH) Payments
Fundingfor Subspecialty Training in Pediatrics                            190
Funding of Medical Student Education                                      190
Effects of Changes in the Health Care Industry                            190
Financial Challenges Faced by Departments of Pediatrics                   191
CME: TRENDS AND FINANCING                                                 191
Trends in Continuing Medical Education                                    191
Financing                                                                 191
Implications of Proposals to Regulate the Number of Graduate Medical      192
Education Training Slots
Conclusion                                                                192
Review of the Pediatric Medical Education Section of the 1978 Report      192
Status of Pediatric Medical Education                                     193
An Educational Framework for Pediatric Education: Proposal for a New      194
Review of the Current Status of Medical Student Education in Pediatrics   195
Future Trends in Medical Student Education in Pediatrics                  196
Learning Objectives and Educational Goals                                 196
Lectures                                                                  197
Computer-assisted Instructional Programs                                  197
Problem-based Learning                                                    197
Clinical Education in Community-based Settings                            197
Current Status of Pediatric Graduate Medical Education                    197
Future Trends in Pediatric Graduate Medical Education                     198
Educational Needs Assessment and Continuous Improvement                   198
Length of Residency and Tracking                                          199
Educational Sites                                                         199
Pediatric Subspecialty Education                                          199
Continuing Medical Education                                              200
Teaching Options: General Principles                                      200
Specific Methods                                                          200
Evaluation of Effectiveness                                               200
Preferences                                                               200
Responsibility for Providing Continuing Medical Education                 201
The Individual Clinician                                                  201
National Professional Organizations                                       201
The Academic Department of Pediatrics                                     201
Financing Continuing Medical Education                                    201
Educating the Practitioner to Be a Teacher                                201
An Overview of Continuing Medical Education: Strengths and Problems       202
Strengths                                                                 202
Problems                                                                  202
A Proposal for Improving Continuing Medical Education in the 21st            202
Principles                                                                   202
The “ CME Home” Concept and Models                                           202
Implementing the “CME Home” Concept                                          203
The Pediatric Education of Nonpediatrician Child Health Care                 203
Conclusion                                                                   203
CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS                                              204
Conclusions                                                                  205
FOPE II:Recommendations                                                      205
FOPE I: Fundamental Educational Principles                                   207
FOPE I: Concepts                                                             207
FOPEI:Recommendations                                                        207
Appendices                                                                   208
Appendix A: Future of Pediatric Education II (FOPE II) Project Members       208
Appendix B: Sample Implementation Strategies                                 209
REFERENCES                                                                   210
Letter From the Editor                                                       213
James M. Perrin
Holistic Pediatrics = Good Medicine                                       214-218
Kathi J. Kemper
Annual Report on Access to and Utilization of Health Care for Children    219-230
and Youth in the United States-1999
Marie C. McCormick, Barbara Kass, Anne Elixhauser, Joe Thompson, and
Lisa Simpson
The Search for Effective and Efficient Ambulatory Teaching Methods        231-237
Through the Literature
Charlotte Heidenreich, Patricia Lye, Deborah Simpson, and Mary Lourich
Yesterday a Learner, Today a Teacher Too: Residents as Teachers in 2000   238-241
Elizabeth H. Morrison and Janet Palmer Hafler
Less Aggressive Treatment of Neonatal Jaundice and Reports of             242-245
Kernicterus: Lessons About Practice Guidelines
Thomas B. Newman and M. Jeffrey Maisels
A Trade-off Analysis of Routine Newborn Circumcision                      246-249
Dimitri A. Christakis, Eric Harvey, Danielle M. Zerr, Chris Feudtner,
Jeffrey A. Wright, and Frederick A. Connell
Hawaii's Healthy Start Program of Home Visiting for At-Risk Families:     250-259
Evaluation of Family Identification, Family Engagement, and Service
Amy Windham, Elizabeth McFarlane, Loretta Fuddy, Charles Rohde,
Sharon Buchbinder, and Calvin Sia
Fever in Pediatric Primary Care: Occurrence, Management, and Outcomes      260-266
Jonathan A. Finkelstein, Cindy L. Christiansen, and Richard Platt
The Impact of a Brief Intervention on Maternal Smoking Behavior            267-271
Judith A. Groner, Karen Ahijevych, Lindsey K. Grossman, and Leslie N.
Inadequate Therapy for Asthma Among Children in the United States          272-276
Jill S. Halterman, C. Andrew Aligne, Peggy Auinger, John T. McBride,
and Peter G. Szilagyi
Shared Vision: Concordance Among Fathers, Mothers, and Pediatricians       277-285
About Unmet Needs of Children With Chronic Health Conditions
Ellen C. Perrin, Corinne Lewkowicz, and Martin H. Young
The Health Profile of Incarcerated Male Youths                             286-291
Christopher B. Forrest, Ellen Tambor, Anne W. Riley, Margaret E.
Ensminger, and Barbara Starfield
Application for Membership                                                    292
                     VOL. 105. NO. 2; FEBRUARY 2000
Fatal Hypermagnesemia in a Child Treated With                                 e18
Megavitamin/Megamineral Therapy
John K. McGuire, Mona Shah Kulkarni, and Harris P. Baden
The Impact of Dosing Frequency on the Efficacy of 10-Day Penicillin or        e19
Amoxicillin Therapy for Streptococcal Tonsillopharyngitis: A Meta-
Andrew J. Lan, John M. Colford, and Jr, MD
Urinary Tract Infection in Febrile Infants Younger Than Eight Weeks of        e20
Dar-Shong Lin, Shing-Huey Huang, Chun-Chun Lin, Yi-Chen Tung, Tsu-
Tzu Huang, Nan-Chang Chiu, Hsin-An Koa, Han-Yang Hung, Chyong-
Hsin Hsu, Wen-Shyang Hsieh, Dien-Ie Yang, and Fu-Yuan Huang
Impact of Dietary Fat and Fiber Intake on Nutrient Intake of Adolescents      e21
Theresa A. Nicklas, LN*; Leann Myers, Carol O'Neil, and Nancy
Absence of Growth Retardation in Children With Perennial Allergic             e22
Rhinitis After One Year of Treatment With Mometasone Furoate Aqueous
Nasal Spray
Eric J. Schenkel, David P. Skoner, Edwin A. Bronsky, S. David Miller,
David S. Pearlman, Anthony Rooklin, James P. Rosen, Michael E. Ruff,
Mark L. Vandewalker, Alan Wanderer, Chandrasekharrao V. Damaraju,
Keith B. Nolop, and Barbara Mesarina-Wicki
Detection of Growth Suppression in Children During Treatment With             e23
Intranasal Beclomethasone Dipropionate
David P. Skoner, Gary S. Rachelefsky, Eli O. Meltzer, Paul Chervinsky,
Richard M. Morris, James M. Seltzer, William W. Storms, and Robert A.
Effect of Cisapride on the QT Interval in Infants With Gastroesophageal       e24
Vikram Khoshoo, Dean Edell, and Robert Clarke
Intestinal Transplantation for Short Gut Syndrome Attributable to             e25
Necrotizing Enterocolitis
Giovanni Vennarecci, Tomoaki Kato, Evangelos P. Misiakos, Alexandre
Bakonyi Neto, Roberto Verzaro, Antonio Pinna, Jose Nery, Farrukh Khan,
John F. Thompson, and Andreas G. Tzakis
Long-Term Developmental Outcomes in Patients With Deformational               e26
Robert I. Miller and Sterling K. Clarren
Incidence and Costs of 1987-1994 Childhood Injuries: Demographic              e27
Evangeline R. Danseco, Ted R. Miller, and Rebecca S. Spicer
Polymorphonuclear Elastase as a Diagnostic Marker of Acute                    e28
Pyelonephritis in Children
Andrew Fretzayas, Maria Moustaki, Dimitrios Gourgiotis, Apostolos
Bossios, Petros Koukoutsakis, and Christodoulos Stavrinadis
A Pilot Study of Posttraumatic Stress and Nonadherence in Pediatric           e29
Liver Transplant Recipients
Eyal Shemesh, Susan Lurie, Margaret L. Stuber, Sukru Emre, Yogita
Patel, Pankaj Vohra, Marie Aromando, and Benjamin L. Shneider
Supplemental Therapeutic Oxygen for Prethreshold Retinopathy of            295-310
Prematurity (STOP-ROP), A Randomized, Controlled Trial. I: Primary
The STOP-ROP Multicenter Study Group
Detection of Pathogen Transmission in Neonatal Nurseries Using DNA         311-315
Markers as Surrogate Indicators
David G. Oelberg, Sarah E. Joyner, Xi Jiang, Danielle Laborde, Monica P.
Islam, and Larry K. Pickering
Cerebrospinal Fluid Findings in Aseptic Versus Bacterial Meningitis        316-319
Barbara Negrini, Kelly J. Kelleher, and Ellen R. Wald
Links Between Early Adrenal Function and Respiratory Outcome in            320-324
Preterm Infants: Airway Inflammation and Patent Ductus Arteriosus
Kristi L. Watterberg, Susan M. Scott, Conra Backstrom, Kathleen L.
Gifford, and Kristen L. Cook
School Difficulties at Adolescence in a Regional Cohort of Children Who    325-331
Were Extremely Low Birth Weight
Saroj Saigal, Lorraine A. Hoult, David L. Streiner, Barbara L. Stoskopf,
and Peter L. Rosenbaum
Influence of Congenital Heart Disease on Mortality After Noncardiac        332-335
Surgery in Hospitalized Children
Victor C. Baum, David M. Barton, and Howard P. Gutgesell
Child and Adolescent Illness Falsification
Judith A. Libow
The Role of Interpretation Processes and Parental Discussion in the        343-349
Media's Effects on Adolescents' Use of Alcohol
Erica Weintraub Austin, Bruce E. Pinkleton, and Yuki Fujioka
Changes in Mesenteric Blood Flow Response to Feeding: Conventional         350-353
Versus Fiber-optic Phototherapy
Marco Pezzati, Roberto Biagiotti, Venturella Vangi, Enrico Lombardi,
Lisa Wiechmann, and Firmino F. Rubaltelli
Can Peak Expiratory Flow Predict Airflow Obstruction in Children With      354-358
Nemr Eid, Ben Yandell, Laura Howell, Martha Eddy, and Shahid Sheikh
Use Assessment of Self-Administered Epinephrine Among Food-Allergic        359-362
Children and Pediatricians
Scott H. Sicherer, Joel A. Forman, and Sally A. Noone
Evaluation of a State Health Insurance Program for Low-Income Children:    363-371
Implications for State Child Health Insurance Programs
Peter G. Szilagyi, Jack Zwanziger, Lance E. Rodewald, Jane L. Holl, Dana
B. Mukamel, Sarah Trafton, Laura Pollard Shone, Andrew W. Dick,
Lynne Jarrell, and Richard F. Raubertas
Late Abnormal Findings on High-Resolution Computed Tomography              372-378
After Mycoplasma Pneumonia
Chang Keun Kim, Churl Young Chung, Joung Sook Kim, Woo Sun Kim,
Yang Park, and Young Yull Koh
The Incidence of Necrotizing Enterocolitis After Introducing               379-384
Standardized Feeding Schedules for Infants Between 1250 and 2500
Grams and Less Than 35 Weeks of Gestation
Michael D. Kamitsuka, Mary K. Horton, and Michelle A. Williams
The Discrepancy Between Maturation of Visual-Evoked Potentials and         385-391
Cognitive Outcome at Five Years in Very Preterm Infants With and
Without Hemodynamic Signs of Fetal Brain-Sparing
Sicco Scherjon, Judy Briët, Hans Oosting, and Joke Kok
Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor Serum and Urine Concentrations       392-397
in Neutropenic Neonates Before and After Intravenous Administration of
Recombinant Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor
Darlene A. Calhoun, Mathilde Lunøe, Yan Du, Alan D. Hutson, Mark
Veerman, and Robert D. Christensen
Exogenous Apotransferrin and Exchange Transfusions in Hereditary Iron      398-401
Overload Disease
Vineta Fellman Leni von Bonsdorff and Jaako Parkkinen
Unintentional Pediatric Superwarfarin Exposures: Do We Really Need a       402-404
Prothrombin Time?
Michael E. Mullins, Christina L. Brands, and Mohamud R. Daya
Nocturnal Pulse Oximetry as an Abbreviated Testing Modality for            405-412
Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Robert T. Brouillette, Angela Morielli, Andra Leimanis, Karen A. Waters,
Rina Luciano, and Francine M. Ducharme
Table of contents and current abstracts                                        413
What Can We Learn From STOP-ROP and Earlier Studies?                        420-421
Michael W. Gaynon and David K. Stevenson
Twice-Daily Oral Penicillin for Treatment of Streptococcal Pharyngitis:     422-423
Less Is Best
James W. Bass, Donald A. Person, and Debora S. Chan
Oxygen Therapy, Oxygen Toxicity, and the STOP-ROP Trial                     424-425
William W. Hay, Jr, MD, and Edward F. Bell
Hereditary Hemochromatosis in Siblings: Diagnosis by Genotyping             426-428
Michael J. Nowicki and Bruce R. Bacon
Hemosiderosis in a Normal Child Secondary to Oral Iron Medication           429-430
Howard A. Pearson, Richard A. Ehrenkranz, Henry M. Rinder, and
Caroline A. Riely
In Situ Hybridization Detection of Human Herpesvirus 6 in Brain Tissue      431-433
From Fatal Encephalitis
Satu Ahtiluoto, Laura Mannonen, Anders Paetau, Antti Vaheri, Marjaleena
Koskiniemi, Paula Rautiainen, and Marketta Muttilainen
Rhabdomyolysis Associated With Infection by Mycoplasma pneumoniae:          433-436
A Case Report
Rachel Pardes Berger and Robert W. Wadowksy
Liver Failure Attributable to Hepatitis A Virus Infection in a Developing   436-438
Uzma Shah, Zehra Aviv and Ronald E. Kleiman
Congenital Cutaneous Candidiasis: Clinical Presentation, Pathogenesis,      438-444
and Management Guidelines
Gary L. Darmstadt, James G. Dinulos, and Zachary Miller
The Pediatrician and Childhood Bereavement                                  445-447
Committee on Psychosocial Aspects of Child and Family Health
Provision of Educationally-Related Services for Children and Adolescents    448-451
With Chronic Diseases and Disabling Conditions Committee on Children
With Disabilities
Personal Watercraft Use by Children and Adolescents Committee on            452-453
Injury and Poison Prevention
Prevention and Management of Pain and Stress in the Neonate                 454-461
Committee on Fetus Committee on Drugs, Section on Anesthesiology, and
Selection on Surgery
Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome Associated With Invasive Streptococcus            462-463
pneumoniae Infection
François Proulx, Jean Michel Liet, Michèle David, Ernest Seidman, Bruce
Tapiero, Pierre Robitaille, Jacques Lacroix;, Greg Cabrera, Jay C. Butler,
and James D. Fortenberry
Urinary Tract Infection Guidelines Questioned                                463-466
Richard W. Chiu;, Don Seidman;, Stephen J. Harris;, Vikas R.
Dharnidharka, Mohammed Ilyas, Robert S. Fennell III, George A.
Richard; Kenneth B. Roberts, Stanley Hellerstein, and Stephen M. Downs
Benign Enlargement of the Mandibulofacial Lymph Node in series of               467
Errol C. Baptist and Martha H. Villalba
Response to the Joint Statement on HIV Screening                             467-468
Lawrence J. D'Angelo, Marvin Belzer, Donna Futterman, and Ligia Peralta
For the Adolescent Medicine HIV/AIDS Research Network (AMHARN)
Books Received                                                                  A22
Pediatrics in Review Contents                                                   A22
Manuscript Preparation                                                           A5
General Information                                                             A16
Classified Ads                                                                  A63
                VOL. 105 NO.3 PART 1 OF 2; MARCH 2000
Does Mothering a Doll Change Teens' Thoughts About Pregnancy?                   e30
Judith Kralewski and Catherine Stevens-Simon
Clinical Validation of a Polymerase Chain Reaction Assay for the                e31
Diagnosis of Pertussis by Comparison With Serology, Culture, and
Symptoms During a Large Pertussis Vaccine Efficacy Trial
Ulrich Heininger, Gabriela Schmidt-Schläpfer, James D. Cherry, and
Klemens Stehr
Sports Injuries: An Important Cause of Morbidity in Urban Youth                 e32
Tina L. Cheng, Cheryl B. Fields, Ruth A. Brenner, Joseph L. Wright,
Tracie Lomax, Peter C. Scheidt, and the District of Columbia
Assessing the Impact of Pediatric-Based Developmental Services on               e33
Infants, Families, and Clinicians: Challenges to Evaluating the Healthy
Steps Program
Bernard Guyer, Nancy Hughart, Donna Strobino, Alison Jones, and Daniel
Mercury Intoxication and Arterial Hypertension: Report of Two Patients          e34
and Review of the Literature
Alfonso D. Torres, Ashok N. Rai, and Melissa L. Hardiek
Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus: Reemerging Central Nervous                  e35
System Pathogen
Leslie L. Barton and N. Joanne Hyndman
The Highly Protective Effect of Newborn Circumcision Against Invasive           e36
Penile Cancer
Edgar J. Schoen, Michael Oehrli, and Geoffrey Machin
Mortality and Time to Death in Very Low Birth Weight Infants:                   e37
California, 1987 and 1993
Jeffrey B. Gould, William E. Benitz, and Hao Liu
Clinical Safety of Iron-Fortified Formulas                                      e38
Atul Singhal, Ruth Morley, Rebecca Abbott, Susan Fairweather-Tait,
Terence Stephenson, and Alan Lucas
A Syndrome Involving Intrauterine Growth Retardation, Microcephaly,          e39
Cerebellar Hypoplasia, B Lymphocyte Deficiency, and Progressive
Patrick Revy, Meinrad Busslinger, Kei Tashiro, Fernando Arenzana,
Pascal Pillet, Alain Fischer, and Anne Durandy
Adverse Effects of Fetal Cocaine Exposure on Neonatal Auditory               e40
Information Processing
Susan M. Potter, Philip R. Zelazo, Dale M. Stack, and Apostolos N.
Infants With a Thumb-in-Fist Posture                                         e41
Michael Jaffe, Yoram Tal, Husein Dabbah, Leonid Ganelis, Ayala Cohen,
Lea Even, and Emanuel Tirosh
Prolonged Recovery and Delayed Side Effects of Sedation for Diagnostic       e42
Imaging Studies in Children
Shobha Malviya, Terri Voepel-Lewis, Gerrie Prochaska, and Alan R. Tait
Asthma in Life Context: Video Intervention/Prevention Assessment (VIA)    469-477
Michael Rich, Steven Lamola, Colum Amory, and Lynda Schneider
Evaluation of a Pediatric Hospitalist Service: Impact on Length of Stay   478-484
and Hospital Charges
Paul S. Bellet and Robert C. Whitaker
Outcome of Children in the Indomethacin Intraventricular Hemorrhage       485-491
Prevention Trial
Laura R. Ment, Betty Vohr, Walter Allan, Michael Westerveld, Sara S.
Sparrow, Karen C. Schneider, Karol H. Katz, Charles C. Duncan, and
Robert W. Makuch
Predicting First-Year Relapses in Children With Nephrotic Syndrome        492-495
Alexandru R. Constantinescu, Hetal B. Shah, Edward F. Foote, and Lynne
S. Weiss
Pediatricians' Attitudes, Beliefs, and Practices Regarding Clinical       496-501
Practice Guidelines: A National Survey
Glenn Flores, Mina Lee, Howard Bauchner, and Beth Kastner
Reevaluation of Outpatients With Streptococcus pneumoniae Bacteremia      502-509
Richard Bachur and Marvin B. Harper
Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Intestinal Necrosis in Preterm Infants      510-514
Elia F. Maalouf, Andrew Fagbemi, Philip J. Duggan, Subramanyam
Jayanthi, Serena J. Counsell, Helen J. Lewis, Alison M. Fletcher,Kokila
Lakhoo and A.David Edwards
Psychoeducational Outcome in Children With Early-Treated Congenital       515-522
Joanne F. Rovet and Robert Ehrlich
Rapid Detection of Microorganisms in Blood Cultures of Newborn Infants    523-527
Utilizing an Automated Blood Culture System
Joseph A. Garcia-Prats, Timothy R. Cooper, Virginia F. Schneider,
Charles E. Stager, and Thomas N. Hansen
Systemic to Pulmonary Collaterals in Very Low Birth Weight Infants:          528-532
Color Doppler Detection of Systemic to Pulmonary Connections During
Neonatal and Early Infancy Period
Ruben J. Acherman, Bijan Siassi, Gilma Pratti-Madrid, Carlos Luna, Alan
B. Lewis, Mahmoud Ebrahimi, William Castillo, Pradip Kamat, and
Rangasamy Ramanathan
Predischarge Bilirubin Screening in Glucose-6-Phosphate                      533-537
Dehydrogenase-Deficient Neonates
Michael Kaplan, Cathy Hammerman, Roselyn Feldman, and Rachel Brisk
Population-Based Estimates of Surfactant Protein B Deficiency                538-541
F. Sessions Cole, Aaron Hamvas, Pablo Rubinstein, Erin King, Michelle
Trusgnich, Lawrence M. Nogee, Daphne E. deMello, and Harvey R.
Early Dexamethasone Attempting To Prevent Chronic Lung Disease               542-548
Robert A. Sinkin, Harry S. Dweck, Michael J. Horgan, Keith J. Gallaher,
Christopher Cox, William M. Maniscalco, Patricia R. Chess, Carl T.
D'Angio, Ronnie Guillet, James W. Kendig, Rita M. Ryan, and Dale L.
Evaluation of Infants With Subdural Hematoma Who Lack External               549-553
Evidence of Abuse
Mark W. Morris, Sally Smith, Joanne Cressman, and Joey Ancheta
Training of Pediatricians in the Care of Physical Disabilities in Children   554-561
With Special Health Needs: Results of a Two-State Survey of Practicing
Pediatricians and National Resident Training Programs
Raphael C. Sneed, Warren L. May, and Christine S. Stencel
High-Risk Periods for Childhood Injury Among Siblings                        562-568
Brian D. Johnston, David C. Grossman, Frederick A. Connell, and Thomas
D. Koepsell
Parental Perspectives of the Health Status and Health-Related Quality of     569-574
Life of Teen-Aged Children Who Were Extremely Low Birth Weight and
Term Controls
Saroj Saigal, Peter L. Rosenbaum, David Feeny, Elizabeth Burrows,
William Furlong, Barbara L. Stoskopf, and Lorraine Hoult
Medical Education About End-of-Life Care in the Pediatric Setting:           575-584
Principles, Challenges, and Opportunities
Olle Jane Z. Sahler, Gerri Frager, Marcia Levetown, Felicia G. Cohn, and
Michael A. Lipson
Beliefs About Diagnosing Asthma in Young Children                            585-590
Lloyd N. Werk, Suzanne Steinbach, William G. Adams, and Howard
Informed Proxy Consent: Communication Between Pediatric Surgeons and         591-597
Surrogates About Surgery
Myrna Lashley, William Talley, Larry C. Lands, and Edward W.
Childhood Encephalopathies and Myopathies: A Prospective Study in a          598-603
Defined Population to Assess the Frequency of Mitochondrial Disorders
Johanna Uusimaa, Anne M. Remes, Heikki Rantala, Leena Vainionpää,
Riitta Herva, Katri Vuopala, Matti Nuutinen, Kari Majamaa, and Ilmo E.
An Analysis of Clinical Outcomes Using Color Doppler Testicular            604-607
Ultrasound for Testicular Torsion
Linda A. Baker, David Sigman, Ranjiv I. Mathews, Jane Benson, and
Steven G. Docimo
Use of the National Institutes of Health Criteria for Diagnosis of         608-614
Neurofibromatosis 1 in Children
Kimberly DeBella, Jacek Szudek, and Jan Marshall Friedman
Snowmobile Injuries and Deaths in Children: A Review of National Injury    615-619
Data and State Legislation
Manda R. Rice, Lynn Alvanos, and Brian Kenney
New Policy on Circumcision Cause for Concern                               620-623
Edgar J. Schoen, Thomas E. Wiswell, and Stephen Moses
Table of contents and curret abstratcs                                        624
How Can We Respond Effectivery to Juvenile Crime?                             635
Anthony Petrosino
Cholesterol Screening in Children and Adolescents                             637
Thomas B. Newman and Alan M. Garber
Child Health Policymaking                                                     638
Stephen Berma
The First Video-Based Studiiin Pediatrics Kent R. Anderson and Jerold F.      640
Circumcision Debate Carole M. Lainion, Ann Bailey, Alan Fleischman,           641
George Kaplan, Craig Shoemaker, and Jack Swanson
Health Appraisal Guidelines for Day Camps and ie§4~t Camps Committee          643
on School Health
Reconunendations for Preventive Pediatric Health Cm Committee on              645
Practice and Ambulatory Medicine
Access to Pediatric Emergency Medical Care Committee on Pediatric             647
Emergency Medicine
Changing Concepts of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome:Implications for            650
Infant Sleeping Environment and Sleep Position Task Force on Infant
Sleep Position and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Safety in Youth Ice Hockey: The Effects of Body Checking                      657
Committee on Sports Medicine and Fitness
Injuries in Youth Soccer: A Subject Review Committee on Sports                659
Medicine and Fitness
Chemical-Biological Terrorism and Its Impact on Children: A                   662
Subject Review Committee on Environmental Health and
Committee on Infectious Diseases
Type 2 Diabetes in Children and Adolescents American Diabetes            671
Circumcision-The Debate Goes On Gary Preiser;Marguerite Herschel;        681
Thomas Bartman; Carl Andersson;Stefan A. Bailis; Jacob Shechet and
Barton Tanenbaum;Samuel A. Kunin; Frederick M. Hodges and Paul M.
Fleiss;John Antonopoulos; Randy Rockney and Al Taylor,Howard J.
Stang, Leonard W. Snellman, Patricia Fontaine, and Lawrence M. Condon;
Reply by Carole M. Lannon for the AAP Task Force on Circumcision
Bull Horn Lesions in Childhood Carmen Casani-Martinez and Maria          685
Offer Infants Water J. R. Kennedy                                        686
Values Morris S. Dixon, Jr                                               686
Books Received                                                           A24
Pediatrics in Review Contents                                            A24
Manuscript Preparation                                                    A5
General Information                                                      A16
Classified Ads                                                           A86
                VOL.105, NO.4 PART 1 OF 2; APRIL 2000
Chiropractors and Vaccination:A Historical Perspective                   e43
J B. Campbell et al
Steroids in Infant Bronchiolitis: A Meta-Analysis                        e44
M. M. Garrison
Effects of Theophylline on Renal Function in Asphyxiated Term Neonates   e45
A. G. Jenik
Ketogenic Diet for the Treatment of Refractory Epilepsy in Children      e46
F. Lefevre and N. Aronson
Fixed 50% Nitrous Oxide Oxygen Mixture for Painful Procedures            e47
D. Annequin et al
Cause and Clinical Characteristics of Rib Fractures in Infants           e48
B. Bulloch et al
Soothing Pain-Elicited Distress in Chinese Neonates                      e49
L.Kbo and P Callaghan
Voiding Cystourethro grams and Urinary                                   e50
Tract Infections A.McDonald
Late Outcomes of Early Iron Deficiency                                   e5l
B. Lozoff et al
Adverse Effects of Nicotine and Interleukin-1 B on Apnea: Implications   e52
for SIDS
J F.Froen et al
Preventable Childhood Tuberculosis in Alabama                            e53
M. E Kimerfing et al
Cost-Effectiveness of Screening for HIV Among Pregnant Women             e54
L. C. Immergluck et al
Prepubertal Gynecomastia: Indirect Exposure to Estrogen Cream                 e55
E .I. Felner and P. C. White
Activity, Diet, and Weight Changes in a Longitudinal Study                    e56
Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip Practice Guideline: Technical Report       e57
H. P. Lehmann et al
Pediatric Milliman and Robertson Length-of-Stay Criteria: Are They         733-737
Marion R. Sills, Zhihuan J. Huang, Cheng Shao, Mark F. Guagliardo,
JamesM. Chamberlain, and Jill G. Joseph
Effect of Infection Control Measures on the Frequency of Upper             738-742
Respiratory Infection in Child Care: A Randomized, Controlled Trial
Leslee Roberts, Epid, PhD, Wayne Smith, Louisa Jorm, Mahomed Patel,
Robert M. Douglas, and Charles McGilchrist
Effect of Infection Control Measures on the Frequency of Diarrheal         743-746
Episodes in Child Care: A Randomized, Controlled Trial
Leslee Roberts, Louisa Jorm, Mahomed Patel, Wayne Smith, Robert M.
Douglas, and Charles McGilchrist
Symptoms Associated With Infant Teething: A Prospective Study              747-752
Michael L. Macknin, Marion Piedmonte, Jonathan Jacobs, and Christine
Outcomes After Judicious Antibiotic Use for Respiratory Tract Infections   753-759
Seen in a Private Pediatric Practice
Michael E. Pichichero, John L. Green, Anne B. Francis, Steven M.
Marsocci, and Marie L. Murphy
Access to Health Care for Children With Special Health Care Needs          760-766
Paul W. Newacheck, Margaret McManus, Harriette B. Fox, Yun-Yi Hung,
and Neal Halfon
A Guideline Implementation System Using Handheld Computers for             767-773
Office Management of Asthma: Effects on Adherence and Patient
Richard N. Shiffman, Cynthia A. Brandt, Yischon Liaw, and Deborah D.
Potential to Prevent Carbon Dioxide Rebreathing of Commercial Products     774-779
Marketed to Reduce Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Risk
Patrick L. Carolan, William B. Wheeler, James D. Ross, and RCP*; and
James S. Kemp
An Elementary School-Based Health Clinic: Can It Reduce Medicald           780-788
E. Kathleen Adams and Veda Johnson
Newborn Circumcision Decreases Incidence and Costs of Urinary Tract        789-793
Infections During the First Year of Life
Edgar J. Schoen, Christopher J. Colby, and G. Thomas Ray
Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Function and Glucocorticoid Sensitivity     794-799
in Atopic Dermatitis
Julie A. Ellison, Leena Patel, David W. Ray, and Peter E. Clayton
Sibling Vesicoureteral Reflux in Multiple Gestation Births                800-804
Martin Kaefer, Michael Curran, S. Ted Treves, Stuart Bauer, W. Hardy
Hendren, Craig A. Peters, Anthony Atala, David Diamond, and Alan Retik
Adverse Sedation Events in Pediatrics: A Critical Incident Analysis of    805-814
Contributing Factors
Charles J. Coté, Daniel A. Notterman, Helen W. Karl, Joseph A.
Weinberg, and Carolyn McCloskey
Echocardiographic Diagnosis of Heart Disease in Apparently Healthy        815-818
Julia Steinberger, James H. Moller, James M. Berry, and Alan R. Sinaiko
Evaluation of Emergency Department Referrals by Telephone Triage          819-821
Judson W. Barber, William D. King, Kathy W. Monroe, and Michele H.
Neonatal Assisted Ventilation: Predictors, Frequency, and Duration in a   822-830
Mature Managed Care Organization
Alexandra Wilson, Marla N. Gardner, Mary A. Armstrong, Bruce F.
Folck, and Gabriel J. Escobar
Effect of Seating Position and Restraint Use on Injuries to Children in   831-835
Motor Vehicle Crashes
Marc D. Berg, Lawrence Cook, Howard M. Corneli, Donald D. Vernon,
and J. Michael Dean
Neonatal and Pediatric Posttransfusion Hepatitis C: A Look Back and a     836-842
Look Forward
Richard D. Aach, Roslyn A. Yomtovian, and Maureen Hack
Use of Telemedicine for Children With Special Health Care Needs           843-847
Warren B. Karp, R. Kevin Grigsby, Maureen McSwiggan-Hardin,
Suzanne Pursley-Crotteau, Laura N. Adams, Wyndolyn Bell, Max E.
Stachura, and William P. Kanto
Differences Are Voiced by Two Lyme Camps at a Connecticut Public          855-857
Hearing on Insurance Coverage of Lyme Disease
Henry M. Feder and Jr, MD
Milliman and RobertsonGoing in the Wrong Direction                        858-859
Howard Bauchner, Robert Vinci, and John Chessare
Patient Care Guidelines in Pediatrics                                     859-860
Robert J. Yetman
The Prepuce, Urinary Tract Infections, and the Consequences               860-862
Thomas E. Wiswell
The Critical Role of Population-Based Epidemiology in Cost-               862-863
Effectiveness Research
Steven Joffe, Tracy A. Lieu, and Gabriel J. Escobar
What the Multimodal Treatment Study of Children With                      863-864
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Did and Did Not Say About the
Use of Methylphenidate for Attention Deficits
William B. Carey
Adverse Sedation Events in Pediatrics: A Critical Incident Analysis of    864-865
Contributing Factors
Steven M. Selbst
Recurrent Clitoral Tourniquet Syndrome                                    866-867
Mary Sue Sylwestrzak, Barbara Feldman Fischer, and Howard Fischer
Swimming Programs for Infants and Toddlers                                868-870
Committee on Sports Medicine and Fitness and Committee on Injury and
Poison Prevention
Suicide and Suicide Attempts in Adolescents                               871-874
Committee on Adolescence
School Health Assessments                                                 875-877
Committee on School Health
Do Not Resuscitate Orders in Schools                                      878-879
Committee on School Health and Committee on Bioethics
Use of Psychoactive Medication During Pregnancy and Possible Effects      880-887
on the Fetus and Newborn
Committee on Drugs
Firearm-Related Injuries Affecting the Pediatric Population               888-895
Committee on Injury and Poison Prevention
Clinical Practice Guideline: Early Detection of Developmental Dysplasia   896-905
of the Hip
Committee on Quality Improvement and Subcommittee on Developmental
Dysplasia of the Hip
Improving the Implementation of State Children's Health Insurance         906-912
Programs for Adolescents Report of an Invitational Conference Sponsored
by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Section on Adolescent Health*,
September 26-27, 1999
Invitational Conference Planning Committee and Participating
Fungemia in Neonates: Report of 80 Cases From Seven University            913-915
M. Huttová, J. Filka, K. Kralinsk_, H. Hupková, J. Hanzen, and J. Trupl
Insulin Infusions in Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants                      915
Minyon Avent, Jonathan Whitfield;, Mamta Fuloria, and Judy L. Aschner
Sleep Location and Suffocation: How Good Is the Evidence?                 915-920
Maryann O'Hara, Richard Harruff, John E. Smialek, David R. Fowler,
James J. McKenna, Lawrence M. Gartner;, Dorothy A, David Servan-
Schreiber;, and Dorothy A. Drago
Theophylline-Induced Convulsions in Children With Epilepsy                   920
Takuma Miura and Kyoko Kimura
Multiethnic Families: An Underrecognized Influence on Health Statistics   920-921
Dorothy S. Mull, Phyllis F. Agran, Diane G. Winn, and Craig L. Anderson
Ultrasonography Detects Appendicular Mucocele in Cystic Fibrosis          921-922
Patients Suffering Recurrent Abdominal Pain
A. Munck, N. Belarbi, P. de Lagausie, M. Peuchmaur, and J. Navarro
Books Received                                                               A30
Pediatrics in Review Contents                                                A30
Manuscript Preparation                                                        A5
General Information                                                          A16
Classified Ads                                                               A77
                VOL. 105, NO.4 PART 2 OF 2; APRIL 2000
Letter From the Editor                                                       923
James M. Perrin and Editor-in-Chief
Tribute to the Reviewers                                                  924-926
Literacy Promotion in Primary Care Pediatrics: Can We Make a              927-934
Pamela C. High, Linda LaGasse, Samuel Becker, Ingrid Ahlgren, and
Adrian Gardner
Behavioral and Self-Concept Changes After Six Months of Enuresis          935-940
Treatment: A Randomized, Controlled Trial
Sally Longstaffe, Michael E. K. Moffatt, and Jeanne C. Whalen
Commentary and alternative medicine On Pins and Needles? Pediatric        941-947
Pain Patients' Experience With Acupuncture
Kathi J. Kemper, Rebecca Sarah, Ellen Silver-Highfield, Elizabeth
Xiarhos, Linda Barnes, and Charles Berde
Reliabilities of Short Substance Abuse Screening Tests Among Adolescent   948-953
Medical Patients
John R. Knight, Elizabeth Goodman, Todd Pulerwitz, and Robert H.
The Associations Among Pediatricians' Knowledge, Attitudes, and           954-956
Practices Regarding Emergency Contraception
Marion R. Sills, James M. Chamberlain, and Stephen J. Teach
Primary Care Role in the Management of Childhood Depression: A            957-962
Comparison of Pediatricians and Family Physicians
Jerry L. Rushton, Sarah J. Clark, and Gary L. Freed
Primary Care Providers and Childhood Mental Health Conditions                963
Mark L. Wolraich
Effective Evaluation of Residency Education: How Do We Know It When       964-965
We See It?
Benjamin S. Siegel and Larrie W. Greenberg
Does a Health Maintenance Curriculum for Pediatric Residents Improve      966-972
Joseph Onofrio Lopreiato, D. Michael Foulds, and John H. Littlefield
Structured Clinical Observations: A Method to Teach Clinical Skills With     973-977
Limited Time and Financial Resources
J. Lindsey Lane and Ruth P. Gottlieb
Impact of an Encounter-Based Prompting System on Resident Vaccine            978-983
Administration Performance and Immunization Knowledge
Judith S. Shaw, Ronald C. Samuels, Elizabeth M. Larusso, and Henry H.
Does Being a Chief Resident Predict Leadership in Pediatric Careers?         984-988
Joel J. Alpert, Suzette M. Levenson, Cindy J. Osman, and Sabin James
The Unmet Health Needs of America's Children                                 989-997
Paul W. Newacheck, Dana C. Hughes, Yun-Yi Hung, Sabrina Wong, and
Jeffrey J. Stoddard
Measuring Consumer Experiences With Primary Care                            998-1003
Charlyn E. Cassady, Barbara Starfield, Margarita P. Hurtado, Ronald A.
Berk, Joy P. Nanda, and Lori A. Friedenberg
Commentary: Monitoring Expanded Health Insurance for Children:             1004-1007
Challenges and Opportunities
Paul W. Newacheck, Neal Halfon, and Moira Inkelas
Application for Membreship                                                     1008
Manuscript Information:Instructions for Authors                                  A5
                          VOL. 105, NO. 5; MAY 2000
What Is the Yield of Screening Echocardiography in Pediatric Syncope?            e58
Saskia Ritter, Lloyd Y. Tani, Susan P. Etheridge, Richard V. Williams,
Janet E. Craig, and L. LuAnn Minich
Nonresponders: Prolonged Fever Among Infants With Urinary Tract                  e59
Richard Bachur
Invasive Group A Streptococcal Disease in Children and Association With          e60
Varicella-Zoster Virus Infection
Kevin B. Laupland, H. Dele Davies, Donald E. Low, Benjamin Schwartz,
Karen Green, the Ontario Group A Streptococcal Study Group, and
Allison McGeer
A Prospective Search for Urinary Tract Abnormalities in Infants With             e61
Isolated Preauricular Tags
David Kohelet and Eliana Arbel
A Family With Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis Caused by Wild City Pigeons:         e62
A Case Report
Gideon J. du Marchie Sarvaas, Peter J. F. M. Merkus, and Johan C. de
Predicting Heart Growth During Puberty: The Muscatine Study                      e63
Kathleen F. Janz, Jeffrey D. Dawson, and Larry T. Mahoney
Ticlopidine Plus Aspirin for Coronary Thrombosis in Kawasaki Disease             e64
Maureen O'Brien, Ira A. Parness, Ellis J. Neufeld, Annette L. Baker,
Robert P. Sundel, and Jane W. Newburger
Counseling Parents Regarding Prognosis in Autistic Spectrum Disorder              e65
James Coplan
False-Positive Tricyclic Antidepressant Drug Screen Results Leading to            e66
the Diagnosis of Carbamazepine Intoxication
Michael E. Matos, Michele M. Burns, and Michael W. Shannon
Undiluted Albuterol Aerosols in the Pediatric Emergency Department                e67
David J. Gutglass, Louis Hampers, Genie Roosevelt, Doreen Teoh, Sai R.
Nimmagadda, and Steven E. Krug
Presentation of Low Anorectal Malformations Beyond the Neonatal Period            e68
H. L. Nancy Kim, Kenneth W. Gow, Janice G. Penner, Geoffrey K. Blair,
James J. Murphy, and Eric M. Webber
Coccygeal Pits                                                                    e69
Bradley E. Weprin and W. Jerry Oakes
Familial Mediterranean Fever: Effects of Genotype and Ethnicity on                e70
Inflammatory Attacks and Amyloidosis
Aviva Mimouni, Nurit Magal, Nava Stoffman, Tamy Shohat, Ara
Minasian, Michael Krasnov, Gabrielle J. Halpern, Jerome I. Rotter, Nathan
Fischel-Ghodsian, Yehuda L. Danon, and Mordechai Shohat
A Custodian Cured the Doctor!                                                     e71
Sami L. Bahna
Alternating Antipyretics: Is This an Alternative?                           1009-1012
Clara E. Mayoral, Ronald V. Marino, Warren Rosenfeld, and Joseph
Diminished Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase Expression in Fulminant          1013-1019
Early-Onset Neonatal Pneumonia
Outi Aikio, Katri Vuopala, Marja-Leena Pokela, and Mikko Hallman
Quality of Care and Use of the Medical Home in a State-Funded Capitated     1020-1028
Primary Care Plan For Low-Income Children
Allison Kempe, Brenda Beaty, Brian P. Englund, Robert J. Roark, Nellie
Hester, and John F. Steiner
Outcomes Evaluation of a Comprehensive Intervention Program for             1029-1035
Asthmatic Children Enrolled in Medicaid
Cynthia Szelc Kelly, Ardythe L. Morrow, Justine Shults, Nermina Nakas,
Gerald L. Strope, and Raymond D. Adelman
Does Candidemia Predict Threshold Retinopathy of Prematurity in             1036-1040
Extremely Low Birth Weight (< 1000 g) Neonates?
M. Gary Karlowicz, Peter J. Giannone, John Pestian, Ardythe L. Morrow,
and Justine Shults
Systemic Candidiasis in Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants Receiving        1041-1045
Topical Petrolatum Ointment for Skin Care: A Case-Control Study
Judith R. Campbell, Elena Zaccaria, and Carol J. Baker
Estimation of Neonatal Outcome and Perinatal Therapy Use                    1046-1050
Steven B. Morse, James L. Haywood, Robert L. Goldenberg, Janet
Bronstein, Kathleen G. Nelson, and Waldemar A. Carlo
A Comparison of Neonatal Mortality Risk Prediction Models in Very Low      1051-1057
Birth Weight Infants
Murray M. Pollack, Matthew A. Koch, Doris A. Bartel, Irina Rapoport,
Ramasubbareddy Dhanireddy, Ayman A. E. El-Mohandes, Kenneth
Harkavy, K. N. Siva Subramanian, and the District of Columbia Neonatal
A Randomized Comparison of Home and Clinic Follow-Up Visits After          1058-1065
Early Postpartum Hospital Discharge
Tracy A. Lieu, Paula A. Braveman, Gabriel J. Escobar, Allen F. Fischer,
Nancy G. Jensvold, and Angela M. Capra
Effect of Early Versus Late Administration of Human Recombinant            1066-1072
Erythropoietin on Transfusion Requirements in Premature Infants: Results
of a Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Multicenter Trial
Hugo Donato, Nestor Vain, Pablo Rendo, Norma Vivas, Luis Prudent,
Miguel Larguía, Jorge Digregorio, Carmen Vecchiarelli, Regina Valverde,
Cecilia García, Patricia Subotovsky, Claudio Solana, Adriana Gorenstein,
and for the Private Hospitals Neonatal Network
Factors Associated With Age at Operation for Children With Congenital      1073-1081
Heart Disease
Ruey-Kang R. Chang, Alex Y. Chen, and Thomas S. Klitzner
Neurodevelopmental Outcome and Lifestyle Assessment in School-Aged         1082-1089
and Adolescent Children With Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome
William T. Mahle, Robert R. Clancy, Edward M. Moss, Marsha Gerdes,
David R. Jobes, and Gil Wernovsky
Parental Prevention Practices for Young Children in the Context of         1090-1095
Maternal Depression
John D. McLennan and Milton Kotelchuck
Structural and Functional Brain Integrity of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in     1096-1099
Nonretarded Cases
Campbell M. Clark, David Li, Julianne Conry, Robert Conry, and
Christine Loock
Electrocardiographic Findings in Adolescents With Eating Disorders         1100-1105
Constadina Panagiotopoulos, Brian W. McCrindle, Katherine Hick, and
Debra K. Katzman
Echocardiographic Predictors of Outcome in Newborns With Congenital        1106-1109
Diaphragmatic Hernia
Kenji Suda, Jean-Luc Bigras, Desmond Bohn, Lisa K. Hornberger, and
Brian W. McCrindle
Rectal Methohexital Sedation for Computed Tomography Imaging of            1110-1114
Stable Pediatric Emergency Department Patients
Elaine S. Pomeranz, Carl R. Chudnofsky, Thomas J. Deegan, Marie M.
Lozon, James C. Mitchiner, and James E. Weber
Factors Associated With Early Adiposity Rebound                            1115-1118
Ahmad R. Dorosty, Pauline M. Emmett, John J. Reilly, and the ALSPAC
Study Team
Language, Speech Sound Production, and Cognition in Three-Year-Old         1119-1130
Children in Relation to Otitis Media in Their First Three Years of Life
Jack L. Paradise, Christine A. Dollaghan, Thomas F. Campbell, Heidi M.
Feldman, Beverly S. Bernard, D. Kathleen Colborn, Howard E. Rockette,
Janine E. Janosky, Dayna L. Pitcairn, Diane L. Sabo, Marcia Kurs-Lasky,
and Clyde G. Smith
Advocacy, Politics, and the Betterment of Public Health: 1999 Abraham      1131-1136
Jacobi Address
Myron Genel
Prevention of Premature Birth: Do Pediatricians Have a Role?               1137-1140
Robert T. Hall
Controversies Regarding Definition of Neonatal Hypoglycemia: Suggested     1141-1145
Operational Thresholds
Marvin Cornblath, Jane M. Hawdon, Anthony F. Williams, Albert
Aynsley-Green, Martin P. Ward-Platt, Robert Schwartz, and Satish C.
Table of contents and curret abstracts                                         1146
About a Very Rare Disease and Using the Internet to Recruit Patients for
Crigler-Najjar Syndrome, 1952-2000: Learning From Parents and Patients
Jerold F. Lucey, Gautham K. Suresh, and Attallah Kappas
Hair Relaxer Misuse: Don't Relax                                           1154-1155
Daniel A. Rauch
Physical Fitness and Activity in Schools                                   1156-1157
Committee on Sports Medicine and Fitness and Committee on School
Clinical Practice Guideline: Diagnosis and Evaluation of the Child With    1158-1170
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Committee on Quality Improvement and Subcommittee on
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Socioeconomic Variation in Asthma Hospitalization: Excess Utilization or   1171-1172
Greater Need?
Thomas R. Gerbasi;, Kenneth M. McConnochie, Mark J. Russo, John T.
McBride, Peter G. Szilagyi, Ann-Marie Brooks, and Klaus J. Roghmann
Risk Factors for Invasive Pneumococcal Disease in Children: A              1172-1173
Population-Based Case-Control Study in North America
Stephen I. Pelton;, Orin S. Levine, Chris A. Van Beneden, and Benjamin
Intravenous Immunoglobulins Versus Sepsis                               1173-1174
Dr Khalid N. Haque;, Robert Carr, and Neena Modi
Monkeybar Injuries                                                      1174-1175
Donna Thompson, Susan Hudson;, Mark L. Waltzman, Michael Shannon,
Anne P. Bowen, and Mary Christine Bailey
Is the G985A Allelic Variant of Medium-Chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase     1175-1176
a Risk Factor for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome? A Pooled Analysis
Sophia S. Wang, Paul M. Fernhoff, and Muin J. Khoury
Evidence-Based Medicine                                                 1176-1177
Gary M. Onady; and Howard Bauchner
Books Received                                                               A28
Pediatrics in Review Contents                                                A28
Manuscript Preparation                                                        A5
General Information                                                          A16
Classified Ads                                                               A84
                         VOL. 105, NO. 6; JUNE 2000
Direct Expenditures for Otitis Media                                          e72
Diagnoses J. Bondyetal
Immunization Coverage Among Private Practices                                 e73
S. M. Kahane et al
A Proposed Solution for Addressing                                            e74
Unsolicited Electronic Mail
D. M. D Alessandro et al
Child Care Practices in Noninclustrialized                                    e75
Societies E. A. S. Nelson
Health of Children Adopted From China                                         e76
L. C. Miller and N. W Hendrie
Twenty-Year Follow-Up of Antenatal Corticosteroid Treatment                   e77
A. B. Dessens et al
Initial Treatment Failure in Kawasaki                                         e78
Disease C. A. Wallace et al
Childhood Tuberculosis Attributable to Mycobacterium bovis                    e79
W M. Dankner and C. E. Davis
Gastrostomy Tube for Improved Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy            e80
Adherence D. Shingadia et al
Prolonged Hepatitis B Surface Antigenernia                                    e8l
After Vaccination ER.Lunn
Pediatrician and Family Physician Prescription of Selective Serotonin         e82
Reuptake Inhibitors
J. L. Rushton
Determinants of Activity and Inactivity                                       e83
P. Gordon-Larsen et al
Infant Massage in the Treatment of Colic                                      e84
V Huhlala et al
Georgia's Breastfeeding Promotion Program for Low-Income Women                e85
I.B. Ahluwalia
The Danger of Premature Graduation to Seat Belts for Young                 1179
Children Flaura K. Winston, Dennis R. Durbin, Michael J. Kallan, and
Elisa K. Moll
Clinical Auscultation Skills in Pediatric Patients                         1184
Peter R. A. Gaskin, Susan E. Owens, Norman S. Talner, Stephen P.
Sanders, and Jennifer S. Li
Medication Use Among Children With Asthma in East                          1188
Harlem Theresa Diaz, Toni Sturm, Thomas Matte, Monisha Bindra, Kate
Lawler, Sallv Findley, and Chris Maylahn
Do Clinical Markers of Barotraurna and Oxygen Toxicity Explain             1194
Interhospital Variation in Rates of Chronic Lung Disease?
Linda J. Van Marter, Elizabeth N. Allred, Marcello Pagano, Ulana
Sanocka, Richard Parad, Marianne Moore, Mervyn Susser, Nigel Paneth,
Alan Leviton, and the Neonatology Cominitteefor the Developmental
Epidemiology Network
First Intention High-Frequency Oscillation With Early Lung Volume          1202
Optimization Improves Pulmonary Outcome in Very Low Birth Weight
Infants With Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Peter C. Rimensberger, Maurice Beghetti, Silviane Hanquinet, and Michel
Pulmonary Outcome in Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants                    1209
Dominic A. Fitzgerald, Giulia Mesiano, Lync Brosscau, and G. Michael
Neurodevelopmental and Functional Outcomes of Extremely Low Birth          1216
Weight Infants in the National Institute of Child Health and Human
Development Neonatal Research
Network, 1993-1994 Betty R. Vohr, Linda L. Wright, Anna M. Dusick,
Lisa Mele, Joel Verter, jean J. Steichen, Neal P. Simon, Dee C. Wilson,
Sue Broyles, Charles R. Bauer, Virginia Delaney-Black, Kimberly A.
Yolton, Barry E. Fleisher, Lu-Ann Papile, and Michael D. Kaplan
Birth Weight- and Gestational Age-Specific Sudden Infant Death             1227
Syndrome Mortality: United States, 1991 Versus 1995
Michael H. Malloy and Daniel H. Freeman, Jr
Imaging After Urinary Tract Infection in Male Neonates                     1232
Michael Goldman, Eli Lahat, Simon Strauss, Gad Reisler, Amir Livne,
Lital Gordin, and Mordechay Aladjem
Does Treatment of Vesicoureteric Reflux in Childhood Prevent End-Stage     1236
Renal Disease Attributable to Reflux
Nephropathy? Jonathan C. Craig, Les M. Irwig, John F. Knight, and L.
Paul Roy
Evaluation and Management of Proteinuria and Nephrotic Syndrome in         1242
Children: Recommendations From a Pediatric Nephrology Panel
Established at the National Kidney Foundation Conference on Proteinuria,
Albuminuria, Risk, Assessment, Detection, and Elimination (PARADE)
Ronald J. Hogg, Ronald J. Portman, Dawn Milliner, Kevin V. Lemley,
Allison Eddy, and Julie Ingelfinger
Changing Indications for Pediatric Cholecystectomy                          1250
Darlene M. Miltenburg, Randolph Schaffer III, Tara Breslin, and Mary L.
Screening for Iron Deficiency Anemia by Dietary History in a High-Risk      1254
Debra L. Bogen, Anne K. Duggan George J. Dover, and Modena H.
Metabolic Aspects of Myocardial Disease and Role for L-Carnitine in the     1260
Treatment of Childhood Cardiomyopathy
Edward Helton, Robert Darragh, Paul Francis, F. Jay Fricker, Kenneth Juc,
Gary Koch, Douglas Mair, Mary Ella Pierpont, James V. Prochazka,
Lawrence S. Linn, and Susan C. Wintcr
The Impact of Managed Care Insurance on Use of Lower Mortality              1271
Hospitals by Children Undergoing Cardiac Surgery in California
Lars C. Erickson, Paul H. Wise, E. Francis Cook, Alexa Beiser, and Jane
W. Newburger
Effect of Neonatal Test Environment on Recording Transient-Evoked           1279
Otoacoustic Emissions
Gillian M. Headley, Deborah E. Campbell, and Judith S. Gravel
Thrombopoietin in the Thrombocytopenic Term and Preterm Newborn             1286
S. E. Albert, Y. Gloria Meng, Paid Simms, Robert L. Cohen, and Roderic
H. Phibbs
Meta-analysis of Dietary Essential Fatty Acids and Long-Chain               1292
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids as They Relate to Visual Resolution Acuity in
Healthy Preterm Infants
John Paul SanGiovanni, Socorro Parra-Cabrera, Graham A. Colditz,
Catherine S. Berkey, and Johanna T. Dwyer
Discitis and Vertebral Osteomyelitis in Children: An 18-Year Review         1299
Marisol Fernandez, Clark L. Carrol, and Carol I. Baker
Evaluation of Covert Video Surveillance in the Diagnosis of Munchausen      1305
Syndrome by Proxy: Lessons From 41 Cases
David E. Hall, Laura Eubanks, Swarnalatha Meyyazhagati, Richard D.
Kenney, and Sherry Cochran Johnson
Increasing Identification of Psychosocial. Problems: 1979-1996              1313
Kelly J. Kelleher, Thomas K. McInerny, William P. Gardner, George E.
Childs, and Richard C. Wasserman
Table of contents and current abstracts                                     1322
Thoughts of a Plastic Surgeon                                               1330
Robert J. Wilensky
Reducing Medical Error Through Systems Improvement: The                     1330
Management of Febrile Infants
James Glauber, Donald A. Goldmann, Charles I. Homer, and Donald M.
Lyme Disease Vaccine: Good for Dogs, Adults, and Children?                  1333
Henry M. Feder, Jr
Fetus In Fetu: A Case Report and Literature Review                          1335
Christine Caroline Hoeffel, Khoang Quy Nguyen, Hai Thanh Phan, Nghia
Hieu Truong, Trung Sao Nguyen, Trai Tranh Tran, and Paul Fornes
Diagnostic Imaging of Child Abuse Section on Radiology                      1345
Race/Ethnicity, Gender, Socioeconomic Status-Research Exploring Their       1349
Effects on Child Health: A Subject Review Committee on Pediatric
All-Terrain Vehicle Injury Prevention: Two-, Three-, and Four-Wheeled       1352
Unlicensed Motor Vehicles Committee on Injury and Poison Prevention
Reducing the Number of Deaths and Injuries From Residential Fires           1355
Committee on Injury and Poison Prevention
Education of Children With Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection           1358
Committee on Pediatric AIDS
Infection Control in Physicians' Offices Committee on Infectious Diseases   1361
and Committee on Practice and Ambulatory Medicine
Iron Fortification of Infant Formulas Alvin N. Eden; Reply by Susan S.      1370
Baker, Chairperson, AAP Committee on Nutrition
Reproducibility of 24-Hour Intraesophageal pH Monitoring                    1371
Stephen G. Jolley; Andrew Sawczenko, Gina Gray, and B. K. Sandhu;
Reply by Marsha Kay, Lori Mahajan, and Robert Wyllie
Necrotizing Fasciitis During Primary Varicella                              1372
Lisa M. Ford and Joel Waksman; Katherine O'Brien, Benjamin Schwartz,
Samuel M. Lesko, Richard M. Vezina, and Allen A. Mitchell; Reply by
Danielle M. Zerr, E. Russell Alexander, Jeffrey S. Duchin, Laura A.
Koutsky, and Craig E. Rubens
HIV Screening                                                               1375
Marie C. McCormick and Michael A. Stoto
Incidence of Acute Rheumatic Fever: A Persistent Dilemma                    1375
Robert R. Wolfe
INDEXES                                                                     1376
Books Received                                                               A26
Pediatrics in Review Contents                                                A26
Manuscript Preparation                                                        A5
General Information                                                          A16
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                 VOL.106, NO. 1 PART 1 OF 2; JULY 2000
Pediatric Tuberculosis: What Needs to be Done to Decrease Morbidity and       e1
S. Jody Heymann, Timothy F. Brewer, Mary E. Wilson, Graham A.
Colditz, and Harvey V. Fineberg
Antenatal Corticosteroids and Outcome at 14 Years of Age in Children       e2
With Birth Weight Less Than 1501 Grams
Lex W. Doyle, Geoffrey W. Ford, Anne L. Rickards, Elaine A. Kelly,
Noni M. Davis, Catherine Callanan, and Anthony Olinsky
Infectious Disease Challenges in Immigrants From Tropical Countries        e3
Clyde Walter Worley, Kimberly Ann Worley, and P. Lucy Kumar
Use of C-Reactive Protein in Minimizing Antibiotic Exposure: Experience    e4
With Infants Initially Admitted to a Well-Baby Nursery
Alistair G. S. Philip and Pamela C. Mills
The Matthew Effect: Infant Mortality in Canada and Internationally         e5
Susie Dzakpasu, K. S. Joseph, Michael S. Kramer, and Alexander C. Allen
Neonatal Myiasis                                                           e6
Sonali S. Bapat
The False-Positive in Universal Newborn Hearing Screening                  e7
Conrad J. Clemens, Sherri A. Davis, and Andrea R. Bailey
The Effect of Inhaled Steroids on the Linear Growth of Children With       e8
Asthma: A Meta-analysis
Paul J. Sharek and David A. Bergman
Abdominal Coarctation and Alagille Syndrome                                e9
Swee Chye Quek, FAMS*; Lenny Tan, FRACR, FAMS, Swee Tian Quek,
William Yip, FAMS*; Marion Aw, and Seng Hock Quak
How Much Antibiotic Suspension Is Enough?                                 e10
Lois B. Dusdieker, Jody R. Murph, and Gary Milavetz
Adverse Childhood Experiences and Sexually Transmitted Diseases in        e11
Men and Women: A Retrospective Study
Susan D. Hillis, Robert F. Anda, Vincent J. Felitti, Dale Nordenberg,
and Polly A. Marchbanks
Quality of Care of Children With Chronic Diseases in Alexandria, Egypt:   e12
The Models of Asthma, Type I Diabetes, Epilepsy, and Rheumatic Heart
Amal Bassili, Adel Zaki, Salah R. Zaher, Ihab H. El-Sawy, Mona Hassan
Ahmed, Magdi Omar, Tarek Omar, Ramez N. Bedwani, Christina Davies,
Gianni Tognoni, and on behalf of the Egyptian-Italian Collaborative
Group on Pediatric Chronic Diseases
An Unusual Presentation of Doxycycline-Induced Photosensitivity           e13
Collin K. K. Yong, Julie Prendiville, Don L. Peacock, Lawrence T. K.
Wong, and A. George F. Davidson
Childhood Weight, Stature, and Body Mass Index Among Never                e14
Overweight, Early-Onset Overweight, and Late-Onset Overweight Groups
Wayne Wisemandle, L. Michele Maynard, Shumei S. Guo, and Roger M.
Assessment of Stress in Mothers of Children With Severe Breath-Holding    1-5
Michele Mattie-Luksic, Gregory Javornisky, Francis J. DiMario, and Jr,
Police Enforcement as Part of a Comprehensive Bicycle Helmet Program        6-9
Julie Gilchrist, Richard A. Schieber, Steven Leadbetter, and Stephen C.
Injuries Sustained by Students in Shop Class                              10-13
Stacey Knight, Edward P. Junkins, Jr, Amy C. Lightfoot, Calvert F.
Cazier, and Lenora M. Olson
A Comparison of the Socioeconomic and Health Status Characteristics of    14-21
Uninsured, State Children's Health Insurance Program-Eligible Children
in the United States With Those of Other Groups of Insured Children:
Implications for Policy
Gayle R. Byck
Firearm Safety Counseling in Primary Care Pediatrics: A Randomized,       22-26
Controlled Trial
David C. Grossman, Peter Cummings, Thomas D. Koepsell, Jean
Marshall, Luann D'Ambrosio, Robert S. Thompson, and Chris Mack
Choice of Breastfeeding and Physicians' Advice: A Cohort Study of         27-30
Women Receiving Propylthiouracil
Amy Lee, Myla Emily Moretti, Alexis Collantes, Debbie Chong, Paolo
Mazzotta, Gideon Koren, Shehzad Salim Merchant, and Shinya Ito
Newborn Discharge Timing and Readmissions: California, 1992-1995          31-39
Beate Danielsen, Anne G. Castles, Cheryl L. Damberg, and Jeffrey B.
Adult Female Hip Bone Density Reflects Teenage Sports-Exercise            40-44
Patterns But Not Teenage Calcium Intake
Tom Lloyd, Vernon M. Chinchilli, Nan Johnson-Rollings, Kessey
Kieselhorst, Douglas F. Eggli, and Robert Marcus
Frequency, Natural Course, and Outcome of Neonatal Neutropenia            45-51
Annette Funke, Reinhard Berner, Birgit Traichel, Doris Schmeisser,
Jekabs U. Leititis, and Charlotte M. Niemeyer
Accuracy of Teen and Parental Reports of Obesity and Body Mass Index      52-58
Elizabeth Goodman, Beth R. Hinden, and Seema Khandelwal
Specialized Assessments for Children in Foster Care                       59-66
Sarah McCue Horwitz, Pamela Owens, and Mark D. Simms
Development of Parasomnias From Childhood to Early Adolescence            67-74
Luc Laberge, Richard E. Tremblay, Frank Vitaro, and Jacques Montplaisir
Acute Appendicitis Risks of Complications: Age and Medicaid Insurance     75-78
Susan L. Bratton, Charles M. Haberkern, and John H. T. Waldhausen
Tone Abnormalities Are Associated With Maternal Cigarette Smoking         79-85
During Pregnancy in In Utero Cocaine-Exposed Infants
Delia A. Dempsey, Beatrice Latal Hajnal, J. Colin Partridge, Sarah N.
Jacobson, William Good, Reese T. Jones, and Donna M. Ferriero
Short- and Long-Term Outcome of Children With Congenital Complete         86-91
Heart Block Diagnosed In Utero or as a Newborn
Marianne Eronen, Marja-Kaisa Sirèn, Henrik Ekblad, Tero Tikanoja,
Heikki Julkunen, and Terho Paavilainen
Cardiovascular Changes During Mild Therapeutic Hypothermia and            92-99
Rewarming in Infants With Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy
Marianne Thoresen and Andrew Whitelaw
Forensic Evidence Findings in Prepubertal Victims of Sexual Assault       100-104
Cindy W. Christian, Jane M. Lavelle, Allan R. De Jong, John Loiselle,
Lewis Brenner, and Mark Joffe
Skin Barrier Properties in Different Body Areas in Neonates               105-108
Gil Yosipovitch, Ayala Maayan-Metzger, Paul Merlob, and Lea Sirota
Nutritional Guidance Is Needed During Dietary Transition in Early         109-114
Mary Frances Picciano, Helen Smiciklas-Wright, Leann L. Birch, Diane C.
Mitchell, Laura Murray-Kolb, and Kristen L. McConahy
New Immunoassay in Stool Provides an Accurate Noninvasive Diagnostic      115-117
Method for Helicobacter pylori Screening in Children
Barbara Braden, Hans-Georg Posselt, Peter Ahrens, Richard Kitz, C. F.
Dietrich, and Wolfgang F. Caspary
Hypothermia and Hyperthermia in Children After Resuscitation From         118-122
Cardiac Arrest
Robert W. Hickey, Patrick M. Kochanek, Howard Ferimer, Steven H.
Graham, and Peter Safar
The Rotavirus Vaccine Story: A Clinical Investigator's View               123-125
Margaret B. Rennels
Should We Try to Prevent Hyperthermia After Cardiac Arrest?               132-133
Alistair J. Gunn and Peter D. Gluckman
Hypothermic Centralization: New Use for Old Knowledge?                    133-134
Alistair J. Gunn and Malcolm Battin
Gender Self-Reassignment in an XY Adolescent Female Born With             135-137
Ambiguous Genitalia
Chanika Phornphutkul, Anne Fausto-Sterling, and Philip A. Gruppuso
Evaluation of the Newborn With Developmental Anomalies of the             138-142
External Genitalia
Committee on Genetics, Section on Endocrinology, and Section on
Indications for Management and Referral of Patients Involved in           143-148
Substance Abuse
Committee on Substance Abuse
Identification and Care of HIV-Exposed and HIV-Infected Infants,          149-153
Children, and Adolescents in Foster Care
Committee on Pediatric AIDS
Intensive Training and Sports Specialization in Young Athletes            154-157
Committee on Sports Medicine and Fitness
Climatic Heat Stress and the Exercising Child and Adolescent              158-159
Committee on Sports Medicine and Fitness
Varicella Causes Skin Pits and KeloidsMore Reasons for the Varicella          160
Noah Scheinfeld and Steven R. Cohen
Underreading of the Tuberculin Skin Test Reaction                          160-161
Mirzada Pasic Kurbasic and J. Thomas Badgett
"Damned If the Parents Cry, Damned If They Don't" by the Nurses!           161-162
Dilemma of a Neonatologist
Sanjay Patole
Spin Dryer Injuries                                                           162
Steven G. Hammer
Diagnostic Performance of Amplified Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Direct         162
Test in the Cerebrospinal Fluid of Children With Tuberculosis Meningitis
Ahmet Yaramis, Selahattin Tekes, and Meki Bilici
Precocious Puberty                                                         162-163
Fiona Finlay, Rosemary Jones;, Paul B. Kaplowitz, and Sharon E.
Books Received                                                                A36
Pediatrics in review Contents                                                 A36
Manuscript Preparation                                                         A5
General Information                                                           A16
Classified Ads                                                                A53
       VOL. 106, NO.1 SUPPLEMENT PART 2 OF 2; JULY 2000
Letter From the Editor                                                        165
James M. Perrin and Editor-in-Chief
Ambulatory Pediatric Association Policy Statement Children and the            166
From the Presidents of the Ambulatory Pediatric Association and the        167-168
Editor-in-Chief of Ambulatory Pediatrics
James M. Perrin, Ellen F. Crain, and Kenneth B. Roberts
Assessing Immunization Rates: The Importance of Denominators               169-170
Paul M. Darden
Effect of Method of Defining the Active Patient Population on Measured     171-176
Immunization Rates in Predominantly Medicaid and Non-Medicaid
Ardythe L. Morrow, R. Clinton Crews, Henry J. Carretta, Mekibib Altaye,
Albert B. Finch, and Jeffrey S. Sinn
Cost-Effectiveness of Childhood Immunization Reminder/Recall Systems       177-183
in Urban Private Practices
Luisa Franzini, Jorge Rosenthal, William Spears, Heather S. Martin,
Lorena Balderas, Martha Brown, Gillian Milne, Jan Drutz, Donna Evans,
Claudia Kozinetz, Barbara Oettgen, and Celine Hanson
A Systematic Review of Treatments for Infant Colic                         184-190
Michelle M. Garrison and Dimitri A. Christakis
Child Development Services in Medicaid Managed Care Organizations:         191-198
What Does It Take?
Carolyn Berry, Pamela Butler, Linda Perloff, and Peter Budetti
Exploring Barriers to Utilization of Poison Centers: A Qualitative Study   199-204
of Mothers Attending an Urban Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
Nancy R. Kelly and Janet Y. Groff
Pediatric Deaths Attributable to Complex Chronic Conditions: A             205-209
Population-Based Study of Washington State, 1980-1997
Chris Feudtner, Dimitri A. Christakis, and Frederick A. Connell
An Evaluation of an Innovative Multimedia Educational Software Program     210-215
for Asthma Management: Report of a Randomized, Controlled Trial
Charles Homer, Oded Susskind, Hillel R. Alpert, Celestina Owusu, Lynda
Schneider, Leonard A. Rappaport, and David H. Rubin
A National General Pediatric Clerkship Curriculum: The Process of          216-222
Development and Implementation
Ardis L. Olson, Jerold Woodhead, Roger Berkow, Nancy M. Kaufman,
and Susan G. Marshall
Let's Go Shopping: A Tool for Pediatric Resident Education                 223-225
Rachel Y. Moon and Benjamin Gitterman
PRACTICE MANAGEMENT                                                        226-230
Reducing After-Hours Referrals by an After-Hours Call Center With
Second-Level Physician Triage
Allison Kempe, Catherine Dempsey, Teresa Hegarty, Nicole Frei,
Vijayalaxani Chandramouli, and Steven R. Poole
A Comparison of Suburban and Urban Daytime Telephone Triage Calls          231-233
Barbara L. Philipp, Claire Wilson, Beth Kastner, Colleen Pearson, and
Howard Bauchner
Application for Membreship                                                    234
Manuscript Information: Instructions for Authors                               A5