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									                           Health Law Advocates
                           Legal Network Update
    Lawyer of the
       Month                             Dear HLA Pro Bono Legal Network Members,

                                         We want to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

                                         Please consider taking on a pro bono matter today in the
                                         spirit of the season.

                                         If you wish to accept or discuss a specific case you may reply
                                         to this email or call Matt Selig at 617-338-5241 x2986.

                                               * Cases Available for Referral *
          Lisa Fleming                   We have 1 case available for referral today.

     Lisa Fleming, a Partne r with       T.K. -- T.K., a 9 year old Newton girl, has substantial mental
 Brombe rg & Sunstein LLP, joined
  Health Law Advocates Pro Bono          health care needs and sees a psychiatrist multiple times each
Legal Ne twork in 2003. Since that       week. T.K. saw numerous care providers who could not
 time Lisa has bee n a remarkably
active and e ffe ctive membe r of the    successfully treat her before she came to her current
       Legal Ne twork . Lisa has
    acce pted a wide range of HLA
                                         psychiatrist who works successfully with T.K. T.K.'s former
 re fe rral cases including clients in   health plan covered her psychiatrist's services. Now, T.K.
      disputes with MassHealth
(Medicaid) and with private health
                                         is enrolled in a new health plan and her psychiatrist is not
 plans and clients with substantial      in its provider network. T.K.'s mother contacted the new
     medical de bt. In 2004, Lisa
 acce pted a case refe rral involving
                                         health plan and was told it should not be a problem for the
an out of state college student who      plan to cover the "out-of-network" services. T.K.'s mother
     was se rving an inte rnship in
     Boston in 2004. The young
                                         filed a request for out-of network coverage for T.K's
 woman was enrolled in a stude nt        psychiatrist and the health plan denied the request. Now, the
 health plan when she required an
  eme rgency appende ctom y. The
                                         family has accumulated about $3,100 in uncovered bills from
 student health plan did not cove r      the psychiatrist. T.K. needs an attorney to appeal the denial
   the surge ry and post-ope rative
    care and the client was billed
                                         of coverage for out-of-network services. (An HLA staff
$23,000. Lisa, with the assistance       attorney is available to partne r with a Legal Network
of Brombe rg & Sunstein associate
    Rebe cca Hanovice, gained full       attorney on this matter.)
forgiveness of the $23,000 bill for
the young college stude nt. Earlie r
  this year, Lisa re presented a 39                      * Special Thanks *
year old MassHealth membe r who
 requires pe rsonal care attendant
    (PCA) se rvices for daily living
  tasks. MassHealth had made a
substantia l cut in cove rage for the
                                         Thank you to Lisa Fle ming of Brombe rg & Sunstein for
   PCA se rvices. Lisa he lped the       accepting the case of T.L., a teenage girl from Worcester
      client appeal he r de nial of
      cove rage and much of the
                                         County who lives with several significant disabilities. Her
      cove rage for se rvices was        health insurer, MassHealth (Medicaid), has reduced her hours
restored. Also, in 2006 and 2007,
     afte r filing a claim in fede ral
                                         of coverage for personal care attendant services. T.L.
  district court Attorneys Fleming       requires these services and needs an attorney to help restore
  and Hanovice won a successful
   se ttlement from a client's long
                                         the insurance coverage for them.
  te rm disability carrie r that had
 unjustly cancelled bene fits. Just
this week, Lisa acce pted a difficult
case re fe rral involving a young girl   Thank you to Attoney Don Welch of Edgartown for
with substantial disabilities who is     accepting the case of D.J. a Wareham woman who paid
 having cove rage for he r in-home
      se rvice cut by MassHealth
                                         premiums for a health plan under a COBRA arrangment but
      (Medicaid). Lisa is always         her employer never enrolled her in the COBRA plan. D.J.
 available for a case refe rral or to
  provide legal advice on complex        needs an attorney to ensure that her health coverage is put into
  health law matte rs whe n called       effect for the period she paid for and going forward.
 upon by HLA. And, in 2003, Lisa
arranged for he r firm, Brombe rg &
Sunstein, to se rve as the gracious
  host of an HLA legal training on       Thank you to Scott Harshbarger of Proskaue r Rose for
   long te rm disability cove rage .
                                         speaking at HLA's Law and Policy Forum Brown Bag Lunch
                                         at our office on November 15. We had an excellent turnout
   Thank you for your amazing
   contributions to Health Law           and the discussion of legal and ethical challenges in non-
         Advocates Lisa!                 profit governance was terrific.


    HLA Law and                                           * Success Stories *
    Policy Forum:
     Brown Bag                           Leslie Cerio, Esq. successfully represented F.T. a 35 year old
   Luncheon Series                       Chelsea man who owed $800 to a collection agency for an
                                         ambulance trip for his 13 year old daughter from an episode
                                         when she required acute mental health care. F.T.'s daughter
 Clare McGorrian, J.D.                   did not have insurance to cover the ambulance service.
 Of Clare D. McGorrian                   Attorney Cerio successfully raised defenses under the Fair
  Health Law Counse l                    Debt Collection Practices Act and the collection agency
    and Consulting                       agreed to cease collection activities and provide a
           discusses:                    letter releasing F.T. from liability for the bill to present
 The Anatomy of a Class                  to future creditors.
      Action Trial:
      HCF A v. Romney                    Andre w Dennington of Conn Kavanaugh Rosenthal
                                         Peisch & Ford, LLP successfully represented D.R., a 57 year
                                         old Maine man who was flown to a Boston hospital for
                                         emergency medical care after he lost several fingers in a
                                         carpentry accident. Because he lacked health insurance, D.R.
                                         ended up with over $130,000 in medical bills. Attorney
                             Dennington successfully negotiated a full waiver of one
                             hospital bill for over $100,000 and negotiated for the
                             reduction of a physician group bill from almost $33,000 to

                             John Pint of Proskauer Rose successfully represented E.R.,
                             a 37 year old Quincy man who incurred a $2,500 debt to an
                             in- home infusion provider when he was not aware that his
                             insurance had been cancelled but continued receiving
                             services. Attorney Pint negotiated a reduction in the debt to
                             under $1,500.
   Thursday, Dec. 13
   12:00pm - 1:30pm        Laura Godine of Steffensen, Herman and Doggett
 30 Winter Street, Flr 9   successfully represented O.O., a Malden man who had lost
                           his Medicare Part D prescription coverage for failure to pay
                           premiums and had an outstanding bill from an eye doctor.
                           Attorney Godine was able to retroactively enroll O.O. in his
*Due to space limitations, Part D plan and gain him the premium assistance from
    please RSVP to:        Medicare that he had been entitled to all along. Attorney or    Godine also successfully negotiated for a payment plan for
 (617) 338-5241 x2980      O.O. to pay off his eye doctor bill.

The Brow n Bag Luncheon      George Thompson of Unum Provident successfully
      Series features        represented R.M., a Westfield man whose employer-
 distinguished speakers      based health plan denied coverage for inpatient psychiatric
 discussing hot topics in    services following a suicide attempt. R.M. ended up with
 health law and policy.      about $24,000 in medical bills. With the help of the human
 Our previous speakers
                             resources department at R.M.'s employer, R.M. was released
                             from liability for his medical bills.
 Former Governor Mike
                             Great work by all. Thank you!!!
Former Attorney General      ______________________________________________
  and Senior Counel at
 Proskauer Rose Scott
      Harshbarger.           Legal Network Members,
                             Thank you ve ry much for participating in HLA's Pro
 These events are free of    Bono Legal Network. We are grateful for the services you
charge. Please extend this   provide to clients referred by HLA. Do not hesitate to
  invitation to colleagues   contact me with any thoughts about HLA or the Legal
and associates. Mark your    Network.
 calendars for upcoming
                             - Matt
Upcoming Brown Bag
         Judith Kurland,
  Chie f of Staff to Boston Mayor
Thomas Me nino; Forme r Regional
Dire ctor of the U.S. Departme nt of
                                                                                                 Matt Selig
     Health & Human Se rvices                                 HLA Staff Attorney/ Legal Network Manager

  Wedne sday, January 16, 2008
        12:00pm - 1:30pm
      30 W inte r Stree t, Flr 9       The HLA Legal Network Update is sent to attorneys on
               Boston                       the first and third Monday of each month.

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