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My healthevet Overview by hedongchenchen


									Department of Veterans Affairs’
Blue Button Initiative:
Increasing Consumer Access to Data

Presented by:
Kim M. Nazi, FACHE, PhD(c)
July 2, 2010
 Markle Consumer Engagement Workgroup
   • Determine how best to provide consumers with electronic access to data
   • Incent market innovators to create Health Information Technology (HIT)
     exchange solutions
 Breakthrough Idea
   • Download button (i.e. a “blue button” in the portal that would enable
     individuals to download their electronic health data)
 Demonstration Project
   • VA Chief Technology Office (CTO) and HHS CTO led creation and public
     availability of sample data sets from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid
     Services (CMS) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

   Multiple Converging Drivers
 Health Information Technology (HIT) provisions of the American
  Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act) set the
  expectation that individuals will be able to obtain electronic copies
  of pertinent health information about themselves

 The Federal Government and the private sector are making
  significant investments in HIT to improve health care quality and
  efficiency, enhance safety, promote patient engagement, and
  protect privacy

 Urgently need a simple and efficient way for individuals to gain
  access to their health information electronically

Coming Soon: The Blue Button
 Blue Button Initiative Phases
  PHASE 1:             PHASE 2:              PHASE 3:              PHASE 4:
 Demonstrate            Deploy                Expand                Share
July 2010:        August 2010:         December 2010:         Target timeframe to
                                                              be determined.
Develop           National deployment  Expansion of           Provide
prototype with    of Blue Button in My   content available      Nationwide Health
data currently    HealtheVet PHR         for download with      Information
available in My                          additional VistA       Network (NHIN)
HealtheVet PHR                           extracts.              compliant
                                        Analysis of            document to
                                         additional VistA       enable use with
                                         data classes for       other systems and
                                         prioritization and     applications
                                         alignment with        Ongoing
                                         existing standards     evaluation to
                                                                outcomes and
Full Requirements (Business, Policy, Technical)
   Provide information in human-readable form (view/print/save)
   Enable data to be exported into commonly used software
    formats, such as spreadsheets, text files, etc.
   Address individual authorization for collections, uses and
    disclosures of information
   Track download activity in an immutable audit trail
   Help individuals make informed choices (potential benefits and
    risks, safe information management practices)
   Develop separate pathways for download requests from the
    individual and download requests via automated processes
    acting on the individual’s behalf

    Make it simple, easy to use, effective, and practical
Anticipated Outcomes

             Improve quality and accessibility of
              information to Veterans
             Build a sustainable collaborative
              approach, capacity, and tools to deliver
              information to Veterans
             Foster cross-agency collaboration
             Enable a model that welcomes standards-
              based modular components that are easy
              to read, easy to use, and easy to connect
              to other systems (isn’t dependent upon
              them now, easily adapts as the market

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