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                                                                                                                                                                                        snow, Cockaigne will be a

Ski resort run-down                                                                                                                                                                     great place to make some
                                                                                                                                                                                        Byrncliff       Resort
                                                                                                                                                                                        Conference Center

By Alex Genovese                     Terrain Park: Yes, two           skiers will be pleased to                                                                                         2357 Humphrey Rd
   It’s time to sharpen up           Half pipe: Yes                   learn Bristol now offers three                                                                                    Varysburg, New York,
those edges and break out            Night Skiing: Yes, 96%           kilometers of Nordic and                                                                                          14167
the wax, because ski season          Snow Making: Yes, 97%            snow shoe trails split up into                                                                             
is imminent. It is November,         Racing: Yes                      two loops of 1.8 k and 1.2 k.                                                                                        Alpine: Nordic
and if we are lucky we could         You can                                                                                                                                               Miles of Trails: 12
be skiing on the east coast at    look        to                                                                                                                                           Night Skiing Yes (5 mi.)
the end of this month. Sure,      B r i s t o l                                                                                                                                            Grooming: Yes
last season didn’t really feel    Mountain for                                                                          Nordic Skiers enjoying a sun-filled day at Byrnclif Resort         Total Acres: 400
like winter until February,       a number of                                                                           and Conference Center.                                             Byrncliff boasts some of
but there is nothing wrong        improve-                                                                                                                                              the best Nordic skiing in
with a little wishful thinking.   ments in the                                                                          who can’t seem to get to       with his or her equipment.       Western New York, with 12
The long-term Farmers             upcoming                                                                              the mountain early on          Beginners aren’t the only        miles of marked and
Almanac weather forecast is       season. Last                                                                          those powder days.             skiers you will find at          groomed trails. The resort
calling for a “long, cold         year skiers                                                                           Cockaigne                      Cockaigne, because there are     offers both skating and tradi-
snowy winter in areas east of     enjoyed      a                                                                        1493 Thornton Rd (CR           plenty of races throughout       tional track style trails
the Mississippi River, with       new black                                                                             66) Cherry Creek, New          the season attracting expert     groomed by a Pisten bully
New England and the upper         diamond                                                                               York, 14723                    skiers as well. Nastar, cou-     groomer, which guarantees
mid-Atlantic taking the           trail on the                                                                              ples and sponsored races         optimal conditions this sea-
brunt of Old Man Winter’s         lower por-                                                                               Skiing: Alpine              bring the ski community          son. Five of those 12 miles
fury.” The prediction is for      tion of the                                                                              Vertical Feet: 430 feet     together at these slopes, and    are furnished with lights and
heavy snowfall for much of        mountain                                                                                 Longest Run: 3,600          you are likely to find a party   available to ski both week-
the season and temperatures       called “Lower                      Photo by Tom Rickert/Register Graphics, Inc.       feet                           in the lodge afterwards.         days and weekends. If skiing
                                                       An expert skier takes to the slopes at
three degrees colder than         G a l a x y. ”                                                                           Number of Trails: 15        Theme parties such as west-      is not your choice of outdoor
normal. So don’t let global       H o w e v e r,                                                                           Terrain Park: Yes           ern weekend and a teddy          sports, then try renting a pair
warming bring you down            Lower Galaxy was often              Not only do these loops have                     Half pipe: Yes                  bear picnic make Cockaigne       of snowshoes from the resort
this season. Check out the        closed due to lack of snow          lighting and snow making                         Night Skiing: Yes               even more fun.                   and take a tour. This is a per-
following ski resorts for great   making in the past, but this        but the resort has also invest-                  Snow Making: Yes. 70%              This year, Cockaigne Ski      fect way to get outside and
local skiing this season:         year should be different. The       ed in new grooming equip-                        Racing: Yes                     Area will not be increasing      enjoy what the hills of
Bristol Mountain Resort           resort has been working hard        ment. With the upgrades, the                     At Cockaigne, teaching          their season pass rates and      Wyoming County have to
5662 County Route 64              to install snow making as           Nordic areas will be                          people to ski is the primary       this should come as a wel-       offer in the winter.
Canandaigua, New York.            well as lighting for the 2007-      groomed with track setting                    focus and with 250 to 300          come decision by local           Holiday Valley
14424                             2008 season making this             and skate type surfaces. And                  feet wide trails it is a great     skiers. An all-season pass       6677 Holiday Valley Rd.        new trail more accessible.          while it may not be the most                  place to learn. Not only are       will cost $225, which is a       Ellicottville, NY 14731
   Skiing: Alpine, Nordic         Another diamond trail,              exciting improvement, the                     the trails wide but the land is    fraction of the price for most
   Vertical Feet: 1,200           “Meteor,” was improved last         newly paved north lot and                     also partially terraced, so flat   other resorts. With low cost        Skiing: Alpine
   Longest Run: 2 Miles           year by widening the slope          additional 64 parking places                  areas are available to help the    passes and a location that
                                                                                                                                                                                                  continued on page 4
   Number of Trails: 33           to 120 feet. Cross country          will make life easier for those               new skier get acquainted           promises healthy doses of
Snowboarding: Some hot
buys for 2007                                                                                   Chills and Thrills
                                                                                                Local ski resorts, trails and snowmobile clubs
                                                                                                DOWNHILL SKIING                          Genesee Valley Bill Koch Youth Skiing
                                                                                                Bristol Mountain, 585-374-6000
                                                                                                        Huggers Ski Club
                                                                                                Cockaigne, 716-287-3223
                                                                                                              Lederhosen Ski Club
                                                                                                                                         Joe 716-941-5591
                                                                                                Holiday Valley, 716-699-2345
                                                                                                          Monroe Y Ski Club
                                                                                                HoliMont, 716-699-2320
                                                                                                               NAR (Niagara Adult Racing)
                                                                                                Kissing Bridge, 716-592-4963
                                                                                                                  Rochester Nordic Ski Club
                                                                                                Peek ’n Peak, 716-355-4141
                                   Photo by Dean “Blotto” Gray                                                    Rochester XC Ski Foundation
By Adam McGill                  not as expen-                                                                                  
                                                                                                Powder Mills Park, 607-545-6511
   Many beginner and            sive as                                                                           Rochester Ski Club
expert boarders can’t wait                                                                                                     
                                                                                                Swain, 607-545-6511
for the upcoming snow-                                                                                            Schussmeisters Ski & Snowboard Club
boarding season and for                                                                                                        
good reason. Buffalo gets                                                                       CROSS COUNTRY SKIING
                                                                                                                                         SCOL (Ski Club of Lockport)
hit with snow every                                                                             Allegheny State Park, 716-354-2128
winter,          and                                                                  
                                                                                                                                         Southtowns Ski Club (downhill)
b e c o m e s                                                                                   Art Roscoe, 716-354-9121       
er’s para-                                                                                      Byrncliff Resort & Conference Center,    WAX Ski Club of Rochester
dise. There                                                                           
are many new                                                                                                                             SNOWMOBILE
                                                                                                Cummings Nature Center, 585-374-6160
boards         and                                                                                                                       New York State Snowmobile
boots out this year,                                                                                                                     Association
and they are as reli-                                                                           Holiday Valley, 716-699-2345             (NYSSA)
                                                                                                          Go to for a list-
able and stylish as ever.
                                                                                                                                         ing by county of NYS Snowmobile Clubs
The following new items                                                                         HoliMont, 716-699-2320                   888-624-3849
can be bought online or at                                                            
local ski markets for the                                                                                                                Cattaraugus County Snowmobile
                                                                                                Monroe County Parks                      Federation
upcoming season:                some                                                       
Beginner Men’s Boards           of the                                                          New York Parks                           _do/snowmobiling.asp
2008        K2       Podium     o t h e r                                                                      Free NYS Snowmobile Trail Map
Snowboard                       boards on the                                                                                            518-474-0446
                                                                                                Peek ‘n Peak, 716-355-4141
   The K2 Podium is a           market, and it                                                          
great board for beginners.      also has a very pre-
                                                                                                SKI CLUBS                                OTHER INFORMATION
It handles well, it is light-   dictable path. The
weight, and it offers great     board has a variety of                                          Adirondack Mountain Club       
stability to help the novice    stripes. The colors that it                                                         Genesee Region Trails Coalition
boarder stay upright more       comes in are white, black,                                      Niagara Frontier Chapter, 716-564-2106
                                                                                                Genesee Valley Chapter, www.gvc-
often. The K2 Podium            and a white/green mix-                                                                  Monroe County Sports Commission
also has a thin multi-          ture. The Burton Feather         a                                                             
wood core that makes the        is useful for helping the        dual-                          Bell Ski Club (x-country)
                                                                                                Judy 716-694-8310              
board       much       more     female rider fine tune her       ratchet
durable. The board comes        skills.                          system that                    Buffalo Nordic Ski Club        
in green, red, and              Expert Women’s Boards            allows the rider               716-834-2470 (after 5p.m.)
                                                                                                                                         If we missed your club, please contact us
white/black. The K2             Burton      Feelgood     ES      to tighten the                 Buffalo Ski Club                         and we will be sure to include you next
Podium is great for begin-      Snowboard                        upper part or lower part of                 year.
ners because it isn’t flashy       The Burton Feelgood           the boot individually, giv-    Deaf Ski Club of Rochester
and it is very predictable.     ES is a great all-around         ing the rider an excep-
Expert Men’s Boards             board that offers great sta-     tionally comfortable, sta-
2007        Nitro      Reign    bility for experts. The          bilized ride. The DC
Snowboard                       board has a black top with       Allegiance will be the start
   The 2007 Nitro Reign         a flurry of white bubbles        of a wave of more com-
board is the latest in the      throughout it. A very            fortable    snowboarding
lightweight super freestyle     lightweight board that           boots.
snowboards. This board is       handles well on all ter-         Women’s Boots
made with a super thin          rains, the Feelgood ES has       Vans W Omni Snowboard
“slicecore” that makes it       an extremely strong frame        Boots
more durable and less           that makes it very popular          The Vans W Omni
likely to warp. The board       among female expert rid-         Boots have a very relaxing
is mostly black but has         ers.                             fit that gives the rider
some lime green under-          Men’s Boots                      more flexibility while tak-
tones to it. The 2007           DC Allegiance Snowboard          ing on the mountain. The
Nitro Reign handles very        Boots                            boots have a black and
smoothly and is one of the         The DC Allegiance             purple exterior and the
better boards available for     Boots are extremely popu-        interior is laced with a
expert riders.                  lar this snowboarding sea-       thermal lining to keep in
Beginner           Women’s      son. They are mostly             warmth. The Vans W
Boards                          black with a little bit of       Omni Boots are great for
Burton Feather Snowboard        green. The most exciting         female riders because they
   The Burton Feather           part about these boots is        offer freedom and more
Snowboard is a great            in how they are construct-       control over the board.
choice for beginners. It’s      ed. The DC Allegiance has
NY Alpine ski racing
Community Sports Report
   Next year marks the 36th
year of the New York State
                                  come to join the series. The
                                  current racers include former
                                  NCAA and junior racers,
                                                                            The New York series con-
                                                                        tinues to offer many advan-
                                                                        tages for its members to par-
                                                                                                            Ice fishing basics
                                                                                                            By Rich Davenport
                                                                                                               Winter is indeed beckon-
                                                                                                            ing in the Northern States,
                                                                                                                                              each tip up must have the
                                                                                                                                              angler’s name and address
                                                                                                                                                                                Vexilar FL-8 and FL-18
                                                                                                                                                                                delivers a picture of what is
Masters Alpine Ski Racing         national champions as well as         ticipate. In addition to having
                                                                                                            and for serious anglers this      present on the tackle.            below the ice, while showing
Series. Men and women over        above-average intermediate            access to some of the best          means that the hard water         Jigs and lures                    exact depths you are fishing
the age of 18 race slalom,        racers. New York                      courses and race crews in the       season is approaching fast!          Micro fishing is the name      over. The Aqua-Vu underwa-
giant slalom and Super-G in a     Masters offers a                      northeast, they also maintain       The popularity of ice fishing     of the panfish game, with         ter camera system can add an
series of 26 races over 13        discount on a                          a two race format that allows      experienced an explosion in       specialized jigs like teardrop    element of the Undersea
days.                             temporary                             everyone to get plenty of           recent years, mainly due to       and marmooska jigs most           World of Jacques Cousteau
                                                                                                            improved outerwear and            common. Use a wax worm,           to your outing, by delivering
   The 2007/2008 schedule         USSA                                    competitive runs in while
                                                                                                            other related cold-weather        mousy grub or spikes for          CCTV video of what is under
will consist of 13 giant                                                    still having time at the end    gear. Couple this with prod-      bait. Small minnows also are      the ice!
slaloms, nine slaloms, and                                                    of the day to free ski, or    uct price declines due to         an effective choice. For larg-    Places to ice fish
four Super-Gs. One of the                                                     get an early start on the     increased retailer and manu-
premier events of the year is a                                             après race activities.          facturer competition, and it
full weekend of Ellicottville                                                  For more information,        all equates to more enjoy-
                                                                                                            ment for the hard water
racing at Holiday Valley and                                               visit
                                                                                                            angler than ever before.
Holimont on Jan. 26 and 27.                                                You can also contact race           With a little pre-season
They also continue the                                                  chairman Jack Eisenschmid           preparation and some deter-
Super-G at Song Mountain,                                               (       mination,      hard      water
which turned out to be a                                                at (585) 288-4554, or race          anglers, both novice and sea-
more fun than you                                                       administrator Nancy Fella           soned, can reap the excite-
                                                                                                            ment of hot fishing condi-
would      expect                                                       ( at (585)          tions, despite the frigid cold
from a medium                                                           385-6871. All race registra-        temperatures.
size hill.                                                              tions go to Nancy Fella, the        Equipment needs
T h e                                                                             race administrator. As       Extreme cold weather
Eastern                                                                             always, registering     demands the very best pro-
                                                                                                            tection from the elements to
Regional                                                    Photo by Joe Willi      ahead of the event
                                                                                                            assure a safe and enjoyable
Championships        AJack Eisenschmid, Co-President of the NYS                     makes it much easier    ice fishing experience. Here
are just down        Masters, racing at Swain on Feb. 26, 2006. (Group              for those who run the   is a basic hard water gear
the road at          shot): New York Masters racers at Holimont, NY                 races. Come on out      checklist of “must have”
Whiteface            January 27, 2007.                                              and join them in        equipment:                        Using an Aqua-Vu camera can turn ice fishing into “video”
Mountain in Lake Placid.          license to encourage as many          their 36th year of New York            Waterproof, insulated boots    fishing!
                                                                                                               Nothing is worse than
   New racers and experi-         racers as possible to join the        State Masters Ski Racing. See
                                                                                                            cold, wet feet during winter.     er fish, such as walleye or          Although many inland
enced racers are always wel-      series on a regular basis.            you on the slopes!                  Make sure your boots are          trout, heavier lead head jigs     bodies of water offer ice fish-
                                                                                                            waterproof and insulated,         tipped with minnows deliv-        ing opportunities, some great
                                                                                                            sporting a thick sole, for best   ers good results. Blade baits,    places to try include
                                                                                                            cold-weather       protection.    like the 1/4 oz Silver Buddy,     Chautauqua                 Lake
                                                                                                            Rocky Boots, Wolverine and        #5- #7 jigging Rapalas and        (Chautauqua County,) Bear

                  NY Alpine Ski Racing Masters                                                              Timberline can all fill the
                                                                                                               Waterproof,       windproof
                                                                                                                                              jigging spoons like the
                                                                                                                                              Swedish Pimple are also
                                                                                                                                              excellent options to have in
                                                                                                                                                                                Lake (Chautauqua County,)
                                                                                                                                                                                New         Albion
                                                                                                                                                                                (Cattaraugus County,) Allen

                   2007/2008 Race Schedule                                                                  heavy outerwear
                                                                                                               Staying dry on the ice is
                                                                                                                                              your ice fishing tackle box.
                                                                                                                                                 Anglers will also need an
                                                                                                                                                                                Lake (Allegany County,)
                                                                                                                                                                                Harwood Lake (Cattaraugus
           Date                  Location             Dis                              Start
                                                                                                            the secret to staying warm,       ice auger or spud bar to cut a    County,) Allegany State
           Dec. 30               Swain Ski Center GS/SL                                9:30 a.m.
                                                                                                            and your outerwear is criti-      hole in the ice. Hand augers      Park’s Quaker and Red
           Jan. 6                Bristol Mtn.       GS/GS                              9:30 a.m.            cal to keeping moisture away.     are very popular, with six,       House Lakes, Conesus Lake
           Jan. 11               Song Mtn           SG/SG                              9:30 a.m.            Choose heavy insulated out-       seven, and eight-inch diame-      (Livingston County,) and
           Jan. 12               Toggenburg         SL/SL                              9:30 a.m.            erwear that sports water          ter augers most popular.          several of the sheltered har-
                                                                                                            resistant or waterproof mate-     Remember, the larger the          bors on both Lakes Erie and
           Jan. 13               Labrador           GS/GS                              9:30 a.m.            rials. Stearns offers the sur-    hole, the more ice you need       Ontario all offer excellent ice
           Jan. 26               Holimont           GS/GS                              9:30 a.m.            vival Mustang suit for top of     to cut, adding difficulty to      fishing opportunities.
           Jan. 27               Holiday Valley     SL/SL                              9:30 a.m.            the line protection. Be cer-      the task. Also be certain the     Be safe!
                                                                                                            tain to select waterproof         auger blades are razor sharp,        Remember to put safety
           Feb. 3                Greek Peak         GS/GS (three runs)                 9:30 a.m.
                                                                                                            gloves as well, and remember      or cutting through the ice        first when ice fishing.
           Feb. 9                Hunt Hollow        GS/GS                              9:30 a.m.            a hat or hood.                    will be impossible. Power         Although the Coast Guard
           Feb. 17               Brantling          SL/SL + (Dual)                     9:30 a.m.               Underwear                      augers have come down in          emphasizes that no ice is
           Feb. 22               Bristol Mtn        SG/SG                              9:30 a.m.               Living in WNY has taught       price, and certainly work         completely safe, four inches
                                                                                                            all of us to dress in layers.     best on thick ice, but their      or more of clear, hard ice will
           Feb. 23               Swain Ski Center GS/SL+Combined                       9:30 a.m.            Choose long johns made            weight may prohibit many          hold a group of anglers.
           March 1               Bristol Mtn        GS/SL                              9:30 a.m.            from hydrophobic materials,       anglers without a snowmo-         During the heart of winter,
           March 6-9             Eastern Regional Championship –                                            such as berkaline, wool, or       bile or ATV from using them.      most area lakes will see ice
                                 Whiteface, Lake Placid                                                     other moisture wicking tex-       An ice scoop for cleaning out     thickness in excess of 12
                                                                                                            tile. Avoid cotton, as this       the hole is also needed.          inches, which is capable of
           March 17-22           Nationals – Mammoth, Calif
                                                                                                            material hold moisture,           Drag sleds and portable           safely holding an SUV or
                                                                                                            rather than moving it away.       shanties                          large sedan. Wear a set of ice
                                                                                                            Add to this a turtleneck shirt       Every angler will need         picks for safety just in case
                                                                                                            and over this a sweatshirt,       some sort of drag sled to tote    the worst happens, as these
                                                                                                            with jeans on the bottom,         along gear. Although any          tools will allow you to pull
                                                                                                            and you should be good to         child’s plastic sled will work,   free of the water - ice and
                                                                                                            go.                               specially-made ice fishing        water equates to a slippery
                                                                                                            Tackle needs                      sleds, like the ones made by      surface, picks bite into the
                                                                                                               Ice fishing demands spe-       the Otter Corp, sport higher      ice! Above all else, it is ill
                                                                                                            cialized tackle. Spinning         side walls and heavier plastic    advised to ice fish alone.
                                                                                                            rods are much shorter, usual-     construction, more suited for        Ice fishing is the perfect
                                                                                                            ly less than 30 inches in         the rigors of ice fishing.        activity for families not
                                                                                                            length. Choose action and            Portable shanties have cer-    afraid of winter fun. So take
                                                                                                            weight of the rod based on        tainly revolutionized the         a kid ice fishing this winter,
                                                                                                            what species you intend to        sport, as keeping out of the      and give the gift that lasts a
                                                                                                            target. Like in summer, hard      wind certainly makes for          lifetime.
                                                                                                            water anglers are limited to      more comfortable hard water          Rich Davenport is co-
                                                                                                            two “hand lines”/ rods at a       angling. Portable shanty          founder                      of
                                                                                                            time. Choose light line, four     makers, such as Dave Genz, an avid
                                                                                                            to six pound test. Small          Fish Traps, Clam shanties,        Outdoorsman and member of
                                                                                                            diameter lines hold up better     Frabill and Otter, all deliver    the NYSOWA. His works are
                                                                                                            than heavier lines in the         portable shelters at afford-      also published in NY Outdoor
                                                                                                            cold.                             able prices.                      News, and the
                                                                                                               Tip ups are also a common      Electronics abound                Buffalo News. Rich is also the
                                                                                                            tackle choice, especially for        Recent product develop-        Recording Secretary for the
                                                                                                            pike and trout angling. Each      ments have changed how            Erie County Federation of
                                                                                                            angler is limited to five tip     anglers attack the ice.           Sportsmen’s Clubs. Email
                                                                                                            ups on most waters, and           Portable fish finders like the
                                                                                                              glove features a four-bar         CNT and the Synergy Elite,          a stiffer ankle.

Holiday hockey equipment guide
By Corey Erdman                    seen on the hands of snipers      boast itself as the No. 1 glove
                                                                                                              design for maximum
                                                                                                              flexibility, as well as top
                                                                                                              grade leather to ensure
                                                                                                                                                valued at $199.99 and
                                                                                                                                                $179.99 respectively.
                                                                                                                                                   “With the CNT, you’re get-
                                                                                                                                                                                       Not surprisingly, due to its
                                                                                                                                                                                    namesake, Sher-Wood’s noto-
                                                                                                         durability and strength.               ting a lot of feel for the puck,”   riety in the hockey world has
   Holiday season marks two        like Marian Hossa and Henrik      manufacturer for the NHL,              For players and parents not         said Mike Mountain, Easton          emerged from developing
things for avid hockey fans        Zetterberg.                       and is quickly climbing the         looking to shell out too much          product manager of sticks.          wooden        hockey      sticks.
and players alike — the               As usual, Mission’s bread      ranks in all protective equip-      money this season, the Stealth         “The low kick point means           However, 2007 has seen Sher-
World       Junior      Hockey     and butter,                       ment.                               S7 is the best “bang for your          the stick is going to react         Wood make huge advance-
Championship, and of course,       their skate                           Easton’s      S11       glove   buck,” Serpa said. The S7              quicker. With a true one piece      ments in goalie equipment,
new equipment. Stores will be      line,     is                      ($169.99 Sr., $129.99 Jr.) is       ($89.99 Sr.) offers all of the         shaft like the CNT, it’s going      and composite sticks.
stocked to the ceilings with       o n c e                           just one of many in the long        same technology - with the             to flex at the lowest possible         Sher-Wood’s RM9 compos-
new equipment, and shop-           again a hot                       line of groundbreaking prod-        exception of heat-moldability          point, and create a quick           ite goalie stick is their first
ping can be quite hectic and       seller this                       ucts premiered by the compa-        - as well as a Smart-Cuff slash        release.”                           attempt at a one-piece goal
confusing at times. For the        season.                           ny over the last two decades.       guard, in a more affordable               “The Synergy is basically        stick, and is priced in the
sake of your safety amidst         Along with                        Building upon principles used       model.                                 our trusty original model           $140 range.
rabid shoppers, we here at         E a s t o n ,                     in breaking in baseball mitts,         In terms of protective              updated. It’s a bit of a heavier       “One of the things I like
Sports & Leisure Magazine          Mission offers                    the S11 is the first heat-mold-     equipment, Easton’s product            model, and is very popular in       about it is how light it is. You
are here to help lay out the       the lowest price                  able hockey glove. Players are      line can be vaguely separated          the NHL. A lot of the bigger        have to be careful with [com-
hottest products, so you know      at virtually every                able to purchase a truly cus-       between padding for a more             guys— guys who like to lean         posite goal sticks], and make
exactly what to look for this      point, without sac-               tom glove right off the             agile player in the Stealth line,      (on the shaft) a lot love this      sure they don’t react too
December.                          rificing      quality.            shelves.                            and the Synergy line geared            stick,” Mountain added.             much,” said Patrick Lalime, a
Mission-Itech                      Designed to fit the                   “Players can actually bend      more towards larger players,              Easton’s S15 ($529.99 Sr.,       goaltender for the Chicago
   Designed for the kid who        needs of any “type” of              the cuff and anything else        defensemen, and shot-block-            $399.99 Jr.), the skate worn        Blackhawks who was been
“doesn’t want to wear the          player, the skate line can           however they want,” said         ing forwards. Serpa describes          by NHL speedsters such as           testing the RM9 and the
same brand daddy wore,”            be divided into two cate-              Terry Serpa, product man-      the Synergy shoulder pad as            Daniel Briere, is the hockey        upcoming RM19 goal sticks
Mission brings a full lineup of    gories, the AG and the XP               ager of Easton protective     “more of a banger pad,” for            world’s lightest performance        in practice. “But it’s nice and
competitively priced, excel-       models. Known as “The                    equipment.                   players looking for some               skate. It’s texalium/carbon         light, one of the things I liked
lent equipment this season.        Playmaker,” the AG models                    Younger players like     added bulk and protection.             fiber boot that tips the scales     was how well I could handle
With its roots in roller hockey,   are designed                                          Ryan Getzlaf       The cream of the hockey             at under 700 grams. It also         the puck.”
Mission naturally brings a         for the more                                          and Pascal      pant crop this season seems to         features patented Easton tech-         Johan Holmqvist has also
flashier, more modern look to      agile player,                                         Dupuis have     be the Stealth S9 ($139.99).           nology that has become syn-         joined the Sher-Wood team,
its equipment. But don’t let       with a lower                                        taken to using    Easton offers full range of            onymous with their skates,          as the Tampa Bay Lightning
that fool you; Mission knows       boot cut. Its                                     the S11 model,      motion, a first in hockey              such as the Padlock ankle,          netminder adds more credi-
its ice hockey. To solidify its    XP counter-                                       whereas many        pants, in their S9 model. This         locking the players’ foot in        bility to the Sher-Wood goal-
stance in the winter-version of    part,     “The                                     players have       means that a player should no          and reducing movement               tending line. Players may
the sport, Mission has teamed      Punisher,” is                                        stayed true to   longer be restricted in his            within the skate, and Bio-Dri       enjoy a lower price point,
with Itech, putting together a     a stiffer boot,                                        a more tra-    strides and that the pants’            technology.                         even for pro-model goalie
team of experience, and team       popular with                                            ditional      anatomical design should                  “We’ve tried to make the         pads such as the 9990 model
of innovation.                     defenseman                                               glove, the   move with the players legs             best performing skate, right        ($1,399.99), as Sher-Wood
   Players have taken notice.      and      power                                            Synergy     rather than hinder them. Also          out of the box,” said Chris         attempts to make waves in a
Over 200 players in the NHL        forwards.                                                  8 0 0 .    notable is the Bio-Dri antibac-        Norqual, Easton product             relatively new scene for them.
are currently using the            Easton                                                      T h e     terial lining, keeping the             manager of skates, on the           Their pads offer an off-set toe,
Mission Intake helmet.                The inno-                                                          smell of your son or daugh-            S15’s ability to be ready to per-   which allows for butterfly
Surprisingly, for a pro-spec       vators of                                                                ter’s (or your own!) pants          form without any breaking in        goaltenders to actually hit the
helmet deemed the “NHL             the hockey                                                                   from engulfing the              or molding to the foot.             ice sooner, and be able to
fashion statement of 2007,”        stick are                                                                         garage or base-               Norqual added that the best      move laterally while in the
the Intake, retails around         quickly                                                                              ment.                   “value” skate is arguably the       butterfly with greater ease.
$99.99 which is less expen-        becoming                                                                                 Of     course,      Stealth S7 ($199.99 Sr.,               Goalies looking after a less
sive then the top-end helmets      much more                                                                             Easton        also     $129.99 Jr.), based on sales        expensive model will be inter-
of competing brands.               than just a                                                                           offers a solid ’07     numbers. Parents of players         ested in the C5 pad, which
   The Intake is a self-           s t i c k                                                                            cast of sticks as       with sub-size one feet should       also offers the off-set toe, and
adjustable, ultra-light helmet     compa-                                                                               well, the most          also keep their eye out for the     a flat-face design popular with
that will actually form to the     n y .                                                                                popular models          Youth S15 ($109.99), which          many NHL goaltenders. This
player’s head. Most impressive     Easton                                                                               in the NHL              is, in essence, a toned-down,       will allow for maximum verti-
is the Dynamo technology,          can now                                                                              being the Stealth        shrunken version of the pro-       cal coverage while in the but-
allowing for more air-flow to      proudly                                                                                                             model S15. Important         terfly. The C5 pad ($599.99
the head, creating a “breezy”                                                                                                                             again is the tight        Sr., $399.99 Jr.) will serve as
feel on the ice. Mission’s line                                                                                                                            ankle         support,   Sher-Wood’s entry-level pad,
of gloves have also taken off       Pictured above: Easton Stealth S15 Skate and Easton                                                                    which will aid new       but seemingly performs at a
in the 2007-2008 season. The        Stealth S17 Grip.                                                                                                      skaters with added       much higher level.
Fuel 120 glove has become a                                                                                                                                support—less move-
popular model, and can be                                                                                                                                 ment in the boot, and

Winter in Cattaraugus County
Community Sports Report                                              through Friday. There are 50
                                                                                                              Ski resort                      from page 1
                                                                                                                 Vertical Feet: 750 feet          and a new Prinoth groomer         and riders will see a gener-
   The             Enchanted                                         slopes, half pipe and terrain
Mountains of Cattaraugus                                             park, all serviced by 9 lifts               Longest Run: 4,400 feet          has been purchased.               al improvement and dedi-
County offers sunny, crisp                                           that carry 13,000 skiers per                Number of Trails: 56             Kissing Bridge Ski and            cation to the park as
days and cool nights filled                                          hour. Both resorts offer cross-             Terrain Park: Yes, 2             Snowboard Resort                  award-winning, experi-
with exciting opportunities                                          country ski trails, ski and                 Half pipe: Yes                   Rt. 240 Glenwood, NY              enced park designer Eric
that await the adventure-                                            snowboard schools, half
                                                                                                                 Night Skiing: Yes                           Langman continues his
some in spirit as well as                                            pipes, terrain parks, equip-
those that wish to take a sce-                                       ment repair and sales.                      Snow Making: Yes, 95%               Skiing: Alpine                 efforts to bring you a great
nic drive in the beautiful                                              Snow Tubing is one of the                Racing: Yes                         Vertical Feet: 550 feet        freestyle       experience.
countryside. Vibrant hill-                                           fastest growing winter sports.              Holiday Valley has spent            Longest Run: 6,000 feet        Kissing Bridge is setting its
sides of ever changing hues                                          Everyone can do it and there             $2.9 million on improve-               Number of Trails: 38           sights beyond the park and
add to an already exciting                                           are no lessons required.
                                                                                                              ments for the 2007-2008                Terrain Park: Yes              putting time and effort into
Enchanted Mountains Fall                                             O’Dea’s Mountain Sno Tubing
experience.                                                          Paradise and Holiday Valley              ski season, including the              Half pipe: Yes                 the junior and adult race
   Allegany State Park offers                                        Tubing Company offer exhila-             installation of a new quad             Night Skiing: Yes              leagues as well. Andrew
excellent facilities for both                                        rating runs with warming                 lift and three additional              Snow Making: Yes, 80%          Minier, a five-year veteran
summer and winter recre-                                             huts, night lighting and full            trails cut into the hill. The          Racing: Yes                    on the FIS Telemark World
ation. Hike or snowshoe one                                          snow making capabilities.
                                   Enjoy snowmobiling on one                                                  Spruce Lake Quad lift will             Kissing Bridge has a           Cup USA team, will run
of the 18 hiking trails avail-                                          If need a break from the
able or enjoy the 35 miles of      of the many trails throuhout      outdoors, on January 4 and 5             give skiers access to the           number of new additions           adult race leagues opera-
groomed cross-country ski          Cattaraugus County.               make your way to Ellicottville           new slopes called Spruce            this year including a new         tions. Additionally, Joel
trails. Come watch the Can                                           to enjoy “The Winter Blues               Line, Raccoon Run and               cable on the world chair          Solly, a former Masters
Am Sled Dog races or do            groomed snowmobile trails         Festival.”                               Cathedral. The resort               lift that services the terrain    Eastern Champion and
some ice fishing. Plan to visit    throughout        Cattaraugus        Come visit the Enchanted
                                                                                                              reports on their website            park. Snowmaking should           National Masters team
for the day or come for an         County.                           Mountains of Cattaraugus
extended stay in one of the           Ski or snowboard at            County, Naturally yours…to               that snowmaking was to be           be more efficient as the          member, will be the head
winterized cabins. Bring your      Holiday Valley Resort where       Experience.                              installed on these runs             main snow making line has         course setter for weeknight
snowmobile and use the 74          53 slopes are spread out over        For more information or to            over       the      summer.         been replaced and thus            race events.
miles of snowmobile trails         1,100 acres. HoliMont is the      obtain a free travel guide, call         Renovations have also               eradicating problems from
that double as horse-back rid-     largest private ski area in the   1-800-331-0543 or visit
                                                                                                              been made to the inn room           the previous season. Skiers
ing trails in summer. There        United States, but they wel-
are another 400 miles of           come the public Monday

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