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                        ASIAN PAINTS LIMITE


      1. ASIAN PAINTS OVERVIEW ........................................                     2
      2. BACKGROUND                       ............................................. 3
      3. VISION                         .............................................. 4
      4. MISSION                       ............................................... 4

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      5. MAJOR CORPORATE EVENTS ..................................... 5
      6. COMPETETIVE ADVANTAGE PROFILE .......................... 7
      7. CORPORATE FACTORS ............................................... 9
      8. STRATEGIC MANTRAS OF ASIAN PAINTS LTD .............. 10
      9. SWOT ANALYSIS              ...................................................... 12
      10.MARKET SEGMENTATION ............................................ 13
      11.ANSOFF MATRIX                           ........................................... 15
      12.FUTURE PLANS                            ............................................16
      13. ANALYSIS & SUGGESTIONS ..........................................17
      14.CONCLUSION                     ................................................ 19

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    The learning objective for the industry analysis is to determine the
     opportunities and threats that exist for firms within a competitive
    The learning objective for the firm analysis is to determine the strengths
     and weaknesses of a firm and to determine the core competence that can
     be built on to establish a competitive advantage.
    The final step is to develop a sound business plan to ensure the survival
     of their chosen firm within its competitive environment.


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Audacious in vision.

Focus on what know best.

Trim flab to achieve operational excellence.

Good governance made the business sense

Forge stronger partnerships with supplier base.

Pursue quality with zeal.

Innovate to create value for customers.

Good in distribution.


 Asian Paints Limited(APL) is the market leader in the Indian paint industry,
commanding a market share of 38 per cent in decorative paints and 33 per cent
overall in the organised sector. Its annual sales turnover exceeds Rs. 1,300
crore, way ahead of all the competitors in the industry. In profits too, Asian
Paints is far ahead. Asian paints market leadership in the decorative paints
segments can be grasped correctly when we take note of the relative position of
the various players in the industry. Whereas Asian Paints has a market share of
38 per cent, its nearest rival, Goodlass Nerolac, commands a share of just 14 per
cent. All others have only less than 10 per cent. Such an achievement by a
company that is wholly Indian in capital, management and technology and in an

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industry historically dominated by multinationals is certainly a commendable

Some of the key initiatives undertaken are:

* Initiatives in manufacturing to reduce losses at factory

* Sourcing efficiencies

* Sweat existing assets for better productivity

* Introduction of new technology to drive efficiencies and increase productivity

* Implementation of a new supply chain solution

* Implementation of an ERP solution

2. Background

Asian Paints Limited was established in 1942 as a partnership firm by four
friends Champaklal H. Choksey, Chimanlal N. Choksi, Suryakant C. Dani and
Arvind R.Vakil to manufacture paints in a garage in Mumbai (Bombay). From
its humble beginnings, the company has moved on to become the largest paints
company in India with a market share of 30 per cent.The company with a
turnover of US$ 535 million on standalone basis and US$ 640 million on
consolidated basis (including turnover of all its subsidiaries) is one of the top
ten decorative paints companies in the world. Its reach and dominance in the
Indian market can be gauged from the fact that it is more than twice the size of
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its neares competitor in India and it has been the market leader in paints
industry in India since 1968.The company operates in 22 countries and has 29
paint manufacturing plants in the world which service consumers in over 65
countries.The company operates around the world on its own and also through
its three subsidiaries Berger International Limited,Apco Coatings and SCIB
Chemicals.The company aims to become one of the top five decorative paint
companies in the world and has embarked on an aggressive strategy of
expanding its global operations. The promoters hold the majority stake in the
company (46.8 per cent of the equity stake).The next largest shareholders are
the foreign institutional investors (19.5 per cent stake), followed by Indian
public (16.5 per cent stake). Domestic banks, financial Institutions, mutual
funds and insurance companies hold 13.4 per cent stake. Corporate bodies and
non-resident Indians hold the remaining stake.


Asian Paints is engaged in manufacturing of paints. The company offers interior
and exterior wall paints, automotive paints, powder coatings, auto refinish
paints, and wood finishes. It operates in 22 countries and has 29 paint
manufacturing facilities in the world servicing consumers in over 65 countries.
It is headquartered in Mumbai, India and employs 3,924 people

   1)   Interior Wall Paints
   2)   Exterior Wall Paints
   3)   Wood & Metal Paints
   4)   Wood Finishes
   5)    Ancilliaries


“Asian  Paints aims to become one of the top five Decorative coatings
companies world-wide by leveraging its expertise in the higher growth
emerging markets. Simultaneously, the company intends to build long term

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value in the Industrial coatings business through alliances with established
global partners .   “


To provide paints as per market demand, ensuring desired level and quality of
customer (dealer) service, continued availability of the right product mix of
right quality at the right time.


   • Commitment and Integrity in dealing with internal and external
   • A strong belief in individual ability and creating an environment in which
     entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged
   • Ownership and Responsibility
   • To continuously Rejuvenate every living and working space of people
     and bring joy to their lives


       • To continuously rejuvenate every living and working space of people
         and bring joy to their lives

   5.Major corporate events (Milestone)

Year Events

1942   Champaklal H Choksey, Chimanlal N Choksi, Suryakant C Dani and
       Arvind R Vakil establish a paint manufacturing unit in a garage on Foras
       Road, Bombay. They name the company The Asian Oil & Paint Company
1945   Asian Paints uses an innovative marketing strategy of using small packs

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1957   The family-owned company becomes a professionally managed
1967   Asian Paints emerges as India's leading paint company
2002   Asian Paints restructures and adopts enterprise resource planning
2005   Asian Paints becomes the tenth largest decorative paint company in the

APL’s whole business operation can be divided into two segments i.e. Paints
and Chemicals.

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Marketing Factors

    Market leader -38% share in organized sector.

    Asian Paints is more than twice the size of its nearest competitor.

    >50 yrs -leader

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    Widest product range -product shades, wide colours ,pack sizes

    40 different decorative paints -1000 shades, 8 different sizes in packing,
     no. of brands -all segments

    Brands -quite powerful

    high quality MR & MIS , 90% accuracy in forecasting, 100 fastest
     moving Stock Keeping Units, monitored daily

    Countrywide distribution (29 plants in 22 countries) .

    Physical distribution far superior to competitors

    strong in inventory control (18 processing centres, 350 raw material and
     intermediate goods suppliers, 140 packing material vendors, 6 regional
     distribution centres, 72 depots are integrated)

Manufacturing/Operations factors :

    Size advantage in relation to competitors.

    Finesse in production planning ,scheduling ,matching with marketing

    In-house production –outsourcing –high reliability suppliers – superior
     quality assurance.

    Four production location –spread benefits.

      Human Resources :

   Asian Paints believes that people are its strongest assets

   HIGH calibre

   A talent pool of over 4700 employees employed across 23 countries bring
    in a unique blend of mindsets and skills

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     Excellent training is provided to develop leaders and re-strengthen
      competencies from within the organisation

Information Technology :

     Asian Paints is the only company in India to have integrated Supply
      Chain Management (SCM) Solution from i2 Technologies, and
      Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution from SAP.

     Customer Relations Management (CRM) tools are being used in Asian
      Paints Helpline and Home Solutions initiatives

     Improve efficiency in the business as well as increase the transparency
      and accuracy of information across the country.

Research & Development :

     At Asian Paints, R&D plays an important role in developing new
      products and innovations, and reducing costs by value re-engineering of

     It consists of 140 strong R&D team consisting of 7 doctorates and around
      115 qualified scientists, has always backed the company's business plan
      and demands of the market place.

     Asian Paints' R&D team has successfully managed to develop High-end
      exterior finished and wood finishes in-house.

    7. Corporate factors       :

     AWARDS

   Awarded the "Sword of Honour" by the British Safety Council for all the
    paint plants in India. This award is considered as the pinnacle of
    achievement in safety across the world.

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   Forbes Global magazine, USA ranked Asian Paints amongst the 200 'Best
    Small Companies of the world' in 2002 and 2003 and amongst the top 200
    'Under a Billion Firms' of Asia in 2005.
   Ranked 24th amongst the top paint companies in the world by Coatings
    World - Top Companies Report 2006.
   The Asset - one of Asia's leading financial magazine ranked Asian Paints
    amongst the leading Indian companies in Corporate Governance in 2002 and
   Received the Ernst & Young "Entrepreneur of the Year - Manufacturing"
    award in 2003


       Asian Paints approaches the environment issue from the perspective of
        waste minimisation and conservation of resources.
       It attempt is to reuse, recycle and eliminate waste, which results in less
        and less waste being generated. Accordingly, the material losses in
        manufacturing have been reduced substantially over the last few years.
        It has ISO 14001 certification for environment management standards.
       It has achieved 'zero industrial discharge' capability. This has been
        achieved by the installation of upgraded effluent treatment facilities and
        installation of reverse osmosis plants in conjunction with appropriate
        recycling and reuse schemes. Our emulsion manufacturing facility has
        also achieved 'zero waste' status. It has adopted the principles of "green
       Some of its innovative schemes which enhance green productivity are
        dealer tinting systems which has resulted in large batch sizes ; bulk
        storage facility for monomers which reduces wastage; Use of natural gas
        which is a cleaner fuel ; solvent recovery plants have been set up which
        has resulted in zero reduction of solvent disposal ; Improved incinerating
        systems and reverse osmosis.
       The "Sword of Honour", instituted by the BSC, is recognized the world
        over as the pinnacle of achievement in safety management systems.


       We shall provide products and services that meet stated standards on
        time, every time.
       We accept Zero Defect as a quality absolute, and shall design and operate
        our quality system accordingly.
       We will organise our work practices to do a job right the first time, every
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      We are committed to continuous improvement in quality in all business
       processes and shall track such improvement through measurable


Asian Paints sound marketing has earned it strong brand equity. It has been able
to do it by focusing on product features that are appreciated by customers. And
by ensuring that the products are of high and consistent quality and are widely
available b Enviable track record in breaking away the position of MNCs in the
Indian paint Industry building a strong distribution system.

The paint industry of India is more then 100 years old. Its beginning can be
traced to the setting up of factory by Shalimar Paints in Kolkata in 1902. Till the
advent of World War II. The industry consisted of just a few foreign companies
and some small. Indigenous producers. Foreign companies continued to
dominate the industry.

At the time Asian Paints entered the Indian paint business. Distribution was the
most crucial task for any new entrant. Both physical distribution and channel
management posed formidable challenges. The foreign companies and their
wholesale distributors dominated the business. Also they were shutting the
doors on any new paint company seeking an entry into the business. They
concentrated on big cities where they could make the sales without much
investment in distribution infrastructure and market development.

Asian Paints sized up the scenario and formulated a unique strategy. It went in
for a strategy that differed totally from the existing pattern.

Elements of Asian Paints Marketing Strategy

       1. Asian Paints bypassed the bulk buyer segment and went to individual
       consumers of paints.

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      2. Asian Paints went slow on urban areas and concentrated on semi urban
      and rural areas.

      3. Asian Paints went retail. While its competitors remained content with a
      handful of wholesale distributors. AP preferred direct contact with
      hundreds of retail dealers.

      4. Asian Paints went in for an open door policy. It broke the prevailing
      trend in those days. Of limiting the number of dealers to the barest
      minimum. And chose to use practically everyone in the trade. Who was
      willing to function as its dealer?

      5. Asian Paints voted for nationwide marketing/distribution. It wanted to
      have an active presence throughout the country. In all the geographical
      zones. States and territories.

      Main steps in the implementation Process

      1. Asian Paints created a large network of dealers.

      2. It established a network of company depots to service the dealers

      3. It created a marketing organization that matched its distribution

      4. It successfully resolved the cost service conflict in distribution with a

                   A strong commitment to distribution cost control. Without
                    compromising service level.
                   Effective inventory management
                   Effective control of credit outstandings
                   IT initiatives in distribution cost control

As already mentioned. Asian Paints is India's largest paint company and the
market leader in decorative paints. The story of Asian Paints is a story of
marketing excellence. It achieved an enviable leadership position by mastering
the distribution function and gained a distinctive and powerful competitive


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Strength :

    NO.1 Player in decorative paints and 2nd in industrial paint segment.

    Wide range of products with around 8500 colors.

    Geographically well spread giving the company logistical advantage.

    International presence giving opportunity to reap benefit from
     international growth.

    wide distribution network i.e. 19,000 dealers.

    Highest manufacturing capacity.

    Strong finanacial helps the company to invest in marketing and brand
     recall activities.

weakness :

    Low share from the industrial paint segment.

opportunity :

    High growth in both decorative paint and industrial paint.

    Potential in overseas markets.

Threats :

    Growing industry and low capital intensive nature of business will attract

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    Setting up Greenfield project and buyout are viable options for
     international players to enter the domestic market.
    Industry growth depends on two factors
               (a) Repaint activity and
               (b) Construction. Any slowdown in any of the two will have
                   direct impact on the company sales.

    Aggression from existing players
    The external environment saw an entry of a lot of multinationals trying to
     attack us on various segments

10.Market segmentation :
Asian Paints segment the market based on the usage :


It is how the Asian paints enabled people to form a mental image for their
products in the customer’s mind. The strategies that they followed where as

Brand Image

The ways in which Asian Paints attempted to meet the customer’s psychological
and social needs.Indian paint industry is a low involvement industry. Till 1990s
people will just tell their budget for painting their house to their contractors.
And few customers will also mention the colour they need. During that period
Asian Paints analyzed the customer market and found that people where not
brand conscious but their concern was only the price of the paint. To meet this
needs of the customer
• Asian paints reduced the cost of the raw materials by backward integration in
order to reduce the cost of the paints
• Established an advertising strategy with created an emotional touch among the
All these strategies helped them in creating a “Brand Image” for their products
among people and people started realizing the need for brand conscious in this

Umbrella Brand

In 2004 the company realized that though they have almost 20 brands only few
products like Apex emulsion, Royale interior emulsion, Apcolite and Touch

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wood had high recall among the customers. Therefore they decided to promote
the brand as a whole, to create a corporate image and the various products under
their Umbrella Brand “Asian Paint”, which became their mother brand. This
created a “Brand Awareness” as a whole among the customers.

Brand Portfolio:

It was realized that instead of spending on individual brands and in promoting
them it was logical to promote their corporate image and allthe brands under
their umbrella brands “...

Asian Paints has embarked on an umbrella branding policy encompassing all its
products and services. The project includes a new visual identity that establishes
the company name as the dominant reason for purchase. Tractor, Royale, Utsav
and Apcolite names are no longer the focus on the can, rather consumers will be
buying "Asian Paints." Some key brand names are being retained for the time
being--to signal a position in the market rather than a product or surface. For
instance, Tractor will represent the "value for money" brands.

The immediate advantage is obvious. Rather than spread resources thinly across
brands and sub-brands, a company centric portfolio can synergize
communication efforts. To be competitive in a world of fragmentation and
rising costs, traditional mass media, such as television, can be prohibitively

With the umbrella-branding move, Asian Paints can also afford to move
forward from a mere functional platform for each individual product to the high
ground of a mood-based emotional dimension.

An Underlying Theme

At Asian Paints, the underlying theme is "har ghar kuchh kehta hai," or "every
home has something to say." The depth and texture visualized by this line goes
into the customer's basic psyche of owning a home, and will carry through
various messages emanating from the company, which is the leader in the
decorative coatings market in India.

11.ANSOFF Matrix
 Asian Paint’s value for the customers was build through innovative package
(size),distribution , and communication .In 1970’s they decide to computerize
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and network their 30 depots round the country ,to provide proper feedback of
market needs ,resulting in quick response to meet the needs.
        They planned a new distribution structure , smaller packages and
computerized communication networks. Asian paints differentiation strategy
starts from market segment, distribution & packaging .
      With increasing volumes in chosen segments Asian Paints achieved
economies of scale for cost leadership .With their dominant position they
diversified in product range as also market and geographic segment.
1. They diversified into manufacturing raw materials for paints.
2. product diversification also included industrial paints .Now with a large
market share ,they have strong distribution network even in metros.
Asian paints strategy of quick response translates into supplying 95% of the
order supply in 48 hrs which is a positive competitive advantage .Their R&D
has developed new products to later to industrial & scientific segments . The
paint industry is in growth stage in India as construction activity has a high

With 27% market share, they enjoyed double the market share than their
nearest competitor .In order to maintain this leadership position they have
drawn up the following strategy.

Asian Paints went to backward vertical integration by getting into
manufacturing raw materials for paints.
 With liberalized economy more international brands are likely to enter the
Indian markets as entry barriers are low in the Paint Industry.
 To keep their dominant position Asian Paints should pursue vigorous R & D
for innovative products ,increase the number of depots for covering the entire
country advertise separately for each market segment & average continuous
market research to enhance their competitive advantage.

   12.Future Plans :
The company plans to consolidate its dominant position in India by launching
new products in line with the market developments in both decorative paint and

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industrial coating segments. The company is focusing on further improving the
operations of all of its subsidiaries in India and abroad and has already launched
E-Strides, an ERP initiative through which all the overseas ventures are being
covered for sharing of global knowledge, best practices and better control on
operations. The company’s objective is to be among the top three players in
each market where it is currently operating or plans to operate in the future

      Introducing Water – based Paints
      Repositioning of existing Brands in Rural Market
      Broadening of Distribution Network
      Adding more choices for shades and effects
      Enhancing Better Quality
      Demand will be generated through the new
      constructions coming in housing and industries


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If we observe the vision statement

    Understood that management involved right from the start.
    Adequate or correct marketing research is done at each and every level
    There is no lack of vision on the relationships between processes,
     technology and organization.

If we observe the culture of TQM, and Decision Making

      There is sufficient company resources to accomplish task.
      New strategies are well explained to employees.
      Incentives given to workers to embrace the new strategy.
      Promoting the new employee and their management skills.
      There is a good employee commitment.
      Important strategies like collaboration with lead manufacturing

If we observe the Human Resource Management

Its observed that Company’s succeed in today's free market economy, only
because their employees perform to their fullest potential. The governing theme
in the organisation is the well being of their employees strategies.

    Alive to this home truth
    Freedom to experiment
    Continuous learning and training.
    Transparency in all aspects.
    Quality in all aspects of work.
    Rewards based on performance and potential.
    The salary and benefits offered are on par with the best available in
     Construction Industry.
    It is aimed at not only attracting but also retaining talent.

If we observe Financial aspects

    Because of this Economic crisis all over the world,the company profit
     percentage gets reducing.
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    To control this, There should be a meeting with all familiar construction
     companies CEO to get their views on financial crisis aspects and financial
    But, Reduced financial expenses have resulted in substantial increase in
     the return on net worth as well as the capital invested from them.

If we observe Enivironmental upgradation.

    It has ISO 14001 certification for environment management standards
    It is using more innovative techniques.
    This augurs well for the country and now there is an imminent need to
     introduce green concepts and techniques in this sector.
    Green concepts and techniques in the construction sector can help address
     national issues like handling of consumer waste, water efficiency,
     reduction in fossil fuel use in commuting, energy efficiency and
     conserving natural resources.
    Most importantly, these concepts can enhance occupant health, happiness
     and wellbeing.
    So automatically enhance the mood of occupant and they feel fresh
     throughout the day and in the mean time profit also increases.

If we observe the Marketing Strategy :

      It has large network of dealers.
      Wide range of varieties.
      Rich in product diversification.
       High Innovation in techonolgy.
      Given more importance for R &D.

Since the firm has following good strategies ,but it must be careful about MNCs
coming for various segments.and there is aggression from existing palyers.

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    An independent survey named Asian Paints to be one of the best
     companies in Asia in paint industry and other.
    Business Today showed that the company was one of the most
     transparent and a leader on the issue of innovative methods.









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