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How to Break Password Protected RAR file?


forget password of rar file which including important files? Be anxious about password protected favorite movie rar file? Don’t worry, the article below will tell you how to break password protected rar file step by step.

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									           How to Break Password Protected RAR file?

Created some files a long time ago and used RAR to split them and also added a password to the
file. The problem now is that you need to use the file and really can’t remember the password to
it. Or downloaded movie the season 07 for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, mentioned
with RAR file, unfortunately it doesn’t work for it needs password. Such cases often happen in
our daily life. Sometimes, some important files piled with password protected Winrar files and
you are urgent to open it. Then how to solve these Problems? How to break password protected
Winrar file without damaging the data inside it?

There are many Winrar password remove program in the market, but I haven’t personally tested
them. Smartkey RAR Password Recovery is a widely spread edition though. And it is proved to be
a good one. It supports break RAR password with three different options: brute-force attack,
brute force with mask attack and dictionary attack.

Brute-force attack: If you are not urgent to use the file, you can choose this option for it may take
a lot of time. Brute-force attack will try all possible combination to find out your lost password.
Therefore, simpler your password, shorter time will take.
Brute force with mask: This option refers to the case you can remember some symbols of your
password, but not all. It holds the same theory of brute-force attack, however, take less time than
Dictionary attack: It is the most recommended option if you have no idea of your password.
Dictionary attack allows you to break the password according to default dictionary of the
program and more than that, you can also add your own dictionary to the program. It will save a
lot of time.

Knowing about the three different options of decryption, you can start to remove RAR password
and get access to your file within three steps:

Step1. Click “open” button to select encryption rar file.
Step2. Choose the perfect decryption type.
Step3. Click “Start” button to begin break password protected RAR file
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