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                                                    Controls
                                X - Attack/Fire Vehicle Weapons/Batarang (Hold)
                                             Y - Switch Characters/Enter Vehicle
                           A - Jump/Exit Vehicle/Boost (Only on certain vehicles.)
                                   B - Action/Grapple/Vehicle Grapple/Build (Hold)
                                              LT - Switch Character (Free Play)
                                                             LB - N/A
                                             RT - Switch Character (Free Play)
                                                             RB - N/A
                                     D-Pad Up - Move Character/Move Vehicle
                                    D-Pad Right - Move Character/Move Vehicle
                                     D-Pad Left - Move Character/Move Vehicle
                                    D-Pad Down - Move Character/Move Vehicle
                                                            Start - Pause
                                                            Back - N/A
                               Left Analog Stick - Move Character/Move Vehicle
                                                 Right Analog Stick - N/A

                                     General Gameplay Tips
1. Switching Characters: During game play you can switch between the two characters in
    any level. Each character has their own abilities and you must utilize them all to beat
                                          each level.
     2. Destructible Environment: There are destructible objects planted all over the
     environment. Smash them to discover studs and Lego pieces that can be assembled to
                                    create new objects.
   3. Studs: These are planted around the level and in destructible objects. Use them to
                            purchase new things in the Batcave.
4. Lego Canisters: There are 10 Lego canisters hidden throughout each level, which makes
    300 for the entire game. You can find a few your first time through the level, but most
      will need to be found by playing through a second time in Free Play mode. In the
    walkthrough, if you can't get one during regular play, it has been marked as Free Play.
   Collect all ten in a level and you unlock a mini-kit model that can viewed in the Batcave
                                       or Arkham Asylum.
                                5. Hearts: Gather hearts to restore your health.
  6. Red Power Bricks: One brick is hidden in each level. When you find one it unlocks
                               extras and bonus features.
7. Hero and Villain Levels: There are 15 hero levels and 15 villain levels. Each set of five
   constitutes as an episode. Each villain episode is the same as the hero episodes, but they
                 are unique levels designed to tell the villains side of the story.
 8. Suits: There are eight different suits in the game. Batman has four and Robin has four,
                      which are unlocked throughout the hero missions.
        1. Glide Suit: This allows Batman to cross large gaps that you can't jump across.
                               Jump and hit A a second time to glide.
         2. Demolition Suit: Use this to have Batman plant bombs, which blow up silver
            objects in the environment that can't be destroyed otherwise. Hit B to plant the
           bomb and hold B to blow it up, but, if you don't, it's on a timer so it will blow up
       3. Heat Protection Suit: This allows Batman to interact with red "hot" Lego pieces
                                    and enter red "hot" areas.
        4. Sonic Suit: This gives Batman a sonic gun, which he can use to break panes of
                          glass that cannot be destroyed by anything else.
       5. Magnet Suit: This allows Robin to walk along certain metal walls to access areas
                                   that are otherwise off limits.
           6. Technology Suit: This lets Robin use green tech panels to access remote
           controlled elements in the environment. He can drive objects into areas to small
                                       for anything else to enter.
       7. Attract Suit: This gives Robin the power to collect red, yellow, and green pieces
          that are lying around the environment. He can deposit these in Attracto canisters
             to create new things that will help you. Each Attracto canister has a certain
                            number of pieces it needs before it will create.
       8. Water Suit: This allows Robin to swim to the bottom of a water area and access
           things that were previously off limits. Hit A a few times to reach the surface

                                  The Batcave
              1. This is where you access all the hero missions in the game.
  2. You can access the Batcomputer here. This allows you to purchase and view certain
     things such as suit upgrades, story clips, extras, characters, data (information about
                    characters and places), and you can even enter codes.
3. You can change into any of the suits you've unlocked in the area below the Batcomputer.
       4. Use the switch to the right of the Batcomputer to access Arkham Asylum.
 5. The hero trophy room displays all the trophies you've unlocked. Trophies are unlocked
                    by acquiring the hidden Lego Canisters in each level.

                              Arkham Asylum
1. This is where you access all the villain missions in the game. Each of the villain missions
                          allows you to play with a different villain.
             2. The villains have a trophy room similar to that of the Batcave.
 3. This is where you can access the character creator. The more levels and characters you
    beat, the more that becomes unlocked for you to use. Create a custom character and use
                                   them in Free Play mode.
4. There is also the equivalent of the Batcomputer here. Just stand on the large orange pad
                                by where you enter to access it.

                       You Can Bank on Batman
               1. Beat up the two enemies in front of you and then go right.
       2. TIP: If you smash all the light poles in this level, you get an achievement.
3. TIP: Go down the alley to the left. Stand on the white spot on the ground and the gate to
    the right will open. Go into the gate and hold B to put the Legos together. This builds a
   grapple point. Go to the grapple point and use it to get up to the ledge. Follow the ledge
   to the next white spot and hit B to open the gate below. Continue on the ledge and go up
      the ladder to find the Lego canister. Jump back to the ground and go into the newly
                            opened gate to grab another Lego canister.
4. TIP: Destroy the telephone by the location of the second canister. This is one of five that
                          must be destroyed to get a Lego canister.
 5. Go forward down the street and look into the first set of windows on the left. There's a
                                     person in trouble.
       6. Smash the window and jump through to help the person escape the enemy.
  7. TIP: The far right window has another Lego canister. Use the sonic suit to break the
     window and get it. Use the panel here and then go down the alley on the right to claim
                              another Lego canister (Free Play).
     8. Use the grapple point in front of the window and pull yourself up to the ledge.
            9. Go right and jump on the rope to pull yourself to the next ledge.
10. Go left around the corner and use your Batarang to kill the enemy on the ledge to the left.
                   11. Use the Legos to build a tightrope to the next roof.
           12. Climb across the rope and put on the new Batman demolition suit.
                    13. Jump to the ground and kill all the enemies here.
     14. TIP: You can use the new bat suit to blow up all the destructible things in this
  15. TIP: Use a super strength character to toss the heavy object off the manhole. Use the
       demolition suit on the manhole and jump inside to get a Lego canister (Free Play).
 16. TIP: Go left to find another Lego canister in the door by the vehicles and ooze. Use a
   toxin resistant character to enter the ooze and assemble the pieces of the truck. Drive the
      truck out of the way and then use mind control on the man in the small window. He
          opens the door to the building so that you can grab the canister (Free Play).
                 17. Go right and stick to the ledge above the broken road.
                   18. TIP: Destroy the telephone here to get two of five.
    19. Use the Demolition Suit to blow up the cement mixer and go into the next area.
   20. TIP: Go down the alley on the left and use a super strength character to move the
    objects. Use the grapple point and then walk on the tightrope to the next ledge. Use the
        demolition suit to blow up the windows and grab the Lego canister (Free Play).
               21. Beat up the enemies here and make your way to the right.
                  22. Plant a bomb by the truck on the right and blow it up.
                    23. TIP: On the far right wall is the third telephone.
                        24. Hop over the truck to reach the next area.
                     25. Go forward and beat up the guys in your way.
26. TIP: Use a super strength character to pull the box from the wall. Enter the passage to an
                    upper balcony and claim the Lego canister (Free Play).
27. TIP: Go down the road to some toxic ooze. Use a toxin resistant character to cross it and
    then use mind control on the man in the small window. When he opens the door, hit the
     switch and a garage door will open. Later on you will enter a room with two red cars.
     Drive those red cars here and park one in each garage. This opens the third garage and
                        allows you to get the Lego canister (Free Play).
        28. Stick to your left until you come to an area with some benches and trees.
                          29. TIP: The fourth phone is in this area.
             30. Beat up all the enemies here and destroy the trees and benches.
31. Put together the Legos by where the trees and benches were and you get a platform with
                                     a new suit for Robin.
      32. Put on the technology suit and go to the green panel behind you on the wall.
                33. Operate the panel and you get control of a small vehicle.
 34. TIP: Use the sonic suit to destroy the glass wall and then use the attract suit to gather
      pieces around the area. Put the pieces into the machine behind the glass wall and it
                              creates a Lego canister (Free Play).
   35. Steer the vehicle to the right and stop on the panel by the front window of the next
                       36. Drive forward down the panel and it drops.
                          37. Drive into the building and go right.
             38. Drive the vehicle into the three red buttons to turn them green.
       39. Drive to the blue door on the right and the vehicle will blow the way open.
                    40. Exit the vehicle and take control of Robin again.
         41. Beat up the enemies that have arrived and go into the door on the right.
                 42. When you exit out the other side, you battle Clayface.
                                BOSS Clayface
                 1. Beat up Clayface a bit and then he will go into the bank.
     2. TIP: On the far right wall, destroy the final phone and claim the Lego canister.
   3. Follow him into the bank and use Batman's Demolition suit to blow up the piles of
4. When Clayface gets on a gray stand, blow that up as well and then you get access to the
                          5. Clayface will climb on top of the cage.
  6. TIP: Use Batman's bombs on the blue areas to the left of the cage to get a red power
     7. Throw your Batarang at the gas cannons and they spray him and he's defeated.

                               An Icy Reception
                       1. Go forward and left to the glowing objects.
         2. Destroy these objects and use them to build a pad with a suit for Robin.
                  3. Put on Robins Magnet Suit and go to the central gate.
4. TIP: Destroy everything in the environment. Assemble the pieces to the ice cream truck
      on the left and use it to smash the metal in the area. Park it on the central circle and
   assemble some close pieces into a switch. Hit the switch to lower the truck and create an
           ice cream cone. Destroy the ice cream cone and you get a Lego canister.
 5. TIP: Smash the objects on the right and assemble a pole high above. Super jump to the
   pole and then to the ledge. Follow the ledge to a Lego canister and then smash the boards
                           on the wall for another canister (Free Play).
            6. Use the Batarang to break the hinges on the gate and it will drop.
7. TIP: If you destroy the objects at the back of the area you can assemble two cannon like
   objects. Jump on the handle for these and they destroy the vans that are spouting enemies.
 8. TIP: Use a character with super strength to pull open the hatch on the left wall and get
                          the Lego canister behind it (Free Play).
 9. TIP: Use mind control to get through the gate on the left and then super jump onto the
   platform against the wall. Super jump and use the poles to reach the Lego canister above
                                         (Free Play).
                10. Go left and use Robins new suit to walk up the metal wall.
                     11. Hit the lever and then quickly switch to Batman.
12. Use Batman to hit the lower switch before the top one goes back to its starting position. If
                             you did this correctly a gate will open.
13. TIP: Super jump to the area on the right and use the demo suit on the objects here to get
                                 a Lego canister (Free Play).
                        14. Go through the gate to reach the next area.
                    15. Break and assemble to six objects in front of you.
  16. The first three build a switch that you must push to move an object out of your way.
                 17. The next assembles a pad for a new Batman glide suit.
18. TIP: Glide to the area at on the back wall and use the security panel. Go through the door
     and use the demolition suit on the metal objects. Go into the pink corridor and grab the
     Lego canister. You can also use the Joker's buzzer on the generator and get a large ice
                                      cream cone (Free Play).
 19. TIP: To the right of the last area, super jump to the platform against the back wall and
      use super strength to rip the grate up. Drop down and smash the place up. Have your
     partner jump on the switch and raise a box and claim the red power brick (Free Play).
    20. Use the new suit to get to the other side of the gap and beat up the enemies here.
       21. Assemble the brown pieces to build a bridge, which allows Robin to cross.
                        22. Use your Batarang on the chains holdi...

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