; IHEPA Arteriosclerosis
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IHEPA Arteriosclerosis


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									                            IHEPA International Conference
                          Healthy Aging: Mind, Body and Spirit
                                      The Kahala Hotel & Resort
                                       Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
                                       February 11 & 12, 2011


7:30am                  Registration Opens, Maile Ballroom
7:30-9:00am             Breakfast
8:30am                  Opening Ceremony
                        Hawaiian Blessing: Dr. Kalani Brady
9:00am                  Welcome
Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara, President, IHEPA
Mrs. Gayle Gilbert on behalf of Dr. Fred I. Gilbert
Dr. James Hastings, Chair, Pacific Health Research and Education Institute Board of Directors
9:45-10:30am            What is Your Gross National Happiness?
Shigeaki Hinohara, MD
President, IHEPA and Chair, Board of Trustees, St. Luke’s International Hospital, Tokyo, Japan
10:30-11:00am           Break
11:00-12noon            SESSION 1: The MJ Health Screening Center Model: Independent
                                   Screening Centers Now Operating Throughout Asia
Pei-Kun Sung, MD
MJ Health Screening Centers, Taiwan
12noon-1:30pm           Lunch
                        Pianist: Ms. Maria Tan
1:30-3:00pm             SESSION 2: Health Screening/Evaluation
Utility of High-Molecular-Weight (HMW)–Adiponectin in the Health Check-up as Measured by the
Chemiluminescent Enzyme Immunoassay (CLEIA) Method
Junko Komatsu, MD
Japanese Red Cross Medical Center
Findings from the U.S. National Lung Screening Trial
Peter Balkin, MD
Pacific Health Research and Education Institute
                   IHEPA International Conference – Healthy Aging: Mind, Body and Spirit

The Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Health Examination
Mian Long, Dipl. OM, L Ac
University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine
3:00-3:30pm             Break / Poster Presentations
Rate of Metabolic Syndrome Based on Direct Measurement of the Visceral Fat Area
Ikuma Kasuga, MD
Healthcare Center, Shinjiku-oiwake Clinic
Effect of Low-Intensity Resistance Training on Arterial Function
Takanobu Okamoto, PhD
Kinki Welfare University
Post-challenge Plasma Glucose and Oxidative Stress as Independent Determinants of Arterial Stiffness in
Non-Diabetic Men
Ryotaro Takahashi, MD
Chunichi Hospital, Department of Cardiology
3:30-5:00pm             SESSION 3: Predictors of Health
High Cholesterol Level is a Good Predictor of Longevity in Japan
Yoichi Ogushi, Professor
Tokai University School of Medicine
Energy Balance, Healthy Aging and Mortality in the Prostate, Lung, Colorectal, and Ovarian (PLCO)
Cancer Screening Trial Cohort
Bradley J. Willcox, MD
Pacific Health Research and Education Institute
Relationship between Metabolic Syndrome and Kidney Volume
Atsuhiko Takahashi, MD
Nihon University Health Planning Center
The Effect of a Cumulative Approach to Smoking Cessation
Ms. Tomoko Kudoh
St. Luke’s International Hospital, Center for Preventive Medicine

5:00-6:30pm             Reception on the Beach, Diamond Head Gazebo
                        Hawaiian Music: The Islanders
                        Hula Dancer: Aloha Kekoolani
                   IHEPA International Conference – Healthy Aging: Mind, Body and Spirit


7:30-9:00am             Breakfast
8:30-9:00am             Poster Session (speakers by their posters)
9:00-10:15am            SESSION 4: Technology for Healthy Aging
Construction of an Online Support System for Promotion of Behavior Change to Prevent Cerebral and
Cardiovascular Diseases
Shoko Tani, PhD
Research Institute, National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center
Using Touchscreen Technology to Enable Healthy Independent Living at Home for Seniors
Ms. Dew-Anne Langcaon, CPA
Partner and Co-Founder, Ho’okele
10:15–10:45am           Break
10:45am–12noon          SESSION 5: Neurodegenerative Disorders in the Elderly: the
                                   Honolulu Asia Aging Study
Dementia Prevention
Helen Petrovitch, MD
Pacific Health Research and Education Institute
Early Indicators of Parkinson’s Disease
G. Webster Ross, MD
Pacific Health Research and Education Institute
The Role of Arteriosclerosis in Vascular Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
Lon White, MD, MPH
Kuakini Medical Center, Pacific Health Research and Education Institute, Chaminade University
12noon-1:30pm           Lunch
1:00-1:30pm             IHEPA Membership Meeting
1:30-3:00pm             SESSION 6: Health Promotion and Metabolic Syndrome
Weight Loss Program and Internet-Based Support System for Metabolic Syndrome
Hideyuki Ban, PhD
Hitachi, Ltd.
Preliminary Evaluation of the Japanese National Project: Specialized Health Screenings and Health
Guidance for Metabolic Syndrome
Hiroshi Fukuda, PhD
Juntendo University, School of Medicine, Department of General Medicine
                  IHEPA International Conference – Healthy Aging: Mind, Body and Spirit

Intensive Lifestyle Intervention Reduces Risks of Metabolic Syndrome: Effectiveness of a New Healthcare
Initiative in Japan
Ms. Nobuko Ide
St. Luke’s International Hospital, Center for Preventive Medicine
Weight Gain after Age 20 Correlates with Visceral Fat Accumulation in those with Normal Body Mass
Index (BMI)
Toshiko Kawakita, MD
St. Luke’s International Hospital, Center for Preventive Medicine
Kakure-Himann (Normal Weight Obesity) vs. Usual Obesity as a Risk for Metabolic Syndrome and
Lifestyle Related Diseases
Yasuhiro Nishizaki, MD, PhD
Tokai University Tokyo Hospital
3:00-3:30pm            Break
3:30–5:00pm            SESSION 7: Medical Informatics
An Approach for Improving Customer’s Satisfaction-Reduction of Time Load for Customers Who Consult
Medical Institutes
Mr. Tsutomu Sugimoto
Junpukai Health Maintenance Center
Fundamental Approach to Build Evidence of Automated Multiphasic Health Testing System (AMHTS) in
Katsumi Yoshida, Professor
Shin Akasaka Clinic
The Shared Environment of Health Checkup Information with a View of Social Resources
Yuichi Kobayashi, MD
Hoya Corporation
Changes in Body Weight, Waist Circumference and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Japanese Male
Machi Suka, MD
The Jikei University School of Medicine

5:00pm                 Closing Remarks

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