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					          With: Todd Matosic
November 29th, 2010 – 2:15-3:15
                      HLRC 4E
      How Does it Work?
 Podcaster Creates…(Plans, records/edits an
  MP3 file which when finished is a podcast)
 Podcaster Publishes the podcast file to a
  website…(uploads the show to a website to
  become available by subscription)
 Podcaster uploads the podcast to
  aggregator (I-Tunes), the RSS Feed (software
  technology) allows listeners to subscribe
    What Will I Need?

 Computer with I-Tunes loaded on it
 Microphone
 Podcasting Software/ “Garageband”
1. Install Recording / Editing Software
   (GarageBand for Mac)
   (“Propaganda”, “Audacity” for PC)
2. Record the Podcast
3. Edit the Podcast
4. Publish the Podcast/ I-Web
5. Send to I-Tunes for RSS Feed
-make sure microphone is
  ready…let’s activate the software.
-We publish to a podcast aggregator.
   Needs to be downloaded and
   installed on your computer
-iTunes and Juice are the most
-Imac account
For a fee ($5-$30.00 p/month) you
  can use liberated syndication
   (podcast hosting company)
 Register with the website and then
        upload your files/podcasts
Establish a blog with “Blogger” (Free)
     URL: http://www.your-blog-
 I-Web with “Garageband” is very easy…

        In Garageband click “Share”
Click send to I-Web…register…design your
     webpage quickly and easily. Once you
     have a URL for your podcast, you can
           place the URL in to I-Tunes
               “submit podcast url”