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									                                                   Evolution Review Sheet

1.   Explain the differences between spontaneous generation and biogenesis. Include the experimenters involved.

2.   What are adaptations? Give an example.

3.   What is camouflage? Give an example.

4.   What combination of characteristics in a population would provide the greatest potential evolutionary change?

5.   Draw and label the 3 types of natural selection. Give a brief explanation of each.

6.   Define homologous structure. Give examples.

7.   Define analogous structure. Give examples.

8.   How are natural selection and evolution related?

9.   How do fossils demonstrate evidence for evolution?

10. Contrast derived and ancestral traits. Give an example of each.

11. What is the Hardy-Weinberg Principle? List the 5 conditions.

12. What is pre-zygotic isolation? List and describe the 3 types.

13. What does post-zygotic isolation lead to?

14. What is speciation?

15. Explain the differences between allopatric and sympatric speciation. Give examples of each.
    16. What is adaptive radiation? Give an example.

    17. What is the Endosymbiont theory?

    18. Explain the statement “Survival of the Fittest”.

    19. What today resembles the first organism on Earth?

    20. Explain the concept behind Natural selection regarding the Peppered Moth’s Kettlewell experimented with. Add as much
        detail as possible. Draw a diagram to accompany your answer.

    21. What is a vestigial structure? Give examples.

    22. What is a gene pool?

    23. What is gene flow?

    24. What is the founder effect?

    25. What type of evolution leads to analogous structures?

Cumulative Review Questions:

    1.   How do enzymes influence biological reactions?

    2.   Draw and label the 4 phases of Mitosis.

    3.   What is a synonym for heterozygous? What does it mean?

    4.   Draw and label each of the 3 types of RNA.

    5.   Explain recombinant DNA.

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