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									            GOVERNMENT OF IfARNATAKA

' .',' seArrps FRoM                           -.di,i,'.
                    or-o4- zorl, to.,igAc;;is
       GOVERNMENT AND AIDED - iai'ft;iiN,E3.
  HTGHER'EIlucarIoN rN rHe=iiAre..       , ,,,,   :   .:,


sub: Extension of revised AICTE pay scalesto the Teachers of
      Government and Aided polytechnics under the contror of
      Department of Higher Education.

Read: 1) c.O. No.ED 79 UfE 91 dated 18.7,1994
      2) c.O. No.ED 15 DTE 2000 dated28.T-2OOA
      3) AIcrE Notification No.F.No. 37 -a I t*gal / 20 ro Dated 05-03-20 1 o.


 1) In the Government order dated l8.T.rgg4 read at (r) above, AICTE
pay scales were extended with effect from L.4.lgg3 to the Teachers of
Goveri.rmeirt and .Aided polytechnics in Engineering, Humanities and
Science subjects, subject to the terms' and conditions stipulated
tlrereunder. In Government order dated 28.T.2aoo read at pf above,
Government had extended the 1996 AICTE pay scales to Teachers of
Government and Aided potytechnics under th; ;";"f-rf ;"fi;;;;      ;;
Higher Educatiorr subjectt to certain terms and '"o.raiu#" *pqiifiJ              :

2l    Th9 AICTE in its Notifichtion dated O5=O3-2OIO read at (3) 4fsygr-.i-,
have made available ttre Notification as.suggested by the Governpent oi
India prgscribing,rwised'pay scales,                  f"i ti""iitril*fuUr .,,,
in                                 "er,ri".?orrditi*il;
    technical ihstitutions, career advancement scheme, qudl#tUtio.r'i                :

criteria, a4nuar increments, i4centives for higher quatiti"ation, age of
superannuation, ixperience and other service donditions. , . , r,  -

q)      The revision of ttre AICTE pay scales in respect of the Teachers of
Government an'd Aided pot5rtechnics under the control of tJre Department
9f Higher Education has been examined and the following oid"r" "tt

  eownRuprr oRDER rfo.ED 118 DTE 2()1(} DATED 31-03-2011.
4) ' Government are pleased to revise the AICTE pay scales in respect of  .

Teachers of Government and Aided polytechnics unair the control'of ttre
Department of Higher Education as detailed below:-
                                                        - - ---- --



                                                                            Existing pay                       Academic
                        sl.                              Revised                              New Pay Band
                               Existing Category                               Scale                           Grade Pay
                        No.                              Category                                  Rs.
                                                                                Rs.                               Rs.
                        I      Lecturer              lecturer                 8000-13500       15600-39100          5400
                        2      Lecturer              Lecturer                10000-15200       15600-39100          7000
                               {Senior Scale}
                        3      Lecturer              Lecturer                12000-18300        15600-39100          8000
                               {Selection Grade)     {Selection
                               with less than 3      Grade)
                               years of service
                        4      Lecturer              Lecturer                12000-18300        3740,0-67090         9000
                               (Selection Grade)     (Selection
                               with 3 years bf       Grade)
                        5                            Heads of                                   37400-67004          9000
                        6      Principal Grade I     Prlncipal of            12000-18300        37400-67000         loo00
                                                     a PolSrtechnic
                                                     haring less
                                                     than 6
                        7      Principal Grade II    Princtgal of            16400-20000       ,37404-67000         10000
                                                     a Pol5rtecbnic
                                                     having more
                                                     than 6
,ir fr: 1.: t ..:, l:                                courses

                              The Pay fixation      in   2OO6 AICTts pay scales            shall be as indlcated in

                              5. DATE Otr'EFFDCT:

                                   ' The revised AICTE pay scales and all ofher allowances /
                              thCieunder effective from 0l-04-2OLl.

                              6. COVERAEE:
                                     Ttris scheme will appty to Teachers of Government and Aided
                              PolSr'technics urider tl.e control. of Department of Higher Education.

                              7. GENERAL3

                                      (i)   Ttrere shall be only three designations in respect of Teachers
                                            of Government and Aided Polytechnics in the state viz.,
                                            Lecturers, Heads of Departmeryt and Principa!"
       (ii)   The pay of re,r:hers of polytechnics shall be fixecl according to
               their <lesignatioi'rs in two pay Bancls of I?s.15(roo-391o0 and
              374ao-670oo rvith appropriate "Academic Grade pay,' (AGp in
              short)- Each Pay Band shall have different stages of AGp
              which shall ensure that Teachers under this Scheme, subject
              other conditions of eligibility being satisfied have several
              opportunities for upward movement during their career-
              Jo laintain quality, relevance, excellence and inclusiveness,
              Teachers going on deputation to other jobs except those
              related to education management and resCarch cannot carry
              forward the AICTE pay scales. However, they can do so by
              accepting the State pay scale.
      (lv)    The cadre and Recmitment Rules applicable to the Teachers
              of the Polytechnics in Engineering          and Humanities
              and science subjects shall be amended io provide a method of
              recruitment and minirnum qualification under the AICTE
              scheme / Faculty Norms. All the recruitments shall be made
              in conformity with the qualifications and experience
              prescribed in the AICTE guidelines and norms must bi strictly
      (v)     Necessar5r orders, ruleg regulationg guidelines, etc., giving
              effect to the scheme . of rCcruitment, career advanceirent]
              appraisal of, Iaia:aowntby ercrg ao* u*"-lo'
              time shall be applicable-
      (vt     pe totat badr:e strength of Leiturers/Lectures (Senior scale),
              fgturers - (selection Grade) and principal Grade-I
              T"tp.t Cr3!e-lt of Section and to the exising crO." "t ""-*
              of Lecturer, Heads "!4
                                     b9 equal

.8-. Government scales, service conditions and cAS:ai Teachers in
     _RgviSed                                       for
the               and Aided poryteehnrcs ' sharl re   ';di;;;; ;;
9- rncentives for Ph.D / M.Tech. /        tu.ptil and other qualilications
shall be as indicated in AppenAix-m.
1(l, ragurtr Norms prescribed for the Giovernrnent arrd                 aided
poSechnies     shall be as indicated in Appendix-Iv,

  Ttre Dearness Allowance in the revised scale      with effect from   o1-o4-
  2A1l shall be 45o/o of basic pay.


  The HRA, CCA and all other allowances and incentives/benefits such
  as leave/study leave, Leave Travel facilities, Medical reimbursement
  and pensionary benefits etc., shall continue to be applicable           as
  admissible to State Government employees.

12. Other terms    and'conditions:
   a)    Increnents:'
  tt      Each annual increment shall be equivalent !o 3o/o of the sum total
          of pay in the relevant Pay Band and the AGP as applicable for the
           stage in the Pay Band.
  tn)      Each advance increment'shall also be at the 'rate of 37o of the
           sum total of pay in tJle relevant Pay Band and the AGP as
           applicable and shall be non-compoundable

  {ut      The nnmbc:* of additional i"o"-."i(s} on placement at each
           higher stage of AGP..*h"l be as per the_eqsti1g-scheme of
           inccemeot oD promotion from lower Pay Scale to higher Pay
           Scale; however, in view of the considerable raise in effective pay
           between the two Pay Bands, there shall be no additional
           increment on movement from the Pay Band of Rs-156OO-39100 to
           the Pay Band of Rs.374OO-67OOO.

    b. Pay'frxation formulat    Z

  Ttre pay 'fixation formula' recommended by the: 6!h Central Pay
  Commission as accepted by the Central Government shall be adopted
  for Teachers.

    c. Date of nerrt lncrement ln the revised pay stnrcture:

  After the initial pay of ttre employeeS is lixed in the revised AICTE pay
  sfrrrcture, the next annual increment will accrue on the normal date on
  which it is due.

I3:". Abonalies:

Anomalies and disparities, if any, in the implementation of the revised
AICTE pay scales should be brought to the notice of the State Goyernment,
which will consider them in consultation with the AICTE.
14, Applicability of the Scherrre:

   (i)      The Gorrernment shall not extent the AICTE pay scales to any of
            its employees except those having coverage under these orders.

                  (ii)       This Scheme does not extend to the posts of professionals like
                             System r\nar!1'sts. Scnit,'r Analysts. Research Officers, ct.c.,

              15. Research        Prornotion Grant and consultancy Assignments:
              As and when     the AICTE prescribes appropriate guidelines for Research
              Promotion Grant and consultancy Assignment,- it may be examined
              separately for implementation in the State.

              16'    The Option to the revised pay scales shall be executed in writing ih
              the form glven      in Appendix-V.
              1?. An undertaking in the proforma given              in Appendix-vl shall be taken
              from every beneficiary under this Scheme.

              18. This order issr:es with concurrence'of the Finance-Depqrtment vide its
              Notes No.PD 03 SRP 2O1l,dated: 28-OL-2O1 I and 3t-3-2O1 tl--\

                                                            By order and  in the name rr;>
                                                                    Governor of Karnataka

                                                          Principal Secretar5r to Government
                                                 ---.#tF '
                             -                    P'g;t\b

:'r':i:'   11r" Compilel, Karnataka Gazette, for publication            in the   gazette dated:31-3-
           20ll   and to supply 1OOO copies.

  Copy    to:            :

      f.-fte Secretary to Government of India, MHRD, Department of Education,
            New Delhi.
     2.'Ihe Chairman    / Member Secretar5r, AICTE, 7th Floor, Chandralok Building,
        J-anpath, New Delhi: 110 OO1.
     3. The Chairman / Secreatary, UGC, New Delhi
     4- Ttre Accountant General, Karnataka, Bangalore {Audit} (A&E) (Accounts}
     5- The kincipal Secretar5r to the Chief Minister, Bangalore
     6. The Director of Technical Education, Bangalore
     7.Tbe Principiis of atl Government and aided through Director of Technical
     8- Jh. Principal SecretarSr to Government, Finance Department/Planning
        Department, Bangalore
     9. The FS to Minister for Higher Education, Planning, Statistics, IT                 & BT and
        Muzarai, Vidhana Studha, Bangalore.

                      1O. The IFA/ Deputy Secretary (Universities)/{Higher Education) Education
                      11. Under Secretary (Technical) (Planning)/ {Universities)l (Collegiate Education)
                            Education Department
                      L2.TheDeputy Secretar5r to Government, Finance Department (services-Il/Exp)
                      13, The O.i",tjr Secretaqr to Government, DPAR (Cabinet) Bangalore
                      1 4- Infonnation Centre, Education Department'

                      15. S.G.F /Spare copies.

'...,.   .-   :., .:'-.: .-.--:   :r:'--r.::::
                                                                   APPENDIX - I

                                  FITIIIEIIT TABLE _   I
              PAY FIXATION         II{   2(X)6 AICTE PAY SCALES

0         Incumbent Lecturer

         Pre-Revised     Scale    : Rs.8000-l3SOO
         Revised Pay     Band     : Rs.15600 - 39100       + AGp   Rs.S4OO
                                                  Revised Pav
    sl.     Pre-revised                                             Revised Basic
    No.     Basic Pay       Pay   in PayBand        AGP                  Pay
               Rs.                   Rs-             Rs. -               Rs-
     1         BOOO                15600            5400               2looo
    2          8275                r5600            5400               21000
    3          8550                159r0            5400               2L3rO
    4          882s                L6420            .5400              2t820
    5          9too                16930            5400               2233A
    6          9375                17440            5400               22840
    7          9650                L7950            5400               23350
    8          9925'               r8470            5400               23a7o-
    9           10200              18980            5400               24380    ,.
    10          IO+75              L9490            5400               24890
    1l          10750              20000            5400               254AO
    t2       ' 11025               20510            5400.:             259rO
    13          11300.             2LO20            5400               2642A
    t+         I 1575             21530             5400               26934
15            'l 1850             22050             5400               27450
16             12125              2256A             5400               27960
    t7      " L2400               23Wg              5400               28470
18             12675              23580             5400               2894O
l9             12950              24099             5400               29490
2A             13225              246ffi            5400               30000
2T             13500              251r0             5400               30510
                             PITMENT TABLE   -2

(iil    Incumbent Lecturer

    Pre-Revised Scale : Rs.8000-135OO
    Revised Pay Band : Rs.15600 - 39100 + AGP Rs.6OOO
                                     Revised Pav
  sl.   Pre-revised                              Revised Basic
  No.    Basic Pay  Payin Pay Band      AGP.          Pay
              Rs.              Rs.            Rs.     Rs.
   1         8000             15600          6000    21600
   2         8275             15600          6000    2160,0
   3         8550             1591O          6000    27910
   4         8825             t&20           6000    22420
   5         9100             16930          6000    22930
   6         9375             t7440          6000    23440
   7         9650             17950          6000    23950
   B         9925             t8470          6000    24470
   9         10200            18980          6000    2+980
   10        LO475            19490          6000    25490
  l1         10750            20000          6000    26000
  t2         11025           '205i0-         6000    26510
   13        1 1300           2t420          6000    27020
  I4         11575            21530          6000    27530
   15        I 1850           22050          6000    28050
  l6         T2L25            22560          6000    28560
  17         124o,0           23070          6000    2907.O
  18         12675            23580          6000    29580
  l9         t2950            24090          6000    30090
  2A         t3225            24600          6000    30600
  2t         13500            25110          6000    31110

                                                       l0             .1,"

                            FITMENT TABLE _ 3
                  PAY FIXATION IN 20()6 AICTE PAY SCALES

(t         Incumbent Lecturer (Sr. Scale)

Pre-Revised Scale:        Rs. 1OOO0-   1   52OO

Revised Pay Band:         Rs.156OO         -       391OO + AeP Rs.70OO
                                                            Revised Pay
     sl.    Pre-revised                                                      Revised Basic
  No.                      Pay in Pay Band                     AGP
            Basic Pay                                                             Pay
                                  Rs.                           Rs.
                Rs.                                                               Rs.
     I         r0000            18600                          7000             25600
     2         10325            t92ta                          7000             26210-
     3         10650            1981O                          7000             2681O
     4         10975            20420                          7000             27420
     5         lr3CIo           21o20                          7000             28020
     6         11625            21630                          7000             28630
     7        r1950             2223U-                         7000             29230
  8           12275             22840                          7000             29840
  9           12600             2344A                          7000             30440
  10          rzy)5             24t5o-         '               7000             31050
  11          rc250             2465o-                        ,7O0O             3r650
 t2           r3575'           2s%o                            7000             322sO
 l3           13900            25860                           7000           , 32860
 l4           t4225           '26460               '          .7000              3346O:,
 15           14550            2707o                          7000             '340VO
 t6           t4gt5            27670                          7000               34670
 t7           15200            28280                          7000               35280

                         FITMBNT TABLE - 4

        (i) Incumbent Lecturers {Selection Grade}] with less than three
          years of Service

lre-Revised   Scale :   Rs.I2OOO-18300

Revised Pay   Band :    Rs.156OO       -   39100 + AGP Rs.SOOO
                                                Revised Pav
  sl.     Pre-revised                                         Revised Basic
 No.      Basic Pay     Pay   in Pay Band             AGP          Pay
              Rs.               Rs-                   Rs.          Rs.
  I         12000             2232o.                  8000       30320
  z         12420             2strg                   8000       31110
  3         12840             23494                   8000       31890
  4         13260             24670                   8000       32670
  5         13680             25450                   8000       33450
  6         14rOO             26230                   8000       34230
  7         14520             270to                   8000       35010
  I         14940             27790                   8000       35790
  9         15360             2a570               .   8000       36570
  to        15780             2936o-                  8000       37360
  ll        16200             30140                   ,8000      38140
  t2        L6620             30920                   8000       38920-
  13        va40              31700                   8000       39700
  t+        t7+60             32+80                   8000       40480
  15        17880             33260                   8000       4L260
  16        18300             34040                   8000       42040
                                            t2           i:'

                            FITMENT TABLE        -   5


   {i) Incumbent Lecturers (selection Grade} with 3 years of serviceJ
  {ii) Incumbent Principal s Grade - I rof Polytechnics

Pre-Revised   Scale :   Rs.12OOO-I83OO

Revised Pay    Ban{ :   Rs.374OA    -6700O + AGp Rs.9O00
                                        . Revised Pay
  sl.   Pre-revised                                   Revised Basic
  No.   Basic Pay       Pay in Pay Band     AGP            Pay
              Rs-             Rs.'                Rs-           Rs-
  I         13260           37400                9000          46400
  2         13680           374o0                9000          46400
  3        14100            37400                9000          4640A
  4        1452A            37400                9000          4640o-
  5        14940           '38530                9000          47530
  6        15360            38530                9000          47530
 _7^       15780            39690                9000          48690
  8        16200            39690                9000          48690
  9      ..16620            40890                9000          49890
 lo      _L7040             40890                9000          49890
 1l        17460            42120                .9000         51t20
 t2        17880            42120                9000          51120
 t3        l8sOO            4339A                9000          52390

                                                                   FITMEIVT TABLE   -6

                                                     PAY FD(ATION     IN   2c,A6 AICTE PAY SCALES

                                                     Incumbent Principals Grade-II of Polytechnics

                                  Pre-Rwissl Scale : Rs.164OG2OOOO
                                  Revised Fav Band : Rs.374OO-67OOO + AGP Rs.100OO
                                                                                 Revised Pay
                                       SL      Pre-revised                                     Revised Basic
                                       No.     Basic Pay     Pay   in Pay Band       AGP            Pay
                                                   Rs.               Rs.             Rs.            Rs.
                                          1      16400             40890            10000            50890
                                          2      r6850             40890            10000            50890
                                          3      17300             42L20            loooo            52r24
                                   .   "t*
                                          6      18650             43390            10000            53390
                                          7      19100             44740            10000            547.4O
                                          8      19550             44700            10000            5.4700
                                          9      20000-            46050            loooo            56050
    j'   :,---"..,--.,.-   t   -'.'--.6

                                                  Appendix - II
 Revised pay seales, service conditions and career .&dwancement
 scheme for Teachers       in the Government and Aided polytechnics:

 laf Lecturer  in Polytechnics
 fif Persons with B-8. / B.Tech / McA qualification in appropriate branch
 / discipline and in Humanities / in sliences I M.Lib in
Library and information Science/Master D"gr." in Fine aris/Ivtaster
degree in clothing / Garment / Fashion Techiolory or Master
the relevant branch either entering the teaching profession newry in
Iecturers already in service in Polytechnic Institutions shall be designated
as Lecturer and shall be placed in the pay Band of Rs.ls6oo-3tlbo
                                                                        with -
AGP of Rs.54oo'and will move to AGp ofns.ooo0 on completion
                                                                     of ME/
M.Tech/ or M.Phil in appropriate branch discipline.
liif Persons with ME/ M.Tech/ M.phil quarification in appropriate branch
/ discipline either entering the teaching profession newly or Lecturers
already in service in Polytechnic rnstituijons shall be -designated
kcturer and shall be praced in the pay Band or nJsooo-39roo with AGp
of Rs.6OOO

liiil A Lecturer with completed service of 4 years, possessing ph.D            Degree
                  branch   /   discipline shall re ergiure, fg{ ;;.4"qg   ;;   ;o   iCp

ltul A lecturer po:ssgTing yE1 M,
                                     Jechi M.phil in the relevant brrrr"ti'f:
discipline as defined for technical education shall be eligible for
                                                                    the AGp of -,
Rs.TOOO after completion of 5 years servicb,ds tecturer,l--r.,.-:.--:-. =- ,-:.,

fv| Lecturers who do not hane ph.D or ME/ M. Tech/ M.phil in the
TtTg{ branch / discipline of a program shall be eligible for the AGp of
Rs"6ooo                                                   -- --- '
         only after completion of 6-yearsi service as l-e.Tirr.r.                    ,

                                 ph.D or
F,|. -who do not have program ME/ M. Tech/ M.phil in the
ltlTllt branch / discipline of a
Rs-7..QoO only after
                                         shall be eligible for the AGp of
                    compretion of 9 years' service as Lecturer.
fvii| The upward movement from AGp of Rs.540o to AGp of Rs.6ooo and
from AGP of Rs-6OOO to Rs.TOOO for all Lecturers shall be
                                                              subject to their
sati$ing other conditions as laid dourn byAICTE.
ffiif The pay of the incumbents to.the posts of kcturer (Senior Scale) (i.e.
the rr9-revised scale of Rs. roooo-rszci1 snan be fixed
                                                           at the appropriate
$.g.   in Pay Band of Rs-156oo-3910o Lased on ttreir present^pay, witJr
AGP of Rs.7OOO.

lix| Lecturer with completed service of 5 years with the AGP of Rs.TOOO
shall be eligible, subject to other requirements laid down by the AICTB to
move up to thc AGP of Rs.BOOO.
{x} lncumbent Lecturers (Selection Grade} who have completed 3 years in
the pre-revised pay scale of Rs.12OOO-18300 on 1.4.2071 shall be placed
in Pay Band of Rs.374OO-67000 with AGP Pay of Rs.9OOO and shall be
continued to be designated as Lecturers (Selection rGrade)
[xi] Incumbent Lecturers (selection Grade] who have not completed three
years in the pay scale of Rs.12OOO-183O0 on' l.4.2}ll shall be placed at
the appropriate stage in the Pay Band of Rs.156OO-391OO with AGP of
Rs-8OO0 till they complete 3 years of service in the grade of Lecturer
(selection Grade), and thereafter shall be placed in the higher Pay Band of
Rs.3740G67OOO and accordingly designated as Lecturers (Selection
Fdil l"echrers {Selection Grade}, completing 3 years of teaching with the
AGP of Rs.SOOO shall be eligible, subject to ottrer conditions, as may be
prescribed by AICTE, to move to the Pay Band of Rs.374OO-67OOO with
AGF or Rs.90OO.
idril Posts of Heads of Department shall be in the Pay Band of Rs.374OO-
67000, yithAGP of Rs.9OOO. Directly recruited HOD shall be placed in the
Pay Band of Rs.3740O-67OOO with an AGP of Rs.9OOO, at the appropriate
stage in the Pay Band in terms of the conditions of appointment.
{rfu} Heads of the Department completing 3 years of service in thi AGP of
R*9OOO and possessing a Ph.D. degree in the relevant discipline shall be
eligible-zubject to other condition_s,..9f.9q..3de-mie p.p-4formance as laid down
by the NgfE, shall be placed in the Pay Band of Rs.374OO-67OOO wittr
lxv) For initial direct recruitment at the level of Lechrrers, Heads of
Deparhents {HOD} and Principals, the eligibility conditions in respect of
academic and research requirements shall be as may be or have been
prescribed by the AICTE, through Regulations and as may be laid down by
Frcil AIl advancements to higher grade pays in various cadres will be
efected smbject to completion of two AICTE approved refresher programs
of not less than two weeks duration each and two one week each TEQIP
sponsued programs
 p} nay Scales of Hnclpals in Po$*ecLnics:
Appointments to the posts of Principal in Polytechnics shall be based on
the conditions of eligibility in rdspect of educational qualifications and
teachinglresearch experience laid down by AICTE from time to time. Ttre
posts ofhincipal shall be in the Pay Band of Rs.374OO-67OOO with AGP of
Rs.lWO0, plus a Special Allowance of Rs.200O per month.
                                                           Appendi). - III
Iaceatives for Ph.D.   / M.Tech and other higher qualification:
{i} Five non-compouncled advancc: incrt:mcnts shall be admissible at tfie
i"Oy level of ricruitment to persons possessing the degree of Ph'D.
awarded in the relevant discipline by a universit5r following the process of
registration, course-work and external evaluation as prescribed by UGC'
tiil M.phit degree holders at the time of recmitment to the post of lecturer
shall be entitled to two non-compounded advance increments'
[iii] Those possessing Post Graduate degree in a professional course such
as M.E- / tvt.Tech.- in relevant branch / discipline recognised by a
Stahrtory University shall also be entitled to two non-compounded
advance increments at the entry level.
{iv} Teachers who complete their Ph.D. degree while in service shall be
entitled to three nott-Compounded increments if such Ph.D. is in the
relevant branch / discipline and has been awarded by a university
comp$dng with the process prescribed by the UGC for enrolment, cottrse-
work and evaluation etc.
{v} Howwer, teachers in service who have been awarded Ph-D. at,l,l-re,time
of coming into foree of this Scheme or having been enrolled for Ph.D' o1
only notific.Uott in iegard to ttre award of Pntp.-is awaited, shall also be
entitled to,the award:of.three non-compounded increments' e.vel if the . '
university awarding such   Ph.D. has not yet been notified'' .' i'
                                                                    '.- - .:'-        ,

{vif Teachers in service who.have not,f!-e11.olled for Ph.D. shall.th319l9l9 '',
derive tlfe benef,t of tleree non-compounded. incrementg on award of Pli.Di .

while in servjce ont}".it such enrolmentlis with. a university.rqcq+1?;d'bl. , ',-'
fvii|  Teachers who acquire M.Phil. degree _or uuf M.r.:h dgrree. jt .. I         I
relevarrt Branih / discipline recognisgd by a Statutory University while in I
service, shall be entiiled to one adirance in-crement
(viii| Notwithstanding anything in the foregoing clauses, those who have
afreaty availed the.benelits of advance increments for possessinq PhD /
ME/ M. Tech/ M.Phil, at ttre entqr level under the earlier scheme shall not
be entitled to the benefit of advance increments under ttris Scheme.
                                                                For Posts at
tlle errtr5r level where no such advance increments were admissible for
possessing PhD I }r/{E.I M. Tech/ M.Phil under the earlier scheme, the
benefit of frve advance increments for possessing PhDl          M-Tech shall
be available to orrly those appointments which have been made on or after
 ttre coming into force of this Scheme'
                                                             APPENDIX _ IV
                   Faculty Norrns:
The Faculty l$orms prescribed for the Teachers in Government and
Aided Pol5rtechnics shall be as indicated below:

 FJngineering/ Lecturer Bachelor's           degreein
 Technologr             Engineering  / Technologr in
                       the relevant branch with First
                       Class or equivalent or MCA.

                       If the candidate has a Master's
                       degree in the Engineering /
                       Technologr, first class or
                       equivalent is required at
                      Bachelors or Masters level.
 llumamties Lectrrrer First class Master's degree in
 and Sciences         appropriate subject with first
 /Library             class or equivalent at
 Sciences /
 ADFT /               Bachelor's or Master's level
 cial Practbe
                     HEADS OF. DEPARTMEI|T
             goD       Bachelor's and
                                            Master's              um of       1(
                       degree of appropriate branch                      relevan
                       in Engineering / Technologr            perrence
                       with     First        Class      or    aching
                       equivalent eittrer Bachelor's          search
                       or Master's level or MCA.
                       Bachelor's and       Master's
                       degree of appropriate branch vlinimum
                       in Engineering I Technolory rears       ofl
                       lrdth   First         Class      or :xperience
                       equivalent either Bachelor's eaching
                       or Master's level and
                       Ph.D or            equivalent in
                       appropriate discipline in
                       Engineering    /   Technolory.

    i- ------   - -
                                                                   iM:inimum of t0
                                                                   I y"*= relevant
                                                                   I experience in

                                     OR                             Industry out of
                                                                    which at least 3
                                     Qualifications as above for    years shall be at
                                     the post of Heads of           the level of Heads
                                     Department.                    of Department or
                                                                    In case          of
                                                                    Practice of      10
                                                                    years as certified
                                                                    by the Council of
                                                                    Architecture shall
                                                                    also             be
                                                                    considered valid.

                i. nquiu"t nce for Ph.D is based on publication of 5 International
                   Journal DaDers. each Journal havins a cumulative impact index
                   of not bSs'than 2.O, with incumbeni as the main autfior and all
                   5 publications being in ttre authors'area of specialization. .,
                                            recognized Univtrsity; '..-
                   PhD shall be from.a *vvlir6rrlzYs
                   :.--.i .t :.-l ve lrvs.4            vrs-retp+.J....  - ...,
                3. In case of research e><perience, good academic record and books, "
I                  /:rewar:ch,..paper publieations / IPR / patents record shall be
I                  required as deemed fit by the expert members of the Selection:
a                  Committee. If the experience in industry is considered, the same
                   shall be at manalerial level equivilent- to Heads of the.
                   department " with a-ctive participidon record in designing,'
                   planning executing artaJyzing, quality control innovating,
                   training technical books / research paper publications / IPR /
                   patents, etc. as deemed fit by the elpert members of the
                   Selection Committee.
                4. For the Post of Heads of Department and Principal flair for
                   Management and Leadership is essential as deemed frt by the
                   e{pert members of the Selection Committee.
                5. If a class/ division is not awarded, minimum of 6A0/o marks in
                   aggregate shall be considered equivalent to ffi dass/ divisirxr- If a
                   eade Rint $t$em is adopt€d tle CGPA unll be converted into
                   equivalent marks as below.


                                                                                   APPENDIX _ V

                                                 Form of Option
       (i) 1-----i"*ili;;;il;;;J".;" ;il;;;:;;*;il;;;;;                                      --
                1o April   20ll.
       tii)     I, ----------
                -------hereby elect to continue on the existing scale of pay of my
'               srrbstantive / officiating post mentioned below until:

                .   the date of my next increment

            . o     thedate of my subsequent increment raising my pay to Rs. ---

                ;   trvaeate or cease to draw pay                 in the existing scale.
                .   The date of my promotion                 to
    Exlsting,   scale----       ---   --
    Place   :
                                                                        Name       :

                                O*"" in which employed


                                                        APPENDIX   - VI

    I hereby undertake that any excess payment that may be found to
have been made as a result of incorrect fixation of pay in tJ:e 1996 and   .
2006 AIcrE pay scales or any excess payrment detected in the light of
discrepancies noticed subsequently will be. refunded by me to the
Government either by adjustment against future palmrents due to me or

Date:-                            Signature

Station:-                         Name

                                  Designation ----------      ---------
                                  Polytechnic. -------- --


                                                                       APPENDIX     _ VII

                        PAY FI'(ATION      IN    20,0/6   AICTE PAY SCALES

                               PROFORIUA FOR FIXATIOI| OF'PAY

         Name of the Pol5rtechnic :
         Name of the Teacher : Shri   /   Smt.

         Sl.No                        Description                .       Relevant
         I       Designation of the post in which pay is to be
                 fixed as on 01.O4.2A11 or on ---------i----- fiater
         2       ;lee"rs {SUbstantive / Officiatine}
         3       Pre-revised Designation and Pay Scale
         4       Elistinremoluments as on O 1.O4.2O 1 1
                  a) Basic Pay
                  bl Dearness Allowance
                  cl Total t(at and (bll
         5       Revised Pay Band & AGP corresponding to the
                 rre-revised scalg 3!pl,Ng,4 3por,e, . .,,   ,
         6        Pay in the revised Pay Band with reference to the
                 ore-revised basic shown at Sl-No- 4{a)
         7       Academic Grade Pav {AGPI applicable
         8        Steppedup pay with reference to ttre revised pay of
                 junior, if applicable (Name & pay of tJ:e junior
                 also to be indicated distinctlv)
         9       Revised paywith reference to the substantive pay
                 in cases where the pay fixed in the ofliciating post
                 is lower than the pay lixed in the substantiye
                 post, if applicable.
         ro      Personal oav- if anv
         ll      Revised emoluments after fixation of pay
                 a) Pay in the revised Pay Band (as per Sl.No.7 or
                 9 or 1O above whichever is aoolicable
                 bl Academic Grade Pav {Sl.No.7}
                 cl Special Pav. if admissible
                 d) Personal Pav. if admissible



    12 Date of next increment and pay after increment.

                                                                                   Pay after
       sl.                Date of                                                  increment
      No.               increment                      Pay        in Pay               AGP     Basic Pay


    13. Any other relevant information:

    Date       :                                                  Signature & seal of principal   / Director
    Place:              ' :"                                 .,.

    ' :' :.'

                          .    .       .;.,....,...   ,LJ             .

    option                                                   Agreement

                                                      ***   **   **   *********

                                                         APPENDIX            - VIII
                PAY FDTATION IN 20,06 AICTE PAY SCALES


THIS AGREEMENT made this----------day of ----'------two thousand eleven
between    ShrilSmt/Kum-----                                  ----- Lecturer /
1:*: :::::: ::*l :1 ::: _:;;,.;;;, X'"'f.?;il;;
          1:                      _
                                                                 ;; ::
                                                                     _ _ _    _ __ __   _

                   hereinalter referred to as 'the Employee" (which
expression shall unless the context does not so admit include his/her
heirs, executors and administrators.of the One Part and -------

Polytechnic" of the other part.

VVHRREAS the Employee has. been working as a Iecturer f Lecturer
{Se}ection 'Grade} I of -----                        -----lPrincipal of the said
Polytechnic from the ----------------day of --------------199 .

AND WHEREAS the Government of Karnataka has by Government Order
No.                                                           sanctioned a
scheme for revision of the pay-scales of the Polytechnic teachers and other
measures for improving standards in Higher Education.

AND WHEREAS accordingly the said Polytechnic has agreed to revise the
pay scale of the Employee and t}e Employer agreeing to accept and duly
comply with. the terms and conditions laid down by the Government of
Karnataka by the said Government Order which the Employee has agreed
to do.

Now this Agreement witness and it      is hereby agreed and decided by and
between Parties heretcras follows: -

   1. Agree, accept and duly comply with           the terms and conditions
      specified in the said Government Order

   2.   Agree to have these conditions, inserted in the contract of his
        appointment which he has.already executed or which he may have
        to.execute   hereafteri             t
   3. Agree that in the event of his failure to abide by these conditions he
      shall cease to derive benefits of revised pay scales.

                                       a.l            'i !

12 Date of next increment and pay after increment.

                                               Pay after
  sl.          Date of                         increment
 No.         increment         Pay    in   Pay      AGP          Basic Pay

13. Any other relevant information:

Date:                                 Signature & seal of Principal   / Director

                              ******* *********

In rvitness
whereof                                  the employee above named has
hereto set his/her hand and sezrl of Polytechnic has been unto aflixed.

Members of the Managing
Committee/ Governing Body of                           have set their respective
hands tl.e day and year hrst
hereinabove written.
Signed and Delivered by
                                             the Employee above named in the
                                             presence of


5. Elc. the present Members---------------
                                                            '               .:"
                                                            of the Managing
                                             Committee/Governing body of ----
In the presence of-


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