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Microsoftо Windows Vista


                                                                 Windows Vista
                                                                 Courseware #: 3129
                                                                 Exam 77-600

Course Description
Microsoft® Windows Vista teaches the new information worker how to work effectively with Windows Vista. The student
will use a variety of skills and techniques to complete the exercises both using keyboard and mouse options. This course
is designed for those people who require the skills necessary to use an operating system on a daily basis.

Students who complete this course will have reviewed all of the exam objectives and be on their way to preparing for
Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Exam #77-600.

Course Length
The Microsoft Business Certification Series can adapt to meet various course length requirements. There are two types
of exercises in this book: Learn the Skill and Practice the Skill (refer to the Conventions and Graphics section to identify
the different icons used for each type).

For the shortest course lengths, students can perform just the Learn the Skill exercises.
For longer course lengths, students can complete both the Learn the Skill and Practice the Skill exercises.

Instructors should refer to the Instructor Resources for this book to learn more about how the material can be adapted.

Course Prerequisites
Prior to taking this course, students must possess the following basic computer literacy and Windows skills:
    •    Turn the computer and monitor on
    •    Recognize input devices (keyboard, printer, mouse)
    •    Perform a warm and cold boot
Students who wish to become proficient using the features of Microsoft Windows Vista will benefit from taking this
Courseware 3129

Microsoft® Windows Vista
Course Objectives
After completing this course, you will be able to:
         navigate Windows Vista using a variety of methods

         customize Windows Vista according to your own requirements

         work effectively with the Control Panel to access key settings

         work efficiently with Folders and navigate within Windows Explorer

         create, rename, delete and copy files between folders

         search for files and folders quickly

         install and manage printers

         handle various device drivers and manage driver settings

         backup files on your computer and restore files when required

         install, repair and uninstall software and resolve installation problem

         identify and resolve issues such as unresponsive applications

         repair the Windows Vista installation and create restore points

         install and work with automatic updates

         locate data about the computer

         use Windows Security Center

         configure Internet Explorer settings to enhance security when using the Internet

         use Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop

         create and disable network connections

         work with offline folders

         collaborate with others

         use Windows Meeting Space
Courseware 3129

Microsoft® Windows Vista
Course Outline
About This Courseware                     Lesson 5: Working with Files               Lesson 10: Working with Software
Courseware Description                    Lesson Objectives                          Lesson Objectives
Course Design                             About Vista Programs                       Installing Software
Course Objectives                         Working with WordPad                       Running versus Saving Programs
Conventions and Graphics                  Renaming, Moving and Copying Files         Updating Software
Lesson 1: Getting Familiar with           Deleting Files                             Upgrading Software
Windows Vista                             Working with File Properties               Repairing Software Programs
Lesson Objectives                         Lesson Summary                             Working with Incompatible Programs
What is Windows Vista                     Review Questions                           Uninstalling Programs
Recognizing Windows and Dialog Boxes      Lesson 6: Powerful Searching               Lesson Summary
What’s New in Windows Vista?              Lesson Objectives                          Review Questions
Understanding Networks                    About Searching                            Lesson 11: Recovering from Problems
Logging On                                Searching within Windows Vista             Lesson Objectives
Using the Welcome Center                  Searching using the Start Menu             Using Task Manager
Looking at the Desktop                    Customizing Start Menu Searches            Working with Unresponsive Programs
Navigating using the Mouse and Keyboard   Searching Folders and Views                Repairing Windows Vista
Using the Start Button                    Using Advanced Search Tools                Using Advanced Startup Options
Looking at a Typical Window               Saving Searches                            Lesson Summary
Working with Program Windows              Working with the Search Index              Review Questions
Working with Scroll Bars                  Lesson Summary                             Lesson 12: Updating Windows Vista
Working with Help                         Review Questions                           Lesson Objectives
Lesson Summary                            Lesson 7: Managing Printers                About Windows Updates
Review Questions                          Lesson Objectives                          Performing Automatic Updates
Lesson 2: Customizing Windows Vista       About Printers                             Manually Installing Windows Updates
Lesson Objectives                         Installing a New Local Printer             Viewing Installed Updates
Customizing the Start Menu                Installing a Network Printer               Lesson Summary
Starting Programs Automatically           Deleting a Printer                         Review Questions
Working with the Taskbar                  Setting the Default Printer                Lesson 13: System Performance
Using the Windows Sidebar                 Working with Print Jobs                    Lesson Objectives
Working with Desktop Icons                Lesson Summary                             Understanding Your Computer
Modifying the Aero Interface              Review Questions                           Using the Windows Experience Index
Lesson Summary                            Lesson 8: Handling Devices and Drivers     Working with Virtual Memory
Review Questions                          Lesson Objectives                          Viewing the CPU Usage
Lesson 3: Using the Control Panel         About Devices                              Using Windows ReadyBoost
Lesson Objectives                         Installing a Device                        Working with the Hard Disk
About Control Panel                       Disconnecting Devices                      Partitioning a Hard Disk
Changing the Screen Appearance            Using the Device Manager                   Lesson Summary
Working with Mouse Settings               Managing Installed Drivers                 Review Questions
Working with Sound Settings               Enabling and Disabling Devices             Lesson 14: Working Securely
Working with Themes                       Lesson Summary                             Lesson Objectives
Understanding the Power Plans             Review Questions                           About Firewalls
Working with Multiple Monitors            Lesson 9: Backing Up and Restoring         Looking at the Windows Security Center
Managing User Accounts                    Files                                      Blocking and Unblocking Ports
Lesson Summary                            Lesson Objectives                          About Malicious Software
Review Questions                          About Backups                              Introducing Windows Defender
Lesson 4: Working with Windows            Looking at the Backup and Restore Center   Using Software Explorer
Explorer and Folders                      Backing up Files                           Using Antivirus Software
Lesson Objectives                         Restoring Files from a Backup              Lesson Summary
About Folders and Files                   Backing up the Entire Computer             Review Questions
File Paths                                Working with System Protection             Lesson 15: Configuring Internet
Understanding Windows Explorer            Lesson Summary                             Explorer
Navigating Windows Explorer               Review Questions                           Lesson Objectives
Applying Windows Explorer Layouts                                                    Introduction to the Internet
Working with Folder Views                                                            About Phishing
Organizing Folder Contents                                                           Understanding Cookies
Working with Folder Options                                                          Working with Browser History
Creating and Modifying Folders                                                       Working with Temporary Internet Files
Lesson Summary                                                                       Working with Pop-Up Windows
Review Questions                                                                     Understanding Internet Security Zones
                                                                                     Lesson Summary
                                                                                     Review Questions
Courseware 3129

Microsoft® Windows Vista
Lesson 16: Working Remotely      Lesson 18: Synchronizing and Sharing   Appendices
Lesson Objectives                Lesson Objectives                      Appendix A: A Quick Review of the Basics
About Remote Assistance          Making Web Pages Available Offline     Appendix B: Apply Your Skills Exercises
About Remote Desktop             About Folder Synchronization           Appendix C: Answers to Review Questions
Lesson Summary                   Advanced Sharing Properties            Appendix D: Microsoft Windows Vista
Review Questions                 Modifying Folder Properties              Exam Objectives
Lesson 17: Connecting to other   Sharing Printers                       Appendix E: Glossary of Terms
Computers                        Resolving Connection Problems          Appendix F: Index
Lesson Objectives                Lesson Summary
About Networks                   Review Questions
The Network and Sharing Center   Lesson 19: Collaborating with Others
Creating a Wireless LAN          Lesson Objectives
Working with Networks            About Windows Meeting Space
Sharing Resources                Windows Mobility Center
Mapping a Drive                  Working with Network Projectors
About Offline Files              Lesson Summary
Lesson Summary                   Review Questions
Review Questions

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