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                                            Board of Education
In appointing Foundation Governors, Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Boards of
Education require those responsible for nominating potential governors to have regard to
the following guidance:

Foundation Governors should:
    •    be practising Christians, preferably a communicant member of the Church of
         England, or members in good standing of any Church in membership of Churches
         Together in Hampshire and the Islands.
    •    accept that the Church has a distinctive contribution to make in school based
         education and be prepared to promote and develop the ethos of the school
    •    empathise with pupils, with concern for their needs, interests and aspirations and be
         aware of the trust which parents, in sending their children to a school, place in the
         integrity of staff and governors
    •    be aware of their role as a two-way link between the Governing Body and the
         Diocesan Boards of Education.

Foundation governors are required to comply with the school’s current policy on child
protection and to participate in appropriate disclosure and checking procedures.

In addition, the Diocesan Boards of Education expect a Foundation Governor to accept the
commitment envisaged from all governors as listed below.

Each governor:
   • participates in the work of the governing body, for example serving on committees
      and working groups; this includes preparing for meetings, attending meetings,
      contributing to discussion, and taking part in agreed action after meetings;
   • gets to know the school and becomes familiar with it as a result of discussions with
      the headteacher and staff, reading relevant papers, visiting the school and taking
      part in school events;
   • tries to increase his or her ability to contribute to the work of the governing body by
      taking part in available training and other opportunities to develop knowledge, skills
      and understanding;
   • helps new governors to understand their role and make a full contribution;
   • seeks at all times to promote the best interests of the school and the education of
      its pupils;
   • declares personal or pecuniary interests; and
   • avoids using his or her position as a governor for personal gain or the gain of other
      outside parties, or to promote the interests of his or her own children to the
      detriment of others.

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