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Take India Wildlife Tours To Become One With Nature


									Take India Wildlife Tours To Become One With Nature

India, ‘The Golden sparrow of the East’, lies in the south Asian region. It is the
seventh largest country in the world, having an area of 3,287,263 Km 2. With a
population of 1,028,610,328, it the second most populous country in the world. It
is bounded by the Indian Ocean in the south, Bay of Bengal in the southeast;
Arabian Sea in the southwest, the Himalayan Mountains from north to northeast,
and Sulaiman ranges in the North-west. The size of the country is reflected in its
varied topography. As a result, wildlife in India is mix of species that are diverse
in origin. India is among 17 mega biodiversity hotspot countries in the world,
which contain 60-70% of the world’s biodiversity. Given this amazing raw natural
beauty, it comes as no surprise that one of the most loved India tourism
packages are the India wildlife tours.

India lies in the Indo-Malaya eco-zone. About 7.6% of all mammals, 12.6% of all
birds, 6.2% of all reptiles, 4.4% of all amphibians, 11.7% of all fish and 6% of all
flowering plant species are found in India. Many regions in the country exhibit
high rate of endemic species. India is also home to a number of endangered
species that are being conserved via in-situ as well as ex-situ methods. Thus, a
number of wildlife sanctuaries, National parks, Biosphere reserves and Game
reserves make for a number of tourist attractions in the country. The Jim Corbett
National park, which was the first national park of India, laid the foundation for
both the wildlife conservation as well as wildlife tourism in the country.

While Gir forests are host to the majestic Asiatic lion, Khaziranga houses the
endemic One-horned Rhino. Similarly, Bharatpur hosts the migratory birds in
winters, while Sunderbans form habitat of the royal Bengal Tiger. A number of
tiger reserves have also been developed to revive the rapidly declining numbers
of this magnificent beast of prey. At the Dudhwa wildlife reserve, migratory birds
like Egrets, Herons, Storks and Cormorants share space with the ducks, geese
and teals. Some of the most popular wildlife reserves and sanctuaries are
Bharatpur wildlife sanctuary, Periyar Wildlife sanctuary, Kanha National Park and
the Ranthambore National Park.

According to a recent study India has, less than 12% of forest cover as against
the required standard of 33% across the world. Thus in-situ conservation not only
aids India in preventing the further loss of forest cover and biodiversity but
enables it to use it as a means of wildlife tourism by arranging wildlife safaris,
visits to the biosphere reserves, among others. India wildlife tours provide
travelers with a once-in-a-life opportunity to see colossal number of animal and
bird species amidst a concoction of color, festivals and rich culture. Some of the
most popular wildlife tours conducted are the Tiger trail tours, Corbett Adventure
Tour, South India Wildlife Tour, North India wildlife tour, among others.

India hosts a rich diversity of flora and fauna. The trumpet of lazy elegance of the
Asiatic Elephant, the dance of a peacock during the rainy season, the roar of the
Royal Bengal Tiger and endurance of wild Gaur present experiences that are
truly unparallel. There are tremendous opportunities for wildlife tourism in India -
a nature lover’s fantasy. Since wildlife tours are one of the most popular India
tourism packages, sign up for one right now and come explore the wilderness!

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