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                     THE BEAUTY ROOM
                               HEALTH AND BEAUTY SPA
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                                          to The Beauty Room
                                                     I believe that beauty is not just about how you look on the outside
                                                     but rather how you feel on the inside too.

                                                     Step away and escape from day-to-day cares and concerns and
                                                     allow yourself to indulge in the multi-sensory pleasure that I and my
                                                     dedicated team of Spa Therapists have created especially for you,
                                                     at The Beauty Room Health & Beauty Spa. Enter a private haven
                                                     of pampering and pleasure dedicated to your personal needs and
                                                     renew the resources so vital to your energy, with treatments
                                                     designed to elevate your total well-being.

                                                     We realise how precious time is to you so we want to make your
                                                     time with us a memorable experience. In a warm and friendly
                                                     atmosphere our dedicated and caring team will help soothe away
                                                     your stresses so you’ll leave, feeling at one within yourself.

                                                     We look forward to meeting you soon...

                                                          Sharon Pay
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                                             Spa Philosophy

                                             “      Imagine a day where the only priority
                                                                        is you, with total relaxation
                                                                             and heavenly treatments
       The Beauty Room Health & Beauty Spa has created for you a truly
       wonderful relaxing spa experience. Set within a stunning period
       property, a beautiful indoor swimming pool together with steam
       room, Jacuzzi, sauna, gymnasium and solarium and it is easy to see
       why The Beauty Room Spa offers every opportunity to relax and
       enjoy the tranquil surroundings.

       Our aim is to provide you with a haven of peace and tranquillity,
       stimulate the senses, transform the body and evoke a feeling of
       overall beauty and well-being. We have carefully chosen Darphin
       for our skincare and body range to bring you unique, luxurious
       aromatic-plant based formulas which can deliver true lifetime
       results. Every product features select extracts and essences of the
       finest aromatic plants. From delightful, effective, and custom-
       targeted formulas, blending the best of science and nature, for
       extraordinary feeling, extraordinary results.

       Our warm welcome and relaxing ambience make it your special
       place to visit The Beauty Room Spa time after time whether you’re
       visiting alone, with a friend or as part of a larger group.
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       Spa Day

       Ritual Taster Facial
       Wellbeing Massage
       Spa Manicure
       ZenSpa Pedicure
       Therapy time               2hrs
       DAY PRICE               £125.00
       OVERNIGHT PRICE         £185.00                      YUMMY MUMMY
                                                            (Mums to be)
                                                            Calming Facial
                                                            Cocooning Honey and Shea Butter Wrap
       SO INDULGENT                                         Luxury Pedicure
       Ritual Taster Facial                                 Therapy time                21⁄4hrs
       Wellbeing Massage                                    DAY PRICE                 £125.00
       ZenSpa Pedicure                                      OVERNIGHT PRICE           £185.00
       Therapy time              11⁄2hrs
       DAY PRICE               £110.00
       OVERNIGHT PRICE         £170.00
                                                            MOTHER & DAUGHTER
                                                            (Girls Together)
                                                            Ritual Taster Facial
       SPA TASTER DAY                                       Wellbeing Hot Stones Massage
       Ritual Taster Facial                                 Spa Manicure
       Wellbeing Massage                                    Eyebrow Shape
       Therapy time                1hr                      Therapy time                   2hrs
       DAY PRICE               £ 95.00                      DAY PRICE                  £240.00 for two people
       OVERNIGHT PRICE         £155.00                      OVERNIGHT PRICE            £360.00 for two people
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       A light lunch is included with all Spa Day Ritual Packages. A robe and towel will be provided for the day
       for your relaxation. Unwind between treatments and make use of the leisure facilities (Swimming Pool, Sauna,
       Steam Room, Jacuzzi and Gymnasium). We recommend that you bring appropriate footwear for the pool area.

       MAKE IT MINE                (10am - 5pm)                               TOGETHERNESS
       Tailor your own Spa Day                                                Make time for each other! (for couples)
       Choose any 3 of the following treatments:                              Wellbeing Hot Stones Massage
       Wellbeing Massage, Face & Scalp Massage                                Ritual Taster Facial
       ZenSpa Pedicure, Spa Manicure, Ritual Taster Facial                    Revitalising Back Treatment
       Lifting & Firming Eye Treatment                                        Therapy time                    11⁄2hrs
       Therapy time                    11⁄2hrs
                                                                              DAY PRICE                          £240.00 per couple
       DAY PRICE                       £110.00                                OVERNIGHT PRICE                    £360.00 per couple

                                                                              MORNING SPA                            (10am - 2pm)

                                                                              AFTERNOON SPA                          (1pm - 5pm)

                                                                              EVENING SPA                        (5pm - 9pm)
                                                                              Choose any 1 of the following treatments:
                                                                              Wellbeing Massage, Spa Pedicure, Spa Manicure,
                                                                              Ritual Taster Facial, Face & Scalp Massage
                                                                              DAY PRICE                     £ 65.00
                                                                              OVERNIGHT PRICE               £125.00

                                                                              SO HIM
                                                                              Deep Tissue Back Massage
                                                                              Revitalising Back Ritual
                                                                              Therapy time 1hr
                                                                              DAY PRICE                          £ 98.00
                                                                              OVERNIGHT PRICE                    £158.00

                                                                             All Overnight Packages are based on a standard double or
                                                                             twin room sharing and include breakfast and evening
                                                                             dinner (lunch excluded). A £30 supplement charge will
                                                                             apply for single occupancy.
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       A prescription facial completely tailored to your skin needs.
       Our qualified spa therapists will analyse and determine the
       perfect combination of products based on aromatherapy,
       phytotherapy and phytobiology for extraordinary feeling,
       extraordinary results.
       PRICE £42.00

       A heavenly prescriptive balancing facial to suit your skin        If you are looking for the ‘Rolls Royce’ of facials, then this
       needs with the infusion of aromacare hot towels to envelop        luxurious facial is the one for you. For intensive lifting and
       your neck. Relaxing scalp massage and warm towel foot             rejuvenation to tired, dull skin. With immediate results, this
       massage make this a must have!                                    treatment can also improve upon recent marking or scarring.
       PRICE £49.00                                                      A daily home care plan is also recommended.
                                                                         PRICE £65.00
       REVITALIZING VIP 30 mins                                          HOLISTIC FACIAL 1hr
       When you want to make a radiant impression...this express
                                                                         Using aromatherapy oils. This treatment works on the
       treatment delivers maximum results in minimal time. Even if
                                                                         accupressure points of the face and scalp to detoxify the
       you are time pressed and over-stressed, an energizing,
                                                                         lymphatic system. Additional benefits, this releases tension in
       vitamin-enriched de-stressing mask plus skin illuminating
                                                                         the face and scalp, relieves headaches, migraine and unblocks
       brighteners will instantly refresh, recharge, revitalize...give
                                                                         energy channels, creating total relaxation, uplifting and a
       your skin a remarkably healthy looking glow.
                                                                         feeling of well being.
       PRICE £30.00
                                                                         PRICE £48.00

       PREDERMINE 1hr                                                    HAUTE COUTURE FACIAL 1 ⁄ hr                         1

       A refirming facial, for mature and ageing skin, using active      Indulge yourself with the crème de la crème of facial
       ingredients to repair the signs of ageing and to ensure           treatments. This personalized treatment includes 3 massage
       immediate radiance. The skin feels more firmer and youthful       techniques with 2 face masks and has an effective anti-ageing
       with a silky soft feeling.                                        and lifting effect.
       PRICE £56.00                                                      PRICE £80.00
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       Total Wellbeing
       Spa Treatments
       An invigorating, tonifying treatment to recharge, re-energise, renew. Deep cleansing and/or            FACE 1hr           PRICE £ 60.00
       revitalising body scrub are followed by energising massages and masks infused with Vitality            BODY 1hr           PRICE £ 60.00
       Essential Oils to wake up sluggish, fatigued skin, leaving you feeling, and looking, refreshed,
                                                                                                              FACE & BODY 2hrs   PRICE £110.00
       invigorated and full of vitality.

       An uplifting experience for body and soul, this ‘youth renewal’ treatment smoothes, tones and          FACE 1hr           PRICE £ 60.00
       boosts skin’s firmness. A stimulating deep tissue massage, plus an extraordinary Firming Gauze         BODY 1hr           PRICE £ 60.00
       Mask with visible anti-ageing benefits will leave your skin feeling responsive, re-affirmed, lifted.
                                                                                                              FACE & BODY 2hrs   PRICE £110.00

       Let the tensions melt away with gentle cleansing and coddling treatments, including an                 FACE 1hr           PRICE £ 60.00
       anti-stress essential oil massage designed to banish worry so you can re-balance, re-centre on         BODY 1hr           PRICE £ 60.00
       your peace of mind and body. Find bliss with a calming and relaxing shea butter and honey
       mask that smoothes and comforts, smoothing unwanted lines and leaving your skin                        FACE & BODY 2hrs   PRICE £110.00
       luminously radiant.

       An assertive multi-step treatment to purify and promote a healthy, glowing skin looking                FACE 1hr           PRICE £ 60.00
       contour. First, purifying and exfoliation reveal fresh, healthy skin, then a regionalised massage      BODY 1hr           PRICE £ 60.00
       with blended beauty creams addresses imperfections and excesses. For body, a comforting
                                                                                                              FACE & BODY 2hrs   PRICE £110.00
       heated wrap optimises product absorption. For face, a custom-combination of clay and lemon
       masks targets trouble zones and leaves skin fresh, smooth and matt.

       A complete rebalancing of your energy centres (Chakras). Incorporating colour therapy,                 11⁄2hrs            PRICE £ 85.00
       relaxation and meditation along with brand new active ingredients which promise a re-
       programming session to stimulate your skin’s cells. A relaxing mind, body and soul experience
       with an amazing facial treatment which has clinically proven results.
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       Unwrap Your Senses
       EXOTIC FRUIT WRAP 1hr                                             COCOONING HONEY & SHEA
       Deliciously exotic wrap to awaken the senses. Let your mind
       and body drifty away whilst you are cocooned in a comforting      BUTTER WRAP 1hr
       wrap and treated to a facial pressure point massage and           A wonderfully assertive multi-step treatment to really purify
       de-stress scalp treatment. A blend of essential oils with         and re-contour the skin. With purifying and exfoliation to
       orange, mandarine & lime blossom which leaves the skin            reveal fresh healthy looking skin. Blended beauty creams
       feeling beautifully hydrated, re-energised and with an all over   which work on imperfections and excesses together with a
       body glow and firmer skin tone and appearance.                    regionalised massage to work on those stubborn areas. The
                                                                         wrap optimises the product absorption and leaves the skin
       PRICE £75.00                                                      feeling fresh, hydrated, smooth and with an all over glow.
                                                                         PRICE £70.00

                                                                         AROMATIC SEAWEED WRAP 1hr
                                                                         A detoxifying wrap to decongest and stimulate the system
                                                                         which is rich in minerals and vitamins. Combining the
                                                                         richness of aromatic essences and seaweed. To include a facial
                                                                         pressure point massage and de-stress scalp treatment. Leaving
                                                                         the skin free of fluid retention and helps to refine appearance
                                                                         of cellulite. Skin and senses awakened and refreshed.
                                                                         PRICE £65.00

                                                                         HEAVENLY HOT OIL WRAP 1hr
                                                                         This intense pampering wrap begins with a massage and your
                                                                         entire body being brushed to remove any old layers of dry skin.
                                                                         Hot Oil is then applied before your body is wrapped for the
                                                                         nourishing benefits of detoxification and purifying to take effect.
                                                                         PRICE £60.00

                                                                         PRELUDE TO SEDUCTION 1hr
                                                                         Pampered cleansing, sensual massage and a delectable rose
                                                                         berry exfoliation followed by a honey infused mask. Heavenly
                                                                         scented aromatic essences awaken the skins receptivity to
                                                                         pleasure. A special application of Darphin Instant Lumiere
                                                                         products light up the skin with an irresistible glow.
                                                                         PRICE £65.00
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       Total Body Experience
       A proven non surgical revolutionary effective cellulite
       treatment which is medically proven to reverse the effects of
       cellulite. Skin stimulating Vibro-Tone is clinically proven to
       enhance blood flow and fluid turnover, resulting in healthier
       skin and body tissues with amazing results.

       CELLULITE BUSTER                      1hr
       This non surgical treatment effectively targets stubborn areas
       like the bottom, hips and thighs. It works by boosting the
       metabolism, stimulating circulation and increasing lymphatic
       drainage. The results? Visible reduced, smoother orange
       peel effect and firmer, toned skin.
       PRICE            £ 65.00
       COURSE OF 4      £245.00

       CHEEK LIFT 1hr
       Designed for those clients with a “pear shaped” figure, the
       ‘Cheek Lift” trims, lifts and tones the bottom. Unsightly
       cellulite on the bottom and thighs is visibly reduced with this
       unique treatment - the equivalent to 800 stomach crunches!
       PRICE            £ 65.00
       COURSE OF 4      £245.00

       LOVE YOUR LEGS 30 mins
       Kiss goodbye to puffy knees and swollen ankles. Vibro-Tone is clinically proven to reduce swelling and fluid retention. The
       treatment increases blood flow, micro-circulation and lymphatic drainage. Helps to remove the build up of toxins and waste
       products. Helps relieve hot, heavy and tired legs. Make each step you take lighter and brighter!
       PRICE            £ 35.00
       COURSE OF 4      £115.00
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       Perfect Relaxation
       Minimum of 5 ladies. Groups of 12 ladies or more the ‘Hen’ goes free!
       Organising a hen night for a close friend or your sister can be a daunting task
       especially if L-plate and tacky tiaras aren’t really your thing! Fear not there is an
       alternative hen night.......a relaxing hen night spa break or spa day!
       The Beauty Room Health & Beauty Spa realises that not everyone wants to have a
       rowdy hen night on the town and offer fabulous spa breaks as an alternative getaway
       for hen parties. Day packages include a light lunch and overnight hen spa breaks
       include accommodation based on a twin/double room sharing with full English
       breakfast & 3 course evening dinner (no light lunch). What could be better than a
       relaxing spa day or hen night break away with the girls?

       GIRLS TOGETHER                                                   SO LADIES
       A glass of Bucks Fizz on arrival                                 A glass of Bucks Fizz on arrival
       Wellbeing Massage                                                Wellbeing Massage
       Ritual Taster Facial                                             Ritual Taster Facial
       Perfect Polish body exfoliation                                  Lifting & Firming Eye Treatment
       Light Lunch                                                      Pedicure
       Robe to wear                                                     Light Lunch
       Full use of spa facilities                                       Robe to wear
       DAY PRICE                      £110.00                           Full use of spa facilities
       OVERNIGHT PRICE                £175.00                           DAY PRICE                      £130.00
                                                                        OVERNIGHT PRICE                £195.00

                                                                        IT’S MY PARTY
                                                                        Tailor your own Hen Spa Day.
                                                                        Choose any 2 of the following treatments:
                                                                        Wellbeing Massage, Face & Scalp Massage,
                                                                        ZenSpa Pedicure, Spa Manicure, Ritual Taster Facial,
                                                                        Indian Head Massage, Lifting & Firming Eye Treatment,
                                                                        Dark Circles Relief & De-Puffing Eye Treatment
                                                                        A glass of Bucks Fizz on arrival
                                                                        Light Lunch
                                                                        Full use of spa facilities
                                                                        DAY PRICE                      £ 90.00
                                                                        OVERNIGHT PRICE                £155.00
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       Wedding Bliss
       Every bride dreams of her big day and it is only right that she should want to look
       and feel her best. At The Beauty Room Health & Beauty Spa we have a specialist
       team that can help you achieve just that.

       Book a free wedding consultation to discuss your requirements.
       Preparations for your ‘Big Day’ should ideally start 3 months in advance with
       regular Facials to prepare your skin so that it is looking its best, we will also advise
       you on the best home care for your skincare routine. Regular Manicures and
       Pedicures are also a must have, your hands in particular will be on show on your
       ‘special day’.

       You may also like to take advantage of other treatments on offer:
       • Firming body treatments or cellulite treatments to make sure your body is firm as well as glowing all over.
       • A Perfect Polish body treatment to make sure that your skin is as soft as silk.
       • An eyebrow shape to frame your eyes and face as well as other obligatory waxing hair removal.
       • Ultimate relaxation and anti-stress treatments to refresh the mind, body & soul.
       • Take some much needed time out leading up to your ‘special day’ with a relaxing spa day or spa break.

       BRIDAL MAKE-UP ON WEDDING DAY                                       YOUNG BRIDESMAIDS MAKE-UP
       Includes trial and wedding day application                          ON WEDDING DAY (under age 14)
       Price £65.00                                                        Price £10.00

       BRIDESMAIDS MAKE-UP                                                 MOTHER OF THE BRIDE MAKE-UP
       ON WEDDING DAY                                                      ON WEDDING DAY
       Price £30.00                                                        Price £30.00
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       Ultimate Relaxation and
       Anti-Stress Treatments
       HOPI EAR CANDLES 45 mins
       This most relaxing and therapeutic treatment is a must have. This Indian relaxation ceremony calms the mind, soothes the
       head and ears. The candles have a purely physical function. A light suction action and the movement of the flame create a
       vibration of air in the Ear Candle, generating a massage-like effect on the eardrum. This induces a pleasant feeling of warmth
       and a balance of pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses. It is soothing and helpful for earache and headache, ear noise,
       stress and nervousness. These benefits have been well known through 21 years of experience and confirmed by thousands of
       doctors worldwide. Includes pressure point massage.
                                           PRICE £35.00
       To include an Indian Head Massage   PRICE £65.00

       Smoothed by the cool, clear, pure waters of a Peruvian river, these volcanic basalt stones are carefully selected for their size
       and shape. Imagine warm stones placed over your back relieving stress and tension as the sun melts the ice. This treatment is
       soothing and yet a deep and profoundly effective massage.
                                                                 Feel yourself melt as the warm stones glide over your skin and the
                                                                 warmth radiates through your body. Relaxation is instant as the
                                                                 warmth cocoons you. Physically, the circulation is boosted, muscle
                                                                 tension released and a sense of wellbeing achieved. Stone Therapy
                                                                 can be effective on any level, the stones will create a balancing,
                                                                 mediative experience leaving you feeling comforted, soothed and
                                                                 grounded. This is a lifestyle treatment, it erases the whirl of day-to-
                                                                 day existence and refreshes the mind, body and soul.
                                                                 Full Body Hot Stones 11⁄4hrs                            PRICE £ 52.00
                                                                 Face & Body 1hr 45mins                                  PRICE £ 85.00
                                                                 Four Hands Full Body Hot Stones 45 mins                 PRICE £110.00
                                                                 Back, Neck & Shoulder Hot Stones 45 mins                PRICE £ 38.00
                                                                 Leg Hot Stones 30 mins                                  PRICE £ 28.00
                                                                 Hand & Arm Hot Stones 30 mins                           PRICE £ 27.00
                                                                 Face Hot Stones 30 mins                                 PRICE £ 29.00
                                                                 Foot & Scalp Ritual Hot Stones 45 mins                  PRICE £ 46.00
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                          “       Take time out
                                       for yourself
       MASSAGE                                                         INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE
                                                                       Feel your stress, aches and pains disappear with this
       Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 25 mins                £29.00
                                                                       wonderfully relaxing therapeutic experience. Reduces
       Deep Tissue Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 25 mins    £35.00     muscular tension and stiffness in the back, neck and
                                                                       shoulders. Opens up the chest cavity to enable deeper
       Back, Neck, Shoulder & Scalp Massage 40 mins          £39.00    breathing. Reduces headaches and eye strain which may be
                                                                       caused by restricted circulation.
       Swedish Full Body Massage 55 mins                    £44.00
                                                                       Indian Head Massage is a safe, simple yet effective therapy
       Deep Tissue Full Body Massage 55 mins                 £48.00    that also promotes hair growth.
                                                                       30 mins                                                £32.00
       Four Hands Full Body Massage 45 mins                 £90.00

                                         with aroma oils £5.00 extra   REFLEXOLOGY
                                                                       An ancient and holistic healing technique using
                                                                       manipulation and pressure applied to specific areas of the
                                                                       feet which in turn correspond to specific organs of the body.
       MOTHER TO BE                                                    This is a method of activating the healing powers of the body
       Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 25 mins                £35.00     by using specialised finger pressure technique will restore
                                                                       balance to the system, increase circulation,
       Full Body Massage 55 mins                            £46.00     free blocked energy, reduces stress and induces relaxation,
       Soothing gentle massage suited to your individual               cleanses the body of toxins, boost the immune system and
       needs in the first, second or third trimester.                  activate the body's natural self-healing process..
       Please advise your therapist which trimester you are in.        55 mins                                                  £40.00
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       Eye Treatments
       The delicate eye area ages rapidly, this intensive age defying treatment helps to lift, firm and smooth the appearance of the
       eye area whilst diminishing fine lines.
       PRICE £34.00

       This treatment not only soothes but also helps to renew fatigued, puffy eyes restoring a calmer, well rested appearance. This is
       a great treatment to combat sagging and swollen eyelids.
       PRICE £34.00

       A uniquely relaxing eye treatment which delivers sheer radiance whilst hydrating and brightening under the eye area.
       PRICE £34.00
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      Body Beautifying
      PERFECT POLISH                     30 mins
      Head-to-toes exfoliation treatment. The essential body care to complement
      skin-exposing fashions or prior to product treatments. Thorough, gentle
      exfoliation sloughs off impurities, residues and dead cells to reveal your
      most youthfully fresh, smooth, soft skin surface. Scented with beneficial
      aromatic essences evoke inner calm and facilitate absorption.
      PRICE £36.95

      BLISSFULLY BARE 1 ⁄ hrs            1

      Head-to-toes exfoliation and pampering. Take time to have it all...tip-to-toe exfoliation to uncover healthy, glowing looking
      skin plus a comprehensive relaxing and energising massage with delightful aromatic essential oils. Expert techniques
      concentrate on pressure points and meridians to recharge, rebalance revitalise and de-stress. Relax and renew your body’s
      inner and outer beauty.
      PRICE £65.00

      FULL BODY LUXURY TREATMENT 1 ⁄ hrs                                1

      This luxurious treatment will include full body exfoliation followed by a massage with oils. Paraffin wax will then be applied to
      the body all over. The body will be wrapped in a blanket to enhance the relaxation process of this treatment. Treatment will be
      concluded with full moisturisation to the body. This treatment is the ultimate relaxation treatment and the results will speak
      for themselves with the body feeling silky smooth.
      PRICE £65.00

      HAUTE COUTURE BODY TREATMENT 1 ⁄ hrs                                      1

      Beginning with a ten minute decompression, the Haute Couture Body Treatment is designed to relax from the onset. This is
      followed by an exfoliation using deliciously scented Jojoba Oil and Darphin’s Orange Perfect Polish. Darphin’s ‘Vital Mask’ or
      ‘Shea Butter and Honey Wrapping’ is then applied to localized areas of the body. An exclusive deep tissue and aromatherapy
      massage follows, encouraging an uplifting effect. Darphin’s HydroFORM Firming Body Cream is combined with Jojoba Oil
      leaving the skin not only irresistibly soft but rejuvenated. The treatment bed is lifted to elevate legs to a 45 degree angle,
      encouraging drainage as well as a totally unique treatment experience. .
      PRICE £85.00
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       The Ultimate Airbrush Tan
       Full Body                                                       £30.00
       Half Body                                                       £20.00

       Half Leg                                                        £16.95
       Full Leg                                                        £25.00
       Bikini Line                                                     £12.00
       Extended Bikini Line                                            £17.00
       Brazillian                                                      £19.50
       Underarm                                                        £29.50
       Forearms                                                        £14.95
       Lip or Chin                                                     £28.95
       Lip & Chin                                                      £12.95
       Eyebrows                                                        £28.95

       Ankle to knee,
       Bikini Line, Underarm and Eyebrow shape                         £38.00

       Eyebrow Shape                                                   £29.95
       Eyelash Tint                                                    £14.00
       Eyebrow Tint                                                    £29.50
       Patch test required 24hrs prior to tinting
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       JESSICA NAILS are not alike...a treatment which analyses and treats each nail for its specific nail type.

       SPOTLIGHT ON HANDS                                               SPOTLIGHT ON FEET
       Nail Re-shape and Polish 25 mins                      £13.00     Nail Re-shape and Polish 25 mins                       £14.00
       Jessica Manicure 45 mins                              £24.00     ZenSpa Pedicure 45 mins                                £26.00
       Luxury Manicure 1hr                                   £35.00     Luxury Pedicure 1hr                                    £36.00
       Smooth and rejuvenated hands with a stimulating massage          Blissful comfort and soothing for your feet with a heavenly
       and deep moisturising treatment. Includes a comprehensive        massage, designed to release stress and energise the entire
       manicure featuring cuticle care, nail shaping and                body. Gentle buffing and sloughing precedes a perfect
       glamourously elegant finishing.                                  pedicure, to leave your feet soft, smooth and perfectly pretty.
       French Polish                                      £5.00 extra   French Polish                                       £5.00 extra

       Le Remedi Hand Treatment 25 mins                       £22.00
       A complete facial for the hands. Using Le Remedi by Jessica
       Hand Treatment Programme incorporating hand cleanse,
       hand silk exfoliare, hand restructure masque and hand renew
       lipsomes (no polish).

       Cleanse and Make-Up 30 mins                           £25.00
       Make-Up Lesson 1hr                                    £35.00
       Bridal Make-Up on Wedding Day 1hr                     £65.00
       includes a Trial and Wedding Day Application
       Travelling charge                                     £10.00
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       Made for Men
       Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 25 mins               £ 30.00   ALL OUT CLEAN
       Deep Tissue Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 25 mins   £ 36.00   Deep cleansing treatment. Extremely gentle, extremely
       Back, Neck, Shoulder & Scalp Massage 40 mins        £ 40.00   thorough deep cleansing for skin subject to the harsh rigors
       Full Swedish Body Massage 55 mins                   £ 45.00   and rituals of shaving. Clarifying, purifying treatment
       Deep Tissue Full Body Massage 55 mins               £ 49.00   exfoliates and purges pores to rid skin of impurities, residues
                                                                     and dead cells. A fragrant purifying balm addresses
       Back, Neck & Shoulder Hot Stones Massage 45 mins    £ 42.00
                                                                     imperfections and a pore minimising clay mask calms and
       Full Body Hot Stones Massage 11⁄4hrs                £ 55.00   soothes for a remarkably fresh, clear, smooth complexion.
       Face & Body Hot Stones 45 mins                      £110.00                                                             £42.00l

       With Aroma Oils £5.00 extra                                   FIRM RESOLVE
                                                                     Age-defying treatment. Gentle cleansing, then deep massage
                                                                     to wake up and renew skin’s natural rejuvenating resources
                                                                     and enhance skin’s receptivity to youth-promoting products.
                                                                     Firming serum and natural collagen-boosting mask help
       HANDS & FEET                                                  smooth wrinkles, banish lines...leaving skin feeling smooth,
       Manicure 45 mins                                    £ 25.00   toned, firm...looking fresh, fit and healthy.          £49.00
       Pedicure 45 mins                                    £ 26.00
                                                                     REVITALISING BACK RITUAL
                                                                     A treatment for problematic and sluggish skin and a much
                                                                     needed pamper for this neglected area. The back is deeply
                                                                     cleansed, brushed and exfoliated to help stimulate circulation
                                                                     and cell renewal. Treatment finished with a calming and
                                                                     relaxing aromatherapy massage. Treatment finished with
                                                                     calming mask.                                         £45.00
                                                                     To include scalp                                      £54.00

                                                                     Eyebrow Tidy                                            £10.50
                                                                     Eyelash Tinting                                         £14.00
                                                                     Eyebrow Tinting                                         £13.00

                                                                     Chest or Shoulders                                      £21.00
                                                                     Chest & Shoulders                                       £26.00
                                                                     Back & Shoulders                                        £26.00
                                                                     Eyebrow                                                 £ 9.95
Beauty Spa Combined Brochure             30/7/09         15:41       Page 19

                                                                                   “        Give a gift of beauty...
                                                                       Why not treat your partner, friend or that someone special to a
                                                                       Gift Voucher from The Beauty Room Spa - the perfect gift for
                                                                                        Christmas, Birthdays or any special occasion.
                                                                                                                      Choose from:
                                                                                                       Any Spa Day Ritual Package
                                                                                     Any Spa Day Ritual Package with overnight stay
                                                                                                             Individual Treatments
                                                                                                             Gift wrapped products
                                                                                              A monetary voucher (minimum £10)
                                                                                  Just call our Reservations Line on 01325 307999
                                                           Your Gift Voucher will be stylishly presented and sent, along with a copy
                                                                                 of our Spa Brochure, to an address of your choice.

             Retail Therapy                                                        Cancellation Policy
             All of the products used in your treatments are available for         Spa Package deposits are non refundable. As a courtesy to
             you to purchase in our retail area and continue your treatment        other guests and our therapists, please give us at least 72 hours
             benefits at home. With each face and body therapy after               notice if you need to cancel a Spa Package. Please note that
             consultation your Spa Therapist will provide you with a               there is a cancellation fee of 50% of the Spa Package if
             prescription and will be happy to spend time explaining the           cancellation is less than 72 hours prior to the booking.
             properties and benefits on all products that have been                Likewise, no shows will be charged at 100% of the Spa
             recommended to you. You may also purchase products from               Package. Spa Package deposits are non refundable, however,
             the spa by mail-order as well as order online.                        deposits may be transferred to an alternative date if 72 hours
                                                                                   notice has been given.
             Arrival Time
             It is requested that you arrive in the Spa at least 15 minutes        Etiquette
             before your treatments commence, in order for you to change           To protect the serenity of your visit and that of others, we ask
             and complete any registration details that may be required. In        that mobile phones are switched off at all times. The Spa is
             order for you to relax and enjoy your experience please be            entirely non-smoking.
             prompt for your appointment time. Failure to turn up for your
             treatment on time may mean that your treatment time is
             reduced or even lost if there is not enough time to commence
             any of treatment due to lateness of arrival. Regrettably the          Cancer
             treatment will still be charged in full for the shortened time or     We are proud to support Cancer Awareness
             late/non arrival.                                                     through the sale of our products.
Beauty Spa Combined Brochure   30/7/09   15:41   Page 20

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