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The United States of America

               • The United States
                 of America is one
                 of the greatest and
                 richest countries in
                 the world. The USA
                 lies in the central
                 part of the North
                 Continent between
                 the two oceans:
                 the Atlantic Ocean
                 to the East and the
                 Pacific Ocean to
                 the West.
             The USA
• The USA consists of three separate
  parts. They are the Hawaiian
  Islands, situated in the central part
  of the Pacific Ocean, Alaska
  separated by the Canadian territory
  and the rest major part of the USA.
In the USA people enjoy the wonders of nature practically in
every state. The Appalachians and the Rocky Mountains,
forests, plains, prairies and even deserts, wonderful lakes,
waterfalls and rivers cover the American territory that
equals about 9.4 million square kilometers.
“Melting pot”
      • The United States
        is called a “melting
        pot” because
        people from all
        over the world
        have mixed
        together to create
        modern American
        society. The
        history of the USA
        begins in 1492
        when Christopher
            New Plymouth
• Since that time
  different European
  countries sent their
  people to North
  America to trade with
  the natives and to look
  for gold, silver, fur and
  other things there. In
  1620 more than 100
  Englishmen went to
  America to live and
  work there. There they
  built a village called
  New Plymouth.
   • England considered
     these new territories
     as its colonies and
     soon the newcomers
     began to fight for their
     independence. The
     biggest war lasted
     from 1775 up to 1783.
     George Washington
     was commander-in-
     chief. His troops won
     this War for
     Independence and
     later he was elected to
     be the first American
The American parliament

            • The United States of
              America is a
              parliamentary republic.
              The American
              parliament (called
              Congress) has two
              chambers: the House
              of Representatives and
              the Senate. There are
              two main political
              parties in the USA: the
              Democratic and the
              Republican. The Us
              President is both head
              of state and
              government. He is
              elected for a four-year
          Washington D.C.
•   The capital of the country
    is Washington D.C. (the
    District of Columbia). The
    city was founded in 1790
    and named after the First
    President George
    Washington. The Capitol
    is the centre of the city. It
    is situated on the Capitol
    Hill which is the highest
    place in the city. The
    Capitol is the seat of
    Congress. The White
    House is the place where
    the President lives and
    works. It is his official
    residence. There are132
    rooms in the White
New -York
    • New -York is one of the
      biggest cities in
      America. It is situated
      on the Hudson River.
      The population is more
      than 9 million people
      within the boundaries.
      The first view of the
      city from the sea as
      the liner moves slowly
      up Hudson Bay is a
      sight that can never be
      forgotten. Crowed
      ferry-boats cross the
      water with people
      hurrying to work in the
The Bronze Statue of Liberty.

• The main sightseeing
  in New-York is Liberty
  Island with the Bronze
  Statue of Liberty. It
  was presented to the
  USA by France in 1886
  to commemorate the
  hundredth anniversary
  of American
  independence. The
  statue is 152 feet high
  and stands on a
  pedestal of almost the
  same height. Its torch
  tower is about 200 feet
  above the harbor and
  can be seen at night
  for many miles.
International Trade Centre.

               • New-York is also
                 famous for its
                 Trade Centre. It
                 is one of the
                 tallest sky-
                 scrapes in N.Y.
     Golden Gate Bridge
•   Besides Washington and
    New-York there are other
    big cities such as San
    Francisco and Los Vegas
    in the USA. The symbol of
    San Francisco is an
    amazing Golden Gate
    Bridge which hangs
    above the bay and
    connects the north-east
    part of the city with Marin
    County. The symbols of
    Los Vegas are enormous
    casinos, the most
    luxurious hotels and the
    most interesting
    attractions. Los Vegas is
    a city of amusements and
    neon lights.
• America as any other
  countries has its own
  customs, traditions
  and holidays. For
  instance, at the end of
  November America has
  Thanksgiving Day
  which was celebrated
  for the first time in
  1621 when the first
  colonists from England
  got their first good
• Young people enjoy
  Halloween (on October
  31). It is a day of all
• In America Christmas
  is one of the most
  important holidays. It
  is usually celebrated in
  the family circle.
  People give presents to
  their friends and
  relatives, saying
  “Merry Christmas to

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